Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FF7: Dirge of Cerberus (I have a feeling that there will be new version)

This is another one of those titles that fall in that category of other people say it sucks for X reasons.  I actually put this one off for a long time generally due to fans and hype.  Moving on.  This game isn't about the blonde spiky haired kid Cloud Strife. Its about the optional character from the famous FF7 game. No not Yuffie that would just be fanservice you perverted people you. This about the other optional character Vincent Valentine.  I don't remember if this takes place before or after the movie.  Don't care as I wasn't really fond of the movie for many reasons.
Someone ate his last KFC wing. Vincent is not pleased.
Basically after FF7's ending. The world more or less went to crap in the course of 3 years. So all the characters that are alive are generally getting together to try and restore the world and help people stay alive (All the minor characters like Reeve, etc.)  Midgar is a wasteland now.  The town nearby Kalm (you know the one that's easily forgotten and you only need to go there about 2 or 3 times) is throwing a party for being able to recover from the disaster that happened. Vincent gets an invite how nice of people to remember him.  Unfortunately as things are looking mighty peaceful a group of people rush in guns blazin, and kidnapping the townsfolk.  That leads us to start off Vincent's part in this mess.


Running through the tutorial.  The controls are something to get used to.  I want to edit the controls but I'm rather afraid to do so considering I ran through the game a bit. My main 2 problems are using magic and using items via shortcut.

Starting the Main Game

Wow I suck LOL.  WTF That's Vincent's VA.  And that's Reeve's OMG Awesome.  Galian Beast is awesome as well to run. I still question why did they change its look. Even if for a better one (those that don't know the original FF7 Galian Beast was similar to a behemoth. Now its a wolf.)  Cait Sith immediately shows up for Comic Relief.  The game reminds me of the old Devil May Cry days (before DMC3).  This will definitely take some getting used to.  It rather sucks that the game doesn't allow you to jump over certain objects. Wonder how much of this is connected to Jenova....But man like always the Shinra Company has tons of secrets.  Just like every other government. LOL. Camera controls are rather alright.  I honestly could use a camera that'll show me and the enemy. That First Boss I figured that there would be some sort of Weak Spot so I tried finding that first. Not really successful but it ran away.  When it came back again. I found the weak spot and I wanted to snipe it. But the boss was like "I'm not having that."  But found that running in a circle and machine gunning it is easier. I think the hardest part in that stage was figuring out that I needed to run away from the infinitely respawning enemies. No wonder I didn't make it in Halo lol.

This game is rather difficult but fun.  I'm more engaged in the story if anything else.  Really cause I kinda like the FF7 story in some cases.  getting some character development for the minor characters.  Too bad there's no real development for RedXIII!!!! DAMN YOU SQUARE ENIX!!!! *shakes fist*

Now addressing the title of this blog.  I went through the manual and found that there's a Cell Phone game of Dirge of Cerberus. With different missions and what not.  I can honestly see SE milking FF7 again by making FF7: Dirge of Cerberus (Directors Cut). Which would add all Cell Phone Game Exclusives plus the main game.

Top Left: Dirge of Cerberus' Galian Beast Form.
Top Right: FF7's Galian Beast Form.
Bottom: FF's Behemoth

Note how they look similar. However the DoC's version looks more like a werewolf. While FF7's looks very similar to that of a behemoth.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sonic 06 "Last Episode" *Spoilers Yeah right its well over 6 years old now*

I've heard what certain people had to say about this game. Its no different from what I've heard before.  I have given a listening ear and basically it all amounts to how that person can't tolerate this game.  And its really the same complaints I've heard about every game. To just say "Its never been this bad before" I can easily point times where it was much much worse.  Anyway my thoughts on this game have not changed in the past 5 years I've owned this game.

When everyone comes together to save the world. Because of Dr.Eggman's (Dr.Robotnik's) stupid actions once again the world (actually the universe past, present, and future) are in mortal peril approaching the brink of total destruction. Sounds familiar right? Roughly the same thing that has happen in Adventure 1, Adventure 2, Shadow, and Unleashed. Notice a pattern here?  Well we got 2 more stages to run through.

End of the World: No not the Yugioh Ritual Spell Card. And no not that lame 2012/rapture rumor.  We're referring to the stage in Sonic 06.  Basically the goal for all 7 remaining characters (remember Blaze went to another dimension and isn't affected by the current events for whatever reason) to gather the Chaos Emeralds to save a dead Sonic. Not as easy as it sounds.  The fabric of time and space is ripping apart at the seams and the Emeralds themselves were scattered about. What makes this hard is not the enemies but the "fabric of time and space ripping apart." To simulate this we have portals of the evil Solaris scattered about that randomly show up and try to kill you." The dark ones act like black holes drawing you in however pretty easy to escape from if you just make an attempt.  The Red/Orange ones throw random crap at you.  To stop this or well get some peace for a few seconds you have to hit the eagle like switches.  If you don't make it to the switch in time or just never touch them at all. You end up making the game much harder for yourself than needed. Really all you need to do is just keep moving. Its very easy to mess up a good run cause you ended up doing something stupid.

Tails: Honestly easy once you have a good view of your surroundings. His flight makes it easy to get away from the portals of death. 

Omega: You can glitch the game to shortcut it but you don't need to.  Probably the hard thing is making sure no one clips you off screen while you're hovering to the next platform. 

Knuckles: Shortcut the stage. Short and simple. If you're seriously gonna deal with the enemies you're a braver soul than I am.

Silver: Somewhat difficult. There's a section where you're generally running as hard as you can to get to a safe area away from the Purple orb of Death. But the platforms you use to ascend you can cheat and just stand on the very edge. Also you might miss the spring you need to advance if you're put in that situation.

Rouge:  Really....this is just painfully simple.

Amy: No need to be sneaky here. Just make it to the end. Don't go invisible for anything. It's not worth it.

Shadow: What's funny is there's a route that will net you a ton of points in ring bonus should you decide to take it. Its also easy to sniped off the rails if you're not careful or watching where you're going. Good thing there's multiple routes.

Solaris: 2 Phases.  The first phase is more like a game of guess who can damage the boss.  The 2nd Phase is a little more lenient towards that and he'll randomly block your attacks.  Still easy like any 3D Super Sonic Boss.

Ending: Sorta disappointing as usual basically this made fans rejoice by saying it never happened.  But we still got another Hedgehog and there's still what to wonder about Blaze the Cat.  Lesson's Sonic and friends teaches with this story. No use standing around take action.(Sonic's Story)  Just because people hate you for doing good doesn't mean you have to stop or hate those ppl. (Shadow's Story) Take the time to examine the events of the past to know the correct path for the future. (Silver's Story)

You unlock Hard mode of this game which is really just the hard mode acts.  Its not really hard just more enemies to deal with.  No big changes unlike the DLC for Unleashed. Achievements I'm not really concerned about. Unless I know I can get them with ease. I never bother to get all achievements. I have too many games to worry about stuff like that.  I would get the DLC for this game but I'm not big on most games DLC unless its worth the time.  (Like Blue Dragon's, etc.) Its really just a Very Hard Mode where you play as other characters in various acts, a challenge mode with the side characters, and boss rush. They're about 150-200 MS Points so that's about 2 - 3 dollars each. Like Adventure 2, Heroes, etc. not worth it unless you wanna just show off to your friends.

Last Words: Honestly I still like this game.  Not the best but definitely not the worst Sonic title I've played.  Its one of the games that actually challenges me to play better than normal.  You can say glitchy, broken blah blah blah (I won't believe you and refute your arguments with ease.) all you want but I like it as opposed to what we have today. Sega IMO actually did well with this game. Sure it was rushed but at least its not lazy and so easy that you can just breeze through the game in about 2 hours or less.  In terms of 3D Sonic titles I would throw this in 4th of the 10 (or was it 12 I don't keep track of this stuff anymore) 3D Sonic games that's out there.  But that's just me.

I still don't see why this game is hated on so much.  To me it just sounds like a fanbase drew a game out of a hat to hate on.  Especially considering the same words is spammed that you hear about every game:
  • Glitches
  • Broken
  • Graphics
  • Voices
  • Don't like this character
  • too hard
  • its not how I wanted the game despite protesting to get what I want
  • I got what I want and now I don't want it
That same song is sung about every game in existence. I've sat down and listened to what people had to say about this game.  And I've heard the same crap over and over again. "But its never been this bad before"  -smh- Mainly the fans over exaggerate the things in this game.  Especially that Super Sonic scene. It was a simple cartoon kiss (seriously you see this stuff in cartoons all the time). And the fanbase throws it out there as beastiality. Really what concerns me is how a fanbase will jump on your case for liking this game (or any other).  But I guess that's the world we live in.  Sad but true.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sonic 06 Shadow's Story

Shadow's story I feel has the most action out of all 3 storylines of the game. In a sense Shadow still has some crap to deal with in his life that come from his past...or well in this case the future. Its hard to find a character to relate Shadow's story in this game too.  I wanna say Megaman X's/Megaman Zero's in the sense that Shadow has some doubts like if he wasn't around the world would be better off and that a lot of people are afraid of Shadow hence his reputation.  Remember he almost destroyed the world twice as well as save the world twice, but everyone points the blame on Shadow since well he's the only one around.  So if you haven't figured out his story yet.  Shadow is working for the government or really G.U.N. with Rouge. Its really to keep a tight leash on Shadow in case he turns out to be dangerous you know that whole anime drill. Mephiles in a sense is Shadow's dark side and insist that Shadow turns on humans for the fact that everyone's afraid of him. Anyway that sums up his story.

Shadow's stages are easy and hard in a lot of cases. I call them the challenge mode version of each Act. Honestly this is where I feel the game is pushing me to play better.

White Acropolis: Destroying all the searchlights is completely different where as Silver and Sonic's version they were just there for added points.

Egg Cerberus: I finnally got the thing to throw Shadow off properly.  Which you answer in return with a homing attack. Usually Shadow doesn't fall off unless you take too long.

Kingdom Valley: If you take the hovercraft section slowly you won't be smacked by a collapsing tower to your death. You can always abandon it as well for the other 2 hovercrafts later on if you're good enough. Rouge's section is simple since the keys aren't randomly placed everywhere (cough cough Adventure 2).  You can also skip over into Silver/Sonic's Area of Kingdom Valley. I almost did for LOLs but decided not to.

Crisis City: You don't need to use the buggy. Heck its completely optional. I did find 1 Glitch with an invisible wall where I have to hold Right a bit in order to get past it. Other than that Its really the only glitch I've came across in this playthrough alone. Which supports my statement a few weeks ago about encountering very few glitches in a normal run.

Flame Core: Its easier to platform instead of running on the walls IMO.  Its also a pain with Chaos Boost on since you might lose your homing attack but that's the trade off of Chaos Boost. But honestly don't die and its S Rank

Iblis Phase 2: Same as Sonic's except you can use Chaos Spear to light the orbs.


Mephiles the Dark: I feel a little sad for the voice change on Omega but you can't always get what you want. He's still bad ass. Build up power for a Kaio....errrr Chaos Boost then let loose. 

Radical Train: I personally think this is the hardest stage for Shadow. Vehicle required. Its the worst handling of all his vehicles. That motorcycle.  It doesn't turn well. If you want to take the risk skip the first bike and use the 2nd one.  But its risky.  I know its probably stupid that Shadow can't catch up to a high speed train but a motorcycle can.  Just deal with it besides, what would you attack the train with anyway if there's no to stop it in its tracks?

Silver the Hedgehog: A lot more room to move in. But has the same problem as Sonic which is getting away from Silver after attacking.

Aquatic Base: Rather easy since you don't have to do that walking on that metal bubble bit.  Just don't get hit. Although that one hit I received as Silver made me LOL.

Town Mission #14: Protect mission.  

Wave Ocean: Hovercraft is back. More stuff to fall on you. There's a section where its easy to get lost just look for a cave and hit the switch leave the cave and should be one over on your left.  

Town Mission #15: Another Protect Mission

Dusty Desert: The last time we'll see the Hovercraft.  Easy to get lost out here in this desert. Kinda reminds me of FF10's Bikanel Desert but not as long. Not fond of the platforming here. Well the pole vault part. I jump at the running sections to make sure I don't lose control. One thing I don't like about Omega is you have to be at specific range to use your homing shots.  And here is where Omega's auto-targeting gets really confused.  

Mephiles Phase 2: I'm not big on this boss fight.  At least his minions look cool. 

And now we make note that Shadow's been holding back this entire time.  Bitch the glov......Bracelets are off. Now someone check the clock cause I believe its GO TIME!!! Then the appropriate song plays for the credits. "All Hail Shadow".  Hardest story but IMO the best of the 3 stories.  Honestly I have to say this is my best run of Shadow's story yet.  LOL.  I surprise myself sometimes.

On to the last story.  Which is a pain in the butt.  But definitely doable.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sonic 06 Silver's Story (Please Stop Giving me Ammunition)

The best comment I've received about thoughts towards any game would have to be this. "I can see why people have issues with this game, but i think it's more so about if you can manage to put up with what's wrong at times, like you do."  Reason I can put up with this game.  Cause I've played games that I feel are far worse in comparison and yes even Sonic games. So honestly I like Sonic 06. Unless you can throw me a reason that isn't pointing out the obvious crap that's stated about every game, I will still like this game.

On With Silver's Story

Honestly Silver's story reminds me of the whole DBZ Android Saga.  Including the History of Trunks movie. He's in a future where everything's destroyed. Only person to help him is Blaze.  Goes to the past to change it. Silver being Naive till the near end thinks the future can be changed doing only 1 action. That's till he's sat down (in a sense) and forced to think about what he's doing and learn there's another way. Gee the cast of KH BBS can learn a thing or two from this. I honestly don't get why Blaze is there and doesn't remember Sonic. Actually I wonder why they didn't force a meeting between those 2.  I still wonder which officially came first in terms of story Rush or 06.  

Ok my only problem with Silver is that his voice wasn't what I thought it would be when I saw the original trailer.  But that's a minor gripe and I'm actually cool with it now.  To add a new spin he's a hedgehog with Force Powers.  Well the Force Choke, Push, Grab.  While its not the best character its at least something different from running and jumping everywhere.  His stages as long as you don't die and kill virtually everything you're good.  His moves actually take out enemies rather quick even the big ones. Bosses on the other hand require some effort. Still a fun character to use.  What you say he's not fun....How about a Force Choke then.  

ACT 1: CRISIS CITY: Getting a feel for his story again.  Nice to take things slow for once.

Iblis Phase 1:  Gotta remember to aim and not to throw 30 things at once.

TROPICAL JUNGLE: So easy to end up going in circles.  I keep forgetting I need to go up and how I get up there.

WAVE OCEAN: BLAZE: Fun Its like Sonic's but no real homing attack.

TOWN MISSION #8: I need a Lightsaber and then I'm good.

DUSTY DESERT:  Metal Gear Amy!!! Man I could so use those moves back in Adventure 1. Oh that ball puzzle?  You mean the one that only took 2 tries.  Ha and I don't need a glitch to S rank this. Yes rubbing it in your face.

BOSS 2: SONIC: Throw stuff at him. OMG He threw a chair! FIGHT!!! (points to who gets the reference) Need to have Amy do that to him.  Then Sonic will listen.

WHITE ACROPOLIS: Fun to explore. I only find it difficult to aim properly at the searchlights for extra points. 

EGG GENESIS: There's a guy that did this in less than a 1 minute 30 seconds. So I obviously need to improve. 

TOWN MISSION #12 : Metal Gear Amy is back. I probably shouldn't have wasted time taking the rooftop.

TOWN MISSION #11: Metal Gear Silver. Even the guards are just as dumb.  Honestly I think he can just walk right in and they wouldn't say a word.

RADICAL TRAIN: Probably the easiest of all 3 versions of Radical Train. 

SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG:  I find it very easy to lose track of Shadow. Especially when you run out of stuff to throw at him.  Then his Chaos Boost adds to the problem when Chaos spear can no inflict damage.  

AQUATIC BASE:  Shadow I think everyone (mainly Hedgehogs) can use Chaos Control.  Sorry man your move ain't that special.  Anyway Probably the only time where I truly need to gauge jumps properly or die.  Honestly as long as you don't die you get a pretty good rank. 

TOWN MISSION #14: A good thing they target Anna but a bad thing as well since she can be dropped pretty quickly. 

TOWN MISSION # 16: Do what you usually do. 

TOWN MISSION # 17: Right, Right, Left,  Simple But time is not your friend.

TOWN MISSION # 18: What do you mean I can't grab Lasers....I just did!!! 

KINGDOM VALLEY: The main confusing part is where you use Silver's trick to use the box to ascend And make sure not to go crazy with the Pendulums. Robots are also at that awkward height where Silver can't reach. Not to mention they are aggressive. Sucks I know but doable.

FLAME CORE: Probably the hard part is a desired route. Since you gotta move and react quickly.  Breaking the Iblis core just watch out for the shock waves and don't move till it completely dissipates. You could probably get an easy S rank if you make the effort to kill everything in the stage. Meaning backtracking.

IBLIS PHASE 3: Probably the only thing hard is learning restraint.  If you throw every rock you grab all at once you'll get little results.  You're also on a pseudo-time limit. If Iblis hits your platform 3 times (or throws a giant rock at it and you let it hit) you're dead.  But honestly this is one of my fondest memories in this game. Nothing like throwing a giant rock at your enemy especially with Force powers. 

Ending probably explains Blaze in the Sonic Rush series a bit. If you think of it that way. being sealed in another dimension with Iblis inside her. I also think of it as taking place before Sonic Rush a bit. But it can be after as well.  Either still an awesome ending.  And if you're still questioning how I compare this to DBZ's Future Trunks well think about it.  Future world destroyed. Iblis = "All Powerful" Androids, Blaze = Future Gohan, Silver = Future Trunks, Dr.Eggman = Dr. Gero,  Mephiles = Cell,  Different outcomes but very similar in more ways than one.  

Next Week I'll do Shadow's Story. Probably the easiest or hardest of the all 3 stories in my opinion but also has the most action.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monster Rancher 3 (3 Monsters Later)

The more I play this game the more I'm into it.  Seriously probably one of the best not widely known games I've played.  It really feels like I could be in the anime of Monster Rancher but with an epic storyline.  I seriously gotta do some fan art for this game. This series is probably one of the best I've ever played and I've only played the first one and this one.  Its a shame that this series died out.

Like I've mentioned before. Your monster has a set time limit to live. About 3-4 in game years average.  So time management and focusing on training is a must.  I personally like training my monsters in an all rounder type deal.  The A.I. rarely does that. Generally I see most A.I. players focus on power and speed. Which is good but has the fault of being a glass cannon.

As you know my first monster was a Gryphion.  I would say its TECMO's version of the pokemon Blaziken.  Freakin awesome dude he was.  I was still learning the ropes so he suffered some major losses. But still faithful and pulled some serious wins out of nowhere.
Zalken my Griphyon before training

My Second one was actually a Tiger class.  A Ryulon to be exact. I thought the horns on it were pretty cool looking.  I found it hard to raise him a bit with that vegetarian trait on him but he's still a great monster.  He didn't take losing sitting down. I could almost say he had his own X-Factor LVL 3 in some situations.  His great achievement was pulling me up to the A ranks which allowed to use most monsters in the game.
Soran my Ryulon before Training

My latest monster (now dead).  I finally picked up a Dragon.  Shimurug to be exact.  This took going through hundreds of various disc to find.  You honestly can't go wrong with a dragon.  The only thing I felt I did wrong was giving him such high Guts costing attacks.  But in the end it still paid off. ESPECIALLY at the end.  Opponent doesn't block Inferno = Dead.  He lasted all the way to the S Rank. And even helped me discover the final set of tournaments the Big 5.  I have to say this dude performed beyond all my expectations.
Gramzon my Shimurug before Training

What Is The Big 5?

Its the final set of tournaments in the game.  With single elimination rule set. You defeat your opponents then take on the best Trainer's monster for that region. Once you complete The Big 5. You're allowed to challenge the toughest monster in the world.  Wonder what that is.  The main problem I have with it is that the tournaments are so spread out through the Year even worst than the Tochikan Fiestas.  Gotta win them all and hopefully not die in the before I finish all 5.  Sadly my Dragon died after the first one.  But at least I know what to expect.  At the point I was at I didn't need anymore training I felt like. And this wasn't me being overconfident.  I felt content with my actual stats that I barely had a decent challenge in most ranked tournaments.  Oh well wonder what monster I should train next.  Cause we're going to the top.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sonic 06 Sonic's Story

Let's skip past all the comments about why you think its a bad game, cause in all honesty I don't care.  I think its a rather good game. Not the best but far from the worst.  I can ask around why people think this is a bad game and I generally receive the same comments that you would hear about ANY other game list.  You know the reasons as you hear them commonly from virtually everyone. It also comes to mind that I've played games that are far worst than what the masses say.  I could list them but that would take another blog post.
  • Bad Voice Acting
  • Graphics
  • Glitches
  • Programming
  • Some minor problem about the game being different from before due to something like new characters, game play style, etc. (believe me I feel its a minor issue)
  • Bad Plot/Story/Characters
  • Because everyone else says so...
Yeah...Generally the reasons you hear for EVERY game that's released.  Anyway, This is Sonic's Story. Even examining this for the 6th or 7th time I still can't see why people hate on this game?  Is it cause of one mistake results in death?  If its glitches that's every game in existence (especially considering SEGA's track record).  I find this a major step up in every department when I consider the last 3D Sonic game (Shadow the Hedgehog/Sonic Heroes) had faults that I feel were addressed properly. I also know that a game stepping into unknown territory (XBox360/PS3) is rather rough for everyone.  In a nutshell I've found nothing to convince me this is a Quote, "Terrible P.O.S." Guess what its an opinion.  If you want to hate me, unfriend me, blah blah blah. I honestly don't care.

Sonic's Story

You know the whole classic adventure.  Sonic's just doing his thing and just happens to be in Soleana at the time.  Rescue's Elise. The thing no one keys in is Sonic's life lessons he teaches to Elise. I'll bring this up later but he keys in 2 points that actually comes as excellent advice.  The first being his quote "If you got time to worry, then run." Which means why spend your time worrying unnecessarily about what may happen when you could be spending that time actually doing it.  The 2nd one "Nothing starts until you take action."  Which explains itself.  I'll bring this up again later in when I do Last Episode. Reason I bring this up now is the fact the last few 3D Sonic games (namely SA, SA2, Shadow, Unleashed, Black Knight, Secret Rings) have a pretty decent storyline that no one pays attention to. 

When it comes to Sonic's Story I generally dislike the 2 stages where you're stuck with Elise.  Although you can still perform the same actions as normal its slightly annoying.  Although cracking Jesus jokes ensue everything I see it.  I remember someone telling me the use of those gems makes the game broken. Honestly if you actually make the effort to abuse them they are.  They only make the game slightly easier.  Besides I never go out of my way to buy the gems unless I have excess rings to spend.  

The speed sections are easy or hard depending on how well you know the stage.  But really what I never really see anyone use is Ring Dash.  It actually makes your movement faster and places you on the correct path to take most of the time. The rest of the time its like playing a racing game and its your 1st or 2nd lap. See what's ahead and imagine yourself 10 seconds in the future.  Like driving.

If you want to complain about load screens and load times I know of many other games that have even worst load times than this. There's also just simply installing/downloading the game.  


  • TOWN MISSION #1: I'm reminded of NiGHTs as I pass through the rings.
  • WAVE OCEAN: Pretty easy when making use of Ring Dash. Tails Snipping enemies as well.
  • EGG CERBERUS: Funny I caught myself in a situation where I didn't want to take damage.
  • DUSTY DESERT: I dislike this stage since I'm carrying Elise. Which has Sonic lose some actions available to him. The shield that makes him Jesus is useful to an extent. But its not a total waste. Mario should be rescuing Princess Peach this way.
  • SILVER THE HEDGEHOG: Unless you intentionally glitch this I find nothing wrong here. And of course if its your first time you're probably gonna die.
  • TOWN MISSION #5: Looking up notes. Oh hey that's how ya do it.
  • TOWN MISSION #11: Beat up robots
  • TOWN MISSION #12: Beat up more robots
  • WHITE ACROPOLIS: - The timing for the jumps is strict as well as landing. You also have to hold forward to move. But meh sounds like my days in SSX Tricky.
  • CRISIS CITY: I find this the hardest stage in the game for Sonic. Still doable. I'm bad at snowboarding so its something that I'll have to learn through constant play.
  • FLAME CORE: Long stage. Well Knuckles section is long. Its due to the lighting the sphere's since they tend to shut off after a bit so gotta backtrack.
  • IBLIS: I find this annoying since I've had experiences in the past where I had no choice but to take damage. Nothing to get frustrated over.
  • RADICAL TRAIN: Love this stage. Wish it was in the 2 Player Co-Op play.
  • EGG GENESIS: Easiest boss for Sonic ever.
  • TROPICAL JUNGLE: I used to hate this level for the fact that swinging from flowers was a pain. Then I got slightly better TV and its so much easier.
  • WAVE OCEAN: TAILS: Having fun as Tails
  • TOWN MISSION # 18: Look up notes ok.
  • TOWN MISSION # 19: Red Gem Abuse
  • TOWN MISSION # 20: I flipped a coin.
  • KINGDOM VALLEY: I'm reminded of Mario 64 when I was stupid and hung on the Owl forever only to die LOL.
  • AQUATIC BASE: Love this level too bad I got cocky at the end and jumped wrong messing up my score. Oh well.
  • EGG-WYVERN: Love messing around here.

And that ends Sonic's Story.  Now to flip a coin to see which character to do next.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

SD Gundam Generation Overworld Custom BGM (how I do it)

SD Gundam Generation Overworld Wiki : http://www.ggenoverworld.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

I realize a lot of ppl have issues with Custom BGMs on this game but this method I've made pretty much all of mine work.  Here's my steps.  If it's confusing I'm sorry.  The instructions on the Wiki are simpler than mine.  I just know that some ppl still have problems despite writing the instructions down.

1. On your PSP Memory Stick go into the x:/PSP/MUSIC. In that folder create a new folder called "OVERWORLD".

2. Place the songs you want to be played in the X:\MUSIC\OVERWORLD\  (X = PSP)

3. Load up the SD Gundam Generation Overworld Game.  In the menu navigate to the gallery section (Its right under the option where you'll see a percentage of your MS collection completion.

4. In that menu select the BGM option.  (You'll see the letters BGM).  

5. You'll bring up categories of characters they are separated by various series.  Select the series that character is in. (Game Original Characters in in the "Games" Folder, Characters unlocked via MS Completion Gallery are located in "Secret" Folder and Created Characters are in the "My Characters" folder).

6. Select the character who's theme you wish to change.  Square Button plays the current BGM for that character. Triangle removes any custom BGM that character has.  Circle brings up a list of Songs you have placed in your OVERWORLD folder (the ones in PSP:\MUSIC\OVERWORLD\).

7. Select the song you wish to be played from now on by pressing the Circle button.  There you go. When that character attacks you'll hear that theme instead of the default.

Note 1: This also overwrites the Critical theme if that character had one. 
Ex. Changing Athrun's theme and he hits Super High Tension his theme will still be the same song as before.

Note 2: If you change the theme of a character on a Warship. Only the Warship Captain's theme will be used.  

Trouble Shooting

I've read various forums and other complaints about custom music not playing. Usually amounting to 1 or 2 problems. If your problem is:

A. The Custom BGM option is not selectable.  I don't know how to help you there.  Apparently its caused by the ISO you're using or the Custom Firmware version you're using.  

B. An error message appears when trying to select the theme.  
Here's what I do to solve this.  You need Audacity(with the MP3 codec) or whatever other program to edit music.  But I'm basing this off using Audacity so here's a guide.

1.  Select the song giving you the error message. This case I'll use "Divine Act - The EXTREME" (from Gundam Extreme Versus). Open it in Audacity or drag it into Audacity.

2. Ok now that the song loaded. There's a few things wrong with it. 1 being that song volume maybe too low. So you'll hardly hear it during gameplay.  Let's Fix that first.

2. Continued = To fix this lets to the "Effect" menu.  Select Amplify...

3. You'll get this window. Move the slider a bit to the left or right. Not too much or your song will destroy your ears (really sound like a bunch of crap) or it'll be too quiet to play. Check "Allow Clipping" and press OK.

4.  After the amplifying has finished lets tackle another issue.  This is generally the common issue I have with all my songs. The menu in the lower left corner. Project Rate (Hz). Click it and select "44100".  

5.  Now with those 2 out the way.  Lets export the file into an MP3. So Select "Export".

6. Now you want to clear the tags. The reason is to avoid the problem of your Custom BGM playing slowly or not at all.  (don't worry I copied the file to my PSP so I still have the original song). Select "Clear" then click "OK"

7.  Yes to Overwriting the file cause this is going straight to my PSP.  

8. You're files should be fixed.  If not I'll research more into but so far I've not had any problems.  Happy Playing.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Well Its October Here's the Update only 3 ppl read LOL

Uh What to talk about honestly?  I can't think of much.  I'm winding down on games I've never opened. So pretty soon hopefully by the end of the year I can go back and 100% games.

Anyone asking about that X4 bit I've been doing I honestly can't think of anything to write for it. There's also the fact that every time I think about it something comes up so its generally on hold.

I haven't exactly decided what to play honestly since beating Shining Force Neo.  Well play and record.

As for depression I've just been fighting against it more or less.  Generally distancing myself so I don't bring others down with me.   Hard to do but better than nothing.  I still have this stuff on sale on my other blog post.  http://bradry2.blogspot.com/2012/09/making-room-for-stuff-need-to-move-out.html

As for what game I'll actually be playing you'll know soon enough.