Sunday, August 26, 2012

What A Real Fighting Game Challenge Mode Should Be

In today's Fighting Games Challenge Mode has pretty much been reduced to, "Hey do this combo we tell you."  While at first glance it doesn't seem to be a big deal. To a lot of players its easy. At the same time these challenges provide some difficulty.  The problem with "Combo Challenges" is that not only is the game attempting to teach you combos you will probably never use.  It's killing a lot of creativity in my opinion.  For one example Blazblue CS not only had a tutorial mode to teach you what's good to use for each character.  The game's challenge mode threw in combos most of which you've only seen at tournaments or early combo videos.  I honestly feel that isn't the way to go with Challenge Mode.  Its as if the creators among many people are implying is:
  1. You must play like the pros in order to get everything you can out of the character you're playing. 
  2. Being creative or playing your own way is not the way to play said game and you need to play like everyone else. Or just lose.

An Example of a Game's Mission Mode

While its appreciative that these combos are listed out there for us. Unless you think outside the box most players will not be able to see things such as what links together, what's safe, What's unsafe, How do I defeat "xxxx" character, and the like.  

By Playing KoF XI's Mission Mode You find out that Shen Woo can deflect projectiles in rapid succession

What I think is a true challenge mode is performing certain task in a match. What type of challenges I want?  Well I would want stuff like "use xxxx move to win the fight", "Create a combo that does x amount of damage without using x", "fight under these conditions".   While I know there's some people out there that would say, "Just make up your own challenges." I honestly would rather have the game itself put such challenges in there. For me I feel that makes me a better player.  One reason being is that its something to do rather than just play online with others or play arcade mode.  Story mode is alright but its generally set battles.  Score Attack is alright with the AI but eventually I'll learn that and I'm not really fighting with what I think would be true handicap.  By throwing in a list of challenges instead of combos you'll spend a lot more time playing the game.

An example of someone making up Challenges of there own

The best games I've played with a challenge mode I speak of.  Soul Calibur's 1-4 had such a thing.  While you didn't realize it you were learning to deal with specific situations that would appear in normal fights. Guilty Gear X2 and Guilty Gear XX AC+'s mission mode forced specific situations on you forcing you to find a way to win a match.  What was happening in the midst of all that the game was teaching you to use specific moves like Dead Angle, Aerial only moves, learn your own combos and the like.

A mission Mode Forcing you to step up your game quite a bit and to learn something that works

These kinds of examples are what makes a real fighting game challenge mode.  Challenges that pretty much say, "Press these buttons in this order." Isn't honestly a challenge in my opinion as you're kept inside the box. I also find that there's very little replay value in such a mode with very little reward.  While both can be done with persistence and tenacity.  I find actual (more specific) challenges far more rewarding. Providing much more freedom and allows you to learn a great deal more.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ToV: The First Strike DVD (Possible Spoilers)

Well I haven't slept since 3pm yesterday and I'm forced to stay up now due to circumstances (its 11am now LOL)  I should have done this a long time ago. Well lets Talk a bit on another Tales Game that gets a movie/OVA/anime.  The ever popular Vesperia.

While we know everything that went on in the game and pretty much every main character's past. Lets dig a bit more into Yuri Lowell's past.  Pretty much we find out exactly why he left the nights and is pretty much a vigilante always getting into trouble.  Also find out a bit more on the whole Blastia usage and its effect on the world.  We also find out more about Flynn and his reasons for staying with the knights.  The characters are all pretty much intact as to how they acted in the actual game. You see pretty much all the characters show up except for Judith. I didn't see any sign of her.  A nice movie no major complaints.  A lot of ppl complained that they couldn't get original voice actors for some of the characters but it doesn't really apply to me at this point.  (I think only Rita's VA is the only one not original.)  Puppy Repede is honestly really cute and rather funny.  If anything at all its practically hypnotizing putting him there.  The movie does contain its hard moments one I couldn't exactly bear to watch. It wasn't gruesome or anything just felt really really sad. Pretty good movie for an hour and some odd minutes and worth watching.  You honestly won't get many questions answered about the game itself just solidfys some points made by the game.

Spoiler Points: What's revealed in the Movie and what's left unexplained (Major Spoilers: Honestly if you haven't played the game then don't read.)

  • Alexei is revealed to have already set his plan into motion on using Hoplon Blastia regardless of what happens to the surrounding areas affected by its use. It is revealed he will sacrifice anyone to achieve his goals.
  • Raven is shown to be working for what looks like a different guild and that his skills came from experience over years of his rather mysterious past.
  • Karol is in the background of one scene carrying out work for another guild in the background.
  • Rita shows that she pretty much lived alone most (if not all) her life and was a reknowned genius at a very young age.
  • Flynn's reasons for doing things by the book type attitude are revealed in great detail.
  • It was never explained how Repede got the scar on his face but it is shown how he got the pipe.  (The game implies that Repede was a stray and that Flynn and Yuri took care of him when he was injured. Very confusing timeline.) 
  • Estelle doesn't do much but has a chat with Flynn.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dust: An Elysian Tale (Demo)

Its Strider Fox Dude (He is a Fox right?)

This is honestly one of the best Demo's I've played in a long time.  And to be honest I have no complaints about this game. Usually I have issues with Adventure/Platformer/Whatever games generally in the difficulty department or when it comes to the amount of time to get used to the game and you're thrusted into a new problem.  This demo did things very well. The selection of difficulty levels makes things very fun.

The story and tutorial transition works really well. I mean storyline is rather obvious and seems to play things rather safe but the comedy is good. It doesn't seem to irk me with really bad (and obvious) innuendos unlike other games. If I was to dig for something to complain about I'd say the controls at times don't respond as well as I hoped.  The game tends to think I'm mashing when going for specific inputs. Otherwise this game works extremely well. No wonky movements, no awkward controls, and even the lowest difficulty setting can provide a bit of a challenge.  So just cause its a low difficulty setting doesn't mean that you're 100% safe and will be untouchable.

I don't care much for graphics but these are hittin.  I imagine random ppl will complain about voice work cause its not done by "a famous VA".  I also imagine ppl will throw around the whole "furry" term as well cause of the character design...honestly who cares get over it.

I would definitely want to spend points on this game when I get the money.  It honestly seems like Downloadable arcade games are getting MUCH better than today's rather sub par on disc $60 games. Definitely a game I will find some time to invest in when I get the money.

1200 MS Points Will have to wait on this obvious gem.

P.S. They know of the the No-Clip Cheat! 0_0  (No-Clip cheat = clipping through walls)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sonic Unleashed DLC Stages

For about 400 - 600 points (depends on stages) you can get DLC stages for each world.  The stages are generally hard mode variations of previous stages....

Day Stages

I'm no good at day time Sonic.  My reaction time is horrible.  Even memorizing the stage doesn't help (besides who wants to memorize a stage I'm not doing a speed run.)

Windmill Isle

Act 1-2  A hard mode of Act 1.  Or really an extended version of the tutorial stage.  Its a very nice touch as you could make a video out of certain areas as the gimmicks are setup in such a way that it looks really flashy.  The worst area out of this is the setup of slow moving platforms and spikes.  To give a 2D Mario game feel.

Act 2-2 A hard mode of Act 2.  A ton of more spikes lying about.  The rail section is probably the worst.  Giving little time to react correctly.  The rest of it is just a ton more spikes lying about.

Act 4 A true challenge mode. One that test your reaction time and trains you not to overshoot your jumps.  Every area is just trouble.  Especially the last stretch. Flames you can't jump over, bottomless pits, and prayers....

Dragon Road

Act 1-2 Hard Mode of Act 1.  Areas that were once easy have been turned to hell.  The auto-run section of running away from the robot is rather trolling.  Although you're 1 area over....the laser still manages to hit you. Yep you thought you dodged...nope no you didn't....

Act 2-2 Yep they made a hard mode of Act 2. As if it wasn't hard enough already.  Pretty much if you don't react properly and if you don't know how to use Stomp're dead....Yep pushed to you're limit.

Act 4  Not bad...but easy to screw up cause of various areas. If you don't jump a certain way you're dead. yep.

Act 5  My favorite one.  Just speeding across water.  Avoiding obstacles.  Don't worry about how you'll get to the end just get there.

Rooftop Run 

Act 1-2  As if I didn't hate this stage already.  Here's a hard mode of it.  Those rails you used to take instead of drifting.  Lined with bombs pretty much you're dead if you take that rail. Be ready to run into more spikes than ever...Yep EVERYTHING's BETTER WITH SPIKES!!

Act 2-2 I hated act here's a hard mode of it.  Homing attack proper use or die.

Act 4 Somewhat fun but requires some memorization or godlike reaction time.

Act 5 Serious Leaps of faith here.  Better be ready with that homing attack or fall to your death.

Arid Sands

Act 1-2 Ugh....Already not good at this stage...and to find out this stage is also glitchy with invisible spikes from.

Act 3 Find the chao...10 of them...its not bad...if you know where they are.

Cool Edge
Act 1-2 Not fun this made me hate Ice/Snow levels.....I can't stand it.

Act 2-2 More proper homing attacking at the right time or die....

Act 3 I HATE THIS ONE!!!....Speed and a non-functional useless drift gimmick.  Lets drift on Ice good idea.

Act 4:  Instead of overshooting jumps can undershoot jumps now....

Savannah Citadel

Act 1-2 Hard mode but its not bad.  Nothing really changed.

Act 3-2 Grab 300 rings and make it to the end.  Easier said than done.  If you don't take note that the only way to the goal is to actually backtrack a bit you'll never get it.

Act 4 Wall jumps will work. Very fun.

Act 5 I actually enjoyed this a bit.  Rather hard but lots of paths to take with a lot of high risk high reward moments.

Skyscraper Scamper

Act 1-2 Hard Mode I think the real hard mode parts is the running up the building, and the first part of the stage.  Otherwise...nothing of note.

Act 3  OMG I love this!  This is just pure fun.

Jungle Joyride

Act 1-2 Hard mode....I generally hate the water sections.  More things placed there to stop you in your tracks and pretty much kill you since you're on the water.

Act 4 If you haven't memorized it.  Or you're just not ready...You're gonna die.  Especially the last section cause for whatever reason Sonic doesn't wanna run in a straight line...

Act 5 Run straight over the water avoiding spikes of doom.  I only hate the troll goal as its lined with spikes and the only way to avoid it is to line yourself perfectly with the goal ring.

Night Stages

Perfect for gaining EXP.  Generally expect the enemies to hit you very hard.  Hard if you're not good at combat or using werehog.  There's 1 or 2 jumps (or entire stage) that pretty much require precise jumping or death.

Windmill Isle

Act 1-2: Pretty simple If you know your platforming.  I mean seriously nothing here that can't really take you out except the saws and fire.

Act 1-3: Survival...and OMG these dudes hit hard.  Use you're 3 HP restore rings heck rings in general sparingly.  FYI if you see a HP Restore ring come out and don't use it after a bit it will disappear.

Dragon Road

Act 1-2: Platforming and small brawls here and there.

Act 3: Even more platforming.  There's 1 jump that can be a problem if you're not holding the stick in the right direction otherwise done deal.

Rooftop Run

Act 1-2: Its only long due to finding the switches to open the door. Otherwise....seriously simple.

Act 2: Ok this can get a little hectic.  enemies can send you flying to your death.  The jumps are rather hectic and don't get burned...

Savannah Citadel

Act 3: This isn't bad  but the fire does a ton of damage quickly. The jump before you reach the Big Mother enemy can be hard to reach. Literally double jump at the very height of your jump or you'll miss and fall to your doom.

Act 4: I love this one.  Just watch out on those 2 Titan enemies so not to fall to your death.

Skyscraper Scamper

Act 2: OMG Too much platforming.  Titans make for annoying enemies.  But that's not the worst of this place.  The section where you have to use the Dark Bats to make across the bottomless pits then backtrack the same way can be easily messed up.  Either get shot midair unable to recover or get electrified and fall too far to even save yourself.

Act 3:  No problems...till the very end. 2 Titans....Both of them likely to jump or smack you with there giant hitbox and when you get smacked...your goin off the top of the skyscrapper. There's some safe spots at the corners but doubtful you'll get there....

Jungle Joyride

Act 1-2:  Camera angle not fun.  2 Titans at the end...along with a lot of bees...not fun.

Act 3:  Platforming fun.

Arid Sands

Act 2: Fire hurts....Fire hurts a lot.

Act 3: Platforming hell with a Titan at the end.  That Titan pretty much ruins all S ranks.

Cool Edge

Act 2
Moving quickly on ice...not exactly fun.

Act 3
More ice platforming that well...jumping in place doesn't work so well.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

List of Glitches. Program Errors, Whatever you wanna call em.

Just simple list of glitches encountered overtime at random during gameplay.  I found these LOL worthy other players however pretty much judged the game unplayable and crappy.  Well if that's the case then a lot of games if not every single one of them are "Unplayable and Crappy."  Here's just a small list of what I encountered. I'll add more as it goes on. Might even turn this into a page itself.

Tales of the Abyss - Albiore Early Game

What happened when I managed to erase my system data (which has the fact that I've beaten the game).  Afterwards any post game although allowed me to play on Unknown Difficulty (which must be unlocked). The game didn't allow me to use the unlockable Mystic Artes.  So I used an old save which puts me right before the final boss beat the game again.  The Albiore parked at the final dungeon.  So after saving completed game data and loading this current file. I find the Albiore parked and inaccessible here which ironically is the same exact spot where the final dungeon appears.  Too bad I couldn't board this thing early game would've made breaking the game so much fun.

Suikoden - Game Over Flag

The game is supposed end when none of your party members are able to take action.  Balloon Status (well 3 balloons) makes your character float away unable to be targeted and unable to take action. This status can't be healed till after the battle is over.  Well the game doesn't catch that your unable to battle and you still have 2 other options you can pull.  You can run away and you can bribe your enemy to run away.  Pretty much you're able to travel completely across the world map and even through some dungeons without having to fight a single battle (assuming you have the gold and/or high enough level to do so) until you come across a boss fight.  

Tales of Vesperia - 

  • Repede Stuck Glitch - Can generally happen anywhere and is very hard to break out of.  If hit during one of his aerial attacks at the corner of the screen there's a chance Repede (and possibly any other character) will get stuck on the invisible wall of the battlefield.  Unforntunate for me it happened to me during the final boss.
  • Derp A.I. - The A.I. is rather derpy when it comes to targeting.  Generally the A.I. will choose the target with the highest stats then possibly go after the others.  If under a status effect that renders you unable to battle (like Sleep) the A.I. ignores that character and goes after the others until there's no one left.  This however the A.I. still takes forever to attack you at times.  Like the Madragdora enemy.  

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - Meracle Blindside 

What many ppl thought that Meracle's Blindside was completely invincible.  Well sorry to say its not.  

Star Ocean: The Second Story  (PSX) - A Collection Of Them

  • Battle Voice Over Glitch - Game generally has a lot in terms of glitches.  Particulary voice overs.  If you fight in the battle as one of your characters in the reserve spots.  Then do another arena battle as a character in the main row the voice lines of that character will change.  You can get some very funny results from this.  However Mage characters aren't really affected by this.
  • Game Over Flag Glitch #1 - If you fight the worm type enemy there's a chance you can be eaten at the very same time you kill that enemy.  Well this is one way you can lose at the battle arena multiple times.
  • Game Over Flag Glitch #2 - Getting Stoned/Paralyzed at the same time as killing the enemy.  Very rare to happen.  But Funny.
  • The Spell "Tetanus Wind" has problems at times completing its animation. Casting it on a wizard type enemy while its moving results in the game taking forever to complete the Tetanus Wind spell animation. Well you won't have to worry about this since this spell pretty much becomes useless the very moment you get Noel

Super Smash Bros. Brawl. - Online Lag Glitch Pokemon Trainer

Game already has horrendous online play in terms of lag and stable connections.  This however is funny as it brings up many many game moments and anime moments.  Returning one of pokemon trainer's pokemon with very bad connection can result in a pokemon never coming out.  Same thing can happen with pokeball items.  I found that transformation Final Smashes get the same results.  

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (360/PS3 early versions) 

Before the game was patched.  When you fought offline against Abyss you weren't able to run away properly instead you were instantly put into block stance.  

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Running on Air

Don't know how exactly to trigger this but I ended up running in mid air.  Attacking ended this glitch however.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World  - Mystic Arte Whiffs

Far worse than Radiant Mythology's whiffs. If you fought against enemies that have the ability to revive themselves the enemy will die and stay dead for the duration of the Mystic Arte.  Then they will revive after it ends.  In other words you wasted TP and your unison guage.

Digimon Rumble Arena - Terra Destroyer Failure???

Actually this happens on a lot of finishing moves.  If you perform the finishing move on an enemy within throw range you will be grabbed out of it and the move still executes normally.

Sonic Unleashed - A massive load of them.

  • Sonic running into a slanted wall or a wall in general during boost. Sonic has a good chance of flying off in a random direction or totally over shooting his landing.  
  • DLC For Shamar Day Stage Act 1-2 during a platforming section there's an invisible spike wall. If you try to homing attack, boost, hit the Eggman spring. You'll hit this spike wall.  
  • Happens very often when running on water in Jungle Joyride.  I've had Sonic just randomly run into the water as if he was on a hill going down.  
  • No Momentum Glitch: If your in the hub world anytime you pause the game Sonic slows down and stops himself from moving.  If you do this while on a rail or in the middle of a jump Sonic will stop himself and stay in that position (If your in mid-jump sonic will land in place). Sonic loses all momentum from that point until you perform another action.
  • Another DLC glitch in Apotos Night stage but can also happen anywhere.  If you knock an enemy high enough into the air (Very easily done with Sho-Claw-Ken/Sho-Hog-Ken + plus an added combo) there's a chance you may launch that enemy outside the arena.  The same thing can happen with the Titan and Big Mother Enemies.  If an enemy is launched this way they become unkillable.  This wouldn't be much of an issue however if you're in an area where you must kill all enemies in order to move on.  

Monster Hunter Tri 

  • Raped by Air - During times in a pin attack (Especially online).  The Pin attack may have hit but the animation was cancelled before the rest of the attack was completed.  Leaving your character(s) on the ground having nightmares for a good while. Very Silly Glitch.
  • Rathalos Quit His Job - His flying actually results in some unexpected and rather glitchy moments.  If Rathalos if flying in areas 8, 7, and 5 (yeah its happened) of the Deserted Island or in Areas 5 and 3 of the Volcano. During his flight Rathalos literally gets stuck outside the map and unable to return.  Rare that it happens but it can.  It looks silly at first but later you get pissed since your hard work is gone. You'll probably go, "Oh he just moved to another area. Stop being a Noob."  But test it with the  Autotracker ability and you'll see what I mean.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Mysterious Figure LOLs

  • If you use a dashing attack (ex. sliding dash, Sonic Blade, Chaos Blade)  at the same time when Mysterious Figure does his countdown move.  You'll get hit by the countdown but also cancel it at the same time.  Not a good thing cause you'll still be in the middle of your attack and he'll just hit you behind your back more than likely killing you.
  • Certain Shotlocks activated at the same time of Mysterious Figure's Countdown attack result in yourself taking damage (down to 1 HP) and still being trapped.  In other words you're screwed.
  • Recovery Frames Glitch or Whatever - The Recovery time is shortened in this game certain combo attacks generally kill you due to the saying that you could've recovered and casted cure.  You will definitely see this happen during the final bosses or secret bosses.  Example. Getting knocked into the air by Mysterious Figure has random moments where the attack delays for a bit.  

More to Come as I find them

Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Blazblue Didn't Take THAT Long (Seriously)

Well the not surprising. not doubted, but rather expected announcement of the next Blazblue Game is here. I don't understand Japanese but apparently we finally get out of the lame city that is Kagutsuchi.  And by moving to another state we get to meet some new neighbors.  

The first being Amane Nishiki.  Apparently this feminine dude (can't tell if its a guy or girl at this point don't care) uses a scarf similar to Rose from Street Fighter Alpha. Seems the main difference is some seriously long range moves.  From the looks of the trailer we also get some cherry blossoms in our attacks with this character.  

The next guy or really Girl.  Bullet.  I get general reminders about Zenia from Arcana Heart III about her.  Looks like a bunch of pile bunker moves sorta.  Her supers look like she's beating the crap outta you for looking at her wrong.

Azrael might be the special person I'm looking for in this game.  Considering I generally only used Female characters in Blazblue itself.  It looks like his element is earth.  Kinda like I imagined my own fighting game character.  His moves I get the sense of certain Melty Blood characters with him with a mix of Slayer's (From Guilty Gear XX) dashes.  

Judging from the older cast no doubt they got 1 new move or 2.  Very hard to tell from the trailer however.
  • Ragna got another overhead. Well actually his sword actually transforms into a scythe without doing his Astral.
  • Jin himself got aerial move as well and seems they bought his Aerial Super that he only had while being an unlimted mode character as a normal super now.  Also appears as if his famous Ice Car Move acts more like Millia Rage's (Guilty Gear XX AC) hair car (at least that's what I call it).
  • Noel is finally using more of her guns. Granted a new special. Seems that's it. Her new outfit is nice sorta.
  • I didn't catch any changes in Rachel.  Not like she really needs any.
  • Taokaka didn't seem to change as well.
  • Tager got more wrestling moves. Seriously a body slam.  Ok...
  • Litchi looks like she got a ton of new specials and a new super as well.  
  • Arakune looks like he's gained more ways to curse you meaning more BEES!!!
  • Bang got a few new specials and ANOTHER NEW SUPER!  More usage of that giant nail.
  • Carl doesn't appear to have changed much.  But still retains his shenanigans. (hope I can use him this time)
  • Hakumen doesn't appear to have changed at all. Why would he need anything new. Everything he has is godlike.
  • Tsubaki appears to have gained a projectile super.  Doesn't appear that going blind has affected her.
  • Hazama apparently gained a super that involves Curb Stomping you to death. (yep he's curb stomping you.)
  • Makoto doesn't appear to have changed.  Maybe they made her somewhat decent to her apparent downfall between patches and new games.
  • Valkenhyne still looks awesome just no new changes debut this trailer.
  • Platinum apparently has more traps well random objects to throw at you.
  • Relius I doubt he's changed much if at all since he was the new guy of the last game (you know the game that was pretty much a $40+ patch).  

Still left with a few unanswered questions however.
  • What will they do for Lamda/Nu users? We know she's dead but still a unique character.  
  • What will About Mu?  
  • WHERE'S JUBEI????!!!! (kicks down Asksys Door)

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Real Honest Update For August 2012

This isn't to say the last one wasn't an update.  But more to say that I know how the month of August will look now.


Yeah I recently fell back into a depressed state.  I can't say what exactly was the cause of it.  All I know is it just happened.  Nothing I could do about it honestly it just happened.  It wasn't low to make me consider suicide or something like that.  I have however been considering closing most if not all accounts.  Thinking about the benefits that would bring.  It has nothing to do with being depressed or how the Online Community treats me and others.  I'm not thinking about the time I put into this either. But that's how it is.  Just putting that on the table.

Online Community

At this point I pretty much hate the online community.  Its a pain in the butt to keep up with and my interest are starting to greatly vary between me and everyone else.  Whether its economic or moral issues. I actually had a discussion with a person who doesn't see why I dislike M Rated games.  I honestly don't care if you play them just don't expect me to play them.  I'm working on not watching them either.  That's how strongly I feel about them if you have a problem with it take it up with someone who will listen to that problem.  Cause its totally a "you" problem.  

Games Playing Now

Working on Videos for Shining Force NEO.  Its honestly a pain to record cutscenes as I don't know when to expect them.  Its even more annoying when I get a game over. I do know that the Shining Series games aren't that long.  Just a lot of grinding required.  But like always its gonna take me far longer to upload these than to beat the game.  I actually looked into some cheap 80 MS Points Games.  I only really found 1 I'm interested in.

Avatar Fighter Online felt very fun to pass a few minutes by.  My main problem is my Avatar itself looks basic.  This is cause all the avatar items are rather costly and seem rather waste of time.  Why not just unlock avatar items by playing the game?  Anyway I gave myself a DP and a Dive Kick.  I was laughing the whole time when I thought of how various communities highly value these moves.  Finding this game to download the Demo was a chore as I could not find it on my Xbox Live Marketplace. I actually had to track it down from itself.  Anyway this game is rather fun I'm considering using my small amount of points for it.

I still have a ton of things I want to get done just no will or discipline to do them.  Heck no motivation either. I figure a way to get it done somehow.