Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Champions Online - Well Why Not

Yeah its still a work in progress. 

Well I was interested in this game for quite awhile. Just never got around to trying it. So why not.

It took forever to install and update. I think I waited at least 45 minutes before I could finally play the game.

So starting the game...whoops it crashed.  -_-  Well I bet one reason is that PlayClaw 5 didn't agree with the game until I white listed it.

Okay Start the game.  Lots of loading. Well registration was easy. I thought I was gonna have to do one of those please confirm by clicking the link in this e-mail thing. But not it went really fast.

Ok now on to character creation.  Oh god this is probably my worst area in games cause I always spend forever when it comes to making a character.  I can spend 3 hours just trying to pick a name sometimes.

Now onto the reason why I even had some slight interest in this game in the first place. I looked this up on Steam and saw that some of the screenshots well the bulk of them had this badass shark looking dude as a character. I said wow that's pretty cool. Most games don't even have choices like that for character creation. You might get a Wolf, a dog, some alien that looks well meh, and the rest being humans. But A shark?! I don't think I've ever seen a game where a Shark possible in character creation. Heck DC Online or whatever its called doesn't even go that far. Everything there looks well human. Even if you can have a cat head. Its more like Catwoman.

As a side point. This is actually what turned me off from playing Final Fantasy XIV. I was looking up all the available races in the game and said wow these guys look really cool. I would love to be one of those. But then as I explored the Wiki even deeper I found out that all the races I want to be, are NPC's or enemies only. I honestly wanna say that's racist. But I bet some Final Fantasy XIV expert would appear out of no where and list endless reasons as to why they're NPCs and the rest are superior.  This isn't to say that I only like beast type classes in MMO's or whatever. I mean I'll gladly play as human character. I did in Diablo III. In Phantasy Star Online I was a CASTS which is a robot dude. Dungeon Fighter Online I played as the gunner dude. This isn't about, "oh well he's a furry and he wants to play a furry character." No! I just want my character to look badass.and not some wimpy kid that can beat up guys 20 times his size. I think its rather dumb that they make races like these in games but then you find that you can't even play as them usually for dumb reasons like, "Oh well they're evil and don't like the rest of the races so they're enemies." It really makes no sense to me and I wish these races were playable. That way we can have variety.

Character Creation

Wow another Tirade. Moving on.  Like I was saying this character creation wow'd me. I wasn't expecting something like GMoD or Second Life. But I didn't think they would go this far.  It took me a bit to figure out how the character creation worked. But then I discovered how to find the rest of the parts.  One thing I will point out is that I found it weird that parts that are apparently exclusive I couldn't pick yet it kept saying that I already own the associated pack with it. So I guess that's an oversight or something.

Moving on the character mascot and well my furry self is a mole so lets put him into the game.  Unfortunately there isn't a mole head design available. So I had to pick the next closest thing in terms of head shape. Which was a rat. Well the way I draw my character is more like a rat anyway so its acceptable. What sucked was I couldn't really change the eye color. I couldn't give him glasses. But I did give him a cool looking trenchcoat and have spikes growing out of his arms. It does bother me that I couldn't could the entire head blue and I could easily notice the neckline there's a big hint of him being human and just wearing a mask. Well I can't have that. He's supposed to be a mole. Not a human dressed like one. Lets cover this up with a bandanna. I wish I could've had a long scarf but hey I'm already happy with the choices there is.  I can even add the tail. Yes moles have tails I've checked!

Hmmm...class...Well there's quite a few. Honestly I thought of a lot of powers that would be cool to have. Like one being I have a backpack that can store many items despite its size and that I specialize in using bombs that I kick at my enemies. Another where I pretty much copy Chaos from Under Night In-Birth by having a grimoire and using a creature of magic to attack my enemies but not being a pushover myself.  Or just having blades like Gray from Atelier Iris 2 being a close range combat specialist.

I had a bunch in mind. But reading through all of the available ones I remembered that this game has PvP and Co-Op quest. So I better pick super power I can use and not get my but kicked. Not to mention that these powers were pretty much generic. So I went with being an Archery expert. There's very few heroes....characters I know that actually go out there with a bow and have good fighting skills. Most are either super rich or geniuses like Batman and IronMan. Or they're so powerful that it doesn't make any sense like Superman.  Then you have the guys that are inbetween. And last you have guys that are badass but get little recognition unless they manage to make it in a big time game. Even then you rarely see them in the spotlight.

 Ok give a bit of a beast pose. Well not like that cause then I just look like a generic RPG enemy. Alright now lets get started.


Well the music is hit and miss for me. I mean its pretty epic to hear but I'm reminded of the time I played Starcraft. The entire soundtrack just loops. So there really isn't a song to fit a situation.  The voices are cool too.  I don't think my character has a voice which well should stay that way cause the way I want my character to sound will be rather nitpicky.

On thing did stick out and bug me. Eventually the music just got silent. At least up till the point I died. But it did it more than once. What's up with that? I may have to make my own playlist and have it play in the background.

Gameplay control scheme sorta weird oh wait I can use a controller? Sweet. I don't even really have to set the buttons. Its kinda hard to read the buttons though but I do need a better monitor. Ok this training simulation stage is rather long. But things do make sense.  Talk to a random guy complete his/her request kill enemies along the way. Pretty simple. This feels a lot like League of Legends but without the horrible community. Well I will say that playing this with a pad I do find it annoying that there's still some things I have to click. And since there's too many moves and its obvious that the controller is not gonna fit every single move to a button. But I do appreciate the auto-targeting. The thing I'm not really fond of is that there isn't much of a point to me running away or attempting to dodge. Regardless of how much I strafe or run away I'm still a magnet to attacks. Luckily this game is reasonable in terms of damage. Now if only I could master the art of chatting and using a pad.

Well almost done with the quest but wait there's one quest I didn't finish let me finish that first...nope...My recorder decided to cut out on me which made the entire game crash. Why did that happen? Well Play Claw 5 may record in good quality but it eats up a ton of hard disk space. The higher quality the game the shorter time I get to record.  Damn I wanted to show some gameplay too but maybe next time. Hopefully I'll figure out how to make my character look better too. I'm actually liking this game. I was debating between this or world of warcraft but I don't wanna pay a subscription for a game I won't play all the time the limited free option I feel its gonna cut the free play when I get to the point where the game is actually good.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mighty Gunvolt - A Time-Wasting 8-Bit Side Game

Before I get into this. I don't know what's going with Inafune and why everyone's so pissed and pratically boycotting the guy and his games. I heard its something to do with his many projects and wanting money for it. But honestly I don't care. I just want to play the games. What happens behind the scenes isn't any of my business. I like games or really I like to play the games. How its made that's there decision. If my opinions actually affect the outcome of a game, well that's not my problem. Ultimately its the creators decision as to what they want to do with the game. Not mine.

Anyway for those that are left. Mighty Gunvolt. A side game that came with Azure Striker Gunvolt. Its basically Gunvolt in 8-Bit style. The story is pretty much Azure Striker Gunvolt except the ending is different. And apparently this never happened. Basically if you played Classic Megaman you should feel right at home with this.


You run through 9 stages (4 DLC) designed after either the stages of Azure Striker Gunvolt or Gal Gun. I think there's one that's designed after Mighty No.9 But I never played the game so no comment. The stages are short and simple and generally too easy. The enemies are more annoying than hard to deal with. Its the bosses that piss me off though. Some are pathetic others are insanely annoying to deal with:

  • Elise: They're busy throwing kunai at you that turn into snakes when they hit the ground. Its kind of easy to dodge but doing that while trying to shoot them is a pain. To make it worse they'll do some sort of team attack (1 of 3) that's pretty hard to dodge. 

  • I don't know this Red Dude's name. But he's obviously from Mighty No.9. I hate this guy. He has no pattern. He just charges at you at high speeds. Predicting him is bad cause one bad prediction means you're gonna get hit and he's gonna stay in your face. And unlike old 8-Bit games and most other platformers your invincibility frames after you take damage don't last long. 

  • Another Mighty No.9 Boss This dude's on fire. But he loves to troll you with his moves. He'll either dash across the screen or dash then jump up and do a ground pound or just run close to you then stop and make a spread wave attack. I can't tell at all if he'll choose to do the ground pound or run at me. To make matters worse my both sides of the arena are on fire. So you have less space to move. 

  • I don't know what this thing is called but its obviously from Gal Gun. This guy pretty much decides whether or not you can damage him. He'll either put his tentacles out or make 2 minions travel up the walls to annoy some girl and make her scream HELP! and the letters hurt you. Aside from that another reason I hate this guy is cause sometimes the tentacles just barely in reach of my attacks. Cause you gotta shoot the tips of them. Then It gets worse cause his weakspot is only exposed for a few seconds. 


Anyway you use whatever of the 3 characters you picked to run through the levels. Each have an advantage and disadvantage. Luckily all the stages are made so that each character can make it through without too much effort.

  • Gunvolt: He can double jump and if you hold down the shoot button you shoot out this line of electricity that does a lot of damage. It takes quite a bit to come out but it hurts like hell. Honestly I say he's the most broken of the 3. 

  • Beck: He can slide. And his charge shot is a dash. Think Megaman X4 X with his giga attack except that it sucks. His charge shot is pretty much worthless. If it doesn't kill an enemy Beck will bounce off them and usually he'll end up getting shot cause of it. His slide is sorta useful but honestly he's the worst of the 3 characters. And this is supposed to help promote Mighty  No. 9. Its not really a good job in doing so.

  • Ekoro: Her jump is a hover. Like Princess Peach's hover jump. And her charge shot when she defeats an enemy (most of them) after they hit with the charge shot. The enemy "befriends her" Basically it acts like one of those SHUMP helper ships and constantly fires. But it can also take damage and die. If you use the charge shot again. You can send the enemy you befriended at another enemy. Really Befriend them? More like Entice them to do your bidding. Seriously how many female characters/bosses had this sort of ability. I bet she flashed the enemy and they were charmed by her looks.  Its a common Game trope just rarely available for the player.
I honestly enjoy playing this as Gunvolt since one he's rather broken and 2 I don't have to stress too much about fighting bosses. The other 2 I more or less don't care for.  The score system for awhile I didn't even notice it. Its in the corner of the screen. Basically the more items you collect the higher your score multiplier is. However if you take too long and you're not killing enemies or picking up items then the multiplier drops back to x1.00 And if you take way too long or you're just constantly dying. The multiplier drops to 0.  Kind of a dick move there. 

Well the game isn't exactly worth me replaying it to get a high score in. I enjoy it but I this is something I don't wanna try to make a high score in.


Well the Music is just an 8-Bit Version of various Gunvolt and GalGun stages. Very well done too. Sound effects are nice. The music and sound effects do nothing to annoy me in this game. And that's a plus.


Its 8-Bit what more can I say? The stages are rather short but they do look good. I generally dislike one of the stages cause of the switches I have to hit. There's some that are in positions that I have to take damage from in order to activate them. Other than that I'm fine with it.

Well there is one thing I have to bring up. When they made this game 8-Bit they truly went all the way. Remember back in the old days games would make spelling errors?  Well this game makes spelling and grammar errors on purpose. I'm told by others that its supposed to bring nostalgia to players. But really I find it annoying. I thought reading the bible was annoying cause the way its written there grammer was obviously completely different from today's but watching a modern game (Despite it being 8-Bit) make these mistakes is just annoying. And I honestly don't care too much about this kind of thing cause I see mistakes all the time when I'm chatting with people or reading comments. My mind just auto-corrects it as I read. Only when the mistakes are just so bad that even I can't understand it is when I'll say something.  I guess they were trying to be cute with this. But I caught your mistakes. And I'm pretty sure one of my friends will say something about it cause his name is Ben and they meant to say Been. 


Look these 2 paragraphs over and see the mistakes.


Well this game is what it is. A time-waster. If you got 30 minutes to an hour to waste then play this game. If you like Megaman then play this game.  Just don't expect too much from it cause this was free if you bought Azure Striker Gunvolt before a specific date. And its cheap to buy online too. Also its pretty damn short.  I wouldn't be surprised if this made it as a mobile game in the future.

I'm Still Around, But Not Really, Don't Want To Be Either...

Yeah I'm in a depressed mood again. I can blame no one but myself for it. Yesterday (from when I'm writing this) I said some things to people that made them feel awkward and rather pissed off at me. Generally from answering a question that was asked. At first I kept telling myself that they shouldn't have asked in the first place if they weren't ready for the answer. But eventually that stopped working.  I looked back at how many times this has happened on other occasions and its pretty often.

I don't think I need to be around people. For the most part it always seems to happen when I try to be myself or give an honest answer. Considering my track record and many articles I've read. I'm generally the type of person no one really wants around. Or they want me to be around just so I can be the one to take punches. Really I think no one likes me to show the real me. I admit that there's things I don't like about myself and I've tried to change that. But then there's parts that no one likes and can never belong. Fitting in is hard. I'm not looking to fit in but I don't want to be hated and hurt either.

I guess that's the reason why I don't like being around people. Aside from the obvious. My views although different are never respected and always questioned or really they're always shunned. This along with family issues really puts me in a bad position. No one wants me to be myself. They want someone else.

Well I guess I should get to the point rather than complaining. The point I'm making. I'm not really gonna be around to talk to/play online/whatever. I'll still be here but I don't want to interact with people as much as I can help it. I'm tired of getting hurt. And I'm tired of dealing with people. I need to be alone. This is something no medication can fix. I have to fix it myself.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Outrun 2019 - Here's Actual Nostalgia

Well what could I say about this game? Outrun 2019 is an arcade racing game that's obviously a spin-off/sequel of the famous Outrun. The goal is to race around the world in your awesome car and reach the goal in the time limit. Just like many other Arcade racing games of its time. I came across this game as a kid by via rental. Back when video rental stores were actually worth something. I didn't really play too many games back then either. No where near as much as I play now. But I guess when you live at the corner of a street and the nearest house is behind a bunch of trees where you can't even see the house. You generally have no one to play with.  So Video Rental stores were a godsend.

Now what makes this game awesome compared to the others? I mean pretty much every Arcade Racing game was literally the same as in a sense. Drive from point A to point B before time runs out. Every other car is a brick wall. If you hit something your car will go flying and land on its back. So what set this apart from the others.  I'll tell you. Better yet I'll show you

Give me a few seconds.

Ok a little more.

You're car is a Legit Batmobile knock-off. Not only that but a Batmobile knock-off that runs at a max speed of 682mph! (341 km/h (211.89 mph) on the Japanese version, 682 km/h (423.77 mph) on the European version -_- lame) Ok in terms of physics that's pretty much impossible or well not impossible but if I was driving this car in real life then I should be dead. Not only that but whatever my destination is I should've been there in minutes. Or really this car should be lifted off the ground. Yeah I can easily go "Back to the Future" and beyond with this car (bad joke). But remember this is a videogame. Well on the bright side no cop car would ever be able to catch me until I actually stop. 

Well like pretty much every arcade racing game in existence there's always other cars on the road that hate how awesome your car is. And the major difference between your car and there's is obvious...unless you never played an arcade racer or a simulation racing game. There car is a ****ing moving brick wall with perfect handling and speed. While yours is an insanely fast moving empty soda can. 

This has kinda been the standard for most racing games that aren't Kart Racers or certain other racing games (like Burnout). Even to this day this very thing exist. Although its mellowed out...SLIGHTLY. I always see this in Simulation racing games for no reason. Take Gran Turismo for instance. Its a simulation racing game yet my opponents are perfect drivers and there car is made of some otherworldly material cause they won't move on contact. But if they hit me or I hit them. I'm thrown way off course. There's very few instances where I'll actually be able to move the car slightly off course.  But they're still perfect drivers. I've had times where I pushed one off the track cause I didn't hit the brakes in time. I'm thrown off course and off the track. While the AI gets pushed off the track but easily gets back on the road like nothing happened. Why is this still a thing? And it hasn't really gotten any better. Oh simulation racers give simulated damages to your car but not to the AI. I'm getting off point we're talking about Arcade racers here not the other kinds. I'll tackle those someday later. So you're safe for now Sega GT!!!

Regardless of hitting these guys at max speed. They'll shrug it off like a bug hit there windshield while you'll go flying.
One of the cool things about this game is that sometimes if you happen to be driving at max speed and hit something sometimes instead of flying or spinning out you'll regain control of your car and only lose some speed. How generous. Another cool feature is there's actual shortcuts. If you're fast enough and skilled enough (doesn't take too much skill) you can skip most of the race by taking these shortcuts. 

The hazards on this game like any other are annoying and frustrating to deal with. This game has high bridges where if you fall off you hear your car make this loud noise then crash. Bottomless pits, yeah bottomless pits. Make sense of that. But the worst hazard I have to say is in the last 2 stages. There's one area where you're literally stuck on a one lane road and there's signs covering the other 2. You have to drive perfectly or pretty much quit the game cause its easy to hit those signs. Did I mention your car is a high speed tin-can? Yeah well considering car physics the one that always stuck in every game is the faster you go the further you skid in a turn. There's a lot of turns where if you don't hit the brakes at least once you're flying ending of story. It hasn't been this bad for me since Pole Position although that game is far more unforgiving than this one. 


I have to talk about the music. Oh my god I love this soundtrack. Even today this soundtrack is great. I wonder if anyone actually took these songs and remastered them to sound like today's instruments? Since these are in MIDI format cause that's how most cartridge games got the music in. I could listen to this all day despite there being so few tracks. Even the game over theme is great. But at the same time I could say that most Sega Genesis games had great soundtracks and honestly they should be remastered and brought back to today's time. Most music of today is either forgettable or has tons of vocals behind it. I don't mind vocals but I like non-vocal music better.

After looking up on Wiki I found out this game was ported to a Plug N' Play system called Play TV Legends Outrun 2019.  You know those old games that posed as game consoles but weren't actually consoles. They generally played only 1 or 2 games and sold for about 20 - 30 bucks. Yeah those. But it is notable that this one used a steering wheel as a controller as opposed to a basic Genesis controller.

So we're at the end of this well...nostalgia playthrough. There's not much else to say. I still love this game. I doubt we'll ever see cars like this in 4 years but hey no one ever really thought about the year 20XX would turn out.  It might still happen. If it does. I want a car like this one. It would probably be on sale then in about 2 weeks to a month ever car of this model would go on recall cause of some broken safety feature or the fact that it goes way too fast. It would be awesome to have a car like this.  Hell I'd be happy to have a model car like this. Anyway this game deserves to be played a lot more. It deserves to be on a shop channel. I miss racing games like these. 

I want a car like this. Or at least a model car of this.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Skylanders Superchargers: Review

Price: Starter Packs = $40 - $100 bucks (varies on version)

After 4 games I want to say that Activision corrected most of there mistakes of the past. The 5th installment, SuperChargers does a lot of things right and adds a few new problems that aren't that big a deal but does hurt the game's lifespan.


Okay I'm still wondering how Kaos got out of the Traptanium Crystal in the last game. Not to mention the other villains I have ideas but I'm unable to confirm. Apparently this is all explained in the side comics and stories that you can buy or download by searching the internet. But yeah he's at it again just like old times. What surprised me is that the minute I start the game "shit hit the fan" has already happened. Skylands is being utterly destroyed, you get booted from Skylands by Kaos denying access to your portal. Everyone's been captured. Yeah I'd say shit hit the fan. But honestly seeing the story I can already see its the classic, "Evil guy is messing with forces he has no idea how to control" scenario.

From the looks of things it seems every NPC makes an appearance and does something significant this time round other than just standing around and begging you to help them with some random tedious task all the time (Still no sign of Tessa and Wheellock from Swap Force). The story also seems to go at a much faster pace than before. In the old games each chapter was insanely long especially if you did every side quest available in it.

Dialogue isn't too bad. You still get annoyed by either Eon or now that mole character telling you that you can't enter a specific area without a specific skylander.


I'm kinda a 70/30 here. The main story is rather fast paced compared to before. But at the same time it feels like there's a lot more to do without being hindered by an enormous paywall. The paywall is still there with needing more figures but you don't have to buy every last one in order to get the full experience. Depending on the version you bought you only need about 2 or 4 different toys to do all the main quest.

Villians no longer play a role in this game. Instead whatever villian you have inside your trap crystal you'll get that character's skystone card. You also use the trap as an alternate means of attack during the vehicle portions of the game. I suspect villians no longer being a thing cause of unknown story plot and the fact that they were BROKEN beyond all belief and virtually were the entire game.

All skylanders still work on the game. The level cap is still at 20. I did have to take ownership of all my skylanders again manually so that was a chore. Your magic items are pretty much cosmetic trinkets you can decorate the hub world with now. They no longer serve the purpose of assisting you during gameplay. Some will drop random amounts of money, exp, or hats for you to use. Others are literally there to look pretty.

I only own the land vehicle for this game at the point of me writing this so I can't say much about it. But I do love the driving portions. Customizing your vehicle for whatever situation. The controls feel just like your average kart racer. The combat doesn't seem to throw anything insanely cheap at me yet. I remember the previous games having really cheap bosses that used "Bullet Hell" for most of there attacks. The game did add falling off the stage as a method to damage you however. Nothing in the game seems to drag on forever like the previous ones. I still find there's too few enemies in sections. It also seems like the battle arena is gone which is a dissapointment.

I'd love to talk about online play except I can't seem to find anyone playing this game online. I have a feeling people bought the Wii U version.

The Racing. Well from what I've played. Its pure rubber band AI.  Its borderline MarioKart Wii with difficulty. There's items that apparently I can't even use but the AI can. Also have to deal with the fact that I have no way to defend myself from an attacker from behind. It may be the car I'm using. But I pretty much just have to take it or somehow gain a burst of speed to avoid other races from shooting me from behind. If I could defend myself I would be able to stay at the front of the pack a lot easier. But expect to get "Welcomed to Mario Kart" on the 3rd lap at that last stretch.  Also the paywall rears its ugly head here. By default you only have 2 tracks unlocked. You need a Sea and Sky vehicle to unlock at least 4 more. Then you need to buy what's called a trophy in order to unlock the other tracks and mirror mode.


The music is forgettable. Heck sometimes I didn't even hear the music. At first when you hear the music its not all bad but later you forget the music is even there and likely drown it out with something else.

The voice acting is still as good as it always was. And this is coming from someone that doesn't care for voice acting. I am somewhat annoyed when I play as Spit Fire and use his dash attack. Or during races. He'll keep going "Woohoo!" Its not as cute as back in the old days of Mario Kart 64 when you mashed turbo with Toad.


For those looking for info on this game. I'm not sure if game runs at the highly esteemed 60fps. Youtube keeps screwing with my uploads for this game. PS3 version goes to 720p.

I like the level designs. Its not too big and its not too small. I particulary like the Cloud Breather Dragon as they called it. He actually felt pretty cool to see for the few minutes that he's on screen.

Character designs. Well looking at the figures I have to say that the figures look rather derpy compared to either there previous versions or in-game looks.  I do hate how the game insults me going cheap and downloading the game. The game gives you a built in skylander and vehicle except the color is rather bland. This is probably Activision saying I should've bought the starter pack instead of being cheap. But times are tough I was lucky enough to buy this for 50 bucks. In all honesty for this round of characters there's not too many that stick out and attract me in terms of looks. Some of the vehicles are cool. But considering I only need 1 of each. Unless I luck into some money I won't be buying too many.

The Good and Great:

Paywall is lowered

I mentioned this before. But you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get the full experience of the game. You also don't require to buy another huge starter pack. So that's less stuff to eat up space in your room.

For most consoles instead of buying the starter pack. You can just download the game saving yourself 20 bucks. You get a Skylander and a vehicle built in (these don't count towards your collection however).  You can use the old portal of power to play the game instead of having a brand new one.

Game is faster paced

I don't feel tired after running through 2 stages. The stages aren't insanely huge and still have a good degree of decent puzzles, platforming, and combat.

Online Play

Online Co-Op or just racing. If you can find someone now you don't have to hope that another family member or local friend actually wants to play this game.

Sharpfin is back

Miscellaneous my favorite NPC is back.

The Bad and Ugly:

Online Play:  

What online play? I haven't found anyone playing this game online. I'm glad they're smart enough to give the option to turn off voice chat. Thank god. But still WHERE IS EVERYONE PLAYING THIS GAME? I've been online multiple times and found no one. Probably limited by version and possibly region lock. In terms of this game competing with every other online game. And this game is competing in the Kart Racing online market.  I already see this getting destroyed by games like MarioKart, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, etc.

The Paywall

Yeah the Paywall while its a bit easier to overcome this round. It's still there. You can't complete the other level objectives unless you have the corresponding vehicle. You can't race on the other courses without that vehicle as well. To add insult to injury you need the corresponding trophy to play on the other tracks and mirrored courses.

Dull Music

The music is forgettable heck likely the same as its been in the previous games. This does bug me. Cause music drives me to continue to play the game.

Glitches, Bugs? 

I don't know but I seemed to have come across an in game bug were at times during certain races my Car gets launched in a completely different direction. With no rhyme or reason this happens. I tried contacting Activision via Twitter about it since they do respond (although they don't respond favorably) but I've received no answer to this glitch. I wouldn't be concerned if I didn't immediately see that this game received an online update. Meaning that any bugs and glitches can be fixed. I've only found one bug so far but I imagine that through continued play I'll find more as go on.


I hate this...I hate this in every game its used in for many reasons. This being no exception. This game has Bowser and Donkey Kong as our guest characters. However they're only available and playable on Nintendo only consoles. They also can serve as Amiibo's.  I hate this cause I want to play as Bowser but requires I buy the Wii version. (DK's on the Wii U).  Not only that but now if you were to play a non-Nintendo version of this game there's 2 skylanders missing from the roster.

Once Again getting Skylander Figures is a pain

Where I live...getting Skylanders is a crap shoot. I should rephrase that. Getting functional and intact skylanders is a crap shoot. While they do go like hot cakes. The stores nearby me are either shady, lazy, or both. Never restocking when they're supposed to. And then asking if its available or coming out they'll never tell you the truth here. You'd have better luck on ebay. I've searched various online stores saying that a Skylander is in stock but then get told in person they never had em. This is cause that Skylander is being held behind the counter for the cashier to buy instead of the customer. I also have to deal with this like Yugioh cards. Except to see some skylanders opened, or broken cause someone wanted to steal it.

Also consider the fact that Activision releases there figures the same way. Certain skylanders I have to wait till a specific date to get them. And hope I get lucky that they're available.


I actually appreciate this game a lot more than the previous games. A lot of the things done fixed some of the glaring problems of previous games. While some problems will probably never be fixed. This game is fun to play and not as costly as it used to be. I do hope one day I can find someone online to play and I wish the music was better. But this game is better than the previous installments and I welcome the changes.

Worth the money? Yes.