Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Youtube Copyright - Its Not Just Youtube The Companies are Just as Stupid

It spreads further to the companies bad management. So after receiving multiple copyright claims I decided to try and take action with them. I found it's best to contact the companies directly instead of just being an idiot and disputing EVERY LAST claim you get. After all you might end up having to deal with a company in court and they likely have more money than you. They also have the right to throw up copyright on pretty much everything.

So yeah here's a summary of companies I've contacted and the results so far.

Nintendo: Yeah forget about it. They're not retracting anything. Especially since they were among the first companies to come out and say that they're not taking claims down and instead if you work with them they'll give you a very small cut of the profits you make in AD Revenue off there videos. But that's only if you submit to there terms.

INGrooves: Pretty much in the same boat as Nintendo. Even if they're a 3rd party company they apparently own the rights to whatever song they have. And pretty much don't care. Trying to find contact information was impossible too.

Namco-Bandai/Bandai:  LOL these guys will give you the run around. So I first went to there official page and posted my question. They came back to me in about a day saying that there department can't help me and I should call there legal department. But likely I won't have any of my questions answered unless its a true legal claim (like you want to sue them or something.) and they'll just send you to there twitter or facebook page.

Well that's what happened. I sent a tweet to these guys first...No answer. Now you can't just say that my tweet wasn't seen cause there's a nice notification tab to let you know you were sent a tweet.  So I went to there facebook page. It says that if I message them they'll get back to me in a day. 2 Days later I get an answer and not a good one. They sent me to the youtube help page. Yeah....-_- Good management guys.

Square Enix: Good luck getting in contact with them. Like Namco-Bandai you have to send an email through there site. I recieved an automatic notification that my mail was received and that they'll get back to me in 48 hours. Well its been 60 hours and counting. Maybe they mean from the day I received the automatic email so that's slightly less than 2 days right now. 

Capcom: These guys I expected to respond favorably. Since back in 2013 they came on twitter, facebook, and other forums saying if there's any problems with copyright let them know. Like the last 2 companies. I had to use there site to send them a message. And its been 4 days. Even hit up there twitter. Good job Capcom. You really know how to handle your business.

Merlin/IDOL/Phonofile: These guys are all under the same name. Now I actually got in contact with these guys and got a favorable response. Practically the same day I sent it out. They apologized and immediately retracted all claims made and white listed my channel.  So there's some companies out there that actually help out.
IDOL's email:

Companies still trying to find contact info from.

TEOSTO CS - These guys have a page that says there shouldn't be any claims made by them and that its a mistake. But no email and no help to say "hey we'll retract the claim."

Monday, December 14, 2015

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends - It's Just a Smash Clone

Take Smash Bros and copy and paste Kung Fu Panda Characters. Game gives me a bit of a headache. I don't know why people think that making a Smash clone is the way to attract people to buy this game. Not only that but this game has DLC that costs money. And even more DLC to come when Kung Fu Panda 3 comes out.

Good Points:

  • Online Play (Can't believe I'm saying this)
  • Somewhat decent stages
  • Decent amount of characters
  • Items aren't unbalanced, instant win.
  • You don't have to fight over a Smash ball to perform you "Awesome!" Attack (its basically your final smash).
  • You have this crazy looking dodge mechanic that can save you as a last resort.

Bad Points:

  • Every character pretty much stole a Smash character's special and final smash moves.  
  • Game feels sluggish
  • Hit Detection issues.
  • Its a Smash Bros. Clone.
  • Music is dull.
  • As much as I hate to say it. Voices aren't really trying and have some of the most corny quotes.
  • What do half these items do?
  • AI ranges from complete idiot to OMGWTFBBQ Sauce. And its random even at the highest difficulty.
  • Online is already dying or dead.

AI Exploit - Regardless of whether you do this on purpose or not. The AI has a tendency to just hit the guard button and stand there for a few seconds. Guards are easily broken in this game so you can just chip away at there barrier and they'll be dizzy for REALLY LONG TIME! Just do a fully charge Smash attack right after.

The AI also has a bit of a self-destructive/give up personality at times. I've seen many times where one of the AI opponents just stood there as they were pushed off the stage and not even bother to recover. Even hang on ledges and just fall.

Wolf Boss - Feels a lot like Gannondorf and DK fused together with Brawl Pit's Final Smash. Special moves other than his Up+Special and Down+Special have too much wind-up

Tai Lung - Lucario + Mario. His counter heck every character's counter move sucks cause counters have less far frames than Hakumen's 5D. Love his super though.

Master Chicken - Fox without a blaster or reflector. No seriously that's what this guy is. Even has the tendency to Self-Destruct off his famous forward+special. Then give him Pikachu's Volt Tackle final smash as his Super.

Master Croc - Like DK, Luigi, with Gannondorf's Final Smash. Dude has tons of range. Just slow and awkward to hit with.

That's about all I can stand of this game. The music is a major turn off for me in this game. What's worse this game doesn't allow me to use my personal controller. I was stuck using my standard Dualshock 3 which I hate cause it can't hold a charge for more than 2-3 hours. I'm also turned off how there's ALREADY DLC THAT I HAVE TO PAY TO GET! There's 2 characters you can get for free. Then there's characters that cost 3 bucks each to get. Then there's DLC that's not even released yet cause the movie hasn't released yet. Yeah the Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie is when they're supposed to release the other DLC apparently.  This game is a pass.  If you're getting it. You're getting it cause you're a fan. Hopefully you bought it for cheap. Online is already dead. I spent a good half hour searching for a match. No go.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

YT Copyright Bull$%&@!!! How it should be Handled

I made this video as a semi-joke video in response to how ridiculous copyright claims/strikes are. Virtually everything can be claimed as copyright now. Besides the fact that there's fake companies claiming copyright on videos. Legit companies are literally looking for anything and everything to claim as there own.

You can dispute this all you want but it won't work. The whole "commentary protects you from copyright" is a total myth.  Your own voice can be claimed as copyright. You can't even sing a few lyrics from some random song. You can barely talk about anything without it being claimed.
Even if your dispute works. There's 2 facts that you're forgetting.

  1.  For 30 days whoever made the claim is going to get the revenue you would've made off that video. 
  2.  Even if it does clear. The same company can find something else to claim. 

The other thing that bugs me is that these companies don't really care. Likely they don't even know that stuff is being claimed. Japanese companies especially fall into this category. I've personally tried to contact most of these companies so we could work something out. Never recieved a response. It can't be a language barrier issue. Cause there site can be viewed in English as well (without the help of google translate).

Nothing is really being done about this either. I bet this video will likely fall on deaf ears and roll into obscurity. I think Youtube's copyright policy should be completely overhauled. There's no communication between the (supposed) copyright owner and the uploader. Its all decided by a computer and the only time its given a serious look. Is when the situation is serious enough that someone is likely to be sued. There needs to be more communication between the company and the uploader.

How Copyright Should Be Handled (at least one way):

  • -If said company has a problem with a video. Then that company itself should come forward and say its a problem. Not let some automated computer handle it.
  • -Afterwards using Youtube/Google as a Mediator. The company and the owner of the video should establish some form of communication. In the meantime the problematic video in question should be either made unviewable by the public or unmonetized for the time being.
  • -If either party doesn't respond in a set amount of days. (lets say 1 to 2 weeks). Then the dispute is to be handled by youtube.  So if the uploader didn't respond then the copyright owner gets to decide what happens. If the Copyright Owner doesn't response the situation is decided by the uploader.
  • -Allow the 2 parties to come to some form of agreement. Whether its takedown the video.  Share the monetized profits. Edit the video. etc. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

What's Going On Right Now

Man it almost seems like every holiday time I'm doing horrible. Sorry about that.


I'm not exactly 100% focused on my YT channel. I managed to cut out a lot of distractions and cutoff a lot of people that I felt were holding me back especially on Skype. I'm just tired in all ways, of dealing with them along with the stress of my own life.

I finally got over this pain in my mouth. I couldn't talk for the longest time cause of it.  Still not exactly in the mood to talk. Apparently it was caused by added stress and biting of my gums while I sleep.

My mom is preparing to undergo surgery in about. 2 1/2 weeks from when I write this. Its literally right before Christmas. Not that I celebrate the holiday myself, but mom and sis do.  So I can imagine it might be rather trying for them. Mom's work schedule changed to make things more stressful for her. She lost a full off day to having a 1/2 day in the middle of her work week.

My uncle is really not doing well. Since being put on Dialysis, he's struggling. He looks like a creepy dying man from one of today's horror games. I've been told he's looked this bad before but this time its much worse. Its really thanks to all his drinking that he's like this. I'm not exactly feeling angry or sad for the situation. I am sad but its something I want to look away from for now. I'm more worried for his wife and kids since the kids don't know anything that's going on. And the mom switches between ignoring everything that's happening to panicking about the situation. Mostly the former.

All I can do is keep myself occupied with other things. I feel like things are changing for the worst right now. As if I don't keep watch then it'll sneak up on me and I won't be ready for it. Although I should keep myself worrying for today its rather difficult.


I'm trying to record more content for you guys to watch. I doubt I'm gonna be happy after I start uploading Tales of Zestiria. I don't know how others got away with it but I always tend to be hit with copyright when it comes to almost any game from Namco-Bandai. Anyway I'm gonna try and upload the game with Japanese voices. I already listened to this in English from other ppl's playthroughs. So might as well go Japanese.

There's gonna be a bit of Kung Fu Panda. Showdown of Legendary Legends. But I doubt much from the sound of things. A lot of people hate the game already and its only been out a couple of days. I figured what the heck. Considering I don't have a Wii U/Xbone/PS4 and I'm not really interested in Star Wars.

I'm also recording Star Ocean: Till the End of Time AKA Star Ocean 3.  Kinda personal thing I wanted to do.

I'm still looking for music suggestions for many other games to edit in. Might make my life in editing easier or harder don't know.  But I felt it was a chance to allow viewers to participate. Right now I'm looking for racing game type music. I want to avoid Nintendo branded stuff as much as possible considering they're jerks about the stuff they own. But yeah I'm searching.

The playthroughs I wanna get done before the end of the year. I'm not sure if I'll get through them all. Often times its me being too tired or just not wanting to do anything but sit around.  And on my list I have 8/10 different games to finish. Most are right at the end. Just a matter of willpower I suppose.

Well that's it for what to talk about. I'll see you guys later I suppose.