Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I've been seeing the dreaded BSOD on this Desktop far too many times recently. This guy is a good 8 years old and not even mine. I'm about to be stuck without a desktop in the family again. Anyone know of good stock built or custom made parts for a desktop for cheap. I really don't wanna break down and get a credit card and end up paying minimum so any ideas on where to look?

I'm pretty sure its memory issues as well as fan issues.  This things pretty old and replacing it might as well invest in a new one.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Podcast for End of August 2013 - Swamped with Work

Sorry I've been going through a lot in the past month and I'm still trying to get back on track.  I mean A lot of things have happened to me expected and unexpected.

I had a recent death in the family and the rest of my outside family is generally a bunch of jerks about it. Going into details wouldn't be healthy and I'm pretty sure you don't wanna hear the details.

But its really thanks to that along with now having a PS3 that I'm behind on other games.  1 Being Ape Escape which I just beat the main game and I'm working on post game. Spectrobes I didn't lose interest I just haven't found the time.  Sorry -_-
The same can be said of Dragon's Crown. While at the same time Tales of Xillia I finished Milla's story but trying to psyche myself up for Jude's side is a chore.

Honestly I can say keeping a balance is a chore.  For some people its easy. For others like me its the hardest thing in existence.

In other news I've heard of Inafune starting his own kickstarter or really I should say having a successful kickstarter of his psuedo Megaman game called Mighty No. 9. While I say it won't save Megaman it will be a good substitute for him since ppl keep going on and on saying they want Megaman not in a fighting game but in another game to finish the series.

While I know about Pokemon X & Y. I probably won't have it till end of the year or next year and even then I know people only want that Capture Card quality of a 3DS that I can't possibly afford.  So I honestly don't know if or when I get it that I'll record it.

I did start Skylanders Giants recently hopefully it won't take me and my sister too long especially cause Skylanders SWAP-Force comes out pretty soon.

I'm honestly having a hard time trying to keep up and plan properly. Working at a good pace is tough too.  I'll get back on it just gonna take some time for me to bounce back.