Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Someone Help Please. (Feeling absolutely powerless)

I am not asking for financial handouts. I would feel absolutely guilty if I got that. The reason I haven't updated this blog in awhile is cause things have generally gotten hard on me. Just recently things have gotten even harder.

Let me start from the beginning. I hope not to keep you too long.

What went down

A couple of weeks ago. My aunt who has a mental disorder decided to stop taking her medication. No doubt this led to bad things later on. She took her 2 children and left on a trip to who knows where for weeks. My family was only updated through various facebook post that gave us a small idea as to where she ran off too. But for that time period there was nothing we could do. We tried contacting her but received no reply. All we could do was pray and hope for there safe return.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago my aunt returned home but was still off her medication. She proceeded to have a restraining order issued against my uncle on false grounds. This left my uncle in a rather distraught state. He wasn't even allowed to take his own truck. My uncle calls asking for a lift to someone's house. Nobody wanted to take him in from what I know he's not in good graces with the family. But he did end up at our house. He told us that his wife was unstable and did all this. We asked why couldn't he just call the cops or someone to say that she's gone crazy and needs to be sent to a hospital. It was explained that anyone from his side of the family (me included) are unable to do that due to the law. My uncle didn't know the doctor that my aunt was supposed to see for her medication or much of anything. The kids were in danger while she was unstable.

Thankfully the neighbors caught on to this and called the cops to report it. He also remembered the doctor she's suppose to see so things could get solved. But not after a long standoff. When the cops arrived she was reported to be hosing down her kids with a water hose, destroying property, and threatening others. This could have ended very badly as the cops on the scene have no training as to dealing with a mental patient. I was stuck waiting feeling powerless cause there's nothing I could do. If you watch my twitter you may have saw my post about that.  I am greatful for those that cared that day. I don't know what I would've done if something happened to those kids.

Anyway after that was over. My uncle was told he could not take his kids. Aside from his house torn to shreds by my aunt's snapped state, the restraining order regardless of how false it was remained in effect. Only a judge can say otherwise. So me and my family ended up with the kids. We asked other family members if they could take them in but they decided to quickly distance there selves from the situation. After everything was over we found that the kids didn't have shoes, and there clothes were pretty crappy. Mom took them to the store and bought them some clothes. I though things were over from this point.

The worst case scenario was avoided but our troubles were just beginning. We were unable to get them seen by a proper doctor cause we do not posses proper power of atorney. We asked our uncle what doctor are the kids supposed to see and he could only give us a name which happens to be a common generic name. Then after calculating the cost we found that covering for these kids is rather costly. Child Services can't really help us and hasn't responded to our request. Pretty much they told us that we're supposed to keep the kids until otherwise noted. We asked other family members but none of them seem to be answering any calls. When we asked them if it was possible to take care of the kids they quickly backed out saying that they have work, didn't want them in there house, etc.

My Situation

My mom is at her breaking point. My sister has her own stresses to deal with. I'm busy worrying to death about what I can do. My mother works full time so I'm the person that watches them during the day. I'm not exactly good with kids. I don't know what to do to help out. I want to help mom out anyway I can. I don't want to ask for financial help. I'll feel guilty about it. My stress not only lies with helping out the family but also when I see what goes on in the news and everyone's reaction to it. I'm burnt out to the point that I can't get angry anymore. I haven't exactly slept properly in the past 3 days. I'm sick of feeling powerless and I want help as to what to do. Please don't send money I just want advice or prayers or just keep me in your thoughts.