Monday, November 30, 2015

December 2015 - Update: Just About On that Line of Giving Up On Youtube AdRev

Note: I can't record with my voice. I can barely talk at this point. Canker sores in my mouth are too painful to even talk/eat.  So no voice.

When I started doing Youtube Ad Revenue I said to myself that I can use this to help support myself and my family through life. I honestly hated working at various jobs either cause they're too dangerous or that you do so much work for very little. I wanted to avoid adding stress in life since I've been on the verge of suicide many times. From dish washing to Construction Worker, I simply could not put up with the stress. Thus having a partnership on youtube I figure I could avoid most of the stress I have in life and still get paid.

The problem arose when friends, family, and other acquantinces didn't believe in me at all. None of them supported this idea. They told me to go out and get a quote unquote "REAL JOB" and make "REAL MONEY".  I was determined to prove them wrong in saying I could do it. They told me that the reasons I left my older jobs were stupid and that the experiences I went through in those jobs are all apart of life and that I don't really have a choice when it comes to avoiding stress, choosing my own type of job, suicidal thoughts, etc. They called me a coward in pursuing this type of job.

I thought I was proving them wrong at first but, it slowly kept showing its face that I was completely wrong. I've been at this for quite a few years.  I managed to endure the ridiculing, the lack of encouragement, the guilt tripping, and the peer pressure.  Really I ignored it. I was pissed that no one close to me believed in me. That they still wanted to control my life. I found something that I myself wanted to do and wasn't forced into doing. I didn't want to bend over backwards for other people. 

I'm not blaming anyone for my failures of Youtube Partnership but myself. I must've did something wrong with everything I tried. My circumstances can't really make an excuse for it. 

Honestly I just can't see Youtube as a way to support myself any longer. I don't want to admit it but its highly likely that everyone that said I can't do it is correct. I'm not meant for it.  I can't be like other Youtubers that I feel are successful without breaking there back. Its why the title is what it is. Cause I said awhile back that if things don't change then I'll just have seriously cutback on youtube and go somewhere else. 

My Problems With Youtube


I just hate commentary. I don't want to talk over videogames. I want to listen to the game music. The in-game sound.  I know personally that commentary doesn't stop copyright claims from being thrown up. Only commentary I was willing to do was if I had to record with a webcam or attempt to make my microphone work. Even then I prefer the in-game sound over everything. I feel that viewers don't need to know what I'm thinking. I think that they're smart enough to be able to know what's going on in the game. I don't care for videogame trivia. And I really have nothing that I'm willing to talk about in a video towards my imaginary audience. Nothing I feel they should hear. Most importantly I want viewers to hear the in-game sound, not some random guy talking about whatever.

Most of all when it comes to commentary I hate doing it alone. I hate doing commentary with people I don't know. And I hate trying to record but end up with failures. I don't understand why its important for the viewers to hear my voice. Its why I wrote out stuff on this blog about my thoughts on the game. I want viewers to talk about the gameplay not some of my random thoughts.  I see this in tons of comments of videos all the time. Everyone talks about what this person said in the video not about the gameplay. It bothers me. What's the point of even having gameplay. You just make it a radio talk show. 


I hate livestreaming now. Not only do the livestreaming sites require high end specs. But its more about talking to the chat than it is actually playing the game. Even more I'm bothered by people that constantly go on and on about how they want to be acknowledge. I feel even worse when I see constant notifications about how this person subscribed or how much he/she donated. I'm not saying people don't deserve be acknowledged but I feel like they're life is depending on whether someone say hi to them. 
I also hate that streaming viewers is dependant on if you can stream for more than 4 hours a day. I don't want to do that anymore. I not only lack the proper equipment to stream. But when it comes to software problems the software developers never answer my problems. Really I should say they answer once then go away and never return.  
I'm also bothered by what seems to be the trend is acting like an idiot, yelling, screaming, at everything and making bad sex jokes. 


I've already pretty much given up on this P.O.S. site. Its hacked way more than Paypal. You get FAR LESS MONEY going through them. Even the $1 I received from one person I can't even claim. Because Patreon took a cut of that $1. Then Paypal took a cut as well. According to Patreon's ruling I can't take it cause the total is less than a dollar. 

I only took a chance on it cause I was pressured into it. I figured why not. Lets see how much this works. 

Not Playing M-Rated Games

Yes. I feel this is a factor to my popularity. I simply refuse to play M Rated games. I can't stand them at this point. They disturb me to the point that I'll end up having nightmares or reminded of a traumatic experience. While I realize there's some games I want to play that are M-Rated. I feel I shouldn't compromise on my standing just cause 1 or 2 games are something I like. 


I'm still reluctant to try and play online. I've had way too many horrible experiences with it.  I rather not subject myself to it again to torture myself. Even when I feel brave enough to jump online. By the time I do no one's around. Everyone's left for the next biggest game. I pretty much stopped relying on friends to play some random online multiplayer game with. They pretty much stopped by the time I reach halfway.  I got to the point that I personally remove those people from Skype cause they're just taking up space. Or worse all they want to talk about is there personal problems they have with my youtube channel. 

Other things I Want to Note

Wishy-Washy people.

I won't want to use the word hypocrite since it sounds rather harsh. I pretty much unsubscribed from these people as a whole. I got sick of hearing it really. 

  • Example:  How can you say Tales of Zestiria is such a horrible game when you're still playing it. Or worse I should say you're playing through it more than once. I can understand getting your money's worth but to do something like say buy the Japanese version then later buy the English version. Is it really as horrible as you say it is or are you holding something you found wrong against it? I can't see the logic there. I guess our definitions of horrible are vastly different.

Only One Way To Play

I still hate these people. I can't stand em. Your strategy isn't absolute. Unless you yourself made absolutely certain that your way is the ONLY way to play. Then shut up. 

Common Courtesy

I tend to misuse the word respect when it comes to this. You can carry on a discussion/argument/whatever without the need to insult someone. If you can't do that then whatever we were talking about is over. 

Graphic/FPS (Frames-Per-Second) Nazis

I really don't care for graphics. If I want graphics then I can just surf google for whatever game/movie image I want to see. The stuff I find is drawn far better than what I see in a game/movie. 
The whole beg for 720, 1080, 1440, 4000p. Ugh...So annoying to deal with. I don't like up-scaling anything. I like playing in the quality that is either original or one where I don't have to pay 500 bucks for.  When you upscale quality. You end up pretty much destroying the graphics you supposedly love. Even if you smooth it over. It doesn't help. 

Frames per Second.  Ugh...I guess you see things in slow-motion or something. I can't tell the difference between frame rates. You can show me all the example videos, data, whatever. I don't see the difference. To me the Phrase "Frames Per Second" is just some lame argument point that people use when they want to prove something. I don't think people are thinking about frame data when they're playing Halo.  While you can say its used in fighting games. I have a feeling that goes out the window when a match starts. Really I think people use frame data as a way to try and sound smart. 

Honestly someone else said this best. But if your top value is graphics and I mean in terms of quality. You're likely spoiled and you're gonna end up hating the current game you're playing right now in about 10-20 years. You probably won't even notice it. Cause these graphics you love today will become obsolete.  If you can't appreciate it the old stuff. Then just toss the games your currently playing in the garbage after 5 years.  I'm sorry but I'm really bothered by people that are pretty much Graphic Nazis. 

Why aren't you commenting? 

Really I'm looking for the honest answer. Cause Youtube's ratings or analyitics or whatever its called is crap. I can't base anything on it. The only comments I remove are insults and spam. And really I don't even remove those cause Google does it on its own. I might see a random comment on my phone or Gmail as a notification. Then when I try to view the full comment its dissapeared. Why? Cause Google already marked it as spam. I do go over those comments and decide for myself if its spam or not. 

But anyway why aren't you commenting? I just want an honest answer. To me if someone comments then that means something in the video is good or there's something to take notice of. I hate the like system cause there's those people that will just like every single video you upload. I almost feel like its a bot. I guess it doesn't matter now considering the way things are.

Packing My Things

I pretty much prepared myself for the likely scenario of what's to happen with my Youtube channel. I know people say don't start doubting yourself or you won't succeed. But I don't think that applies to me in this case. Its likely that the month of December won't see a noticeable change in views and ad revenue. You can cry the simple answers that I always hear but I have responses for all of them. 

  • Commentary: I have proof that it doesn't work....
  • Something Special: Like what exactly?
  • Use the handbook: The YT Handbook isn't designed towards gamers. Its designed towards V-Loggers.
  • LiveStream: I hate LiveStreaming. Lack proper equipment to do so and the software sucks.
  • Keep Doing what you're doing:  Well what I'm doing isn't working so. 
  • Play XXXX Game: Viewers don't really care and its impossible for me to keep up with the latest trend.

You might say that I'm just beating myself up and not even trying. But I don't know what to do anymore. I'm not as lucky. I feel my efforts are wasted. And I'm virtually alone in all of this. I'm sorry. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax - Actually Tough For Me to get behind this one

This fighting game that has once again been out for quite awhile in Japan is another immediately dying fighter. Why? Well first off this game was out in Japan for quite awhile. At least a year. It had some playtime in the arcades then people moved on. Then it gained a Japanese console release. Much later on, this game finally see's what they call an international release.

Well now that's it's here. What ended up being announced not soon before this game's official release. This game got a sequel. Yep just like Blazblue, Arcana Heart, Guilty Gear, etc. These games ended up with a sequel/expansion in very little time. This apparently pissed off some consumers due to having bought the game at full price already only to find out that sequel is announced, thus wasting there money. Other players simply moved on to prepare for the next game either by paying that one in the arcades or just playing a completely different game altogether.

So this game is already in the dying category and to be honest this is a game that only appeals to a specific audience. I'd say this is an anime based fighter but my definition of an anime or Anime-based fighter is different from others.

My Definition of an Anime Fighter/Anime-Based Fighting Game
If a person was to say that an anime fighting game was basically any fighter from Japan. Well then that pretty much alienates 95% of fighters everywhere. There's not too many we can name that come from the US (this also makes silly arguments about which country makes better games a moot point).  What some people (not everyone) call an anime fighter is games that have characters that look like they belong in an anime with crazy moves that have a ton of animation along with some convuluted story plot. Well if that's the case then isn't that EVERY fighting game? Look at Street Fighter, Look at Mortal Kombat, take a look at Guilty Gear. All of these games fill that criteria rather perfectly. After all I don't see some dude in a silly outfit throwing ice and freezing people everywhere.  Guilty Gear's attacks are animated to the extent of being its only movie. Street Fighter's story is so confusing and convuluted pretty much nothing really happens. How many times has M.Bison (otherwise known as Vega) came back after being defeated? Has Ryu given in to the dark power or what?  These games fit the mold of an anime fighter pretty well.

Now my definition of an anime fighter goes something like this. The game is actually based off an anime. Containing characters from that anime and the moves are pretty much the signature attacks to represent that character in that very anime in some way. As an extra tidbit these games can be a bit unbalanced as certain characters are far more powerful than others due to the anime's plot. And there's certain moves that can be used pretty easily to generally gaurantee a win. Its also known that the Anime came first. Does that make sense? If it doesn't then just ignore this part cause I'm moving on to the actual game.

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, man that's a mouthfull. Is pretty much an anime fighting game mash-up. Sega also had a part in creating this game along with the company French Bread, which is well known for Melty Blood and the recent Under Night In-Birth.  This game uses various anime characters from Dengeki Bunko which a company that produced manga and various anime. Sword Art Online, Accel World, Durara, etc.  There's 2 or maybe I should say 4 characters that are from Sega being Akira, Selvaria, and 2 assist characters Pai and Alicia. If you don't know where they're from its more or less Sega's not too well known games Virtua Fighter and Valkyria Chronicles. They're not exactly well known cause when you say Sega you generally think of Sonic, Bayonetta, etc.

Well as for me. I barely know any of the characters aside from the 2...4 Sega ones. I've watched 1 1/2 episodes of Durara and about 15 minutes total of Sword Art Online (that's in the span of 2 episodes of 2 completely different seasons).  So I don't know these characters that well goes without saying. I've heard of Accel World by name but I'm likely thinking of a completely different anime when I say that I think of some Rabbit dude with a Red Vest. So yeah my anime knowledge at least of this current era is minimal to none at all.  I also have to say that one of main reasons I barely know of these anime's is one they come on at the absolute worst possible time (I know I can just Youtube, google whatever to see em).  Another is that the popular anime's oversaturate televisions everywhere. You know the ones.

But I don't have to know the characters to know the game right? Besides games like these to me seem to be more about getting these animes/characters known right? In all honesty the characters don't exactly appeal to me too much. They don't look too silly or extreme just not exactly appealing. I'm also bothered by the character chat portraits somewhat. Some of these characters look like they just want to die. And I'm not just talking about when they're sad or hurt either. Rentaro for example looks like some people I see early morning or late afternoon trying to get some rest before having to go to work. Seriously how bad was your day at work?


Ok this is what's important to me. Well what can I say. French Bread does know a bit how to appeal to me in a fighting game. Simplistic controls not insanely complicated commands. But the system is deep enough to actually show its not a button mash fest. I swear some fightings are one one extreme or the other in this category. Some are way too simplistic and end up just mash one button to win. Others have insanely complicated moves that only the chosen few are able to perform.  There are some games that have what appears to be simplified moves but in reality its insanely hard to perform...that's just the game being a dick.

I'd talk more on the controls but because of the controller I'm forced to use I don't wanna give too much of my opinion on this. Let me explain. I use a specific controller for fighting games and certain other games. I use what's called the "Stormchaser Gamepad". You might end up saying something like, "But Brad_Ry that controller has programmable buttons you're obviously cheating in your fighting games." Hate to tell you but it doesn't work that way. I actually did try to program buttons before for fighting games. But I find that my inputs are much slower if I program a button. Also whatever I programmed into it doesn't neccessarily come out correctly if at all. I didn't buy this controller for that. I originally got it for the rumble feature cause this used 2 rumble motors instead of one. But later I found that was destroying my hands than giving me good force feedback. I got it for the comfort of the analog sticks and the D-Pad.

Most D-Pad's suck for fighting games its almost like fighting games deliberately made there command list the way they did so you would go out and buy an arcade stick...I don't really like Arcade Sticks. I feel like I'm much slower and today's sticks seem to use parts I don't like. Like this stupid little ball thing and the octagon gate. Also today's are way too expensive.  Anyway this D-Pad is comforatble. My fingers are scratching along edges of each direction. I actually feel like I'm inputing a move. Even the analog sticks are great. As a bonus you can play non Analog-Function games with an Analog stick. I love this gamepad...but sadly after well over 12 years mine has had enough. Due to years of wear and tear like all gamepads things start to breakdown.  I've been trying to find a replacement but since this is an old controller its very rare to come across. I thought I was buying one from Amazon new. But instead I was sent a completely different one that was a total piece of crap. I complained to the seller about it. But he hid behind Amazon and said that if I send back the controller my money will be refunded. However the amount I spend shipping will not be reimbursed.  So yeah I've been hunting down this gamepad for quite awhile but unable to find a working one. I'd check game stores but most game stores just literally garbage there old stuff or they take it home and keep it for thereselves. What a waste.....So until I get a replacement My time in fighting games will be limited.

What separates this game is its combat system. At first when you play this game it feels like the combat is stale and there's no much to it. Like playing Street Fighter 2 for the first time back in the old days. But then after you call an assist or use what's called your trump card. You're trump card is generally different for every character but once you use it it allows for longer combo strings to be made. That's assuming you know what you're doing. That combined with assist allows for some crazy stuff to happen. I have yet to see 100% combo or an infinite which I am thankful for cause that means players actually have a chance at well "playing the game" and the game doesn't instantly transform into only learn this character and this combo.  I swear too many fighting games do this and while its amazing to look at. It gets boring after awhile and pretty much means you just drop the controller and go make a sandwich.

What I favor most is the burst and assist system. Typically burst were on the lines of what Blazblue and Guilty Gear could do with. Either tell the opponent to get off me. Or use it to be fancy in a combo. Well this game does that and a lot more. There's 3 kinds of burst. The first one is an escape burst which gets the opponent off you. Its downside is generally obvious to most people. It takes forever to recharge, if its read it can be blocked and you're pretty much screwed. You know that common stuff. The 2nd is a combo burst. Which when you use it during one of your combos, the opponent is knocked away from you but in a way that allows you continue your combo. Also you gain meter. The 3rd one is a Power Up Burst. Which is exactly as it sounds. If you just use it for no reason whatsoever its not a bad thing. Instead you get a temporary damage boost to your attacks.
Then you have assist. Honestly there's A lot of assist characters but if you're familiar with fighting games you know what they do. They assist you by either attacking the opponent. Defending you against attacks. Or assist you by giving you meter. Every character has a different assist and its up to you to pick which one works for you. From what I've seen in my opinion there's no OP godlike assist that everyone has to use. No this isn't like Marvel vs Capcom where there's only 3 to 5 specific characters you use as assist cause everyone else is apparently useless. You find out which one you like and works best for you. Its like they want you to have fun and let you do what you want.
(Side note: I'm pretty sure someone will say otherwise by pointing me to some tier list that may or may not be official. But I don't care. I'm sticking to my point.)

 So now on to the single player.  There's Arcade Story Mode, an extended story mode that apparently has more stages and deeper storyline. I've yet to play this. Your standard vs. mode. Online Play, Score attack and Time Attack. Then you have Customize which is really just buying stuff with points you earned to make yourself an online card and preset character colors. This already goes beyond the basic barebones of what most fighters have these days. I'm actually glad there's no silly Tutorial mode or a Challenge Mode which I like to rename "Do this combo" mode. Those modes are annoying. Anyway most fighters these days just have the basic bare minimum to be called a fighting game.

Basic Bare Bones Fighting Game Options
Arcade (even that can be removed sometimes)
Online Play

There's a lot of fighting games out there that just only have this. Then there's some that will include stuff like Tutorial, and Do This Combo.  I know the aspect of fighting games is to play against other people. But I am not big on socializing 24/7. When I'm around people it gets hard to focus on what I'm doing, I have to make sure not to unneccessarily bite someone's head off. Not turn into a beast on at the sight of a full moon.

The point is that fighting games need a lot more these days instead of just the basics. At least for me. Most people only care about whether or not the game will be in a tournament and getting in as much practice as humanly possible before the tournament happens. But I'm not that guy. I just want to play the game and enjoy myself.

Okay I'm going on a tangent agent I better stop before I kill the rest of my imaginary audience.
I need to mention the story.  Ok well do to the arcade being smashed in with the story Arcade mode takes quite a bit of time to finish. I don't really like when games do this. Just make a Story Mode that doesn't suck sheesh.  Every story is pretty much the same thing. Some evil entity is destroying worlds ironically anime worlds and now its set its sights on the world of Sega. So this girl transports whatever character you're playing as over to that world to try and save it. Then as you progress onward the story starts talking about Dreams, hope, and despair. The guy goes on and on about how because you have a dream you're making someone else feel despair to try and make you feel bad. Its somehow my fault that someone else is feeling bad cause I have a dream.  Then in classic anime cliche fashion the girl that transported you over gives you a confidence boosting speech about how its not wrong to have hope.  The character you're playing as breaks the 4th wall and says he/she needs your help to defeat this guy and then final boss. The game ends on a happy note. And everyone lived happily ever after.  Yeah the story is common. Nothing really special. But its a fighting you don't need some insanely deep storyline.

Music and sound

The music in this game is kinda a mixed bag for me. There's some songs I like. And some I don't. What I will say that this is one of best character select theme's I've heard in a long time.  Also a quirk I like is that if its the final round of a match the music changes to the title theme. And the title theme isn't annoying. Its also not full specific character vs themes like other fighting game. That's not to say I don't like that. I just get annoyed when I want to hear a certain character theme but instead I hear something completely different cause of the character I'm playing.
Sound effects aren't annoying either. And they actually help. A lot of sound effects in games are either drowned out by the music or somehow muted for whatever reason making it a bit harder to play fighting games in some situations. So I'm glad the sound effects are great in this game.

Online Play 11/1/2015

Well I jumped online to see what its like. Usually games like these are pretty decent with netcode. Well I was half right.

First off. There's no one playing ranked matches...I sat in the search room for at least 2 minutes. Nothing. So I jumped into player matches.  Well its apparently too late to jump into the community for this one. I got kicked from rooms multiple times inbetween matches. But that's not what bothers me.

What bothers me is the input delay. There's no sign of lag and my claims of Input delay will likely fall on deaf ears. But there was a lot. I figure most of the players adjusted to the input delay while I was trying to. I couldn't do any of the combos I was doing offline. Moves came out late or never at all. I didn't know what to do but to play the slow character. I wasn't going to play the others for one I don't really like them. Another is I feel that victory with them is too easy. I probably should've just stuck with mashing A.

The etiquette of this online area. I feel its pretty much if you're not good then get out. You will get kicked for losing. You'll get kicked for the rank you have too. I saw these lightning bolts next to most of the rooms in different colors while one for me at the bottom screen was Red and marked I just want to have fun. Well that's true. Almost everyone else was something on the lines of skilled players only. But I honestly didn't find anyone truly exceptional unlike when I watched my friend's stream of this game. I was too busy getting kicked from rooms after one loss. I honestly didn't have time to adjust to online play since everyone playing pretty much left and all had different connections.

A 1 bar I pretty much get to do nothing but watch my opponent's assist and impact attacks always work. My grabs never came out. My supers came out at the wrong time. Any combos I had offline never showed up.

A 3 Bar connection was slightly better. But again I had no chance to adjust to the input delay. Like I said before I was either getting kicked or the connection levels changed. Eventually I just gave up trying to fight online.  Losing the way I did just honestly wasn't fun when I know my combos should come out but don't. But again. This is from my point of view. I can claim input delay all I want but whether someone believes me or not is up to that person.


I like this game...I'm not exactly fond of the characters. And the fact that this game is already dying out is a dissapointment. So I'm going to try and get as much playtime as possible before I end up having to send this back to gamefly.

Its decent but needs some serious polishing. 

Nov. 1st Youtube Update: 2 Months to Go and Not Looking Good (rant)

Yeah. I don't really want to make a video on it either. I honestly have no idea how to go about my youtube channel anymore. Considering that my earnings from when I started out have now dropped to less than 50% of what I was making. I don't wanna bend over backwards, sell and arm and a leg, or sell my soul to the devil to improve my youtube channel either.  I can identify some issues but at the same time I have no solutions.

I don't do commentary

Like I've said before. I hate commentary. I don't feel comfortable doing it. And I only do commentary when I'm with someone I know or its incidental.  Also when I see the complaint of no commentary, I easily reference back to when I was doing commentary on a trial basis. The trial basis failed miserably needless to say. Therefore I see no need to do commentary.

Further on this point. When I'm on youtube I don't really want to watch gameplay videos where some dude is talking over them drowning out the game itself. There's very few people I can tolerate and even those people I only watch certain playthroughs they do. If I can't stand commentary then why should I give commentary? It makes no sense.

I don't want to drown out the music. Even if Youtube and other companies get pissed that they're music is in game I'm playing and they want more money for it. Music is one of the main reasons I enjoy most of my games. Voice Acting I don't care about. As long as you can read a script correctly I'm fine with it. Hell you don't even have to have voice acting. Go back to the old days with no voices. I'll put them in myself.

I Rarely if at All Stream

I've grown to hate livestreams. Instead of watching gameplay I'm listening to 1 or more people talk about random crap. Even more it feels like the streamer is bending over backwards to appeal to the viewers.  It doesn't help that I read someone's interview about Streaming and that guy stated that he had to increase the amount of time he streams to 12+ hours a day. I can't stream for 12 hours a day. There's no way I can keep the life I have despite how much it sucks and do this too. That's literally the job I left. I'm already borderline suicidal to begin with I can't just add more stress to my life.


I know it sounds like an excuse. But here's some other points about me and livestreaming. When I stream I barely get anything done. This is cause I'm too busy managing my TwitchTV channel, The Livestreaming program, the viewers, and then the game all at once. The progress I make when I'm not streaming, not being bothered by others online is roughly 10 times greater than when I stream. On a good day I say 20 times.

The main concept that those that encourage livestreaming now keep saying. "If you livestream you're able to interact with your viewers a lot more and easier."  I can't wrap my head around this for many reasons. Some reasons that stand out. It seems the streamer doesn't care for his/her viewers. I say this cause watching livestreams especially now first priority is given to those that subscribe or really I should say Give that person money. I've already talked about a few aspects on that. The 2nd is there's a great percentage of people that just get absolutely ignored. Either cause they didn't pay or cause there's well over 50 - 1,000 people all chatting at once. Its impossible in this type of setting to notice everyone.  I also find that 70% of the time. The chats aren't really talking about the game being streamed or what's even on the stream to begin with. Its either "Notice Me Sempai" (where a user is begging to be noticed by someone so great.) Or its some controversial debate going on about a random subject. This bothers me a lot. In my case I feel like my audience attention is not towards the game, like they're bored and waiting on something to happen.

Video Quality

I really hate this one. I hate this one a lot. Personally I only care about the video as long as I can make out what's going on. The quality could be 144p or whatever. As long as I can make it out I'm fine. But others demand that all videos are in HD. Some even to the extremes of 1440p - 4000p with 60fps (Frames Per Second).  I feel people are spoiled by this. I can barely get an HD Video going without having to wait on buffering in the middle of it. Its not a matter of what internet or PC I have either. I just don't want to wait on a damn video to load.   I honestly don't care about quality. When it comes to quality especially from a game. My own imagination and pretty much every art website in existence can make that picture look far better.

I'm also bothered by people that stress FPS (Frames Per Second).  Honestly it sounds arrogant when they talk about it. I can't see the difference between frames per second. If you're to push me I would say I can only see the difference in fps on a an old 2D Sonic Game and that's only if he's doing a spin dash or jumping.  I think it frustrates me the most when I hear people say things like, "I can see Frames." "This game isn't 60fps its 59." "This is 48fps."  Ugh...every time I hear someone say that I think that person should be pretty much godlike especially in videogames. Cause that sounds to me like they're saying, "I can see your moves like they're in slow-motion."

I only provide the highest quality I can give possible without destroying the video any further. I don't want to force the game I recorded to suddenly go from 360p to suddenly 1080p.  It doesn't look any better in fact it looks worse. That's like taking an icon that's only 100 x 100 pixels and blowing it up to fit 1444 x 1080 picture.  Sure it might look ok sometimes cause the program is doing everything it can to fix it by guessing where extra pixels should go.  But in the end it looks like crap.  Try scanning an image you drew at the lowest DPI setting then blow it up to fit the size of your monitor. Anyway, my TV says the quality of whatever game I'm playing. If it says 480 then the video its staying 480.

I'm Not Playing the Latest and Greatest (Most Anticipated Game)

This is next to impossible to do. For one most people are interested in games I don't like. There's a lot of games especially for current gen that I just don't like and want nothing to do with. Others in this generation is a hit or miss in terms of whether or not I truly enjoy it. Not only that but buying the console or game itself is hard. The last console I got on the same year it came out was the Wii...and for 2 - 3 years the only game I had for it was Wii Sports. Every other console I got much later in its lifespan. That's cause they're way too expensive. But more importantly there's hardly any games I want for each console. Xbox One there's only 1 game I want and it cost only 10 bucks maybe cheaper. PS4 there's only 2 and they're not out yet. Wii U, there's games I want but at the same time I don't want them. That's cause in my mind I'll own them play them once and that's it I'm bored with the game along with the fact that these games are heavily reliant on online play. Which I don't really like.

Another reason and I keep stating only to be shut up and scolded about. I don't play M Rated games.  There isn't many games I like in that category anyway.  But I made a promise to a dear friend and I intend to keep it. I can count on both my hands the number of M Rated Games I've played. Only 2 of them I actually liked. The rest are totally forgettable. So I never really liked M Rated games to begin with. You might argue crap like how I'm a hypocrite, I'm an idiot, I don't deserve to play games, I'm some supporter of whatever stupid group. But I honestly don't care.  I've seen blood and gore in real life at my old job. I don't want to be reminded of that when I'm playing a game. I could try and reason that not all M rated games are bad. But then I would be going back on my word and not only that I would end up digging into games that are much worse. I need to get off this subject.

Anyway there's some games I just want nothing to do with and well cause I'm not playing it no one's interested.

Well that's about all the reasons I can think of. I need to move on from this.

Well there isn't really any game coming out that I'm looking forward to. Most of them I'm going through Gamefly to get. Others I'm still trying to get my hands on. Really if anything I would ask from the viewers is to just post a comment and not be rude about it or complaining some crap reasoning like I upload too many videos. They're all in a playlist. You can hit the pause the button. You can come back to it later. I mean unless you're about to die. I don't see a reason to complain. You can save playlists as your own. I'm honestly considering just releasing all my videos at once and putting them up as soon as I get them recorded. But we'll see. Anyway the ultimatum I set for myself is still there. I've already started preparing for the worst cause I know there's no such thing as an absolute. Anyway see you guys later.