Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Brad_Ry The Gaming Mole

Brad_Ry The Gaming Mole:

A gamer first and Furry second. Plays almost all types of games for the viewers of youtube to enjoy. Draws artwork randomly. Enjoy my content on youtube and offer suggestions as to what to play next. As long as its not rated M it has a chance.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Donations: And How I feel about it

For the most part all of us have donated to something or someone for whatever reason. But in the past couple of years or maybe I should say decades. It rather sucks to donate cause we end up seeing that money used for selfish reasons rather than what was said. History has shown this to happen and even now it happens way more often than it should. With things like Paypal, Paetron, Kickstarter, etc. its far too easy to use these things as "free money".  I'm writing this not only as a response to those on Max's recent video of his generous donation. But even some of my friends and acquaintances that are either taking donations to help themselves out or giving others(like me) donations.

The Good

So we donate to a cause we want to help. Or we want to support someone. So usually we give our surplus to assist these people. Its great cause maybe we're actually helping. The main ones I always remember is PBS to keep there shows running, Salvation Army which always during the end of the year we have dudes in Santa outfits standing in the cold ringing a bell and many more. Or we may have just saved someone from falling into financial ruin. It always feels good to give to someone there's no doubt about that. 

The Bad

This is where things go wrong. The people that go out for help take the money that was given and use it for a completely different purpose. We've seen it time and again. From many church pastors using it to line there pockets to a bum on the street buying a beer. It sucks when it happens but its worse when we find out. We can't do anything about it cause that person has the money and ran away with it. This hurts everyone cause the ones that need the money or help don't get it and the ppl that gave away the money probably won't do it again. This is regrettable but it happens.

The main problem is people give away the money and rarely there isn't anything to show that our money has helped. In fact for a lot of things you'd think that as much money as you or someone else has handed over, that the problem will be solved. Most we get (maybe) is a piece of paper saying that we helped out. Worst case is these people ask for more money. 

What Bugs Me About It

While its nice that people will donate for whatever cause. These days its very suspicious when it happens.  Especially for certain people. While a person's intentions can be clear on a piece of paper, video, or face to face. I don't know what's going on behind closed doors. How do I know that the person or group is genuine? Its very hard to trust these days considering how sneaky people are.  

That's just one thing. It really bothers me when someone announces that they have donated. These people I just wonder why do they announce that they're doing it? To let everyone know that you're doing a great/noble thing can easily rub off as a way to show off and look good in front of the general public. Not only that but I worry about safety as well for everyone involved. You just announced to the world that you have money and you're giving it away to this person for whatever reason. That's just asking for someone to rob you. Couldn't more discretion be used in this regard? Does it have to be announced? When someone announces that they're doing this or that they received money I begin to question the motives behind it all. I'm not saying that you can't say thank you for taking the money but it shouldn't be made a big deal and announced to everyone. 

I have a hard time viewing streams on now cause of the new system implemented in streams. On most streams now almost every 5 minutes I find a message in the middle of gameplay saying some person donated X amount of money.  Not counting the annoying sound bite that follows, but I noticed that a lot of times this comes from the same person and usually its outrageous amounts of money given. Its practically a competition now as to who has the most money and who can donate the most. I'll be honest I used to be jealous of those getting money that easily on a daily basis. For a good while I thought to myself that if I put in hard work then I'll receive untold amounts of cash as well on a daily basis via donations. But I was only deceiving myself with that thought. I ended up stabbing myself (figuratively) making choices I now regret trying to reach the same level these creators have. 

Me and Donations

I'm in no way saying I'm the epitome of perfection either. I've taken donations in the past as well. While those donations went exactly to what I said they would. I feel bad for doing it. There's always people that constantly tell me, "Hey we want to give you money so take it." But I still feel bad when I look back on it. What good did I do? Play videogames on put them on a website? Even when I tell my parents or friends about how people donate all the time they say its not "real money" or something else on those lines like it being shady.  Personally I don't mind if people were to donate to me if they wanted to. But I feel I should give something way more in return than just some entertainment. I wish I knew the people that donated to me in the past so I could find a way to repay them. Sadly those people are long gone for the most part. I wish they didn't donate. Rather I'm just satisfied if they watch the videos and comment. Through getting paid via partnership I feel a lot better cause I'm getting paid by ad revenue not donations.There's a lot better things they can do with that money than hand it to me. 

End Of Discussion

I'm all for donations. Great that there's someone nice enough with the situation to do so. You guys can donate all you want. But to announce it? That's what bothers me. I don't see a need to announce that you're doing or done a donation.  It easily rubs off as you're doing it for some selfish intent. I know that Max's purpose was to do a nice thing and encourage others to do so as well but it can be easily seen as a selfish purpose. Many people in the past have done the same and only for themselves to look good. You can donate and not have it announced publicly. You will still feel good about it. You can tell others to help someone out or help a specific person/group out and not mention that you given money. When it comes to donations or really giving it should be done discreetly. Its not a sport or a competition and the main goal is to make a people feel better. The part of you feeling better for doing it comes as a bonus. If you can give and feel like giving to others then do so. If you can't and still want to. There's other ways than money to go about it.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

YT Channel Update for End of April 2015 - Stuff I need to know

Well a lot of things have been going on for me.

Well I discovered how hard it is to actually get things I need. So I have to find an alternate route. Generally I'm considering finding a job generally for myself so I can move on in life. Its rather hard for me as I've had so many people for years tell me that my choices are wrong in generally everything. So yeah no one to support my decisions really. For this like many other things I'm on my own as to get things done.

My health isn't so bad. The doctor put on another medication. Its supposed to help me focus a lot better. So far I guess I've been able to focus a lot better. Its not as I desired though. I feel like I'm totally zoned out and only able to focus on one thing. Half of the time its not the important thing at that moment. So its working just not like I hoped. Downside is thanks to the medicine my sleep schedule is seriously fucked up.

Gaming/YT Stuff


In Gaming News I went Gamefly. The moment I opened the account I just filled my Q with tons of games I wanted to play or record for the channel. Now my problem is which I'm pretty sure everyone knows this. Despite the rank I put these games in.  I still end up getting something lower on the list instead of others.

So here was my 1-10 list of games I had. (I put over 50 but still) And the status of them at that time.
  1. Dragonball Xenoverse (Yeah I have little to no chance at getting it) At the time It said it was available.
  2. Under Night In-Birth - Still available
  3. Guilty Gear Xrd - Available
  4. Armored Core: For Answer - Available
  5. Sonic Colors - Available
  6. Lego Marvel Superheroes - Available
  7. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix - Available
  8. Tatsunoko vs Capcom - Available
  9. Xenoblade Chronicles - Limited
  10. The Last Story - Limited
So I ended up getting sent Kingdom Hearts 2.5. My #7 on the list. All the other games before it were marked available. I knew I had no chance at Dragonball Xenoverse cause that game is mad popular. Same with Guilty Gear Xrd. But I was thinking the others would likely get sent to me. Also when I recieved the game I didn't get a case, but rather this lame disc sleeve that's supposed to be protected by a piece of cardboard while going through the mail.  I'm glad my Mailbox is decent size and I didn't order anything big or the mailman would've broke the disc trying to fit it in the mailbox. Believe me my mailman doesn't care as long as he/she drops off the mail. Pretty much its SOL if something happened to it after they leave it. (FYI: These mailmen are the type to leave packages in plain view of everyone passing by and not close mailbox doors or put the flag down).  

Aside from that complaint. I pretty much focused time and energy on KH 2.5. I mean I am renting it so best to get it done ASAP right?  

KH2.5 HD Remix

While I get the chance to play the Final Mix version of 2 games. I do have my complaints. Generally around the load times.  There's no data install option and its not available on PSN. Yet KH HD Remix (The first one) is? I don't normally complain about a game's load times but this is ridiculous for 2 reasons.

The first reason is when you compare it to its original version. The load times are much faster. When I can hear my PS3 reading the disc in the middle of gameplay. That's annoying. Even the first HD Remix didn't have problems with loading. Not like this. It makes me feel like I'm playing with a scratched disc and its seconds away from crashing or stopping the game to say, "Cannot read disc. Please make sure disc is clean, blah blah blah."

The 2nd reason I should really say this is my number 1 reason. The load times are at the absolute worst spots. Ok I can deal with cutscene loading, screen transitions, and loading battles. At that point I'm like alright something to keep me entertained. But the worst times when the loading shows up? While you're fighting. In Birth By Sleep if you happen to have earned a new finishing move on the same screen. When you get the chance to use it the game actually stops for a second just to load this attack.  But it gets worse in Birth by Sleep. Whenever you do a command style change which is what this game is revolved around. The changing has to load for a long while. The same goes for using D-Links as well. You have to sit there and wait for it to load. Thankfully Birth By Sleep has the courtesy to stop everything so the game can load.  Still sports the same old Birth By Sleep Problems however. Which I'll explain that in more detail later.

On Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix however. The loading in mid battle just makes the game even more unforgiving. Unless you're using a summon which likely you're not cause you want to use Drive Forms. While you're changing into your drive form. Everything around Sora is still moving and most likely attacking Sora like a bunch of jealous High School Kids attacking a person for his shoes. What that means for us as a player? Well you're going to come across a ton of situations where you're overwhelmed by enemy numbers so while you're going into your Drive form, you may have knocked everyone away for that moment but now everyone is back surrounding Sora ready to gang rape him. If you come across a battle where there's a time limit or you have to protect someone the game is still running so that clock is still ticking and that person you're trying to protect is getting his or her ass kicked. Even Goofy and Donald are subject to this. Sometimes I like to use Drive Forms just to watch them die for being useless meat shields. There is a way around this. By simply pausing the game after you use your drive form and waiting a few seconds you can avoid this problem. But honestly you shouldn't have to deal with such a problem. In otherwords this "HD Port" has a couple of lackluster elements in it.

As for the HD Part. I don't really care for graphics. But it is nice to play Birth By Sleep on a TV screen than a handheld with a crappy battery supply. I guess the graphics look better but now I can see what guys like NTom64 were talking about when they mention "Default Faces".  The redone music is a nice touch. I think that's all I can say about this. I only really played this cause I wanted to do the extra content.

Uploading all this stuff I have recorded...OMG....I need to find a program that can shrink the filesizes cause if I uploaded all this Comcast will pretty much charge me fees for going over my internet usage. (300GB a month).  The aproximate file size for these are huge:

  • KH2 FM: 203GB Total (Not counting stuff already posted)
  • KH BBS FM: 157 GB Total 
Needless to say that's a lot. And this is basically raw recordings. I want to reduce the file size and hopefully not lose the quality. I asked around and pretty much again got reminded that asking people in certain forums (Like Google+) will not help you at all. What I'm trying right now is a program called Handbrake and hopefully the file size will drop dramatically from before. I don't want to upload something that big. Ever. Well not now. If I didn't have this stupid internet usage a month thing going I'd gladly upload it all.....Sigh where's Google Fiber -_-.

Final Fantasy VI

Ok for the most part I'm done with Final Fantasy 6 and I'm just a bit lazy on making a problem Video Icon for youtube. I also want to wait till FF9 is completely release before I release this one. The only task left for me is Kefka's Tower which isn't long.  After this game is done. According to the vote. I see that Final Fantasy X HD is next. So I'll get started on that afterwards. 

Once I get that started I'll remake the poll with updates to it. Cause I did make a few changes to it. In order to keep sanity and save myself some time.

Reupload Old Deleted Playlist
To save my sanity a bit. I managed to edit almost all the deleted videos and reupload them. So right now most of those playlist are there with the videos either marked as Private or Unlisted. If the videos are unlisted that means you can watch them. I just haven't released them. In order to watch them simply just go to the playlist and click the video from there. 

Other Things

Stuff I Need to Know

I really need to focus on this stuff if I intend to get the most out of my Youtube partnership. I don't really get any answers on this so again I'm more or less on my own.

-How do I use Reddit?
Its very confusing to look at. I know its insanely popular although from the look of things I likely can't links to my videos on there. I was already told I can't post videos or really anything until I get enough points to do so (Stupid I know) and apparently they don't like spam and consider promoting your channel or a video spam. Should I even bother with Reddit?

-How does Digg work?
Seriously. I just made an account and it doesn't seem like it does anything.

-Any other notable wiki sites to post videos to?
Particularly ones that allow it. The ones I know would be the most beneficial for me. (Digimon, Final Fantasy, etc.) I'm not allowed to post videos there.  Or even edit information.

While I do have a tumblr account I don't do much with it. Not even that big of a following.

-Stream Setup?
I've been trying to get those things that most other Twitch user have like notifications and such but for one I can't seem to get it to work and I don't know what I'm doing. In terms of being creative for a layout and notification stuff I got very little in that department. I'm not really fond of those fancy layouts, that looks like crap and rather annoying. Even it does show information like YT channel and all that.

-Best time to upload?
What time are most of you guys around on youtube? I'm used to posting my videos first thing when I wake up (usually in the morning). But I think very few people notice I did this.  I'm in Eastern Standard Time FYI. I don't like to fight with other youtubers for being the first one noticed. Those people that say "Well I get emails and notifications that you uploaded a video." I don't really believe it cause well they never leave a comment.  In fact I can safely say that those very people never comment at all.  It would help a ton if I knew what the best time for me to upload is from all of you watching the video or reading this blog. Before most of you say check my analytics and all that. I don't get enough information to determine Any of this information.

-Any Games (That aren't M Rated) you want to see in the future?
For one I still have a small list of games to either go back to or get. But if there's any that you guys can think of. I can either put it in my Gamefly Q or buy it.

Special Notes (Things That I shouldn't have to say but need to every now and again)

Better Quality Stuff: My resources are very limited as to getting you guys the best quality I can. I don't like forcing videos into 720/1080p format if its not natural. It makes things look very ugly on the final result. As for a proper capture card. Again I'm limited in resources as to what I can use. So I have to go with the best value. The best stuff to use has a very high price tag that I can't ignore. So sorry unless you got the money to just throw away there's little to no chance of things happening.

M Rated Games: I don't play M Rated Games. I made that choice a long time ago. You can come up with any silly name in the book for me I've heard pretty much all of them when it came to this subject. You can think whatever you want as well. I don't care. My moral values aren't going to change simply cause you guys hate it. I know that in terms of youtube views it hurts cause there's a big audience for those very games. But I'm willing to live with that.

Online Play: While I'm over the my grief with the online community for the most part. Playing online is still a chore for me and keeping my interest for online play is very hard. Especially when my ISP is a dick about how much time I spend online.