Friday, May 31, 2013

Okami Day 4??? I think Another long day but OMG GHOST OMG WATER DRAGON!!

So RyoShima Coast got hit pretty bad by the cursed zone.  Look off the cliff and all I see is black.  Must be a guardian sapling somewhere. And honestly this was easy to get to.  No real need for any real tricks.  Love how this game makes sure you have a use for every move in the game unlike Zelda. Not to say Zelda's bad but they don't really make use of every item you get often. So that purification was easy.  Why do I think of Yuna dancing everytime I see this?  Anyway.  Man this place is pretty vast.  New enemies to learn attack patterns of as well.  Gonna have a field day I see.

So the priestess is out doing whatever I have a feeling I'll be back here.  Oh wow a sunken ship. Dragon you say? Psh...I can handle some dumb old water dragon let me at em.  But I can't see everything on the sea WHY?!  Oh I need double jump....WHERE DO I GET THAT?! AND WHY WASN'T THIS MOVE IN MARVEL 3? Ok so continued exploration shows that the training master changed locations....and he has more moves to teach.  Seriously?  God those are expensive.  A new taunt move? I'm kinda afraid of what Ammy will do with it. But I need ONE MILLION bucks! UGH! Can I whip out a gameshark please?  Oh hey Double Jump!  Thanks old man.

So back to that area I couldn't reach. I have double jump now. And wow it does look nice to look at.  Oh so drawing the moon opens the dungeon.  Rather awesome. Well lets explore.  I get blocked by a cursed door. Seriously I need better powers. I seem to get the door slammed in my face every time I want to do something.  Sigh might as well leave. I bet this is one of those dungeons that only opens at night.  Oh well I'll figure it out at some point.  Guess I should go to town now.

Oh wait improved digging ability.  Making use of it.  So this first area I dig in is a boss refight?! Awesome.  Lets Go.  I feel a bit pumped now. Lets backtrack a bit I remember a few areas where I couldn't dig.  Awesome Apparently I found the mole's secret treasure stash. Finder's Keepers as they say. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

Man this town is messed up. A port city eh.  But no water.  Well lets see what other problems we have.  Cursed Zones here and there. Queen isn't accepting visitors. Emperor is rather mean...Plumbing Issues. Ppl are feeling sick cause of this weird air.  Seems everything is somehow connected to this water dragon. But lets tackle what we can first.  Its time to play Dig Dug again.  I seriously forgot that I could use Wind Powers here. I didn't think about it since before I didn't have it.  And with that we have water.  Awesome.  But still cursed zones scattered about.  Well at least we can advance further.  So this guy won't lower the bridge until he gets his precious sword which apparently can be found in the water.  Fishing? Yep....

THE FISHING MASTER IS BACK! I gotta buy you a fishing pole....-_-....sigh.  Here. NOW LET THE FISHING COMMENCE! Well that was easy and it turns out the sword he was looking for is a fish that a....sword?  Well you gonna lower the bridge or what?  Ok that's better. And we find Waka....I don't trust this guy...yet for now we seem to have the same enemy. So cross the bridge and find that our truant priestess hangs out here. And....OMG....Issun....Thank you for saying it now I feel better....wait she doesn't get it. Oh boy....Um....what are you doing here?  Don't you know I could've ransacked your place and got the million I need.  So you're helping these people and you want to do something about the water dragon by finding this item.  Alright I'll help you. I mean that's what I'm here for. So its back to the Ghost Ship. Good I wanted to explore it. My treasure hunter senses are tingling.

She said she would meet us here at the Entrance. Oh well go in without her. But that cursed door....oh here she is...How and when did you get here?  So your power can dispel these curses good.  Man this place is creepy. OH GOD GET AWAY FROM ME YOU GHOST!! I CAN"T KILL EM!!! GET AWAY!!!  So my new enemies now are fish enemies well at least they're not too much trouble oh wow a shark.  So we didn't find this special item but we found something else. Some random hammer.  Well gets out of the ship...YES I'M A SLOW SWIMMER WHAT'S THE PROBLEM. Water Dragon? Psh I can handle some water dra.....Uh oh......RUN!!!!! I MEAN SWIM!!! Wow she can jump how did she do that?

Barely escaped actually he was quite a ways back.  But how am I supposed to take that down?  I didn't think I would have to battle in the water....ok yeah that did sounded stupid.  So back to the city. Well time to figure where this mist is coming from. I hope to find out what this hammer wants me to do.  Oh how convenient a hole in the wall. So that's what this hammer is for. Time to see the world in a different perspective I guess.

Wow check out how small I am. Man this is crazy.  Issun you're not a flea?  Ok then. So lets explore this dungeon. Hey a crying lady. Oh come on Issun not all ladies that cry are ugly man.  She needs help.  So if we deal with the Emperor she'll be set free.  Alright that's cool.  But man being small and these janitors.  How am I gonna get past em? So this other path shows us a way inside some bottle.  I'm trapped?  But what's with this smoke. Oh god are we getting drunk?  So a God was hidden in here.  And apparently this god is drunk.  Oh boy.  So drunk he can do bullet time.  And now I can do bullet time.  So now I can get past all those problem areas.

So on to the Emperor. He's breathing this rather noxious gas. I guess I get to play doctor now?  Time to operate. So a some cursed warrior is controlling him.  I'll fix that with the power of Time Slow! I really gotta stop being reckless.  But this boss is done.  No more gas.  And the emperor and the pretty damsel in distress are happy.  Awesome.  But now this damsel says she has to go back to some area and just rushed off.  I'll follow her later. I don't like to leave a town undone. And there's the Queen.

Well apparently if I get the trees fixed I'll have another old man dance.  Well that should fixed these Cursed Trees. We apparently have a ghost problem.  And we have a thief problem.  Alright then.  Lets help this town.  Took forever to find all the trees. Clever to hide one on his head.  I honestly didn't see it.  Ok now that that problem is solved I think I'll take a break.  I'm bushed.

This will be uploaded around mid-June sorry. I got tons of complaints about uploading too many all at once.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blog Update For June 2013 - Irony of Business

Progress Report

Well Its now beginning of June. Honestly if I look at the big picture I can say I made no progress as far as goals go.  If I look at smaller victories there isn't much to commend myself on. I guess I can say views have gone up slightly. But only slightly.  In terms of getting the audience to actually participate (Comment, give suggestions, like or dislike, etc.) Nothing.

A Slightly Deeper Look At Things

After managing to get something out of the viewers or non-viewers I can only reason that my views aren't up for a few things.
  • They only want new games
  • Youtube isn't helping with subscriber view
  • My Subscribers are generally dead.

Whatever the reason I have to do something to get more viewers and a bigger audience again I can't stand around wandering what's the cause.  I know commentary was suggested but after testing I found that Commentary isn't the way for me to go for videos.  LiveStreaming isn't a very good option either.  From what I've found these people don't care if I attempt to do such things.  So I have to take another route with this.  Finding it might be rather tough but well hard work pays off right?

When I say commentary is not the way for me. Its that I did a few test commentaries to see how the audience would respond.  Honestly I had a set number of views that I should have by a set date.  The views nor comments never met the goal (Not even close). I did what I could to make sure everyone knew about this but apparently the fans or well those that watch didn't like it. At least from what I'm seeing.

Making Plans

Like I mentioned before but no one seems to care or comment on. I plan to do a giveaway of some sort to earn more subscribers.  Honestly thinking about it.  6,000 subscribers these days is pretty much amounts to maybe less than 100 people actually watch.  Seeing everyone else's channel they have at least 3 to 7 times the amount I have.  So gaining more subscribers. Particulary ones that actually watch and not just subscribe for one video.  I know there's some that might think "oh well that's total hypocrisy, its never gonna work, etc." But honestly in terms of grabbing viewers I gotta treat this like a business or a job. I mean I already budget the money I get from the partnership so I can't just stick to doing the same thing and expect the same amount especially with this low amount of views.

Sick Of This

What has to happen however is that I have to somehow get people to watch and spread the word. The one thing I can say I dislike when it comes to this is being faced with people that either don't care or try to give an excuse.  The past few months I asked what I can do to improve views and generally I got, "Just keep doing what you're doing" response.

Honestly while I that would be acceptable to most people as its obviously easy to do. For me I can't accept that answer. The first reason being. That its not working and my numbers show it.  The 2nd reason cause it sounds like those people don't care which I can understand to an extent. But at the same time I would like some advice from someone that is successful.  Especially if they're friends (I think I need better friends).

I only found this when talking to some people and it could be just me thinking too much on this. But a lot of people instead dropping suggestions gave me responses like, "I only watch when I can." or "I don't have the time to watch".  I chalk those up as excuses mostly.  One when I was talking to those people they were in a random livestream either not paying attention to that stream or just being there to be there.  Honestly I don't know what those people are thinking yet, at the same time I have to be nice and say to myself, "Maybe there situation is different."

All the same its very hard to take those people seriously when I get responses like I have.  It really makes me wanna take matters into my own hands and be like "screw the viewers".

Something Has to Happen

All the same while waiting on these viewers to come out of hiding I need more responses than what I'm getting. I hate to be nagging on this point but I encourage you viewers to give suggestions good or bad. I still have to consider them.  If I don't get responses then I'll just have to make my own decisions based on the information I know works. And I know there's a lot of people that will not like that at all.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Test Commentary Again (Sigh)

Older Commentary Over Injustice Demo:
Podcast and Commentary Playlist:

Cause I'm rather annoyed with this. Lets do a test commentary again.  Cause apparently ppl didn't watch the first Test Commentary or really listen to my review of Sonic Generations (not even my podcast).  So this is what I would call a last test commentary.  If I don't reach a desired amount of views/comments. I will not do commentary again and those that are asking for it will just be outta luck.  So what I suggest if you really want commentary from me that you comment get your friends to comment and get their friends to comment. This is a 4 part series commentary over various Demos. I won't do it over a real game cause it'll be a total waste to do so and no one watches.  These are the demos I'll be doing commentary over.

Part 1: Sonic 4 Episode II (
Part 2: Dungeon Fighter Live (
Part 3: Sanctum 2  (
Part 4: Bangai O: Missile Fury (

We all know what this game is about it doesn't need an introduction.  The demo is rather short and kinda forces you to stop before you complete a level.

If you remember Dungeon Fighter Online a somewhat famous free MMO that combines Fighting and MMORPG elements. This is the same game except simplified to play on the Xbox 360. The sad news however is that the US version of this game on the PC will be taken now in June.  The other language servers are hard to jump into as its complicated to make an account there.  I'm honestly interested in this series and would have played it long ago but like always there's tons of other games to play.

A Tower Defense Game that feels like a watered down version of Mass Effect 3's multiplayer.  However an FPS game that's rated T is rather rare to see. The artwork looks nice and I was curious to see what this game is all about.  At the same however I doubt there's many people who would play this online when you have games like CoD and Halo pretty much soaking up all FPS market.

An HD remake of a classic and very rare Dreamcast title.  Very unique gameplay with stunning graphics and animation that's very hard to immitate.  Made me consider the dreamcast version of this game again along with Cyberbots.

Please Rate and comment cause I can't make any proper fixes to the videos. Again if this set of videos doesn't get a desired amount of views/comments then I will not do commentary for any game I play. So spread the word cause that's the only way that this'll work out favorably. If it doesn't then anyone asking (begging) for commentary I'll just show them this set of videos and say that it doesn't work.  Thanks for watching. Rate and Comment.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sorta Mid-Month Update Podcast 5-21-2013

Ok with everything going on I rather decided to do a mid-month podcast.  So lets get started.
First off if you haven't noticed I started Okami and Virtua Quest.  (seriously if you haven't noticed you're probably new to my channel).  Both of those games are fun in there own right. Okami I didn't know how long the game really is.  I thought I was done with the game and just had new game+ stuff or post game to work on.  Nope I'm only done with 1/4th of the game.  I ended up recording like 5-10 hours of stuff and now I gotta sort through, convert, and edit all of this LOL.  Maybe I shoulda just recorded only boss fights too late now. Virtua Quest the only things I hate about it is the stiff controls and the difficulty curve.  I said before in an earlier post that the game's controls are very stiff and the platforming you have to be almost perfect to make or take damage (that or start over from the beginning).  Then you have boss fights that get seriously cheap.  Seriously this ninja guy denied everything I tried to do and he's not even Kage Maru.  ANTI-AIR, Counter your grab, teleport, now for Clone attack! YOU LOSE SON CAUSE I'M A NINJA!!! That was frustrating and now I see why ppl quit this game I'm still gonna go through it cause the fun parts are still there.

Stuff I'm Planning and Debating To Do

I noticed now that getting views is next to impossible unless I do something that interest ppl.  So I actually sat down and thought it through thinking that one the best things to do is hold some sort of contest or giveaway to get subscribers and views or even donations.  Since I have quite a few things I don't or can't use anymore.

  • (like a couple of game T-Shirts,
  • Official Artbooks from various games like Okami, 
  • a few games I don't play anymore at all for one reason or another (Like ZOE2)
  • etc.
I even thought of doing a donation stream to get money.  The planning and debating is what stopping me.  I would generally sell it off for like a total of 30 bucks or so. Even finding the time for such an event is rather rough.  But I think its the best option to take if planned correctly.

Guilty Gear Xrd OMG It Happened

So in the midst of all these somewhat mediocre to blech games released or announced finally something that catches my eye gets announced.  From what I've seen I like the redesigns I like the animation. I just want this game.  I just hope that its not M rated.  I honestly cried when GGXX AC+ R (Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Reload) was slapped with the M rating and I wondered why then I remembered the random unlockable artwork and Testament's Instant Kill.  Its rather weird cause GGXX AC+ was rated T on the PS2.  I guess ESRB saw the random artwork or the fact that its in HD bugs them.  Anyway one thing I hope they do or really I want them to do is make the Overture characters DLC or unlockable (Guilty Gear 2: Overture).  Even though from the looks of this trailer the story doesn't take place in that timeline.  It would be nice to see them as secret characters that aren't Kliff or Justice.  

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Well GG is here why not BB as well?

Well this game actually has a console release date. And its October 24th of this year in Japan for PS3.  No word for Xbox360 and nothing about a US release but whatever. That's the news so far as I stated sometime ago in an older blog.  Also the announcement of 2 console specific characters as well named Yuki Terumi (nope not Hazama) and Kagura Mitsuki. Nice addition to the console release of the game. Usually with that announcement of a release date means that US will get the game sometime either in Spring or Summer.  But the question still looms over my mind. WHERE'S JUBEI?!

PS4 or Xbox One? Or Wii U still in the running?

Honestly at this point I'm not really looking at any system.  PS4 still having tons of rumors along with the fact that we're missing an actual Console.  Wii U being expensive and not too many games of pure interest.  Xbox One brings to the table even more rumors and none of them are good.  With talk saying that a game disc will be tied to one account. Meaning that no more Used games? No more Renting? No more borrowing?  Seriously why bother?  I virtually buy only used games now since I hate paying $60 - $70+ for a brand new game especially when I feel they aren't worth the price tag. The games announced for it which is my main concern have no appeal to me either.  Even if they made only one game that stood out. I'm not buying a console just for 1 game.  That's boring IMO.  Really need some clarification on this whole used game deal.  Cause a lot of new games these days just aren't worth the price tag. Waiting for the price drop means you miss out on everything cause everyone has already played it out and moved on.  I actually posted in my twitter that by the time this console is released. I'll have a PS3 LOL.  

Something in the works

I actually did plan a commentary game. Of Sonic Adventure DX.  This is cause I already uploaded Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. And this game is literally the same game just on a different console.  I'm still planning it out and and trying to make an effort to make it happen.  Just a lot of things aren't working out.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Okami Day 3 - I GOT A SWORD!

Okay maybe I did too much this time.  But lets start where I left off.


Spider Queen Dead. Move on to the next town but first lets check out some sidequest first.  Fishing so enjoyable.  Well until troll fish came out to ruin it. Seriously every time I had it I got trolled.  Other than that I AM FISHING MASTER!!! No not really.  The Next Sidequest was frustrating that Sleepy Bear from earlier. He likes sphere like objects so I gotta ROLL one up to him.  Ok so first its an Acorn. Then a rock or something but this last A dead wasp nest???  ARGH!!!!!  I WILL KILL THIS BEAR!!!

Issun: Stop it that's Animal Abuse!


Seriously rolling that Wasp Nest was such a problem since it wanted to roll wherever it wanted to.  This took forever.....Glad its over....


Ok on to the next town and its that French accent wannabe Waka again....and he answers with another boss fight.  Ok seriously I gotta have something that does great amount of damage....I'm beginning to suspect that this dude isn't a good guy.  I really need to remember that I have a dodge.  Oh well tree is blooming again and town is purified!  Now to explore and wonder what the heck the Serpent Crystal is.

1st Notable area a creepy house that still has this eerie feeling of darkness despite there being sunlight...and an old lady with a knife that wants to cut me up RUN LIKE HELL!!!  Ok what's her problem?

Next a village of Sparrow unique...and there daughter is missing so they're not taking any visitors. BUT I'M AMATERASU LET ME...ahhhh forget it. Guess I gotta find this daughter.  Add that to the list.

Guardian Dogs

Now here's a town of interest. Wait its cursed so bad I'm losing my paint!!! WHAT?!!!  And this shop has another Reflector Divine Weapon for sale....crap....there goes saving up for that taunting technique. Sigh...And my paint is still draining seriously what's going on in this town.  Ah there's my source.  Princess about to be eaten by demons...and me with no paint....Actually this looks neat to fight with no paint make a MvC Character based off this Capcom.  Ok so Princess Fuse is apparently supposed to summon these guardians to defeat the demon that's causing these problems.  And apparently they're not answering.....No Issun that's not our....fine...Well look for em.  Apparently they're all a bunch of lazy dogs that want food....Geez this town isn't that big but they hide pretty well too.  Ok that's 4....the 5th one doesn't look lazy in fact he wants a fight.  Is it ok to fight a dog?  I guess it is...

Ok so there's 3 more I need to find and they're....on the other places...of the world map.....sigh.....backtracking I go...Ok so on the way back first hear a random hint about the missing Sparrow Daughter....old dude orders a bird cage may have her.  Worth checking out.  Well the old man is there but still no real hint as to what to do.  I'll come back.  So Kushi is apparently having trouble making the special sake.  Well I can't control any water so she's on her own I guess.  So back all the way to KAMIKI VILLAGE!!! REALLY!!!

The Not So Lazy Guardian Dogs

So this dog that's been here since the start of the game is one of the guardians.  And he wants a fight...ok I guess....wait did this dog try to piss on me?!  OH THAT'S IT!!!  And it turns out the real guardian died awhile back and Hayabusa the dog in Kamiki Village is just filling in. Not only that he refuses to leave because he foresaw a premonition about his master's life.  So he just leaves us his orb and we move on. Wait Hayabusa has that scarf around his neck...does that mean yep...I know where next one is even though its on my map anyway.

Well Kushi still having issues with the water bit can't help her and the dog Ume is missing....hmmmm....well lets try to find the next one. Ok so the last dog is at the Sparrow Inn.....and they're not letting anyone in till I find the missing Daughter...So back to that creepy house.  Ok after blowing a hole in there roof apparently there's something to do with the moonlight revealing various things true form.  And these old ppl keep talking about not liking the moonlight....ok so how do I get them in the moonlight?....wait I can drag them in by Bitting them that's what its for.  oh ok makes sense now.  So they reveal their true form hey a new enemy type. That's honestly easier to deal with than those demon fish.  Ok with them gone now this place doesn't seem so creepy.  And what's in the box. None other than THE....bratty Sparrow Daughter......Alright lets bring her home.

And by bringing her home we get a rather luxurious welcome.  This Hotel has everything but TV....Oh hey gifts thanks but could get a new weapon or some gold dust?  Too much?  Out back its the Hot Springs...hey where's the water?  So I need to go digging for it ok?  The old man will help out with that. Dig Dug!!! So we got the hot springs back and found another paintbrush technique. Awesome now we can control the water.  But what I'm truly looking for is that missing dog and there he is. And like the others he wants a fight. Really well at least he's not trying to pee on me.  He says he can't go back cause the sparrows love him so much....again....left with his orb and I guess that leaves Ume.

Oh hey we can help Kushi now with the sake.  I guess I'll help her even though I've been gone long enough that she should've been able to fill the darn thing herself. Hope I don't have to carry it.  Nope its not fill at all seriously how lazy are these ppl?  Fine I'll fill it I need the practice.  And its full and apparently that's some specail sake cause those Imps can't touch it.  Oh hey its...Susano...really?.....sigh....Fine I'll play along but not before I have some fun first.  I think he's starting to catch on to my antics....creepy.  *whistles* Oh wait gotta help Ume...who's been swallowed by a fish called the WHOPPER!!!! Really that's what its called?  Skipping the Burger King joke lets GET FISHING!!!  FISHING MASTER IS BACK!!! ARRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Ok after catching the WHOPPER!!! I guess Ume is dead??? So does that mean I feel kinda sad wait gotta fill in this constellation first.  Awesome I can change day into night now....wait does that mean I can change night into day?  Oh sweet I can.  Well alright then.  Um...I guess I take Ume's orb...oh no he's not dead and he's challenging me to a fight...and his real name is JIN!!!!! And Jin apparently stands for justice...that explains Blazblue CS and CP.  And Jin digs holes and also pees on me....

-_- RAGE......
Noel: You're no longer my superior Jin Kisaragi! YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!!!

And like the other 2 Ume can't leave either. These guys saved his life before and he intends to repay that favor.  So orb get lets just get back.  Sigh....

So uh Princess Fuse I'm back and here the other dogs kinda said screw you so yeah....oh like I expected since I got here destiny has me go to the dungeon bring the wind back and defeat this demon.  Wait is this a new weapon....nope....sigh.

Bringing the Wind Back

So Gale Shrine. Wow this seems quite short. This can't be the demon I'm looking for? Also multiples of this Chimera enemy could be trouble in the future.  Meet the Wind God.  So my job's done? guess not gotta kill the demon.  These windmills are kinda wonky but thanks for that hint about using Triangle and Square to draw.  Ah so this is the boss.  This is Crimson Helm...Seriously?  This all you got? Don't waste my time.  Its Susano...ok seriously if Susano is here you seriously fail as a boss fight.  I'm really getting worried that Susano might know about the 4th Wall now.  Anyway what I came here for anyway the Serpent Crystal.  With this we can fight Oro....chi...DAMNIT WAKA!!!  Fine you go open the door I'll fight him....seriously what is this guy's deal?  Thanks abound for bringing the wind back we gots a new brush tech in the process. I'm Satisfied although could really use some praise. I guess its time to go back to Kamiki for the 100th Annual Orochi's Not Here Ruining Our Lives Festival!  Issun apparently wants to get drunk....sigh...

Epic Showdown Time With Orochi!  

So finally get back and apparently Susano is the worst drunk in existence!  Seriously he drunk all the special sake...Locked himself in his house and is whining about being a descendant of Nagi. Then he explains that he was the one who released Orochi. ran between towns and put a giant rock in front of Kamiki. Now he's saying **** the gods. Well this can't be good.  In terms of God & Demon lore. You start shunning the gods in a loud voice something bad is about to go down.  And it does.  So its back to old school days when Orochi chose which female he wanted to eat.  And Hayabusa saves his master from the arrow that would've killed him.  Guess his premonition was right on the money.  Ok back on track...this is really trouble.  Kushi's been selected as the female to be eaten. Susano you gotta do something the girl you got a crush on is gonna die. Come on man I know what its like to be expected to live up to your ancestors expectations its a sucky life. But you gotta do something ok you know what nevermind you useless drunk I'll save the day and beat the game like I'm supposed to cause I'm ****ing Amaterasu.  Kushi intends to go anyway?  WTF does she plan to do?  Oh like the old times make him drink the sake get him drunk and finish him off. I'm down with this plan.

So on the way to the Moon Shrine Waka is standing there about to open the gate.  Kushi was just kidnapped. Ok so the plan is save Kushi kill Orochi. Simple.  I guess Waka will help little with him later. Seriously leaving me trapped behind this barrier....Ugh....focus.  Place is rather final dungeon material. But now I'm questioning is this really the end of the game or is there some sort of new game+?  Alright you imps here's how its gonna go I'm gonna beat the living crap outta each and every one of ya kill your boss walk out with the girl watch the ending....wait you're laughing?...Huh?...why are they not taking me seriously? I'M AMATERASU!!! I guess name does nothing in this instead of busting the place up we're gonna play Sneak in?  But I wanna beat monsters up!  And our clever disguise is a piece of paper with a sign on it....HOW IS THIS EVEN WORKING?!

So apparently before Orochi eats Kushi he's apparently gotta have an appetizer.  And this appetizer's ingredients are so nasty....fine I'll get em...Sigh....and I find out that not only fire hurts me but touching ice blocks hurt as well.  I can't just bust em up.  Oh hey another god is trapped here. Freedom and looky I have firebending....not really...After spending so much time for those ingredients we can finally reach Orochi and have this EPIC SHOWDOWN!!! YEAH LETS DO THIS!

I can finally remove this stupid piece of paper and throw down!  Drink that sake....uh...not working.....guess its not gonna be easy.  Oh well wouldn't be final boss if it was that easy.  Let's dance anyway.....and attacks aren't working cause of a do I break this barrier?  Wait Susano? He finally manned up and is gonna fight for real?!  Hey he broke the barrier alright time for the real....and Susano declares his love for Kushi awwww....Susano and Kushi's love created a miracle the sake turned into the Sacred Sake now Orochi can truly be beaten. Finally lets throw down!

Ok get Orochi heads drunk then attack the bell. Got it.  Took a minute but I got it down.  Now to finish this guy off for good.

*Plays "A Hot Wind Blowing" from MGR OST

On my own
Invisible warrior
I am a wind of destruction

All men who bend their will

We fight for justice
In a forgotten place
Fulfill our duty
Then vanish without a trace

Don't need a medal
For all the men we kill
Freedom is calling
To all men who bend their will

Wind of destruction

Oh right the fight.  Alright Susano I'll let you get the finishing blow.  You actually deserve it for once.  And with that Orochi is gone and I GOT A SWORD!!!  But is this the end of the game?  We're missing a couple of things. Like what about that city that was closed off? The other 4 Brush Gods?  The other Divine Weapons? Well whatever maybe its new game plus...oh its not.  Well still celebrating.  Wonder where Susano and Kushi went? I don't care I want to spoil their love moment.  Well I guess our next journey to the city. But what's this some Dun Dun Dun going on?  I knew Waka had some ulterior motives.

On the Way to the City

So on the way complete a few other sidequest. Apparently everyone is either back to normal routine or left for elsewhere.  The City entrance all I can say is...whoops.....Well we get there and as expected. We have another cursed zone to deal with. Time to get to work.  But lets take a break I told you this was a long day.

I'm still rather steamed about the whole dogs taking a piss on Ammy like that....This is gonna be a ton to upload.

Days SOB Moment

Virtua Quest - One of the Forgotten SEGA games

This game I actually planned to get years ago but someone suggested that they wanted to see this game so I pushed it up the list.  I played this long time ago at a Game Crazy (No not GameStop) and generally liked the looks of it. But at that time there were tons of other games that had my interest.  Basically take the famous Virtua Fighter series and make it an RPG.  That's one way to say what this game is.

The Storyline takes place in the future long after Virtua Fighter's storyline.  Yep Virtua Fighter has a storyline. Put it basically Virtua Fighter's story is to gather the best fighters from all around the world to gather data to build there own ultimate fighter called Dural.  Fast Forward to Virtua Quest storyline now the world is moving to the online virtual reality age. All around this net like world lies hidden data called Virtua Souls which have the ability to break any security so there are those that seek such data.  The main character unknowingly gets dragged into this fight against an unknown terrorist group that's hunting for Virtua Souls which plan to take over the world.  Sounds alot like the Megaman EXE series right?

The gameplay does pretty well.  But it can improve.  The combat is pratically a copy of Virtua Fighter's famous system down to the sound effects.  Difference is the commands are simplified for this game since you're running on a 3D enviroment.  My main issue comes with the controls.  While you have a lot of gimmicks through each stage executing them can be an issue at times.  Double Jumping is one such example unlike most games where you're able to double jump at virtually any point in jump, this game has a very small window that places it literally at the height of your jump.  The same with the Virtual Rope.  Jumping off the Virtual Rope takes a ton of trial and error since you have propel yourself a good distance. Its easy to over and under shoot the distance.  The combat is pretty solid.  The AI isn't a complete pushover but they aren't too hard either.  The buttons respond well during combat and making up your own combos is pretty easy.  Probably the main hard part thus far is fighting the Virtua Fighters.  Although they just wanna test you. They still kick your butt likes its a basic match in the Virtua Fighter game.  Why did you throw the top tier at me first GAME?!

Some people might complain about the voice acting or the massive amount of gestures used by the characters. I honestly don't care for it.  I can clearly understand the characters and there isn't Too much talking.  I can honestly say that there's a nice balance of gameplay and cutscene.  The story doesn't give too much away it doesn't tell too little.  The game gives me reasons to grind when needed.  It also doesn't drag on.  So far I'm liking it.

The thing about this playthrough is that for whatever reason the sound is out of sync or the frame rate is choppy. I am working to fix this but so far no real solutions.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Okami Day 2 - Oh I like these Paint controls...Now I hate them....

So Day 2.  Lets Clear out this dungeon hope there's a boss at the end of it. Nope but here's a method to purifying the world.  Well that works. Now we have a method that's probably gonna be used through the entire game.  So now we got a somewhat vast field to explore.  And what looks like more tutorial.  Ok so I guess this Moon Temple is the last place I'll be going to in the game or nearly the last.  But a bounty hunting sidequest this looks fun...assuming I can find them all.

Hey some bomb expert guy.  Wonder if I'll learn some new painting skill.  Yep....and quite a few nice looking fireworks as well.  Wonder how powerful this bomb is...and WTF is with this rock?  Can't dig it up. Can't blow it up....wonder how I'm supposed to break it.  Oh well maybe I'll get something later on.  What next.

Evil demon forts...Oh battle arenas cool.  These monsters aren't tough am I even getting hit???? Oh hey a this is where I learn moves.  Ok I gotta save up for that taunt move.  I really want those demon fangs....

Issun that's enough exploring I clearly can't advance any further lets go back to Kamiki....Shut up Issun.  So Kamiki experiencing some joy...except the old man.  Apparently I gotta restore all these trees. Wait I can restore these trees. I thought they were supposed to stay that way.  Ok...Mrs.Orange has a Raging Demon....QUICK MAKE HER DLC!!!  After restoring all the trees we get to see Mr. Orange's drunken he ok?  I mean seriously?  Now Sakuya is acting differently too...she so happy she stripped.....Um.....ok.....But learned a technique to travel across water so that's cool.

So now some more areas opened up..just like Zelda.  Lets see what else is open to us.  Ok so this is a new area.  And its CURSED SERIOUSLY!!! Ok where can I go...random fortune teller's house.  She left me this confusing hint.....Really?....Ok I'm already in a dense forest but I don't see where I can blow a rock up except outside and its not blowing up.....uh...Help?  Maybe I'm not in the right place lets look around more closely maybe I missed something....Well its not on the field. Maybe it is back there.

Kinda irritating.  Oh its there....I didn't think I could walk along this edge here I mean the cursed area is rather vast.  Oh a new weapon...Beads!!!! Wonder how they work. Well no real time to get used to them got a boss fight.  Wait so soon? I haven't tested these out in combat yet.

So Pillow Talk is a legendary sword? I thought it was some weapon Bayonetta could get that had something to do with sex.  Anyway Seriously so soon.  I have to get used to this new weapon.....Well time to get serious I guess.  Ok that's a relief...its over.  And of course this dude says I'm not good enough to save world blah blah blah.  Like he's any better.  Well now that forest is mostly purified lets have a good look around.

So this kid lost his dog on a random adventure....then lost the key to the dungeon.   -_-  Well time to help out I guess by Fishing!!!  I miss the old Breath of Fire style of fishing.  Oh well at least this is easy.  Seriously only 3 fish and we already found the key.  Awesome.  Nope you're not coming to rescue your dog. That's my job.  So lets open this dungeon first.  Then have a look around.

So I can't advance any farther till I beat this dungeon apparently the rapids can't be crossed yet. This dungeon isn't so bad so far just rather long?  Well poison water that I can't even remotely cross.  New enemy who's defenses are rather high.  And probably the most wonky specific Paint move I ever obtained.  So I gotta draw it from the flower to wherever first.....Ok its touching Ammy....what's wrong now...Seriously I gotta be perfect to get this work?  Geez....

Hey a boss fight....Wait why would you put this quick save gate right here when there's a save point back there?  Sigh.  Giant Spider Queen boss.  I'm reminded of a Zelda Windwaker boss that fought rather similar to this thing.  But again PAINT CONTROLS!!! How precise do have to be?  Ok this reflect weapon isn't working....lets try the beads.  Well that's much easier.  With her defeated we get a new weapon...Another reflector. Hmmm cool glad I didn't use gold dust to power up the older one.  So now we have a purpose in killing these bosses.

Ok so outside this kid feels bad about leaving his dog behind and is now reinvigorated to take on any task or challenge. Lesson learned. So that's it. He's gonna go make that bridge...wait...Susano's here too....oh boy....Well this could be fun.  Oh dear.... And paint controls argh!!!!  Seriously I gotta be that precise.  Sigh....well we're safe.  Think I'll call it a day I gotta convert all this stuff and I don't wanna fill my Desktop with too many files.

But looking forward to more. Getting very hard to describe everything I'm doing lol.

The Days OH **** Moment!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Okami (PS2) Day 1

So I started Okami.  Generally 1 cause the fans wanted it.  But I haven't even opened it till this point.  I know I was gonna enjoy the game just wanted to save it for much much later. FYI I had this game for a good 5 to 6 years and never opened it. Looking at the opening I wasn't entirely sure how battles would be drawn out. Whether it was gonna be DMC style or Zelda style. I watched a little gameplay before starting it seemed like the person playing didn't know what to do. So I was thinking this might be Zelda-ish. I only generally know Ammy in terms of UMvC3 and her being GOD-Hard to master (another story for another day).

So starting the game I actually opened the manual first to see how the game handles. Seems rather simple but I would have to pay attention to my surroundings. Then the manual listed all of this Lore stuff that I just skimmed over.  Its a ton to read.

When actually playing the game A few things made sense to me as to who was who in the random artwork I have.  I even have the artbook of this game.  I just started randomly breaking stuff when I saw the money dropping I figured, "I better collect a good amount cause I bet the shops are expensive." Just randomly destroying pots and things.  Meeting Issun I thought of him as a Perv. He would always mention about jumping into that goddess's kimono and then when he tells you his plan I'm like, "His character is totally different from that of UMvC3." In UMvC3 Issun is all about business and finding Orochi while Ammy just does what she wants. Seeing Ammy act its kinda like she doesn't care but does.  The funny moments I got when it came to Issun and me trying to paint. First he was like did someone try to paint something?  Later on he went saying there's no way I could've done that.  I think the funniest one was painting the Sun.  Issun says I can't paint the sun which really at the time I wasn't trying to. I was really trying draw the wind that kept blowing cause I thought it was clue. Turns out I need to draw the Sun anyway. Talking with the townsfolk is rather entertaining. I instantly grasped that in order to get stronger I need to do random sidequest even if I didn't know what they were. So the first I did unexpectedly was apparently fight some monsters and kill em quickly.  Then another was dig out all these radishes without getting Twacked.  All rather funny IMO. The bark and bite actions is rather funny to do.

The main quest I first apparently had to restore the statue of the hero which earned me a brush technique and my first battle.  After I got that brush technique to cut almost anything I started testing it immediately. So many things I can cut. I also found out water hurts me. Getting to town more battles but talking with all the townspeople was rather productive.  Although Susano seems to be the worst villager ever. I had to bite him, tackle him, etc.  He deserved it.  I AM AMATERASU I RUN THIS VILLAGE NOW!!! After letting Susano "Break the Rock" (with my help). He immediately ran off and went to who knows where so he can "vanquish evil".  After traveling the world a bit I end up at the front of my first dungeon. So I guess I'll get started on that next week. I don't wanna overload myself on one game so sorta taking it slow. Anyway so far I'm liking Okami.



Saturday, May 4, 2013

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and 3 Demos

Well decided to give this game a try since its been awhile since I threw Naruto away.  Honestly even if it is the most decent of Anime based games I remember the PS2 versions of the game was by far the most broken.  Well this is one thing Namco-Bandai has done well in terms of the anime based game Franchises they have the rights to.

First thing I noticed the game uses EVERY button on the controller.  Minus the Right Stick every button does something.  The game is rather different to get used to.  Pretty much the controls are all dependant on Chakra and kinda wants me to know what action I want to do right away.  I can't go from charging Chakra (the meter) to instantly dashing.  The guard button being the Left and Right Triggers is rather confusing.  Especially if I want to do a substitution (Sorta a combo breaker for those that don't know about this game).

The combos are generally dependant on how you hold the left stick. I guess its for confusing your opponent so they don't substitute out of it easily although in a lot of cases  from what I remember about all the games a human player and the hardest AI will Substitute on the very first hit.  Attack with a special attack I feel takes practice. There's times where I did it and completely whiffed the attack which if this wasn't a demo I would be blown up for making such a mistake. Other times from what I remember other players doing is either somehow comboing it in with some crazy cancel or calling for an assist and using the opening to land a hit.

Probably the one thing really is a hassle at times is the QTE's.  The game does tip you off when its time for QTE's but some have such a short window it may be impossible to get on the first try.  What I do respect is that story scenes and battles do far better than what the anime does yet staying true to how the battle turns out.  I did watch both games from beginning to end and there are a few battles where I would wish wasn't just a normal fight.  One thing that bugs me is the amount of cutscenes the game has.  Seriously there's some scenes that go on for almost an hour. It seems Blazblue has affected the world of fighting games in one way or another.

The main thing that bugs me is the game's camera.  Instead of keeping the camera focused on yourself and acting as a sorta 3rd person view with a targeting camera like what some of the DBZ games have. The game keeps both players in view and whoever is closer to the screen is who the camera will focus on.  While it may not be possible to get confused as to who's who. This still bugs me to no end.  The amount of characters is also vast. Although I wish I could use Shukaku Gaara (like in Ultimate Ninja 3) as a character.

The fighting is rather balanced as any Anime Based Fighting game will get.  There's no doubt that certain characters will no doubt be overpowered cause of how many fans that character has or story related crap.  But at least its still possible to win...I think.  From what I watched its rather obvious that many ppl will use the popular characters or really the overpowered ones like in any fighting game so I can honestly expect that if I go online that I'll see the same characters constantly.

The music...while it does fit the mood Cyber Connect 2 has a bad habit of all there songs sounding completely the same. Even worse than Motoi Sakuraba's stuff (see Tales of Series, Star Ocean, Golden Sun, etc.).  While it does set the mood a lot of in my opinion gets boring fast.  I know if and when I get this I'll make changes to the music.

I might get this game first I want to get a few others out of the way and make sure I have online in order. As to which one first I haven't decided.

BTW if you're wondering what I think about the voice acting. I pretty much consider if its the same as the anime. If you have authentic voice acting I don't care if to others it sounds bad in english it's good to me.