Monday, July 30, 2012

Early August Update

I probably won't be around much for August for many reasons.  Right now I'm still rather feeling down for myself.  I have days where I can deal with it but then there's days where I pretty much breakdown. Like the day I'm typing this out for example. I've deleted/removed a lot of friends of my buddy list/etc. for many reasons (some that don't really make sense to others).    Don't think many people if anyone cares about that though.

I looked at Persona 4:Arena. I would get it but apparently it cost 60 bucks. Definitely out of my price range for paying for a few characters.  I don't exactly know who would get it for 360 honestly I don't see anyone on my friends list getting the game.  Yeah Blazblue started with very few characters as well but that's not why I'm not buying it. I just don't have the money.  I have a tone of stuff to get rid of and no buyers either lol.  Probably gonna throw it all away.  Anyway I won't look at this game much it does look impressive to a degree but probably not my type.

I'm looking into getting Crimson Dragon if its not Kinect only.  Also looked at Crystal Defenders which is a spin-off FFTA game. Other than that I just want to finish up any other older games I have which is still A TON.  That is if I have the will to do so.  Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is finished. Mario will be finished soon.  The Megaman X4 Zero bit I'm working on in my own time. I honestly haven't gotten anything done that I set out to do.  Might be another year before that happens......sigh...

Crimson Dragon
Don't let Crimson Dragon be Kinect Only.  That would really disappoint me.

Crystal Defenders (Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance)
Depending on how the demo handles I might buy this.

Persona 4 Arena

I'd get into this but your $60 and I don't think many people I know will buy it and constantly play it let alone me.

What I'm looking to play.  Assuming I don't get overly depressed or whatever.

 Shining Force Neo

I really wanna get back into this. I did leave it on somewhat of a cliffhanger due to other games that got over-hyped and I fell into it.  I'm somewhat of a Shining Series Fan.  Since I can't get Shining Wind gotta go for whats in the US.

 Infinite Undiscovery
Assuming the quality doesn't look like crap on my TV.  I wanna try and run this again.  Problem is like many Current Gen and Next Gen games the in-game text mostly looks like crap and unreadable unless you're playing in 720p or higher. I surely couldn't read this at all on a SD TV.   I wanna try this game again.

Shining Force EXA

Being a Shining Series Fan somewhat this is definitely coming after NEO is finished. I honestly felt like I should have played this first.  This should be fun to play though regardless of what others say.

About the UMvC3 video.  Yeah I don't know what it is. I'm fired up watching others play but when I play I can't help but get depressed whether I'm doing well or playing horribly.  Aside from thinking about all the bad the Online Community IN GENERAL is.  I just get absolutely depressed overtime.  Its not just UMvC3 but really any game.  I don't know what it is but that's how its been.

Friday, July 27, 2012

New SD Gundam G Generation Coming Soon

PSP isn't 100% dead yet.  Neither is SD Gundam G Generation.

The new installment to the series is to be called SD Gundam G Generation Overworld.

This new game will have 2 stories.  1 Based on G Generation storyline. The other World Tour based on various Gundam seasons. In other words famous episodes/battles.

The battle system will be changed a bit as well.  Adding a Master Skills option.  To have your Master Unit use abilities simallar to that of the famous SRT/SRW game series.

All I know is I better see

  • Blue Frame Second L, 
  • More Brave Battle Warriors Units
  • Hydra Gundam
  • The Strike Rogue IWSP
  • Many Many G Gundam Units
  • Many Many Missing 00 Units

Of course more importantly this also means that more Gundam Series Units will be added to the game.  That's a given. Here's a list of what's to be in this not 100% confirmed:

 I used Google Translate to make sense out of most of them.

  • First platoon 08MS Gundam / MSV / MSX / Suit /
  • Mobile Suit Gundam MSIGLOO Apocalypse 0079 Mobile Suit Gundam MSIGLOO / a widespread war years /
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story THE BLUE DESTINY / MSIGLOO2 Mobile Suit Gundam Front gravity /
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden universe to the end, the flash Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 / Geo Nick Front /
  • / Z-MSV/GUNDAM SENTINEL 0080: War in the Pocket Mobile Suit Gundam /
  • BATTLE FIELD RECORD UC0081 Mobile Suit Gundam Wing /
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Z Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memories / /
  • Under the banner of the Titans ADVANCE OF Z ~ Z Gundam A New Translation Mobile Suit Gundam / /
  • Char / CCA-MSV/M-MSV's Counterattack Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam ZZ / Suit /
  • Hathaway of flash Gundam UC-MSV / Mobile Suit Gundam UC / Mobile Suit /
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Silhouette Formula 91 Gundam F90 / Suit /
  • Cross Bone Gundam F91/F91-MSV / Suit /
  • Gundam Crossbone Skull Heart / ∀ Mobile Suit Gundam /
  • Mobile Suit Gundam V / 7 of steel people Crossbone Gundam Mobile Suit /
  • Mobile Suit Gundam W Endless Waltz Shin Senki Gundam W / Gundam Wing Mobile Suit new G / Butouden mobility.
  • After War Gundam X Gundam W Dual Story G-UNIT / Senki Mobile Suit / New
  • Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY SEED / SEED-MSV / Mobile Suit /  
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY GUNDAM SEED X ASTRAY / Suit /
  • Mobile Suit Gundam OO (including Second Season) /
  • Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam OO A wakening of the Trailblazer /
  • Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam OOV OOF / Mobile Suit Gundam OOP / Suit /
  • Builders' Beginning Gundam G Gundam fighter model AGE / Suit /
  • The Phantom's Secret Weapon Gundam Mobile Suit Brett /
  • Series / SD Gundam GX SD Gundam World Gachapon Senshi /
  • Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam Gillen ambition CROSS DIMENSION 0079 / Suit /
  • Movies coming soon G-GENERATION series / + (multiple)
List in Japanese

  • 機動戦士ガンダム/MSV/MSX/機動戦士ガンダム 第08MS小隊/
  • 機動戦士ガンダム MSIGLOO 1年戦争秘録/機動戦士ガンダム MSIGLOO 黙示録0079/
  • 機動戦士ガンダム MSIGLOO2 重力戦線/機動戦士ガンダム外伝 THE BLUE DESTINY/
  • 機動戦士ガンダム外伝 宇宙、閃光の果てに/ジオニックフロント 機動戦士ガンダム0079/
  • 機動戦士ガンダム0080 ポケットの中の戦争/Z-MSV/GUNDAM SENTINEL/
  • 機動戦士ガンダム戦記 BATTLE FIELD RECORD U.C.0081/
  • 機動戦士ガンダム0083 スターダスト・メモリー/機動戦士Zガンダム/
  • ADVANCE OF Z~ティターンズの旗のもとに/機動戦士Zガンダム A New Translation/
  • 機動戦士ガンダムZZ/機動戦士ガンダム 逆襲のシャア/CCA-MSV/M-MSV/
  • 機動戦士ガンダムUC/機動戦士ガンダムUC-MSV/機動戦士ガンダム 閃光のハサウェイ/
  • 機動戦士ガンダムF90/機動戦士ガンダム シルエットフォーミュラ91/
  • 機動戦士ガンダムF91/F91-MSV/機動戦士クロスボーン・ガンダム/
  • 機動戦士クロスボーン・ガンダム スカルハート/∀ガンダム/
  • 機動戦士クロスボーン・ガンダム 鋼鉄の7人/機動戦士Vガンダム/
  • 機動武闘伝Gガンダム/新機動戦記ガンダムW/新機動戦記ガンダムW Endless Waltz。
  • 新機動戦記ガンダムW デュアルストーリー G-UNIT/機動新世紀ガンダムX/
  • 機動戦士ガンダムSEED/SEED-MSV/機動戦士ガンダムSEED ASTRAY/
  • 機動戦士ガンダムSEED X ASTRAY/機動戦士ガンダムSEED DESTINY/
  • 機動戦士ガンダムOO(セカンドシーズン含)/
  • 機動戦士ガンダムOO A wakening of the Trailblazer/
  • 機動戦士ガンダムOOP/機動戦士ガンダムOOF/機動戦士ガンダムOOV/
  • 機動戦士ガンダムAGE/模型戦士ガンプラビルダーズ ビギニングG/
  • 機動戦士ガンダム シークレット・ウェポンズ ファントム・ブレット/
  • SDガンダムワールド ガチャポン戦士シリーズ/SDガンダムGX/
  • 機動戦士ガンダム CROSS DIMENSION 0079/機動戦士ガンダム ギレンの野望/
  • G-GENERATIONシリーズ/+近日公開作品(複数)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Soul Calibur V (Glad I didn't pay full price)

Its rather difficult to be glad for its good points when I think about the bad points.  You know kinda like that guy who does something great then does something stupid. Like Cloud Strife yeah.  I only paid about 15 bucks for it. Got the manual, game, and its proper case.  No I'm not throwing money away for a useless special edition why would I do that?

Story (Well....I don't even think Old School Fighters Had This Short of a Story)

If you're looking for a story. You'll find one but comparing to the older ones.  You pretty much got gypped.  The story is pretty much 16 episode's long and you're forced to play Patralkos, Alpha Patralkos, Pyhhra, Pyhhra Omega, and Z.W.E.I.  The only thing that makes this long is the A.I. will randomly be unforgiving during this mode and just beat you down till you cry. At other times the A.I. is pretty stupid.  The story mode is very short and feels incomplete. If you wanted to know what happened to your favorite characters....well buy the special edition for the art book or look online somewhere cause you'll never know otherwise.  

Character Creation (Pretty much what you expect)

What almost everyone likes in the SC series is back and rather improved.  Now you have the ability to even add various tattoos, scars, etc and place them however you want.  Unfortunately players with dirty minds took full advantage of this and place objects in inappropriate places.....what can ya do.....Probably the main downside to this is that parts generally have to be unlocked by raising your player level (luckily it can be autogrinded) and of course there's DLC hanging around for those few parts you're just dying to have.

Online Play (Its same in every game)

Its honestly not bad.  I had no real problems with finding stable connections. Right now there seems to be a good number of people online.  I like the ability to chat with text rather than a mic and be able to spectate at the same time.  Downside to this is the same as any other online game however.  You'll always find rooms with Rage Quitters, Trash Talkers, etc. you know the drill there.

Offline Game Modes (Short End of the Stick)

Soul Calibur was generally known for having tons of offline modes available.  Unfortunately this game lacks heavily in that department.  You have Arcade Mode (doesn't need explaining). You have Legendary Souls Mode (The Super Hard Mode), you have VS (not gonna bother explaining), and you have Quick Battle.  Quick Battle is pretty much your closest ticket to online mode without going online.  You fight set ghost characters and earn titles (240 in all).  Searching for a specific Ghost or Title can be rather annoying as only 4 appear on the screen at once. You can narrow your search but you'll still have trouble searching.

Gameplay (Fixing things that wasn't broken again)

Like many companies today this game series has had another major tweak in the game.  To be honest while fighting this game feels a lot more closer to a Tekken Game than Soul Calibur.  This isn't cause of Devil Jin style or whatever.  The combos feel a lot more like Tekken and the game itself feels like it relies less on getting reads and more on learning a combo and abusing it.  There also seems to be a problem on moves for some characters that should get the full hits but rather allows you to guard in the middle of a 2 or 3 hit move.  This might be due to the patch but its rather annoying when I see that happen at times (especially playing as Xiba or Maxi).  Most matches I've played a lot of the players pretty much seemed overly reliant on landing the only combo he/she knows rather than attempt any other move.  I dislike the fact that the game now has a super meter.  I feel its rather unnecessary to the game, I'm actually growing to not using meter at all now. Honestly thinking about SCIV (Soul Calibur IV) the only thing I didn't like about it was how useless Critical Finish and armor breaking system was.  The rest of the game was fine.  But like most companies they take everything and generally redo it. 

Character Roster:
I'm 50/50 with the character roster.  There's characters missing that should be in the game and there's characters that are pretty much watered down versions of there older selves.  I do like the new guys in the game they seem rather interesting (I mean the new characters not the watered down clones).  The moves list looks very limited compared to how Soul Calibur games usually have.  You can reason that the clone characters are gone but, in my opinion none of the characters are really clones of each other.  Around the time SCIII and SCIV came the character each had there own unique style. You could try to reason with me on it but I know the differences between them and I believe they're not clones in any shape of the word.  Anyway this would actually be the first SC game where I feel I don't want to learn all the cast to some point.

The main 2 characters I dislike however is Ezio (Yes Ezio from that Assassin's Creed Game) and Devil Jin.  Generally the 2nd (or 3rd if you count Yoshimitsu) time at Tekken character has been added to the game. BTW you remember that thing Jin/D.Jin always used that combos all the time. Yep that uppercut or what did they call it EWGF? Yeah that's in the game and just as abusable. Devil Jin himself isn't in the game but his fighting style is. Honestly if you were gonna add that style why not add the character. I kinda wanna hear him say "Fear the wrath of God" and his laugh again.  Ezio I absolutely hate. I never liked the Assassin's Creed series and putting him in this game just makes my blood boil. His only saving grace is that he's actually a good Guest character in quite a long time. But nope you can't use character creation on him or make a character with his style at all.  

Dampierre is the DLC character he honestly looks like a joke character at first glance and its easy to see why. But there are many players that seem to win with him all the time.  I'm not downloading him as I need points and I rather spend my money on something else than a character I probably won't use.

Overall this game isn't as great as it should be.  I've heard many people give the excuse that if they didn't rush this or had more time it would be better. But this is what we got.  I have to put it near the bottom in terms of which Soul Calibur Game I liked from best to worst.  So really next to the PSP one and Legends. This game lacks a ton of single player. Really this game was made for those that love the competitive scene. Casual players like myself will not find much to do in this game unless character creation is your thing.  If Namco-Bandai, Project Soul, whatever wants to really grab my attention with a Soul Calibur game, the best idea I find is to make a Soul Calibur with all the fighting styles the game has had thus far that includes guest characters.  You don't have to make the character again just make that style you did that with Aeon so why not everyone else?

  • All the DLC cost about 30-35 bucks all together. Its pretty much Costumes, older game music (This is what my Ipod is for), and Dampierre.  The rest of the DLC is pretty much costume patches to prevent from seeing naked characters online (well dressed in underwear).  
  • The online play like many fighters has pretty much ended up being Smash Bros. Mentality. A lot of players hate the use of certain characters or expect you to play a certain way with characters.
  • To unlock the rest of the character creation items you must level up player points.  Takes a very long time to do even if you're auto-grinding.  Hope you don't RRoD.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sonic 1 (GBA) Or Sonic Genesis Whatever You Wanna Call It

To start off NO I'm not playing this out of spite. I'm not playing this to prove a point.  I'm playing this cause I forgot I owned this game and I never opened it until today.  I'm always open to give a game a proper chance either with demos or buying the game itself. While I know BrainsScratchComms ( is doing a playthrough of this and I did comment saying I wanted to play this game. Lets just clarify a few things first.

  •             I had this game unopened since late 2007. The reason being was cause at that same time I owned a ton of other games I was completely excited for.  (Pokemon Pearl, Megaman Starforce, Persona 3, etc.)  So no doubt I was going to forget I had this game. It wasn't until BrainScratchComms did there own playthrough of the game that I remember I bought this game and never opened it.
  •             Yes I do hate Sonic Colors. I borrowed it for a few days. I beat it in 1 day. The 2nd day I found out how completely useless Super Sonic was.  Honestly I saw no real replay value.  The game was roughly 6 hours and I didn't exactly feel like playing through it again.  The only thing that I enjoyed in the game was the final boss which was a joke.  
  •             As for Sonic Generations I don't really want it.  The demo killed my hype and the many many many playthroughs I saw of the game itself only made me realize I would only enjoy 3 stages (2 of them being boss fights).  Chemical Plant Modern, Shadow, and Perfect Chaos.  The rest of the game I would get pretty much bored and only run through it once.  Even the DLC is rather boring many people have it and it really looks like a waste of time.  I was excited for the game day 1 like everyone else. But after awhile I generally came to my senses and decided not to invest money into that game.
  •           I don't mind Sonic 06 while its not at the top of my list.  Its still better than some other Sonic games I've played.  To be honest back when I got it in 2007 I was utterly laughed at for dying to Silver and Iblis Phase 2. And even more so I was told that I suck for taking way too long on Solaris.  Which in today's standards my playing now is excused as, "Oh don't worry the game is filled with glitches that make the game unplayable so its not your fault." Honestly if Glitches make or frame rate make a game horrible then that means a lot of games themselves are horrible. Sonic Adventure 2 has at least 100 glitches in the game itself (Gamefaqs has a FAQ on how to trigger at least 100 glitches). 
  •            I enjoyed Sonic Unleashed I honestly don't see what the problem is.  I like the werehog bits and I enjoy the games actual difficulty.  Do not assume that I instantly mean certain Sonic Games are utter crap.  I enjoyed Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure as well.  I hate Colors. I don't think I'll enjoy Generations.  
  •             If liking what I like and hating what I hate results in me being "A Classic/Adventure Fanfag" I'll take it as a compliment as opposed to being one that likes to jump on a bandwagon.
  •            You are entitled to your own opinion don't let me or anyone else influence your opinion.  I'm a try before I judge person.  

With that out the way.  Lets start with my actual thoughts of the game.  Is the game as bad as everyone says it is? No.  Are there issues in the game that make it unplayable? No. Are there issues in the game? Yes.

-While I asked around about this game and read certain reviews a main thing that caught my eye was this "Screen Crunch" Issue.  I honestly didn't find that a huge problem heck I hardly even noticed it.  Maybe it was my memory of the game since the old days when I was 3 or 4 years old playing this on my Genesis.  To be honest I found looking at my screen a lot better than I did during my Genesis days.  This is most likely due to better quality televisions and what not.  But even playing this on my DS and GBA SP I had no real trouble dealing with a "Screen Crunch" issue.

-The game does have a ton of speed up/slow down.  I mainly found this an issue at Labyrinth Zone.  Well actually it was somewhat of a blessing in disguise.  It helped me make certain areas that always give me trouble a ton easier to deal with.

-This whole Momentum issue thing. I barely noticed. I generally noticed it at Labyrinth Zone which honestly it was a Blessing.  Made things a lot easier to deal with. I think the main problem came around Scrap Brain Zone but I always had problems in that stage and died in the same spots I die when playing the Genesis version.

-Hit Detection I only had issues around Starlight Zone. Its passable though once I got past the see-saw bit I was straight.

-Music kinda meh. But it wasn't completely horrible.  I actually enjoyed Starlight Zone sounding like an actual piano.  Green Hill Zone roughly sounded like Green Hill Zone despite how much I hate that song.

-A minor bit was I came across was the missing of certain event triggers.  There was a few that just didn't trigger or there were a few that waited on me to start it off (like hitting Dr.Robotnik.)

Did the game take me forever due to these apparent glitches, bad programming, etc.? No not really.  Took me generally 2 hours 15 minutes.  I got a game over 3 times during the game.  2 coming from Labyrinth Zone Dr. Robotnik and the 3rd on Scrap Brain all 3 due to my incompetence. And honestly I get those same deaths playing Genesis or PS2 Mega Collection.

Its not horrible as people say it is although they are entitled to there own opinion.  I'm glad I opened this game and finally got to play it.  I'm glad I remembered I had this game.  I'm not dissapointed in this game.  Yes the Original and PS2 port of this game are superior to this game but its not horrible and its not unplayable in my opinion.

Funny Moments (Most not Shown in Video as This Was After The Recording)
  • Although I was unable to trigger my usual glitches in Green Hill Zone.  I somehow managed to trigger clipping through solid objects like most TAS players do.  Generally thanks to the spin dash itself being in Anniversary Mode.
  • The Drowning Music ended before my count got down to 2.  Even more so It played over the game over theme during my time in Labyrinth Zone.
  • In Starlight Zone Dr. Robotnik literally waited for me to hit him before the boss fight started.
  • Spindash didn't kill a bat enemy during the charge up animation.  

Bakugan: Defenders of the Core (What happens when Anime screws the rules)

Well considering the 1st game I originally had some high hopes for this.  But I did get dissapointed in a few things.

  • No Leonidas (he was the Bakugan from the first last game)
  • Authentic VA from the ENG anime is gone.
  • Screw the rules of the actual game.
  • Still no Online Play
Considering the Anime itself eventually screwed the rules it was a given that the game itself would have a different playstyle.  This well got turned into a Dynasty Warriors style Hack n' Slash. It was pretty well executed but with flaws.  

The game while being a hack n' slash is totally centered around missions. Which is generally defeat the enemy, destroy all the generators (Vexos Crystals), and Protect Your Landmark (your base).  Very Easy.  The main problem I had with this.  Was the A.I.  There would be times where the A.I. is 100% stupid but at the same time they would get really smart and beat the crap outta you.  I actually had a few moments where the A.I. would just play keep away and destroy your base all while annoying you that you can't catch them.  How good they were at Keep-Away. Remember Marvel vs Capcom 2 Storm strategy of keep away? Yeah that.  While I like to see that in the AI its generally a crap shoot.  Cause I would retry the same battle with the same settings and they would just act pretty much derp.  The other part of gameplay that was rather unneeded was walking around town. Which is really move from point A to Point B without getting caught by the guards which there sight range is noted.  You thought MGS guards were dumb look at these guys. The storyline is rather passable.  There are certain events that happen in the game that are related to the story but you're not getting much out of it.  

I did enjoy playing as the bakugan even if there aren't many characters in the game.  I generally enjoyed using  Wilda, Midnight Percival, and Cross Drago. I hated using Elfin a lot.  The ending itself well the final battle. Cheesy as usual.  Take a Super Sonic Moment then add some Voltron/Power Rangers/whatever.  The games general replay value centers around playing story mode again but with the Vexos bakugan if you choose to and unlocking Maxus Helios. The multiplayer options are rather limited.  Honestly you'll finish this game in about 1 sitting depending on how you go about the game.  All achievements might take a bit more effort.  If this game had online play it would probably be worth a lot more but I wouldn't pay more than 15 bucks for this game. (I paid about 10 off of amazon). 

You can check my playthrough of the story mode for this game on my YT channel.  I'm working on uploading the last of this game and moving on to something else.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Maybe the FGC Has Some Good In it After All

Well yesterday (7/14/2012) I was generally deciding to go to bed.  I caught Maximilan's tweet that he's gonna do some online SCV.  So I honestly figured....why not. I mean yeah generally last week or week before I decided to say **** the FGC, **** the Online Community I'm staying offline.  Generally cause I was sick of the lack of the respect people had when playing. Particulary towards myself.  Yes I would generally get hatemail, or some seriously rude voice messages while playing online (generally stuff you don't see).

So I decided to plug in SCV and see what's going on.  I only really played the game for roughly 10 hours so I wasn't expecting myself to be great or anything.  I honestly was expecting people to body me and then tell me to leave the room.  Well for once that didn't happen.  I was generally half right.

I first started Max I guess was spectating at the time and there was this Dampierre user that was destroying everyone in the room.  I tried to guess what he was going to do since I noticed he always went for low attacks but he saw right through me to make it worse the guy always seemed to get a stage where there was a wall don't know if that's true or not but that's what I was noticing.

Apparently Max left the room and did something completely unexpected. He literally invited me to a private room along with a few others (I noticed the private slots in his room).  That was pretty nice of him.  Needless to say my few times of playing I got totally bodied I don't think I won a single round.  I came close a few times but instantly got downloaded.  Needless to say Max knew his Siegfried like every other Siegfried player I knew in the past games played.  Not abusing his range but making good use of his various stances (funny how someone told me that Siegfried changed completely but from what I've seen he hasn't changed one bit.).  Honestly my first time fighting this guy I can say he got seriously buffed from the previous games.

If you know Max then we all already know he's not the undisputed king of this game.  He actually did have his share of losing.  Really we all lost to this one guy that pretty much knew something with every character.  I generally hate fighting someone like that but at least this guy didn't take it easy on us.  At least I didn't catch that he was taking it easy on us.

Needless to say I lost every match but I did generally have fun with it.  No one was talking trash about me at least if they were I had mic's turned off.  I did record the matches but I will not be uploading them.  Mainly for one I know how people on Youtube are.  Another reason is I want watch the matches myself and figure out a few things.  Yeah I know Max may or may not upload this himself but I rather have my own footage to analyze.

After that session ended I thanked Max for the matches and went to think about how much I have to learn for this game.  If it was Soul Calibur 4 or anything before that I could stand a much better chance against everyone. But this game changed everything I knew about Soul Calibur before.  While one guy said its all about reads. I have to disagree.  I think this game is more about combos instead of just landing a few hits.  All the characters I examined pretty much had a really long combo that in previous games was not very useful to winning a match.  Pretty annoying to say the least as I enjoyed proper guarding and impacts.  While its still there just not as useful.

Well after I thought about it a lot. I figured maybe the Online community and FGC may have some good in it after all.  No doubt I won't have time to get truly awesome at a game like I used to but maybe there are players out there who still have some moral values. I want to say thanks to those I played with that session.  I'm still iffy about playing online but maybe I can find players that are far better in conduct.

Note: I got the hang of his Seigfried but I don't see how to avoid getting launched. I would try to hit him but I already noticed that changing to that stance, he has Guard Impact properties at that moment so I don't want to attack. Then I tried blocking I don't know how I should block it.  Hard to tell how to block it properly.  There's also the deal with those darn spin moves correcting his positioning.  Fact is my characters are generally slower and have to work twice (or 3 times) as hard to get him down.  I'll figure out how to stop this but it's gonna take awhile. I still don't have all the characters either.

Monday, July 9, 2012

FF13-2: The Valfodr Chronicles

Pretty much all I got left to do on this game other than be a psuedo-pokemon master and continually raise monsters I like.  Unless I get some money for the last DLC (Lightning & Amodar, Nabaat, and Pupu). I'm generally done.

Honestly this was rather easy. To me Omega just seems to be getting easier and easier every FF game he goes through.

Ultros and Typhon:

Ok seriously SE why not use some FF6 (FF3 SNES) music here.  Other than that Typhon loves to randomly troll with that Sneezing of his.  Its not as bad as his old days where its an instant lose battle.  But hey at least FF characters have finnally taken these 2 out.

Mr. LVL 3 XF Nova Force Smack You Upside the Head With a Chair Vigilante Rock-Throwing Bad Boy.

The only one with a battle that was different.  I actually did enjoy this fight as there was an actual strategy needed to take him down.


In terms of frustration I have to give the title to this guy (with Valfodr lvl 45 not far behind).  While the first phase is just a pathetice little side show warm-up.  The 2nd phase is truly a troll.  His swords aren't very notable in my opinion in terms of significant damage.  Slow status wears off pretty quickly and the wound damage is usually taken care of easily.  The main issue here is that when he's staggered. Since his p.o.s. swords are broken he's start doing his other moves from FF5.  Instead of DeathClaw doing its lower you to minimal HP paralyze like in FF5. It instead (along with Eerie Soundwave) does Wound, Pain, imperil and Fog.  This is a major problem and I'll explain why in a second.  While that doesn't sound like a bad thing just heal it.  It actually is. Considering after every stagger when he recovers he not only regains his swords but he also regains a HUGE CHUNK of his HP that you worked so hard to knock off.

While you might go oh well that's still easy.  Not really.  In my case Gilgamesh loves to troll somehow managing to score Pain/Fog on the entire party totally stopping me in my tracks long enough that I can't cover the damage he will heal once stagger is over. Even with Stagger Maintenance II he recovers really quickly from stagger.  Add to the fact that he's rather resistant to physical/magic attacks limiting my choices on monsters.  What really pisses me off is that I actually used F-ing Cloudburst and V-Light for a fight.  You honestly have no idea how many times headdesked from making that decision. To cover the quick need for Bravery and Faith I used Behemoth's Feral Link to cover that. Cloudburst is obvious.  V.Light's purpose is for overly long drawn out Feral Link Animation + multiple Scourge.

Valfodr  UNWORTHY FOE!!!


Already Done.  I honestly hate the game's idea of switching targets mid fight when I didn't command them to.   Really pissed me off for a bit there.

LVL 15

Tried something a little different.  Used a Reaver since Spinning Slice hits multiple enemies 2-3 times.  And its built slightly better than my Narashima. Just a lack of Armor Breaker/Mind Piercer.

LVL 40

This one made me pull my hair out.  Since he's summoning a massive amount of healers.  I'm just utterly pissed off at it.  Not only do I have focus on taking out those little guys as fast as possible but I have to keep my own HP up as well and prevent them from scattering. Considering they were healing about 30k a cure spell (not an entire round each cure spell). You can imagine my rage as all the damage I racked up was pretty much gone.

LVL 70

Rather easier time.  I just stopped playing around and made sure to keep En-anything going.  Chichu's well the Ochu class ain't that great anymore.

LVL 99

Honestly WTF.  Its Barthandelus all over again only difference is this guy is cooler and will kill me without giving it a 2nd thought.  Had to play cautiously since every time I thought I was safe....Nope...Trolled with a big attack.  This is made worse on the 2nd half of his horrendous HP amount.  Then to make it worse the last  bit of HP he cuts on that pissy boss mode changing up his order of attacks and making certain ones FAR MORE DAMAGING!!!  Took me an hour....Tried abusing Ally KO: Power Surge II didn't help. Pack Mentality was a total waste of time as you see in this video the damage isn't really that vastly different. Oh well Chichu and Nanochu are gone so that makes me happy. I hate those monsters.  Get Valfodr as a monster. I honestly don't care for him in fact these DLC monsters are gonna go sit on the benches since I don't really favor using them.

V. Lightning DLC Battle vs Caius

Well this can be rather fun....But its a really long battle.  Takes roughly a half hour to complete give or take.
Caius is a troll as usual in the first round steadily doing what he can to interupt you then add his blatinly obvious big attacks that must be guarded or you'll lose a ton of HP.  Once you get used to it. Its nothing too hard.

Phase 2 can be a giant troll, a dickish battle, plain hard, or a WTF battle.  Chaos Bahamut not only possesses the ability to kill you in 1 shot if not guarded.  He can pretty much interrupt everything you do and sometimes trolls his attack timing.  The rewards for 5 Staring the battle is V.Lightning herself who's broken.  Honestly when I look in hindsight of it all. I want a Caius and a Chaos Bahamut monster to use as well.  Seriously SE why not that?

Sazh DLC POKER!!!!

This is why I don't gamble.

Watch live video from Omega Community Channel on TwitchTV

Watch live video from Omega Community Channel on TwitchTV
Old Gambling Methods Creeping Up.

Well this is fun but its also boring.  30 Fortune Medals to collect.  To be honest the 2 extra minigames do not make me feel great.  Poker is nice to play but the A.I. is rather predictable.  Not to mention my old gambling habits creeped up on me while playing it (no wonder I stopped gambling in real life).  The bit with Chocolina......repressed...the ending to that DLC I did love. Seriously Sazh is generally the only one with good words of wisdom.

DLC Last Thoughts...

Its nice to have this DLC.  But looking at it from various points of view it feels like SE pretty much did this to save themselves from raging fans.  I'm honestly still left with the question of How did Hope get where is today?  Even if it is partially explained (and I honestly hate Hope) I would still like to know how he got where he is now.  The bit with Snow was rather a big...."Wut?" Lightning's part was well....ok....See what was going on during the final battle from her point of view.  Sazh's while it does explain it.  I I just paid for unfinished hidden disc content with his.  If you ask me on what DLC they should have.  Well how about fight FF1's Garland and Chaos in the arena?  RedXIII simply cause I like him.  Ultimecia.  But besides fights. How about Hope DLC?  And how about a Caius and/or Chaos Bahamut monster to use? That would've been great.

Honestly This is about it with this game. Now to hopefully catch up on other games I'm far behind on.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Card Game Anime But It Actually Looks Interesting

Video is of Episode 22.

Cardfight Vanguard.  I only watched this episode but apparently it was enough to catch my interest.  This is probably gonna take the path of every other Card Game Anime and have some really evil guy try to destroy the world with the power of Card Games.  But So Far its rather interesting.  I'm gonna take some free time later and watch all the episodes uploaded so far. Besides I'm tired of Yugioh since it pretty much became 1-2 turn wins or 1 REALLY REALLY REALLY LONG TURN!!!!

I checked the site and the artwork for the cards is rather unique.  If I wasn't old I'd probably invest in this card game.  Maybe there will be a Console title for this game in the future.  Just hope it doesn't go the path of failed/Short-Lived Card Games (Cough cough, Duel Masters, cough, Chaotic).  

There Youtube Channel:

Official Site:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update for July 2012

Well more or less had a vacation.  If you wanna call it that.  I only call it a vacation cause I'm away from a lot of stress for about half a day. Problem is I come straight back to it.  That's besides the point though.

 I've only been uploading multiple fighting games recently due to the fact that I've considered leaving fighting games for good.  This is cause I find that fighting games have pretty much shut me out from myself enjoying them.  Add to the fact that the FGC (Fighting Game Community) is the worst I've ever seen next to FPS (First Person Shooters) and MMO's (Massive Multiplayer Online).  I'm not just only taking into account my experiences with with UMvC3 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3). But also thinking about other games as well and thinking about various big time forums.  Generally filled with the most unfriendly, unsportsman, and unhelpful of people.  I feel the community has turned into what I've feared and that's the Smash Bros Melee community.  If you remember the joke about Super Smash Bros. Melee ( then I think you get the point. I feel the games themselves pretty much have changed to fit that of a tournament player instead of those that just want to play for fun.  Even though you have games with easy pick up and play ability like UMvC3, SFxT, etc. The air around these fighters strike me as serious/tournament player or get out of here.  

Thinking about my past experiences with these games I can't help but feel rejected from playing these games online or even recording them. So I just feel like I should just play them at least 1 last time. I don't really have friends available to play any fighters I'm interested in and playing with complete strangers is a crap shoot at best. I'm not asking for special treatment or anything like that. I just expect a level of respect from the people I play, meet, etc. and I just don't see it.  Maybe that's cause I live in the dark side of the Online Gaming Community.  That's how I feel about it anyway.

I have been playing FF13-2 a lot more than expected thanks to Omegaevolution (  Can't thank him enough for that one. I'm still doing other games just rather slowly.  Keeping my mind away from depressing thoughts as best as I can.

I probably still need to see a doctor about my many health concerns.  Until insurance kicks in I won't be able to so I'm being careful as to what I do.  I honestly should exercise more.

Summary of Fighters Uploaded #4

Main problem N64 is rather wonky.  It resets on me in the middle of a game sometimes...Don't know why it didn't happen on Bomberman or some of my other games.  Guess I should be thankful.  Well I did record Killer Instinct though.

Killer Instinct (SNES)

If you don't know Killer Instinct I suspect you weren't born in the early 90s. I think most people already know what this game is about as there's at least 2 overused internet memes from this game.  A game way ahead of its time both in arcade and on Console.  Rare went out of its way to make great games aside from Donkey Kong Country. To describe it take Mortal Kombat and make it a crazy combo game where half the time you didn't know what you were doing you're just pressing buttons.  To be honest if you didn't have the move list you were screwed.  You could tell where you were on the map in how good you were most of the time by the character you choose.  Pretty much EVERY beginner picked Cinder since all you had to do was mash Forward, Forward, + Punch all day and you could win.  Then it was up to you on where you went afterwards. The combo system itself was very different Depending on what move you started with determined what could combo into it and usually it felt automatic after that first successful hit.  The A.I. on this game can honestly be a crap shoot.  It honestly felt random on whether or not the A.I. would block your attacks or not and its very hard to react to there own attacks for a successful counter without getting Combo Breaker in your face. Even at the highest or lowest setting you will find the A.I. is rather random about what combo you are allowed to pull off successfully.  Needless to say the A.I. wasn't all too grand.   Probably what was very unique about this game was that it could be broken easily for some seriously extended combos thanks to glitches, exploits, etc. Its also one of those fighters where the glitches highly benefit the player if he/she knows how to use them right.  This game had a ton of secrets for you to figure out and back in the day since there was no internet at all. You either had to go out of your way to find a book for this game. Or get lucky and hope someone that's master this game teach you how to play.

Well I use Jago he's generally the only character I actually came to learn quickly that isn't Cinder.  While I do know something about Riptor, Glacius, and Sabrewulf. I can't exactly win with them.

Zatch Bell: Mammodo Battles (Gamecube)

Its another anime based fighter.  Like always I don't expect much from them.  This one honestly did ok.  Keeping the authentic Voice Actors and the character's personality. Character selection is somewhat lacking even if I started a new game there's very few characters.  The character balance is like generally any Anime-Based Fighter. Main Characters, Main Villians, awesome character, everyone else.  I do like the game however the show itself was actually pretty cool  Its just a shame the series was cut off in english.  The game itself pretty much has 4 types of attacks. Normal, Synched, defensive, indirect.  The Synched attacks are rather unique and very annoying to deal with (Folgore's being very annoying).  Indirect attacks vary from character to character. (OMG Zatch's is like X-factor LVL 3).  Defensive once mastered can be very dangerous to contend with (I love Tia's spells).  The characters also have finishing moves which is generally there big spell if you successfully land it its an automatic K.O.  There are ways to defend it.  Either going special defense spell or using your own big spell and end up in a mashing button war to determine who wins.

I used Tia/Megumi.  Honestly in the show I loved them for the fact that they sport defensive spells instead of offense. It honestly made think if I had a Mammodo I would want defensive spells but also a rather cool look dude (unfortunately all the cool look guys except Brago pretty much died in the series due to Main Character powers).  I don't know much about the game itself but its enough to win.  Funny that Freiza and Kari's VA are a team as well (Zofis and her partner).

Flying Dragon (N64)

I wouldn't expect many to know what this game was.  This is one of those fighters that pretty much was good in japan but in the US was easily thrown to the shadows due to all the other fighters saturating the market.  This game apparently did have a SNES predecessor with a storyline.  While I don't understand this is a fun game.  There are 2 modes to play from.  The SD mode is more of an RPG mode where you can equip your character with weapons and armor and various items.  The moves like the characters themselves are very simple to do.  This mode is very fun and can be very cheap at times.  The other mode is Real Mode which you are graded like Virtua Fighter.  While the moves itself aren't realistic like Virtua-Fighter the difficulty curve and combos are like that of Virtua-Fighter.

Unforntunately my N64 is rather wonky and I can't get a complete run of the game to go without the system having issues. So I was unable to record this. Successfully.

Killer Instinct Gold (N64)

What's also known as Killer Instinct 2.  This game made learning your character far easier.  A training mode along with its new auto-combo system.  The auto combo system allowed for far easier combos compared to that of the older game.  Only thing that I'm really sad about is the removal of a lot of characters.  No Cinder, Riptor, makes me kinda sad.

I got to play this game for about 15 minutes before my N64 decided to reset me.  I intended to use Sabrewulf for this one. Got into Arcade mode then my N64 said nope.  I guess its time to get a new one. Whenever I get the money. Funny if I play an RPG on it nothing happens and I can go for hours....sigh.


Well glad to say this project is more or less done.  I myself probably won't return to fighting games for a good amount of time at least for any multi player.  Even the ones that are said to come out like P4:Arena.  Just too many bad experiences with multi player and the Fighting Game Community in general.  Someone might say that its a stupid choice on my part blah blah blah, I won't have fun, blah blah, I'm only hurting myself, etc. But I rather avoid unnecessary conflict. Too many past experiences were bad for me to say I should keep going.  Long Story Short I'm pretty much leaving fighting games. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

UMvC3 - Someone Making Use Of Capt. America And Looking Good

This may be irrelevant now.  I believe his name is Condor missle.  A japanese player.  While we have the rather boring Zero loops, Trenchcoat team, and now the now found out infinite combos (Probably will make this game into Marvel 2).  This play I find made some rather amazing combos with Captain America.  What used to be known that Capt. couldn't extend his combos in the corner after an OTG except with only Charging Star, and a Super.  This player comes with the ingenious thought of backdashing after ending the standard air combo then doing L Shield Slash.  So you'll gain the benefits of extending your combo after the OTG as if it was mid screen.

Although I could say this player was a little greedy with his combos. It honestly doesn't matter.  Captain America just got better to use.  (We're not focusing on how the player uses his other characters just how he uses his Captain America.  Just a random tidbit I found that I feel was rather amazing. I doubt this will change anyone's teams as it seems everyone is generally using what's regarded as top tier.  Anyway Later.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summary of Fighters Uploaded #3

Dead or Alive 3

Probably one the main fighters that sticks to what its good at without making drastic changes.  If you want the semi-realism Virtua-Fighter gives but with some added fun then the DoA series is what you want. However sad to say this game has generally fallen to pretty much being called an eye candy game instead of just a fighting game.  DoA series gets away with what's called "Getting crap past the radar".  With the bouncy boob physics, skin tight clothing, and very short skirts. Its easy to see why later on in the years this game gets an automatic M rating.  To be honest I think the ESRB should probably rate the DoA series again as its very questionable for the stuff viewed by its audience.

Anyway. This game takes advantage of pressure button inputs which at its time was starting to become a trend for games. Pressure Inputs basically read your inputs based on how hard you hit a button (You see a bit of this in games like CvS2, Star Ocean 3, and various racing games).  What makes this game very unique is its counter system.  While we all know its impossible to constantly block every attack a person throws at us without some common sense to either evade or counter. This game allows that. With correct timing you can create some devastating counter attacks that practically make you feel like your leg was just broken.  The fighting styles the characters use are pretty real as well (minus some moves). The main thing I dislike about this game in particular is its end boss. While at an awkward camera angle. This boss just spams attacks one after another that are very hard to block or evade.  But if you exclude the end boss. The difficulty of this game is rather unforgiving. Even if you were to set this game to its easiest setting, you'll see no real difference in the game's A.I.  A very commendable thing for TECMO to do as its rare to see actual good A.I.

Blazblue Calamity Trigger

To be honest this is probably what started me on the path of giving up fighting games as a whole.  What most know it as Guilty Gear's baby/successor/copycat.  Its made by the same company so expect a ton of similarities.  However this game is far from being called Guilty Gear anything.  Its system is very simaler to that of Guilty Gear just a few minor changes.  The damage scaling differs here.  One way is that if a combo able to be recovered out of but continues anyway, the damage inflicted takes a nosedive unless a throw is used.  You are also able to recover when you hit the ground instead of the game automatically doing it for you.  Guard damage in a lot of cases is pratically nonexistent. While its still there you'll hardly notice the lifebar move at all.  Pretty much this game is saying land actual hits "we don't like guard damage." The only time you'll inflict massive damage is if your opponent does a Barrier Burst or they're hit with a Negative Warning (You are punished for playing keep away for too long.) which there defenses drop like a rock.  The main feature I like about this game (which they should have kept IMO) is the guard libra system.  Basically your guard breaks depending on the scales. If you're guarding too much it shifts in the opponents favor and vice versa.  This game was however (actually still is) known for making people angry for the stupidest of reasons.  This honestly was Smash Bros. Melee all over again.  You had to play as a certain character and you could only play this method. If you did something outside of those set guidelines you were hated and treated as scum. 

Yeah I play I as Jin. Jin was notorious for his freeze in this game. If you were frozen you had to shake free from it by moving around (Not mashing buttons).  He was also hated for his simple strategy of spamming what's called his Ice Car, mashing his D attack, random throws, and random DPs.  I honestly don't care anymore.  Really if you knew how to properly block which apparently the technique of blocking was lost in 2007-2008, you could defeat that strategy.  I honestly forgot how to play this game and I just rolled with it I wanted it out of my life.  Too many bad memories with this game.  

Blazblue: Continuum Shift

The Continuation of a game that probably should have ended with the first one.  But generally by listening to the fans of this series. Characters were nerfed/buffed the way they wanted them.  So really a complete change to all the cast members (except Tager) playstyle forcing you to play virtually one way.  The guard Libra system was changed to the Guard primer system.  Everyone has a set level of guard. If they are hit by certain attacks that characters loses one level of guard temporarily. If your Guard Primer Level is reduced to 0 your guard is broken. This would be fair but each character's guard primer level as well as attacks that could reduce this level varied greatly. What was also changed was the Barrier Burst system.  Instead of having your health be in danger you are limited to 1 Barrier burst per round (you have to lose a round to get access to your other barrier burst and you are limited to 2 per match).  This game also part of the trend for fighters now in terms of downloading everything.  The first being patches.  There was one for a bug fix and to make a DLC character playable.  The 2nd being a balance patch and a 3rd one being a HUGE balance patch as well as make DLC characters playable.  This wouldn't be a major issue but the time frame between these patches were very short.  Less than 6 months at the least.  So getting used to characters was pratically useless as they were most likely changed when the patch was released. (Note: CS Extend apparently has the last the patch they'll do for the game. I don't own it so I'm not truly concerned about the game). 

I used Lamda in my run of this game.  She's pretty much the only character I find I can use and be rather versatile in playstyle.  Unlike the other characters where it seems like there's only 1 way to play as that character.  In all honestly I've pretty much given up hope for the Blazblue Series.  I just generally buy it for the story now.  My experience online with this game was rather horrible as from what I've experienced everyone expects you to play as good as the pros and perform certain actions or else you're just a garbage player.  I find this game tends to make people angry over the smallest of discussions and is no longer worth my time online or offline multiplayer.  

SvC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom

I honestly don't understand why this game gets all the hate it does.  To be honest I find this game enjoyable.  Although it did release at a bad time.  Graphics were basically becoming the only thing ppl loved about video games while gameplay was an absolute minimum.  I appreciate the cast of characters available in the game.  A lot of ppl tend to find the problem that there favorite SF characters are apparently unplayable. That's because they don't understand the fighting system.  The game sported a Dash Cancel system similar to that of Guilty Gear and Blazblue's Roman Cancel/Rapid Cancel.  By simply dashing at the right point you could extend your combo to do some serious damage.  The Exceed system was the game's comeback mechanic and very well executed. Its basically a desperation move. The main problem of this game which is the problem everyone has is its SNK boss syndrome.  Honestly this could be easily bypassed if you know the A.I.'s faults.  If you were willing to explore this game you can find that all the characters have great potential and honestly SNK did pretty good with this game.  Just a bad time to release it.  

Against better judgement of other players.  I use Genjuro.  Apparently I should be using Akuma or some other character. I honestly don't care.  Too bad I didn't get the extra boss.  I would've used Zero but he requires a lot of work to be good.  So I go with a simpler character.

Soul Calibur IV

Pretty much the end of myself liking Soul Calibur series.  Namco made some big changes.  The first being armor break. Obviously when your armor is broken you take more damage in that area.  The Soul Crush system was probably the most useless. If you manage to break your opponent's guard and meet certain other requirements you can finish your opponent with a special move and end the fight right there.  Probably the most disliked addition was the 3 Star Wars Characters.  I personally don't find much wrong with them. But like all guest characters they are not that good IMO.  They are however very flashy.  This also started a trend that various characters were disliked cause apparently they were cheap. The good thing is that this game had everything I needed to enjoy a soul calibur game.  Online was a different story.  Thanks to the character creation freedom.  The majority of players I encountered had virtually naked characters and basically did moves while shouting sexual innuendos. Instead of actually playing the game. This was especially discouraging when you get the game late and all the good players are high ranked.

I used Kilik mainly cause I miss using him.  He's actually won me some tournaments back in my day.  But this was the last time I would probably see him in his glory.  I don't think he's cheap heck honestly his range has been shortened drastically. Honestly I find this game and its future game seems to be heavily reliant on combos instead of landing hits.  Combos are nice but they aren't everything.

Soul Calibur V

Namco managed to take everything I liked about Soul Calibur and either remove it or change it.  Moving Guard Impact to now have it use meter.  Just Guard is FAR FROM THE SAME THING.  Even adding meter to do EX moves and Supers.  Pretty much every character in the game was changed to be "Balanced".  I honestly don't remember Nightmare every being that fast or Seigfried. Makes no sense really that characters with heavy weapons are that fast.  Anyway in terms of 1 player options this game heavily lacks.  Character creation seems to be lacking as well.  It looks as if you want anything you have to buy DLC packs.  Kinda sad honestly.  If they would make a game with all the styles ever used in Soul Calibur (even the minor styles and its side games) series I would definitely be on board for that.

Used Lizardman for this run.  God they made him horrendously slow. There's hardly a character on this game I like anymore.  I honestly think that even Soul Calibur is shutting me out on terms of fighters I like.  They really seem to have complicated the game's move list on a lot of characters while making the more popular ones easier to use.  I probably won't be playing this much. If at all.  I haven't went online with this and I don't think I will.

Summary of Fighters Uploaded #2

This one we'll just feature Samurai Showdown.  As there's 6 games to run though. Since its Samurai Showdown Anthology. However I will be using the Xbox version for Samurai Showdown V(5).  Samurai Showdown is a series where instead of being all about combos. You need to be patient and land hits.  Someone can tell you...That you have to learn combos. Well that's wrong IMO.  A single hit can inflict well over half your life.  While it does have a combo system its not exactly the first thing you gotta learn (I honestly think that you never need to learn combos). Really you need to learn what you can punish and how to create openings.  While its a SNK game and really there's a lot of ppl that dislike SNK for the fact that its bosses and AI can be rather unforgiving and not fall for cheap tricks.  A.I. like this is rare.  Samurai Showdown loves to punish you for making unsafe/aggressive moves.  So the main priority instead of learning how to combo is to learn how to create an opening.

Samurai Showdown 1

The absolute most basic of all 6 no doubt. Heck the game itself is basic.  The only thing that separates this from your classic Street Fighter 2 aside from weapon based combat, is the Rage Meter.  No we didn't have super for this yet.  However when the rage meter is full you do a lot more damage.  However since Anthology used the Neo-Geo/PSX/Arcade version. Hit detection is rather....ugh.  There's quite a few attacks that should hit more than they should however due to the invincibility frames given on when you take damage from certain attacks.  The main part of certain attacks miss completely.  What I find neat about the game however is the dude in the background judging the fight like its a points match.  The Command List for this game not only is the input time very strict and unforgiving about mistaken inputs. The inputs themselves were very insane for its time.  From Half-circle forwards, to 6123+Mid-Slash (No I don't mean a DP I mean forward, down-back, down, down-forward).  Its honestly hard to tell who's the best character in the game as there's some character's who have a lot of moves and some characters who have well 2 moves. The neat little tidbit this game did while SF2 did this was environment objects getting sliced or crushed during play.  While SF2 did this by having characters smash into them these objects on SS looked more in the background and foreground of the game getting sliced.   I find the SNES version of this game was far better as a lot of bugs were fixed and the commands seemed rather "user-friendly".   I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you traded in this game or never played it again for other fighters as this game had a LONG way to go before things got good.

I spent well over 3 hours trying to beat the game.  Being randomly stopped by the unforgiving A.I. They will seriously learn to stop your attacks in there tracks even with something so mediocre as a random throw.  Lets not add to the fact that they abuse moves that have tons of invincibility frames and are very safe on block.  While I could possibly do the same thing....the A.I. is just that good.  If people say you can't learn anything from the A.I. they are dead wrong.  This A.I. taught me that any female or ninja type character breaks the game.  While you could say you're using the same moves as the A.I.  The A.I. uses them better with godlike reaction time.  The boss his or herself is luckily defeated by A.I. exploits.  Yeah winning by time is lame but its better than getting whooped by moves that have a ton of priority over your own not to mention inflicts even more damage.  Gonna be a lot of editing here.

Samurai Showdown 2

A large improvement over the previous game.  Adding more characters and easier commands to pull....well except for the 2 ninja's Galford and Hanzo....We now have the incorporation of supers during rage mode. So now its like CvS2(Capcom vs SNK 2)'s K-Groove even more.  To add to managing to connect with a super.  You also break your opponents weapon so they're stuck with no weapon for a bit until one is randomly thrown on the stage.  However what I dislike is that the game brought over a bit of auto-correct system....which basically corrects your commands in case of mistaken input.  That would be nice....but when your inputting supers often times you end up with a different move instead. Thank you auto-correct for giving me a DP when I myself entered half-circle, forward.  

Genjuro was my character here.  I love his rekka moves.  Unforntunately during the playthrough....the A.I. learned that apparently you can throw him out of it regardless of the situation. You can even block it after the first hit???? What? What happened to all my stun after the first slash hit?  Heck why didn't the 3rd slash hit at all?  This makes no sense.  Mizuki....sporting that SNK Boss Syndrome here.  Even pulled a bit of what everyone does with Vergil now.  Beam assist, teleport behind, strike.  Seriously unfair and her demon dog just adds to the pain.  At least this run didn't take 3 hours. only took one hour this time.

Samurai Showdown 3

Adding another improvement to this game.  Actually one of my favorite additions that gets removed in the 5th game. Instead of adding a ton of characters, the game adds a Slash and Bust system.  Basically if you want character version A or Character Version B.  It also added 3 set modes to add to that style. Beginner, Medium or Super. Beginner gave you auto-guard ability  (up to 5 attacks).  Super removed the ability to block but you gained unlimited POW meter meaning your attacks had great attack power behind them and you could always do a super.  If you're thinking that mode is useless cause you need to guard. Lets not forget the game also has the ability to dodge and move behind the opponent.  The game does have fatalities but they're much harder to pull off in the game.  You didn't waste too much time in this game however as matches were quicker than its predecessors. This is cause the damage inflicted by counters, etc, were increased. Probably one of the better characters added to the game IMO would be Rimururu.  Yep in replacement of Charlotte we now have another Ruru.  Being just as quick as her sister Nakoruru she brings her own tricks to the table. We also have Shizumaru while he didn't shine too much in this game he does bring some easy multi-hit attacks to the table not to mention some rather unorthodox attacks.  While random items are still thrown about in the game. Its more of a punishment for cowardly tactics.  You generally won't see items thrown about unless someone is blocking constantly when they can clearly dodge and/or counter.  The same thing applies if someone tries to run the clock.  Special Note: If you try to run the clock on the very last battle not only will Zankuro play total rush down but the game doesn't allow you to win by time for that fight and will count as a loss for you.

I use Shizumaru since he was my favorite in the past.  Generally cause when I first saw this in the arcade I also caught view of Samurai Pizza Cats anime.  I liked the dude with the umbrella and thought wow these weapons are actually awesome.  Also catching someone playing in the arcade fighting against Shizumaru who pretty much countered with spinning his umbrella constantly.  I thought this dude was always awesome even if he looks rather....scrawny and girlish.  I was actually doing pretty well till I got caught up in fighting the clone battle and Zankuro.  Zankuro hits like an angry father abusing his child.  While being the most fair (and human) of the SS bosses.  He himself is probably the hardest.  So after about 40 minutes of him I just said screw it and switched back to Genjuro.  

Samurai Showdown 4

Probably the most played and most fun of the Samurai Showdown Games.  While Still featuring the Slash/Bust system.  The game also features Rage Explosion. Basically a last ditch effort to finish the opponent with a limited time rage mode.  Probably the system that everyone seems to like is the combo slash.  This was because after awhile players figured out that besides a long combo. You could actually make an infinite combo with pure ease.  Compared the older 3 games, the matches here go much faster so less of chance to win by running the clock.  The arcade mode was a little different.  Instead of just running through matches your matches are determined by how fast you win your matches. You have a set time limit to make it to the end.  If you make it to the last fight beyond the time limit. You'll fight a different boss and get the bad ending.  Getting under the time grants you to fight the final boss.  If you're under a great amount of time you fight 1 or 2 extra bosses of the game.  To execute fatalities if you hit with a strong slash as a counter its possible to enter the command for a fatality listed on screen.  

Generally the first time I made it pretty much using only 1 character. Without feeling I have to swtich.  Even Zankuro wasn't too hard unlike SS3.  This was honestly a good day.

Samurai Showdown 5

What I find is the most play SS game out of all 6. Removing the broken combo system.  Adds even more balance by having the Slash Gauge system.  To make things even more balanced there's Not only Rage Explosion but also Concentration One.  Concentration One although has some of the most insane requirements allows you to slow down time for combos and finish with a deadly slash.  The perfect comeback mechanic.  From what I've seen in videos the most used characters are the females, Enja, and Ukyo.  Generally cause they can fake out an opponent and apparently cause a lot of damage.  I think there's more potential in other characters but what do I know I don't do tournaments and this game pretty much has only seen Japanese Small Time Tournaments.

I use the ladies man. Yep the Pimp Yoshitora.  I only call him that cause of his win pose not to mention his weapons are all named after flowers.  I honestly like him due to the way he works.  Shame I couldn't make my ending with Fatal Flash.  I honestly could've played as the boss character Yumeji but then I would get complaints that I'm using a boss character that's apparently "banned".  IMO the run would've been too way too fast.  Game Time would be like less than 5 minutes.  Which is in real time about 13 minutes or less.  My main problem is playing this on the Xbox.  The controller is rather sensitive making execution error very easy.    So I constantly kept hitting Rage Explosion on accident when inputting certain moves.  Honestly towards the end I said screw trying to beat it in style.  I already have on older random videos.

Samurai Showdown 6

What ends up as probably the last Samurai Showdown people play (cause everyone apparently hates the 3D Samurai showdown games I personally never played em).  Also ends up maybe the most balanced of all 6 games.  The game carries a choice of the older fighting systems with it.  Its own system is more of a just defense system in a way.  By performing a special guard you'll build a bit of meter that when your life bar reaches a certain point you can use a different super (generally there fatality move from the old games just turned into a super).  ALL THE CHARACTERS from all the games (Except the 3D ones) are in this game.  Even that judge Kuroko who's generally a mix of other characters from games like KoF, Art of Fighting, Last Blade, etc.  You even get the animal characters to play as.  Probably one of SNK's crowning achievements for the Samurai Showdown series IMO. Pretty much any OP characters from the past characters got proper nerfs so nothing truly broken but SNK boss syndrome.  You think the boss characters are gonna be too OP well they have been properly nerfed to be playable as well.

I used Shikururu-Mahama up till I made it to the final boss.  I almost beat the final boss using that character but not being able to block hurt me a lot.  Considering it was pretty much predict when the opponent is open to attack not to mention animals can't block.  So I switched to Rimururu I kind of use her off and on in all games.  Female ninja easy to use IMO.  Beat the game faster than Expected.


Why did you edit these videos when you yourself said that you don't edit videos?
The video itself as a whole for most of them were well over an hour.  A lot of it was me losing to one character constantly for one reason or another.  I rather not watch that and I doubt anyone else would either.  So a ton of editing was required not to make myself look good but to make the video feasible to watch. Not to mention file size issues.  Its not an RPG so I definitely couldn't just say "here's 3 hours of content, now watch."

Why are you jumping all the time?
In terms of combos its far easier for me to start with a jumping attack. Especially in the sense that linking 2 Strong attacks together makes for great damage.

Why are you spamming Strong Slash so much?
In hopes I land a counter hit. I'll inflict a lot of damage generally over half health depending on the character.  While it may be unsafe the A.I. will at times make the mistake and fall for it.  Generally the only thing that beats it and is safe is a Medium.  There's also the fact that the A.I. is rather smart and will predict attacks regardless of what I use.

Why did you bother playing this series its one of the worst in SNK's Arsenal?
I don't think its the worst.  Honestly I think SNK is far better at making fighters than most if not all fighting game companies. SNK honestly has something that other companies tend to lack and that's actual difficulty. I don't mean what's called "SNK boss syndrome". I mean the fact that normal characters are actually pretty good opponents to fight against in the A.I.  Watching the A.I. actually know how to block and counter properly compared to fighters of today is a nice thing to see.  I also like the series as its not about learning combos its about working to gain openings so you can strike.  I more or less dislike today's games as its generally all about flashy combos and not properly learning to block and counter.

If you already knew which characters are best how come you don't use them instead?
For many reasons.  A lot of the best characters I am no good at using or just do no good at arcade mode.  There are some that just make things too quick and no fun honestly. Also since I find no one plays this game the game anymore its a rather moot point to even try to play this seriously anymore.

Why did you play the Xbox version of the SSV when its on PS2's Anthology?
Cause I'm used to that version of the game instead the arcade version.  The only problem I have with the game as I mentioned before. Is that I make many button execution errors.  This is cause the Xbox controller is very sensitive. My Right Trigger is set to Strong Slash yet the slightest touch when i'm inputing certain moves makes things rough and causes an accidental rage explosion.

I'm much better than you at these games.
I don't really care.  My time has generally passed on fighters and I'm not looking to be the best at anything.  Considering there's no online of this game no point in even getting mad over it.

You lost so many times to XXXX character how come you didn't rage quit?
Well then you wouldn't have any videos would you?  Well you would but none from me.  And its just SNK boss syndrome nothing more.  They're all subject to A.I. faults.

Would you get Samurai Showdown 7 if they were ever going to make one?

Maybe....I'd have to really think about it.  My interest in fighters has dwindled to a minimum these days.