Sunday, September 30, 2012

SD Gundam GGeneration OVERWorld First Look and Rumors

Well from looking at this game personally.  I found a few notable things.

The graphics have taken a drastic step up.  I mean a drastic step. A lot of attack animations have changed. Kira's Beam Spam as ppl call it has a new animation more like to his time on SRT/SRW.  00 Qant's attacks have changed to resemble that of the movie.

Oh yeah there's some serious nerfs.  The heavily reliable Super Critical Tension has been watered down.  Attacks that target multiple enemies do less damage to the extra targets cut practically in half.  A lot of big attacks and certain transformations have been removed from the game as well.  Which is weird.  Ptolemios 2 has lost its Trans-AM ability.

-Well a Ton of Warships have been added.
-No doubt a lot of gundams were added.
-2 Different Modes - World and Core Mode
-Custom Soundtracks
-Master Abilities

The missions are still the same in a way.  However just a few slight changes.
-You are now able to perform both challenges during the generation breaks in the same mission.
-You can capture the Secret Units that appear.

Overimpact is a situation where if you perform the last Generation break all the allies will turn to enemies and attack you.  However you are able to capture one of those units. Core mode does something different and I have yet to confirm it

What I found is that the AI does not play around in attacking.  They will attack anyone that is deemed the weakest link and even take shots at your warship. The enemy is not prone to let an oppurtunity slip away. The game is still fare by letting some newly appeared units just sit and wait a turn.  Hit rate is more like a SRT/SRW game.  Although you may have a high chance of your attack connecting (say 90% for example). It is now more likely to miss than before.  Unlike World you could play it safe knowing that attacks with 70% hit rate or higher would connect.  This however is no longer the case.  The changes to certain attacks and certain gundam forms have either been removed or nerfed.

Multi-hit attacks are no longer in the game.  It would honestly look as if they still are at times but they are not.  Multi-Lock attacks are nerfed.  The main target will take the full damage however any extra targets will take half the damage of the attack.  I see this as a good thing as certain units will not quickly outshine the entire team.  I've also noticed that certain attacks have different animations if you're finishing the opponent with the move.

Master Abilities have been added.  The Master Unit will be able to make use of 1 time use (per mission) abilities that range from 2x EXP, Healing, Capture Units, Power Boost, 100% hit rate or even guarding. Simaller to that of SRT/SRW games of using abilites these however vary from character to character.

This game should be fun. I cannot record it however with my PSP-3000 out of commission.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mo mo mo MON MONSTERS!!! (Monster Rancher 3)

Try and keep this short and sweet.  I loved the anime.  I played the PSX game (Monster Rancher 1) a seriously long time ago. Loved it (despite how unforgiving it is) got this game back in 2008/2009.

I would say this game is your average pokemon game but its more on the lines of the old Gigapets we all used to have in the 90s.  You get a monster you raise it as best you can you battle.  Beat the crap outta other monsters. Profit.  So really its more like the old Digimon Digivices from ages ago.  But if you want a game to compare it to compare it to Digimon World Championship for the Nintendo DS remove evolutions to a degree there you go.

The best gimmick that has this game stand out over all those other wannabes is the fact that you can use your own CD/DVD's in an attempt to get a monster.  And in today's world we have a lot of CD/DVD's laying around the house.  The only downside to this gimmick was that if the game didn't recognize your disc (either due to it being scratched up, a Gamecube disc, Wii, etc.)  You ended up with a Moochi with really basic starting stats.  Yeah not all that great. But messing around with this gimmick I ended up with some seriously weird monsters or cool ones. (Still trying to find one that has a dragon).

For Example:

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Vol. 1 DVD disc 1 = Tiger  I guess his cat Cringer is a Tiger? I don't know.
  • He-Man and the Master of the Universe Vol. 1 Disc 3 = Pixie.  Want a knock off of Persona's Pixie or a wannabe Morrigan here you go. 
  • Evolution 2: Biansnow  To me it looks like a Baby Lagiacrus (Monster Hunter 3)
  • Prinny Can this Really be the OST = Bosco looks like the gnome version of a dog.  Looks pretty cool lol
  • Random DVD-RW = Griphyon  This was awesome it looked like pokemon's Combusken/Blaziken combined with Starblade Alpha's Zelkin.  
There's other times where my monster will get taken away from me either cause I'm apparently not high ranked enough.  Or due to they don't know what that monster is.

Mana Khemia 1: OST = ???? I don't know I'm taking it from you.  
Me: *explicit* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Training a monster is just like digimon.  Basically they train  raise there stats.  Have to rest from time to time. May learn new moves.  The tournaments is where you fight it out.  And they are unforgiving.

Your rivals all have a set strategy in mind.  1 of them is set to beat you in stats all round another puts all her effort into speed and power.  Even one that focused on defense.  Beating these guys is no joke.  Especially if you're attempting to raise your rank.  

The main thing that bugs me in this game is the RNG. Or really I should say the A.I. pulls a last ditch effort to win.  You can be winning then for whatever reason all your attacks miss leaving them to the crap outta you or hit you just enough to win by time.  I've actually had a moment where the enemy won by just a sliver of HP.  Its worse that you get your butt kicked so hard that your monster has to rest for a couple of weeks to months.  Not only does it reduce your monster's lifespan but it also waste precious time you could be spending training.  

All in all still fun.  I went with the Griphyion monster and made it to B rank. Unforntunately he died before we could take on the A rank. Leaving his heart behind so he can share memories with another monster whoever I choose next. I'm still going through CD/DVDs to find a monster I like lol  which is very time consuming.  Overall this is a good time-wasting game as well as being fun.  I couldn't believe how much time went by playing this game as well as not being bored while playing it.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shining Force Neo: Characters In Battle Ratings

1. Max

Well Max is based on how you use him. And how you raise his stats/skills/force arts.  Honestly he'll need the proper backup depending on how you use him.

2. Meryl

Before Class Change: 6.5/10 She's not bad generally a mage with versatile spells. She lacks Ice Spells however. Her main spells are fire based.  Luckily the game doesn't have too many enemies that are completely immune to Fire.  At higher levels she's much better by gaining lots of AoE spells.  She even supports by using a Charm of Flesh when you're petrified.  Considering for most of the game she's virtually the only mage you have you're stuck with her for magic purposes.

After Class Change: 9/10 She becomes entirely useful gaining a darkness and a light element spell.  Added with improved Wind/Lightning and Fire spells.  She's a beast and can handle most enemies alone.  Even better for 1 on 1 purposes she's awesome with fire spell spam.

3. Gaia

He's the awesome character that dies in the  Nuff said. Unless you hack him into your party....I have nothing to rate on him.

4. Graham

Before Class Change: 5/10  He's a tank.  Not much of one but a tank.  Mainly he won't be pushed around so easily by any enemy due to resist knockback.
After Class Change: 7/10 The tank gain a few new moves. Mainly ones for mowing down small fry. However put him against  big guy and Graham is goner.

5. Chiquitita

Before Class Change: 7/10 She's you're white mage. Expect White Mage stuff. Holy spells and cure spells.
After Class Change: 7/10 She stays the same pretty much just improved versions of the same moves.

6. Baron

Before Class Change: 8/10 Very useful for getting around the enemy unoticed and inflicting a lot of damage. Problem is he's no good on big mobs.  If he's fighting a big guy he can be useful. Only main problem is put him against a Fire Dragon or anyone with fire moves and Baron is down for the count in 5 seconds.
After Class Change: 7/10 Although increased stats help him as well as complete resistances to Ice Moves.  The new moves he gains don't help him out.  He'll tend to use his ice elemental moves more than his normal ones.  And he's no magician.

7. Rhinos

Before Class Change 7/10: HP Tank. He obviously will have the most HP out of any character. Also being one of the strongest characters of the game physically. Mainly great for keeping the attention of the enemy you can sneak around and take em out.  Considering he's rather slow at attacking.
After Class Change: 6/10 Although gaining a ton more HP and strength. He gains the same problems as Baron.  He's no Ice Mage.  And he likes doing big long charge up moves.

8. Mariel

Before Class Change 6/10: Although a weaker version of Graham she has a healing spell. Making her far more useful by default.
After Class Change 7/10: Gaining Holy spells, better magic resistance, and immune to stunning. She stays pretty solid.

9. Dryu

Before Class Change 5/10: The little cute dragon is just cute at this point..  At higher levels she gains a fireball and is actually smart to stay at a range instead of getting in the enemies's face.  She also flies....(yay)
After Class Change 10/10:  OMG Practically the must have character of the game.  She gains moves of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Also gains immunity to those 3 elements as well as a good amount of HP.  If you can't decide who to take with you Dryu is the way to go.

10. Freyja

Before Class Change 6/10: Meh she's a fire user and the only other true mage of the game.  Not as useful as Meryl but she is immune to fire.  However put her against any enemy that has a knockdown move or really if she's ganged up on she's done.
After Class Change 7/10: She kinda got the short end of the class change stick here.  Becoming immune to knockdown is nice. However anytime she's ganged up on she's dead. She also doesn't like using her spells all too often.

11. Klein

Before Class Change 7/10: He's good at ranged attacks. But like his significant other. If he gets ganged up on he's a goner.  But his use of Petrify arrows and Slow Arrows are very useful.
After Class Change 8/10: Immune to Critical Hits and Knockdowns make him slightly better.  I don't see a reason not to take him other than unable to handle being ganged up on.

12. Adam

Before Class Change: 2/10: USELESS SCRAP OF METAL!!! Seriously he only has one attack and its no good.  If you want a distraction I guess you can use him but he'll die in seconds even if he has great HP and defense.  Just utterly useless.
After Class Change: 9/10  A much better improvement. Well worth the work you put into to getting his class change. Gaining the Holy Spell Gaia Nova and is able to fire it in rapid succession. Even gaining a Petrify attack.  The only problem he really has is being maybe too aggressive.

Who I would have loved to See in UMvC3: Marvel Side

When it comes to Marvel I don't know of many characters. But there's a ton of characters I wanted to see for the longest. Especially considering from what I've examined first of Marvel. In that universe Everybody knows EVERYBODY!!!  Its also been generally established that Marvel characters > Capcom Characters. At least from what I've been told while playing Marvel 2.


Probably lose the annoying infinite he has though.

Ok this is generally cause I miss the trolling with Blackheart...but he's really awesome of a character.  Yeah you can go Dormammu is Blackheart but....Dormammu isn't named Blackheart now is he?


Who needs Cable. I got this dude.

I totally wanna say Gambit but thinking about it....BISHOP!!!  Ok to start off.  MvC3 and UMvC3 has been complained a lot about how the characters in the game are mostly gimmicky.  Ok...want a true Gimmick character.  Here's Bishop.  The awesome guy that can absorb energy fired at him and he can redirect it.  And he's far more awesome than Cable ever was or ever will be....whoops...the fan came out a bit there.


Don't look into his look at them LOL

Total fan.  But his ability to absorb mutant powers and apparently hypnotize others.  Giant Pterodactyl dude go.  I honestly can't see how he would fight....maybe a slower version of Firebrand?

Black Panther

I like him better than most of the current avengers in that cartoon.

Considering the whole Avengers bit.  Not basing off the movie but the fact that there voice actors are the same as the ones in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.  We got practically the whole gang but Black Panther as far as I remember.  Only thing that would be rather awkward is apparently Storm is married to T'Challa...and T'Challa is Black


Oh hey Cable Jump Heavy Venom Fang

I seriously want him back.  He was my answer to keep away characters.


I want someone with electric powers.

We need another Spiderman villain. And honestly need more ppl with electric powers. Not the greatest villain but still rather cool

High Evolutionary

Honestly could use another Psychic that isn't Jean Grey (Phoenix)

I originally thought this dude was lame....he kinda is....but then I found this guy has psychic powers.  So he's not that useless for a villian.  His ending would fit in UMvC3.  Defeating Galactus he finally gains the power to create the world as he sees fit.  Everyone as animal/human breed monsters.


Watching various X-Men series I learned you don't mess with Sinister.

Well we go the Marvel equivalent of Wesker I suppose.  Different motives but pretty much did the same thing. Enhanced body by gene-manipulation, blah blah blah.


Know my name and fear it. I AM ONSLAUGHT!

Maybe a smaller non-boss version of this guy. Its freakin Onslaught fear it.

The Punisher

Hey Chris I don't need military training and steroids.

Capcom has gun wielding dudes like Chris why can't marvel have any?  And no RR doesn't count.


Seriously Steal other characters moves again plz.

Assuming they give her the ability to gain the opponents special move again.  That would be awesome I honestly never saw a major difference in MvC2 when she gain special effects. I do worry about the whole "Goodnight Sugar" super however. Thinking about who she's kissing its easy to see other people will instantly think negatively about Rogue kissing "certain" characters.

Omega Red

Seriously I can't think of why not to have him.  I mean we got someone that's pretty much H,H, Jump S (Ghost Rider) Should have the original innovator of long range chain moves.  He does a better job than what Ghost Rider does with a chain.

As you can tell I don't know my Marvel characters well to give a complete list.  But I do know who I like from what I've seen.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Shining Force Neo Thoughts -Its a Mixture of Everything-

Well I have truly mixed feelings about this game. Cause there's a lot of good a lot of bad and a lot of meh whatevers.  Shining Force Neo honestly took me years to get back to and finish mainly due to the fact that there were a ton of games that just caught a lot more interest at my time.  Anyway now that its late 2012 and its finnally done.  Cross that off my backlog list.

Gameplay is a either you like it or hate it type deal per player.  I don't mind it.  Its real time action with 4 different types of weapons.  So its not so bad for me.  I think the main problems I have with it, is the various areas where you have Serious Lag issues due to too many enemies hanging about all trying to kill you at the same time.  Sega promotes that the game can handle so many on-screen enemies at once but it honestly can't.  

Story wise at times it feels rushed to get certain points across. You generally get the idea of what's going on after about 5 minutes of dialogue.  However at times you may get the sense that they're trying to force character development during various scenes.  Needless to say Dialogue drags on like its a Metal Gear Solid game at important points. It would probably be better if the voice acting wasn't lackluster.  Its not horrible voice acting (I've seen horrible voice acting and this is no where close to that) but its not that great either.  There's a few lines that don't feel delivered properly but hopefully you're reading it and get the sense of what's going.

Difficulty is very unforgiving.  If you're not prepared it will show and you'll most likely die.  The enemy's stats jump quickly between areas without warning.  In fact you can easily walk into an area you have no business being in at points in the game.  Toward's the endgame you can become slightly broken however you can still be killed off rather easily if you're not watching the screen.  Definitely want to make sure you're properly prepared for the worst to come at all times.

If I was to give my favorite characters I would have to say Baron, Adam, and Dryu.  Baron being a slight womanizer but still shows proper respect to everyone.  Like Zelos Wilder but toned down a bit.  Not to mention Baron's voice is rather cool.  Adam is rather funny considering his random quirks also becoming rather powerful endgame.  Dryu despite not talking with anything except Peep makes a very good ally later on. Those 3 are definitely memorable for me in the game.

The ending to the game felt sorta lackluster for a Shining series game. The game didn't bother to explain what happened to everyone else except the main characters. The final boss was pretty much a disappointment considering everything that was built up to that moment.

Overall I like the game being a Shining Series fan starting with Shining Tears.  I probably won't play it again considering the amount of time I have to plug in for this game.  Even if its short overall.  Grinding and cutscenes eat up the gameplay time.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Who I would have loved to See in UMvC3: Capcom Side

I already know this is way too late to say anything about the roster. However this is not some giant rant about how Capcom sucks. These are just characters I honestly would've liked to have seen in the game personally.  My logic on the choices are generally based on amount of series characters, themed, personal favorites, and unknown/unused games. I realize that there were some internal things going on which forced certain characters however I would've liked to seen the following. With that said lets start with Capcom Side of things.

MvC1 Ryu

The fact that he can transform mid combo and keep going is reason enough

 I state this Ryu first off as he had the ability to pull off Mimic Ken and Evil Ryu transformation super giving him basically Akuma and Ken's moveset.  Generally a personal favorite character of mine in all of the Capcom Vs Series.  I honestly think this Ryu fares better than the one we have now in UMvC3 with his somewhat useless 7 second transformation.  IMO

M.Bison./Vega (Dictator)

I Loved Playing as Bison in the Old Marvel Days

His time in the Capcom Vs series wasn't that great of a track record.  His appearances in the games generally threw him into the NEVER BE picked pile.  He was literally a glass cannon with no real combos (he has combos but the chances you would start any is apparently little to none).  But this is really the only other time we see the guy with a fireball (other than Alpha series).  I would love to see what this guy would say going up against Wesker, Magneto, Galactus etc.  Not to mention the guy looks awesome in 3D graphics.

Someone from Street Fighter 3

A lot of unused characters here with great potential

Seriously these guys never really got to jump into a beat the crap outta Marvel characters fest game.  I've heard some people say Chun-Li fits that role but she's more based on her Alpha series and SF4 series.  Considering things why not Twelve, Remy, or Oro.  That would be awesome to see.

Hauzer (Red Earth/Warzard)

Definitely just a fan wanting these guys in

The game really does lack big guys. Wouldn't hurt to have one more. And this guy a freakin dragon.  So why not?  Heck his original moves actually seem to fit Marvel vs Capcom more than Fighting Jam.

Kenji/Murkuro (Red Earth/Warzard)

We Require More Ninjas

Honestly for the sake that we can have a ninja fight between him and Strider Hiryu.  Make things worth it.  And this Ninja uses a gun too.

Leo (Red Earth/Warzard)

Its Somewhat Zangief With A Sword

UMvC3 IMO lacks slow power guys. Leo can fit that category easy.  He's slow but has range and uses a sword.  Even has a command grab.

J.Talbain/Gallon (Darkstalker/Vampire Savior)

I wanna recreate this in Marvel 3
I'm still a little steamed from the whole "here's an alt color that looks like that character bit."  I still wonder why he wasn't included or really never considered.  Considering the last Darkstalkers game on the PSP.  You could turn him into a old school Wolverine.  Seriously I could see the werewolf being a top tier character in UMvC3 given his moveset.

Jedah (Darkstalkers 3/Vampire Savior)

Lets write a few characters' Last Words...Lets see Wesker,
Doom, Joe, Zero, Thor, the list goes on

I already see this guy as a gimmick character with keep away that can rival Morrigan.  Add with Capcom's lack of bad guys in the game.  I would love to see Jedah write Vergil's will LOL.  And there's a certain ending on Capcom Fighting Jam of what was appearing to be a match between Dante vs Jedah.  So...seriously I would want to see that.

A Megaman character from either the ZX series, EXE, or Starforce series.

The more I think about it. The More I see Starforce Megaman
being in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure or Persona 4: Arena

Ok so people want Megaman. well the way I see it.  We already used X series, Classic, Legends, and Zero series.  Lets grab a character from one of the unused Series.  To me it honestly doesn't matter who.  But using Zero again after he's been in TvC why bother. Some people call it simple laziness on Capcom's behalf. But I just say use someone that hasn't been used.  It couldn't be that hard.  We're also lacking a 3rd Megaman character in the game itself.

Astaroth (Ghost n' Goblins)

Ok this guy is in the background of the UMvC3 stage.
But I do believe he has an alt form that can be used.

Ok he's not as famous as the trolling Firebrand/Red Arremer or Arthur in the series but he is the final boss of most of the games so...Why not.  I honestly never played the games but would like to get to know the game a bit more.

Maximo (Maximo)

Yep he's part of the Ghost n' Goblins series  but more importantly he's a character that fell off the map.  This guy could be the close range version of Arthur easily.  And fit the 3rd spot for a Ghost n' Goblins theme team.

Sieg Wahrheit (Chaos Legion)

If Dante can fit in...why not this guy?

I don't expect anyone to remember this game at all.  Chaos Legion was called by many the Beta version of DMC3.  You can find similarities between the 2 games.  But they are different.  Considering this guy's abilities.  His legion summoning would easily fit the role of supers, assist, and specials.  And if you wanted a character that stood out from the rest (like Strider) well here's your guy.  

Strider Hien (Strider 2)

The real question to ask is...Why not Strider Hien?

A long range version of strider.  Evil. A rival for strider.  Yeah I'm all for it.  

Junpei Todoroki (Tech Romancer)

Ok so Jin Saotome is dead. Here's an idea lets grab this cool dude.  And his Giant robot. 

Crazy lookin anime dude + Giant Robot....
You Qualify.

Byakko/Black Hayato/Rai-On/June (Plasma Sword)

Funny how quickly Hayato fell from Top Tier
Plasma Sword obviously would fit in with UMvC3

Honestly any character for the replacement of Hayato. The reason I say Black Hayato since he's generally a different character.  Kinda like Ryu and Evil Ryu.  You can make that excuse they're hunting Hayato but now Hayato has released his dark side and will kill anyone in his way.  Besides plasma sword also looks interesting.

Wayne Holden (Lost Planet)

We took RE characters and threw them in Fighters lets try another
besides we've seen the giant robot from his game show up in TvC
Lets give Chris Redfield a run for his money.  We'll see if all those steroids and boulder punching helps him here.

Jubei Yagyu/Jacque Blanc/Nobunaga (Onimusha)

Already have some fighting game experience under there belt so this should be easy.

Well we used the main character from the 4th Onimusha game lets use some characters from the other games.  Gotta get these guys to be known.

Accel/Wang-Tang/Vargas (PowerStone/PowerStone 2)

They honestly might be too random for UMvC3 LOL Oh wait

During the time where Anime was dominating the US I remember this game was talked about often and constantly compared to DBZ. While that makes no sense in itself.  I honestly would love to see these character make the cut. 

Rival Schools/Project Justice

This game is freakin insane.  Considering the system I would
take this over Marvel LOL.

I can't think of any characters in general. I think we were lucky to get Kyosuke in CvS and Batsu in TvC. I think it would be nice to see some more involved.  

Breath of Fire

If it was Fou-Lu to be added. I already
see him to be like Vergil but with

To be honest I rather leave these guys alone. But well lets put a dragon god Ryu, Fou-Lu, etc in.  Besides it wouldn't be fare to have only 1 Capcom God (Ammy) in there all by herself. (Breath of Fire IV the dragons were referred to as Gods)

Monster Hunter???? (Wat)

The more I think about it. The Felyne's could easily
replace Servebot.  Heck might be Servebot 2.0.

This one honestly is a joke between friends but you can easily take a character out of his or her roots and throw them into a fighting game.  That's proven time and again.  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sonic Adventure: Part 2

This stuff takes forever to convert. But Continuing On

Knuckles' Story

Time: 1 Hour 12 Minutes
Got lost trying to find the statues to open up Lost World.  I keep forgetting the first statue is where you start. Also doing some silly antics gliding around.  Knuckles bit in the Tikal's timeline is rather weird as well. There's times where the Dreamcast won't load the event forcing you to leave and come back later.

Speed Highway: 

Not much to talk about here.  Having Tikal show you where they are makes this cake walk.


Poor Sonic Statue LOL.

Chaos 2: 

Hitting this guy from behind is rather tough at times cause he'll unexpectedly turn around quick.  Honestly the hardest of all Chaos bosses IMO.

Red Mountain:

Very Fun for Knuckles so much to explore. But the level at times can be...glitchy? Wind supposed to carry you upwards but doesn't, etc.



Chaos 4: 

Even more of a joke when you have controlled gliding.

Lost World: 

The placement of these emeralds were unbelievably simplistic. I'm usually going to the very edges of the stage for em.

Sky Deck: 

Wow seriously simplistic placement. Barely had to move the ship at all.

Chaos 6:

Apparently I kept clipping through the floor preventing my jumping and even more so preventing maximum heat knuckles attack from activating.

Amy Rose's Story

Time: 59 minutes 37 Seconds
Its all about keeping your max speed.  Easier said than done. There's also a glitch with the Long Hammer. You are not able to get the hammer at all during her story due to forced events happening on the Dreamcast version.  You would think you'd get it before Zero but you can't due forced events happening.  The way to get it is to beat your previous high score after Hot Shelter is completed. Problem is after finishing Hot Shelter you are forced to the outside of the ship and if you attempt to go back and play the mini game again a forced event happens removing you from the Egg Carrier.  So you must get it after you beat her story.  Problem is the game does not save that you acquired this item. Meaning you must do something that makes the game save in story mode.  Also if you play the mini game in Trial Mode you'll get the hammer but you will not be able to use it. This also bars you from ever getting the Long Hammer ever again.  Don't worry Long Hammer is rather useless anyway.

Twinkle Park:

I only hate the mirror room section as at times its hard to run without running into a wall.

Hedgehog Hammer:

This was rather simple I usually fail it a couple of times but I got it. Easily.

Hot Shelter: 

Surprised Zero didn't clip through the floor like last time.

Final Egg: 

He did show but didn't do anything.


This fight is just stupid.

Big The Cat's Story

Time 59 Minutes 45 seconds
My recording of this got messed up after Twinkle Park...You can imagine my frustration redoing that.  Anyway. Big's story is about Luck well any fishing anyway.  I forgot about the Lure 3 upgrade so I had to go back and find it....Very Frustrating.  Froggy in all Action stages tends to give you the finger a lot by grabbing your lure and then letting go. The game gives also gives you the finger with having random fish grab your lure instead of Froggy.  Best way to go through this is to first find Froggy then fish near there.  Lure's help somewhat but its still all luck.

Twinkle Park - 

First Find Froggy then pray that he takes the lure.

Icecap -

Find the Lure since Froggy is right there in front of me.

Emerald Coast-

Froggy is literally nearby and with the Lifebelt so easy to get.

Hot Shelter-

Walk a bit event then get Froggy.  

Chaos 6

I hate this one.  Really it should be simple. But half the time your shot misses.  So its a true test of luck.

E-102 Gamma's Story

Time 57 Minutes 41 Seconds
Gamma's story is fun.  Jesus Yamato beam spam started here LOL. You honestly don't need the Laser Blaster upgrade but it helps big time.  Beta MK II actually did a rare move for me and launch more than 5 missles then charge. He really tried to draw out the battle lol.

Final Egg 

Destroy the Sonic Doll oh and get that Evil Tails Doll as well.


click bang, click bang, click bang

Emerald Coast

Enjoyable shame the stage isn't that long.


Bang Oh no, bang Oh no, bang Oh no.

Windy Valley + E-103 Delta

Fun. So many targets to hit.

Red Mountain +  E-104 Epsilon

Apparently has the ability to recover health so yeah. Missed the speed up due to the music acting up on me....

Hot Shelter + E-105 Zeta

The 2nd most unique of all bosses.  Honestly hard to keep time up for the Rank A requirement.

E101-Beta MK II

The Epic Battle. Love this music.  

Super Sonic's Story

Time: 27:50
Everyone knows this story.  So No need to explain.


Its Super Sonic Nuff Said JK.  I was honestly off by at least 20+ seconds of my original time. Oh well.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sonic Adventure: The Main One I Like

Sonic's Story

Time: 2 Hours 8 Minutes 
Just cause I can.I like to fool around. If I wanted to speed run/Pro....I would just spindash cancel the whole game and glitch the bosses.  The Game Also adds 10 seconds to your overall time on levels that say "Get the Chaos Emerald", Apparently they think it takes 10 seconds to jump on the capsule and break it. The only trick I generally do is Mid-Air Stop.  Pressing X while in a ball will force Sonic to stop and land killing all momentum the jump gives him. If you listen hard enough during certain parts you hear strange sounds and voices in the background.



Emerald Coast:

 The Speed Up Music messed up here.  I don't know why since my disc is in great condition.  If it wasn't the Dreamcast would've just decided to stop loading the game and go back to the menu.  I know of the major glitch Shortcut that cuts a good portion of the stage. But I'm not gonna use it.

Egg Viper: 


Windy Valley:

 Pretty Normal. The only way I can think to cut my time is to move ahead during the free falls. But not speed running.


 I don't remember the amount of rings required.  I think its 500 but I got the emerald at less than that.  Also LOL glitch death.


Didn't expect to get hit twice like that. Wish I could've shown Sonic's 2nd Trick Move.


OH no....Oh no...Oh no....

Chaos 4: 

LMAO Glitch I can move before the boss fight starts.  I might have to make use of that later some day.

Sky Chase Act 1: 

Fun Stage.  Score Requirement for the Emblem is about 5000 or so.  A lot of ppl also don't know about the lock on missles.  You get more points for killing with your normal gun but some targets can only be taken out by lock-on missles.

Twinkle Park: 

I usually hate this stage since the beginning can easily go wrong.  Hit by bumper cars to death, ram into others while driving, or not enough speed on the last jump. Nothing went wrong this time though.

Speed Highway:

 Speed Up Music Glitch again.  Forgot which way to go for a second.

Red Mountain:

 Fun. I should take the alternate routes sometime.  See what's there.

Sky Chase Act 2: 

I would use that Egg Carrier for carrying my Gundams.

Sky Deck: 

I hate this stage. So easy to mess up.

E-102 Gamma:

If you listen after the cutscene. You hear a weird voice in the background. You have to really listen for it. It sounds like someone's saying, "NO! READY! GO!!" Or something like that. You can hear it slightly better in the demo cutscene.

Chaos 6:

 I play around just so I can see his attacks again.

Lost World: 

My favorite stage of all time. Still so easy to mess that wall run up however. Don't know why it happens when I'm recording.

Final Egg: 

Undershot a Jump. So many camera mishaps. I like killing all the robots here. I should really explore the alternate paths here. See what's there.

Egg Viper: 

I tried to get all of Robotnik's lines out and seeing him dance is so funny. Funny at the beginning it sounds like someone's crying or something right before the music starts.  I hear a, "AH! OOH! WHOOOAAAHHH!!!" right before the music starts.

Tails' Story

Time: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Very hard to do this even remotely casual as his story goes by so fast.  Not to mention Tails is part of my favorite characters of Sonic. There's not many things I can do to fool around. Well there is BEYBLAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!  But seriously not much to do in fooling around. This would have been roughly 50 minutes if I didn't make a pit stop at chao world for the sake of just doing it. Also getting lost was not part of my plan.

Egg Viper: 


Windy Valley: 

Well already grabbed the Jet Anklet so its even more cake walk than it was before.  


 Dang Camera


 Missed the last few ramps. Oops.


Oh no. Oh no Oh no

Chaos 4:

 I wanna fly high!

Sky Chase Act 1: 

See Sonic's.

Sand Hill: 

I like this stage. Shame I messed up my chain x20.

Sky Chase Act 2: 

See Sonic's

Sky Deck: 

How Sonic even catches up is beyond me. Most of the shortcuts are really just send you back to start.

Speed Highway: 


Egg Walker:


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pokemon Rumble: A Story of How Pokemon Are Put In There Place

Well here's a Time Waster...oh wait All Pokemon games are time wasters aren't they? -is shot-

Get Your 12-inch Magmar Today While Supplies Last

Well this game is Pokemon but instead of throwing balls at creatures that may or may not wanna stay at there new apartment. You beat the living crap outta them. Oh and they're not real Pokemon....THEY'RE TOYS!!!! The game itself is a beat-em up style Pokemon game.  How you collect Pokemon is that randomly as you're beating the crap outta them they may turn into motionless toys for you to collect.  Problem with this is...You'll feel like a Bug Catcher that gets 5 or 6 of the same Pokemon before you get something you want.

To advance in the game you just constantly keep going through stages till you get a Pokemon toy that reaches the power requirement specified for each rank.  There are password Pokemon as well but don't expect much if you live in the US or EU.  Also those obtained by passwords have a set power limit as well as not allowed to go above the current specified power. So if you needed a Pokemon toy with over 300 power your password Pokemon will be set at 299 until you beat that Rank's Battle Royale.  They're still useful though.

He's Baaaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkk...

Mewtwo's Been Taking Lessons From SHUMP Games 

Multiplayer is where its at though.  The game becomes even more chaotic making sure that you or your friends don't suddenly die.  What's a shame however is that you can't transfer any of these toys to the actual game. Cause they're toys.  Oh well....It does seems rather easy to complete the entire pokedex of Kanto all the way up to Sinnoh.

Yep There's Extra Modes More Toys To Collect!

Gotta Collect 'Em All

Shaymin vs The World...Well Kanto Region

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Update: A Lot of Things to Do No Time To Do It All

After that busy month of August for myself (it didn't look like I was busy to you but for me I was actually busy).  I find that things I want to do (in terms of relaxing and having fun) I can't get done or have no will to get done.  Man I'm undisciplined -_-.

I still want to get my backlog of games finished.  I honestly find it a truly hard time to make an effort to turn on any system I have.  Heck past 2 and a half weeks I pretty much required friends to help me even think about playing games. Thinking back to my depression I should honestly see a doctor but the whole money issue arrives.  At least I can deal with it a little better these days.

I'm still generally playing the same stuff well attempting to.  Just trying to find the will to finish em before I start something else.  I managed to pick up Solotorobo: Red the Hunter with the help of a friend.  I'm working up a list of things to sell again...trying to clean up my room from all the clutter.

Not much to talk about. Well talk about freely anyway.

I added a CBox to the right maybe that might bring comments.  I highly doubt it but well there it is.