Saturday, July 25, 2015

Patreon? Donations? WTF Why should I? Should I even Bother?

Really look for a 2nd source of income that involves others donating. Is it right? I honestly dread this a lot. Cause I don't feel great taking money from other people just cause I'm playing video games and uploading them to YouTube. I think that the partnership should be enough. But obviously it isn't.  I find more and more people jumping on the bandwagon for making Patreon accounts, Paypal donations, etc.  I can't even tolerate a Twitch stream cause its filled with constant annoying notifications saying that Bob donated X amount of dollars and has this to say.

My problem with it for me is simple. I'm playing videogames. That's all I'm doing in this aspect. What right do I have to open such a thing like Patreon?  I suck at drawing. WTF else could I possibly give for people literally handing me money other than a thank you? If it was something that I'm giving away or say I created the game myself. I'm fine with it. While I find it annoying that artist one after another have pretty much jumped ship to these type of payment methods (cause I pretty much can't get a commission from them ever).  I approve of it. They're giving something back. All I'm doing is uploading videos that people may or may not want to see. And yet they can go to about a million other places for the same content. I made peace with partnership money cause its just ad revenue. I'm not telling people, "give me money so I can upload more videos." Not to mention there's shit like ad blocker.

I wouldn't come to question this if I didn't see so many advice videos all saying the same thing. "You should have a 2nd source of income." "You should have a Patreon account." "You're not doing anything wrong with doing these things. It's not selling out." Watching 100s of people do the very thing that I said no to. Then hearing another 100 people tell me I should do it cause there's nothing wrong with it. Not only am I questioning it legally. But I'm questioning it morally. Is this the right thing to do? Should I even bother? Everywhere I searched for answers pretty much turns up zilch and my most hated answer, "Its up to you."  At least with a yes or no I can get a pros and cons perspective of the whole thing.

I also wouldn't even consider this if for this month I've been sick and not working as hard as normal on my video content as well as not getting much as I used to from the partnership.

If you don't know how Patreon works. Basically unlike Kickstarter or Paypal, etc. A person gives a set amount of money. Possibly each month if they choose to. And the person who owns the account creates content with the help of your support. If you give a specific amount (a pay tier so to speak) you get better deals out of it. Like exclusive access, something free, apparently an option to say so on something.  Works great for artist. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Guilty Gear Xrd: Mission Mode - Fighting Character Missions

Pain in the ass set of missions for most of the cast. There's some that's more or less character dependent. Most if not all of them require you to pull off a combo of 80 to 100 damage.  Then the annoying ones where you just have to sit there and block.

As a side note. The game has an annoying habit of auto-guarding during these missions. Or really I should say putting you in auto then without warning give you control.  Its frustrating at times to deal with especially since I can't use whatever track I like. I'm stuck with the stupid training theme.  For your sanity treat the game as you normally would and hopefully things will flow smoothly.

A lot of these I'm still having trouble with pulling off successfully. Hence a video hasn't been made for it yet.  Hopefully I'll get to finishing it.

*if there is no video then I either haven't made it yet or I haven't uploaded it.*
**if you like you can contribute your own method especially for the ones I haven't done yet and I'll give credit and post it here.**
***I'm not uploading the non-character missions as those for the most part is tutorial mode stuff or honestly just too hard for me to pull off 5+ times. Not to mention most of them are ridiculous.***


Part 1: Sol attacks with Volcanic Viper. Block then counter it for 100 damage. Hope you know your combos.  Sin can usually cover this easily. 2HS, Beak Driver 236S.

Part 2:  Sol will do a block string into Gunflame then follow up with Fafnir. Stop Fafnir and inflict 120 damage. If you jump over the Gunflame and Sol then do a Super. You should be fine.


Part 1: Ky will jump and use j.D then Jumping Stun Edge and repeat it.  After the first one get in and smack him one.  Easy for some characters hard for others. Just move forward cautiously.

Part 2: Ky will do a block string into Greed Sever (214K). Block Greed Sever and counter for 80 damage. Can be a bit difficult. If you're not used to instant blocking now's the time to learn.  Hopefully you know a decent combo.


Part 1: May will use  j.HS counter it for 80 damage.  Most moves won't stop this one not without trading.  Blitz Shield then do an air combo. Mine after Blitz Shield with Sol is basic. j.S, j.S, K, 236K (Bandit Revolver).

Part 2: May will use S version of Horizontal Mr. Dolphin then go for a second one. Block the first then counter the 2nd for 70 damage.
My Ky's combo is basically. Greed Sever 214K, 2HS, jS, jS, jHS Vapor Thrust 623S/HS. Really you only need up to the 2nd jS part.


Part 1: Millia will do a normal attack then cancel into her forward roll followed with Digitalis (HS).  Block the first hit then counter and deal more 120 damage to her.  The timing of when to counter is key. The wrong time you'll either attack and drop your combo or totally whiff your attack and get hit. You can either wait till after the HS hits or right before it. If you choose to attack right before it its best to wait or input your attack as if you were facing the opposite side.

I found that using your sweep (2D) will hit Millia most of the time allowing you to follow up with another move. But comboing after sweep is rather difficult and not reliable. Another strategy is to jump during her forward roll which should dodge the Digitalis follow-up. Then right as you land grab her and pull your combo.

As Ky or Sol (or really anyone that has an overdrive input noted as 632146+HS. You can kinda do a double input as you'll either whip out Overdrive or end up with a grab. Either way be ready for whatever the outcome is.

Part 2:  Another block everything cause you can't attack one.  Probably the hardest one too.  Millia's attacks go on for quite awhile and its easy to end up getting hit by an overhead from her.

Found a Solution on Dust Loop.  Basically everything can be guarded with a crouching guard unless you see her go for her kick overhead. So watch her movements carefully and block accordingly.


Part 1: Annoying.  Chipp will teleport constantly till he does the HS or S version of his teleport putting him in the air then attack you with j.HS. You have to guess....predict which side he'll come from and block it.  There's no real way to tell where or when its coming. Usually if your already holding back from him he'll appear on the opposite side to get you.  Honestly I rather counter this with an Anti-Air move but you're not allowed to attack just block. -_-

Part 2: Chipp will go invisible and perform a block string ending with either Dust or Sweep.  Block the whole thing.  The easiest block everything mission out of all of them.  Just hold crouching block if you see a red flash on the screen then shift to a standing block.


Part 1: Zato will do a block string ending with Invite Hell afterwards he'll summon Eddie from the pool it leaves behind. Punch or Kick Eddie.

Part 2: Zato and Eddie will attack relentlessly. Use a dead angle attack to hit Zato not Eddie.  The lesson here is that if you smacked Eddie Zato would still hit you and continue his onslaught.


Part 1: Potemkin will do a block string into Potemkin Buster. Counter him for 80 damage. Remember how Tager used to close the distance and do his command throw. This is about the same except much less forgiving.  Potemkin will do a block string into Hammer Fall-cancel into Potemkin Buster.  Almost guarantees him a command throw.  Your attack should come out right as the Hammer Fall Cancel is starting.

Part 2: Potemkin will do a block string and depending on your reaction he'll either do his Air Throw Super or Slide Head.  Don't get hit.  If you can instant block you'll be perfectly fine since all you need to do to avoid Slide Head is jump.  But if not you might either get hit by Slide Head or Jump Straight into his Super.  If you can control your jumps to be as low to ground as possible it can do the trick.


Part 1: Faust will attack with his 5S then do a "What's Next" then 5C (long range) again.  You must hit him before the second 5C comes out.  I found it easy with Ramlethal since her 623P is pretty fast at stopping him.

Part 2: Faust will throw out "Super What's Next?!" Your job is defend against all of it and him.  You're given meter to deal with it. Basically just determine what items are out and then Faultless Defense and/or double jump out of the way.  Rather easy.


Part 1: Axl will use Artemis Hunter (his DP). Block it and do more than 100 Damage.  The blocking part is easy. The do more than 100 damage part not so much.  To avoid me having to do a long combo. With Ramlethal I just blocked then did 2S, 2HS.

Part 2: Axl will go into Sparrowhawk Stance and constantly use one of 3 attacks from it.  Counter it. Easier said than done in most cases.  But don't overthink this one.  Sparrowhawk Stance pretty much turns Axl into Dhalsim.  If you don't know what I mean by that basically you can punch his attack and it'll damage him if done at the right time.


Part 1: Venom will setup his pool balls and constantly attack you with projectiles. Find a way to counter his assault.  Unfortunately you have no control of your character till after he launches the first one. Otherwise anyone in there right mind would have smacked Venom during his setup.  This one is rather character specific so the same method isn't going to work for everyone.  

Part 2: Venom will attack with 5S then either Mad Struggle or Sweep.  Don't get hit.  Best way is to just jump away when possible.  Faultless defense is your friend here.  


Part 1: Part 1 requires that you get hit by his command throw which puts you in a stagger state. You have to mash out of that stun state and not get hit by whatever attack he decides to follow up with.  He'll follow up with either his dash punch special move, a standing Kick (5K) or do another command throw.  You can't attack him for this mission only your defensive commands are available.  I honestly say its luck but either double jump, Super jump, blitz shield, or Faultless Defense your way out. That's assuming you managed to get out of the stagger state.

Part 2: Slayer will use Mappa Hunch (X version) after a block string.  Deal more than 50 damage before or after Mappa Hunch. Mappa Hunch is his dash punch. It has a pretty good recovery so you need to act fast and have a good mastery of Instant Blocking.  If you fail to stop his assault he'll command throw you.  50 Damage isn't that much to cover as that's most special moves in the game.

Ugh this is difficult. Way more difficult than it appears. You have to instant block if you intend to stop him effectively. I doubt there's any character that's fast enough to respond to him from a normal block. I used Potemkin for this one. Immediately after instant blocking enter his command throw. (632146+P).  However the timing is really strict. You can still fail cause you did it a frame too late.

Another Method is with Sol Instant Block then hit 5K (2 hits), 5S, 5S. You'll either get it or fail.  This is far easier and less stressful.


Part 1:  I-No will use Stroke the Big Tree twice. After blocking the 1st one. Counter the 2nd one for 100 damage.

Don't react too quickly to her 2nd one. Instead wait a bit till she's close to you then counter. As Potemkin I did 2K, 2HS, Heat Knuckle (623H), Extend (63214H).  You don't have to do the Extend but it'll make you feel better.

Part 2:  I-No uses Anti-Depressant Scale. Her projectile. Then she'll dash and put you into a block string.  Block everything.  The key here is watching for when she lands on the ground after her dash. Remember that I-No's dash puts her in the air.


Part 1: Bedman will attack with Task C constantly. Find a way to counter it for 80 damage.  If you never faced a Bedman player before or if you never played Bedman before. This move is insanely annoying to deal with.  While you can block it high or low. The game wants you to counter it.  Uh yea...good luck with that one.  Some characters don't have a counter for this madness. So use a blitz shield and stop him. Hopefully you did it to him rather low to the ground as if he's too high you might screw up the combo part.

Part 2: Bedman will attack with his De ja Vu projectiles Task A and Task C.  Your job is to destroy the De Ja Vu icons and damage Bedman.  This confused the hell out of me. I have no idea what its talking about for the icon part.  I have no idea how I'm supposed to actually hit them. Its not like Ky's little icon thing.  So pretty much what I did after blocking is use Ky's Charge Stun Edge (236HS) 2 or 3 times and apparently I did it. Yay....


Part 1: Block everything again....what makes this a challenge is that you need to know which PK string is she going for. Honestly you could hit her out of most of them but...the game isn't going to let you do that here. -_-

Part 2:  Ramlethal will attack with 5S then go for Dauro (623P).  Block the 5S then grab her out of Dauro.  Basically after blocking the first move just time or mash out grab.  Should work most of the time.


Part 1: Sin will jump then do Hawk Baker. You must backdash and counter him for 80 damage. Not fun as once again you have no control over your character till the last second.  I suggest mashing out backdash then counter with whatever. The counter part is easy since you have 50% tension Gauge. So just hit him with a Super.

Part 2: Sin will perform his special block string mixups. (Beak Driver, Bull Bash, & Elk Hunt) Then he'll use "Still Growing" (214HS). Counter Still Growing before he eats the piece of meat.  Its kinda lenient on the counter part as I've hit literally after he's restored his Calorie Gauge.  The challenge here is reading his mixup.  It can get very difficult to read at times. To make it worse you might end up stuck in block stun at that point you're screwed cause the next attack will definitely hit.  Crouch Block Beak Driver and Elk Hunt and Standing block Bull Bash as its the only overhead in this mix.  After about 5 attacks you're free to him but do it quick.  Chipp can do this easily with Alpha blade (236P).


Part 1: Elphelt will use her aerial version of Bridal Express.  Counter this and do more than 50 damage. Not that easy. Not too hard. Find a good anti-air then follow it up with something.

Part 2: Elphelt has you in the corner and is going to spam "Miss Traveler". Hit her. Rather easy. But its mainly guess work as to when she's open.  You can use Dead Angle or Blitz Shield to hit most of the time.


Part 1: Rather simple. Leo will do a block string then follow with Kaltes Gestober Zweit (236HS). When Leo goes for 236HS grab him out of it. You can grab him during the running animation of the move. So either mash out 6HS or 4HS.  Your choice.

Part 2: Another damn block everything, don't get hit one.  Leo will go into his stance and then at random use P, K, S, or HS. You can't attack him. DON'T GET HIT!....Ugh...I'll give props to whoever can pull this kind of crap off. The key to this one is to use your Faultless Defense sparingly and know what exactly to Faultless Defense.  This will push him back far enough so you know what attack will come.

Basically don't panic cause he likes using K which hits low and his HS hits high but is very slow. The other 2 rarely if at all come out.