Thursday, April 30, 2015

My ISP and how Limited I am.

Since my ISP (Comcast/Xfinity) is rather a dick about internet usage I have to be careful as to how much I upload and whether or not I stream or watch. My mom had the option to switch to AT&T UVerse but she refused cause she didn't like being bothered on a work day. (The dude never even talked to her cause mom was at work he talked to me and I told him I'll see what she has to say). We could've saved at least $75 on our monthly bill too (Our bundle package with Comcast/Xfinity is roughly $200 a month. TV, Box with very few premium channels, Phone, Internet 2nd lowest tier). 
-_- guess I just have to deal with it.

The Inaccurate Data Usage Meter Updates when it wants to.

This is how my ISP works. Each month my household is allowed a specific amount of Data usage a month. I am not allowed to go over this amount. If I do then I will be charged an extra 10 bucks for 10 more gigs of data. So think of this as a Smartphone with a data plan. 

You guys might be thinking. 300GB is a lot for a month. But consider this as well: 
  • Uploading videos are rather huge in file size. Especially when it comes to content that's 1080p or a video that's longer than 15 minutes.
  • Livestreaming eats up data pretty fast as well. Especially when it comes to high quality streams.
  • Downloading easily eats a ton of data. Especially when its games or game updates. 
  • Viewing Youtube or Livestreams at high quality (usually higher than 480p) will wreak havoc on your data usage. 
  • While this doesn't eat a lot of data. While the modem is on (which has to be or I can't use the phone) data is still being used. 
  • Steam, LoL, Warcraft, etc always have updates and usually big ones. Since I don't play all too often.

So what does this mean for me? 

Well I have to carefully watch how much data I'm using a month. Limit my uploads and limit my downloads. Including online playtime.  While Xfinity(Comcast) customers receive 3 freebies as to going over there data usage. The ISP I am with is rather known to be a bully and a dick to its customers.


One of the many things that's been happening especially now. Is that horrible Customer Service has been getting worse. To the point that they're calling there customers' various names.

While they have apologized for this happening. The Customer Service still hasn't changed to this day. If you look up the many complaints about its customer service you can see that these aren't the only cases. This isn't bad customer service this is being a bully. Other cases and rumors state that Comcast randomly changes the price of your bill with no warning. Adding bogus fees and charges to the bill. (No proof of that has been shown however).

How does this affect me? 

Well the main problem here is that when it comes to ISP choices. I am very limited as to who me and my family can go with. This is cause of the area I live in. Because of this Comcast is freely allowed to be a bully so-to-speak when it comes to there service. Its a simple (and rather dirty IMO) business tactic. Because customers are limited in there choices Comcast is freely able to in a manner of speaking, do what they please. Cause what is the customer going to do? Oh I'll switch ISP. Well they don't care for one the amount of customers and how much area they own is superior. Well I'll just go without Internet, TV, and Phone.  Well Comcast will likely be laughing at you. While it is possible to live without any of these things. In terms of our daily living most of the services Comcast provides is a necessity.

FYI: In terms of choices for my ISP. Its only Comcast and AT&T. The rest are for mobile phones. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

KH 2.5 HD Remix (its in HD that's about all that's new) Part 1 BBS and RE:Coded

When it comes to remakes, remastered, whatever. I consider the game is pretty much the same game as before just more widely available. And for the most part that's true. The games don't really make any drastic changes. I never see a real point of buying a remake of a game I played/owned before.

Anyway due to Gamefly I ended up with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix. (it was #7 on my list and numbers 3 - 6 said they were available..go figure.) What's different? Not much. Well you got the game in 1080p.  Both KH2 and KH BBS are the final mix versions. So if you didn't import or Torrent the game like 90% of the Kingdom Hearts fanbase you can play it now.


 Grab your popcorn and soda and other game cause you're not playing.
Well first thing I went to or well semi-watched. Was the RE;Coded bit. Its just a movie you can sit and watch for about a good 3+ hours. I guess the DS Kingdom Hearts games were so boring that they didn't want to remake those games.  I don't know I never got them never had the money and I'm not too fond of Handheld games.

They did a pretty good job noting all the important battles and events of the game. Probably the only main thing that caught my attention was the added scene. Seeing Young Xehanort or is his name Xi? I don't know.  It looks it this was the start of either KH2 or KH Dream Drop Distance.  Probably the later.  We'll probably never see Data Sora ever again. Honestly this felt like Digimon in a nutshell.  The characters are nothing but data. Oh but data has feelings. Etc.  But the whole bit of Namine just made me go why?  What exactly were you trying to fix? I must've missed parts of the plot. I don't really see how this ties into the KH story.  I don't see how Jiminy's Journal could've been rewritten either when he writes everything down in pen.  Sigh....

Birth By Sleep Final Mix - Only the added stuff is fun

Its rather confusing to get used to playing this on a bigger screen. I thought I would speed through the game but I wanted to see if things changed in this game. I can only note the extra bosses.  I haven't gotten to Mysterious Figure yet which apparently is supposed to be easier than the original version. I had a harder time than normal to get through the game cause I wasn't using a guide to meld commands properly.  I did fight Monstro through. That fight was available right off the bat and that fight was hard.

My thoughts about the game are generally the same though. The story is meh. I hate how combat works in this game. Etc.

The Bad is still there:

What I hate about the combat. Even though I'm able to customize my moves to however I like them. There's certain bosses (Besides the secret ones) and certain areas where I just can't use them and pretty much get punished for using them. I can understand things like, I can't use Deep Freeze on a boss or Zantesuken will not instant kill.  That's understandable.  But when you have enemies and bosses literally ignore your favorite attacks and punch you in the face for using them. That's when I get pissed off.  I also hate how Command Styles work.  I wish I could turn them off at times.  Why? One example and this happens to me a lot in late to post game. If I'm being combo'd to death and my command guage fills up to where I have Style Change. I can't select my next command until the change happens.  So if I needed to use Curaga I can't highlight it right away until whoever I'm playing as actually gets a free moment to style change.  To make this worse and you'll notice it a lot in post game. If you style change and the enemy is still somehow beating you to a bloody pulp. Your state just reset back to normal instead of taking damage or being combo'd.  In other words you just signed your death warrant cause more than likely the enemy's attack is still in animation coming straight at you during the short time stop you have. Good luck dodging that.

Another downside to the game. And that's this version of the game not the PSP. Whenever I style change, use a new finisher, or D-Link. The game pretty much takes forever to load that. Take it from me. A guy who doesn't really care for load times and such. This game will take its sweet time to load anything that isn't an enemy.

The Added Content (The Good)

This was generally the only reason I  decided to play this game. For the added content. Even if I'm rather disappointed that Birth By Sleep Volume 2 will never happen. The extra story and added bosses really made things worthwhile.   No Heart, Armor of Eraqus, Red Eye.  Oh man this was fun to fight.

Overall its the same game. Just in HD.....-_- The Final Mix content is nice. But glad I rented this instead.  My added Reward for playing this. Besides useless trophies no one looks at.  Wallpaper for my PS3 that I'll never use.  Time to play the other game that's in Final Mix as well. Stay tuned for KH2 Final Mix.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Characters that Deserve a Spot in Smash Bros (and Likely Never Will Receive it)

After the announcement of voting for your favorite character to be in Smash I saw a plethora of post that either say "Please vote for this character" or "I'm voting for this characters and you should too." Sadly none of those post I agree with. Most were silly and had characters like Goku (DragonBall Z), Sora (Kingdom Hearts), and Cloud (Final Fantasy 7).  Then we got post of constant fan favorites such as Krystal (Starfox), Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog), and any given Pokemon.

Well these are the choices I would make if given the chance. I did a bit of thinking and said to myself. None of these characters would ever make it. Nobody remembers them or they just don't care.

K.Rool (Donkey Kong)

Considering that we have D.K. and Diddy in the game. What about K.Rool? Or any other villain in the Donkey Kong Series? Are they that forgettable? They didn't suck as bosses. In fact we were frustrated with them our first couple times fighting these guys. If not K.Rool what about the many generic henchman. 

 Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western)

This guy has 2 games already with Nintendo. So he gets to be a Smash Trophy. I guess you gotta have a toy line, 4 more games and high sales numbers to make it as a character. Seriously even now not many people know about him. Guess he needs a console game.

Leon (F-Zero) 

Ok I'm not specifically asking for Leon from F-Zero or any particular character. And honestly Leon and many other characters got the short end of the stick in terms of being good in F-Zero. However, I'm sick and tired of seeing only Captain Falcon in Smash Bros to represent F-Zero. Basically all Smash Bros is telling me is that Captain Falcon is the only character in Smash and everyone else is nonexistent.

Hunters (Metroid Prime Hunters)

You don't have specifically put these guys in there. But all we have for Metroid in Smash is Samus and well...Samus. Ridley is there but not as many fans wanted. I honestly don't expect Ridley to be playable ever. We could have some other character from the Metroid series to play as though. 

Brian (Quest 64)

This is a total long shot. His game wasn't well received. He was published by many other companies. So yeah this guy probably will never happen. Not even in terms of getting a Reboot. But I do remember him kicking ass and how many asses he'll kick with just his staff and his mass of Magic Spells.

Ray 01 (Custom Robo)

This dude came back to appear on the DS and GC then vanished only to be used a Smash Trophy in Brawl. He honestly deserves more credit than he gets. Don't argue to me that he's really small in actual size. We're talking videogames here we can make it work. Logic doesn't apply. 

Isaac (Golden Sun)

I'm not necessarily asking for Isaac but how could anyone forget this guy and his friends saving the world?  How could we forget the Ragnarok spell or the Judgement summon? These guys are well deserving of more love than we give them.

Mallow & Geno (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars)

There's always some of us that ask, hope, dream, and even beg. But we never see them. Heck its like they don't exist in the Mario Universe anymore. I could never forget these guys. Geno with his 9999 Geno Whirl. Mallow with Snowy. 

Sadly cause of many reasons fans, assets, sakurai, stupid reasons, etc. I'll likely never see these guys in Smash Game. Unless its hacked or a fan game. One can dream though. 

Gundam Breaker 2 Gold Frame Backpack's is BROKEN!

I imagine it might get patched or might not. But this backpack is broken. Simply cause it has the energy drain option weapon.

I'm not sure if its Gold Frame or Gold Frame Mina Custom that has the energy drain move. Basically this move drains an enemy's HP down to 1. If you press the weapon again during the move you'll kick the enemy away from you. If you use this on enemies that have Super Armor or Perfect Grade Bosses you'll rip through there HP and Super Armor like paper.

The reason I consider this broken is cause you can use this to gain a near infinite amount of ACE points. If you fight enemies with Super Armor after there armor is gone you can grab them a near infinite number of times to gain easy ACE Points. All you have to do is press the option weapon again and again to keep draining there HP. There Super Armor will restore at some point but you can rip through there super armor again or kill them your choice. If you happen to kill them you can just move on to the next enemy and repeat the process.

If you're fighting a PG Boss. Just position yourself close to the boss and spam the energy drain move. You'll watch them drop like flies.

The downside is you're completely open to attacks while draining an enemy so you'll need either the protection of Awakening or EX moves that can ensure you'll be protected from enemy attacks for awhile.

This is far more broken than say the GN Bazooka. Physalis' Nuke, Wing Zero's Twin Buster Rifle and the like cause you can grind ACE Points.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Street Fighter Alpha 3 World Tour Mode

Don't think I can explain in long paragraphs on Youtube anymore so lets keep it here.

World Tour mode of SFA3 is simple but at the same time Tedious and annoying. Basically you only play it to unlock Guile, Evil Ryu, and Shin Akuma.  A couple of other modes as well but that's about it. At least on the PS1 version.

The problem when attempting to unlock said 3 character is that you have to meet some requirements. Which is Reach LVL 32 by the time you fight Bison the 2nd time.


My strategy used to be what I read in a guide that stated just Turtle. And from what its explanation was. Just Crouch and Heavy Kick all day.  Obviously there's flaws in that strategy but there's truth as well. The AI at the start in most stages just falls for Crouching HK all day. Long enough to pull off a perfect win.

Years later I dumped that strategy for just playing aggressively. Most of the time the AI won't block or counter till the late stages. Always making sure to finish with a Super. The scoring system which is basically your Exp points in that mode is kinda finicky though. I could never tell what gives me a better bonus. Since I can't combo for shit I just have to be as aggressive as possible.

This Also means when I unlock power balance mods I give it all to attack. Yeah I know about the negative defense. But since I generally want perfects or quick finishes. I need it.


Generally the only abilities I can think of to be of use through the entire mode is:

  • Guard Crush Plus - Easily Break guards to the point that its just 2 hits to guard break
  • Super Combo Guage Plus - Helps out much later when the missions start getting really specific.
  • Air Guard - Just in case. Still can't block supers in midair as far I know. I can't block Bison's that's for sure.
The rest of the abilities well if you wanna get fancy. 

Ism Strats

Well there's not much most are all the same strat. But making sure you level the right one can be key.

X-ism Well I just lower the opponent down to where I know my super will kill. They usually do about half HP damage anyway. 

A-ism More options for supers. Alpha Counters a thing too. If I remember its there. 

V-Ism the custom combo thing. Works very well in survival matches. But if the opponent blocks chip damage and throw (command throw if you got it). 

Trouble Characters

M.Bison: Ugh....its either bait out Psycho Crusher Super or wail on him. Usually his tip off for Psycho Crusher is he'll do Devil Reverse away from you. The rest of the time he's teleporting and throwing fireballs. 

Ryu: Its just fireballs and DPs all day. He'll DP out as a response to most things. 

T.Hawk: He keeps doing that Condor Spire Hawk Dive whatever thing. From Weak, Medium, to Strong versions.

Akuma/Shin Akuma: He will Raging Demon don't think he won't. Shin Akuma is much worse. He'll do every unsafe move in the book and still recover faster than you can respond. 

Final Fantasy IX (FF9) Again My Mild Suffering

I knew I was going to have to put myself through this cause I needed to have these youtube videos back up somewhere. Generally as a reference tool for myself and as a just in case someone actually wants to see that game. I don't really like this game. I don't like Zidane. I don't find Stiener as great as everyone says he is. Amarant is nonexistant. Freya is cool but not very strong. Anyway lets look at this game a 4th time in my life.


In terms of story the villains did reveal thereselves at a proper moment. Except the final boss who gets shoehorned in cause the fight with Trance Kuja wasn't epic enough. But the characters in all honesty did not get as fleshed out or should I say moments as they should have. I'm talking about most of the main party. I find that NPC's or the temporary characters got a lot more spotlight than these characters.

Freya: Pretty much she shows up kicks some ass. You find that her boyfriend has a case of amnesia and she goes all SOAP Opera mode (for like 2 minutes then we forget that that happened).  We didn't get any actual closure on this except for the ending. She just picked herself up and got moving with the main plot. Although I tend to see Anthro/Beast type characters always get that kind of treatment.  They have some sort of tragic crisis but they don't let it bug them and cry about it for the entire game and move on. She honestly didn't do much in the story IMO.

Amarant: To be honest where was he? You don't get much backstory on him at all. And his character development isn't there. You meet him at the end of Disc 2 and he pretty much is Disc 1 Squall. He doesn't care for anything and his story about how he met Zidane although hilarious was his only backstory. Then Zidane comes back to rescue him and suddenly he's friendly. I literally never understood what Amarant's purpose was in this game. He didn't exactly do anything helpful.

I'd mention Quina but I'd be lying to myself. he/she Did many random things and was more of a comic relief character when Vivi tripping over himself and Zidane's antics got old. Quina was the most simplistic character and an open book. I don't even like Quina.

I'm honestly rather surprised they went back to the whole Crystal bit. It was somewhat of a FF staple for a time then disappeared. Somewhat of an unneeded plot twist but whatever it worked.

I hate Zidane. His childish character gets on my nerves. It may be nice not to have a feeling sorry for myself character cause of tragic past (even though Zidane does this at a point) for a change. But I can't stand characters that act like him. His worst moment is where he's talking to Vivi under the stars at Madain Sari. SE why are you guys so dirty. Yeah his qualities is pushing all the shy characters forward. But Zidane's character just rubs me the wrong way.  Pissing off authority, constantly hitting on girls, his rep sheet goes on.

The character I did like is Vivi. His actions and attitude was really well human. Yeah he gets turned into a wuss in KH2 but that's a different game. This guy wanted to understand the concept of life and death and his own existence. Stiener as a character was good as well. Playing the blindly loyal Knight. A common role but still good character.  Dagger and Eiko well they were important to the plot. So they had to be good characters.

As Party Members

As Party members I only use:

  • Zidane: Cause I'm forced to use him. 
  • Vivi: Vivi is beyond broken.
  • Dagger: Dagger is broken.
  • Eiko: Eiko is almost as broken as Vivi.
I don't like the others. For one there abilities come way too late and most are fairly useless. Another reason is that Physical attacks for most of the game aren't as effective as magic is. 

Zidane: He's the main character. You're stuck with him. His abilities aren't that great. Stealing is generally a means to get ahead for the next boss fight coming. But Zidane likes to be a dick about stealing and pretty much never does till much much later. Same with all the other stealing party members. I never liked his skills. Aside from Flee and Thievery there wasn't any good skills he had. Thievery IMO was generally useless cause I have MP Attack on. Why bother? Even his Trance abilities quickly became useless cause I could just do a normal attack and get the job done.

Vivi: Vivi's Focus ability allows him to charge his magic power to 1.5 times its current amount. This also stacks for the duration of the battle and never goes down until the battle is over. Even if Vivi dies. The Focus Stacks are still there. So you can Focus till you hit 100 Magic Attack Power and Thus Vivi becomes a god. 

Dagger: She's pretty much a Rydia clone. Rydia in FF4 was pretty much an all around mage. But she couldn't use her summons till much later. Dagger has a very similar circumstance. She literally can't use her summons till Disc 2 (unless you grinded her levels to death) So she's just a white mage. Then a godlike Summoner. 

Eiko: Super White Mage with the Situational Summons. Carbuncle give Vivi Reflect bouncing. Phoenix for reviving. Fenrir was cool (even if he is Earth element) till you got Madeen. So honestly you could switch between Madeen or her Holy spell cause both did very high damage. I don't think there existed an enemy that resist holy either. So there you go.

Stiener: I don't see the appeal of Stiener. He's slow. Oh that's nice he can get Excalibur II (which meant not stopping to smell the roses on your journey.) Yeah he can get strong swords but is it worth it? He learns his abilities really late in the game too. All the kick ass moves Beatrix knows, Stiener doesn't get till MUCH later. So I guess pair him with Vivi....even though Stiener's MP stat sucks. 

Freya: Yeah Dragoons are cool. But also tend to be last ones alive. I've had many occassion where Freya is in the air the enemy kills everyone else. Freya comes back to a dead party only to die herself. Her abilities aren't all that useful either.  I mean you got Dragon's Crest which is based on the number of dragons you killed. The worst move being Six Dragons which does some random crap.  She's cool but don't like her.

Amarant: A jack of all trades character. Posessing abilities from almost every class. I guess his most useful moves are Curse which adds a random weakness to the enemy and his throwing weapons ability. But I never saw a purpose in throwing weapons. I needed them for synthesis. 

Actual Gameplay talk.

Note: Some videos will not show till a specific date. Please be patient. 

Ok now that I've gone over all that. Lets talk about the game itself and the choices I did.

Lag: Playing this on the PS3 I notices a lot of lag spikes. Especially during special moves. Not fun to deal with.

King of Jump Rope: 

This time I went for it and recorded it. I find it a lot easier to do on the PSX than PS3. The frame rate seem to run differently between the 2 consoles. 

Boss Fights: 
I actually attempted more to steal from bosses than I did in the past. Just for an advantage in the future. 

Grinding: I will grind for AP but I don't care for levels till Disc 3 - Disc 4 Territory.  I rather have the abilities learnt especially the status defense ones and killer ones. 

Grinding 2: 

I hate the early grinding method a lot people suggest. To me its unreliable. Killing Grand Dragons and praying that it or the Garuda's don't kill you on Disc 1. Like I said before I focus more on AP than Levels till Disc 3 or Disc 4.

Grinding 3: I did attempt the Stiener Auto Grind Method. To be honest it doesn't really matter about his level unless you're fighting Tantarian early.  I probably could've left the game running all night with this method but only did it for a couple of hours while I got some other work done.


I completed the chocobo bit like last time. Main difference is I did it as early as possible. 


I actually made an effort to kill the Ragtimer and answer all his questions correctly. 

Quina Frog Hunting: 

I went for 100+ frogs. Its pretty easy to be honest. Just make sure to leave a male and female frog behind. I didn't get Quina's 1000 needles move. No need really.

Killing that annoying epitaph: 

I found out the easy way to kill that annoying monster in Oelivert. Just throw a soft on him and there you go.  

Did I use the Tent Trick?: No I didn't bother. I find it unreliable. 

Hippaul's Racing: I forgot that its only on Disc 3 and missed it.

Stellazzio: I collected all 13 Stellazzio. Kinda worth the trouble.

Card Game: I didn't bother much with the card game this round. I have a far better file with it complete so. 


After about 4 or 5 attempts I killed him. Or really he killed himself. Its the first time where I see Zidane being a dick about stealing from this guy. Usually he steal everything without fail. I'm still surprised it killed itself since it practically healed every time I hit the stupid giant ball. I guess I could say I'm lucky cause he didn't bother to cast Meteor in that attempt. I hate Meteor's random damage. I had times where it only did 3k or less damage. Then other times where it did over 6K damage. This spell makes no sense.

Cinna's Hammer: I did get the hammer. I honestly don't know the difference between the endings.  Maybe someone can point it out.


In terms of boss fights. I have to say. Zidane was a total dick when it came to stealing items. Usually I have better luck stealing from bosses. This time wasn't the case. 

There's not much else to say about it.

I like the monster designs and some of the Eidolons. But this is a game I don't wanna run through again. I'm not fond of the mini-games. The sidequest are rather boring. This would probably be far more worth it if it was on the PS3/360 for the Trophys/Achievements.

The story isn't bland or anything I just don't like running through this game. Its not one of my favorites. My favorite part is pretty much fighting Trance Kuja. There isn't really a place to have fun on this game which makes me not want to spend too much time on the game. Alright so the next game is Final Fantasy VI (FF6) at least according to the poll. 

Side Note: I apoligize for not streaming this much.  For one when I did stream very few people showed up. And OBS was giving me issues while I streamed. So I didn't see a point in streaming everything. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bogus Video Game Rumors

Before the age of the internet. Our only source of info on games was various magazines, Costly hotline numbers, and word of mouth. The worst came from word of mouth as a lot of people were confused or made up stories about random things that are in the game. Here's a couple that I've heard.

Super Smash Bros. 64

Giant Mario: 

While it is true you can make Mario giant the way you unlock him is completely different.

False Method: To make Mario giant simply perform his taunt then pause the game and hit L+R+A+Start. Mario will stay giant and have giant fireballs and all his moves will instant K.O. You should obviously be able to see how this is fake. When you pause the game during a match. L+R+A+Start ends a match prematurely.

The real method:
Video Example 

choose Mario as your character and any other character as the CPU. Then choose the level MUSHROOM KINGDOM as the stage. Next knock the CPU under the bridge thing made out of blocks with a pipe on it. Next jump next to the pipe and keep on rolling. Keep rolling and you'll get bigger and bigger!

Unlock an Ice version of Captain Falcon

As cool as this sounds. Its totally untrue.  After unlocking all the characters Highlight Captain Falcon. Then continue to hold Right on the control stick and press right on the D-Pad. Captain falcon should change to a Blue/Light Blue color scheme and instead of having fire attacks. His moves will be ice based. His Falcon punch will freeze an opponent instead of knocking them away.  Heard this as a child when Smash Bros first came out.

Sonic 1(Sega Genesis Version)

Unlock Super Sonic: 

In later ports of this game there's an added option to play as Super Sonic. However we are not talking about the iOS, android, and Hacked versions. We're talking about the genesis version.

Well here's how I was told how to do it. Start the game up and play normally till you reach Green Hill Zone Act 3. Upon reaching an area where you can spin dash through the wall retreat back to the start of the area with the spikes and kill Sonic. Repeat this until game over. Press C on the controller at the Game Over Screen start your game again and you'll have Super Sonic.

Final Fantasy 7

Equip Cloud with the Excalibur.

I think we all know that such a weapon does not exist in FF7. To unlock this weapon you're to master 8 Knights of the Round materia's and put them all into Cloud's Ultima Weapon. The Ultima Weapon will turn into the Excalibur and give Cloud the ability to break the damage limit.

Get Aeris/Aerith back on the console version

We all know that the only way to make this happen is through a cheat device. But this is obviously a confused rumor cause you can do the process on the PC version of the game.

Pokemon Red/Blue

Get Mew

Its generally impossible to get this godlike pokemon without either cheating or getting to one of those exclusive events at least in the past. But how many have heard this one?

To get Mew you must push the truck located at the side of the S.S.Anne. However you are not able to get there easily in the game. You must K.O. all of your pokemon after grabbing the HM from the captain so that you'll warp back to the pokemon center and not see the SS Anne take off.  After acquiring Surf and Strength. Return to the SS Anne and surf over to the right instead of entering the ship. You'll find a truck sitting there. Now use Strength and push the truck until it finally moves to reveal a pokeball that contains Mew.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Start with 4 Hearts.

Yes this one will sound really stupid. To Start with 4 hearts simply change Link's name to Zelda when starting a new game.

Tales of Vesperia

You can Block Mystic Artes?!

As stated by a strategy guide I bought. Apparently I'm able to reduce the damage of Mystic artes.
Stated in the top paragraph. By holding X you can apparently block Alexei's Brilliant Cataclysm, which is his mystic arte.