Sunday, December 21, 2014

I Don't Call Em Wishlist. I call em buying list. Update

Since my silly decision to give mom money for this month. (ok not so silly) I've been well broke. I tried and well still trying to fill in that time with finishing other games.  Well with watching 2 kids, getting sick, etc that's been well needless to say difficult.  I tried to use my weekends to make up for lost time but its been spent more sleeping than anything.

Speaking of those kids.  Well we managed to get one of them in school (although that doesn't really matter much now cause its Christmas Break.)  That's actually been a bit more difficult than first anticipated. Although he's in the 2nd Grade, his handwritting is absolutely horrible, his respect for authority is well next to none apparently. To make it worse like most kids he's already learned to lie and get frustrated about things like homework, studying, etc.  Believe me it took forever to get him to study for a simple spelling test.  Even after eliminating distractions he still manages to find something to distract him.  After telling me that he doesn't care for school cause he wants his mom back to do home school I had to give him a bit of a reality check to tell him that he's dealing with this now and his mom won't be back for awhile. He gets mad and well easily frustrates me.  What bugs me is all the toys he has and how they're left around the house.  When I tell him that he can't play in the kitchen he gets mad and says, "Fine I'll go play outside."  I let it go cause there's no point in getting mad.

When it comes to the younger one the little girl. She's easy to deal with on her own. In fact she's very well behaved on her own. Till her older brother shows up and they go and destroy the house. Really as selfish as this sounds. All I need to do is cut on My Little Pony since that shows for like 2 - 3 hours and she's satisfied.

Feeding them can get to be a challenge. They're very picky eaters.  Like eat only the skin off the chicken picky.  So pretty much 2 separate meals have to be cooked.  There father frustrates me a bit cause he's not exactly thinking about his kids.  He's currently searching for an apartment. The many apartments we've shown him aparerntly don't meet his criteria. He wants a 3 Bedroom 2 Bath for like $500 a month.  The best apartment we found he can't get cause its for low income families only and he makes too much money.  The one I showed him he didn't say anything about but didn't like it. But he continues to bring over toys and stuff for the kids that we don't have any room for.  Frustrating.

Anyway on with other stuff.

The weekends I've had to try and play other games is difficult.  I only managed to get a couple of games in. I forced myself to finish Invizimals: Lost Kingdom.  Its boring.  Even for a kids game its boring.

I tried playing a couple of demos.  I'm a little interested in Destiny just finding a group to play with (people I actually know) is next to impossible. Everyone I know that has it has the actual game and pretty much maxed out there character and left the game behind.

Ratchet & Clank series I have interest in cause after playing A Crack in Time I'm interested in the series.  I actually made plans on buying the whole series and playing it either on stream or YT it. But well plans fall through lol.

Theatrhythm FF I still want to get.

Wishlists I call them Buying List

I made long list of games and stuff I wanted to buy. Barely get the chance to attack it.  With making sure the fans are happy with what they watch and deciding whether or not to go buy it or not.  Anyway this is the set of wis....err buying list I've made.

General Buying List
Pretty much stuff I want or to help out the channel.

Nintendo Portable
Portable Nintendo games. PSP is well...generally complete.

Nintendo Wii
Wii Games I'm interested in

Old Gen Games
Like it says Old Gen Games

PS3 Games

Skylanders I've made plans on getting.

Xbox 360
360 Games I've been looking at.

Steam Games I've Looked At

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Status Update....*Is Quietly Losing It*

Its always solve one issue get 10 more isn't it?

I don't mind the kids, I understand what my uncle is going through. I understand what my aunt is going through. But all this is just ridiculous.

While I don't have to worry about keeping them occupied since they had birthdays. They love there to annoy me with them too.  One is a baby doll that speaks both English and Spanish (Great this baby doll will be making more money than most of the world at the age of 18 lol...must keep making jokes.), eats, drinks, and pees. It never shuts up. The other is a RC Car that gets left in the floor along with LEGOs.

Its nice to know that one of them is going to public school.  Even though I wonder who's going to pick them up when its time. I don't think mom completely thought this part through.  I don't have my own car to get them and I know my sister is gone way longer than when he gets out of school (She has work and college).  Guess I'll know next week. And that still leaves the other one to watch for the day.

The real seemingly unfixable problem

I haven't really been able to sleep.  When I do its interrupted. The kids still cough at night I don't think the medicine is working for them.  Then around 3AM the cats bang on my door and meow to get fed and cry for attention.  By the time I get back to sleep its time to wake up and watch these kids again....

While my uncle can see his kids again. He's trying to get an apartment.  At least I think he is (I hope he is.) While he has a kind heart it just feels like he's trying maybe too hard.  He brought like a ton of well treats for everyone to have. But today aside from me being sick...he brings the kids a basketball goal for them to play on. I'm just wondering a bit where his priorities are...Are the kids living here forever or what? I've seen pretty much little progress. To top it off mom on a daily basis says a bunch of negative crap about people. My sister wants to distance herself from everything. How the hell am I supposed to stay positive.

In all honesty we have no place to put all these toys. Makes things harder to clean up right now...I'm trying to stay positive but the way things are I don't know anymore. Most I know I'm making plans to get out of here once this is over.  I can't put up with this crap especially since its starting to become routine I could make a YT sketch and profit off it....

Monday, December 8, 2014

League of Legends...This is no way to learn the game seriously (trying)

Well I had this downloaded a long time ago. Just never really sat down to play it. This is quite the experience in the wrong way tbh.  I'm learning but it doesn't seem like I'm learning the right way. I was talked into this game by a friend who plays this almost religiously, well when compared to my amount of playtime.   He insisted I play on the EUW Server (European West Server)


I didn't get to play much on this. I know I lost on the 2nd tutorial on my first time. I tried using Ashe and the game didn't tell me much.  I tried to shoot towers with skills but nothing happened (apparently skills can't hurt towers?)  The AI killed me at every opportunity. I couldn't run away. So I lost. I tried again later like much later using Garen and some random build I found online. Well no doubt that won but I had no idea how to go about building items. I thought I just buy them once I get the money I had no idea there's a method to the madness. Needless to say I felt better with Garen cause I didn't have to watch my MP and his cooldown was pretty good. I didn't bother to try out Ryze.

Coop vs AI 

This is where things changed. I kept getting beat up by the AI of course and every other player on my team was pretty ugly in terms of attitude. Personally I just wanna go beat up stuff and let my allies do all the important stuff.  I hate micromanaging and the fewer things I have to worry about the better. I did win all my matches but I didn't feel as if I was learning anything at least according to the person that talked me into this in the first place.  With Garen I stayed on the bottom lane which I'm just now hearing that I shouldn't be doing that?!  This is all confusing now? I was told to play bottom and now I'm not supposed to? There were other champs I tried as well. I tried Alistar but the build that was given to me didn't seem to work right? No attack items just pure HP very little armor.


This is where things got really hectic.  Also a Smurf's hangout. (I'm told a smurf player is someone that makes a new account cause they can't stand playing against high level players). I can't stand the pressure of when to use a move and practically froze up. There's also a ton more arguing compared to vs the AI.  Felt like everyone I matched with was way more skilled than I was (well that's obvious). I'm still learning but getting cussed out for dying. I can't help that the other team knew everything about the game and are higher level than I am.  I even got reported for being the weakest player...My nerves got seriously bad and nothing I could do but die. And to make it worse I couldn't farm with my supposed allies taking my kills. Or not allowing me to make enough money/exp needed. They also ditched me at the drop of a hat without saying much.  I can't play this mode....too many players obviously more skilled than I am at this and I haven't learned much if at all on this game.


In fact I can say I learned silly tricks and skipped the important stuff.  I read guides but none seem to go over the basics or important stuff I should learn. Just says buy this item, run around and use whatever attack. It gives me a headache, especially when I think about the possibility that I'm the only one that's actually new to the game. My reaction times suck, I don't really know what I'm doing, and everyone's obviously better than me. I think I should stick to vs the AI.  At least then I could possibly learn something.

Probably the most annoying is all the guides. Every guide I read seems to assume the fact that you know what you're doing, know the terminology, and know how not to die. I can see the item sets and strats but I feel I'm missing something. Its fun sorta...but I need to stick to AI combat. I can't take dealing with other players unless I have a team of 5 friends that know each other. I like the game just not the community. That's common.   I have a couple of matches recorded but its all me sucking. Maybe I'll upload them later.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Barely a Week In - How Things Are So Far

Well to be honest its not exactly going well for my family.

My sister is pretty much stuck at work or school. She has finals to take care of and due to the holiday season I shouldn't have to explain how much she has to work even if she's a part timer. She works at a restaurant.  When she comes home she's rather distant and uncaring for the situation. She's ready for our 2 cousins to go back home.

Mom's been sick all week. I worry about her cause she still decides to go to work. And its rather flu-like symptoms. Thankfully she has the weekend off. Even though she's not the type to stay in bed. I worry cause she's been coughing every night along with the kids. She's been considering moving out of state once all of this is over.

We managed to get the kids to a doctor. They don't really know what's wrong with em but did get some meds to give them.  The coughing they do at night has calmed down a bit. They're still rather annoying and frustrating to deal with during the day. They don't talk to me about anything they need or want (like a snack) and decide go independent and get it for themselves. Usually resulting in something getting broken or losing food that should last a week. I tell them many times not to do it but they do it anyway.  I've pretty much given up on nap time (or really I should say quiet time) cause they just don't do it.  I tell them they can't come out that area till they're actually quiet for at least an hour and it only last 5 minutes. The most I can do is let them play Wii games and hope they don't destroy the house. It really sucks having to get up every 5 minutes to see what's going on but its the only way.

No one has any idea where there mother is. Last we heard from Child Services (DCFS) she was released from the hospital and took a vehicle to who knows where. She dropped left her prescription and disappeared. They told us she shouldn't be out of the hospital yet. Her facebook status (At least what's public on her page) says a lot of crazy stuff.  I'm starting to think she's not coming back for her kids.  I don't know what's going on but I'd hate to think of worst case scenario.

There father (my uncle) has been taking small steps but I don't know if he's really getting his act together. He at least makes a phone call from day to day.

The good news is that Child Services has allowed us to get the kids put in school. They were home schooled before. One of them probably won't get into school till next year cause she's 5 years old. The other is 8 now.  I can get them to clean up a bit and fold there own clothes. They even help with the dishes despite it taking longer.

As for me. I've been waking up tired and stressed every morning. I find I barely have time to get things done.  Really I only have like maybe 2 hours or less to get something done which I generally spend sleeping. I would really like to get something done instead of having to stop midway and come back to starting over from the beginning. Financially we're not exactly doing alright mom well even with the bit of money I could give her its not exactly enough bills roll in and make things rough. I guess its better than nothing. It makes me consider asking for donations but the better part of me says not to do it.  I just hope the best comes at the end of all of this.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Small Update: Sigh...I'm So Over This

Well it started to go well. I mean my aunt chipped in a little money to help out. I just got paid today. But like always Monday's Ruin everything.

Small doesn't matter stuff (yeah just venting)

  • Well I found out that neither kid wants to take a bath. Or maybe they don't know how I dunno. But they don't seem to know the meaning of take a bath. Regretfully I may have to teach them that. *shudders*
  • I don't know what the deal is but they seem to like making tissue friends. A lot of tissue friends then I guess they died in war or something cause they're discarded like Disney Cinderella's dress. -_-
  • Keeping there attention span on the Wii which is generally the only console I have with some child friendly games can get difficult. Its all fine till a skeleton or zombie pops up. (And I guess not learning the concept of recovering in smash or the controls of MarioKart Wii can be difficult lol).
  • The concept of nap time or well Quiet goes over there heads. -_-....Really gonna have to teach them the concept of cleaning and quiet time.
  • At least reading goes well. 
Ok done with that vent.

Now the big stuff I try to keep positive over.

  • Mom's sick, like shouldn't be out of bed sick. But like how I do I go do whatever I need to do anyway. In her case she's still going to work. There's nothing I can do about it. At this point everyone at her job has taken a vacation. Can't blame them. So someone has to pick up the slack. That's how jobs work nothing can be done about it.
  • Sister has finals....well time to enjoy that incoming anxiety attack. 
  • Yeah I'm broke for this month. Guess I better work hard at older games that ppl like when I can. 
  • The worst I feared happened. The kids' mother got out the hospital. I'd be all like, "Great Yay" except she's not supposed to be. Apparently she came home and took my uncle's truck. (seriously? HOW?).  So now I'm supposed keep on watch for her in case she shows up and immediately call the cops or someone cause she's not allowed near her kids till given the all clear.  I'm constantly playing this situation in my head of what to do. I can't take these kids to the park for risk we come across there mom. And I know if they see her those kids will fly to her like flies....well you know the reference.  If she's still unstable then everyone's at risk. Regardless I can't let them near each other from what I was told. 
I'm honestly so over this drama. Bad thing is. Once this is all over everything will go back to normal as if nothing ever happened. Nobody in the family will ever be closer. Everyone will be distant till they either need something or the next big holiday rolls around. -_-