Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Street Fighter X Megaman Its Free So...

Like probably 700,000+ (probably way more than that) people of Capcom. They went out of there way to download this game from Capcom's site.  Its a totally free game that generally works with any OS (Although I hear Mac's and Linux can't do it???? whatever). After spending a good amount of time trying to download this title. I played it a bit.  Can't say I've beaten it cause I've quit midway each time.  I have beaten all the masters just not the final boss whom I haven't seen yet.  Lets strike the areas I feel are most important for me to address. No videos of this game till I feel like it. There's already a massive set of videos going around Youtube on it so yeah.


I seem to be the only one with this issue. But as I'm playing the game I get to the boss and no Boss music?!  Seriously where is it. Not only that but no victory music.  I posted this on Capcom Community's site and YT but no help (Not to mention everyone is concentrating on my frame rate issue that's caused by my recording software which I already stated I know how to fix. *eyeroll*).  

The other issue I had is how do I use my E-Tank?  I know some random person out there is whining, "Real Megaman players don't use E-Tanks noob." Well I say they wouldn't be in the game if they didn't want you to use them. Anyway I can't select my E-Tank despite having 4 of them.  I mean I don't have a problem dealing with this little bugs but I would like to enjoy my Megaman Experience to the full.  


The best stage IMO I would have to say the most engaging is Viper's. Most unique is between Dhalsim and Urien's.  Dhalsim's is sorta like a maze and unless you're stareing at the stage background and obstacles carefully you won't realize that you have to go in a sort of circle to get to the boss door.  I actually saw someone's comment complain about this going against everything Megaman is about.  Well you have to change things up at some point in your life. Its not Hershey's chocolate.  Urien's has sorta unique falling platforms (been done before I believe) As well as climbable backgrounds. I really wouldn't have realized the climbable walls if I wasn't falling back to old school Megaman Skills.  (seriously if you Megaman Anniversary collection with the tips on the game litterally teaches you the tricks and skills to make it through the game.)


Like all Megaman bosses you can beat them with the buster.  So they aren't too hard. They're not too easy either.  The inclusion of the bosses all having an Ultra Meter for that epic ultra combo is a nice touch. Even having the background flash if you die to an ultra is pretty funny to watch. Slide works on most bosses so I kinda feel like I'm playing Network Transmission and learning the bosses AI patterns.  Eventually I'll get them down to where I no damage them.  I also noted that if you do damage to them and die you see PERFECT! across your screen.  Definitely a unique boss designs going here even if they're based on simaller attack patterns of there SF Game counterparts.


Its a free game so I don't expect much. Heck actually I didn't think I'd see this much from a free game.  I guess good Freeware and Shareware still exist I haven't exactly played anything good that's pretty much free in a long time.  If there's a way to fix my issues I'll get full enjoyment out of this.  I feel this is how MM9 and MM10 should have been cause if I remember right there was no charge shots and no sliding available for Megaman which in all honesty is rather stupid considering the timeline.  


If I wanted Megaman to continue and I do.  I would like CAPCOM to finish the storylines properly and not leave us hanging. I can say Classic Megaman (Rockman) has a proper conclusion and pretty much anything after Megaman 8 is just filler, side story stuff. X series you can say it ended at 5, 6 or whatever don't care. X8 did give sorta a proper closure but also left a good possibility of X9 with its ending (Not to mention the complaints of the timeline of X8 and X Command Mission). Zero series was given closure. .EXE series has a proper closure and even Starforce has a proper closure. I do think Starforce series could do another game Even though there's no need.  

Now The Legends series.  Yes like many other people I would like to see a Legends 3.  Outside the joke that Megaman Volnutt is stuck on a space satelite with Roll's mom.  I would like to see another game that would show something like how the world is faring now that there isn't really anyone to well..."Reset the World" so to speak.  So yeah definitely would be worth it for me to see another Legends 3.

Capcom in general.  I would want to see certain games have sequels I don't mind the fact that the company brings back a specific game but I'm honestly sick of them doing that. Yeah its nice to see Darkstalkers, 3rd Strike, MvC1, etc.  But really that's something they should have done ages ago. I think Capcom keeps playing it safe knowing they have so many quick fix cash cows to go to when needed.  Yeah they can throw out a RE, Dead Rising, Monster Hunter, Blah blah blah, but why not go out of there way and try something completely different.  Then just stick to it.  I know Street Fighter X Tekken has issues but its something new and I honestly would look forward to seeing it develop further.

Anyway I hope Capcom and many other companies don't forget there older games. Yeah some died well.  But its obvious the games a lot of fans want to see have obviously not died and just keep getting the boot for one reason or another.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The last Characters of BB: Chrono Phantasma (Nu-13 Mu-12, & Izayoi)

These characters are not truly released yet. On Dec. 12th (I believe that's the date) we'll be able to see them in full action.  I was able to see about 5 videos of Nu-13 (not counting this trailer).  


 Not much has changed but the old Nu is back. And Lamda is back as well. She didn't get a huge change just 1 new move.  A mode switch. When Nu activates this move most of her specail moves act more like Lamda's specials back in CS. So really you're getting 2 characters in 1. It'll be clever to see where this goes in terms of Nu combos. Players haven't really utilized this new move of hers yet and have pretty much stuck to the old Nu.


All I know is that her Astral animation has changed.  She has a new air normal from the looks of things. It also seems that her j.5C can be used as a crossup now. She has a new special that seems more like some sort of pursuit attack where she jumps in the air and does a fancy slash.  What makes this a great move is that you can continue your combo and its pretty low to the ground.  Honestly an easy 2000 - 3000+ damage there.  Mu still has the same issue with one of her Distortion drives and that's trying to combo into it off her 6C.  But that's generally a habit that's hard to break.  So has she changed much? Not really. Still dangerous to fight against however.


With a guage simaller to Hakumen's she's able to execute certain moves.  Mainly she she's known to teleport right in front of or behind her opponent. She's pretty so closing the distance should be no problem.  I haven't really seen what exactly she's capable of except for some Trans-AM loop (She actually says Trans-AM) 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Old Cast Look (Updates as I go through videos)

This is based on the videos I've seen on YT about each character.  I'm not basing this on Dustloop's findings or any other forum this is just my personal thoughts from what I've seen.  If you want to see the videos yourself you can view a very good amount of them on this YT Channel.


This channel has been updating with japanese arcade videos almost everyday.  If I've made a mistake feel free to correct where neccessary. I'll try to make notes about it.  Nu-13 and Izayoi will not be included in this list as they have not been released as of the day I've started this. Those 2 and any other characters will be put in another blog post. I've already listed the 3 new characters thoughts on a previous post.  This post here will be updated as I finish going through videos specific to that character.


Well Arakune's strategy hasn't changed much. Build up curse and win. He does have a few new ways to land a curse on you. Difference is the curse time is much shorter and you can't just mash it out the moment you get it as it'll drain much faster depending on what button is pressed. He has a new move that involves summoning a giant spider. Pretty much fills about 1/4th of the curse guage and a hard knock down. Whether you can combo off it is still a mystery. It has pretty good projectile durability as I’ve seen it stop a few of Platinum’s random objects. The curse combo damage seems to have dropped. Most I've seen done with it was about 5500 damage. While nothing to gawk at compared to previous games where he did well over 10k Meterless so it seems this is a huge drop (or balance). Arakune has also gained a few combos that have no need of curse so you giant blob players have some more options to choose from.  His weakness still seems to be his predictability. A lot of times you can easily tell what move will be used next. Or really I should say using the wrong move can lead to Arakune's demise.  His overdrive seems to prolong the curse effect (along with freezing the meter) allowing for those classic Arakune combos we all love and loathe.  Overall he’s still a beast in the right hands a giant slime monster at the beginning of an RPG game in the wrong hands. 

Bang Shishigami

Everyone’s favorite loud mouth Ninja is back with a few new tricks. NO NOT NARUTO!  I’m not sure if that 5Aang title of his is back in business. But he can dish out some serious punishment. His Super Bang mode actually went through some major changes. It only last a short amount of time now It also changes some of his move animations aside from increased damage. He has a new super that pretty much GGXX’s Chipp Zanuff’s super from the old days.  Oh Super Bang’s theme has changed. Its not as loud as before but still has that Super Sentai/Kamen Rider enemy is about to die motif on it.  Bang’s old shenanigans with his needles are still there so no need to worry Bang users. Bang’s overdrive is pretty much Super Bang without the defense drop.  If you’re worried about Bang’s needle rain (you know that move with the umbrella raining down lots of needles. It no longer requires meter and it doesn’t eat up all of your needles.  In fact it actually travels forward a little slowly.  I honestly haven’t seen anyone use Bang’s Drive for defensive purposes but its still there.  Bang’s theme song its rather cool for a remix.  Its hard to say what Bang’s weakness is I guess being good at blocking?  I never really played as Bang in the old days and I can’t honestly say I’ve fought against many Bang’s in my past.  From what I’ve seen it looks like Hakumen is Bang’s worst enemy in terms of matchup everything Bang has Hakumen seems to say, “No won’t let you!”

Carl Clover

While we’ll miss the old boring ADA loops.  Carl has stepped his game up quite a bit from before.  ADA has new slapping move that has some very deceptive range on it.  Carl has a new overhead that actually does guard break if hitting an opponent that blocks low.  ADA dies really quick now so Carl’s shenanigans won’t last as long as they used to.  But as I’m watching Carl it seems he’s able to stand his ground without his dear sister for a bit. The mix up potential is still dangerous to deal with.  Carl’s Astral has changed. No more 10 seconds to a whiffed explosion. Now its get captured by ADA and mangled by giant gears of doom as all part of Carl’s Magic show.  Although Carl’s ADA loop shenanigans are gone his tactics are still there. From the Off screen ADA to being trapped between him and his sister. Carl’s Overdrive is pretty much Unlimited Carl without the HP decrease. This also allows Carl to use that sweet distortion Relius has (you know the one of trapping you in a giant ball of magic and making it explode) So I suspect this means Unlimited ADA for a short time.  Carl still has low HP but at least he has more options to deal with that weakness. Maybe this will encourage more people to use the little boy and his mechanical sister.


After going through so many nerfs. It seems Hakumen may have some hope in being close to his old self. His forward throw seems to add stun/crumple instead of knockdown. He has a new aerial move that’s like Jin’s J.2C attack. He’s also is better at performing OTG’s than he was in the past. Hakumen also has another move that can launch the opponent rather high into the air. Though the time it takes to pull it out is rather long so most likely used after stunning.  As usual Hakumen can take punishment and return it in spades.  Hakumen’s Overdrive pretty much turns him into Unlimited Hakumen in terms of how fast his gauge charges. But not only that but his Distortion moves mainly the counter one turns into a 20 hit attack OMG!!!!   It seems Haku’s 4C can be canceled at anytime leaving your opponent baffled if you choose not go through with it. I also noticed that Koukoujin Ougi: Mugen (Infinity) drains Hakumen's guage a lot faster than before. A common Hakumen strategy I'm seeing is to activate overdrive and quickly gain about 4 or 5 Magatama's.  Hakumen still has rough time winning so he needs work to be good with. 


The "Original Troll" as some ppl call him is still around.  A new super that I guess is a command grab where he pretty much curb stomps you is what this guy brings to the table. You can cancel into this move rather easily to fool your guarding opponent. Other than that it seems his combos and strategies have pretty much stayed intact.  His Overdrive mode brings back that one thing we all hated about the Continuum Shift. Unlimited Hazama. Yep that draining field is back in all its glory just you don't have to worry about it for an entire match just the length of the overdrive.  If you're wondering about Jyaku Houtenjin (You know that annoying kick distortion drive)  its still there. It seems that Hazama's 6C move when used in combo has a shorter time get out. Hazama also has a slight new addition to his Serpent's Benediction move. He is now able to backdash (and possibly forward dash) and still hold the stance. The distance of the backdash is pretty great compared to his normal backdash (about 1.5x a normal ground backdash). 

Jin Kisaragi

Jin has done a lot of growing up. Honestly probably the character that has always been changing. So far he's has the most changes done in this game.  Where to start.  His Infamous Ice Car now is closer to the ground really what that means is it should be even easier to combo off of. He has a new Aerial move. Simaller to Hakumen's Tsubaki move Jin's is more of a close range version that seems to be a better alternative to ending one of Jin's many Air combos as opposed to j.D.  His Sekkaijin (the move you got from mashing C on accident most of the time.) has changed to a 3-5 rapid slash which causes a knockdown. Add to this he has an EX version of this that ends like GGXX AC+'s Johnny's Dust Break. (if that's not a good reference think of Jin/Hakumen's Yukikaze Distortion Drive without the guard animation). Our schizophrenic friend is now able to do his Ice Arrow Distortion in the air firing it in a diagonal down direction.   Jin's Overdrive is probably the most SWAG I've seen thus far in gameplay. As usual allowing Unlimited Jin to be of use so insta-freeze on certain moves. He has a hidden Distortion available to him as pretty much a combo ender where he freezes the ground (kinda like his Astral but not that lethal) and looks cool doing it.  His combo ability seems to be rather better than what it was in CS or at least allow a bit more leeway in mistakes. Needless to say Jin will be rather dangerous to tangle with now.  Also he has new win pose. SWAG

Litchi Faye Ling

There honestly isn't much that's changed about her. She has 1 new Distortion Drive that does not need her staff (I think there's a version of it with the staff as well) its pretty much a combo attack that requires the first hit to connect. If whiffed she's in trouble.  Her 13 Orphans Distortion seems to have changed instead of the staff ending the move by spinning like a top it just keeps constantly punching. The animation on this is also faster as well.  Litchi has a dashing move very similar to that of Jam from Guilty Gear X.  I believe this requires you to have already placed the staff on the ground. This move also causes a wall bounce. Litchi's Overdrive is rather interesting.  Her staff begins to move somewhat on its own. I believe pressing the D button will make the staff attack poking like an attack from her "Great Wheel" Distortion move.  The way I've seen it used suggest she can now cover her moves using the staff to keep the pressure on her opponent similar to that of Relius/Carl Clover's fighting style. Overall it doesn't seem as if Litchi gained any advantages in this game and really has to work for her wins. Only time will tell.

Makoto Nanaya

Did this girl even change at all? I guess I could say she's become a lot faster than her previous incarnations. Although I doubt that what made ppl like her then drop her is back in anyway, shape, or form (Parry cancel combos).  It seems if you want a character that can keep the pressure on and there name isn't Tsubaki or Noel then Makoto is the way to go.  If any new move was added then its that she has D versions added to some of her repetoire of moves.  Some being off her command dash (I know she already had ones before but there's more versions of it). One being right off the version that attacks high with an uppercut allowing her to use D as a followup Overhead move. The squirrel did gain a new dash punch move. This move can also be Charge with the D button. Makoto's combo's have pretty much stayed intact.  She can even combo into her universal guard break move.  Makoto's Overdrive mode makes the D button charging extremely simple. Every D button hit is automatically a LVL 3 charge. So its obvious she's still a pain to fight against.  

Noel Vermillion

Probably another big change in the original cast. Noel's game has gotten much better from the past. Her wardrobed even changed.  Anyway Noel's Revolver blast now has an ender to it to knockdown her opponent by hitting 2C. During her D combo, Noel's 5B causes a wall bounce. She has a new move of combining her 2 guns into what looks like a rifle but like most of Noel's gun moves this is also a close range attack.  Probably the biggest change most players are dissapointed with is that her Astral changed. Its now a counter move like Hakumen's but seriously easy to perform (236236D iirc).

Platinum The Trinity

Platinum was a pain to deal with in the past. It is no different today. Maybe even worse. She has a new item added to her rather random set of crap she shoots out from her staff. A sorta surprise box that sits on the ground and when the opponent is close enough they fire off a huge cat rocket upwards being about 2 hits for roughly 1200 damage (I think this is a super).  What makes this annoying is that apparently they cannot be destroyed and take a long time to disappear.  Meaning Platinum can now play keep away and run the clock.  She apparently has a counter move as well. It looks like a random taunt but its just one of her tricks approach close enough and get smacked in the face. 

Rachel Alucard

The matches I've seen of her I haven't really noticed any significant changes.  George the XIII takes a little bit longer to recharge. She has a new projectile. Its in the form of a very slow moving bat with a fan that homes in on the opponent.  This move does nothing on its own but add some wind to it and they'll do damage.  Her Standing 6C move also seems to hit behind her as well. Aside from that Rachel hasn't changed much. Why would need to change a solid character? I see no reason why.

Ragna The Bloodedge

He's done a little growing since his foolish antics in CT and CS.  Not too much though.  Dead Spike now has a longer horizontally however its height has been reduced.  A new overhead Blood Scythe I think its called. He attacks like GG's Testament's 214+S move.  It acts like an overhead.  Everyone's favorite Belial Edge is still there.  Ragna's overdrive = Unlimited Ragna (notice a trend here) Its honestly a good alternative to Blood Kain. More or less Ragna is still the same as before.  

Relius Clover

Not much changes. He hasn't exactly been here long to get changes.  He has a new move that attacks from underground. This move tracks your opponent so it would be very hard to avoid unless they're jumping. This can be easily followed up with an Ignis attack for a decent high-low mixup. I honestly never played BBCS: Extend so I don't really notice any big changes in his moveset.  

Iron Tager

More upgrades for the big guy.  Tager can now perform his command throw in the air.  He can even hold the  magnetic part in the air. (somebody been watching SSF4 AE 2012 Zangief's Ultra 2.)  Spark Bolt can be aimed diagonally upwards now.  I have no real knowledge on his overdrive mode does sorry (-_-). Tager's style is still the same.  Magnetize, Throw, repeat till dead.  But with more another zoner in the mix as well and even more quick moving opponents Tager has a harder time winning. (Unless you know online tactics LOL.)


Well the first thing I noted was that Taokaka has an Air Super now.  Pretty much her and Torakaka (the black cat you saw in BBCS and possibly CT) attack in unison. Tao's combos are pretty much still the same as before. How your opponent is juggled is somewhat different however.  She's still "bouncing off the walls" as they say like before. 

Tsubaki Yayoi

So going blind has its advanatages.  She can launch her slow moving projectile from the ground as well now. If you use the D version of her "charging star" it'll act more like Captain America's Hyper Charging star and perform multiple hits instead.  I believe this also causes a wall bounce as well. Tsubaki's throw can now cause a wall bounce instead of stun.  She also gained a command grab of her own.  It looks very brutal and even has a D version.  Probably the biggest look is that she's gained a projectile Distortion move. Although this doesn't combo well Tsubaki is pretty much invincible during this move and the projectile have pretty good homing. I've honestly only found Hazama to successfully dodge it. Tsubaki's core gameplay is still intact.  I don't see many players going for her air combos since her ground game has improved.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

From what I've noticed. No real big changes in the werewolf butler.  His wolf form gained a few new normals to the point that you can make a complete combo specifically off of that.  I haven't seen any new special or super moves from him in the very few videos available of Valkenhyne.  So I definitely need info.

Note #1: Some of the character’s new attacks seem to be more of a universal guard break attack instead.  While they all seem to possess different effects when they hit normally. It’s main intent is for guard breaking. 

Note 2: There may be a new song specifically for the 6 Heroes when they battle. (Hakumen, Hazama, Platinum)

Note 3: This list does not include Nu-13, Mu-12, or Izayoi as they have not been released yet from the day I’m writing this.

Note 4: New System Change. A penalizing system called "Same Attack Combo" this punishes you for using the same move in the same combo more than once. Your opponent may be able to tech out of this quickly when this occurs. I believe this also reduces the damage on your combo as well.