Friday, March 29, 2013

Zoids Battle Legends (Not much of a Legend)

When it comes to Anime based games I don't ask for much from them.  Generally cause its hard for companies to deliver.  Zoids: Battle Legends barely makes the cut of what I'm looking for and I'll explain why.

Well the intro is completely awesome.  Showing off pretty much all the Zoids I know and even some new ones.  You have 3 series of Zoids from Chaotic Century, Century Zero, and Legacy all in this game.  So that's a lot of Zoids and pilots to choose from.  But now that the game has you hyped....time to mellow you out.

The music soundtrack is rather forgettable.  In fact so forgettable that even the main menu theme is used as one of the battle tracks.  If I was to go out on a limb here I would say I like maybe 2 songs in the game.  Yeah quite boring.  The Sound Effects aren't bad.  I mean Gamecube I wish the game used the anime sound effects instead of what they're using but I can't complain.  The voice overs....a total miss. Generally when it comes to voice overs I expect to hear the same voices I heard when I watched the anime. I don't care if its english or japanese cause that's what I call a luxury to have that option and I'm not gonna instantly hate a language I understand cause the people in a foreign country supposedly speak better than my own.  I don't understand what they're saying heck they could be talking bad about me and I wouldn't even know it.  Anyway the voice over clips in this game are there but can seriously do better. But I remember that this was released at a time where voice acting no one cared about.

Gameplay is the reason why many people say this is the absolute worst of the Zoids game series.  The controls are nice.  The AI isn't.  The AI players range from absolute dunces to renowned battle geniuses.  If you don't know how to play the game the AI will destroy you in seconds.  However if you're using a rather great Zoid you the AI is a pushover. Heck I found times where they'll run into a wall.  What's worse your AI partner has suicidal tendencies at times and will even pull friendly fire acts without a second thought. Multiplayer is splitscreen which well doesn't work.  The screen is too small and I find myself walking into walls, off cliffs, etc. cause my zoid is covering my half of the screen.

Probably my worst fault with this game is even though there's a vast collection of Zoids to choose from.  The popular Zoids take the spotlight.  If you pick a big zoid you'll get destroyed by those smaller than you most of the time regardless of how powerful you are.  If your an oversized Zoid I find times where I never land an single attack but end up winning cause the AI is suicidal.  Otherwise just pick a broken popular one and its practically instant win for you.

Anyway with that said I'm currently in process of uploading mission mode for both sides.  I'm gonna change the BGM for reasons stated earlier.  if you have any ideas Let me know before I get to editing that video.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Older Soon And nothing's happening.

Its almost the end of the month and so far all the expectations I've had for my YT channel and partnership are far less than what I wanted.  According to the analytic's I still have pretty much no views.  In fact I seem to have gotten more insults than anything.

I posted a video and a blog post generally asking what do viewers want and I generally got no answer.  I've talked with others and I get replys of don't worry about it. You have tons of views etc etc.  Yet in reality they haven't seen my view count.

In terms of insults I've gotten tons of stupid ones and once again words from people that is a total 180 from how they usually act.  From complaints about video quality which they know I can do nothing about to silly stuff about games I no longer play. People I asked for advice on getting more views didn't really offer advice so what I got to work with is just a simple hints and tips book that I read explaining everything I already know and already doing.

What really pisses me off is that videos I actually work hard on and spend way too much time than expected on it get pretty much no views but crap videos I make get instant views right away.....Not only is it "Well this game is popular" but its more videos I put no heart or effort into gets pretty much all the views.  Rather pisses me off in some ways I can't describe.

Anyway I guess I'll try and do Kingdom Hearts 1 since I won't have 1.5 (no PS3 and I don't want the damn game a 2 time while I still have the original).  And find something else I'm willing to play. Honestly it seems like if I'm to make the best of my YT Partnership I gotta become a hypocrite and play games I hate. (M Rated Games).

As for older yeah I'm becoming older soon. Not happy about it. Exactly how old only my friends know and those that actually look.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Things I Need To Work On - YT Videos (Step 1???)

This is to make the best of my partnership as I can. Yes I'm a partner with a company now. I want to make the best of this as I can and not let it go to waste.
Aside from the obvious things and the stupid responses I can imagine about my videos.  I need to know a few things from the viewers pertaining towards my videos.  So I'd like some well thought out responses "AND NOT DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!" Cause that's not a good answer in this case.  I need some thoughts and opinions here for the following.

Short Intro -

 Exactly what kind of Intro and how long should it be.  I want good suggestions here I know over 30 seconds is too long so we're not going there.  Some good intros I thought of that really work as examples are (check there videos):
Pikacuakuma usually has an intro that works very short. He doesn't use them on every video but his is interesting.
A lot of you know he has a different intro for practically every game he plays.
He has a very short intro as well.
This guy has a somewhat longer intro.


I've only noticed this on a few channels I watch.  That basically say subscribe.  What I'm doing is basically In-Video Programming. You might notice at the last 10 seconds of my video there's 2 icons that show up 1 linking to my channel the other linking to a video.

The Things Circled Is What I'm Talking About
There are other videos where there outro is something fancy that shows it subscribing to that person's channel or "hey watch this video."  I gotta ask people how they do that personally and hopefully they'll answer. I also thought of trying to find something funny or make a joke and post at the end of the video you know like those Abridged Series.  Anyway how should my outro be?
Maximillain again has various outros.  Especially on his assist me series that leads to either his other series or a previous episode.
He has a rather fancy outro that encourages ppl to subscribe to his channel.

Uploading Schedule

Ok I know I've gotten complaints before that I upload way too many videos or too few.  Part of me wants to fix that. Another part doesn't.  If I make a Schedule (assuming I learn how to do so). How often or really how many videos per X period of time?

Playlist Links

This is something I want to try to do.  Its gonna be very tedious to remember to include this in every video.

Channel Design

I've been planning to update the channel itself since November.  A lot of things keep coming up and when I have time I just don't know what to do personally.  So....what suggestions do you have?  Also if you want to be a featured channel I'll try and include a slot just don't count on it.

Custom Video Icon?

Ok while my idea is to just draw something for each playlist....that's SERIOUSLY TIME CONSUMING. I would rather commission someone for it but I have no money. Quite the Conumdrum.  Not sure if this will bring viewers but hey its worth a try rather than relying on YT's image itself.

What do you want to see?

I know this will probably be a BIG mistake on my part.  But I have no idea what you guys want to see sorta.  If I check my most viewed.  Its pretty much Pokemon, Bakugan, anything Anime Related...(except Gundam -_-).  So what should be uploaded.  I actually planned another Sonic at some point. Just don't know what.

Please post a comment with detailed suggestions.

Tips To Becomming A Youtube Partner

About Looking For Youtube Partnerships Tips

I can't reveal everything cause contracts state there are certain things I can't talk about or I have to pay a huge fine of money I don't have. Anyway here's a few things to look for and think about when doing partnerships on Youtube.

1. Enable Adsense.

Ok I know that sounds crazy but that's 1 main step to do.  The reason this sounds crazy is cause Youtube has a nice trap on that kind of thing.  But like Yugioh's Trap Cards certain conditions have to be fulfilled.
Youtube's Adsense trap only triggers if you decide to start monetizing a video.  Enabling Adsense SHOULD NOT get Youtube to instantly jump on your case and attempt to ban your account.  Just enable AdSense you don't have to monetize a video (unless you really want to and you yourself know that the content is 150% yours). The reason I tell you to enable AdSense is cause pretty much every partnership company if not all of them require you to have it enabled so they can sorta disable it and have it switched to theres. By having it enabled you can avoid this problem and they won't notify you of this problem or just deny your application right away.

So again Enable Adsense. DO NOT MONETIZE ANY VIDEO YET!

2. Choose a Partnership Company

There's tons of companys out there but you should look through them all or as many as possible to find which one suits you. Best way to find one is to run a Google Search on Youtube Partnership Companies. I found a blog that explains the top 5 companies and even more so I found companies just listed.  Other times if your Youtube Channel is popular they'll message you.  I get like 3 - 5 offers a month from different companies. If you get an offer. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THEM! Don't just instantly sign up with them. If they come in contact with you send them an e-mail explaining your interest about the partnership.  Personally when I started emailing these companies A bunch of them hit me autoresponses. I don't know about you but I hate auto-response systems.  Those that take forever to respond also get the boot as well.

3. Ask Questions

This is a big one. If you don't ask question you may be blindly walking into there clutches. Don't hold back on your questions. And tell them anything that might apply to the partnership such as 3rd party claims, What exactly are they looking for, payment, etc.  The questions you have the better off you are.  Heck I sent them an e-mail containing such questions.  Some even do this stuff over Skype.  But also take note a lot of these companies will say hey you can't have this, we're about this, no 3rd party claims, etc. One thing that was sorta a turn off for me was the obvious copy/paste.  If I'm talking to person especially over skype I want human answers not answers from a customer service hotline handbook.


Pretty much every Partnership company has there own website.  If they do not, might have to give them a suspicious look.  Anyway look through there site see if that company is right for you. If a recruiter contacted you ask them for a website. They usually automatically post it in emails or personal messages. The first few I checked out were generally about MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Games or FPS (First-Person Shooter) Games. I said to myself nah they're not for me.  So really look through the site see if there are comments about it. Most have a Youtube page as well so check em out.


While I can't explain what's a the contract. I can say Read it thoroughly!  If you find something that you don't agree with DON'T SIGN IT!  If you find something you don't understand ask the person that sent the contract.  If you're not of age (I think its 18) to do a partnership get your parent or guardian to look it over and sign it cause that's what you have to do by law anyway. Also take note some contracts like Cell Phones lock you in for a set time.  Keep that in mind as well.
*Note: Save your own copy of the contract. You may need to read it again later.*

6. Take the time to Meditate Over What You're About to Do.

A lot of people are big on lets get this over with and do it now.  That's not exactly smart.  Take some time and think about it.  You may or may not want to do this. Know that you have practically all the time in the world to think this over. The company your partnering with can't do anything until you sign a contract so. Think it over. 

March The Busiest Month For Me And Not The Reason You Think

So its gonna be a a busy month.  A lot of things going on for me that I gotta get done. I wish I could tell you everything but yeah.

Projects I Want To Do But Can't Do Em

Anyway when I think back to the many things I wanna do project wise. There's a lot of projects I started. Then when I get a good start on them scrap them.  Usually due to depression. I have a ton of ideas but never the will to go all the way with em. Sigh...I might explain what some of them are in another post.

I'm A Partner Now

Finally Managed To Become A Partner. Before I wasn't think about being a partner with anyone on YT due to reasons I can't really explain. But with the need of money for myself I could definitely use for other things as well as future plans.  So you know what that means for my videos.

What I'm Playing Right Now Is:

Final Fantasy X

At the same time this is almost done. Since its not the international version this game actually goes by quick.  I apparently overgrinded on this game so things were rather easy....whoops oh well. Game is like a Difficulty See-Saw anyway.  Some hard areas some easy areas.

Crash of the Titans

Myself and A Spike Titan. I love Spikes
I'm actually enjoying this game.  I mean its not Crash of the PSX days but its still fun.