Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Demo

I have no video to show as of right now due to many unforeseen circumstances. But I will tell you my experience with it.

I can honestly say the game isn't bad. I don't really expect much from Anime-Based games but the gameplay isn't totally flawed. However this game isn't without its gripes.

This game plays very similar to a DBZ PSX title (I can't remember the name of it) I played when I was in school. It was a Japanese only title but the store that had it was selling it for like 150 bucks along with 2 other DBZ titles that everyone sought after. Thing is now as much as people wanted those games in the past now they regret there decision and its uncool to like those games. Such is time. Anyway like that old DBZ game which the title I'll remember at some point in my life. You pretty much just pick a character and beat the crap out of the CPU with multiple other friends or CPU buddies.  If you manage to fill the gauge at the top of the screen to max a character can unleash his/her ultimate move. Generally you continuously beat the crap out of the AI till there dead. Simple and easy to jump into.

The controls however are rather weird.  While running through the tutorial missions. The game didn't teach me how to block or shoot ki blast rapidly, it didn't even teach me how to DODGE!!!! Yeah I had to throw that in there. Luckily for the demo I'm strong enough to power through the AI and win. But I would like to know these things but the tutorials doesn't seem to teach those very things. I also find it very awkward to target certain enemies and attack them. There's times where my lock on acts rather funky and rushing to the enemy to attack becomes a chore.  Using my special move can get weird as well. Since you can't just fire one off and expect it to hit. You gotta time it just right so that the AI won't avoid it and that your buddies won't knock em out of the way of it.

Online Co-Op and Vs mode is obviously where its at. But at this point there's one thing that's very broken about it. The games system is very generous towards players that work as a team. Or really I should say those that gang up on one guy.  Not only do you take (or dish out) an insane amount of damage. But its very easy to startup.  I imagine this will mean nothing when the actual game comes out later. But I say you better get a group of friends to help you on VS mode or watch your team get gang banged one by one and then rage quit.

That's about all I can say about this demo. If you're getting the game I somewhat recommend you grab the demo. Then you can carry over the data to the actual game. Also if you're playing the demo. You may wanna get online as fast as you can so you can get better cards a lot easier.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Final Fantasy VIII - Why am I playing this again?

I honestly have no idea why I popped this game back into my PSOne. Its one of my least favorites of the FF series with FF13 behind it.  When this game comes to storyline I follow it then it goes in a totally different direction with no reason as to why. Maybe there is a reason and I'm just not seeing it.  The battle system is rather broken right out the gate. And honestly I have little room to mess around and have fun in this game.  Well I'll speed through this game again as usual.


While Disc 1 and Disc 2 make sense. I'm of specially trained soldier with social interaction issues who gets paid to kill a sorceress.  Disc 3 really goes beyond as to why this is.  If you haven't guess what I'm talking about its the relationship between Squall and Rinoa. Pretty much Squall is a total jerk to everyone he meets and cynical personality knowing how things work and only speaks his mind when necessary.  Then suddenly after saving her butt on 2 separate occasions and being saved by her once and then falling into a coma. He loves her? HUH???? Did I miss something here? 

Worse for me is that the other characters pretty much get the shaft and are just there from that point onward. Sorry Quistis we'll never really know much about you. Sorry Irvine I know you're looking for love but did you get it? Honestly I never understand the Squall x Rinoa relationship. I don't hate it but I don't get how the sudden High School love started.

Battle System

I don't need to tell you how broken this system is. If you thought FF7 was broken. This game takes FF7 and makes it its slave in this category.  

-Squall has a button to make all his normal attacks critical hits.
-Squall has maxed out hit rate.
-GF's Break the game
-Junctioning makes you near invincible
-Limit Breaks eat your heart out Omnislash.

Seriously I have a hard time holding back. Especially since you can do all this stuff right at the starting gate if you know what you're doing or you have tenacity and time to do it. My main issue is despite being broken, I can't have fun with it or really experiment. There's not much room to play around in battles unlike other RPGs I've played. You might as (or demand) I do a challenge of some sort. Well if I have to do challenge then I won't have any fun whatsoever. FF7 or most other RPGs I can fool around and not worry about killing the enemy by accident or getting killed cause I fooled around. Ah whatever.

The One Thing I Do Like

Probably the part I do like is various cutscenes in the game. Like Biggs and Wedge, Running from the giant robot spider/crab thing, the bit at Fisherman's Horizon.  I love seeing those scenes.  And I do like the monster designs as well. Hell the Ragnarok ship is the best ship ever in FF.  So I can't complain there. I did forget how adorable Moombas are till now LOL.  

My Habits in this game

-I'll stick around and Draw till I have 100 Stock of each spell at least for Disc 1 and 2 (Unless its a boss fight).
-I generally Spam GF till about Mid Disc 2 or Disc 3 due to damage and spells available for me.
-Around Disc 2 if I get lucky or grind enough I start spamming Aura with Limit Breaks.
-My Party is generally Squall, Irvine, Quistis.  I don't really like the others.
-I generally have a specific GF set for the 3 characters. I don't really share GF
-Squall gets a ton of GF early on cause its generally the ones I like or well I wanna give him the junction abilities early
-By End of Disc 2 or Start of Disc 3 everything is Aura/Limit Break Spam.
-Card Mod EVERYTHING at Disc 4 and might just rush to the end with only what I need. Attack, Magic, Items, Save, Limit Break.
-I can't think of much of else but if I do I'll put it in.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Podcast Dec. 1, 2013: (I hate Holidays)

Well...General bad news all round.

1st off Got a nice letter from Comcast that talks about limits on usage of their internet service.  Basically if I go over 300 GBs of usage a month I'll get charged a fee.  You might be wondering how could I possibly go over 300 GBs a month. Well a lot of things add up to it.  Uploads, downloads, streams, online play etc.

What does this mean well after mulling it over I decided to cut out Live Streams. Watching and actual streaming. That seems to take up a lot of usage. For one TwitchTV has pretty much enforced certain settings to be used when streaming or you can't stream at all. So a lot of streams these days are pretty high in quality and memory usage. While some people don't believe me I did the math myself personally basing it off the settings I use when I stream and my streams are pretty low quality compared to others.  So I pretty much decided to cut those out till a better situation arises. Besides I find streams are pretty much a waste of time for me in the long run anyway. No one really watches mine but a few people (that's less than 10). And when I watch other streams they tend to be rather boring with a chat that leaves you with headaches when you talk to them.  Anyway streaming is out.

If you must know I don't celebrate Holidays. I'm not fond of them. While there are some that say its the time for families to get together...I say that's what should go on everyday but it doesn't. Aside from that everytime I used to celebrate them they always tend to leave a bad taste in your mouth. That's pretty much it.  If you guys celebrate them that's fine. I choose not to.

Monday, November 25, 2013

sigh Damnit Comcast

Well one thing that's pissing me off right now.  My ISP Comcast has decided to enforce its Data Usage Cap plan. What this means for me is that everytime I go over the 300 GB  the limit I get charged fees.

While at first glance you're probably gonna say "300 GBs is nothing (and other responses that will make me facepalm at your way of thinking.)" It actually is an issue for me.

  • Livestreams either watching or streaming myself
  • Downloading games off of PSN or Xbox Live, etc.
  • Youtube videos
  • **Uploading Youtube videos**

Uploading is my main concern. I get a lot done in a short amount of time and I rather not keep my Video files sitting on my desktop eating up precious space no matter how big my Hard Drive space is. I was actually setting up my channel to make all my videos unlisted until a particular time. Basically with my videos being unlisted you can still view them in the playlist if you wish to instead of waiting for the next video.  But with this upload Cap I can't really do that anymore since I have to upload in big chunks and not have to worry about keeping the video files on a computer that may crash, delete, etc.

The other thing is downloading games. If you haven't realized it yet game download size is getting bigger as time marches on. And whether you like it or not (I know I don't) The world is moving towards everything digital. So that's a nice growing problem as well. We all remember talk of games having huge 30 - 50 GB sizes.  While it hasn't happened yet you know a day like that is coming. I already pretty much scrapped any plans for playing online as often as I wanted to in the coming months thanks to this data cap.

Pretty much means I won't be watching streams as much or streaming at all anymore. While I figure out what to do about uploading online....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SoulCalibur II HD Online: Some of the Old Memories are back only some

Ok the game came out like a day early on PS3 so I went ahead and downloaded it immediately expecting that a couple of friends would get it as well.  Shamefully none of them are really interested in this game because of the hold Blazblue ChronoPhantasma has on them.  Oh well I'll go in alone better for my psyche anyway.  Me and this game go way back as far as tournaments.

Starting Up

The first thing I noticed when I started was that Link afterall did not get included into the roster. I honestly don't care for the guy cause he's not really a good character IMO and I don't buy fighting games cause of character rosters.  Heihachi and Spawn made it however.  I quickly sorted through the options available and it feels just like the days of old.  The Mission mode, The Extra Arcade, Survival, etc etc. is all there. Shame that I have to look to old fighting games for the extra modes I like. The one thing that does bug me is there's no option for Japanese voices.  When I saw my mind went, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" For those that don't understand where I'm coming from on this. I played the first SC with Japanese voices cause that's what was available on my Dreamcast. I'm ok with English voices and don't really care for voice overs in general but I remember playing SCII and every other one after that in Japanese.  I'm so used to the Japanese voices that some of playstyle runs straight off that.  That's just one small gripe.

Arcade Mode

I immediately jumped on arcade mode seeing that I will have to unlock all the characters I like using. Even more so I gotta go through that Mission mode again and get Lizardman that'll take me a few days or weeks now...cause I'm older and whatnot.  The love of the characters saying random quotes that are rather out of place is still there.  My favorite being...

Ivy: It's time to die!
Kilik: Is there no other way?

The moves felt the same I just don't like playing on a PS3 controller for this.  I honestly would prefer and Xbox or GC controller for this game.  Playing 3D fighters on a PS3 controller feels awkward to me.  Anyway this was when the characters were broken and combos wasn't thing unlike later titles.  I say pretty much if you have the momentum its hard to break.  Not saying first hit wins. I mean once you gain that momentum you pretty much won.

I Guess I Should Talk About Graphics (Sigh)

I'm not one to note graphics on a game. If you know me well enough I not only don't care about graphics but I can rarely tell the difference between HD and SD. If I stare at the game hard enough or do a side by side comparison I guess the graphics have been improved.  I honestly don't care. ITS SOULCALIBUR II and I WANNA PLAY IT!

Music Just Like I Remember

The one memory this brings back is the fact that I spent a good chunk of money on buying the extra songs for SoulCalibur IV and it was honestly a total waste -_-.  Anyway this music is just like how I remember it not like that crap music SoulCalibur V has.  

Online Mode

(Note: 360 version wasn't out as I'm writing this)

This was a different feel. I generally hate playing online cause I usually have bad experiences with other players. Luckily PS3 is better about communication than 360 is.  I generally encountered good players all around. The way ranked matches keeps points is rather harsh. You can easily gain say 150 points. Then turn around and lose it the very next match.  A lot of people I encountered had 600 points then the next time I saw them they went down to 0. Even I did the same.  It still keeps track of your win/lose record however.  So far I had no rage quitters unlike other fighting games. The netcode in terms of playing for an hour and I got about 20 matches in on ranked. I had only 1 match where I caught a bit of lag.  But the game seems to fix it right away. I didn't truly experience input delay as I see others apparently going through.  My only gripe is there's random times where I will have no matches available. But once I back out the menu and select it again I get matches immediately.  I did encounter a couple of people more than once but I thought that was some runback feature LOL.  Honestly I expect that to happen cause the game literally just came out. Not a lot of ppl have the game yet.  Honestly it was a fun experience for once in the longest time.

Funny thing about my matches I pretty much just jumped in and tried remember the commands for each character LOL.  I was remembering stuff from SCV and SC1 LOL.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Been practically a year since I had heavy thoughts of suicide..

And still riding on edge day to day between killing myself or not.  Back then I actually had a plan on how to go about doing it.  I figured that my death would change the world in some way. At least that's how I wrote it out anyway. Cause my plan was to do something big. I wanted to make it so that cyber-bullying would apply to more than just kids. But I was only deluding myself. I know for a fact that a law wouldn't come into effect ever. They would just say, "You're an adult suck it up." Even more so my death would do nothing but appear on the news for 2 days...maybe a week at best.  Even more so I would hurt those that ended up affected by me.

I still want to get away from all of this. I find these days that few people care about what I have to say on anything. Even more so more and more people tend to ignore me cause I'm not on the same subject as they are. Or maybe cause the things I do changed from what they're used to. All I know is I'm not acknowledge if I say hi. Stuff at home is no better. With no support towards what I want to do instead I get told what they think I should do. The friends I have or maybe had at this point pretty much forget I exist since I'm not playing the same games they are anymore.

To make it worse I had thought of great projects that either fail or just never get done. When I put everything I have into something for everyone to enjoy it apparently fails to get any appreciation. The other projects I say what's the point cause there's no support behind it. I've had many ideas where I just say "the hell with it".

I don't know how I'm still alive or why I haven't killed myself yet. Maybe I'm just pathetic enough that I don't even have the will to do so. Very few things I'm holding on to that keep me going. The Bible for one with its messages of encouragement. Comedy in the games I play. I don't really have much to say to the friends I have cause the shared interest is so little.

I'm still scared of what would happen if I drop down into suicidal thoughts again. And things still aren't looking good. Maybe I should just be happy I haven't killed myself in a year since that day. But even with the help I'm getting I'm not sure if its enough anymore. Even if I get this insurance I can't get medical help till next year. I honestly don't know why I'm typing this...maybe to try and feel better...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Podcast Not So Update for Oct/Nov 2013 Q&A

Well I actually don't have much if anything to talk about in terms of updates unless I make up something on the spot. So I guess I'll do some FAQ's. Now I reworded the questions a bit to remove as much of the rather explicit words or make them understandable cause a lot of these questions make no sense or are just downright disrespectful. This also protects that person from any backlash unless someone goes out of there way to hunt down the person who asked this question (yes there are people that do that).  Anyway on with the questions.

1. Are you ever gonna get Pokemon X/Y?
I've considered it but with the whole thing about a desktop I don't have the money to get it right now. I did find a Desktop that's pretty good and has everything I want for 400 bucks.  Even more so I've been on and off about the game. There's things I like about it but there's things I don't like about it.  Along with the fact that ppl wanna see 3DS capture card quality instead of Webcam. I heard the guy that does capture cards isn't really doing em I found another guy that even has DIY 3DS capture cards.

2. Do you plan on buying an Xbox One and Killer Instinct 3?
The same with a 3DS and Pokemon. I don't have the money right now.  I kinda want KI3 at the same time I'm not sure about it. Really I want Crimson Dragon that may go the way of Duke Nukem Forever thanks to all the delays it had.

3. Do you plan on getting a PS4?
Feel I'm repeating myself lol.  Not really. There's nothing on it that screams for me to buy it.

4. Are you getting Blazblue Chrono Phantasma?
I want to but again....no money lol.  I actually looked to see if my friends downloaded it to gameshare so I would just go get the DLC and be done with it. But just about everyone got a physical copy. And those that downloaded it I don't know that well anyway so I don't expect them to gameshare it with me. I also don't have much to offer in return either lol.

5. Why won't you accept that Kira Yamato's actions are complete and utter BS compared to the other Gundam Series? *Rest of the message removed due to rather innapropriate and unclear words*
This is because I feel its nothing new. Its fictional writing for one so the impossible "BS" stuff is rather common. Also in terms of Gundam series regardless of whether its unexplained, how many times it was done, it really doesn't push one character beyond another to me. If I said one character was complete and utter BS then I have to say everyone else is as well.  Honestly if it bothers you so much that I accept I think you should rewrite the story yourself. Besides these plot holes leave for some interesting thoery's and creative responses as to what happened.

6. Are you getting Wii U with Smash Bros. 4?
Back to PS4, Xbox One, 3DS. I don't have the money for it. I am interested in getting it.  But no money right now.

7. Could you do a run of games that aren't blind runs?
Not really...no...The issue is. Its not that fun for me. While I don't mind spoilers from reading guides. I do mind the fact that things become way too easy cause I read the guide or find a video showing how this person did this.  I end up thinking less of the game due to having that knowledge of how to handle things.

8. Are you gonna do Skylanders: SWAP Force Commentary with your sister?
Its not likely to happen. My sister officially started College and also started a job. While she's not away at dorm or anything like that.  The problem is she gets really tired after she does all that and pretty much goes to sleep as well as not feeling up to doing anyting.

9. Hey could you use this song in this video when you record next?
I can but you gotta let me know far in advance.  Otherwise likely I'll end up past that part you want and I don't make multiple saves of my games.

10. Why won't you play M Rated games?
To put it simply.  My friends and my attitude is the reason why. Before when I was playing M Rated games I noticed that they did start to get worse and worse. But I didn't care. What I didn't realize was that my attitude was worse and I was attracting the wrong friends around with me and well like a sponge I ended up absorbing the traits and the some of things they did. That's not to say the friends I have now are bad and I'm not calling you out.  Anyway a friend actually sat me down and explained things. It literally made me think. While videogames aren't the sole reason it is a factor and I went ahead and changed it along many other things.

11. Why won't you do commentary over this game?
Cause I just don't like commentary. Personally when I do commentary especially alone I don't have much to say. I'll laugh with the funny parts. But I'm not prone to thoughts about the game while playing it. Especially games that are old.

12. Why don't you do a donation stream I got money I wanna give you?
Well honestly I don't wanna do it. I don't really have much of anything to give back. So why should I be like give me money. Even when I had the paypal donate up I went whatever no one's gonna donate anyway.  But if you really feel like giving money to me thanks. And I won't stop you.

If you got any other questions you can post them if I get enough I'll do another Q&A video.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma TGS Character Showcase

For those that didn't know.  TGS (Tokyo Game Show) and a little before TGS aired. Aside from the announcement of the two console exclusive characters Kagura Mitsuki and Yuuki Terumi.  We got announcement of another console exclusive character.


Yep one of the most fan wanted characters to be playable in the game has stepped into the ring.  Her debut was a great one as well.

Kokonoe is quite the setup heavy character. She uses most of her specials for zoning purposes.  When the player feels ready or has the right setup Kokonoe can rush in and create some rather fancy combos with ease. She doesn't have that much life going for her but still better than Carl's I would say she's slightly better than Ragna's life.  The main special that shows for Kokonoe is a magnetic gear like special. Normally it'll draw the opponent towards it unless the player inputs another command which will repel the opponent.  She also has a fireball special that tracks the Magnetic gear. She also has a teleport move not as great as Arakune's but gets the job done when planning cross-ups and 50/50s.    Her main super is dependant on the placement of the magnetic gear and seems to be unblockable.  Her Overdrive Distortion Drive is not only reminiscent of GG's Justice Beam but also brings the reference of joke story back in CS pretty much if this move hits you're dead. No ifs or buts about it.  I'm talking over 10k damage.  Haven't seen that since Arakune and Hakumen's old days.  While it may seem like Rush down may be the way to take her down. Her normals do make up for the zoning playstyle (unlike Lamda/Nu).

Yuuki Terumi Play

You would think he would have a style that's similar to Hazama. Its not really there. While Hazama is generally looking for an opening to create damage. Terumi is more in your face. Creating some nice block strings and easy 2500 - 4000 damage in a combo.  In fact I haven't seen that much in block strings since most Online Ragna's and Jin's.  His playstyle has the edge of cruelty on it. If you pick this character thinking that you'll play like Hazama and get away with it. You're sorely mistaken. The Hazama trolling is pretty much gone and you'll probably be punished for backing away trying to regroup.

Kagura Mitsuki Play

At first I thought this guy was just an aggressive Hakumen or a slower Ragna.  But he's not.  Having the basic tools to play a proper zoning game.  This guy can play a good rushdown game whenever he's ready. Some of his specials requires you enter a command for a stance first but he has 3 separate ones.  They could also be command counters as well.  Hard to tell at this stage.  While Kagura doesn't have or really need the zoning play that someone like Hakumen has.  When this guy is in your face hope you're blocking the right way.  I honestly wonder how much damage this guy can do off a rapid cancel.  At the same time don't expect to play like Hakumen who can get away with multiple specials and C attacks in a combo. You will be required to press some A's and B's to hit confirm in. (Yeah Hakumen does too but not as much)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Skylanders: SWAP Force Day-One - Impressions and Changes

While playing this game yesterday on stream. I do like the game it has gone through a ton of changes however.  

My Thoughts Of the Game So Far

There is a ton of stuff to do in this game.  In fact the replay value far outshines that of the older games. Activision still throws in your fact to go buy more Skylanders figures.  But its funny that I actually want them this time where Giants I wanted only very few characters.  I'm not exactly happy with the graphic changes and that's actually rare coming from me as I don't usually care for the graphics. I honestly wonder if its the fact I have the Wii version and not the other games. Dino-Rang's look the game made me double take. While Dark Spyro's looked rather derp.  The SWAP Force characters are what's actually interesting about the game. Instead of just upgrading the character as a whole. You can now upgrade the legs and the body of those characters. Giving you varied abilities.  But now I gotta buy more Skylanders and I'm still saving up for a new Desktop.  Sheesh.  The SWAP Force characters are magnetic and will even repel if you try to put them on backwards.  But looking at the possible combinations I find some of the characters look cool with certain legs.  

What I will do for this game first is do a stream only run. Then I will do an actual playthrough.  

What's New?

-Well Obviously the Swap Force characters is what's new about the game. The swap power-up is rather interesting.  You can make a Swap Force character 2 elements instead of just one. For example you can Swap Wash Buckler and Blast Zone to make Wash Zone and Blast Buckler. They will carry both Fire and Water elements.  This makes getting the elemental bonus easier.  

-SWAP Force Mini Games

If you intend on completing every minigame and getting everything through each level. You'll need not only a character of each element. But you'll also require a SWAP Force Character with each different ability:
  • Rocket
  • Climb
  • Bounce
  • Spin
  • Speed
  • Dig
  • Sneak
  • Teleport
So that's already 8 different SWAP Force characters you need to buy.  There minigames are straightforward. Its generally get to the finish line within the alotted time limit. There are extra achievements that involve finishing with no damage and finishing while grabbing all Red Gems. If you're playing 2 Player. The 2nd Player can help by doing a random action (dependant on the stage itself). 

-Only 2 Adventure Pack Levels

Instead of being able to replay the old Adventure Pack stages 2 new ones have been added to the game.  Sheep Wreck Islands and Tower of Time.  

-All Skylanders automatically registered to game file

Instead of having to take ownership of each and every Skylander you carry over from the older games. They're automatically registered to the file you're playing. The advanatage is you don't have to pause and select take ownership of each and every one. The downside is the nicknames of each skylander are usually reset.  You do keep your levels and money however.

-Jump Function

Now you have a jump command which you're generally forced to use. If you mess up your platforming jumps you won't take fall damage just end up respawned where fell off.  The jump command pretty much cancels all other commands so you can't use it with connection with other attacks and don't expect to be able to attack in the air.  This actually makes Stealth Elf jump move she had rather useless.

-Portal Master Achievements

Instead of Accolades for you. You now have a set of Portal Master Achievements to obtain. These are based on how well you do in each stage, how many skylanders you have. difficulty level completed, etc. By ranking up your Portal Master rank you'll gain access to more stuff in shops and minigames to play.


-Control Scheme.  

With the addition of the jump command. A lot of commands have changed buttons. B button is your main attack while Z and C are your secondary attacks.


While I am playing the Wii version. The Graphics are rather more detailed but at the same time downscaled. Probably to compensate for the extra characters. I noticed the skylanders don't even move there mouths anymore while they talk and Spyro looks rather derp.

-Access to challenges

Instead of just instantly having a brand new Skylander results in a new Heroic Challenge you find what is called "Bonus Maps" through the stage or buy them and play those.  The stat boost are no longer given to each individual Skylander that completes them. Instead its a universal stat boost too all characters you play.

-Skylander Achievements

In Giants there were achievements that you couldn't see how to acquire. Instead you had to guess and you were reminded as you progressed with each challenge. Now you can see the various challenges each skylander has available.  

-Skylanders Can Be Knocked Down?!

The Skylanders now have a knock down animation.  Although this only applies to certain attacks this means you'll have to be extra careful around enemies.

-Old Skylanders Toys

The Toys have either been nerfed or buffed depending on each toy. The ones I have I'll list.

  • Anvil Rain: Much smaller attack radius, knockback isn't as great.
  • Hidden Treasure: Instead of searching for a hidden treasure box, for a limited time all gold obtained is doubled.
  • Sky Iron Shield: 3 Shields now rotate around you.
  • Ghost Pirate Swords: No notable changes
  • Winged Boots: No Notable Changes
  • Darklight Crypt, Empire of Ice, Pirate Ship, Dragon's Peak: No longer have the extra level to play and AoE has been severely nerfed as well as damage.

-Winged Sapphires affect shops too

Instead of giving you a small discount on upgrades which you usually obtain them all long before the game ends. You can now get a discount at the shop as well.

-Arena Challenges

Introduced during giants. You still unlock these by progressing the story. There's a lot more available and you're rated based on how well you did instead of just surviving. There's also Team Survival, Rival Survival, and Ring Out modes. You also gain achievements for doing a PvP match.  

-Spark Puzzles

Instead of old lock puzzles. These are now called Spark Puzzles. Where you make 2 sparks meet and touch each other to unlock. These are rather simple compared the old ones. If you're doing 2 player then each player will control one Spark.

-Elemental Gates

There's now a SWAP Force style elemental gate. They require you to have a SWAP Force character of the said element. You can bypass this by doing player and placing two skylanders of the required element on the portal instead.  

-Max Level is 20 now

-Time and Score Attack Modes

After finishing the game the first time you can play time attack mode and score attack mode which are exactly as they sound.

-Game Saves Your Spot in the Stage

Its funny the game actually froze on me near the end of stage 3. But when I reset and went back to it. I found myself in the last area I reached. Very Awesome.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Podcast Update For Oct 1st, 2013 - Too Much Stuff, Next to No Money

Well I could say this was somewhat an eventful month.  And I didn't get a lot done...man I need more discipline...-_-  

Desktop Dying

Probably my biggest gripe is finding that this desktop I'm using is pretty much on its last legs.  This things been around since the release of Windows Vista so that's a good 7 or 8 years.  Add to it this isn't originally my desktop.  If you didn't know before I had quite a powerful desktop that tanked a few years after I bought it. The end result being that fixing it would end up saying, why not just buy a new one? So I dug up my mom's old Desktop and somehow managed to fix it from her X-Boyfriend's days of pretty much killing it. Being content with this things sorta went back to normal until now.  This desktop is giving me Blue Screens far too often and the screens don't stay long enough for me to get a picture or read what exactly caused it.  One thing I do know is that fan is failing. The other thing I know is that this old box has some memory issues.  At this point I figure its time for a brand new one. Even if its one of those economic ones you find at the general store they would at least do better than how things are now.  My problem is that they still run the cost of a brand new console (that isn't a Wii U).  I kept thinking of options I could run to get a desktop computer but they all generally end in saving the money for a long period of time.  With Youtube being my main source of income (I know sad isn't it). That's quite sometime especially with the 2nd problem of new releases coming very soon.  

Plans for Money...

I actually considered donation streaming again but keep shooting down that plan with the thought that; 1 its hard to stream nowadays and at a decent quality, 2 afraid of BSOD'ing again in the middle of that, 3 I don't know anyone who would like to donate and for such a selfish cause, 4 a sense of pride.

Those issues alone stopped that plan.  The other big issue is that So many games come out this month alone that I just remembered.  I'm not getting pokemon till probably January due to no 3DS and these days everyone wants to see 3DS capture card quality instead. Hearing Tales of Symphonia HD comes out the "still no definite date" SoulCalibur II, Skylanders: SWAP Force, etc. I don't think anything else comes out for me till December/January.  

Schedules Falling Apart

I had dates set when I was going to have certain things done and they still aren't done. Having bad discipline is just ugh...Having no help is worst lol.  At this point I'm generally tired to the point that I'm using energy drinks and the like to keep going.  

Need to Know ASAP

Something I generally need to know. Are there people out there wanting to see Blazblue Chrono Phantasma in Japanese?  I'm asking cause I'm not sure if I should go in with this pre-order or just wait till the english release.  The only other games I was looking out was FFX HD and FF13-3....(assuming its for a console I actually have). 

I think that's all I can think of right now.  My biggest worry is this whole desktop issue and trying to get things done.  I've updated the YT channel banner...if anyone cares about that.  The Blog's looks are getting updated too just haven't thought of what or how.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I've been seeing the dreaded BSOD on this Desktop far too many times recently. This guy is a good 8 years old and not even mine. I'm about to be stuck without a desktop in the family again. Anyone know of good stock built or custom made parts for a desktop for cheap. I really don't wanna break down and get a credit card and end up paying minimum so any ideas on where to look?

I'm pretty sure its memory issues as well as fan issues.  This things pretty old and replacing it might as well invest in a new one.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Podcast for End of August 2013 - Swamped with Work

Sorry I've been going through a lot in the past month and I'm still trying to get back on track.  I mean A lot of things have happened to me expected and unexpected.

I had a recent death in the family and the rest of my outside family is generally a bunch of jerks about it. Going into details wouldn't be healthy and I'm pretty sure you don't wanna hear the details.

But its really thanks to that along with now having a PS3 that I'm behind on other games.  1 Being Ape Escape which I just beat the main game and I'm working on post game. Spectrobes I didn't lose interest I just haven't found the time.  Sorry -_-
The same can be said of Dragon's Crown. While at the same time Tales of Xillia I finished Milla's story but trying to psyche myself up for Jude's side is a chore.

Honestly I can say keeping a balance is a chore.  For some people its easy. For others like me its the hardest thing in existence.

In other news I've heard of Inafune starting his own kickstarter or really I should say having a successful kickstarter of his psuedo Megaman game called Mighty No. 9. While I say it won't save Megaman it will be a good substitute for him since ppl keep going on and on saying they want Megaman not in a fighting game but in another game to finish the series.

While I know about Pokemon X & Y. I probably won't have it till end of the year or next year and even then I know people only want that Capture Card quality of a 3DS that I can't possibly afford.  So I honestly don't know if or when I get it that I'll record it.

I did start Skylanders Giants recently hopefully it won't take me and my sister too long especially cause Skylanders SWAP-Force comes out pretty soon.

I'm honestly having a hard time trying to keep up and plan properly. Working at a good pace is tough too.  I'll get back on it just gonna take some time for me to bounce back.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Not a Podcast Update But An Update for Mid August 2013

Well a lot of good and bad has happened over the course of this month. Seriously a lot of good and bad.

Got A PS3

I went out and bought a PS3. I have Dragon's Crown and Tales of Xillia with it.  Not much else. I have been playing Gundam Breaker (Beta version) and a little bit of Tekken Revolution but that's it.  I honestly was hoping I'd have some friends to share some games with but that might not be the case anyway I have to wait to buy any new games.

Death in My Family, and Outside Family Sucks

This one rather tore me up inside my Great Uncle passed due to cancer. Doctor said it was bound to happen but he passed on the day I thought I should go see him.  To add to it my family is rather blech in this regard. Considering the events that happened up to this point I'm pretty much the black sheep of the family but more so on the fact that I generally don't exist to them.  I'm more like the guy who plays secretary when they call for my mom and sister.  Sad bit of truth to deal with right there. I wanna snap on them and call them out for it but little good that'll do me. It actually frustrated me to the point where I had a headache and had to actually just lay in bed a couple of days.

Youtube Groups Are Just *I can't even think of the word right now*

41 Comments and Counting. I honestly wish they shut up at this point -_- No offense to them.

Funny story. I recently jumped into the Youtube Google+ Group.  And asked them what should I do to get more views.  I pretty much got the answers from the Youtube Creator Handbook but to make it rather worse all the stuff these users were telling me made it sound like I did everything absolutely wrong.  I might've comprehended it wrong but it sounded like they were telling me to just redo absolutely everything down from channel design to all 7000+ videos.  The commentary issue arose again out of that saying that I should give commentary on everything. What these guys don't notice is that whenever I do commentary there's far less views going about there than non-commentary stuff.  Another guy mentioned doing Intro's and Outro's for every video that says I'm going to do this in XXXX video.  I think that's honestly stupid for the reason that you have a title and a thumbnail to do that for you. Personally I hate Intro's and outros.  They waste time from the main point of the video.  I already mentioned why I hate commentary before so I won't go there.

The way these guys kept coming at me about it all to me sounded like these guys were successful by following the handbook. Funny part of this story is when they said I should check there channel I did.  I found that they're doing far worse than I am in every category.  Granted there channels were created in 2012-2013. But these guys sounded to me like they were truly successful and had massive amounts of ppl always watching.  To add to it the things they were telling me to do, they weren't exactly following either.  So I don't wanna call em hypocrites but at the same time...I can only take there advice worth a grain of salt in this matter.

Dragon's Crown: I Need Friends

This is a Fun Game. Only thing that really sucks (aside from guys like MasterLL breaking it and setting standards)  is the fact that you have to play offline for half the game before you're allowed online.  Overall I do find this fun if you're not playing Dungeons and Dragons Chronicles of Mystara then you're likely playing this.  I just got access to online last night. Now I need friends to play this with. Not likely going to find any since this game is somewhat a few weeks old and most of the ppl I know already passed this game or just won't get it.  And FF14 (ugh) came out.

Tales of Xillia (Tales of Meh)

Usually when I play a Tales of title I do feel compelled to play and learn the game. This game is not that case.  Its too easily broken to the point that you're almost encouraged to break the game.  Yeah there's the fact that bosses cannot be comboed. But I don't care for that.  But you can literally break the game pretty early and get your party the best equipment, as well as max level without putting forth much effort.  While the characters may be good. Its very hard not to be broken in the game even if you're not trying it can happen on accident.  While the game supposedly to fixed this problem in the US version I find that highly unlikely. Story is decent but I don't find myself attached to any of the characters really.  I honestly would rather play Tales of Rebirth or Tales of Hearts R if I could.

That's about it for this mid-month update I'll see you guys on the first of Sept. with another.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rant Time *Subscribers/Viewers Constantly Flip-Flop*

Just relieve some stress. But lately I look at my channel and I think, "My Channel should be doing better than what it is." While I look at my friends channels who do practically the exact same thing I do I fail to see the reason why my channel falls to the way side.  The only main difference is that I don't play M rated titles for my channel. So I always go what is this person doing that I'm not?

When I ask others that question I get a ton of responses with suggestions to try. I try each and every one of them and it appears they just don't work.  In fact I would say those suggestions fare far worse than what I'm currently doing. And I can provide tons of examples.  But when I return to ask again what's wrong, what do you want, etc. It seems that I'm told the same exact crap answers as before.  Especially in regards to commentary.

I'm told hey do commentary on your videos. The problem I have with that aside from not liking to do it. Is that even fewer people watch it.  I personally hate commentary and I think that if people are so reliant on it that they can't live without a complete strangers input then I don't know what to tell ya.  As hypocritical as it may sound I just wonder who takes a complete stranger's thoughts seriously unless its that person's job.

Personally I think that there's something nobody is bringing to my attention as to what that problem is.  So really I'm just taking random potshots to get a response and hoping for good results.  I'm constantly told that its the fact that I don't do commentary, I'm not up to date, I play too many games, I play too few games, the list goes on and eventually contradicts itself.  Going on my own merits clearly isn't working so I don't have a choice but to follow the random suggestions I'm given.  The only thing that makes this as stupid as it sounds.  Is the fact that the people that offer suggestions are no longer around after they drop it.

Its beyond frustrating. In fact the only thing I can say is that I had a lot more viewers/subscribers back when I wasn't a youtube partner.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yugioh Tag Force 6 - Its Old And We're Getting a New Yugioh Game Soon But Lets Talk About it

I usually wouldn't talk about japanese games cause well US players among many other players probably won't understand a thing. Heck I barely understand anything going on in these games.  But I'll give it my best shot.

In terms of what this game is about. Its Yugioh.  Plain and simple.  You play card games but without actually owning any cards against an AI or another person who has this game.  From what I've took note in this game you're thrown into the 5Ds Universe and there's a World Tournament going on.  So what else is there to do but to win it right? Let me tell you my experiences with this game.

My History with Yugioh and English Patched ISO?!

Pretty much anything After the 2nd season of GX (Rainbow Dragon) was all new to me. I stopped watching and playing Yugioh all together.  Pretty much I grew out of the whole thing I liked to collect the cards and make decks mainly dragon decks and beast decks or really decks that revolved around monsters I liked in the series.  I eventually quit cause the hobby was far more expensive than playing videogames.  I ended up either selling my cards or throwing em away (I know there's some ppl out there that are like, "Why'd you throw em away you idiot?!").  I didn't really enjoy the show much except the GX series when it showed in the US and they got up to the Rainbow Dragon Saga before I couldn't see it on TV anymore.  Next time I see it again its called 5Ds. I watched maybe 3 episodes of it before I just said screw it.  I figured that Yugioh series was generally abusing the same formula of save the world from this evil dark dude with card games and honestly I wasn't feeling the whole motorcycle bit.  I liked GX cause all the decks used were pretty much themed decks being used properly.  It wasn't like the original series which only had cool monsters and lucky wins at the last minute all the time.  Eventually I heard GX took a turn in the series that made me go "Bleh" so I was pretty much done with them.  I only liked seeing the cool monsters anyway.

On with the actual game. Well first off my sister picked this game up somehow from someone she knows.  I don't know who.  And touched this game once.  She doesn't understand how to play Yugioh at all and just likes the looks of the monsters. So this game collected dust. Make note that PSP is region free and that this game only came out in Japan.  A US version was never made one reason was due to PSP's unpopularity in the US. Another reason was due to the release of the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.  So I tried to play this game in pure japanese first. Big Mistake. I didn't understand a lot of cards that were pretty much new to me.  Having not watched 5Ds or the new series ZeXaL made me go ????? when I saw some of the cards.  I eventually found an english patched ISO online and installed that to my PSP.  While the dialogue was still japanese the card text was in english to where I could understand it.  It was quite a relief to have that patch.

Making Friends or Enemies

This is probably my hated aspect of the game. While you could roam around the city and duel anyone you liked. There were 2 problems with the game. 1 You don't have a lot of cards. 2 - Apparently some of the cards were only obtained by being friends with certain characters.  Oh joy.  So the way to make friends is to talk to NPCs or should I say the important characters of 5Ds and get them to like you enough.  There are different ways to go about it each of em rather slow in there own regard.  Talking to them to try and cheer them up by giving the best response possible This was easy since I just had to make sure I lined up the responses right but the friendship meter in the corner of my screen didn't fill up much.  Play the "Guess which card this is game" this little game has its issues one I don't know all the cards and 2 the english patch gives me issues from time to time with this a good example was that one of the cards wasn't translated or really I should say an error in it where the card was called "Fairy's Meteor Crush" instead of the monster's actual name whatever it is.  Then there's giving that so called friend a gift. I tried to give a gift but the gifts are all in japanese so I don't know what I'm giving these ppl in fact I actually pissed some of them off in doing so.  Then there's play "How do you Synchro Summon XXXX Card?" Game.  Its simple once you understand how synchro summoning works....-_-....The last method to make friends is of course by dueling them.  Good luck with that.

Deck Making

Well its obvious I wasn't gonna sit with the in-game starter deck and play my way to the top with those cards that I didn't understand how to use.  I ended up finding a save file of someone having all the cards and no progress in the game. I used that to get all the cards in the game. Too bad I can't change the name.  Little did I know that was the start of my troubles with Deck Building.  While I could remake my old decks I eventually came across even cooler monsters I wanted to use and just threw them in my deck which made them huge and I found out the game doesn't let you build a deck over 75 cards. Even more so you can't play with a deck over 60 cards.  LOL.  But they're all so cool.  After begging and groveling friends that know how to play the game to fix my deck I took there advice (Some of it not all of it) and got a deck built. Took me awhile to understand XYZ and Synchro summon monsters.  Although I have more trouble building decks to assist my tag partners as well as myself.  There's too many cool monsters here.


While I'm used to 1 on 1 like the game title implies this game is more about Tag Team Duels.  So a lot of the game is pretty much focused on you having a buddy duel with you.  Oh boy this let me get to know the 5Ds characters a lot.  Mainly there playstyles and how much some of there decks need fixing. I first partnered with Yusei the main character and found out he likes to Synchro EVERYTHING on the field.  Not only were his turns 15 minutes or longer I sometimes ended up raging cause he would take my cards that I intended to use for another purpose and well Synchro them.  Other characters I appreciated them either having my back or me backing them up.  Well except Luna (Ruka??? in japanese) I had too many moments where I would wonder does she know how to play this game at all.  There were plenty of moments where I was just yelling, "PLAY THAT CARD!!! ARGH!!!!"

Overall I appreciated how the AI wasn't like the older Yugioh games I played. The older ones had this AI that somehow knew your cards before you even played them or got them in your hand.  To make it worse They would have cards they're not supposed to have at least anime wise and play those pretty much make you feel like crap.  Not fun.  This game has a decent AI if they do screw you over you kinda know its coming but its fair.  I would only yell when the duel drags out way too long and I'm about to win.

Story Mode

While I don't understand a thing going on in this game when it comes to the storyline apparently it more or less replays events that happened in the anime itself but in a tag duel format.  I would at least feel like I have played a part in the storyline a bit the way this game is setup.


I really wish the game wouldn't hold me hostage as to building friendships with characters. I do love the deck building and the AI is definitely refreshing over the older games I've played.  The card selection is vast beyond my imagination.  I do like this game too bad it never came in English officially.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Podcast Update for End of July 2013

Sorry for the lack of update at mid month. I had a lot going on. From games to organizing  my youtube to catching up on life.  I've been rather busy.

If you didn't notice I've been uploading Skylanders. and guess what its with commentary!?  But there's also a non-commentary version available as well. Its a co-op with my younger sister.  We're trying our best here with this one.  So I encourage ppl to check it out.

As for the games you guys requested when I put that video up. I must apoligize. I'm doing my best to get those games but recently my track record with good sales on ebay have been rather dismal. So I'm still working to get those suggested titles.

As for EVO I have no idea who won or what and I haven't really seen videos of the grand finals for any matches.  Just hearing unconfirmed rumors of who won and lost.  So I can't comment much on it.  Except Ultimate Marvel 3 has changed to a point to where I shouldn't even bother to try and play anymore.  Unless a patch happens I don't stand a chance against any player in existence lol.

I'm personally working out an upload schedule. Or at least a game schedule. Its pretty rough work. Especially getting myself known on social network sites.  It just doesn't come easy to me.

Anyway that's about all I can update on for now. Keep dropping those suggestions.  Back to gaming I go.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Crash Mind Over Mutant Kinda Fell on a Low Point

Considering this is generally the last Crash Bandicoot Game we'll see. You'd expect it to go out with a bang. This kinda fell into dud territory. The comedy is there the Crash style is there. Just something missing.

The Game takes place exactly 1 year after Crash of the Titans ended sorta funny considering the release timeline as well.  We're all taking a break and Dr. Cortex comes out with a new evil invention to take over the world. And with the power of the Home Shopping Network he might succeed. So now Crash must journey across Wumpa island and put a stop to this plan before Cortex succeeds.

Instead of Crash progressing through 20 - 40 minute stages like in Titans. He's now journeying across a world map sorta Jak and Daxter style completing various task.  I actually favor this a bit considering the stage gameplay for me took way too long to sit through in Titans and I never had any idea on when a stage was going to end.

Also a good note instead of Crash being forced to switch titans/Mutants he can actually store one in hammer space use it when he feels like.  However the choice of Titans/Mutants can be rather limited at times since a lot of them are prone to only 1 area and there's the fact that some are just going to be absolutely useless when compared to others.  Heck there's times where I had to forcibly abandon one of my jacked creatures to progress the story.  This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to run back to a particular spot on the map and hope that there still around.  Its still a nice mechanic. The downside to the whole Titan/Mutant mechanic is the fact that there's some that just far outclass the others in everything. Its a bad case of anything you can do I can do better.  There's quite a few that I just never ever saw again as well or got to use after I passed the halfway point of the game.

The controls can be pretty slippery at times.  There's a few trouble spots you'll get into that just make the game annoying when it comes to jumping. Combat has been made a lot easier since the last game. You don't have to worry about going up the food chain to get stronger mutants to beat the boss like before. Really you can just whoop everything with Crash alone unless otherwise pointed out to you.  Leveling up rather lost its meaning as well. While you do get upgrades to health, strength and other stats its rather meh with the items laid about through the game to pretty much allow you to breeze through the game.

The maps are well thought out. They aren't too big or too long. I only had a few areas where I was absolutely annoyed in cause of the method of how to do it.  Like I mentioned before there's some areas where you're pretty much going to have to abbandon your Creature and pick the new one conviently laid out before you.

The cutscenes were rather silly. The classic 4th wall breaking, movie referencing jokes I'm used to hearing.  Its definitely entertaining to hear while playing the game.  My main downside to this game was the ending however.  While Crash usually does a congratulations you beat the game here's your ending bit. This one felt like it was missing something.  There's also no 100% complete ending or hard mode ending available either. So there's honestly no reason to continue the game unless you just wanna see all the concept art and skins available.

I really wish Crash didn't end the way it did. And I wish there were more Crash games after this but sadly this is probably the very last we'll see of the Bandicoot.  I can see why this game didn't do well. It is fun to say the least but its short lived. Definitely try to get an older Crash game if you can. This one is more of a rental.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Decent Game, HORRIBLE NETCODE

Its been a long while since I touched a Naruto game. The last Naruto Game I played was Rise of Ninja 1 on the 360 and Ultimate Ninja 4 on the PS2.  While I think Narutimate Hero 3 for the PS2 has to be the best in the series of Naruto games (despite how unbelievably broken that game is) the future games have a lot to work on.


Like with most Naruto games you play through famous events in the anime/manga series.  This game goes from right after the famous battle with Pain to the Great Ninja War. While it may not seem like much it actually a bit long. Took me about 12 hours to finish it. I've heard complaints that the story isn't accurate such as certain characters dying and how the battles played out didn't exactly end that way.  But honestly who cares. To me its FAR better than reading the Manga or waiting on episodes to come out to drag the story out far more than it needs to be.

Graphics and Voices.

The graphics are pretty nice.  And the fact that the game has like 60+ characters to choose from is a nice touch. I am annoyed that the world map post game is pretty much the size of Kansas. The voice overs are actually pretty good. The game should have its name changed to "Naruto Ultimate Voice Actor Storm 3". Seriously just about every character in this game is voiced by someone rather well known. There's also a japanese option for those that hate the English language.


This is where I feel the game falls short.  While this being my first Ninja Storm game, the gameplay change from the days of old are long gone.  My first gripe came with the 3D Battlefield.  The camera doesn't focus behind the character you're using. Instead whoever is closest to the TV screen is who the camera will focus on. And I'll tell you I had tons of problems figuring out where I was at times. Especially when certain characters move so quick its was easy for me to lose track of where they were.  I also had the issue of not being able to see small projectiles fly towards me till they were too late. I pretty much had to hold the guard button or take the hit. During Story Mode this was far worse in certain battles especially the final battle. The characters were so big they took up the whole screen and I had no idea what I was getting hit by.  I really wished the camera focused behind me all the time and just give an arrow to show if my opponent ran off screen.

Story mode felt like an RPG mode.  While the dialogue is nice. Sometimes the conversations dragged on for 30 minutes. In the middle of a boss fight. If it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to know how the story plays out without reading the Manga or watching the Anime I would hit that skip scene option ages ago. Seriously the characters would talk forever.

There's also the fact that EVERY BUTTON ON THIS CONTROLLER DOES SOMETHING.  While I tried adjusting the controls to a setting more comfortable it still didn't work for me.  I just had to adapt to the default settings and roll with it.  It didn't help that my big hands would accidentally flick the Right Stick which for some characters triggered an awakening state.

But probably my biggest gripe when it comes to controls is the lack of a Tutorial mode.  While the game randomly throws out hints inbetween loading screens. Unless you play the story mode and actually pause to the tutorial option you won't know how to play the game. Needless to say the Instruction Manual is pretty much garbage in this regard as well (its 5 pages long and only 2 of them list the controls one in english and one in spanish). I guess the makers of this game expected you to already know how to play the game from the start. So its literally an uphill battle learning to play this game.

The Online play was generally where I just barfed.  While I can deal with the controls and camera angles. Online play is another story.  The netcode is pretty bad. While I found 4/5 bar connections. Usually under these 3 guys who have tons of matches under there belt to start. The rest were 2 and below. The moment I jumped into battle it starts out nice but then the game starts throwing button lag simmaller to when I played KoF12.  What I mean the game would think I had pressed LT and pretty much just waste all my substitutions. I got the same thing with the Y button. Where I know I hit the Y button once then hit B. But I actually got Y,Y,B which turned my attack into a super attack at the worse possible moment.  The lag would kick in about 25 seconds in the fight where I'll start seeing "Transmitting..." on my screen and I would think oh great Rage Quitter or lag switch.  This was just absolutely horrible for me I thought Marvel 3 was bad with this. But this is definitely a game I would rather play offline.

I'm not sure about balance issues. I honestly don't care about character balancing. I mean its an Anime Based Fighting game. To me its going to be automatically unbalanced.


Honestly CC2 needs to work on making sure there songs sound different from each other. While in some cases they do sound different from other games they have worked on.  You can seriously listen to the OST and think that you were playing a Dot.Hack game.  I turned off the music for that reason and played songs that were far more fitting.

End Point 6.5/10

Overall at the end of the day. The game is decent. But if I had the option I would go back to the PS2 and play those Naruto games. And with the knowledge that there's going to be an expansion of this game coming in November. I'm somewhat disappointed in this game. Its at least playable but the online play and camera ruin the experience for me.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blazblue CS Extend I would hope everyone knows this game by now.

I shouldn't have to explain this game. I mean its been out for years and Chrono Phantasma is right around the corner. Anyway as far as changes go I can't really say much I'm not that technical I just wanna fight.  Most I can say is that Lamda's 5C can held down to get all 8 Hits instead of tapped.

I honestly wanna learn Relius but the few times I've played with him I can see where he'll have problems.   He needs his doll maybe even more than Carl does.  I don't feel confident to try him out online yet.  

First few days of online I found nothing but players that will spam online tactics or abuse beginner mode. Had to find a way to crawl away from there. I eventually just started doing custom search and found much better players. Although I ended up losing a lot I felt better fighting those guys than people that aren't at the same level as me.

In terms of favorite matches I found that an Arakune player was giving me the business. I'm pretty sure someone will go that he sucks. But I liked fighting him. He was rather consistent with combos and built the curse gauge pretty quick. I honestly never fought an Arakune player well a real one anyway and that was pretty fun. It took awhile but I finally managed to win one (out of like 20 matches) against him.  Regardless it was fun. Which I wouldn't say about most fighting games as I generally find the complete opposite when I play online.

Probably my favorite win is with Hakumen who I never really play with often. His combos are honestly way too hard for me to master. Especially since I'm reliant on the D button as the starter.  I'm pretty sure there's combos without it I'm just not used to it yet however. Also surprised me that I have Jin down slightly better than I did before. Makes me glad I left a couple of bad friends behind since they were holding me back. (Being honest I mean those guys always kept telling me BS in and never once encouraging).  Anyway maybe next times set of matches will be better. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Podcast YT Channel Update End of June 2013 (or Beginning July 2013)

Well not much going on.  Actually a lot going on.  But anyway Getting started.

PSP's a Dud :( 

I found the PSP I bought (for like 60 bucks) on Ebay was a dud.  While the description says its fully working. I found that it can't read UMD discs.  Meaning the games I wanted to play through can't be done until I get a new one.  I can play downloaded titles and ISO's but still.  I wanted to return it but since the shipping is coming out of my pocket It wouldn't be worth the refund to return the PSP (especially since its international shipping). I work that out later.

Suggested Games

About 2 weeks ago I posted a video asking what game you guys wanted to see.  I got a few interesting suggestions.  Although some of the titles I found were rare titles...When I saw them going for over $100 bucks I kinda died in my seat.  But I worked with it and I have a few games I'm getting soon.  You'll see what they are soon enough.

Month of 100% 

I'm still working out the details but I plan to do what I would call A Month of 100%. Where I go back to some games and try and finish them 100%.  I generally left them because I have many other games to play through or I just lost interest. So I figure why not try now to 100% them.  I have quite a few to 100% Picking out which one to do first might be a problem but right now I have more of a problem with setting up to stream again.

EVO 2013

I'm honestly not too interested in EVO especially for this year.  A lot of the games selected for EVO I'm not interested in for the most part.  Other games well I already know what to expect (I.E. Marvel 3). I rather see more SCV, TTT2, or games I generally only play other than japanese players.  But if anything I wanna see the grand finals. Since I only care for who wins.  But that's how I feel about it. I know there are others that watch and will say, "This player sucks" "I'm better than he/she is"  All I can say to that is, you're not at EVO are you?

Well that about covers this month.  If I think of anything else then I'll put it in the midmonth podcast or a different video.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Building HG LaGOWE 1/144 Ugh so much more work than normal

  • Time Taken: 4 hours 19 minutes

  • Frustrations: 6 times
  • Improvised: 1
  • Breaks: 3

I love the BuCUE's in Gundam SEED. Especially since they're pretty much the zoids of the Gundam Series (until you move on to the Gundam AGE series). The LaGOWE is Andrew Waltfeld's personal BuCUE model that he uses in a battle against Kira in the Aile Strike Gundam.  They're mainly designed for ground based combat and really for moving through desert terrain.  Although incapable of space combat or any other type of combat there's hardly a MS out there that can match these beast in ground mobility.  Aside from the fact that these guys look like Zoids when you see the BuCUE's in SEED they act like a wolf pack attacking to wear down there enemies with there mobility instead of having overwhelming power.  Sad to say that the LaGOWE's debut was destroyed the same episode it debut.  Its main weapons are obvious a beam saber that I can only describe by comparing it to the Zoids Blade Liger's Laser Blades.  And a 2-barrel beam cannon. Its other weapon is the spike claws on its legs. Which well used with its mobility can inflict some damage on most common MS or weaponry when you want to conserve energy.  There's honestly no reason not to love this guy.  Well unless you like the future incarnations of the BuCUE's such as the Kerberos versions or Waltfeld's MSV custom version of his LaGOWE.

 However building this model was ugh for a lot of reasons. I know the instructions are in japanese and all but that's not really the main issue.  Usually when building these gundam models you generally have everything required in the box to build the model except the painting supplies.  This I actually needed something else that I don't have easy access to right away especially for cheap.  I had to stop about an hour into building this for the fact that I required some thin lead wire.  This was so the head part or really its neck could be built so when its completely I can move the head around a bit.  I had to improvise that part by cutting a wire I no longer use and thread it a bit.  I'm honestly surprised that worked out.   The next issue came when I had to build the legs.  While at first the instructions appeared rather clear.  I found out half way through and even later on that the parts were labeled wrong not just on the instructions but on the parts themselves where labeled backwards to.  I ended up building 3 left feet before I figured out what was wrong.  Nearly broke the pieces too.

I later encountered a minor snag with attaching the engines.  This usually happens with almost any model that a piece will just not fit snugly into place and just fall out.  I later decided to super glue that part on since it wouldn't hurt anything.  The last snag I came across was the sticker decal attachment.  Some of the stickers were so small to begin with. But I do with the placement was before finally putting everything together.  Make it a lot easier to deal with. There's also the fact that I just said no to some stickers. Such as the Zaft logo. Well Andrew is no longer part of the Zaft Federation. In fact he's regarded KIA in the series despite being alive.  Overall its finished.  I hope one day I get to a point that I can build more models and start mixing and matching certain parts to make my own gundam...in other words GUNPLA ^_^.

Monday, June 24, 2013

E3 Thoughts: Meh I'll wait till I see the final product

Well I wanted to make a video on it but geez its hard to actually care about something you don't really watch. I've been busy pretty much all this month so I didn't have time to watch it.  I managed to read up on it and focus more on what I actually care about and that's the games.  As for console's I only have this to say. Whether you complain about the console or not is up to you. It doesn't really change the fact that people will buy it anyway.  I am a bit surprised to see the things that happened after E3 (Microsoft).  If you were to ask me what console I'd get. I would likely say none till price drop. They're all too expensive for my taste and I like older games anyway lol.

What I actually want from all the companies is this (This includes you 3rd Party guys too).  Stop making crap peripherals like these controllers and cameras. I'm sick of having to pay $50 - $80 on controllers that only work for one game only and there's never a sequel made or a game that's pretty much crap is made to use it.  To make it worse the game most of the time requires these bulky pieces of crap. The other thing I'm sick of is these controllers barely lasting a year of use.  Shelling out all this money for a new controller that at first feels good but then starts having issues such as the stick rubber falling off, buttons getting stuck, replacing rechargeable battery packs, etc.  Its annoying.  At least make your stuff last for more than a year of play.

Now on to the 3 companies in this epic war of the consoles again.

Well Nintendo's been out with there Wii U and 3DS for a awhile.  Honestly there list of games have been rather intriguing.  But its obvious that there console exclusive are pretty much anything with Mario and Sonic blah blah blah.  Anyway lets see.

Well this is obvious. But with the reveal of "Fairy Type" Guess they need something to beat something else. Although it might just end up like Dark Types and just suck for the most part. Anyway I'm loving the look of these starters.  Definitely looking forward to this pokemon game. Not the 3D aspect but well its another Pokemon game. 

I look at this game and wha????  I mean I honestly think its just Mario Galaxy (which I didn't really like) but with Sonic.  And these enemies looks rather colorful compared to what I'm used to.  Although Sonic has taken that route. But like I said with Generations please don't take the route of being too easy and having lack of replay value.  

Well kinda obvious this is gonna happen.  Smash bros. is a rather famous game anyway.  Well I honestly hope that I don't get bored with this one like I did with Brawl. Brawl having a story mode added with other modes that were just boring kinda killed my joy of the game.  I don't care about tournament crap such as tripping, wave-dashing, blah blah blah.  But I would like game modes that are fun and keep me coming back. As for Megaman being in the game.  Meh whatever guest characters to me aren't that great anyway.

 Well maybe this Zelda game will actually be fun to play. I didn't like Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword honestly and the latest Zelda I've played was Windwaker. The whole gimmick of Link becomming one with a wall sounds like fun. Still don't like the whole 3DS thing though..

Someone will probably correct me on this but anyway.  I enjoyed the movie when I was young. And Music games usually do pretty good.  So if this is anything like the movie I look forward to it.

The company that apparently won E3. If its anything worth mentioning.  I honestly didn't see much from these guys.  They need more time to come with more games. 

Another Sequel. I was honestly content with the whole World ended and its all your fault ending. But I guess we gotta have some sort of happy ending.  Maybe this game will be our happy ending. Although from the trailers I'm not liking the fact that Lightning seems to be the only party member. 

Well this game is coming to PS3. I'm honestly excited due to its pretty much D&D arcade on a console and updated. (also made by Atlus).  

Why is Wolverine here. So does that mean we get useful party members?
I need far more content than what was provided. Yeah it looks nice but at the same time we waited this long.  Is this really gonna happen or do we wait a few more years. 
Yeah KHIII isn't gonna really happen. Its really just a remixed KH game and I told them slap KHIII on the cover. All part of my master plan. 

From what I've been hearing this is really FF Versus XIII. Which if that's the case I guess that's a good move on SE's part cause we don't want a Duke Nukem Forever to happen again.  

I haven't seen DDR on the shelves for awhile.  So I'm glad to see it coming back. I prefer it over the other dance games.  I'm not so sure about the dance pads. although they look sturdy, they also look expensive.  Also the use of a Sim Card to track your player data. I'm gonna lose that thing within the first week.

 Apparently Microsoft pissed off a lot of fans.  But at the same time it seems they fixed the problems.  No more paying extra for used games. No having to log in constantly to play.  Etc.  But well from what I've seen all the games seem to be M rated or just not interesting.

Someone actually got me interested in Lost Planet 3.  I mean in terms of FPS I would think its M rated but its not so I do have some interest to see how this game plays.  Other than that I want giant robot. Let me drive that and I'll be happy.

 Well I always love Killer Instinct as a series.  So seeing KI3 after SO MANY years is rather exciting. I am worried about this game being slapped with an M rating. Considering its track record before was borderline. But bring me Sabrewulf and Riptor.  Even though I'm a Jago user.

 WHAT THE ****!!!! I waited for over a year only to find out now you guys delay long enough to be thrown on the Xbox One.  I SAVED UP ALL THOSE POINTS FOR NOTHING!!!!   *twitch twitch*  Really hate you guys.  I wanted another Panzer Dragoon (even if this isn't Panzer Dragoon) for a long time thinking I'm gonna get it. Now I don't and gotta get Xbox One to play it.  -_- Real dick move guys. Real dick move....

That about wraps up these guys and there games there are others but I don't really feel like quoting them right now.