Sunday, January 20, 2013

End Pokemon Black 2 (Main Game)

A lot to cover in a short time I suppose.

Humilau City

 The travel to this place was honestly no walk in the park for me. I didn't know there was a tunnel that led straight here.  Anyway beach front property. The gym trainer has one serious tan with Blue Hair. It doesn't go well together.  And this guy doesn't exactly care about what happens to the world.  Ok....weird...any gym battle himself was a walk in the park despite lack of grass and elec types.  But I guess you gotta throw a Water type gym somewhere.  We haven't done a dark type gym yet.  Hugh's rage issues keep rising.


He showed up out of the blue. And Colress shows up behind me.  Colress is still being weird.  Terrakion didn't show too much trouble unlike the other 2 swords of justice.

Plasma Frigate Another Visit

Yep this ship again.  More of the same lame Team Plasma pokemon. Seriously they said they stole pokemon but why does it seem that all they stole was Sevipers, Watchdogs, and Liepards?  Seriously they're no better than Team Rocket....if not worse.  I mean people of Unova have far more pokemon on them than this.  Zinzolin shows up again for a beatdown and cause he's a sore loser. He calls his ninjas and we get booted off the ship. AGAIN!!!!  Hugh's rage grows even more.  This is getting really stupid.

Plasma Frigate AGAIN!!!!

Back here but in an obvious location if you already guessed the predictable plot or played the last game.  Not to say the plot is bad since this is the best work they've done thus far. Anyway Giant Chasm stage is set. Your destiny will be determined here.  Guess What? Colress is the boss of Team Plasma. Although I could tell that by looking at his clothes. His personality said different though.  ALL FOR THE SAKE OF SCIENCE!!!  Colress gave me the most entertaining battle all game.  Then on to deal with the Shadow Triad. Pathetic.  And then Hugh shows up....poor him.....That Liepard holding contempt for Hugh.  But I did say that revenge would come back to bite you.

Giant Chasm and HIM!!!

Ghestis is back and his speeches.  Kyurem shows up as well. Oh crap he's actually going to kill me. Pokemon haven't attacked me since Colosseum.  Oh look its N and Zekrom.  Now I see why its Black Kyurem for Black 2 instead of White. (just think about the legendary pokemon of both games for a few seconds.)  Anyway a somewhat boring battle and Kyurem wins and Absorbs Zekrom Majin Buu style.  ITS BLACK KYUREM!!!  Seriously this guy is rather ugly in sprite form. The anime trailer and the cards look far better in comparison.  Kyurem attaches his newly found GN Drive and attacks.

Well he has a GN Drive I have GIGA DRILL BREAKER!!!

After that easy battle is over and done with.  Ghestis gets mad and attacks in his psycho rage.  Ghestis was slightly easier this time around compared the first game.  Still I was rather in trouble considering what I brought with me.  That was over and done with and N leaves me in a cave no ride to victory road or anything.  Just a quick thank you.  Oh well I rather walk anyway.

Victory Road

Not an enjoyable walk in the park. It was at this point I started figuring out that every pokemon I caught thus far was rather terrible in terms of stats.  I took a good look at there IVs later on and saw that they were SERIOUSLY LOW. Most of them single digits. No wonder they dropped like flies quick. Especially with EVs scattered about the place. Nothing I can do about EVs really till post game though so.  Anyway hated this trek through Victory Road.  It really bored me to death and I just didn't feel up to playing the game either.  N's here to encourage me to go on and prove myself.  Ok thanks....oh and thanks for the Thunderbolt TM that I really don't need when I have Thunder. LOL.

Hugh 4

He wants to throw down 1 last time. Alright. But still why do you have only 4 Pokemon?

The Elite 4

Because my pokemon's EV's and IV's are so ugh.  This was tougher than I wanted. Obviously certain pokemon were going to carry the team.


Ghost types....and me with not much to combat them.




You gotta believe.


Caitlin used Yawn. Caitlin used Yawn. Caitlin used Yawn. Caitlin used Yawn.
20 minutes later... 


A Serious watered down Lance. But thank god no 3 haxing Dragonites.  The music didn't really feel championish it felt more like one of those certain victory songs.  She didn't take long though.

Well that ends the game. Except all the post game crap.  I find it funny that the game now unlocks Challenge Mode for you after you beat the game. Then promotes that you should buy the other version and play it in Challenge mode.  I like the game but not enough to buy it twice.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


For as long as I remember I've played videogames for enjoyment. But lately I feel that my joy in these games is nonexistant. The past few years I've played games more for the reason to relieve stress than to have fun or pass the time. However the past year it seems that games are causing me stress instead. Especially when it comes to online interactions. Games with comedy in them help me forget some of my current problems but its short lived when the game shuts off. Even worse if a video of my gameplay footage is online or I read something online that makes a reference to that game I end up reading things that instead tear me down. 

While I try to ignore it as best as I can. I go about my normal routine in a game and then end up breaking down almost to the point of tears. My mind just floods with thoughts of what others have said to me. I know I'm not the best and I'm not trying to be but I end up being ridiculed. To make things worse there are some people that hold a grudge against me for months on end over a simple win. I know I've made mistakes but I try to do my best to let it go that's when someone else decides to bring it up. 

I guess to make matters worse. I grew to a point that I just absolutely stopped playing online with anyone. Friends or random people. I couldn't take it anymore. It was bad enough when a random player said crap about me. But it was made much worse when I had friends treat me the same. However now I feel its gotten much worse. I lost the will to do livestreams and I break down nearly in tears when I play games. I've tried multiple ways to forget people's judgements even hypnosis but no effect. 

I've talked with others about this problem and there solution is to quit games entirely and find a new hobby. The only other hobbies I have cost far more money than gaming and I honestly wouldn't call them hobbies. There's not much else out there I would like to do that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Just more something to do when I'm bored. Its why I'm asking for advice on what to do.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pokemon Black 2: The Next Dump of Stuff

Day 7

Took awhile to finally get myself moving again. Training Pokemon and what not.  Moved on to Skyla and her crazy gym.  Being blown around by wind all day.  *Cue Link's Scream* Skyla was rather easy I mean its a flying type gym so not much to do there.  Celestial Tower was rather boring compared to the vanilla Black.  But I had to go there to see the Professor.  Apparently they're investigating what's going on with Team Plasma and the strange temperature's along with Cheren and others. Well since I can't go the normal route through Twist Mountain guess time to fly to a new city. Lentimas Town.  Nothing going on here but nice set of pokemon. SKARMORY!!!  Trapinch!!!

Reversal Mountain she showed least its tolerable this time unlike Black. So apparently I can get Heatran later on.  Even though I don't value that guy as useful for Legendary. Fire Steel is sigh...that's done the house was kinda creepy. It brought up that rather unsettling note about Hypno kidnapping a child long ago. Did not need to be reminded of that.  I'm sure this will come back to haunt me later on.

Undella Town...previous home of...HER....Oh she doesn't live here any more?  I mean Cynthia by the way. Hugh why you still using only 3 pokemon.  That Rage has blinded you man. Moving on to go see Drayden. OMG COBALION!!! Lets catch it.....11 or 13 pokeballs later. Caught. There we go.  Lacaunosa Town just a bit of story....Wait...So from I'm hearing.

  • Hypno kidnapped a child
  • Voltorb/Electrode get mistaken for pokeballs and hurt ppl
  • Murkrow play tricks on ppl
  • Gothorita plays the Pied Piper with children
  • and now we have Kyurem eating humans?
What's next? I know I'm missing a few.

Village Bridge. Ok getting real sick fighting all these trainers.  Geez.... after hitting Opelucid City for a rest head back for some catching... OMG a're not trolling me out of catching you!!!! Oh yeah forgot Virizion. Verizon Wireless!!! LOL.  Killed most of my team during catching with ease.  Got it without too many pokeballs thrown. 

Day 8

Opelucid Gym.  Lets get this over with....maybe I'm over leveled here.  I mean I didn't have trouble at all.  I really want those keys for challenge mode.  Anyway that scene in the trailer finally happened.  Hell has frozen over.  CATCH THAT NINJA!!! They're gone.  Hugh Rages. For Cheren it was just a Tuesday. Ok to the last city....I coulda took the tunnel the whole time to get there...instead I took the long way through the Seaside Cave or whatever. Oh well worth my time.  

Humilau City kinda dull....This gym trainer...that is one heavy tan.  I don't wanna say anything racist cause that might bring someone stupid out even if it isn't racist. Gym was easy I mean its water.  Kinda stupid.  Anyway next time to take down Team Plasma.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Today's Set of Pokemon Black 2 Adventures

Day 5

Learning About Hidden Grotto's. Hey Bianca I'm in the middle of a funfest mission. HEY!!! Let me do this first...great I failed because of you.....sigh....Well these Hidden Grotto's might be useful...if I can ever get lucky enough to get the rare pokemon that's supposed to be in these areas. Oh well more training than what I need.  Training the pokemon I picked up from Dream World.  Its changed a lot since the last time I've been on this.  A ton more games. And different variety pokemon.  It also affects my Join Avenue a bit.

Doing the Funfest Missions for Pass Orbs at first doesn't seem worth it. But the Pass Powers' available makes things a lot worth it.  Only problem while doing these missions is the objective like Finding Audino's or Encountering story or ****ING Pokemon Breeders who always want to fight you the moment you leave the screen.

Elesa....Meh...seems much easier than back on the first game.  But funny.  Its just like the trailer except I don't have Emboar yet.  Afterwards...More Rage from Hugh.  I wanna feel bad for the guy. I mean feeling powerless while Team Plasma stole his little sister's Purrlion.  But its obvious where this story about revenge and power nonsense is going to go.

Day 6

Well That bridge walk was much more pleasant than I remember.  And it seems Team Plasma has some internal politics going on.  The N Faction vs the Ghestis Faction.  Oh well I'm sure this will develop later FREE ZORUA!!! YAY!!  Anyway saw another vision of N's past.  N and his self-doubts heh. On to the gym battle.

Clay was a pushover too bad I couldn't match his Excadrill with mine.  I get pushed into the pokemon World Tournament....Meh...they really should have limited my levels.  This was way too easy.  I realize "its part of the story, blah blah blah" but this is one of those times where it wouldn't matter who won or lost IMO.  Hey its Team Plasma and its the scene from the trailer....Why can't I fight those competent pokemon instead of these generic ones?  And Hugh unleashed that super saiyan rage and made his pokemon go up 4 levels LOL.  I wonder why the shadow triad didn't just steal our pokemon while we were apparently immobilized and kicked off the ship.  After all that went to get a Volcanora and a free Deerling.

Well that was a short summary but gotta continue onwards.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pokemon Black 2: Catching Monsters, With Rage LOL


Day 1

So some years (I think 2 or so) after Black & White.  Things have sorta calmed down after Team Plasma did all those really bad things they did.  Come on I remember Team Plasma saying they literally hacked the Pokemon Box system to steal ppl's pokemon. Who knows where the other Brandon went (the trainer from the last game) with his Resharim (depends on the game you bought last).  So after raging that Bianca is around.  Played the game a bit.  Ran into the champion from the last game Alder.  Hmmm....retired life. Making it to a ranch I figured out its not the same game all over again with added content its really a sequel. The battle with Hugh stupid easy. The hard part was catching a Riolu. IT NEVER SHOWED UP till the next evening.  No I didn't stay up all night I just stopped and caught him the next night.

On to the gym. Back in my own hometown. Cheren is the gym trainer.  Oh god.  Well he's doing well considering his life back in the first game was all wanting to be strong and what-not.  Get down to fighting him....OMG X-FACTOR LVL 3 DARK LILLIPUP RISES!!!  I never thought the AI to be smart to use power strategies. Other problem is Riolu at this level has only Counter as a fighting type move.....-_-....I don't want to grind for another few hours just get force palm and sweep his 2 pokemon.  Come back later beating him with just plain attacking him.  Riolu still a pain to use. I don't really like using Lucario.  Yeah got all this power and speed but no HP or defense to back him up. Yeah just like my favorite Excadrill. But I don't always see Excadrill going down like a sword through paper.  This will be a pain in the butt to run.

Day 2

Run into Hugh again....what's his deal and his anger issues? Seriously talk about Team Plasma or leaving your pokemon running about he gets so angry. Anyway on to Roxie.  Poison type gym with really bad music. I have to put a stop to that.  Roxie was cake.  As soon as I beat her. I get discovered.  So I'm gonna be one of those instant youtube stars?  Make movies huh.  Well time for making movies.....Oh god the movies suck...No wonder making Pokemon movies with Ash is just so much easier.

Make it into Castelia City.  STILL TOO BIG.  I got really tired around here but thanks for the free Bicycle.  The medal system....Pokemon has joined the Achievement/Trophy system that Microsoft/Sony are so proud of.  Sigh.  Make it to the sewers.  Hugh's anger issues led the way. But after spending time there.  Drillbur's back.

Day 3

Ok Burgh I don't know what's weirder.  Your gym full of honey combs that make me think bad things. Or these cocoons that make me think bad things. Must clear mind.  AND YOU'RE PAINTING IN ONE OF THEM!!! Alright so making quick work of him. Move on to the outskirts of town and meet a really weird guy.  Ok.....Colress is really weird.  Is he with Team Plasma or what?

What's weirder I look at the trailer and I think he looks like Julius. So did Time Factors make him end up here or what?

So much similarities IMO. LOL
I thought it weird not to mention he's easy. Anyway Relic Castle....Desert still boring but this SIGILYPH!!! ARGH!!!! SUCH A TROLL!!! If not whirlwind then spamming such power. I don't remember it being this strong.  Also the other weird thing what's with these pokemon that apparently had different Original trainers? Way higher in lvls.  Moving on cause the last 2 pokemon I'm looking for in that area did not show. Join Avenue is new.  I'm a manager?!  Calling it a night

Day 4

So I'm a manager of this area huh....apparently I need friends and do more link trades to develop this place even further.  Too bad my sister won't link with me at all.  Sigh.  Wonder if anyone else has the game.

Back in the fun city.  Amusement parks abound.  The pokemon musical is back.  Oh joy.  Spending so much time managing Join Avenue I ended using most of my time there. Continue tommorow.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Things Go Back to Normal Sorta

As Normal as things get.  Anyway.  I'm more or less losing interest in online stuff.  Which I guess that's what happens to everyone that gets old.  Thinking of New Years Resolution.  As stupid as they are I try to make one change anyway.  I guess the one can be myself being a little meaner or assertive some say or is the word abrasive?    Anyway I wanna be able to tell people off when need be a lot more.

 Also I probably will disappear from the online world a lot more since putting up with it is a lot more stressful than it looks.  Heck watching others in my opinion I see them ignoring reality or experiencing what I have gone through for the first time. Which completely amazes that they have gone that long without noticing trolls, people with completely different opinions, etc.

I see that these days people rather focus on themselves than be out there helping others. Or really dumping the person they called friend when they have everything they need from him or her. I guess that's not a bad way to live but its not how I want to live. To be honest I know when I'm online I'm hardly heard. That's because I'm doing things that people have little to no interest in. I actually don't mind that. It helps me know where I stand in terms of friendships and what not.

What I'm Buying

Probably the only thing anyone that reads this stuff cares about. Instead of telling what I plan to get I just made a list of stuff I plan to buy at some point in my life. Which at the rate I'm going that might all change.  So via Amazon's Wish List this is what I have. I don't have much if any interest in the other game systems (PS3, WiiU, 3DS etc.) since there's very few games that I actually want for it. I haven't been convinced otherwise so yeah.

Model Building

Probably the one thing I can fall back on so to try and not think of suicide.  I might try and build a model every now and then should I have the money to do so.  If anyone has any ideas as to what Super Robot (its what I call em cause they are indeed Super Robots). You can let me know and maybe help out if possible in choices or showing me where I can get them real cheap.

Pokemon Black 2 & Solatorobo

Those are the 2 games I'm playing right now. I'll try and record Solatorobo when possible. My Camrecorder's batteries run out pretty quick.