Sunday, January 31, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Guadosalam Steal Back What's Ours

Ah finally here. Time to payback Leblanc and her goons. By first giving Leblanc a message...It's basically a game of Hot and Cold. Pretty easy and its all really luck based. 

Ok now the real mission begins. 

First thing's first gotta disable the security. So exploring all the rooms till you get to the back and find there's a Spike Wall Man looking to kill you. Run! Now you should be able to hit all the switches. Probably the hard part is dealing with Leblanc again. Since now they sport a team attack. Better take out one fast. Also apparently Logos can inflict death??? I dunno I know he does other status effects. Ormi is well Ormi.  Well now for the longest end of chapter bit we have. 

Tales Of Zestiria - False Prophets

Well while we search for a lord of the land for Godddin. There's a false shepard roaming about. Sorey getting stupid and being like well it's better than being hated. Idiot! He screws up and it makes all Shepards look bad. Even worse he's a total false prophet! Just reveal  him as a false shepard sheesh.

Anyway find a dirt leech I barely saw it at all. I guess they did it on purpose. So it can't be easily seen and that it blends in to the scenery. And well more spelunking to come. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Bikanel Digging And Pay Raise

Well last thing to do before the main mission. Do some digging. I'll explain in chapter 5 what this digging is for.

-You may come across a rival opponent that's also digging. Let him dig up whatever. Just don't let him dig up what your main goal is. (the Yellow X)

  • Western Expanse: Simple and straight forward nothing of note here.
  • Southern Expanse: Quite a bit larger and filled with distractions.
  • Oasis: Well you already been here for the Leblanc syndicate uniform.
  • Central Expanse: If you sent chocobo's here they probably got choco-napped by our Al Bhed Poachers and put to work. Meaning that you can use them to explore the central expanse. It's quite large but thanks to choco-power you can cover the entire area very quickly.
  • Northern Expanse: OH GOD! This one is nigh impossible. Better have No Encounters. Plan out your route cause you don't have time for side trips. Don't wander too far or you won't make it back. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Tales Of Zestiria - Revisit Home

Well why don't we take a break from all the monotony. Revisit home. Gramps is sure happy to see us. And Lilah apparently can tell spoilers to him but not to Sorey who needs them. 

Oh but before that let's talk about the bosses.

The real angry bird. God this thing hit low HP and just started kicking and screaming like a spoiled child. Calm down sheesh.

Ok its easy to take down now. Before it was a huge threat now its nothing. 

Cyberbots Fullmetal Madness - Arcade Run (Gawaine)

Well what to say about this fighting game? It's giant robots. Made by Capcom. Not much else to say.

I'd say something about the story but I'm playing this in japanese. It was the only way I could get this game. Through the Japanese PSN Store.

Thankfully has a guide on this game that's actually worth value unlike a lot of the other guides they have. Everywhere else I found tons of inaccurate information.

The combat is faster than that of Gundam Battle Assault. Thank god. Moves are rather simple. The combat system can be a bit deep but simple to understand. If you get hit a lot you're parts fall off leaving you vulnerable or without certain attacks. It kinda feels like Rock, Paper, Scissors. I generally pick an a move that can deal with my opponent's move. Hopefully stopping them. From what I gather from the guide there's a ton of OTG moves (Off the Ground).  Everyone even has a rather universal OTG.

Character models or really sprites are alright. I mean I only like a certain few in this game. It does give me a bit of interest as to why we didn't use a lot of these other characters in Marvel vs Capcom. Well most of Jin's moves come from the game's system itself. The bit of him exploding energy all around him is a universal move you have in this game.  His other attacks are based on various supers or normal attacks. LOL.

Music well its kinda anime-ish which I don't mind. At least during the story bits its rather anime. To be honest I forgot the music was in the game cause of the sound effects and I was focusing on the game. So I didn't give the soundtrack a proper listen.

I have to say the game is rather balanced from the looks of things. Even boss characters have huge glaring weaknesses. I imagine its due to the game's limitations. This was rather early in the history of fighting games.

Overall I like this game. It doesn't feel frustrating to play. So I enjoy this. If only it got sequels. But like most of Capcom's game's it's forgotten in time. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

FF X-2 HD - Ch2 Thunder Plains Lightning Rod Towers 1

Ok so at the Thunder Plains the lightning towers are having issues...when are they not? You can volunteer to fix them. To fix these towers you have to play a mini-game. Pretty much hit whatever button comes up on screen. Harder than it sounds. 
Yuna plays a game of Simon. Rikku has to hit whatever buttons appear on screen and it gets faster. Paine has to hit whatever button is shining before its too late. It starts off easy. But gets insanely hard. You can't pause the game to collect your thoughts or try to cheat. You have to do the whole gauntlet of 30 in one go. If you make a mistake 3 times you lose and have to try again.

You need to get at least 6 or 7 to actually get a complete. Luckily like the Monkey quest in Zanarkand you wait till chapter 3. 
The 10th tower is hidden. Sorta. You need to walk a bit in order to have Yuna trigger a scene then when near the tower you play a game of simon but you have input the buttons in backwards order.

Tales Of Zestiria - Kittens And Fakes

So today is a rest day....NOT! The minute you try and go to sleep you hear the sound of a monster...NO ITS NOT HELDALF! Heldalf may be a furry but he doesn't roar in the night. And again my Appeal guard doesn't work. So if the enemy doesn't have a weakness then I have to cover it with Armitization?  Sigh.  So it turned out to be a fat cat and our new Lord of the Land. uh...let's see what's up. Well I got a ton of options on where to it be that I have no options in reality and its all just an illusion. Ahhh a fake Shepard. Man you can compare the majority of this game to Jehovah's Witnesses in a lot of ways. (besides the use of magic and the fact that you can see Seraphim).  

Maltran might be an undead...I mean hellion. Interesting. Well that's it for this part.

Skylanders Superchargers - Warden Moneybone (Nightmare/No Deaths)

Well been a long time since I posted anything Skylanders right? Well the reason is that I'm lacking a lot of motivation, Family, money, depression issues. And there's the fact that I wanted to get it all recorded in one go before uploading. But couldn't do it.  Managing a no death, Nightmare Mode is a pain.

For this fight. The minions do a ton of damage and are hard to kill off. Like about 300+ damage each. There's an area on the top left portion of the screen where you can't see where you are and its pretty much death for you. Really want to avoid warping onto the left side if you can help it. Then you gotta deal with the puns. Then you gotta deal with EON NOT SHUTTING UP!!! I KNOW EON!!! I'M BUSY RESCUING YOU!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Final Fantasy Record Keeper: (Event) Hidden Resolve Challenge Event Battles

Well I'm rather just getting around to posting this I had this done last week. But I was seriously ill for most of the week. Still not feeling great today...but you don't care about I don't wanna bore you with that crap.

This event is going on. Think it ends on thursday? Its for Yuffie. More importantly its for RedXIII's 2nd Memory Crystal.

This event came with a few challenges. Mainly have Yuffie solo most of the elite event. This was rather annoying. Why solo? She can barely take a hit. I have to say I got lucky drawing her unique weapon with a random 5 Mythril Draw. But I still didn't like this event.

Yuffie's Solo's and 3-Man Challenges

Like I said before I hate these challenges.

  1. I don't like Yuffie. And I never will like her.
  2. Solo's in this game are a pain. 
  3. I hate Yuffie
Basically the first 4 are Yuffie Solo's they didn't give us the decency to make these fights a single battle either. So now gotta make Yuffie Survive up to the boss and beat it. Often times that random Sephiroth/Black Materia RW helped out. Other times I was stuck on my own. Steal HP doesn't refill the HP desired at least to me. And even if she can use magic she sucks at it. To make things worse I thought her ninja abilities would be enough to sweep the mobs. Wrong. Every single mob lived on Magic Pixel.  


I hate this fight. It wasn't the healing it was the constant spam of status effects. And in Record Keeper getting hit by status effects is a matter of luck. (RNG). The accessories for blocking status are only as good as Final Fantasy X's Status Guard BS. This guy kept spamming sleep and attacking all day. And for most of the spells he knew which guy to hit. It was after I finished this fight that I decided I'm not even going to attempt the ultimate. Here's why.

The Ultimate is Godo again. But this time he's uber powered. His status spells target/hit the whole party. He's obviously gonna hit like a truck. I have no defense to keep myself alive long enough to fight to win. I looked at my stats and decided there's no way I could fight this battle and win. Not without spending maybe 5 - 10 mythril and hoping I get offense and defense buffs. No I'm not gonna stress myself over that fight. There's more to this later but I'll save it for the end of this post.

Materia Keeper ++ (Materia Keeper)

Now then this fight was rather easy. As long as dude didn't crit I'm fine. I just pounded away with my favorite dudes. Thank god I didn't have to bring Yuffie.

The Four +++ (Shake, Staniv, Gorkii, & Chekhov)

Hate this setup. Why? Well look at it. It's designed for an all out offensive with no backup plan. No one to heal you. No one to cast buffs. Just pray that you win. I think these type of strategies are stupid cause it can be easily ruined.'re useless...

Something Random

This happened during one of my recordings.  I thought it was rather funny. As if the AI was rather sentient and killed Kimarhi.

Random BS #2: What pisses me off

It's not that anything in this game truly pisses me off. Its the community behind this game. I can't stand them. You have the guys that post random strategies but its based on assumptions. None of those people really take the time to think about there stats. They just go. Oh well I'll just use Sentinel Grimoire, Stoneskin II, Boon, or Lunatic High.  Yeah that's great and all. But have you ever thought to yourself that maybe. Just Maybe that other people don't have the same stuff as you. Especially for a game that has a huge RNG factor behind it.

Wanna see some examples? Let me post a couple of pics

This is 4 different people who posted there party setup for the same battle. I look at this and go. there's no way I can copy that setup. It's not just the equipment. But the abilities as well. So those people that go "oh just simply use this strategy". Could you think about it before saying that to others? One my luck is no where near as great as theirs. Especially in the abilities department. I don't need 5 Star equipment? Well I don't have the same abilities as you. Not only that My party stats aren't the same. 

2nd Thing that bugs me. The people that think. Oh you shouldn't use this character cause he/she sucks. First off that's your opinion. 2nd This is the saddest thing I see in the gaming community in general. People that believe there's only a set few ways to play a game. I didn't realize there's a rule book for these games. Where in that rulebook does it state I need play like everyone else? Also show me this rulebook.  I thought I was playing a game not doing a final exam at school.

3rd The people that constantly go. "I'm Free-to-Play" "I'm F2P!".  Shut up and remove that sentence from your vocabulary. No one cares that you didn't pay anything for a game and got this far. It's not proving anything. Except that you're incredibly lucky with RNG and possibly spend way more time than most other people playing the game. I won't hold against you on the 2nd one. But regardless. No one cares that you're free-2-play. 

Sorry for the rant but needed to get that off my chest. 

Freedom Planet - Milla Near Infinite Flutter Jumps

Kind of a speedrun tactic for Milla. Milla is able to reset her 2nd Jump action so she can infinite flutter jump. 

You basically need to do your initial flutter jump. Once it ends. Charge up your cube and do a shield blast. Preferably behind you. Now you can flutter jump again and repeat the process. This is helpful in areas like Jade Creek, Battle Glacier, and Fortune Night. 

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Bikanel One More Outfit

Bikanel is our next outfit area. So let's go there. Nhadala talks Doormat Yuna into doing a job for her. Good thing though. We got a sphere and a Leblanc Syndacite Uniform out of the deal. And with that it makes 3. Now we can invade Leblanc's palace. 

Tales Of Zestiria - A Pope That Isn't Evil

Yeah the opening. I showed to show my frustration. I hate using Lilah. She has Pascal syndrome. 
Make it to town in the middle of nowhere. And its busy. Big surprise. Hmmmm so what's this town's secret?  Asking around everywhere it's obvious they don't want us to enter that cave. So by RPG logic that's where we need to go.  Didn't think I'd get a woman age joke in the game. Thought that joke died. 

After boss fight that isn't a boss fight. Seriously why was the boss theme playing? We find out the truth. And more. Turns out the cave they wanted to keep us out of is the very place we need to go. 

Well if you ask me about the Pope's crimes with this fake elixir. I would say get him to stop doing that. Or at least make it actually worth something. My reasoning?  Well if you talk to the NPCs it says the Pope is sick and the likely cause is due to how you make this fake elixir. Something to do poisonous vapors and such. Dude is throwing away his life by ignoring safety precautions and trying to restore a town. At least make the Pope and everyone else take some safety standards. 

It's great he's doing all this but one it is wrong and two he's putting his life on the line. Not to mention anyone else in the future that tries to make that stuff. That's all I have to say on it. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Azure Striker Gunvolt - Anthem Mode Demo

So the Christmas Mode was removed. And in its place is this. Anthem Mode. The latest challenge to this game.

Anthem Mode works like this.

  • You are in Resurrection/True End Path State (Basically the god mode you get at the end of the game).
  • That's it.
Cons I mean Challenges:
  • Speedrun Rules apply (No checkpoints except Hexa-piles. No saving game either)
  • You cannot change pendants.
  • Spikes are instant death.
  • The floors are lined with instant death spikes. (EVEN BOSS ROOMS)
Good luck out there.

Tales of Zestiria - Fire Temple Rage

40:22 - Boss Fight: Salamander

Water Temple Hard My *****!!!! 
Hate this temple! Why do I have to pay attention to small unnoticeable details! Thought I was playing a "Tales of" Game not a Sierra Game.

So Basically this temple's gimmick is lighting torches. But not in just any order. No the order is specific. None of the guides I was using pointed this ****ing s***ty gimmick either.  You have to examine the torches. Or really tilt the camera so that you're looking at the bottom of the torch. Notice the unremarkle markings on them? Yeah they deal with the order you light the torches in. Not only that but you have light them from that angle as well. So if you mark one at an angle where the marks aren't there. You got it wrong. THIS IS BEYOND STUPID! What kind of player is going to notice this load of crap when you're not using a guide. Not even the guides I used noted anything about this. They listed the order but didn't say anything about directions. And the Order was wrong too!!!

I spent 3 hours here! 3 HOURS!!!! As for the boss fight. What happened to my Appeal Guard Ability? It should've attracted the boss to attack me. Not run over to my AI allies and kill them off. I still don't understand a damn thing about Weapon Fusion. Just that I need to try and get as many unions as possible. Although when I do that I end up finding better equipment altogether and start having to farm that load of crap. Is there a point where I can actually stop and properly grind? This is getting ridiculous to take care of. 

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Calm Lands "Clasko Makes His Move"

This can get a bit annoying. But it's doable. What I hate is what I pretty much unlocked after this.

So Clasko jumped ship. Yeah I forgot to let him back on.  He decided to take over the Monster Arena and turn it into a chocobo stable...just one problem....he took over the Monster Arena. So now its up to Doormat Yuna to help whiny Clasko.

Basically you need to figure out which enemy is the real one and eliminate it. There's tons of fakes. To figure out which one is the real one just look at the monsters. Notice the direction they're all facing. The one that looks rather odd and out of place is the one that's the real one. A common mistake and forgettable one is that there's a 3rd Area in the middle as well as the room on the right when you first enter. So don't forget those. If you start having trouble the game helps you out by giving you arrows to help indicate which one is the real one.

Now that you completed this mission you unlocked a rather cool but also dangerous thing. Chocobos. To catch a chocobo its just like it was back in FF7. If you see one in battle throw some greens at it. Defeat all the other enemies and there you go. Problem arises with this. Remember before you may have previously encountered chocobo's and they just instantly run away. Well they don't do that anymore. Well not really. Instead they fight back. The worst is being hit by Choco Meteor. Which can kill you. You either need to kill the chocobo (yes you can kill them I feel no remorse about this). Or catch it.  Your main goal in chocobo catching is to find about 7 or 8 Bold Chocobos that can reach level 5. I'll explain that another time when it actually matters.

Once you caught a chocobo. You can send it out to find items. When you send it out to find items go fight about 7 or 8 battles. Then come back. Your chocobo either returned or it ran away. If it came back it'll have items for you. You need about 2 chocobos to send to Bikanel Island for a specific reason and don't expect them to come back. I'll explain that another time.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tales Of Zestiria - Spelunking

Nice cave. An optional area included.  Love it. 
Time Codes: 
1:01:00 - My dying a lot to Nine-Headed Serpent clearly not ready for this.
1:20:43 - Griffon : Wow honestly WTF. Why so much damage from a storyline boss. I'm never strong enough for these things.

Did enjoy the cave. Quite a bit optional section you can explore.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Mi'hen Highroad Wild Chocobo Chase

Alright time to do something with Chocobo's. Yuna arrives and spots a chocobo. Along with Calli. Remember Calli? Not likely. She was that little girl you met here in FFX that didn't really make an impression. 
Anyway we gotta catch this chocobo!  But it runs away like ALL OF THEM DO!  First thing any feathers you pick up count as items. You can take the time pick them all up if you wish. Don't worry if you fail the mini-game it restarts. Eventually Rikku stops and says that it's over somewhere. You can say yes and get a random chest. Or just say no and keep going. 

Now that you cornered it. Time to capture it??? nope...Basically you chase this thing back and forth. You try to play guess where the chocobo is going. It eventually gets tired if you keep getting it wrong making it easier don't feel bad its rather RNG. 

Well now that that's failed. Time for a new plan. Go drastic measures. Make your way all the way back to the hovercraft driver. And now your rather drastic plan goes into action. Chocobo caught. 

But we have a problem. Apparently Calli got too eager. Thanks Robin! Calli now faces the threat of a Chocobo Eater. Yuna has a good idea but is cock-blocked by Paine. We made higher jumps before WHY NOT NOW?! Thankfully Clasko shows up and buys up some time. Now to hurry to gorge and face off with the chocobo eater. Shouldn't be too hard. 

Well that's done...not really we need to come back here and pick up Clasko and Calli this time. Don't forget about them. So warp down there and pick up some more freeloaders. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend - Other Jin Hit Confirm Astrals

Messing around in Blazblue CP EX. I found more Hit Confirm Astrals. Although they probably already been found long ago. 

6C - 2D - Astral
The simplest of them all. You should be pre-charging on 2D. The moment it hits input the rest of the of the Astral command. 

6C - 6D - Astral (CORNER ONLY)
Same as the previous one but timing is slightly different. 

2D - Astral 

Slightly harder cause you don't get the tons of time from the opponent falling out of the air. Unless its an Anti-Air hit. 

6D - Astral
Rather Difficult to pull off. The timing is pretty fickle. You can't cancel 6D so you have to wait for the animation to play out then input it. 

j5D - Astral
The most difficult one in this video. You need to be really close to the ground to pull it off. Otherwise the opponent will break out of the freeze state or you'll end up jumping again. 

In CP and CPEX you can't hit confirm fullscreen fireball to Astral anymore. Jin only throws out the fast one and the EX version. It's too fast to try and hit confirm off of. Other's I've tried can be traps or resets???? 

These are much better than throw right? Enjoy.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Mt. Gagazet, Peeping Tom Wings

Well at Mt.Gagazet Kimarhi still has issues with the young Ronso. So Yuna needs to do some talking. But more Importantly. It seems some sphere hunters are marching into the sacred Ronso lands. ( we haven't done that before). 
So traveling up the mountain. You can catch Leblanc's goons enjoying themselves in the hot springs. Ormi shows up. Ooohhhh he's peeking. And the Peeping Tom Wings get blamed for it. 
Well after things are settled another Outfit down one to go.

Note: You can take an alternate route. Paine advises against it. But you can proceed anyway if you know it. Up to you.

Tales Of Zestiria - I Must Shop

So I finally decided to stop exploring and get to Pendrago. This town is unnecessarily big. Exploring around everyone's complaining about the rain. Finally get to Sergei who mentions the problems going on. So let's see what this cardinal is all about along with the church. 

"Oh dear shepard. I'm afraid I don't know the inscription of this stone tablet that you need info from. However the Pope should know. But I don't know where he is. Maybe I can...." 

Whoops you got turned to stone before divulging too much info. Oh hey Cardinal. can turn people to stone. Wait we don't have items to heal Petrification. the Pope is likely in a far off FU area. Alright then lets go. oh but before we leave let's learn a new arte that plays a huge plot to the story. Well I know where to go next time for another long trip.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Zanarkand - Monkey Love

Well unless you wanna lose gil. You might wanna break out a guide. In Zanarkand Yuna is fed up with these shoebies desecrating her memories. So at the temple she comes up with a plan. Monkeys. Well from Chapter 2 to Chapter 3 you can do this quest


Basically you need to make the monkeys mate. This is done by playing matchmaker for each monkey. This can get a little long. You first need to fina a monkey with hearts by its head. Then go around looking for the monkey with a name that matches. So a lot of backtracking a lot of memorizing or just refer to a guide and get this done.

Tales of Zestiria - Meebo -_-

Find a set of ruins that seem optional. I'll save them for later. Then find another one of those Crucibles but this time It's for Meebo...Sigh....

15:57 - Crucible thingy with Mikleo

Freedom Planet - Adventure Mode Milla #2

Fortune Night and Sky Battalion

They removed the line where Lilac mentions its weird that both Milla and Carol like something. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Macalania Shiking Musshishuns

Another optional one. Tobli needs Musicians for his concert. Why not ask the main dudes who play music. Those guys. 
Well it's kinda troublesome to seek them all out. Especially if you don't have No Encounters. Prepare for massive backtracking. Really the thing you want to be wary of is the enemies. They may still be too high level to fight.
Just look for butterflies and find ways to pass through them should be simple enough. 

Freedom Planet - Adventure Mode Milla 1

Part 1 of Milla's Adventure Mode 
Aqua Tunnel to Relic Maze
Milla's story changes events up a bit. Specifically the ending.

Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver (Best is subjective)

Okay so the reason I rented this game from Gamefly. Cause I haven't played a racing game in who knows how long. But this game has the bare minimum of what you can call a racing game. It's way too short. It's rather boring. It can easily piss you off.

So from what I examined during play. There's pretty much only a career mode. You select a team and perform several different task to advance to the next challenge. Simple yes?  In some cases. Others ugh.

You have Green Team that consist of speed challenges
Blue Team consists of Drift Challenges
Yellow Team consists of off-road, destruction derby challenges
Red Team consists of Extreme trick challenges.

I'll tell you right now. It's not as great as it sounds. I only really had fun with Green and Yellow teams. Blue team was absolutely frustrating. Red Team I didn't understand the controls. And half the time I didn't understand what a specific challenge had to do with each team.

What does dirt biking on an obstacle course to grab check points have to do with drifting? Or better yet how is it high tech? Insane shock absorbers????

The Teams

Green Team

Green Team was the most fun of the game. Just pure speed but very little racing to be honest. I particulary enjoy the go as fast as you can without crashing challenges. I can't complain about this except for the lack of racing. I wanna race. Not just do random things with cars that I could invest a $500+ in to buy a ton of Hot Wheels track sets.

Blue Team

Blue Team was absolutely frustrating. There some drift challenges that are easy. But then I have others that I go WHAT?! HOW?! No seriously how do I drift on a wall? I understand Hot Wheels physics. But that doesn't seem to apply here and the law of gravity kicks in. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't pull it off. It doesn't help that your navigator is pretty much negative about your skills every time you mess up. Even if it's not your fault. You're getting scolded.

"Blue get your head in game!"
"That is not the way of Team Blue!"
"I am not your teacher! Now get with it Blue!"


Yellow Team

Yellow Team is rather ok. At least until the later levels. I was either pushing stuff off a boat/cliff/bridge etc. Doing a Hill Climb, or Monster Trucks!  A lot of it was fun till the later levels started pulling dick moves. In the later stages. I had to not only get to the top of the hill in time. But I had to dodge landmines. The monster truck bit barely gives you enough time to rack up a good score. I don't have too many complaints here except for the last few levels where it felt like everything was against me.

The monster truck accelerated on its own and I had to mash the brakes to keep it from falling off the cliff. Some objects just wouldn't budge at all. And apparently aside from landmines screwing me over. I encountered a glitch that pretty much made me pass the stage anyway without reaching the end?????

Red Team

Red Team is frustrating cause of the controls. I'm supposed to do tricks with whatever vehicle. The problem is I only know one trick???? I can combine that trick with spins, front flips, & back flips but that's not much.  The games there's at least 12 different tricks? (need correction).  But I can only do the same one. To make it worse the supposed chain I'm building up drains really fast. If I didn't fail the trick then the chain resets cause I didn't do a trick in time.

I did get a laugh out of the obstacle course. It gave me flashbacks of watching "Wipeout!" Try to get across a log the flips every few intervals. Only to get sent flying. Get smacked by a beam off your ride. I think physics went out the window at this point. Or maybe it used the physics of an actual Hot Wheels car + action figure being thrown by a child. This was absolutely hilarious.

Music and Sound

The music sounds great at first but after awhile. I'd say about and hour or 2. You have heard every track in the game. Only reason I say that long is cause unless you mess with the settings most of the time the sound is drowned out by the roar of your engine, Your navigator scolding/praising you, or your utter frustration. The music is very forgettable. Honestly most of the time I had, "Born Too Slow" by The Crystal Method playing in my head while playing this game.

Other Issues

Oh joy. Well the only thing you sign into PSN or whatever for. Is leaderboards and OMG how did these people get such high scores? I look at mines and then I see there's. Did they use a cheat? Some kind of shortcut? Glitch? These scores are ridiculous.

Another issue is how bland the stages are. Its pretty much Dirt, Boat dock, ice, skyscraper. That's it. Rather dull in course design.

Again where's the racing? That's why I rented this game. For the racing. The screenshots have the appearance of there being actual racing. But this is far from it. Also when I see the title World's Best driver. I think back to the Hot Wheels Movies. Well I was apparently thinking of the wrong movie. Since this had nothing to do with the one I was thinking of.


Well if you're looking for a Racing Game. This isn't it. It does have multiplayer. But its not very fun. This is more of a time waster game than anything else. It might work for kids. But anyone that isn't a kid probably won't enjoy this for very long. Definitely don't get this for full price if you can help it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tales Of Zestiria - World Map Too Big

Well not much to be done here. Take on the first Malevolence Crucible or whatever its called with Sorey.  Sorey has all the easy enemies. Wonder if I could make use of this to grind monsters. 

Freedom Planet - Final Dreadnaught 3 (Torque)

Last one for Torque for now. Up next Milla's story in Adventure Mode.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 (Moonflow) Sell Those Tickets

Well here's a peaceful bit to this chapter. Tobli is having issues selling tickets for his concert. And pretty much steps on the doormat named Yuna to get her to do the selling. 

This thing is rather fickle. There's only certain people who will buy your tickets at a high price. And you only get one shot to sell them. Better use a guide for this one. Might as well do some publicity too. Your main goal is to sell all the tickets. But if you're going for the best stuff or the "Key to Success" accessory (Double's everything your stats, gil earned, EXP earned, AP earned).  Then you want to make a huge profit. So yeah use a guide for this one. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Two Birds, One Stone (Djose)

Well like I said we aren't done with Mushroom Rock Road. But best to start from Djose Temple. Make sure you do the publicity crap if you're choosing to do so. On the way down. We find Leblanc Syndicate searching for a lost sphere. So we just walk down the path until we reach the area. Then its time for a fight. Logos & Ormi fights along with a FemGoons. Well beat the crap outta them and while we're at it take a uniform!

So now we got a special dresssphere (Yuna's Floral Fallal) as well as a Leblanc Syndacite Uniform. I probably forgot to mention how Special Dresspheres work. Basically to use it you must Dressphere Change to all of your Dresspheres in the same battle. Once that is done. You'll see the option to change into it. So after a long winded Sailor Moon Transformation You'll see whatever have a drastic wardrobe makeover.

Each Special Dressphere is highly different for each character. Yuna's focuses on Magic, Paine's focuses on physical elemental attacks and status effects. While Rikku's focuses on buffs and debuffs. They all operate the same. Instead of YRP on the battlefield it'll be just a single character with 2 helpers. All 3 have there own HP bar. However if the main character dies, the Special Dressphere effect ends having the other 2 party members jump back in with there dead friend. 

You don't really have to worry about much while in this state except keeping the main character alive. If any of the 2 helpers fall you have an ability to revive them (have to learn it). MP cost isn't much of an issue either as most abilities cost no MP. Just be wary about using this dressphere against enemies/bosses that have moves that drop your HP down to 1. Usually if they can do that, it's likely that death is inevitable for you.  

Well now that's out the way. Mission Complete. Next.

Tales of Zestiria - Talking to Glass

Well not much happens in this part. Just a boss fight with Sergei and learn of rumors...that will lead to sidequest that aren't sidequest. Why even bother calling them sidequest? We have to do them anyway. Sergei isn't really tough. Just a guy that switches from attack to defense. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Youth League Throwdown

Well we're here at Mushroom Rock Road for 2 reasons. Really 3. But we'll deal with the 3rd reason later.

The Youth League is pissed that we gave the sphere to New Yevon. And they're out for blood. Robin...I mean Yaibal is like WHY YUNA WHY?! So as we travel up the old path. Youth League members challenge us Then Elma fights us.  Well this version of Elma is pathetic. However...there's another version of her that is plain scary.

Another thing to deal with. There's a secret area at the bottom of the gorge. Exploring it we find a door that can only be opened by a certain set of spheres. Nooj also shows up and has a few insults to throw our way.

Freedom Planet (BETA) - Final Dreadnaught (Torque)

Definitely a bit difficult for Torque. Have to jump and shoot while maneuvering properly. Not easy at the boss. 

Tales of Zestiria - We're Married???!!!

Well not much in this chapter. Just traveling to Lastonbell. I think Lastonbell is a good spot to farm Windstepping. So many people talking.  Sadly this is a rather fast forwarded version cause when I recorded this the first time. The recording corrupted and deleted itself. -_-.  I think I need a new external HD.  And look at all the not sidequest that I'll be doing sooner or later. Seriously I hate that about this game. They put up that there's all these sidequest you can do. But you can't do em cause you're blocked off from that area. This RPG definitely doesn't do the things I like in RPGs.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Freedom Planet (BETA) - Battle Glacier (Torque)

It's nice that Torque can bypass some areas with his hover ability. 

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Gunner's Gauntlet 2nd Prize

Well we aren't done here yet.  There's another prize to shoot for. You need to play Gunner's Gauntlet again to reach at least Level 6. This is cause you want the Mortal Coil Garment Grid. It's completely up to you if you wanna go after all these prizes. Just a few things to note here.

  • It's better and easier to level up one at a time instead of all at once. This is cause each level of difficulty yields better enemies and points to actually hit the next score marker.
  • Whatever your high score is on your current file. When you start New Game+, the next time you arrive here in chapter 2. Beclem's score will be your score +100 points. This can get annoying depending on how much you played.
Prizes as listed

1 = 500  Enigma Plate (Garment Grid)
2 = 750 Power Wrist
3 = 900 Silver Bracer
4 = 1000 Titanium Bangle
5 = 1150 Mortal Coil (Garment Grid)
6 = 1300 Beaded Brooch
7 = 1400 Diamond Gloves
8 = 2000 Faerie Earrings
9 = 2800 Adamantite

You can generally stop at Level 5. Adamantite is worth the effort if you want it. Especially this early in the game. It gives Auto-Wall (Protect and Shell), HP+100%, Def +120, Mag Def.+120, Agility -30


This function gets introduced as you progress through the levels. Generally around level 4 you'll see that you can pick up upgrades for your bullets. You'll see a number in blue next to your ammo count. Pressing Triangle will consume that ammo to refine it into the next class. 


I don't really recommend using this. You should be fast enough to fire normally. It also doesn't help your reload time. (you can only fire 6 shots at a time before Yuna stops firing as if she's reloading).  The time intervals for her reloads is fickle. But it does produce some funny results when shooting. 

General Strategy

Keep Targeting. By mashing the target button you should be able to pick up the enemy at the max distance and fire right away. After each round (or each shot) keep refreshing the targeting so you can pick up newer enemies. This way you won't get surprised and have your chain broken cause you were focusing on the big guy.

Use Ammo Wisely. You need to switch between the right ammo at for each situation. You should save your Death and Volley Ammo for the big enemies or to get you out of a sticky situation. You're normal ammo and Dual ammo should be focused on the weaker enemies and keeping them at bay. 

If you picked up quick shot. Make full use of it. Shoot like crazy!

Safe Spot

In the waterfall area. Just before the 3rd and final waterfall. You can stand near the fence and the enemies will ignore you. This will allow you to safely farm points and ammo. But you should book it to the finish line when the time gets around 1 minute. You need time to kill whatever enemies remain between you and the finish line. This is where Death and Volley Ammo come into to play. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Besaid Beclem's Test

Ah finally a real mission right?  Well this one can be annoying. It's only annoying for people that hate mini-games.

Basically when you come here. Anytime between now and chapter 3. You can play this mini-game to prove to Beclem that Final Fantasy X isn't a crappy game. The tutorial is basically explained pretty well. You're generally fighting 2 things.

First the clock. You could end up with the high score only to screw up cause of time. -_-.  2nd is the enemies along with ammo. If you're aren't watching your ammo or planning and patiently waiting you'll run out of ammo quick.

The best way to build your score is to make your way towards the waterfall area. Near the end of the section there's spot that acts like a total blind spot to all the enemies. You can hang around there and kill at your leisure. The only hard part is dealing with the last enemy and keeping your chain x3 score.  Cause there's usually one big enemy that pretty much is the cherry on top of your score. So save one or 2 Death/Volley bullets for it.

Once you're done here Beclem's salty. Mission Complete

SD Gundam GGeneration Overworld - Mission: Core 3

Stage 3 : Firewall

Initial units:

Amuro in Nu / Nu HWS / Hi-nu

Ra Cailum, Jegan x4, Jesta x4, ReGZ x1

ReZel commander x1, ReZel x2, Proto Stark Jegan x2, Stark Jegan x2, Jegan D x4, Nahel Argama

Regina x8

Generation Break 1:

Break Trigger: Code Phoenix defeats Amuro.

Challenge Mission: Code Phoenix defeats Amuro within 5 turns.

Well Amuro isn't too difficult. If he doesn't use his funnels. You're fine. The difficult part comes after this.

Enemy Reinforcements:

Domon in Shining / God / God Hyper mode

Rising, Maxter, Dragon, Bolt, Rose, Nobusshi x4, Phantoma x2, GolBee II

Regina x8

Secret Reinforcements: Allenby in Nobel Gundam(Berserk), Deathbirdie x4

Generation Break 2:

Break Trigger: Code Phoenix defeats Domon.

Challenge Mission: Code Phoenix defeats Domon within 5 turns.

Now difficulty kicks in. Cause Domon is all the way on the other side. And Code Phoenix is on the opposite side of the map.  Not fun to travel that far. Especially when there isn't too many units you can safely setup for Code Phoenix to chain kill.

Enemy Reinforcements:

Tobia in Crossbone Gundam X3/ Skull Heart / Full Cloth

Crossbone Gundam X1, Crossbone Gundam X2, Flint x6, Mother Vanguard

Secret Reinforcements: Riddhe Marcenas in Delta Gundam Kai, Hyakushiki x4

Core Impact: 

Code Phoenix defeats Tobia within 5 turns.

Enemy Reinforcements: 4 clones of your units picked at random

And again. Tobia gets positioned over on the opposite end. -_-

Freedom Planet - Sky Battalion Torque

Well not much to talk about here. Except now we start seeing problems with Torque's limited speed and HP. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Freedom Planet - Fortune Night Torque

So Torque in Fortune Night is perfect for gathering crystals. Thanks to his hovering. He can easily grab pretty much every crystal in the midair sections of the 2nd half of the stage. Also apparently there's a glitch where Torque can kill the sub boss without even being in the room. 

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Newscast In Luca

Well not much to do here but get some publicity for the Gullwings. And with Shelinda the doormat. This is just for completion percentage. Not much else. Don't forget to look around for treasure afterwards. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Freedom Planet (BETA) - (Torque) Dragon Valley

Ah here we go the first stage as Torque.  He has no story or Time Attack yet. Still waiting on that. All the secrets we can find thanks to his hover.

Freedom Planet - Shang Mu Academy (Milla)

Milla Overview:

  • An overview of Milla:

  • -Milla is downright broken.

  • -While appearances she looks like the worst character of the game she's actually pretty great.

  • -B forms a giant green cube that can thrown at enemies or used to pick up certain objects.

  • -C forms for a reflective shield that reflects most projectiles.

  • -B+C Forms a huge shield blast that gives Milla a bit of recoil but is also very powerful on hit and reflect.

  • -Her jump action is a flutter jump. Like Yoshi's It doesn't kick in right away otherwise it would be a flight move.

  • -Milla doesn't have any energy to recharge. 

  • -Milla's lifebar is low. 

  • -Many Milla stages are cut short due to story or the fact that its just way too hard for her. Or really I should say Final Dreadnaught 3 and 4 are cut short. Due to storyline.
Expect a Milla run soon. I can run Arcade but the Beta isn't complete yet to where I can run her story without problems.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Bogus Sphere Data Sell

Well this is a bit of side quest. You don't have to do it.  If you want money you'll do it.  So if you go to the Inn. You'll find a dude selling some Sphere data. That sounds great.  New spheres....Except its Bogus....yep.  Our objective is make a return of profit.  So we gotta find a willing to buy it.

There's many people out there. But we're looking for people that have money. There's 2 people that actually have money.

-The Accessory Shopkeeper. He'll give 80k for the data!!!! 

But we can go higher.  Guess who wants the data?  It's someone you wouldn't think twice about.

-The Inn Shopkeeper will give 100k for the DATA ^_^!!!!!

Yep the very guy we got this from. Will take it. That's a huge return in profit. You can use this to help out O'aka's debts. Buy some supplies whatever. We got money!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Freedom Planet: An Introduction To Torque

An Introduction To Torque

  • -Torque is essentially Megaman or Axl if you wanna get technical.
  • -He can shoot different weapons. A buster, bomb, and Rising type
  • -Each weapon has a limited ammo amount but weakness and resistance seem to play a role as well.
  • -You pick up ammo from treasure boxes or certain enemies. Yeah remember those orbs. That's what they're for.
  • -His jump is a flight. You can re-activate it midair if you manage to recharge it in time.
  • -His movement speed is dismal. Seriously the slowest character of the game. 
  • -His HP is the same as Milla's however due to his speed he's prone to taking a lot of hits. Especially since he has no actual way of defending himself like the other characters.  (No invincibility moves)
  • -You can switch between you're 3 weapon types.
  • -Whenever you start a stage or die you have the option to switch weapons. 
  • -Torque can wreck most bosses almost faster than Milla can.
  • -You can go instantly into a dash while on the ground by using Down + Jump
  • -Torque wrecks Dail 2

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Unwelcomed In Kilika

Haha We Took Your Stuff!!!

Well not much here.  If you visit Guadosalem get a cutscene for completion percentage. Also hear some rumors about things going on around the world. There's some money to be made here but we'll come back to that.

Kilika Port: GET OUT! 

Going to Kilika....Well the villagers are rather rowdy today.  Regardless of who you gave the sphere to you're not getting in this chapter so forget about it. Only thing that differs is what Dona says to you.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD: Ch2 Give The Sphere To New Yevon

Yeah I'm giving the Sphere to New Yevon. Why? A reason to do New Game+. (From what I hear if you hand the sphere to the Youth League. You can get 100% on your first playthrough I don't know about all that). Well main thing is to just talk to everyone. Not really a problem.  Well to move on to your little party. You need to move our band players into the elevator. (make sure to open the chest in the engine room).  This is just on the lines of annoying sometimes they'll end up pushed out the way of Yuna. Just push them into the elevator as best you can. When Yuna wildly jumps back you got one in. O'aka is here too (as well as Clasko). But I'll talk about this in a minute. I'll probably mention this again later.

After some R&R and nightmares, you're forced make a decision on whether you give the Sphere to the Youth League or New Yevon. The others don't really care who you decide. Just know whoever you give it to will block off some areas later. 

Give Sphere to the Youth League:
-Kilika Port is blocked off.
-Bevelle is blocked off for the rest of Chapter 2 till the very end.You'll end up in a random mission where you try to fight your way in only to get booted out.
-A conversation is altered slightly later in Chapter 2. 
-Lose out on a garment grid (you'll have to do New Game+ to get one or the other anyway)

Give the Sphere to New Yevon:
-Kilika Port is Blocked Off. (Conversation is altered)
-Mushroom Rock Road is slightly blocked off. (You're not getting into Youth League Headquarters.) You'll instead get a mission where you have to fight Youth League Members.
-In Chapter 4 you miss out on a couple of commsphere conversations.
-You apparently can't get 100% on your first playthrough.
-You lose out on a Garment Grid (You have to do New Game+)
-Youth League Headquarters is blocked off for the rest of the game. 
-End of Chapter 2 is somewhat easier

Well. After your short party. You find that you got robbed by none other than the Leblanc Syndicate. "WHO'S ON TOP NOW DULLWINGS!"  
So our plan is made.  We're gonna take it back. Our mission is to find 3 fitting Leblanc Syndicate uniforms. 

Creature Creator

Well if you actually put effort into this. Be proud this pays off highly in the end. Any monsters you currently had with you will have there story levels ranked up Usually to max. This is cause they were with you at the end of chapter 1. Time to catch a new set of monsters. Fight at the arena, whatever. Just trust me when I say this becomes worth it later on. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD: Ch1 Kilika Island Sphere Craze

Well the last thing to do in Chapter 1. At Kilika Island.

Very Bad Security Gate

So this mini game involves Dona being a bitch as usual towards the guards. While she distracts the guards with her bitching you look for an opportunity to slip past the open gate. It's pretty simple. Just look for a moment while the gate is open and press X. I heard you can fail this and end up failing the entire mission? But I never seen that happen.

Squatter Monkey Hide N' Seek Part 1

So there's a lady in the 2nd area of Kilika who talks about Squatter Monkeys. You can take the time to hunt down the monkeys scattered through the forest. Although you'll only be able to find half of them at this point. You have to come back later in Chapter 3 to finish this one. Better to wait anyways when you get the no encounters accessory.  If you intend to hunt them down. Just run around and mash X when you start hearing the sound of monkeys.

What's the Password?

So first off you need to find out what the passwords are.  In the back of of the forest near a dead end. You'll find some guards talking. They mention the passwords and how they work.  It works simply like this. The Passwords are based on the number of soldiers stationed at each checkpoint when asked.

  • If the number of soldiers is even. (2, 4. 6. 8,...) Then you answer Craven Monkey!
  • If the number of soldiers is odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9...) Then you answer Carved Monkey!
Answering correctly the first time the soldiers hand you items. Yay. The game will try to trick you by changing the camera angle on you. Its pretty easy to tell how many there are.


Pretty lack luster for a chapter end boss.  Just keep up the heals. And attack with whatever you want. 

Well since this battle is over. The chapter is over. Next. 

Tales Of Zestiria - No Vacations Allowed

Alright. Dungeon Crawling time.  Wait...sigh...dungeon crawling.  Well the goal is at least simple. Hit the switches so you can cross to the other side. Monsters are already weak to our 2 new party members. So its not a bad trip.


 Supposed to be a fast fighter. But has some real issue with this thing called range. She also seems to get a bit too over-zealous with hits. At least from my point of view. Apparently the reason why people like her is the fact that she has 2 different weapons you can use to equip even more skills. I'm still rather attached to Alicia. Meh Rose is alright.


Well I have to ask. Why isn't anyone playing as this guy more? He's got almost everything needed.  Dude has range, Has good spells with actual range (yeah Lilah you really need to learn how not to be Pascal 2.0).  I enjoy controlling this guy. Not fond of the the Wind Armatization. As it feels like everything is on a set range. And playing keep away isn't my favorite thing.

So the dungeon on its own is nothing special. Walk from point A to point B to Point C and done. But now at least we have a few destinations in mind. Too bad there's no cameras in that time period. They could take a picture of that map or at least draw on a map the areas marked.

Beast's Fury Officially Dead

Taken off Life Support

Beast's Fury a fighting game project started long ago in 2012. Has announced that it officially shut down.  After 5 - 10 months of inactivity the main developer appeared on FurAffinity and many other sites to make the following post.

"I want to thank everyone that has supported Beast's Fury over the last 5 years. Sorry to be bearer of bad news but its officially closed down for good. it has caused a lot of personal and financial problems for me which i am still trying to fix. it's also to do with the constant negative passive aggressive criticism. I get from people on a daily basis which is in no way helpful. i feel whenever i try to fix it. It just keeps falling apart. i'm not here for sympathy. I just wanted to let everyone know what's going on. I wish everyone well, and here's to the new year."

Not too soon after his FurAffinity Page was disabled as well as his Facebook Page.  I imagine his Youtube and Google pages will shut down soon as well. Many many kickstarter backers are enraged at this. According to many fans. Apparently due to his inability to plan appropriately, his conduct on forums and livestreams, bad money management, as well as asking for more money has led to this. 

According to the Kickstarter Page 797 people have pledged a total of $47,256 AUD.  I've been hearing rumors from friends that he also has other crowdfunding accounts and the total amount of money is much more than that the Kickstarter. 

The most this game has to show for all the money put into it is an alpha demo that's still available on certain websites. 

My Thoughts?

Well I didn't back the project. I didn't have any money to do so. I personally would rather back a project that shows it's near completion and shows actual promise. I honestly forgot about this game until yesterday when he announced he's shutting down. I'm not gonna sit here and think, "oh he's just running away with all that money." It's likely poor spending. I want to avoid that kind of drama. Best to what's the phrase? I can't think of it right now. Just do damage control and leave before things get serious. By damage control I mean refunding money or giving something in return.

At this stage in the game considering the money taken. The fact he had an alpha demo release.  Certain promises. etc. Ryhan Stevens (his name according to should just forfeit any assets to this game he has to someone else. I imagine fulfilling the backers promises like issuing arcade sticks, art books, T-Shirts, etc. would likely be not possible. But it's not unheard of to give a game's assets to someone else and let them do whatever they want with it. 

Drama put aside. Handing the game over to someone else would be the best choice as of right now. It could at least make a decent set of MUGEN characters where it is now. I feel bad that such a game won't see light.  It's obvious this guy was trying. But just couldn't handle it.  Well maybe someone will pick up the remains and do something with it. 

I certainly like the artwork. But I suppose this is a prime example of why I never want to be in Game Design. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD: Ch1 Zanarkand

Well Zanarkand has turned into a tourist trap. Yuna's not really happy bout that. We catch up with Isaaru who somehow doesn't really recognize Yuna.  She still looks the same. Just not in a dress. So it turns out Cid of all people caused the tourist trap. 

Anyway on with the story.  We're here for a sphere anyway right?  Traveling down we end up finding the Kinderguardians. Another Sphere Hunter Group made up of kids. Or really Pacce and 2 unimportant characters. They mention part of a clue. "key"

Continuing on the way. We find Leblanc goon asking the the clue. It's "mon"  .....keymon?  Monkey?!
Yeah not that hard.  

Further on we find Cid.  It's at this point you make a decision. I believe this affects Chapter 5. You can either yell at Cid about how he's stupid to turn Zanarkand into a tourist attraction or you can keep quiet. I'm not sure what happens if you keep quiet I never chose it. Moving on.

Remember our clue? Monkey yeah that's the password. Isaaru wants to play games.  Just call him out on it. Done...well not really still got a sphere to find.  

Guardian Beast
Not too tough if you leveled sufficiently.  Just watch for curse.  At low HP he'll start doing its original moves. You might know what I'm talking about if you played FFX.  Yeah you don't wanna experience those attacks. 

So we got a sphere. Now to move on to the end of the chapter. 

(I believe you can port back to the ship and get Guardian Beast as a monster now or its at the start of chapter 2.)

Skylanders Superchargers - Online Update v1.05

Nice to see games get updated online. So to go over these updates.

Racing Kits:

Over by Panderghast's racing area. You can find an area where you can customize your supercharger further. By purchasing a kit (cost gear bits) you'll gain parts or cards that either customize the look of your supercharger. Change passive effects of your Supercharger, Or change an attack on your supercharger. However this only affects your vehicle in race mode. Actual adventure mode is unaffected. 

Elemental Gate Chest:

-Next to the Elemental Gate Challenge area you'll find a door that can open based on how many Elemental Gate challenge stars you've acquired. These contain generally experience points. 

Supercharger Challenge Chest

-Next to the SuperCharger Challenge Area you can find a chest that opens up based on how many stars you've obtained during those challenges.

Supercharger Element Gates
-During adventure mode levels you can randomly find Supercharger gates scattered about for even more rewards. These will not only require a SuperCharger Skylander but require a specific element as well. 

Small Bug Fixes.

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time - Its A Game Of Chess

Well this part is slightly boring. It took me 20 some odd minutes to find Dejinson. I forgot he's stupidly walking outside in the cold. Skip to the next inventor. Mackwell, I have his book that he wanted. See its best to get these guys ASAP so you can get the items they make at discounts. 

Main story.  On our way to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel. The king could've sent some dragons to fly us over there. So we wouldn't have to walk. Although I guess it wouldn't be a test of trust would it? 

Schwiemer: Difficulty Not Worth Mentioning
Dude we just beat the crap out of Vox. And now we have someone good at anti-air attacks. Let's not forget you don't even have a face. You're lucky to have a voice over. Is that (But notice how despite Adray is on our team he doesn't get any screen time or actual cutscenes.)

Mosel Dunes 
Well I already walked through here before remember?  Do some actual fighting this time cause I can actually take these guys a bit more confidently. 

Ancient Ruins of Mosel: Sadly I'll be walking back here later on.  But RUNIC CHESS!  I'd love to have pictures of the black chess pieces. They look rather cool.  I don't like the enemies here. Especially the imps.  They're fast and spam firebolt. Firebolt is normally negligable but there's so many being shot it just over the annoyance line. Oh how nice of the king to trust us. As long as Albel joins our team. 

Fangirls scream cause you get to see Albel in chains. Considering my previous playthroughs. I already know how much you girls love Albel. And likely want him chained up in your basement or something along those lines. He joins. Okay so before I leave. Start a quick sidequest. Talking to the King he asks you to deliver a letter for him. So YOU'RE WALKING ALL THE WAY BACK TO AQUARIA!!! 

Tales Of Zestiria - We're Ghooosts

First off does Rose really thing that Sorey can't take a bunch of a assassins? Well this is sorta a break time period. I mean did just fight in a war, get our butts kicked by a MadLeomon Knockoff, have our resonance blocked so that our ghostly friends can't talk to us for a good while, and meet a dude that probably got kicked out the Belmont family line. We deserve a break.  

Although Lailah...I've been wanting to say this and I'll probably repeat this again.  I understand that you're forbidden by an oath not to tell us stuff till we find out about it. BUT SERIOUSLY! YOU COULD TELL US SOME OF THIS CRAP AND SAVE US A TON OF TIME! AT LEAST HINT TOWARDS IT! Nope the oath states that we have to do something stupid and wander aimlessly until we figure out something on our own that's related to the oath.

Yet I'M STILL BROKE!!!!!  Still can't really afford new stuff and fusing stuff is still expensive. Buying the Grade Shop DLC is really tempting. So.....lets explore some ruins....yippee.  I honestly would not be able to tell there's switches on the ground since they don't obviously stand out. RPGs stopped doing that.  Even worse....I'm supposed to examine some blank walls? Doors I can understand. But dull and boring walls?  Why not just tell me walk around everywhere and mash the X button?  

Ok on to the boss fight. This I could use as Example No.1 why I hate this battle system along with Graces. I guess the developers went to Piccolo's training school of fighting. DODGE DODGE DODGE!  Yeah but which way should I dodge? I clearly can't block everything. Fighting games seem to have this issue as well. Rewarding dodging more than rewarding successful blocks. Sigh. I'm not playing an adventure game where the main character probably hasn't heard of blocking before. I think I'd be more satisfied playing Ninja Gaiden on Xbox since it actually has a good balance of required dodging and blocking (yes I just compared an adventure game to a JRPG so what I could make worse comparisons).  

Here's a tidbit we didn't really tell you till later and its not in the instruction manual or most strategy guides. YOU CAN'T RECOVER HP WHILE UNDER STATUS EFFECTS!!!! Great....thanks for telling me so late.  What's up with the "Tales of" series adapting this style of telling you information way too late, Instead of when you needed it?  This is why instruction manuals are properly made. To tell me this crap ahead of time instead of after it happens. You wouldn't go on a job you haven't done before with no instructions only to be told how to do it properly after you mess up would you?  Well I hope not. (On a previous recording not shown it told me this.  I find it stupid either way).   Just make an instruction manual guys. It's not that hard. Don't wait till its too late to tell me information I could've used a long time ago. 

Ok and we meet probably the coolest seraph in this game. A dog seraph. Likely the nicest one out of all of them. Next part more ruin exploration.