Friday, June 28, 2013

Building HG LaGOWE 1/144 Ugh so much more work than normal

  • Time Taken: 4 hours 19 minutes

  • Frustrations: 6 times
  • Improvised: 1
  • Breaks: 3

I love the BuCUE's in Gundam SEED. Especially since they're pretty much the zoids of the Gundam Series (until you move on to the Gundam AGE series). The LaGOWE is Andrew Waltfeld's personal BuCUE model that he uses in a battle against Kira in the Aile Strike Gundam.  They're mainly designed for ground based combat and really for moving through desert terrain.  Although incapable of space combat or any other type of combat there's hardly a MS out there that can match these beast in ground mobility.  Aside from the fact that these guys look like Zoids when you see the BuCUE's in SEED they act like a wolf pack attacking to wear down there enemies with there mobility instead of having overwhelming power.  Sad to say that the LaGOWE's debut was destroyed the same episode it debut.  Its main weapons are obvious a beam saber that I can only describe by comparing it to the Zoids Blade Liger's Laser Blades.  And a 2-barrel beam cannon. Its other weapon is the spike claws on its legs. Which well used with its mobility can inflict some damage on most common MS or weaponry when you want to conserve energy.  There's honestly no reason not to love this guy.  Well unless you like the future incarnations of the BuCUE's such as the Kerberos versions or Waltfeld's MSV custom version of his LaGOWE.

 However building this model was ugh for a lot of reasons. I know the instructions are in japanese and all but that's not really the main issue.  Usually when building these gundam models you generally have everything required in the box to build the model except the painting supplies.  This I actually needed something else that I don't have easy access to right away especially for cheap.  I had to stop about an hour into building this for the fact that I required some thin lead wire.  This was so the head part or really its neck could be built so when its completely I can move the head around a bit.  I had to improvise that part by cutting a wire I no longer use and thread it a bit.  I'm honestly surprised that worked out.   The next issue came when I had to build the legs.  While at first the instructions appeared rather clear.  I found out half way through and even later on that the parts were labeled wrong not just on the instructions but on the parts themselves where labeled backwards to.  I ended up building 3 left feet before I figured out what was wrong.  Nearly broke the pieces too.

I later encountered a minor snag with attaching the engines.  This usually happens with almost any model that a piece will just not fit snugly into place and just fall out.  I later decided to super glue that part on since it wouldn't hurt anything.  The last snag I came across was the sticker decal attachment.  Some of the stickers were so small to begin with. But I do with the placement was before finally putting everything together.  Make it a lot easier to deal with. There's also the fact that I just said no to some stickers. Such as the Zaft logo. Well Andrew is no longer part of the Zaft Federation. In fact he's regarded KIA in the series despite being alive.  Overall its finished.  I hope one day I get to a point that I can build more models and start mixing and matching certain parts to make my own other words GUNPLA ^_^.

Monday, June 24, 2013

E3 Thoughts: Meh I'll wait till I see the final product

Well I wanted to make a video on it but geez its hard to actually care about something you don't really watch. I've been busy pretty much all this month so I didn't have time to watch it.  I managed to read up on it and focus more on what I actually care about and that's the games.  As for console's I only have this to say. Whether you complain about the console or not is up to you. It doesn't really change the fact that people will buy it anyway.  I am a bit surprised to see the things that happened after E3 (Microsoft).  If you were to ask me what console I'd get. I would likely say none till price drop. They're all too expensive for my taste and I like older games anyway lol.

What I actually want from all the companies is this (This includes you 3rd Party guys too).  Stop making crap peripherals like these controllers and cameras. I'm sick of having to pay $50 - $80 on controllers that only work for one game only and there's never a sequel made or a game that's pretty much crap is made to use it.  To make it worse the game most of the time requires these bulky pieces of crap. The other thing I'm sick of is these controllers barely lasting a year of use.  Shelling out all this money for a new controller that at first feels good but then starts having issues such as the stick rubber falling off, buttons getting stuck, replacing rechargeable battery packs, etc.  Its annoying.  At least make your stuff last for more than a year of play.

Now on to the 3 companies in this epic war of the consoles again.

Well Nintendo's been out with there Wii U and 3DS for a awhile.  Honestly there list of games have been rather intriguing.  But its obvious that there console exclusive are pretty much anything with Mario and Sonic blah blah blah.  Anyway lets see.

Well this is obvious. But with the reveal of "Fairy Type" Guess they need something to beat something else. Although it might just end up like Dark Types and just suck for the most part. Anyway I'm loving the look of these starters.  Definitely looking forward to this pokemon game. Not the 3D aspect but well its another Pokemon game. 

I look at this game and wha????  I mean I honestly think its just Mario Galaxy (which I didn't really like) but with Sonic.  And these enemies looks rather colorful compared to what I'm used to.  Although Sonic has taken that route. But like I said with Generations please don't take the route of being too easy and having lack of replay value.  

Well kinda obvious this is gonna happen.  Smash bros. is a rather famous game anyway.  Well I honestly hope that I don't get bored with this one like I did with Brawl. Brawl having a story mode added with other modes that were just boring kinda killed my joy of the game.  I don't care about tournament crap such as tripping, wave-dashing, blah blah blah.  But I would like game modes that are fun and keep me coming back. As for Megaman being in the game.  Meh whatever guest characters to me aren't that great anyway.

 Well maybe this Zelda game will actually be fun to play. I didn't like Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword honestly and the latest Zelda I've played was Windwaker. The whole gimmick of Link becomming one with a wall sounds like fun. Still don't like the whole 3DS thing though..

Someone will probably correct me on this but anyway.  I enjoyed the movie when I was young. And Music games usually do pretty good.  So if this is anything like the movie I look forward to it.

The company that apparently won E3. If its anything worth mentioning.  I honestly didn't see much from these guys.  They need more time to come with more games. 

Another Sequel. I was honestly content with the whole World ended and its all your fault ending. But I guess we gotta have some sort of happy ending.  Maybe this game will be our happy ending. Although from the trailers I'm not liking the fact that Lightning seems to be the only party member. 

Well this game is coming to PS3. I'm honestly excited due to its pretty much D&D arcade on a console and updated. (also made by Atlus).  

Why is Wolverine here. So does that mean we get useful party members?
I need far more content than what was provided. Yeah it looks nice but at the same time we waited this long.  Is this really gonna happen or do we wait a few more years. 
Yeah KHIII isn't gonna really happen. Its really just a remixed KH game and I told them slap KHIII on the cover. All part of my master plan. 

From what I've been hearing this is really FF Versus XIII. Which if that's the case I guess that's a good move on SE's part cause we don't want a Duke Nukem Forever to happen again.  

I haven't seen DDR on the shelves for awhile.  So I'm glad to see it coming back. I prefer it over the other dance games.  I'm not so sure about the dance pads. although they look sturdy, they also look expensive.  Also the use of a Sim Card to track your player data. I'm gonna lose that thing within the first week.

 Apparently Microsoft pissed off a lot of fans.  But at the same time it seems they fixed the problems.  No more paying extra for used games. No having to log in constantly to play.  Etc.  But well from what I've seen all the games seem to be M rated or just not interesting.

Someone actually got me interested in Lost Planet 3.  I mean in terms of FPS I would think its M rated but its not so I do have some interest to see how this game plays.  Other than that I want giant robot. Let me drive that and I'll be happy.

 Well I always love Killer Instinct as a series.  So seeing KI3 after SO MANY years is rather exciting. I am worried about this game being slapped with an M rating. Considering its track record before was borderline. But bring me Sabrewulf and Riptor.  Even though I'm a Jago user.

 WHAT THE ****!!!! I waited for over a year only to find out now you guys delay long enough to be thrown on the Xbox One.  I SAVED UP ALL THOSE POINTS FOR NOTHING!!!!   *twitch twitch*  Really hate you guys.  I wanted another Panzer Dragoon (even if this isn't Panzer Dragoon) for a long time thinking I'm gonna get it. Now I don't and gotta get Xbox One to play it.  -_- Real dick move guys. Real dick move....

That about wraps up these guys and there games there are others but I don't really feel like quoting them right now.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Virtua Quest: This could be A Great Series Starter If SEGA didn't mess up in certain areas.

This was one of the games I wanted to play for quite awhile in the past. I mean the idea of Virtua Fighter having a sort of RPG game was a great idea. Not to mention SEGA needs to flesh out this series (as well as many others) a lot more. I feel if this game didn't have a couple of flaws people complain about in this day and age we could have a solid game.

This game is based off the Famous Virtua Fighter series. In fact it takes place many years in the future after Virtua Fighter happens. Using the same evil syndicate, "Judgement Six" from Virtua Fighter. There intent is basically causing terrorism through the net.  Unfortunate for Sei, our main character he gets dragged into this conflict and is forced to fight for his life.  Good thing he has people looking out for him. Cause his dad first sent him a Special Hunter's Glove he could use in this virtual world. And even more so a couple of rather random characters offer him a helping hand.  And all Sei wanted was some money for his intent to enter the races.  But its thanks to those random characters he's able to find and acquire what's Called Virtua Souls to use in battle against Judgement Six.  The Virtua Souls are missing data of various Virtua Fighters (yep there's the connection) that give a person the ability to fight and break through any security.  Well things should be simple right?  Well actually....


That's a summary of the game's story.  While I understand the storyline and like the direction it takes. The way it was written has a few holes here and there. While the plot of Judgement Six and pretty much every evil guy was fleshed out properly. The other character's or should I say your allies get little to no screentime. Even characters that are important to the games plot rather get shoved to the side and likely will never be around again bug you with character development.  This wouldn't irk me so much if most of those characters (if not all of them) didn't show up in the intro along with Sei to make appear as if they're gonna help you out a ton through the game.  Honestly the intro should've used the Virtua Fighter characters standing next to Sei instead. Most of them flesh out the story more than the time wasting NPC's with voices.

*Spoiler Note Highlight You've Been Warned: One of the character reveals at the end of the game (Sei's Father) would be a lot better if you saw more of this dude throughout the game instead of him popping up to say hi and bye.*
Anyway while its not bad for a story I think they honestly should've done more with the characters rather than having them say Hi and Bye. Really only 2 (or 3) characters show character development through the game the others rather forgettable.

Gameplay Is A Double Edged Sword

While the combat is solid. Most of the other aspects of the game is shakey at best.  I find the combat to be like that of a random beat-em up, hack n' slash type gameplay. Which honestly that's no problem.  Some the enemies can be frustrating to deal with at first but eventually you learn how to deal with em even the bosses.  A minor issue I had was with customizing. While I could mess around with the upgrade parts. The placement of them or really the controls behind them are rather ugh. Using the analog sticks for placement in a 3 x 3 x3 cube is rather annoying at times.  Probably my main gripe with customization lies with the style changes as I call it. Depending on your actions in each stage as well as what Virtua Souls you have equipped makes your style change. However the game makes it appear as if theses styles have levels to them saying things like, "Light LVL 1" or "Heavy LVL 1" Really there's no level beyond LVL 1. *sadface* Virtua Soul customization makes up for it. By the time you finish the game you end up having a ton of Virtua Souls to pick from. Some my favorite moves from Virtua Fighter 4 that actually pulled me through the game.

While all this is minor gripes at best. The worst comes from dealing with platforming issues. The game has some great ideas like swinging from ropes to get to the next area, to double jumping, and even Wall Running (Now that's rarely used).  The platforming pretty much requires you to be pretty precise about everything Or well die (you don't really die just take damage or find yourself back at the starting point).  When I say precise I mean certain jumps are like that of Classic Megaman Jumps where you have to be at the literal edge to make the jump. Swinging from virtual ropes have a pretty small window. In fact there's some cases where I over shot the jump and missed completely.  This wouldn't be horrible if the Hunter's License Tests you take make you wanna break the game in half out of frustration.  (Note: The very last Test you unlock is just way too hard to even be in this game. One mistake and its back to the starting point after you fail it of course.)  It doesn't help that controls are rather sensitive with the virtual rope and the slightest movement of the Right Analog stick makes it come out or retract it at all the wrong times.  I imagine if the platforming issue was fixed you could have a great game on your hands.


The music gives me a rather Phantasy Star Online vibe.  Having a calm startout then when combat begins the beat shoots up.  While there are some forgettable tracks what game doesn't have these. There are some songs that I would listen again and again for a good bit.  However some of songs that play during a fight with a virtua fighter although its nice that they were remixed. I prefer the classic songs.  I did especially enjoy the songs in the last couple of boss fights.  They worked pretty well for the situation and really spoke for the mood.

Voice Acting

I honestly don't care for Voice Acting cause these days the standards for it are "Professional Voice Acting or Get Out"  While none of the voices are professional or some famous actor to what I recall. They aren't horrible. Each of them speak rather fluidly and read there script clearly.  While it could use some work in spots its not anything I would complain about. I've heard voice acting that's far worse in comparison.


I wish the game was a bit longer.  Maybe if the game was longer the other NPC's could have more time to tell us more about themselves rather than beg Sei for help, then say KThxBye! I enjoy the combat but the platforming needs some fine tuning.  The game has potential and heck I actually wish there was a sequel using a different theme.  If those things were fixed the game could easily be an all time best PS2/GC game on a list.  I do want a sequel of this game. Maybe using another Sega franchise as a plot device. Like NiGHTS, Sonic, Virtua-On, etc.  Maybe Sega will make another side game to there series like this.  I never really know what they're doing so here's hoping.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Okami: Day FINAL - The Day of Darkness

Sidequest Before I get pissed and say I'll Do It Later

Ok Lets search around I gotta find that Power Slash 3. I mean there's obviously a Power Slash 3 considering Power Slash 2 isn't enough to break certain rocks.  And lo and behold it was under my nose the whole time. I must've passed it like 19 times without knowing the camera really knows how to hide stuff.  Well Power Slash 3 was sorta unneccessary. I found at this point I have way more than enough praise among other things to max out my health and my Pouch.  Wow.  Fun.  Oh well nice to have.

The 5 er...8?! Canine Warriors strike again.

Revisiting some old areas we find Princess Fuse properly training her doggies. Speaking of I need to feed mine.  Anyway They challenge me to match....Apparently they're stronger than Orochi.....Yeah right....If you're better than Oki was maybe you'll be a threat.  HOLY CRAP That's quite the speed boost.  I can't keep track of em all.  And to push me into a corner like this....Guess I better get serious too.  Hold up the other 3 showed up outta nowhere? How?  Wait another Fight?!  WHAT IS THIS!!!! YOU DIDN"T SAY THERE WOULD BE 3 FIGHTS IN A ROW!!! After that little skirmish.  They now have a new benchmark to train to.  Well that'll be fun if that happens again

This Race....***** be cheatin!!!!

Kai challenges Ammy to a race. Through those not so lost woods.  Accepted the challenge unknowingly how bad the odds are stacked against me.  Not only is it the same crap with all those traps.  I now have to beat her to the finish line.  She doesn't even need time to reach max speed.  WTF!!! And the one time I thought I left her in the dust and have some good distance SHE SHOWS UP IN THE NEXT AREA IN FRONT OF ME!!! THIS CHEATIN ***** ARGH!!!!!  This took too long.....too frustrating.....ARGH!!! I HATE YOU!!!! After that rage moment she's finally beaten easily.  Now I can move on.

There's honestly nothing left to do. I managed to find the last weapon I'm missing.  Now I wonder where the Gold Dust is?  You know what screw it....I'm done lets beat the game. I could hunt for all those Stray Beads but that'll take forever without a guide...I'll do it some other time.

The Day of Darkness Is Here

So lets board this Ark of Yamato.....apparently I need resolve cause this is THE POINT OF NO RETURN!!! But Ammy...I don't want our adventure to end.  But I guess the world does need saving...and there's no other way....I kinda know this will be our last time together but lets make the best of it.  Issun says that he's jumping ship....after we came so far together. You're gonna abandon us now?!  I know you were only in it for yourself but....Come on....we couldn't have gotten this far without you...So...that's how its gonna be. In the end you're nothing but a greedy, selfish, pervert, who only looks out for himself...Oh great Waka's here.  Sigh...this is not the time.  Waka taunts Issun with the truth saying only those worthy can get on the ship anyway and it turns out like always he was right....but why is to come with us....I kinda figured stuff out at this point but....who's side is he on?  So regardless of whether Issun wanted to come or not he didn't have a ticket....

And now onboard as usual Waka is no where in sight...sigh...he's probably final boss or doing something stupid related to it.  And now all these Celestial Beings....Cough cough.


They explain that they've been waiting for Ammy's return to set things right and that she fought Orochi years back.  Apparently a lot of crap went down in 200 years.  But while we do that. Boss RE-FIGHTS GO! And there's my last 2 Gold Dust...SERIOUSLY!!! WHY WOULD YOU PUT THEM ON THE SHIP!  ITS POINT OF NO RETURN!  I MEAN THERE'S NO AREA LEFT FOR ME TO DO ASIDE FROM THOSE DEMON GATES I FOUND BUT STILL WHY SELL IT HERE?!!

Sigh I'm calm now.  Apparently Waka's upstairs fighting.  Fighting What?  Who? Guess I'll find out...And so that giant Ball is Yami the King of Darkness.  But Looking at it...Design needs work and isn't he some dude in Yugioh Season 1?  Anyway Waka explains how this is all his fault but will fight till his last breath to correct it.  At the same time thanks to the day of darkness We just lost all our power....Ammy's just a mere dog now....this is bad.....Waka is blown away and its just Me and Ammy vs. this big guy. How am I supposed to fight without any power?  Whatever we can't give up now. Gotta find someway.

So just hitting seems to work and eventually brush techniques or the gods power came back one by one.  With this boss getting pissed off.  But we can't give up I've fought uphill battles before and this is nothing! Push on!  With the boss transforming and using attacks that are reminiscent of things done in older dungeons this was easy.  We evened the odds and beat down Yami....Guess we win?....But the victory howl is not the same without Issun here....*smack* just like that we're beaten down with nothing left.  This can't be how it ends....But I'm out of ideas here.... I hate to say it but I think its over...But we came so far...It can't end like this...

Then like all Final boss fights with the prayers and hopes of the people and Issun's epic artwork.  Ammy's back in the fight! *sniffle cry* Well if that's the case *drys tears* I can't believe I lost faith like that. *deep breath* It's time I showed you...WHAT I'M TRULY CAPABLE OF! *plays UNCHAIN∞WORLD*

Victory assured let out one final victory howl. Waka's alive to ruin this moment but I suppose its for the better. Time for everyone to go there separate ways. Watching the ending.  I feel happy.  Although I'm gonna miss those 2.  The final totals came up and wow.  Pretty much S Rank everything.  Only thing I can unlock that's left now is those Stray Beads. There's way more than enough praise to max out everything.  And now there's a NG+ and I can play as Ammy in various forms.  Cool.

I enjoyed this game to the full. Even if other people don't wanna watch it on YT. I don't care I liked this one. Shame you guys won't see this till like end of July LOL.  Sorry.  This is definitely one of the great games of PS2's era. From what I hear the Wii version got gypped in some things. But then there's also Okamiden. Took them forever to make a sequel that they were hinting on making. LOL.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Podcast Update June 2013 Mid-Month Update - Lets Talk Games

Well quite a few things have happened this month.

  • managed to have enough for a new PSP 3000 model so I can get back to PSP playthroughs
  • Found a far better program than recommended for video conversion as well as decent editing
  • Took a youtube course on ways to improve my YT channel and finished it.
  • I'm practically a month ahead in uploads
  • etc etc
I'm pretty much taking this time to ignore my thoughts on the viewers and such cause when I think about that I have nothing but negative to say on it.  Believe me I have a lot of negative things to say on it but rather not do another podcast of it. 

I can honestly say Okami is just about done as well as Virtua Quest. So now's the time to try and fill in those slots with a suggestion for another game preferably on my list so by next month you guys may have something to watch.  Seriously its the best way to see what you want to see instead throwing random suggestions at me.  Leave a comment on the YT channel under the discussion tab or send me a Private Message (PM).  

I have not looked at E3 yet.  I've been swamped with many other things to do and I rather wait for all the hype to go down so I can just read about the whole thing.  I personally would not like to share my thoughts on E3 since I don't really care for it.  I'm more concerned about games that are out now or coming next month.  But I guess I'll make separate podcast on that issue at a later date.

I honestly believe that's it in terms of updates.

Virtua Quest Playlist -

Okami Playlist -

Sonic Adventure DX -

Okami Boss Fights -

Monday, June 10, 2013

Okami Day 7: Gods Can Time Travel Apparently

So first thing lets get a bit of grinding done.  For demon fangs and money.  I did a bit off screen to save some upload time.  After managing to get what I needed I'm a little surprised. For one a new taunt apparently involves Ammy taking a dump for more demon fangs.....Uh....ok....I'm honestly rather speechless now....Anyway...the last set of things to buy with demon fangs. An item that lets Issun steal items, and one that makes Ammy Jesus....(walk on water).  Where was this item awhile back when I was running for my life from the Water Dragon?

Back up here in Kamui I'm sick of these Blockhead enemies. I actually had to take my video camera and record where to hit the spots....ugh....But lets take down some assassin monsters while I'm here.  Then we move on to this Forest of Yoshpet apparently dog ppl can't handle the scent here for long.  So what's to say for god dogs?  Anyway I'm gonna have to take time to run through here and collect all the praise and other stuff lying around here later on. Even though there's a time limit.  Upon making it to the middle still haven't found the lost little Lika but found what looks to be a little tree stump.

Apparently Issun is from here.  But doesn't wanna revisit his home.  Wonder why.  But looking through this place a lot of ppl already recognize Ammy as a god.  This village was made to help teach others about the gods of Nippon.  How nice.  They were also trained to help out the gods when in need. So apparently an Issun. Running into Issun's daddy he talks to Ammy as if she's Shiranui the last god.  Ammy well doesn't care...apparently Shiranui acted the same as well.  From what I hear Issun ran off cause his dad was too hard on him.  Well moving on I find some random shop that's supposed to make a seal for me?  And apparently I'm not ready to fight the darkness yet?  When am I ready?  So she lets me draw my own sign for this seal.  I drew the sign for Earth in Japanese.  Was gonna be mole but that sign is long.  After I draw the sign she tells me to get out.  Then locks the door.  So I guess I'll come back later.

Moving on through the forest even more apparently Lika went beyond the spirit gate.  A place that invites misfortune...wonder why they say that. So this Spirit Gate is right here and Lika isn't around....hmmm....guess we better go in...And we end up transported to Kamiki?  Wait wha?  After taking some time to look around find that this is Kamiki village of the past.  And well we just screwed up the past.  Cause we beat up Nagi....Um...uh oh.  Looks like its time to fix this. I'm sure nothing significant will happen if change the past a little right?  So we change Nagi's clothes to look like the maiden of sacrifice to Orochi. Yep Orochi again.  Well as we're walking to meet with Orochi. He snatches Nagi then throws him out.  Guess Orochi isn't gonna fall for the old dress up like a girl routine. And once again we're trapped behind a barrier.  Guess we gotta fight his full power....without all the brush techniques...well now.....uh...OKI what are you doing here?!  Oki does the crazy thing and attacks Orochi with that sword of his and it doesn't work...big surprise...well time to fight Orochi I his full power...without all the brush techniques....I GET IT ISSUN STOP REMINDING ME!!!

Well after a repeat boss fight Orochi goes down and we find Lika somehow stuck in Orochi's back??? huh? Nagi shows up to try and save the day....he's worse than Susanoh...sigh...Well I guess this is the time to celebrate but something's missing...why didn't Ammy die in this battle like Shiranui did...oh that's why the giant rock is supposed to try and kill OMG NO!!! Now Shiranui shows up so the time stream is back to normal?  Well besides that we better get out of here.  After another daring escape.  We find ourselves back at the present.  Lika is safe and Oki apparently ran off...

Well now next bit gotta get Lika to the volcano to recite the incantation for making the volcano erupt. But its not working and to make things worse we have "The Day of Darkness" creeping up on us. Oki is many problems.  Well maybe I can stop the blizzard.  So temple of ice this is...first time I'm in an ice area and not excited for it.  Luckily this place is short. After taking some time to figure out the puzzle and finding out I missed a door.  A somewhat easy climb we find a machine making the blizzard. This puzzle isn't complicated.  And with that the final brush god!  Check it out I can do Ammy's Super now!  ^_^  So climbing up even further we find the demon behind all this...I thought they were twins.  Oh well take this down....wait Shiranui....WHY ARE YOU HERE?!  Shiranui practically 1 ups me in everything.  After this boss goes down Oki shows 3 on 1....nope....Oki gets stupid and the Demon's twin shows up...Then we get Za Warudo'd........Shiranui sacrifices herself to save Oki and gets fatally wounded....They'll pay for this. Oki finally learns what it means to PROTECT THOSE AND HOW HIS STUPID SWORD WORKS!

So finishing the dungeon arrive at the end and looks like we're gonna fight them both at the same time....but I'm worried about being Za Warudo'd again....Lets fight it I'm pretty sure I'll figure it out.  Well this fight is pretty easy...and we show them the REAL SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK!!! Yeah...ok....After taking them down we see the sad fate of Shiranui. Dude's gotta go die back in his own time...But well we won...and Kamui isn't gonna freeze to death cause the volcanoes erupted.

Oh wait but there's bad news.  The darkness from the demons rose out of these bosses....More bad news all the darkness gathered in place. EVEN MORE BAD NEWS!!!! The Ark of Yamato said to be a ship that was frozen in ice forever that apparently the demons rode on has rose out of the lake!  AND MORE BAD NEWS!!! The Day of Darkness is fast approaching what does that mean for Ammy?!  MORE BAD NEWS!!! This looks like the final dungeon!  Wait...that's actually not so bad....

Well I'm getting vibe that the end is upon us. For this game. For Ammy. For the world of Nippon.....I'M NOT GETTING ON THAT SHIP JUST YET!!!  I'm going to sidequest first.  I'm coming back prepped and ready for this.  Need to find Power Slash 3.....And to think I got this far without a guide.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Okami Day 6: To Kill a Water Dragon

Ok after some much needed exploration and possible look at what's gonna happen next in the story.  Now we're faced how we're gonna get to this Dragonian palace.  Good thing Orca is unaffected by the Water Dragon's Attempts to eat us. But still that's some serious Jaws stuff there.  Hmm a fisherman out here.  Somebody call for the Fishing Master again?  Too bad I'm already here!  WOW That is a huge fish.  You're gonna drag that thing all the way back to the restaurant....I guess I'll follow. So this restaurant has the giant fish and this guy wants to cut it up.  Well guess I'll help out.  Got another paint technique time to try it out.  Wow this move might be broken. I'll keep it in mind.

So on this cliff this guy wants to see Shooting stars. that's easy. And also apparently this is the path to the Dragonian palace.  After spending some time trying to get it to open by drawing a whirlpool....geez got really annoying trying to draw it. the path finally opens.  So inside this palace I'm reminded of Susa Village with all those birds.  Only this time they're mermaids. After meeting Queen Otohime who explains that she's been waiting on me since I met Queen Himiko.  Well I guess we should cut to the chase then. So I'm told that they don't control the water dragon and basically it went berserk cause tried to fight off all the demons. So what I'm supposed to do is go inside it and pull this Dragon Orb out of it and maybe find the source of what made it berserk.  Sounds like there's something she's not telling us. So onwards to Jabu Jabu....I mean the Water Dragon's belly. The place looks fine to me.  As far as a water dragon's stomach goes anyway.  I mean I'm no doctor...After locating the Dragon orb its rather tied up by all this Stomach...Further in looks like Stomach acid fills the place. Or this area.  I wonder.....hmmm...shut up Issun I know what I'm doin.  Yep that should release the Dragon Orb and looky here a boss fight against a bunch of annoying foxes.  After dealing with that check it out this is probably why the Water Dragon went berserk it ate the Fox Rods Rau was looking for.....wait...but I thought these were a good thing....Something's not right. No time to think on that now gotta escape cause this Water Dragon has a bad case of Acid Reflux!!! RUN FOR IT!

So after that daring escape Rau shows up....wait how did she get down here, I thought this place was supposed to be sacred?  And how does she know about the Fox Rods. Ammy you're just gonna hand them over? Something ain't right.  And just like that Booby Lady is gone. She left in quite a hurry.  But anyway back to what's important we killed the Water Dragon. And the Water Dragon was a person.  He explains everything that happened up to this point and is happy for us getting the Dragon Orb...They knew....Otohime knew this would happen and pushed us into doing it.  From what Otohime explains she says that they'll do anything to ensure peace.  I wish I had that kind of resolve.  At that same time the Dragon Orb shows us a vision of Rau....being attacked....wait a minute...#$@&!!!!! We gotta book it!

So after running like crazy there's no sign of Rau anywhere.  Not even a sign of a struggle...something really not adding up...I was thinking Rau's a traitor but now...I don't have all the pieces of the puzzle to fit it all together yet.  And then I find Rau's dead body and its been here for awhile it looks like...Ok so this Rau isn't the Rau we know.  So....ugh....better hurry to Himiko...And even Queen Himiko is dead.  We've been duped badly...and the one that duped us is this Imposter! So after fighting it out this imposter shows it's true form as Ninetails. Then goes to taunt us saying that if it was able to grow into its full size we wouldn't be alive right now.  Ninetails runs away back to Oni Island saying that he plans to attack and there's nothing we can do to stop him.  So after that Fox.  According to Issun....NO SHORTCUT'S, NO GETTING SIDETRACKED, RUNNING ONLY, FINAL DESTINATION!  Seriously we would be at Oni Island if I just warped there. I'm pissed too.

We make it to Oni Island only to find that there's no way to get to it.  Otohime shows up saying that she'll help us out. She turns into the Water Dragon and latches on to Oni Island....really you're willing to go that far....Well I gotta beat up a stupid fox anyway.  So this place is really just some stronghold and the demons live a sort of sophisticated life here.  Sorry to disturb your way of life but a fox has to die.  Climbing this thing is gonna take awhile.

So the team of this dungeon is apparently a recreational funhouse I guess?  Whatever And electricity. But mainly I gotta race this piece of paper.  After making it some ways up we find another god that was sealed away. I have electric powers now! Yay.  So after making it to the top time to settle things with Ninetails.  Wait I gotta paint him into existence?!  Ok....Dude you did the one thing that you shouldn't have done to me ever.  Pissed me off.  I'm not holding back on you.  Apparently this guy has my own paint moves?!  Well now...better give it everything you got cause I won't stop till your dead.  His sword is an obvious lightning rod and that's the Ninetails Downfall.  After its defeat I'm tired but apparently my next destination is up to the north.  But lets check out some other things first.

I give Queen Himiko a proper send off.  Which apparently unlocks a new water move.  Then I meet some old man that has an obsession with machines. Issun how do you know about copper wire?  New Thunder powers too.  Awesome.  And I'm starting to get tired maybe I should stop here but I need to catch a thief first.  So thanks to Amaterasu we have changed a thief's ways.  Wish it was that easy in real life.  The Emperor apparently found some new stuff to trade Demon Fangs now I gotta get like 270 demon fangs....ugh...well I'm buying this golden ink bottle.  I find out that this game sorta has its own bloody palace mode. I went back down the whole where I found that optional boss and find that there's demon gates here. Oh well for now lets head to the north.

So there's some random machine at Shishu Field that works of lightning. Well that was easy now we have an opening to up north.  So in these cold fields its a huge blizzard right now.  Things must be pretty bad here.  Hey a place to rest.  Nope some dude wants to challenge me to fight....bad timing...I'm really tired...but I'll give you a battle....This dude racks up damage quick I gotta stop playing around.  I thought it would be honorable not to use anything but my weapons but this guy just needs to be whooped.  And he turns into a wolf?!  Wha?....Yeah that Cyclone technique of mine is pretty cheap creates such a huge opening.  So just like Waka did before this guy is all like. You're not as good as your predecessor crap.  These punks are gonna stop comparing to these old legends....Anyway lets have a look around.  Hey its Kokari (is that his name) and Ume.  Back to fishing I see.  Some guy wants me to go on more bounty hunting.  I'll do that at some point.

So this village is all covered in Ice.  Did Gannondorf show up here and freeze it over just like Zora's Domain. hahahahahhaha...*is slapped*. Apparently Issun knows the place or use to live somewhere around here.  So I guess this village is full of people that can turn into dogs/ how do I join this tribe?  Apparently some girl ran off or was kidnapped and they need me to rescue her or there village is doomed to freeze to death.  Well that shouldn't be too hard. But honestly it looks like once I"m done here something big's gonna go down. I mean I look around find out some ship was frozen in a lake and apparently it was evil and destroyed the gods living place. The monsters have gotten tougher. Waka shows up...come to think of it...I think Waka has a lot to do with this more than he lets on.  Ugh...I'm too tired to think about all this now. I'll figure it out later....I'm going to sleep.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Okami Day 5: Don't Piss Off The Water Dragon

Well we're finally back. Now that I'm refreshed I have somewhat of an idea as to what to do now.  So lets get started.  So apparently this Fashion Designer in Sei-an City needs new designs and this random little girl has new ideas to draw.  Well that's obviously connected.  But seriously Drawing this Star....I'm not that great with the brush.  A heart too.  Ok....Well that's a ton of Praise.

This guy has another bounty hunting list. After glitching the game and freezing it. I figured out how to find these monsters on the bounty list somewhat. Basically examine what monsters are around during the day or kill them all then when it turns night the ones with a bounty are the only ones left in completely different spots.  Good thing its not randomly generated.  Well that's done with. Let's keep moving on.  I honestly don't think there's anything left I can do in this town....well there is find this thief.  But first lets see our Queen Himiko.

Ok so the guards are almost as bad as Metal Gear Solid guards.  Getting in to the place. I was expected? Ok...well then...sounds like boss fight coming.  I can't even cross this area its full of Lava! do you fill a temple made of wood with Lava?! So I can't do anything here yet. Let's see about Kaguya who left to see what was calling her.  Backtracking I go. So Kaguya is apparently some chick from space.  Ok....she goes back into space and leave me this item. I guess this is what I needed to advance the story. So back to Queen Himiko's place.

Now I can cross the lava. And even this save point and all this walking just says Boss Fight. But there's no boss?  So Queen Himiko explains that she couldn't help her people cause she was busy praying for a way to stop the source of all this trouble.  She can see the future too....ok...She even has this mirror, orb thing that apparently repels demons. So couldn't have just walked to the Emperor and purified him.  Solve the city's problems even temporarily and keep praying. Something doesn't make sense.  But she tells us that the reason the Water Dragon is pissed off cause of Oni Island and some other island. So she wants me go over there and solve the problem.  Fine I'm going.

So next up is Northern part of Ryoshima. Man this place is small and Waka's here....sigh.  Apparently he purified the area long before I got here....Hard to believe but thanks for saving me the trouble.  He says Issun could be this fake painter that made himself a sprite....Ok seriously Waka shut up...You bug me. With him gone lets have a look around this place.  Its that archer dude from before. Just practicing.  I'll help you later. Oh someone's getting bullied Better stop it.  So this fisherman says that some guy can take us to the town I need to get to if I wait overnight at the pier.  I'll try that. But first that Tower over there concerns me.  Let's Swim to it.  I don't think that Water Dragon will attack I mean he's all the way over there.

Water Dragon: GET THE **** OUTTA MY WATER!!!! *CHOMP*

Ok so Water Dragon is very territorial.  And this Fish Restaurant apparently needs a certain kind of fish. Looks like just like the other restaurant needs something to help them out and if I help them I get a new painting move. lets sleep at that dock.  And apparently this Giant fish shows up. And our new friend got denied a ride. But we get to ride to the town we need to go to.  I wanna see what these dragon ppl look like....oh but I gotta pass a trial first.  DOESN'T ANYONE KNOW WHO I AM!? I gotta find some whirlpool and that's gonna be my ticket to this town. I got a long trip on my hands but first since you're allowing me. Imma go see this Island. Full of Cats.

That's one tall tower.  And that's a lot of cats.  Wow that's a lot of climbing.  I don't care lets climb this thing.  Apparently this god of wall climbing was trapped here.  But lol poor Issun.  So I got the ability to climb walls.  Wait I know areas where I can climb walls. Time for some exploration and back tracking.