Sunday, December 21, 2014

I Don't Call Em Wishlist. I call em buying list. Update

Since my silly decision to give mom money for this month. (ok not so silly) I've been well broke. I tried and well still trying to fill in that time with finishing other games.  Well with watching 2 kids, getting sick, etc that's been well needless to say difficult.  I tried to use my weekends to make up for lost time but its been spent more sleeping than anything.

Speaking of those kids.  Well we managed to get one of them in school (although that doesn't really matter much now cause its Christmas Break.)  That's actually been a bit more difficult than first anticipated. Although he's in the 2nd Grade, his handwritting is absolutely horrible, his respect for authority is well next to none apparently. To make it worse like most kids he's already learned to lie and get frustrated about things like homework, studying, etc.  Believe me it took forever to get him to study for a simple spelling test.  Even after eliminating distractions he still manages to find something to distract him.  After telling me that he doesn't care for school cause he wants his mom back to do home school I had to give him a bit of a reality check to tell him that he's dealing with this now and his mom won't be back for awhile. He gets mad and well easily frustrates me.  What bugs me is all the toys he has and how they're left around the house.  When I tell him that he can't play in the kitchen he gets mad and says, "Fine I'll go play outside."  I let it go cause there's no point in getting mad.

When it comes to the younger one the little girl. She's easy to deal with on her own. In fact she's very well behaved on her own. Till her older brother shows up and they go and destroy the house. Really as selfish as this sounds. All I need to do is cut on My Little Pony since that shows for like 2 - 3 hours and she's satisfied.

Feeding them can get to be a challenge. They're very picky eaters.  Like eat only the skin off the chicken picky.  So pretty much 2 separate meals have to be cooked.  There father frustrates me a bit cause he's not exactly thinking about his kids.  He's currently searching for an apartment. The many apartments we've shown him aparerntly don't meet his criteria. He wants a 3 Bedroom 2 Bath for like $500 a month.  The best apartment we found he can't get cause its for low income families only and he makes too much money.  The one I showed him he didn't say anything about but didn't like it. But he continues to bring over toys and stuff for the kids that we don't have any room for.  Frustrating.

Anyway on with other stuff.

The weekends I've had to try and play other games is difficult.  I only managed to get a couple of games in. I forced myself to finish Invizimals: Lost Kingdom.  Its boring.  Even for a kids game its boring.

I tried playing a couple of demos.  I'm a little interested in Destiny just finding a group to play with (people I actually know) is next to impossible. Everyone I know that has it has the actual game and pretty much maxed out there character and left the game behind.

Ratchet & Clank series I have interest in cause after playing A Crack in Time I'm interested in the series.  I actually made plans on buying the whole series and playing it either on stream or YT it. But well plans fall through lol.

Theatrhythm FF I still want to get.

Wishlists I call them Buying List

I made long list of games and stuff I wanted to buy. Barely get the chance to attack it.  With making sure the fans are happy with what they watch and deciding whether or not to go buy it or not.  Anyway this is the set of wis....err buying list I've made.

General Buying List
Pretty much stuff I want or to help out the channel.

Nintendo Portable
Portable Nintendo games. PSP is well...generally complete.

Nintendo Wii
Wii Games I'm interested in

Old Gen Games
Like it says Old Gen Games

PS3 Games

Skylanders I've made plans on getting.

Xbox 360
360 Games I've been looking at.

Steam Games I've Looked At

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Status Update....*Is Quietly Losing It*

Its always solve one issue get 10 more isn't it?

I don't mind the kids, I understand what my uncle is going through. I understand what my aunt is going through. But all this is just ridiculous.

While I don't have to worry about keeping them occupied since they had birthdays. They love there to annoy me with them too.  One is a baby doll that speaks both English and Spanish (Great this baby doll will be making more money than most of the world at the age of 18 lol...must keep making jokes.), eats, drinks, and pees. It never shuts up. The other is a RC Car that gets left in the floor along with LEGOs.

Its nice to know that one of them is going to public school.  Even though I wonder who's going to pick them up when its time. I don't think mom completely thought this part through.  I don't have my own car to get them and I know my sister is gone way longer than when he gets out of school (She has work and college).  Guess I'll know next week. And that still leaves the other one to watch for the day.

The real seemingly unfixable problem

I haven't really been able to sleep.  When I do its interrupted. The kids still cough at night I don't think the medicine is working for them.  Then around 3AM the cats bang on my door and meow to get fed and cry for attention.  By the time I get back to sleep its time to wake up and watch these kids again....

While my uncle can see his kids again. He's trying to get an apartment.  At least I think he is (I hope he is.) While he has a kind heart it just feels like he's trying maybe too hard.  He brought like a ton of well treats for everyone to have. But today aside from me being sick...he brings the kids a basketball goal for them to play on. I'm just wondering a bit where his priorities are...Are the kids living here forever or what? I've seen pretty much little progress. To top it off mom on a daily basis says a bunch of negative crap about people. My sister wants to distance herself from everything. How the hell am I supposed to stay positive.

In all honesty we have no place to put all these toys. Makes things harder to clean up right now...I'm trying to stay positive but the way things are I don't know anymore. Most I know I'm making plans to get out of here once this is over.  I can't put up with this crap especially since its starting to become routine I could make a YT sketch and profit off it....

Monday, December 8, 2014

League of Legends...This is no way to learn the game seriously (trying)

Well I had this downloaded a long time ago. Just never really sat down to play it. This is quite the experience in the wrong way tbh.  I'm learning but it doesn't seem like I'm learning the right way. I was talked into this game by a friend who plays this almost religiously, well when compared to my amount of playtime.   He insisted I play on the EUW Server (European West Server)


I didn't get to play much on this. I know I lost on the 2nd tutorial on my first time. I tried using Ashe and the game didn't tell me much.  I tried to shoot towers with skills but nothing happened (apparently skills can't hurt towers?)  The AI killed me at every opportunity. I couldn't run away. So I lost. I tried again later like much later using Garen and some random build I found online. Well no doubt that won but I had no idea how to go about building items. I thought I just buy them once I get the money I had no idea there's a method to the madness. Needless to say I felt better with Garen cause I didn't have to watch my MP and his cooldown was pretty good. I didn't bother to try out Ryze.

Coop vs AI 

This is where things changed. I kept getting beat up by the AI of course and every other player on my team was pretty ugly in terms of attitude. Personally I just wanna go beat up stuff and let my allies do all the important stuff.  I hate micromanaging and the fewer things I have to worry about the better. I did win all my matches but I didn't feel as if I was learning anything at least according to the person that talked me into this in the first place.  With Garen I stayed on the bottom lane which I'm just now hearing that I shouldn't be doing that?!  This is all confusing now? I was told to play bottom and now I'm not supposed to? There were other champs I tried as well. I tried Alistar but the build that was given to me didn't seem to work right? No attack items just pure HP very little armor.


This is where things got really hectic.  Also a Smurf's hangout. (I'm told a smurf player is someone that makes a new account cause they can't stand playing against high level players). I can't stand the pressure of when to use a move and practically froze up. There's also a ton more arguing compared to vs the AI.  Felt like everyone I matched with was way more skilled than I was (well that's obvious). I'm still learning but getting cussed out for dying. I can't help that the other team knew everything about the game and are higher level than I am.  I even got reported for being the weakest player...My nerves got seriously bad and nothing I could do but die. And to make it worse I couldn't farm with my supposed allies taking my kills. Or not allowing me to make enough money/exp needed. They also ditched me at the drop of a hat without saying much.  I can't play this mode....too many players obviously more skilled than I am at this and I haven't learned much if at all on this game.


In fact I can say I learned silly tricks and skipped the important stuff.  I read guides but none seem to go over the basics or important stuff I should learn. Just says buy this item, run around and use whatever attack. It gives me a headache, especially when I think about the possibility that I'm the only one that's actually new to the game. My reaction times suck, I don't really know what I'm doing, and everyone's obviously better than me. I think I should stick to vs the AI.  At least then I could possibly learn something.

Probably the most annoying is all the guides. Every guide I read seems to assume the fact that you know what you're doing, know the terminology, and know how not to die. I can see the item sets and strats but I feel I'm missing something. Its fun sorta...but I need to stick to AI combat. I can't take dealing with other players unless I have a team of 5 friends that know each other. I like the game just not the community. That's common.   I have a couple of matches recorded but its all me sucking. Maybe I'll upload them later.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Barely a Week In - How Things Are So Far

Well to be honest its not exactly going well for my family.

My sister is pretty much stuck at work or school. She has finals to take care of and due to the holiday season I shouldn't have to explain how much she has to work even if she's a part timer. She works at a restaurant.  When she comes home she's rather distant and uncaring for the situation. She's ready for our 2 cousins to go back home.

Mom's been sick all week. I worry about her cause she still decides to go to work. And its rather flu-like symptoms. Thankfully she has the weekend off. Even though she's not the type to stay in bed. I worry cause she's been coughing every night along with the kids. She's been considering moving out of state once all of this is over.

We managed to get the kids to a doctor. They don't really know what's wrong with em but did get some meds to give them.  The coughing they do at night has calmed down a bit. They're still rather annoying and frustrating to deal with during the day. They don't talk to me about anything they need or want (like a snack) and decide go independent and get it for themselves. Usually resulting in something getting broken or losing food that should last a week. I tell them many times not to do it but they do it anyway.  I've pretty much given up on nap time (or really I should say quiet time) cause they just don't do it.  I tell them they can't come out that area till they're actually quiet for at least an hour and it only last 5 minutes. The most I can do is let them play Wii games and hope they don't destroy the house. It really sucks having to get up every 5 minutes to see what's going on but its the only way.

No one has any idea where there mother is. Last we heard from Child Services (DCFS) she was released from the hospital and took a vehicle to who knows where. She dropped left her prescription and disappeared. They told us she shouldn't be out of the hospital yet. Her facebook status (At least what's public on her page) says a lot of crazy stuff.  I'm starting to think she's not coming back for her kids.  I don't know what's going on but I'd hate to think of worst case scenario.

There father (my uncle) has been taking small steps but I don't know if he's really getting his act together. He at least makes a phone call from day to day.

The good news is that Child Services has allowed us to get the kids put in school. They were home schooled before. One of them probably won't get into school till next year cause she's 5 years old. The other is 8 now.  I can get them to clean up a bit and fold there own clothes. They even help with the dishes despite it taking longer.

As for me. I've been waking up tired and stressed every morning. I find I barely have time to get things done.  Really I only have like maybe 2 hours or less to get something done which I generally spend sleeping. I would really like to get something done instead of having to stop midway and come back to starting over from the beginning. Financially we're not exactly doing alright mom well even with the bit of money I could give her its not exactly enough bills roll in and make things rough. I guess its better than nothing. It makes me consider asking for donations but the better part of me says not to do it.  I just hope the best comes at the end of all of this.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Small Update: Sigh...I'm So Over This

Well it started to go well. I mean my aunt chipped in a little money to help out. I just got paid today. But like always Monday's Ruin everything.

Small doesn't matter stuff (yeah just venting)

  • Well I found out that neither kid wants to take a bath. Or maybe they don't know how I dunno. But they don't seem to know the meaning of take a bath. Regretfully I may have to teach them that. *shudders*
  • I don't know what the deal is but they seem to like making tissue friends. A lot of tissue friends then I guess they died in war or something cause they're discarded like Disney Cinderella's dress. -_-
  • Keeping there attention span on the Wii which is generally the only console I have with some child friendly games can get difficult. Its all fine till a skeleton or zombie pops up. (And I guess not learning the concept of recovering in smash or the controls of MarioKart Wii can be difficult lol).
  • The concept of nap time or well Quiet goes over there heads. -_-....Really gonna have to teach them the concept of cleaning and quiet time.
  • At least reading goes well. 
Ok done with that vent.

Now the big stuff I try to keep positive over.

  • Mom's sick, like shouldn't be out of bed sick. But like how I do I go do whatever I need to do anyway. In her case she's still going to work. There's nothing I can do about it. At this point everyone at her job has taken a vacation. Can't blame them. So someone has to pick up the slack. That's how jobs work nothing can be done about it.
  • Sister has finals....well time to enjoy that incoming anxiety attack. 
  • Yeah I'm broke for this month. Guess I better work hard at older games that ppl like when I can. 
  • The worst I feared happened. The kids' mother got out the hospital. I'd be all like, "Great Yay" except she's not supposed to be. Apparently she came home and took my uncle's truck. (seriously? HOW?).  So now I'm supposed keep on watch for her in case she shows up and immediately call the cops or someone cause she's not allowed near her kids till given the all clear.  I'm constantly playing this situation in my head of what to do. I can't take these kids to the park for risk we come across there mom. And I know if they see her those kids will fly to her like flies....well you know the reference.  If she's still unstable then everyone's at risk. Regardless I can't let them near each other from what I was told. 
I'm honestly so over this drama. Bad thing is. Once this is all over everything will go back to normal as if nothing ever happened. Nobody in the family will ever be closer. Everyone will be distant till they either need something or the next big holiday rolls around. -_-

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Someone Help Please. (Feeling absolutely powerless)

I am not asking for financial handouts. I would feel absolutely guilty if I got that. The reason I haven't updated this blog in awhile is cause things have generally gotten hard on me. Just recently things have gotten even harder.

Let me start from the beginning. I hope not to keep you too long.

What went down

A couple of weeks ago. My aunt who has a mental disorder decided to stop taking her medication. No doubt this led to bad things later on. She took her 2 children and left on a trip to who knows where for weeks. My family was only updated through various facebook post that gave us a small idea as to where she ran off too. But for that time period there was nothing we could do. We tried contacting her but received no reply. All we could do was pray and hope for there safe return.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago my aunt returned home but was still off her medication. She proceeded to have a restraining order issued against my uncle on false grounds. This left my uncle in a rather distraught state. He wasn't even allowed to take his own truck. My uncle calls asking for a lift to someone's house. Nobody wanted to take him in from what I know he's not in good graces with the family. But he did end up at our house. He told us that his wife was unstable and did all this. We asked why couldn't he just call the cops or someone to say that she's gone crazy and needs to be sent to a hospital. It was explained that anyone from his side of the family (me included) are unable to do that due to the law. My uncle didn't know the doctor that my aunt was supposed to see for her medication or much of anything. The kids were in danger while she was unstable.

Thankfully the neighbors caught on to this and called the cops to report it. He also remembered the doctor she's suppose to see so things could get solved. But not after a long standoff. When the cops arrived she was reported to be hosing down her kids with a water hose, destroying property, and threatening others. This could have ended very badly as the cops on the scene have no training as to dealing with a mental patient. I was stuck waiting feeling powerless cause there's nothing I could do. If you watch my twitter you may have saw my post about that.  I am greatful for those that cared that day. I don't know what I would've done if something happened to those kids.

Anyway after that was over. My uncle was told he could not take his kids. Aside from his house torn to shreds by my aunt's snapped state, the restraining order regardless of how false it was remained in effect. Only a judge can say otherwise. So me and my family ended up with the kids. We asked other family members if they could take them in but they decided to quickly distance there selves from the situation. After everything was over we found that the kids didn't have shoes, and there clothes were pretty crappy. Mom took them to the store and bought them some clothes. I though things were over from this point.

The worst case scenario was avoided but our troubles were just beginning. We were unable to get them seen by a proper doctor cause we do not posses proper power of atorney. We asked our uncle what doctor are the kids supposed to see and he could only give us a name which happens to be a common generic name. Then after calculating the cost we found that covering for these kids is rather costly. Child Services can't really help us and hasn't responded to our request. Pretty much they told us that we're supposed to keep the kids until otherwise noted. We asked other family members but none of them seem to be answering any calls. When we asked them if it was possible to take care of the kids they quickly backed out saying that they have work, didn't want them in there house, etc.

My Situation

My mom is at her breaking point. My sister has her own stresses to deal with. I'm busy worrying to death about what I can do. My mother works full time so I'm the person that watches them during the day. I'm not exactly good with kids. I don't know what to do to help out. I want to help mom out anyway I can. I don't want to ask for financial help. I'll feel guilty about it. My stress not only lies with helping out the family but also when I see what goes on in the news and everyone's reaction to it. I'm burnt out to the point that I can't get angry anymore. I haven't exactly slept properly in the past 3 days. I'm sick of feeling powerless and I want help as to what to do. Please don't send money I just want advice or prayers or just keep me in your thoughts.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I wanna take time away from everything....

While I won't get a much needed vacation ever (cause people won't let me and no money to do so anyway). I need time away from well...everything as much as possible.  I'm not gonna last the year at the rate I'm going now.  My physical and mental health has worsened. I can't sleep properly without the use of some sort of sleep aid. I haven't really gotten anything I need or want done.  As it stands right now I'm not even moving at my own pace.

The stress is getting to me not just from online places etc. where I won't care the next day but at home as well. Cause of this I've contemplated suicide and many other dangerous acts on an almost daily basis. With no healthcare insurance due to expensive cost I've been fending for myself in terms of making sure I'm not dead the next day.

My sleeping is not only interupted but generally brought to a point where parts of my body will twitch or experience muscle spasms preventing me from falling asleep. I end up sleeping during the day or really all day and most of the night.  Afterwards I get scolded by friends saying I just need force myself to get up and stop making excuses. While going to the hospital is the most logical thing to do. Due to having no affordable healthcare insurance and the state I live in. I'm pretty much SoL...or really I should say this state is more of a "Stop Whining and man the **** up" state. To better explain it I'm one of those few people that fall outside of the Obamacare Act where I don't have to have insurance but also can't get it cheaper.

I have a ton of family issues going on that I don't wish to talk about with people. Its rather personal and there's nothing that others can do to help about it. The friends I do ask for help can't really help either so I came to a point that I must deal with this myself. (For the most part a lot of the friends I talked to don't care either lol).

I'm gonna try and take a few days away from all of this.  I'll still have stuff uploaded to youtube and all that but I don't feel like interacting with people.  I'm not asking for help in this regard. There's nothing that can help my emotional scars right now. I just want to rest and forget my issues for awhile. Maybe my stress will die down.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Podcast October 2014: Stuff to Take Care Of

Twitch Channel:

Steam ID: Brad_Ry

Smash Bros Playlist:

Xillia 2 Playlist:

SC Lost Swords Playlist:

Skylanders Trap Team Playlist:  Coming Soon

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Playlist:

Ask Me Stuff:

  • Ok its been awhile since I did a real podcast. I've had a ton of stuff to take care of. And still a lot of stuff to take care of. Let's go down the list of what to talk about.
  • Ask Me Stuff
  • I made an account for the sake of hopefully being able to answer questions you guys have. Just an attempt to get more response and interaction from the viewers.

  • Stream's Back Sorta
  • I got the stream back up and running. I'm still working on the layout and stuff.  I have no idea how to do a stream layout like most of these other guys do. I'd like to do that myself.  You know with the chat on screen, Music playlist, etc.  I haven't exactly figured out how to do that yet. Haven't found a template I could use either.  
  • The other issue is the capture card I'm using Roxio Game Capture. Its an old model so it only goes as high as 720p.  I'm not one of those quality whores but I do know that ppl flock to high quality streams like flies.  This capture card also gave me problems with Using OBS. The sound goes in-and-out constantly unless I switch the sound output to microphone. Which in the end means I don't have a mic to use unless I bring out the Sound Mixer and go buy a couple more wires. 
  • Last issue is that Roxio doesn't agree with older consoles. I tried using PS1, N64, SNES, etc and got nothing. There's no composite input on the card so I figure to try and run it through the DVD Recorder instead.  No results but a messed up screen. So I'll have to get another capture card to settle that issue. Cause there's some old games I really wanted to stream.  As for PC games I can easily stream those with no problem it seems.
  • PC Games and Steam
  • Well I can play PC Games with little to no problem now. So I decided to get a Steam Account. I have a bunch of PC games I can't play on this PC cause its Windows 7. And those were back during Windows 98, XP days. Once I get some money set aside I'll download some Steam games and hopefully stream them. Right now I got an ever growing wishlist of games.

  • Skylanders Trap Team

  • I picked up Skylanders Trap Team last week. I tried uploading what happened on the stream the other day to youtube only to be stopped by Activision's copyright claim over the whole video.  I never understood why everyone else gets away with it and I don't.  Even if I do commentary mines still gets marked for copyright. Sigh...Anyway lookout for the stream when it goes live again.  Shame that like last year everyone is focused on different games.

  • May or may not be much in Smash 3DS Replays
  • After buying Smash 3DS, I did find a couple of disappointments like a ton of elitest demanding that you play a certain way, rage quitters etc.  I know that you guys probably didn't find that but I did when I first jumped online. I could only record a few matches well save the replays of.  
  • Also I found that my CirclePad is rather messed up. Its not broken like everyone elses. Mines is more like an old N64 controller, not centered and clicks a bit.  I have a hard time doing smash attacks unless I actually put in a lot of force behind the circlepad which can be trouble.  I got many suggestions on how to fix it all of them rather stupid.  I figure I'll just go buy a new 3DS model that doesn't have the CirclePad Problem instead.  

  • Other Games Being Played
  • Ragnarok Odyssey ACE: Well this is what the viewers voted on.  I posted a video linking to a poll to vote on the next game I should finish up out of 12 ppl 4 ppl voted for this game. I was hoping for a lot more votes but didn't get as many as I thought. Oh well. Now my focus is to find players still online for this game and level up my character.

  • this is the poll.

  • Tales of Xillia 2 is finished.  Just gotta upload the rest of the videos now.  I'm not really planning on doing the sidequest stuff. Not that its boring just that there's no views surrounding that playlist in general. 

  • Soulcalibur Lost Swords is still ongoing. This is due to the game always being updated. The game's updates have improved and fixed all the problems it had when the game first came out. From the videos I release compared to where I am in the game now.  The videos are far behind lol. Mainly due to me recording chapter by chapter. 

  • Updating
  • I'm working on updating the YT channel and Twitch Channel layouts. This will take quite awhile cause I'm on my own in doing this. But hopefully you'll like the updates I did to it.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Super Smash Bros 4 (3DS Version) Ugh the controls ruin the game

Super Smash Bros 3DS.
Ugh...these controls...

The game is alright just the controls are ugh...My hands cramp up every 2 to 3 matches cause the 3DS is so small. Some of you reading this probably going get a bigger 3DS or get one of those many many MANY attachments to help with that. Well hate to tell you but that's out of the question.

Nothing to do about the controls

I shouldn't have to buy a bigger 3DS model simply for one game. I am unable to edit the controls to a comfy setting as there is no real editing on that. You can change the face buttons but there's no way to change anything on the Circle Pad (except for the jump which I have no problem with in the first place). I have tried moving the buttons around to try and get a better feel but no luck its simply the 3DS size that's the problem  (FYI I have the first model 3DS). I actually went online asking and searching around for some 3rd Party device that actually helps for Smash bros only to find out through many testimonies that they just don't work or are just giant 30 dollar pieces of plastic.

Seriously No Mii Usage in Online?

Another thing that makes me unhappy is the usage of Mii's online. Unless its a match with a friend. You can't use them at all online. The same goes for custom move sets. I was really looking forward to this only to have that huge disappointment slapped in my face.  I'm a sucker for create a character modes. And then to find out well you can't do that online, I'm saddened.

Offline Stuff

There is a couple of things you can do offline but it feels very limited. I guess cause the game's on a handheld and not a console. Classic and All-Star make a return once again. The other modes there's one that acts like Angry Birds which for me the fun doesn't exactly last long.  Smash Run is fun for a bit. Just collect upgrades then fight it out at the end.  The AI is as dumb as a sack of hammers though even at LVL 9. I found the AI far better in older Smash titles. I found the AI walking off screen, jumping off screen, etc. I guess the AI being dumb makes Classic and all-star that much easier but for me it only compensates my inability to adjust to the controls and not too much.  But once you're done with the offline stuff...its pretty much well you gotta go online to have fun.  I'm not fond of online play for any game these days.

Camera is a Pain

The camera can be a pain in the butt to deal with at times.  Especially during 4 Player matches. I don't really care for the small screen on my 3DS cause I have the same issue when I tried this game on an XL. I find myself walking off the stage even with the so called outlined characters. I turned the Outline setting to the max and still found myself randomly falling off the stage. Its irritating to deal with. What I find more irritating is that there's players that play perfectly fine on the 3DS.

Who Cares About the Character Roster?

I have no complaints with the character roster. I honestly could care less about who's in and not in at this point. With the Mii Fighters not that usable online I'm already disappointed. The rest is small complaints that no one cares about not even the company themselves care. It is about making money. Nintendo took my 40 bucks and left with a smirk. (I seriously could complain how there's no Ice Climbers, or no Wolf, and so many similar final smash moves but at the end of the day who cares.)


Overall this game is not worth throwing 40 bucks at. Especially if you only have a normal 3DS. Unless you're amazing at adjusting to a fast paced game on a handheld, I say wait for the console version.  The main reason I got this on the 3DS was cause as of right now I have no real intention of buying a Wii U anytime soon.

Retail Price of Game: 39.99
Paid: 39.99
Actual Worth: 15.00

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Desktop PC Goal Attained!!! YAY!!!

Ok after I got that donation.  I decided to look up some PCs. After asking around. I found that pretty much everything was gonna end up over the original $500 budget. I was about to give up hope when I checked Newegg one more time and found a pre-built for 400 bucks that was actually good.

So after checking with a few friends I went ahead with it. and got this.

iBUYPOWER HORUS Series NE610FX Desktop PC AMD FX-Series FX-4300 (3.80GHz) 4GB DDR3 500GB HDD Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

Specs Looking at it

After looking at the specs All I would have to do in the future is upgrade the RAM and possibly the video card.  Funny thing is according to the specs I think I have a different motherboard than specified.  In fact I think I got a better one.  I love the case. See through on the side and so much space inside compared to the old one.  


Unforntunately I couldn't reuse the old RAM due to it being DDR2 type. This needs DDR3 type. I'm currently reinstalling everything, so I'll be here awhile.  I have more RAM slots than specified. I have 4 slots instead of 2. I wonder if I can use the old Memory card reader from my older PC and install it on this one.  

Right now on my list what I need to buy in the future is:

  • 2 or 3 more RAM (Max out to 16 GB maximum of 8 GB) 
  • a DVI Cable (I lost mine and the adapter doesn't fit)
  • PC Controller (Maybe)
  • Maybe a better Video Card
  • Capture Card - The Old Ones are unsupported and Dead
  • New Computer Desk (This one is falling apart)
  • New Computer Chair (Mines is cheap and the back fell off) I blame mom for being cheap and her X for breaking my old one.
That's not much and can be gained overtime. Anyway if things go well I should be able to pre-order Smash Bros. Thank you all so much for the help.

Here's the New one. I'm already liking it. So many air vents less chance of overheating or super loud fan noise.

This is the old one. Its a hand-me-down from Mom. All I could do is Max out the RAM. Not much space for anything else. The DVD Drive also doesn't work. I wonder If I can take the memory card reader. Although I don't really use that either.

New One On the inside. SO MUCH FREE SPACE! Wait that motherboard is different from specified? That's actually better?! HUH?!  

This is the old one. Cluttered. Hard to get my hands around dust everywhere. Unforntunately I couldn't reuse the RAM as this is DDR2 type. I need DDR3 Type now. Maybe I can use this as the backup just in case one. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tales of Xillia 2 (Day 2) Cats Sweet Talking Cats

Ok lets actually try and progress the game....After multiple jobs lets actually go to Helioborg. And like usual this place is screwed up...Man those Terrorist...Makin my life miserable.  Alvin's right about the gun thing...

Ivar: Did someone ask for a Gun Tutorial?!
Me: Take off those stupid sunglasses -_-

Ok this weapon switching thing is gonna be rough to get used to.  Hey I can dodge roll now lol.  I hope I get some good Gun Artes I can make use of. Anyway better train some.  Oh look its Elise. Now I gotta train some more.  And plot just happened....this time no real explanation.  Better climb to the top and fight the obviously expected boss. Oh great its Volt....again...actually he's better than how he fought in the first game.  Although in the first game all I did was setup so I absorb everything and lol at bosses.  3 Body Slams and I'm done....ugh....-_-.  Seriously this weapon switching thing is rough why make it 2 buttons? Why not one button? Ok so stab Volt and lets go.  Don't worry Jude I'm sure things will work out right. Wait Milla's missing? What do you mean Muzet (even though I already know)?

Ok Sidequest Time. Oh look a Jude Sidequest.  I'm pretty sure this will make sense later and teach some moral lesson about convictions and something like that.  Oh look more gigantos. Easily thought I'd die a lot easier...although I know not to go into that cave just yet.  Those monsters are a little too strong for me to handle.  More Story Line before Nova calls. Ah crap...

Nova: MONEY!!!

Ok next city. Someone's looking for Julius.  Oh its Leia and Julius is a cat not my bro.  Sigh....Oh its Ivar again....Takes those stupid Sunglasses off. Oh look a hammer.  Smack! Smack Smack! Now I got 3 weapons to manage and many more artes to remember sheesh...-_- Wow I just made it to this town now you want me to backtrack to the old one? awww man....Oh Leia's a reporter now. -_- Leia and Jude act like a married couple OW THAT HURTS!

Ok so some demon is killing ppl in dark alleys. Well let's check it out. Great we walked straight into a trap they only have guns we can take em.  GO FAT ASS CAT!!! OK RUN!!! And instantly in another world.  Oh look the same trap again.  So these ppl are discriminatory bastards...I get it.  Oh look its Rowen OMG you burned them.  O_O Uh you ok?  Wait wait wait no don't kill me.  Surprisingly easy since I fought Volt earlier.  Too bad I couldn't combo him. I tried though I really did.  Ok back to the real world. Seriously those guys didn't see us till now...we really should just get the jump on em. HEY GAIUS! So that's the terrorist plan. Sigh....Oh his name is Erston now... That just doesn't fit.

Oh more secret agent business on my cell. Next destination...but can't go cause I gotta pay the bills first! Sigh....

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tales of XIllia 2 - Life Lessons in Less Than 2 Hours (Day 1)

Been awhile since I've done one of these. Alright her we go.

What I already know.

I've seen this game so many times in japanese I pretty much know most of the story and the endings. So I'm not really expecting too many surprises. Also I have a friend that's already speedrunning the english version of the game and he's already posted the Bad Ending.  He's proven you can pretty much beat the game in about 4 - 6 hours. There's also some nice exploits as well. Apparently you can glitch yourself back to the start of the game. I know the main issue of the game is paying the debt. Its pretty much what a lot of people complain about and I see why.

Overall Feeling

3 Hours of this game and I feel like this is totally Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.  Pretty much you do a bunch of quest then gain the ability to continue the main story.  Get a new main character to join you and try to get him or her to like you for more gameplay options.  Seriously if you play Radiant Mythology you'll get the same feeling as this game. Just no Debt to pay off.  But pretty much that debt is there to let you know when you can continue the main story. Just like Radiant Mythology. Nova is pretty much annoying since every time you reach the next payment milestone she'll nag you to pay her. You can tell her to buzz off but she'll buzz you again the next time you make money (pretty much if you already have the money tell her to go away and then fight a battle she'll nag you again cause battles give money). Unless you somehow spend it all so she won't buzz you till you meet that goal again.  I think its rather nice that you can learn skills and moves with much leveling or battling at all.

Glad they ditched the old shop method of the first Xillia. That was generally annoying to bring them items and hope the shop levels up for new buy-able stuff. The changes to the battle system were much needed but I feel like if I lack something then I need to grind to get it. Generally if the enemy is resistant to my moves...I need to find a move or weapon to cover that. Which well where I am now I got that feeling.  I doubt I'll get that weapon till later so I guess I should progress the game. Although I have a tendency of completing all the quest I can before proceeding with the story. Rather sucks I can only accept 5 quest at a time.  As for Ludger as a character. I feel as if you can do a create a generic character thing and get away with it.  The way this story is told and how everyone refers to you. You can get away with it on this game. I don't hate Ludger or anything like that I just feel he's rather Generic in terms of Tales of Series.  And the small voice clips don't really help that fact either.

Let's Get Started

Man I'm slow today.  I was reluctant to pay 60 bucks to get this. I mean I got Xillia 1 cause someone game shared it with me.  Very nice of him.  Anyway the very first battle I'm getting my butt kicked in cutscene mode for whatever reason. Go cryptic dream messages. Wake up late for work? Well almost late. I'm rather confused already hey Julius I just had a dream where you killed me....ok well that's clearly not me cause I have dreams where I get...nevermind...that's not for you to know.  Ok so this exam is my tutorial right? Right? I mean if I die I'm not gonna get a game over and sit through all that again am I? Guess that's why a save point is there.  Oh hey first boss of the game...lady in trouble I should save her...I mean I am being tested right? What kind of test is this where I have to fight something that can kill me in like 6 hits?! I failed! THIS TEST SUCKS!

(Note: Apparently if you manage to kill it you fail anyway. -_-)

Since I apparently didn't get my dream job as a secret agent. I instead get a job as a cafeteria worker...Yeah that's what I want to be a cafeteria worker! Don't lecture me bro! Not after that test! YOUR GETTING CURRY AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!!! Damn my cat is fat. Ok...I'm off to soon as I eat dinner...and cook dinner in real life.

3 Hours Later...(I made some really good Wings Seriously)

Masked Man: Quick get on the train! You must go to the land of Canaan.
Me: Wait..isn't that in the bible? Wasn't that a bad place? *makes note to look it up*
Mystery Girl: What about you?
Masked Man: I'm gonna stay here and be awesome.
Mystery Girl: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *boat takes off*
Masked Man: Alright I just threw away my knives. Time to be awesome!
*gets shot like 30 times*
Masked Man: I should've known I can't fight an Agent.
Agent: Only Human.
Masked Man: Oh well Kamen Rider time....HENSHIN!

Next Metal Gear Solid will involve Terrorist and Trains

Ok Now I'm off to work. Oh hey its Pokemon Professor Jude. The train is over there don't know how you could miss it the city isn't that big. WTF is this girl doin here. No she's not with me! WTF I just told you she's not with me! She clearly lied to you! OMG Now everyone's talking about it! Why can't these people mind there own business NPCs I swear! BOOM WTF!!! Terrorist!....I'm outta here....No no why are you getting on the train?! Just nearly got blown up and you're worried about the girl who just told a lie to you...or maybe its the cat?

Colonel: Terrorist have hijacked a train and are planning to blow everyone up! Snake get in there!
Snake: Uh.....wrong game Colonel.

Wow that's a lot of dead bodies for a T Rated game. Isn't there like a quota on this stuff? Oh they're static. Hey Jude let's team up.  And once again Swords,Fist > Guns. Its the president. Fine I'll stop the train. I mean I rather jump off but gotta be a hero. Oh hey C.Viper looks like you got demoted to a secretary (voice actor joke). Oh hey big brother...why are you here? Oh you're here to join my party right?....Right?....Riiiiiight? Wait what are you doing?!

*Random Plot Device Object Placement*

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HENSHIN! No I'm not a scary man. I don't know how I got this power. But ok...oh right save the train...Oh hey bro what's....up....why are there dead bodies here? Why did you stab that guy? Oh he must be a bad guy...ok you can continue your work OW WTF Why did you bicycle kick me?!

Ok he's beaten....You want me to kill him?...well uh....ok....I mean he did kill all those people....And stuff....wait its...NOEL VERMILION!!!!! Wait we didn't stop the train we're all gonna die!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


Bill Collectors are Dicks

Ugh...what happened?....Where am I? Oh you saved my life thanks...but why am I....wait you did it for money? YOU DICK!!!! 15 MILLION!!!! I DON'T HAVE INSURANCE!!! *insert Obamacare joke* Pay or you take the girl....alright take her...that's not an option of course -_-....5 MILLION FOR SAVING MY CAT?! WTF!!! VET BILLS TOO! You could've just left the cat I got 2 of em you know. NOEL VERMILION!!!!! Well I have 20 million in debt...what else can go wrong...I'm going home...

WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T GO HOME! PAY MY DEBT OR I CAN'T GO HOME!!! I'M NOT A DEADBEAT!!! NOEL VERMILION!!! Oh great now everyone's talking shit about me cause I have debt. Uh....Donation stream go! LOL Damn mind your own business NPCs! Guess I gotta get a job...killing monsters ok...


Me: I just made this money I was gonna buy some equipment!

Nova: Oh you got money for food and equipment but none to pay your bills! I thought you were better than that. GUILT TRIP GUILT TRIP GUILT TRIP GUILT TRIP!!!!!

Me: NOEL VERMILION!!! *pays*

Nova: Ok you can travel home now.

So I get back home and now EVERYONE in town is talking about how broke I am! Is nothing private anymore....seriously.  This game is almost too real.  Ok I'm gonna rest.....You don't want tomatoes?....YOU WILL EAT TOMATOES AND YOU WILL LIKE THEM!!! to mull things over. Nope! Cops are after me? WHAT DID I DO?!  HEY I TRIED TO HELP!

Oh great...find my bro or go to jail. Can't I catch a break?  Well I can't go to those places cause the debt collectors blocked my traveling privileges. What do you mean not your problem?!  Sigh...Some president you are...Oh hey its Ivar...Ivar take off those sunglasses they make you look stupid. Fine guess I'll get another job and go find my bro.

Cat Lady: I LOST ALL MY CATS! ALL 100 of them!

Seriously can't keep 100 cats. In the state of Georgia you gotta surrender at least 96 of them. You're destroying that apartment. Guess I'll look for them too...But first jobs....

Nova: Heyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
Me: Ugh....-_-
Nova: I heard you got paid. Time to pay those bills.
Me: NOEL VERMILION!!! *pays*
Nova: Ok now which place you wanna go to...
Me: Uh.....well Helioborg's walking distance....
Nova: Alright see ya later.

(Note: You can tell her to get lost when she buzzes you but she'll just nag you the next time you make any more money. Might as pay her right there and grind the rest of your money after.)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Model Building SD Gundam Brave Battle Warriors - Lui Bei(Ryubi) Lui Feng (Kou Feng), & Le Jin

I decided to go to the SD Series again.  After watching SD Gundam Brave Battle Warriors Season 1 I got a little attached to the series. I believe the series about Romance of the 3 Kingdoms or something like that.  I enjoyed what I was able to watch in english.  Hopefully I'll find the other episodes in english as well. Today I put together 3 of them. It would be 4 but when I tried to get Exia RII I found out the guy selling it was sold out.  -_-  During this whole thing I kept playing the theme song in my head over and over lol. Opening the instructions I found a short little comic strip about the characters, all in English too. Pretty neat.

SD Ryubi (Liu Bei) Gundam

The most fun out of all of them to put together.  Everything was rather simple.  Except the sword holder bit.  The swords don't really fit in the holder pieces as it shows on the instructions. When I compared the size to my SD Strike he's actually shorter in size. But maybe I can make my own SD GUNPLA soon.

SD Lui Feng (Kou Feng) Gundam

I was thrown off when I saw how much shorter this guy was.  I kept going, how much shorter can these dudes get?  I dig the helmet though. I makes me think of Talgeese. Even though Lu Bu is supposed to be Talgeese.

Le Jin Gundam

This was an absolutely weird one.  Not only were there pieces not mentioned in the instructions. Then you got parts where you have to switch out pieces.  A lot of things didn't make sense.  I ended up putting on armor backwards? But I do like how cool that sword looks.  I think he took the longest out of all 3.  I was just utterly confused putting this together.  Somehow I managed it.

I might do another SD in the future just have to wait and see.

Monday, August 4, 2014

August Update 2014 Need Stress Relief and not getting it Sigh...

I Got Hacked

Ugh....July was such a horrible month.  I really didn't get much if anything at all done that I wanted to.  My Bank Account Got hacked through Paypal so I had to call the bank (and Paypal) every morning for 2 weeks. Ugh....Finally got that settled.

Volunteer Work

Then when I volunteered to help feed lunch for people in another country that went absolutely chaotic. I was generally juggling 5 to 6 different task at once.  
  • Make sure the bathroom is clean
  • Work the Sound Booth
  • Carry food to be cooked
  • Clean up the hallway
  • Put up the decorations
  • serve the food
  • etc.
All that would sound like we were understaffed...more like bad management IMO. A lot of the ppl that we're working with me generally went at their own pace or had other jobs to take care of. This honestly wasn't the worst part of the day. I was actually okay with all this till arguments came about and those in charge started giving contradicting orders.  I practically broke down crying cause I couldn't handle everything at once. Then to end it all I apparently owe money for flowers cause I took bad advice from an old man that has a garden. Since we were disposing of food that was about to go bad...I was told to pour out the remains of the pickle jar into the flowers.  Then get told by someone else that its bad for flowers -_-.  Yep....

Injured Cat

Then for issues. My cat (1 of 2) I always let outside in the backyard cause its fenced decides to jump the fence somehow...Not too big of a problem he finds ways to go where he wants to....except this time around he comes back limping. He gets taken to the vet and the doc says he has an internal wound on his right paw.  So there's a ton of swelling and he has a pretty fat paw he shouldn't walk on.  The cost of it....undetermined cause I'm to bring him back to the vet next Monday.  They'll probably say surgery or amputate his foot.  My other cat had to lose half his tail when he got injured.

Online Ppl are Stupid

Add icing on the cake dealing with idiots on the net.  Apparently my way of life is wrong and I'm not allowed to have an opinion...Although that's rather common. Just wish they shut up though.  Seriously how am I missing out on stuff cause suddenly I decided to stop playing a game online?  I do that to keep my sanity. I'm not gonna sit there forever and have rage quitters, hatemail, etc. plague me when I can do nothing about it. Better it is to cut off a diseased arm that can't be treated than to let it spread throughout your whole body.

Then barely just 2 days ago. Who cares about the games I buy?  Who cares whether or not I support something or not?  I'm not thinking about who to support when I go to the store and buy something.  I'm thinking about the entertainment for me.  Not for everyone else.  Unless that company did something wrong like killing kids I don't see a problem.  I don't think about the company just the game and how it entertains me.  

Conclusion - No Smash But Still A Go For Skylanders

Well that's most of the stressful things out the way. Still saving up for a new PC despite all these problems.  I'm falling behind on video releases for many reasons. Mainly being hacked and trying to recover from that.  Seems all my problems are mounting right now and more are being added as time moves on.  I already had to push back Smash Bros. Although to be honest I'm not all that interested in Smash Bros. I feel its a game that's not gonna last me long.  A general problem I have with Nintendo and Fighting Games is that there just isn't enough to keep me there.  Especially with the games themselves stressing that multiplayer is the only way to play the game.  I don't favor multiplayer.  I rarely have anyone to play with and online is usually atrocious for one reason or another.  Personally I think I live in the slums of the net community.  Where all the dishonorable players are.  At the same time I think most of the online players that many ppl idolize aren't as great or really honorable as they seem.  I'm not setting a standard or anything. really expect to me my standards but if I'm watching or playing those guys I would like some decency, not "We do this cause everybody does it mentality." (I have quite a few examples of the things that generally piss me off if you wanna know with links to videos).  Even if you look past that I feel that games lifespan has dropped dramatically.  Unless its constantly updated no one will be interested in as little as 2 to 6 weeks.  

I'm still going for Skylanders. I feel this is one of the few currently "up-to-date" Games I actually like playing.  Even if it is short and just for kids I favor the game a lot more than most of the other games that's out now.  I'm going for the Dark Edition Again. I'm not sure about Pokemon I just got finished with X/Y.  I'm not really up for another Pokemon game so suddenly.  And I just talked about Smash. I can't think of much else I want as the consoles are rather meh right now. If I can ever stream properly again I'll play something I always wanted to play on stream instead.

New Desktop PC Goal (About $400 of 500 so far) August

August 1st, 2014 - Need to Relieve Stress

After stressing with Paypal and my bank I finally fixed things sorta.  Apparently sometime after I caught on the news that Paypal recently had a security breach....-_-.  Now I just gotta transfer the funds to the bank and throw it to savings for safe keeping.  Although before when I got paid I noticed I could get a new desktop TODAY come home and have it all setup in one night.  Then when I showed it to friends they frowned on it. Mainly the Windows 8 bit.  Some complained about the video card and others complained about the processor.

I'm starting to wonder if they know anything or not.  I mean I can replace the video card. The OS can be changed. And I really thought that in terms of processors that 4 cores (Quad Core) would be enough.  Sigh...And I really wanted to take advantage over the deals. Tax Free Weekend and all that.  I'm not really looking forward to buying parts. Then find out they either suck or I screwed up somewhere.  Most of the people that can help are generally busy or don't really notice me anyway so I think I'm on my own for the most part.  I really want one now so I don't have to sit at my PC for 4 hours waiting a video to finish encoding, converting, etc. Well guess I'll just wait till September which at that point I absolutely have to get a new PC regardless.  Or else I won't be streaming the new Skylanders Game, or getting anything else recorded for that matter.

August 21st, 2014 - OMG Thank You (Dies for 5 minutes)

Well early this month when checking out Twitch.TV streams I saw a highlight from someone who got donated $1000 bucks. WTF?! $1000?! Really?! Someone has that much money to just give away?! Well more power to that guy.  I'm honestly a little jelly here.  Then I also heard about NTom64 doing a donation stream for "Child's Play".  Which I have to say was rather amazing.  I wanna put together a donation stream like that one day.  I believe he and many others that participated raised over 10,000 dollars to the cause.  Congrats to them.

Well I don't like to brag especially on something like this but I really do need to mention it.  A random guy donated around $250 bucks to my cause. I kept goin WTF is this another hack?  I was trying to figure out for the longest time how this dude donated and why so much.  Then I looked back at my Blog.  I didn't update it so I saw that the donation button was still there. I had to slap myself multiple times to make sure I wasn't dreaming or anything.  So I went OMG it's happening.  So to that person. Thank you so much! I honestly didn't expect any donations and one that high.  Now my only worry is living up to that person's expectations in the future.

Pretty much after the usual expenses and planning. I took out about 90 bucks from my own pay to cover Rent and Buy Tales of Xillia 2.  I was very reluctant to buy Xillia 2 cause I've already seen the game so much from my friends. Also there's a special event I gotta attend so I had to set aside money for lunch on that day.  If things go well this month I should be able to get my new Desktop right away. I really need to start planning on what exactly to buy.  Still most I know in terms of shopping is...

  • Not an All-In-One
  • 4-Cores????
  • 8GB RAM That can be upgraded.
  • Decent VideoCard

I think that's it right?  I also don't want the video card to burn out like my last one did. And that burned out in less than 6 months -_-.

Anyway if things go well I might be able to put Smash bros back on the board.

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Desktop Goal (About $120 of 500 so far)

July 1st, 2014  Ugh....

After sitting down and looking through parts. With the little help I received in figuring out what I need.  Someone sent me a link to It's a nice site however it actually made my dilemma worse. I felt like one of those idiots that gets suckered into the a store's supposed "Deal" when I was picking out my parts.  With no knowledge of what I need or really want I ended up going based off what friends told me was good and bad.  The price tag afterwards was 3 to 4 times the amount I intended to spend.  O_O

So before I got more frustrated than I already was with the lack of knowledge I have and little help I closed the webpage. I figure I'd deal with it later.  I asked a friend about the whole thing he said he'd be willing to help and maybe salvage parts from my older desktops and save me money.  That would be great if that can happen. I'm not gonna hold my breathe though cause he's the type of guy that wants to help everybody but tires out easily from all that help. Its better that I wait awhile for more money to play with anyway. Also with August and September around the corner maybe I could just settle for a desktop anyway supposed to be specials around so maybe I'll find something for cheap.

I can't be worrying about parts right now. I got plans this weekend. Gotta get things ready. I did end up buying Fire Emblem: Awakening. I like it but like Pokemon X I have a hard time playing handheld games for long.

July 21st, 2014 Frustrated and Near-Broken

I woke up this morning to find that my paypal account was hacked into.  Seriously WTF!!! I spent about 3+ hours disputing the charges and trying to protect myself from further damages.  This guy was just constantly trying to get money I don't have.  Crazy thing was he sent about $450 to me first then withdrawl all of it plus my own money I left in there. I left about $45-$50 bucks in paypal just in case I find something on E-bay, Newegg, etc at a good price.  Only to find today that I lost a good bit.

After disputing it I found that paypal manage to resolve most of the charges. There's still one processing that's trying to take $500 out of my checking that one never got resolved. So I had to transfer the money in my checking to somewhere for the time being.  Right now my Paypal account is still frozen so I can't get paid, or send payments for the time being.  I can't really touch the money at my actual bank either or I risk something transferring. I'm stuck...and generally on the verge of having an emotional breakdown from all this.  Nothing I can do right now but sit and wait (And listen to almost everyone else blab on and on about how this is the reason they don't have paypal).

I keep telling myself I've done all I could but its still a hard thing to deal with. At least I'm not sick anymore.

July 23rd, 2014 I'm Not Stupid People

I wake up today to check the balances on my accounts since that whole thing happen. I find myself in the whole of -$507.85.  So the withdrawl from paypal that hacker tried to do went through anyway?! The hell? I call up my bank and get things resolved there took an hour...But I go home and call up paypal about a $500 withdrawl that's still in the status of "Processing." They said oh no that one's already been resolved.  I'm reading it right there on my paypal. Processing.  I don't think its resolved.  I even read them the transaction ID and apparently they don't go by that?! WHAT?!  

At this point I'm frustrated enough that I just want to quit using Paypal.  However I can't do that. Why not? Cause Paypal is pretty much the only service accepted everywhere. Especially Ebay. I can't get paid through other options by my Youtube Partnership any other way as well. -_-.  Upside of this whole thing I didn't have to pay a fee for being overdrawn on my Bank Account.  I know if I was with certain other banks they would've made me pay before fixing everything.

July 24th, Finally Someone That Makes Sense Well I Hope They Do

After closing the main checking account. I tried to make the changes on my Paypal.  Unforntunately I couldn't do that. After calling up Paypal...(after about an hour of praying and prepping my mind) I finally get a guy that's willing to help. OMG Thank you! He says he'll do everything he can to fix the error cause its a bug on there end.  Well it has to be if the checking account its trying to take money from NO LONGER EXIST!!!  

After dealing with that and giving a huge sigh of relief.  I got a different email from paypal dated last night.  It told me about how nothing could be done about the transactions, blah blah blah.  At the bottom of the email (yes it was secure) I found out who it was actually trying to send the money to.  I typed the email in the google search bar cause it was a gmail account. I was shocked (I can't think of a better word there) to find out that this guy was a seller I did business with last year.  I would be all like well I kinda understand cause its revenge for a bad but well deserved review. But this guy was a good seller.  I never had any problems with this guy. So his plan was to get random paypal info. Then steal from you?!  Of course when I tell Mom about it she goes on her cynical tirade saying that this is why she never buys stuff online.  That's 15 minutes of my life I won't get back. 

 Anyway, I wish there was a way to block this seller. That way I'll no longer buy things from him.  I mean judging from his items he's one of those guys that takes info from amazon or other sites and lists them on ebay at a cheaper price (all legal its a method of business in fact one of my friends tried to get me to do that for myself). Heck he has a youtube account. I was thinking maybe I pissed him of on youtube somehow. I just wanna avoid this guy.  I mean justice 

Shut up Lloyd

will be done where its due. I don't have a right to decide all that blah blah blah.  I'll just have to keep a mental note not to deal with this person ever again.  Well hopefully everything will be settled and I can go back to saving up for this new desktop.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest The End

Sorry for the lack of updates or really talking about games here. Lately I've been either too busy or just didn't wanna post here. Especially when people that actually read this blog try to use it as a reference against when they have something to complain about (seriously that's annoying, what is this an election?).

Anyway Today's is Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.  I have to say its the easiest Final Fantasy title in existence. Seriously even easier than FF7 or FF8. I love the light-hearted story of basically hey you're the new hero get to work. And the main character just makes silly gestures going "What did I get myself into."  The game generally relies on RNG to win battles. You don't even have to waste time getting all the items or leveling you can just get lucky with the RNG and win. Especially since Game Overs allow you to retry any given battle.

My only issue is dealing with the top over map that was popular in these times.  The game loves to use classic map design tricks to either throw you off or hide something that's really in plain view.  I was annoyed when I got stuck only to figure out that the solution was insanely simple. I enjoy the music most of all out this game.  Shame that this game doesn't get much soundtrack treatment like the other mainstream Final Fantasys.  I hope I can find the OST or a gamerip of this.

The animations of the attacks can be rather funny.  Getting turned into a snowman, burned classic cartoon style.  But the most hilarious thing I find is the final boss is easily defeated by your Cure Spell due to a glitch.  Seriously 10k damage from a cure spell on a SNES game. Its refreshing to play a GOOD RPG honestly.  But this is old school.

I do question the names of the attacks as well as the order I seem to be on the receiving end of them. A friend of mine told me that the monster is trying to rape me. Kinda funny but at the same time....-_-...WAI!!!
Anyway this game is very easy and very forgiving in all aspects. I never ran out of money. Magic Usage was no problem.  The equipment you get ends up making you pretty godlike.  RNG heavy game makes this very easy to deal with as well. Music is awesome too.

The ending was rather lol.  I said goodbye to all the useless party members and set sail for better things lol.  The final boss tries to throw a "I did all this from the start bit." At least the bosses and story isn't going all Tragic Past Character development that's popular with today's RPG games.  I love it. Definitely worth playing again.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why I hate Training Mode (Or the Lab)

Online training, the lab, practice mode, whatever you wanna call it. I hate that its there for the most part. I hate training mode generally for one reason. Impossible situations. Between "Do-This-Combo Mode" (Trial Mode) and Training I hate training more.

These days everyone refers to training mode as the ultimate go to for all your learning needs. Also cause there priorities are rather mixed up (as well as what they value but that's another topic).  Honestly I feel you're not learning anything except how to look cool in front of all your friends.  While its supposedly for getting muscle memory to do your combos. You're missing out on the most important thing. Setting up for those said combos.  What's the point in learning your combos if you can't even hit your opponent in the first place?

Its been called "The Lab" by many cause of players using the Training/Practice Mode to "experiment" and figure out new stuff.  But if we're going to call it "The Lab" and "experiment" well we need to take other scientific terms into account as well.  But I'm going to take 3 terms from the classic Scientific Method that I feel are generally forgotten in The Lab.

  • Independent Variable: In the Scientific Method. This is the thing you control over in your experiment. 
  • Dependent Variable: This is what's being affected by your Independent Variable. 
  • Control: This is what never changes. You use this compare to what you did change. 
Ok in our fighting game lab. Since we're experimenting. It would look something like this.

  • Independent Variable: The character we're controlling. Possibly whether or not our CPU dummy is or isn't moving, Super Meter, etc.
  • Dependent Variable: CPU Dummy
  • Control: Uh....Our CPU Dummy
What I'm getting at here is the fact that cause we're in pretty much total control of the outcome. We're ill-prepped for when it comes to an actual fight. In fact from a scientific point of view unless your CPU Lab Dummy is doing the exact same thing as a normal player character or AI the chances of winning are near 0.  What are the chances that the AI or Human player will either just stand there or do a programmed input? Does the human player your facing follow the script you tell them to?

Muscle Memory...Meh...

Yeah its nice to have muscle memory I suppose. It does raise your chances of success at performing what you intended. But back to the earlier post. You're not exactly training yourself to respond to multiple situations.  What if you landed a counter hit? What if your opponent is jumping? Grabs? How do I respond to this move?  What's generally implied by many (Be it videogames or real life) is that you're supposed to respond to these situations like its second nature.  Well you can't really do that until you actually do some real fighting to know when those situations appear. You can't just control a dummy and expect to profit. You can't exactly respond properly to these situations just by learning combos. Again what good does knowing a combo do you if you can't even land a hit?

I think Hallelujah/Allelujah said it best. 

Why I consider AI Opponents better than Human Players?

Besides the above reason that most human players I find start with combo learning then hope that the rest fall into place.  The AI can only be predicted after experiencing there tactics many many many times.  They are based on human inputs and are imperfect just like we are cause it was made by man.  The thought of the AI knows your buttons is really just a frustration response IMO.  Human players do that as well.  We just don't really pay attention to it cause a lot of times its the wrong response or we're in the heat of the moment.  There's also the fact that Human players don't all fight the same. Despite how many guides are made or even if this guy/girl is the best with this character its not gonna be the same. You can generally write this a sort of RNG (Random Number Generator).

What a lot of players tend to do is constantly find AI faults and exploit them to gain the upper hand. Well the same can be said for human players. We find faults and exploit them. Both also share the same trait of our exploiting faults eventually not working as well. Its not 100% guaranteed victory otherwise we'd have perfects across the board in every match. Meaning it would be the first person to land a hit wins (Simallar to games like Marvel but even that isn't 100% gauranteed victory).  So the AI isn't bad or god-like just really good (or really bad) it is made by human hands after all. 

I use this as my form of practice. While there is an CPU fight command in training it does me no good.  Arcade, Score Attack, and the like do me far better. Instead of fighting a in a controlled environment lets random opponents. After all we don't know who or what we come across.  Its rather a toss up to the RNG in regards to who we fight.  Also you learn to create situations favorable to you and how to get out of your problematic ones.

The only good thing on training mode.

The only good thing I find for training mode is practicing special, supers, etc. in peace.  With that I can examine carefully how each one works before I take it to the field. 

What doesn't need to be said but said anyway...

Learning the general basics is important. I couldn't even care for the data on what's good or bad. Matchup data included. It does nothing if I can't even hit my opponent. How I order it is.

  1. Read the Manual if there is one.
  2. Training Mode to practice your moves (NOT COMBOS)
  3. Arcade/Score Attack Mode at progressive difficulties (Easy to Highest Setting) get a better feel for the game and what I'm up against. Learn combos along the way and learn to identify, create, and respond to situations properly.
  4. Vs Other Humans.
  5. Go From there.
Well its not a surefire perfect 100% method and I'm sure I'll be called stupid for doing things this way but this is how I run do things.  Also we're human. Not only are we not perfect but we grow differently.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Well Trying To Build A Desktop Part 1: The Planning Stage (HELP ME!!!!)

Trying to buy a new Desktop, Well Build one.

I generally came to a point where I just have to build one.  Personally I rather buy it all at once to avoid the hassle and frustration but considering how I get a month to spend. That's not happening.
So I'm stuck buying the parts to build one from the ground up cause apparently its "Cheaper".

I don't really know much about building one.  I know how to wreck one.  The last one I had I killed the processor when I tried to clean it the darn thing out of caked on dust.  I tried to put it back it and some of the pins got bent or broke off (It really didn't want to go back in regardless of what I tried). Needless to say its useless.  Only other thing I did was add RAM.  This was years ago.  Like 4 - 6 years ago.

Asking Friends

Anyway, I've asked many ppl on Skype if they know how and what to buy. I didn't get very good results. Although some of them have done this before (even one of them does this for a living). I got no real answers from them. Just a general "This is good", "This is bad", "This sucks" and the like.  I'd pay someone to do the building for me but again back to where I started I don't get paid that much to pay someone else and continue putting gameplay on youtube.  (Generally around $300 a month before certain various expenses).

Getting to the point. After searching through google quite a bit I figured I can buy parts separately over the span of 2 - 3 months and be able to build one.  What I don't know is what specific parts I can buy without having to go back to the store or having parts I can't use. I figured there would be parts that only work with certain other parts. I honestly don't really know what to look for in selecting these parts.  Then there's making sure I'm come out good and not cheated when build the darn thing.

So this is where I need help.  

  • - Since I'm uploading videos to youtube and possibly streaming what parts would be appropriate?
  • - Most I know is that RAM and apparently Processor Cores are important so which is cost effective.
  • - Same for the video card. I don't want one that's gonna break down barely a year after buying it like the last Desktop I owned.  
  • - I prefer an Ethernet connection as opposed to Wi-Fi especially when there's a lot of dead spots in my own house.  
  • - Considering how many things I have that use USB. I estimate I need around 6 Ports.  
  • - I don't really care much for Blu-Ray. I can watch that on my PS3. So I can settle with a DVD RW drive.
  • - I have an OS in mind to use (Windows Vista) considering I have a disc that was never used. I don't know if works or not but it should.  
  • - I'm not worried too much about PC-Gaming
  • - Considering the issues of my room in general. I need better cooling options.
  • - I think that's it.   

Friday, May 30, 2014

Remember that Digimon Card Game that nobody EVER understood how to play. And even less players were actually willing to play?  Well thank god BanDai (when they were good and didn't merge with Namco) came up with a console version of the game.  That makes sense!

The card game has a general history of failure so to speak. The first TCG was complicated. Having tons of digivolution requirements and even rather unfair battle requirements. Your attack was determined by your opponents symbol in the top-left corner of the card. To digivolve you had to have the required digimon in play and then follow the right requirements. Be It DNA fusing, discarding, or some other card needed. Then once that's all done you could play tamer cards. Generally like Spell or Trap cards it just changes small things like power bonus, Attack changes, or type changes. Honestly all the Tamer cards looked silly. There's one of Myotismon drinking wine while Demidevimon serves him. Once all that's done you determine who's the winner. The Digimon that has the highest attack wins the battle. Then that player determines how many points he or she gets by looking at there card. The first player to 1000 points wins. Complicated enough for you?

In this case of these 2 digimon fighting each other. If no Tamer cards were played Veedramon would use V-Nova Blast due to SkullGreymon's Symbol in the corner. While SkullGreymon uses Defend. Veedramon currently has the highest attack power and would therefore win the battle. The player with Veedramon would gain 200 points for winning the battle cause SkullGreymon is an ultimate level.

Then later on thanks to Season 2 and 3 (or 2nd Half Season One and Tamers to other anime watches) the TCG got a revised version. While the game played the same. This was supposed to help players know how to play the game better. Also apparently things were supposed be more balanced. But honestly nothing really changed. The cards received a 3D look (looked boring IMO). And supposed to be easier to make sense of. The game did however come up with a simplistic way to quick play. By selecting your favorite digimon card vs your opponent's. You determine what attack is used by the color of the bar at the top of your opponent's  card. Whoever has the highest attack wins....Yep...boring....This game was generally becoming a collector card bit while Magic and Yugioh Dominated the TCG world.

Giving all the cards a 3D animated look. The only thing that really changed was how much was scored in certain situations. There was some areas that banned the use of the version 1 cards. And others that didn't mind. The main thing that changed is the amount of extra abilities a digimon has.  

But Digimon did not give up entirely on the TCG business.  They tried one more time and this time the Card game was completely redone...Redone and copied Yugioh...-_-.  Seriously this game was a copycat form of Yugioh with only 1 difference. Instead of sacrificing your monsters for stronger ones you digivolve them. Your digimon lined up just like in Yugioh would. Instead of Losing Life Points you gained Data Points. And the damage was based on Attack Stat vs Defense Stat, not Highest attack wins. Unforntunately "Yugioh" and "Magic: The Gathering" pretty much rooted out all other competition in the TCG world at the time. So this card game didn't even have a chance in the US. I was lucky enough to acquire a starter pack before it stopped being sold. Nobody wanted to play anything that wasn't Yugioh or Magic. Trust me on this.

FYI This is MetalGarurumon X. But as you can see this is practically a clone of Yugioh. In fact you could easily rewrite these cards into Yugioh cards and they would be able to compete easily with it.  

There were other TCGs of Digimon but none the be truly notable. One that required you to own a digivice and enter codes. Another that didn't even make it to the states. TCG games are a tricky business.

I actually still have my Digimon cards and my pokemon cards...(no one wants to buy them). Seriously the only thing that makes money now in terms of cards is Magic or Yugioh.  Anyway the PSX game took Digimon's complicated and impossible system and simplified it to make it playable.  And the AI is generally fair unlike other card games.

  • For one there are no Mega Level Digimon to digivolve into. Instead those famous Mega Level digimon are considered Ultimate level. 
  • The Battle system is more of a rock paper scissors with a bit of meta game behind it thanks to option cards.  
  • Digivolving requirements unlike the TCG game only require you to be the same element and have enough DP.  
  • You can see your opponent's hand as well to make a well informed decision on your next move.
  • You only need to win 3 battles.

This is the PSX Version of the Digimon Card game.

What's involved in this kind of play is that you make a good Rock, Paper, Scissors type of guess against your opponent and win 3 times by knocking out your opponent's digimon.  Since you can see your opponent's hand guessing which attack to use can be simple at times.  The Types of attacks mapped to your buttons are:
  • O Button: Usually your strongest attack dealing the highest damage. But can be easy to stop.
  • Triangle Button: 2nd Strongest and harder to stop.
  • X Button: Weakest attack but usually carries a special ability behind it.
After you select your attack. You don't know what attack your opponent has chosen so you can only make a well educated guess. Since you can look at there hand at any time.  If the opponent has a support card to either block or change your attack you can easily guess.  But there's also wildcard support. You blindly draw a card from your deck and will use that as your support whatever it is.  The game moves along pretty fast and there's no true OTK (One Turn Kill) or instant win cards. Even the worst deck can turn the battle in his or her favor.  

Digivolving is simple.  All you need is the proper amount of DP, the next level of digimon (champion, Ultimate) and for the next level to make the same border color (very few exceptions).  You gain DP by playing Digimon into your DP Slot.  The amount of DP you gain varies. The only other type of evolution is Armor and that's only by Partner Digimon.

After certain points in the game your partner Digimon gains Digi-eggs to Armor Digivolve.  Basically the Armor Digimon just like the show can be as strong as Champion or Ultimate level digimon. Also partner digimon gain experience to make themselves stronger in the game so they're a solid, if not a last resort to win the game for you.  

Ok that's enough about that. Let me tell you about the AI....The AI can be either stupid or plain out mean depending on where you are in the game.   Notable Opponents(Spoilers):

Add caption

Garurumon: You already fought annoying water decks to get to this guy. But this guy takes Water decks to a new level. While generally Water Decks are defensive. Garurumon's deck takes the counter-attack approach. Forcing you to use certain attacks that he can counter easily. If that wasn't enough beating him the 2nd time around is no laughing matter. 

Veedramon: The first go around with this guy is rather easy. Cause he's mind controlled and makes stupid moves. 2nd time around. His whole deck is themed around him. Being a mono-Green deck he he's pretty well balanced in all areas. But Green/Forest-type decks specialize in Digivolving insanely fast. If he manages to pull out AeroVeedramon, you'll have an even worse time dealing with him.

Quetzalmon: The first time you face this guy he's not too serious but not a pushover either. The 2nd time he's highly formidable.  Specializing in Black type deck. Black Decks are made for trolling. Cutting your Digimon's HP, dropping your attack power, changing your Digimon's type. Its truly a troll deck even worse he can play the game quite well.

Analogmon: If you were thinking I was gonna put VenomMyotismon here. You're wrong. To serve as the final boss of the main storyline. Analogmon cheats. First by throwing your partner cards to the bottom of the deck through his own Gameshark. Then his deck is literally stacked and uses the Legendary 7's cards. The Legendary 7's Cards can pretty much secure you the win by using the greatest beneficial effects for its user. From Instant digivolving to restoring his deck. Even worse multiplying his Attack and HP. 

MetalGreymon: Well if you like the Greymon Series cards. He's got them. And he doesn't mess around. Since he sports Red/Fire Deck. His attack power is exceptionally high.  Hope you got a good defense.

BlackWarGreymon:  The true boss of the story. But this guy is the Akuma/Gouki of the game.  He only shows to those that are worthy for a true battle...this time for a battle of cards.

That about wraps up the explanation of the game. I'm gonna play through it to the best of my ability and willpower.  So catch it on my youtube channel if you want. My reasons for playing this. Well I got done watching the first 30 episodes of Digimon Fusion (ENG Dub). Aside from stirring up some feelings. I felt like playing a digimon game that wouldn't put me to sleep.  I have to say aside from Digimon Rumble Arena (the first one not the crappy 2nd one) This is one of the digimon games I like.