Monday, July 21, 2014

New Desktop Goal (About $120 of 500 so far)

July 1st, 2014  Ugh....

After sitting down and looking through parts. With the little help I received in figuring out what I need.  Someone sent me a link to It's a nice site however it actually made my dilemma worse. I felt like one of those idiots that gets suckered into the a store's supposed "Deal" when I was picking out my parts.  With no knowledge of what I need or really want I ended up going based off what friends told me was good and bad.  The price tag afterwards was 3 to 4 times the amount I intended to spend.  O_O

So before I got more frustrated than I already was with the lack of knowledge I have and little help I closed the webpage. I figure I'd deal with it later.  I asked a friend about the whole thing he said he'd be willing to help and maybe salvage parts from my older desktops and save me money.  That would be great if that can happen. I'm not gonna hold my breathe though cause he's the type of guy that wants to help everybody but tires out easily from all that help. Its better that I wait awhile for more money to play with anyway. Also with August and September around the corner maybe I could just settle for a desktop anyway supposed to be specials around so maybe I'll find something for cheap.

I can't be worrying about parts right now. I got plans this weekend. Gotta get things ready. I did end up buying Fire Emblem: Awakening. I like it but like Pokemon X I have a hard time playing handheld games for long.

July 21st, 2014 Frustrated and Near-Broken

I woke up this morning to find that my paypal account was hacked into.  Seriously WTF!!! I spent about 3+ hours disputing the charges and trying to protect myself from further damages.  This guy was just constantly trying to get money I don't have.  Crazy thing was he sent about $450 to me first then withdrawl all of it plus my own money I left in there. I left about $45-$50 bucks in paypal just in case I find something on E-bay, Newegg, etc at a good price.  Only to find today that I lost a good bit.

After disputing it I found that paypal manage to resolve most of the charges. There's still one processing that's trying to take $500 out of my checking that one never got resolved. So I had to transfer the money in my checking to somewhere for the time being.  Right now my Paypal account is still frozen so I can't get paid, or send payments for the time being.  I can't really touch the money at my actual bank either or I risk something transferring. I'm stuck...and generally on the verge of having an emotional breakdown from all this.  Nothing I can do right now but sit and wait (And listen to almost everyone else blab on and on about how this is the reason they don't have paypal).

I keep telling myself I've done all I could but its still a hard thing to deal with. At least I'm not sick anymore.

July 23rd, 2014 I'm Not Stupid People

I wake up today to check the balances on my accounts since that whole thing happen. I find myself in the whole of -$507.85.  So the withdrawl from paypal that hacker tried to do went through anyway?! The hell? I call up my bank and get things resolved there took an hour...But I go home and call up paypal about a $500 withdrawl that's still in the status of "Processing." They said oh no that one's already been resolved.  I'm reading it right there on my paypal. Processing.  I don't think its resolved.  I even read them the transaction ID and apparently they don't go by that?! WHAT?!  

At this point I'm frustrated enough that I just want to quit using Paypal.  However I can't do that. Why not? Cause Paypal is pretty much the only service accepted everywhere. Especially Ebay. I can't get paid through other options by my Youtube Partnership any other way as well. -_-.  Upside of this whole thing I didn't have to pay a fee for being overdrawn on my Bank Account.  I know if I was with certain other banks they would've made me pay before fixing everything.

July 24th, Finally Someone That Makes Sense Well I Hope They Do

After closing the main checking account. I tried to make the changes on my Paypal.  Unforntunately I couldn't do that. After calling up Paypal...(after about an hour of praying and prepping my mind) I finally get a guy that's willing to help. OMG Thank you! He says he'll do everything he can to fix the error cause its a bug on there end.  Well it has to be if the checking account its trying to take money from NO LONGER EXIST!!!  

After dealing with that and giving a huge sigh of relief.  I got a different email from paypal dated last night.  It told me about how nothing could be done about the transactions, blah blah blah.  At the bottom of the email (yes it was secure) I found out who it was actually trying to send the money to.  I typed the email in the google search bar cause it was a gmail account. I was shocked (I can't think of a better word there) to find out that this guy was a seller I did business with last year.  I would be all like well I kinda understand cause its revenge for a bad but well deserved review. But this guy was a good seller.  I never had any problems with this guy. So his plan was to get random paypal info. Then steal from you?!  Of course when I tell Mom about it she goes on her cynical tirade saying that this is why she never buys stuff online.  That's 15 minutes of my life I won't get back. 

 Anyway, I wish there was a way to block this seller. That way I'll no longer buy things from him.  I mean judging from his items he's one of those guys that takes info from amazon or other sites and lists them on ebay at a cheaper price (all legal its a method of business in fact one of my friends tried to get me to do that for myself). Heck he has a youtube account. I was thinking maybe I pissed him of on youtube somehow. I just wanna avoid this guy.  I mean justice 

Shut up Lloyd

will be done where its due. I don't have a right to decide all that blah blah blah.  I'll just have to keep a mental note not to deal with this person ever again.  Well hopefully everything will be settled and I can go back to saving up for this new desktop.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest The End

Sorry for the lack of updates or really talking about games here. Lately I've been either too busy or just didn't wanna post here. Especially when people that actually read this blog try to use it as a reference against when they have something to complain about (seriously that's annoying, what is this an election?).

Anyway Today's is Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.  I have to say its the easiest Final Fantasy title in existence. Seriously even easier than FF7 or FF8. I love the light-hearted story of basically hey you're the new hero get to work. And the main character just makes silly gestures going "What did I get myself into."  The game generally relies on RNG to win battles. You don't even have to waste time getting all the items or leveling you can just get lucky with the RNG and win. Especially since Game Overs allow you to retry any given battle.

My only issue is dealing with the top over map that was popular in these times.  The game loves to use classic map design tricks to either throw you off or hide something that's really in plain view.  I was annoyed when I got stuck only to figure out that the solution was insanely simple. I enjoy the music most of all out this game.  Shame that this game doesn't get much soundtrack treatment like the other mainstream Final Fantasys.  I hope I can find the OST or a gamerip of this.

The animations of the attacks can be rather funny.  Getting turned into a snowman, burned classic cartoon style.  But the most hilarious thing I find is the final boss is easily defeated by your Cure Spell due to a glitch.  Seriously 10k damage from a cure spell on a SNES game. Its refreshing to play a GOOD RPG honestly.  But this is old school.

I do question the names of the attacks as well as the order I seem to be on the receiving end of them. A friend of mine told me that the monster is trying to rape me. Kinda funny but at the same time....-_-...WAI!!!
Anyway this game is very easy and very forgiving in all aspects. I never ran out of money. Magic Usage was no problem.  The equipment you get ends up making you pretty godlike.  RNG heavy game makes this very easy to deal with as well. Music is awesome too.

The ending was rather lol.  I said goodbye to all the useless party members and set sail for better things lol.  The final boss tries to throw a "I did all this from the start bit." At least the bosses and story isn't going all Tragic Past Character development that's popular with today's RPG games.  I love it. Definitely worth playing again.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why I hate Training Mode (Or the Lab)

Online training, the lab, practice mode, whatever you wanna call it. I hate that its there for the most part. I hate training mode generally for one reason. Impossible situations. Between "Do-This-Combo Mode" (Trial Mode) and Training I hate training more.

These days everyone refers to training mode as the ultimate go to for all your learning needs. Also cause there priorities are rather mixed up (as well as what they value but that's another topic).  Honestly I feel you're not learning anything except how to look cool in front of all your friends.  While its supposedly for getting muscle memory to do your combos. You're missing out on the most important thing. Setting up for those said combos.  What's the point in learning your combos if you can't even hit your opponent in the first place?

Its been called "The Lab" by many cause of players using the Training/Practice Mode to "experiment" and figure out new stuff.  But if we're going to call it "The Lab" and "experiment" well we need to take other scientific terms into account as well.  But I'm going to take 3 terms from the classic Scientific Method that I feel are generally forgotten in The Lab.

  • Independent Variable: In the Scientific Method. This is the thing you control over in your experiment. 
  • Dependent Variable: This is what's being affected by your Independent Variable. 
  • Control: This is what never changes. You use this compare to what you did change. 
Ok in our fighting game lab. Since we're experimenting. It would look something like this.

  • Independent Variable: The character we're controlling. Possibly whether or not our CPU dummy is or isn't moving, Super Meter, etc.
  • Dependent Variable: CPU Dummy
  • Control: Uh....Our CPU Dummy
What I'm getting at here is the fact that cause we're in pretty much total control of the outcome. We're ill-prepped for when it comes to an actual fight. In fact from a scientific point of view unless your CPU Lab Dummy is doing the exact same thing as a normal player character or AI the chances of winning are near 0.  What are the chances that the AI or Human player will either just stand there or do a programmed input? Does the human player your facing follow the script you tell them to?

Muscle Memory...Meh...

Yeah its nice to have muscle memory I suppose. It does raise your chances of success at performing what you intended. But back to the earlier post. You're not exactly training yourself to respond to multiple situations.  What if you landed a counter hit? What if your opponent is jumping? Grabs? How do I respond to this move?  What's generally implied by many (Be it videogames or real life) is that you're supposed to respond to these situations like its second nature.  Well you can't really do that until you actually do some real fighting to know when those situations appear. You can't just control a dummy and expect to profit. You can't exactly respond properly to these situations just by learning combos. Again what good does knowing a combo do you if you can't even land a hit?

I think Hallelujah/Allelujah said it best. 

Why I consider AI Opponents better than Human Players?

Besides the above reason that most human players I find start with combo learning then hope that the rest fall into place.  The AI can only be predicted after experiencing there tactics many many many times.  They are based on human inputs and are imperfect just like we are cause it was made by man.  The thought of the AI knows your buttons is really just a frustration response IMO.  Human players do that as well.  We just don't really pay attention to it cause a lot of times its the wrong response or we're in the heat of the moment.  There's also the fact that Human players don't all fight the same. Despite how many guides are made or even if this guy/girl is the best with this character its not gonna be the same. You can generally write this a sort of RNG (Random Number Generator).

What a lot of players tend to do is constantly find AI faults and exploit them to gain the upper hand. Well the same can be said for human players. We find faults and exploit them. Both also share the same trait of our exploiting faults eventually not working as well. Its not 100% guaranteed victory otherwise we'd have perfects across the board in every match. Meaning it would be the first person to land a hit wins (Simallar to games like Marvel but even that isn't 100% gauranteed victory).  So the AI isn't bad or god-like just really good (or really bad) it is made by human hands after all. 

I use this as my form of practice. While there is an CPU fight command in training it does me no good.  Arcade, Score Attack, and the like do me far better. Instead of fighting a in a controlled environment lets random opponents. After all we don't know who or what we come across.  Its rather a toss up to the RNG in regards to who we fight.  Also you learn to create situations favorable to you and how to get out of your problematic ones.

The only good thing on training mode.

The only good thing I find for training mode is practicing special, supers, etc. in peace.  With that I can examine carefully how each one works before I take it to the field. 

What doesn't need to be said but said anyway...

Learning the general basics is important. I couldn't even care for the data on what's good or bad. Matchup data included. It does nothing if I can't even hit my opponent. How I order it is.

  1. Read the Manual if there is one.
  2. Training Mode to practice your moves (NOT COMBOS)
  3. Arcade/Score Attack Mode at progressive difficulties (Easy to Highest Setting) get a better feel for the game and what I'm up against. Learn combos along the way and learn to identify, create, and respond to situations properly.
  4. Vs Other Humans.
  5. Go From there.
Well its not a surefire perfect 100% method and I'm sure I'll be called stupid for doing things this way but this is how I run do things.  Also we're human. Not only are we not perfect but we grow differently.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Well Trying To Build A Desktop Part 1: The Planning Stage (HELP ME!!!!)

Trying to buy a new Desktop, Well Build one.

I generally came to a point where I just have to build one.  Personally I rather buy it all at once to avoid the hassle and frustration but considering how I get a month to spend. That's not happening.
So I'm stuck buying the parts to build one from the ground up cause apparently its "Cheaper".

I don't really know much about building one.  I know how to wreck one.  The last one I had I killed the processor when I tried to clean it the darn thing out of caked on dust.  I tried to put it back it and some of the pins got bent or broke off (It really didn't want to go back in regardless of what I tried). Needless to say its useless.  Only other thing I did was add RAM.  This was years ago.  Like 4 - 6 years ago.

Asking Friends

Anyway, I've asked many ppl on Skype if they know how and what to buy. I didn't get very good results. Although some of them have done this before (even one of them does this for a living). I got no real answers from them. Just a general "This is good", "This is bad", "This sucks" and the like.  I'd pay someone to do the building for me but again back to where I started I don't get paid that much to pay someone else and continue putting gameplay on youtube.  (Generally around $300 a month before certain various expenses).

Getting to the point. After searching through google quite a bit I figured I can buy parts separately over the span of 2 - 3 months and be able to build one.  What I don't know is what specific parts I can buy without having to go back to the store or having parts I can't use. I figured there would be parts that only work with certain other parts. I honestly don't really know what to look for in selecting these parts.  Then there's making sure I'm come out good and not cheated when build the darn thing.

So this is where I need help.  

  • - Since I'm uploading videos to youtube and possibly streaming what parts would be appropriate?
  • - Most I know is that RAM and apparently Processor Cores are important so which is cost effective.
  • - Same for the video card. I don't want one that's gonna break down barely a year after buying it like the last Desktop I owned.  
  • - I prefer an Ethernet connection as opposed to Wi-Fi especially when there's a lot of dead spots in my own house.  
  • - Considering how many things I have that use USB. I estimate I need around 6 Ports.  
  • - I don't really care much for Blu-Ray. I can watch that on my PS3. So I can settle with a DVD RW drive.
  • - I have an OS in mind to use (Windows Vista) considering I have a disc that was never used. I don't know if works or not but it should.  
  • - I'm not worried too much about PC-Gaming
  • - Considering the issues of my room in general. I need better cooling options.
  • - I think that's it.