Monday, February 29, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Mt. Gagazet Complete

Well time for Kimarhi to show how to be an elder. Shoryuken! Rather easy to get lost trying to find them. Also a garment grid is here from Lian and Ayde.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Opening Zanarkand Complete

Now starts a series of Episode Completes. When you have episode complete in all areas you'll get the Mascot Dressphere. 
But its best to get certain episode complete in certain area's first to avoid a glitch. The glitch involves you not returning to the airship and getting the Mascot Dressphere scene. Thus you'll have to do Bevelle's Via Infinito to get it. Which may be troublesome. 

Anyway Let's take down Zanarkand. If you managed to complete the Monkey love quest minigame by chapter 3 you can get an episode complete here. 

Another thing to note is that certain monsters can be obtained before and after certain events if you're doing the Creature Creator bit.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch4 1000 Words

Alright time to end Chapter 4. Make sure you got all you commsphere events done and when ready proceed. At this point there's no turning back. 

Yuna needs to get ready for the concert and get a Dress Rehearsal in. So you play a mini-game with Riku. Simply press or really mash the button that appears on screen. If you manage to get a high score you'll get the most cock-block accessory in the game. Shmooth Shailing which gives the Super Ribbon ability. Guess what this is completely useless. It's supposed to protect 100% against all status aliments but you're hit with Slow status. -_- Its really useless. 

Next well down in the Thunder Plains aside from angry fans. We have another problem. Fiends. Yep. They want to crash the concert. So time for the girls to mop up. Deep inside the cave you'll find the boss another Dragon to take down. Obviously stronger than the one in the 1st chapter. But still should be a pushover at this point. If you're worried carry some fire-resistance. But considering all the dressphere's you have. You can take this out easily. 

Now when you're ready you can enjoy the concert and honestly the best FMV of the game. Too bad I'm not gonna show it here. Square Enix would roast me alive if I showed it. So you gotta watch that on your own.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch4 Commsphere's 4

One last check of the Commspheres before we finish this chapter. 

Skylanders SuperChargers Racing The Marvelous Tour

This part of the tour introduces some new mission types. 

Poison: You're poisoned for the race. You must keep collecting food and finish the race before your HP runs out.

Survival: Bombs and Mines are scattered throughout the race progressively. Survive for as long as possible. 

Sheep Attack: You must collect more sheep and return them to there pens than all the other racers. You can attack the other racers to make them drop there sheep. 

Songs Used:
  • Magical Sound Shower - Outrun

    • Cheker Flag - Outrun 
    • Reform - Dissidia Duodecim
    • Ruins of the The Giants - Chocobo Racing
    • Mission Complete - Final Fantasy Tactics
    • Formidable Enemy (Arranged) - Golden Sun 3
    • Pangu Lagoon 1 - Freedom Planet
    • Nemesis - Final Fantasy XIV
    • Yu Narukami's Theme - Persona 4 Arena
    • The Joker - Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
    • Karin's Theme - Street Fighter V
    • Rashid's Theme - Street Fighter V
    • Battle Theme 3 - Transformers: Devastation

    Thursday, February 25, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Moonflow Find That Tobli

    Well here's a simple and short mission. Track down Tobli.

    Its really simple. First you get dropped off a bit off course. So need to do some walking. Next you find out that cause Tobli's last performance sucked. Some Al Bhed are pissed and want there money. So better catch Tobli before they do. There isn't really anything important here. You can get some PR done.  But the rest of the event here is streamlined.

    Yes Garik Ronso is on the team...for now.

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016

    Hot Wheels World's Best Driver: Blue Team (Worst than Red Team)

    Ok I honestly don't know how people got by in this game playing as this team. The damn game's controls in this department is utterly dismal.

    Blue Team is about Drifting....and apparently doing some random obstacle course on a bike that has hops. The controls once again don't know what kind of physics to use and well suck. I know there will probably be some random person one day that searches through the net and see's this blog or my videos talking about this game and will probably comment with something like, "No you just suck at this game. There's nothing wrong with it. You're just making excuses about why you suck at it."

    While I would say well then prove it. I don't care. Red team and Blue team make this game bad and like I said before. I wanted to play a racing game. Which this game is anything but a racing game. So my tolerance lasted till stage 3. The issue is the controls and the damn physics.  Not only that but I have to deal with the navigator scolding me for every time I fail. And compared to the other 3 teams this navigator is depressing.

    "Blue I am your navigator. Not your teacher. I don't have time to teach you the basics!"
    "That is not the way of Team Blue Blue!"
    "Don't break the chain blue!"

    While I know EA is hated as a game company. At least they know how to make a good racing game and should've been the ones to make this. Not WB.

    The obstacle courses with the bike are doable but frustrating. Cause you have to be perfect I want to go fast so I can finish in a good time but I can't. If I go too fast I fall off and lose time. Not only that but the game doesn't put you back from where you fell off. Instead it puts you to the nearest platform where you landed. Sometimes not even there. So I guess if I want to get to a spot quickly I should just fall off and take a 10-15 second penalty. I know there's some sort of sport simillar to this but I bet the actual thing is a lot more fun than this load of crap.

    The normal drift courses are doable. By Normal I mean ones that actually feel like races or driving on an actual track. THE ABSOLUTE WORST ONES involves you drifting on a vertical plane.  How do you drift on a vert ramp? I don't know. This is where physics decide to be real again teach you the laws of gravity.  Yeah you can drive up the wall and possibly be ok. Drifting....yeah no. The moment I hit the button to drift, 1 of 3 things happen.

    1. I fly off the ramp doing a 540 spin with my car only to crash cause I didn't land back on the ramp
    2. Gravity kicks in and I crash
    3. I land safely somehow but I don't have any points to show for my work.
    Yeah between this and Red Team I had to rage quit and send this game back to Gamefly.  

    Tuesday, February 23, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch4 Commsphere's 2

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    So more Commsphere shenanigans. But the most important one. This is a definite requirement if you want some sort of ending in Mi'Hen Highroad along with a random accessory.

    Rin needs our help to figure out what made the Machina go haywire along with the Hovercraft crashing.

    You can just investigate anything and everything and get a generic ending to it usually results in a episode complete. Or you can be specific and pin it on 5 specific people. To spoil you right now its:

    • -Rikku (Good End)
    • -Chocobo Eater (Good End)
    • -Calli (Bad end)
    • -A random NPC (Bad End)
    • -Rin himself.  (Bad End)

    By good end and bad end I mean Episode Complete/Concluded (Good/Bad).  You want episode complete. So ensure you're going for that or just use a guide. Random NPC is rather funny though. Along with Rikku's.

    Monday, February 22, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch4 Commsphere's 1

    Ah Yes the Commsphere's most entertaining and most annoying part of the game. Annoying cause you can easily miss completion percentages.  Entertaining cause some rather funny stuff happens while people are on camera.

    The basic idea is to cycle through all the commsphere areas at least 2 to 3 times after each event in Chapter 4. This way you should be able to get all the scenes and hopefully not miss one. You also need to turn the camera and possibly zoom in on them to get them to talk.

    Sunday, February 21, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch4 Opening

    Well the world's gone to hell. Everyone's arguing. Nooj and Gippal are busy dealing with Vegnagun. And they told Yuna to handle things topside.

    Well how do we go about doing that?

    A Concert! Genius.

    This is the shortest chapter of the game but also where you get the bulk of your completion percentage. Its very easy to miss.

    Saturday, February 20, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Djose Temple No Way Djose

    Well the Al Bhed are having issues. The fiends have fused with the 

    So like usual we need to beat up some fiends...and well...Ixion.

    Ixion spams thunder spells like any thunder summon would. But this guy is fast. Don't toy with him. Aerospark dispels any buff and hurts. But after that. We find well...Yuna fall down the hoooooollllllllleeeeeee.....

    And wakes up with the ending cutscene to chapter 3.

    Legend of Kay Anniversary: Day 1

    So lets talk about this game.

    I can already tell you I'm gonna hear so many comments about the voice acting being crap. Cause that's generally the first comments I see on my videos typically. I can change the language but no not to the supposed superior over-glorified Japanese language. I can only change it to French, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian.  While I do understand a little Spanish. I don't wanna play my videogame in a language I don't understand if I can help it. The only reason my Zestiria playthrough was in Japanese was for the viewers. Lucky for them I already listened to virutually the entire game in English by someone who DOESN'T DROWN OUT THE GAME WITH COMMENTARY!

    So let's get out of that.

    My first thoughts are...this feels a lot like Zelda. Although a lot of games feel that way. Brave Fencer Musashi, Megaman Legends, Threads of Fate. So I guess I should say this is an adventure platforming game.

    It doesn't really do anything insanely different. You got a lifebar, you have different fighting moves, you go around doing busy work for other people that are too helpless to do it themselves for very little reward. And there's some sort of evil dictator, god, demon, whatever taking over the world and you're the world's only hope. So yeah its just my typical Monday for me.

    First thing I noticed is I like how parts of the story are done in comic book style. Games should do that more often. It would at least avoid complaints from some people that always talk about how character 3D models have a default face. Whatever that is.

    So I'm a cat....hmmm...something wrong here. I should be mole. Not a cat. And this world of cats is being taken over by....hold on...

    Google Search: How to not sound racist when explaining something

    Sorry but to explain the animal races. I had to, you'll see why. Anyway this paradise is being taken over by Rats and Gorillas. Avoiding the obvious here that's rather...unique. I never expected rats and gorilla's not only working together. But putting cats into subjugation. I should note that I generally hate cats...or to be more specific Cat Girls.

    Cat girls for the most part are always stereotyped to be some overly sexual female that wants to get in the main character's pants. Not only that but there clothing is hardly appropriate but gets a pass, They're practically invincible, and have some plan to try and get rid of every other female character in the game/show. And then if you piss one off they make you regret it and make you feel bad even if they deserved it. I seriously hate Cat girls. At least this kind of Cat Girl.

    Well thankfully I didn't see any of that. Instead we have the rare breaking stereotype cat girl. Who's tough and actually wants to do something about our problems.

    I broke into a tangent again. So Rats and Gorillas that's an unexpected combination. The rats are generally crafty or assholes. While the Gorillas are your big strong brutes that are also...well assholes. Now I'm not exactly fond of fighting against rats, after all there's a lot of cool rats out there.

    • Splinter from Ninja Turtles
    • Twitch from League of Legends
    • Gary the Rat
    • Nidoran (Is it a rat?)
    And well I'm a mole...I'm kinda related to the rat family. (And then there's some people that call my character a rat cause of the way he's drawn. ITS HARD TO DRAW! I DON'T WANT HIM LOOKING LIKE A DUMB CARTOONY MOLE OKAY!!!)

    But I do have a bit of a vendetta against gorillas. Especially after playing Tales of Zestiria.  When I faced them I was caught off guard that they made an actual gorilla monster. Well what's worse is that if you don't kill these guys right away. They'll kill you. They start spamming some attack that rains arrows all on the screen and you can't dodge it. You can barely block it. And they'll keep doing this till you die or they die. Then there's DK. I'm so sick of him in so many ways he needs to be put in his place big time. Dude is always laughing at my failed attempts of beating him. I shouldn't have rescued you twice from K.Rool!!! I should've just left you there! 

    And the Gorillas on this game are assholes. So I really don't mind kicking there ass when I get a chance to.  I'm sure whatever happens they'll get what they deserve. 

    Ok on with the story.  So Kay's master is some drunk cat. He's the only one that can teach you how to fight cause every other cat is pretty much content with being ruled over and oppressed. If it was my cat he would've spoke up and fought back till someone throws a shoe at him...or gives him food. 
    Yeah this drunk cat...I hate drunks by the way. Knows how to fight. But doesn't really teach you much. He generally teaches you the basics. Tells you that a long time ago Cats kicked ass and lived in a paradise. Meanwhile at the same time we have this cat girl who actually broke the stereotype I mentioned. She says the master is old and fails at life then begs Kay to come with her to get rid of the rats and gorillas. Well Kay tells her he's the only one that can teach him how to fight. And well Kay pretty much gets told that he fails at life too before she leaves. 

    So now after some training I'm off running errands for people. This girl lost 3 of her pumpkins and she needs them, probably to sell or something. Well ok...that makes sense...until I walk into her house and discover that she has well over 30 pumpkins lying around. WHAT THE HELL?! You could just walk back into your house get 3 more pumpkins and your problem is solved. But no you gotta send me to the area where you lost them which is dangerous by the way. To retrieve them....

    Well I couldn't just walk outside the fence and just pick them up. I have to another part of everyone's favorite fetch quest. The gate guard wants a banana or he's not gonna let me pass. So let's get that banana. Now outside the fence. The pumpkins weren't marked with the obvious "hey look over here stupid" marking. I had to actually look. So after I found the 3rd one...the asshole rats decide to close the gate on me. Cause something dangerous is coming. It's a boar and he seems to be mind controlled?  I dunno. Well where's the rats to come and well help me? It's obvious what's going on here and the story hasn't revealed it yet. So after escaping the boar. I have the pumpkins...I deserve a better reward than this though. I put my life on line here.

    Well after some more exploring and tutorial I find that I can actually ride boars. Well kinda silly. And I expect there will be a bunch of obstacle courses involving this. You basically have little control over your ride. And to keep your ride happy you gotta keep eating the food scattered about. But if you crash into a wall or your boar is unhappy. Well your ride's over. Too bad you don't get thrown off like in Final Fantasy 13. 

    One more training session. Now the master fights me for real??? The combat feels very Zelda-ish (I should stop comparing that) except I CAN JUMP! Something that Link...can't really do. He could do it on the handheld Zelda games...but the others...nope...So after a fight with the master well I guess we're a full-fledged fighter now?

    Well too bad the end of the day is ruined by assholes. The rats, gorillas, and one cat who decides to be an asshole shows up and says that the fighting dojo has been suspected of training people to fight against the gorillas and rats. It must be shut down. Really they're doing it cause they want to drill in the well in the corner and needed an excuse. Well Kay speaks up...except it doesn't work...Well I can see already who needs to be smacked in the head a few times.  Thankfully the master steps in and stops the whole thing but Kay doesn't like what's happening.

    So at the end Kay sneaks into the dojo to steal a sword in a sort of Mulan style. Then he runs off.  

    I'm trying not to spoil everything but summarize it enough. And this is only chapter 1. I'll get to chapter 2 soon. 

    Hot Wheels World's Best Driver - Red Team RAGE!!!

    So aside from the company that made the music pissing me off with its claims on music that was once royalty free. Red Team was one of the things that just utterly pissed me off while playing.

    As a member of Team Red. You have to show your skills off by doing stunts. Unforntunately the laws of physics are your enemy as well as the game itself. Not only do the controls suck but you're not given any leniency to figure this stuff out.

    Types of Stages

    I should point out that any time you fail, crash, whatever you call it. The game takes time from you.

    • Stunt Course: So like a skater's dream. You do tricks...except on whatever vehicle they give you. Yeah even a snow mobile....You're supposed to press Triangle and whatever direction on the analog stick to do tricks but it doesn't always work. I've only been able to get the guy to do a lazy boy or no hands. So I just combine that with spins. You're supposed to be able to do wheelies, and many other tricks but after trying so many different combinations. I got nothing but failures.
    • Obstacle Course: FUN! Remember the first stage of Wipeout! The TV Show not the game. Yeah you're doing that. You need to get around the whole course in a set time. Every time you well get hurt you lose time. Not only time from failing but they take extra time from you as well. The only thing fun about this is the sheer sudden lack of physics the bike and the rider have when thrown off the course.
    • Dirt Course: A downhill ride to the finish. But no you can't just finish as fast as possible. You gotta do tricks. 
    • Zero Gravity: Yeah you know that circus trick where you see some dude defying gravity by riding in circles in an enclosed area at a fast speed? (I've only seen it once at a circus). That's what you're doing. Except the game is trying to kill you. You're goal is stay at top speed and drive forever hoping you don't crash into anything. This is at least doable since you're not gonna get any sudden last second surprises.
    • Stunt Course (Car): Yeah its different when you're in a 2 Ton metal death trap as opposed to a motor bike or whatever.  You can't do some crazy trick. The most you can do is a wheelie, ride the loop, Try to spin. yeah.
    So I ended up rage quitting at Stage 3. Not only was my capture card acting up. But I was just so fed up with the game I said enough is enough. I wanted to play a racing game and this was anything but a racing game. 

    "Um Red Driver. If I have to find someone else to do this I will." 
    Me: Well go ahead cause I quit. I'm tired of getting virtual injuries and my self-esteem getting put down cause of your crappy physics and controls. I'm going to play a good racing game!

    Friday, February 19, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 3 Leaders Secret Meeting

    Before we officially end this chapter. When you arrive at Djose you'll hear from random NPCs that Gippal is missing as well...hmmm....Well shot in the dark but why not check out Bevelle.
    So making your way down to where Vegnagun is supposed to be. We find our 3 missing leaders. I won't spoil what they talk about but be prepared to fight.

    A Great Morbol cock blocks you and lets the 3 Leaders escape. But you get to find out a bit more about Paine.

    Thursday, February 18, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 More Cactuar Hunting

    More Cactuar Hunting as it says. Most of it was explained in the last cactuar part. We're just getting all we can right now.

    Wednesday, February 17, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Besaid Protect Besaid Temple

    Things aren't good here. Since fiends are coming out of the temples. There's an argument about what to do about the problem Burn it drastic. It's not as chaotic as Kilika was but still. Wakka stupidly goes in to take care of the problem. We need to go in before Beclem gets any crazy ideas and deal with this. 

    So inside the temple it's not much to note. Just make your way to the back room and well...Valefor gone evil. Crap. Well this is somewhat painful...emotionally. Valefor generally just attacks HP and MP at her own choosing along with delay moves. Energy Ray and Energy Blast aren't too bad to deal with. Well that's over and done with. Now just one other thing to do. Well a few.
    Optionally we have a new version of Gunner's Gauntlet. This time its a rail shooter version...You still have to lock-on and kill the enemies but you move the camera around Occulus Rift style to find the enemies. If the enemies touch you. You'll take damage. So yeah you need to kill efficiently. This is honestly impossible For me. This is not how you make a rail shooter. You don't have to win here. As the prizes are things you can get at other places. 

    See there's a hidden treasure on Besaid and we need a certain something to find it. That's assuming you found the Besaid key while digging in Bikanel. Basically we're playing a game of hot and cold around Besaid Island. So go inside the temple and in one of the rooms the old man will tell you have the key to open the chest. It's a search sphere. 

    Like I said you're playing Hot And Cold with this. You use the search sphere to find the spot where there's another sphere lying about once you find that. You use that sphere to look around Besaid and you're searching for a number. The number is different every playthrough but the locations are the same. Write these numbers down cause you'll need them. Either follow my video of this or find a guide to tell you where to look hopefully a picture guide. 

    Once you find all 4 numbers you can access the locked door with the password you found. You can always just guess the password. But that's a lot of numbers to guess. You're prize. Raging Giant Garment Grid. Mediocre for what you had to do. 

    Also if you're doing the Cactuar sidequest right now. you'll find one of the cactuars here at the beach.. Assuming you're going in order.

    Tuesday, February 16, 2016

    Skylanders Superchargers - Buzz's Challenge Stormblade

    So Stormblade apparently reads Buzz's Ninja Commando Handbook. Oh dear...

    Compared to the others Stormblades is some what easier than the others.
    • -Defeat 20 Enemies with Cyclone Surge: Her Triangle Attack considering there's more than 20 enemies in chapter 1 of the game. You can cover this easily. Not to mention Cyclone Surge is a pretty good move. Especially with all the upgrades.
    • -Defeat 50 Enemies with Sky Slicer's Pigeon Flock Missiles. Kind of a hassle. I suggest the sky mission of Cloud Breather Dragon. As long as you don't destroy the last blimp you should find that the enemies there respawn infinitely. Pigeon Flock Missiles...ugh...You need to make sure you lock on to a target before firing. It also takes quite awhile to recharge this attack so you'll be waiting awhile. 
    • -Complete Stormblade's SuperCharger Challenge. Pretty easy. Time Trial. If you raced on this stage before then you don't have anything to worry about. 

    Next Skylanders Video - Kaos Trophy & SuperChargers Racing Segment. Hopefully

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Calm Lands Gorge Tourist Trap

    Well it's obvious how idiotic people are. They went ahead and turn this cave. Into a Tourist Attractions and now they're paying for it. You get the option to say FU or help them. Help them...just do it. I mean seriously let's not be heartless here. 

    You're main quest is to rescue all the people from being trapped here. But they're all scared little pansies. They only like to travel in specific groups so you'll be making tons of trips. You can choose to rescue them however you want or follow a specific order. If you follow a specific order you'll save every last person and get more rewards. 

    But more importantly we need to save enough to at least get access to the back room. Where...well Yojimbo resides. 

    Now the fight with need to kill him fast. As the battle drags on he'll start using stronger moves. Eventually Zanmato will come out. But thankfully it doesn't insta-kill...instead it puts your party's HP and MP down to 1.

    Monday, February 15, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Mi'hen Highroad Machina Mayhem

    Well best to enter from Mushroom Rock Road for 2 reasons. 1 Publicity. 2. This next part will be much easier. 

    The machina that are charged with protecting the Highroad have gone haywire. So we need to put a stop to em. But the Al Bhed want to have a contest about it. So we need to take out more than they do. First off run No Encounters. If you start from the back you can get the hard to reach ones that the Al Bhed tend to start dismantling. Try not to waste too much time in traveling. 

    Your reward for winning. Undying Storm Garment Grid. 

    You'll also notice there's a few weird things going on but that'll take place in the next 2 chapters.

    Sunday, February 14, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD: Ch3 Mushroom Rock Road No Yevonites!

    Well if you joined up with New Yevon you'll end up with this. Apparently the Youth League is putting together an operation. And well NO YEVONITES ALLOWED! We only came here for 2 things anyway. A cutscene and for Shinra to place a Commsphere. Make sure you talk to Shinra so he'll go looking for a spot to place the Commsphere.

    Saturday, February 13, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Djose We Don't Need Help

    Well if you arrive at Djose temple you find. They don't need no help. They got this. Yeah sure we'll see about that.

    Thursday, February 11, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Bikanel The Hunt for Cactuar

    Ready for the worst Psuedo Sidequest in the game. I bet you are.  Aside from Bikanel being need for an episode complete in Djose. You're now gonna hunt for Cactuar. And play a crappy mini-Game. I hate this quest. Basically you gotta hunt down the Cactuar one by one. You do this in the most tedious way. You travel to the Cactuar Nation. Talk to one of the Cacti. They give you a vague hint as to where the Cactuar might be. And you go hunt them down. But that's not all.

    You need to play another Mini-game and a rather frustrating one. I can't think of what game this is like but basically to defeat the cactuar you most shoot it. But its not that simple. Images will flash on the screen between what you get to shoot. You're aiming for the Cactuar. So you shoot it. But beware. There's some total bull shit that comes with this. See sometimes when you shoot the cactuar one of many things happens.

    -You hit

    -You hit and get countered

    -You totally hit cause the image shifted.

    -You Miss anyway cause the game is a dick.

    You get a limited number of shots. And you need to deplete the Cactuar's HP. However the Cactuar can counter you. Which if they hit with there counter attack you lose bullets. Run out of bullets and you lose. See how Bull Shit this mini-game is?  Regardless of whether you win or lose, you'll get to take the Cactuar home and hunt for the next one.  See you need to find all of them so they can revive the GREAT HABOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!! It'll make sense later on.

    Also another note. You can only get so many this chapter before the game forcibly stops you from finding the last few.

    Wednesday, February 10, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Macalania Travel Agency SOS

    Well time for some action. Here at Macalania the debt collectors suddenly got attacked by Fiends. Best to rescue them right? Well this will only happen if O'akka's debt's been paid. 
    You need to fight a series of battles with no rest. You're given the option to flee but the battles shouldn't be too hard.

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Kilika Fiends In The Temple

    So now let's tackle our first major problem of this chapter. Killika is still at civil war here but at least we can enter with no real problem.
    I spent a lot of time trying to learn a very good Blue Bullet Skill. As well as gaining some levels Forgive me. But Storm Cannon is a really good Blue Bullet to learn. Attacks all enemies with non-elemental damage. 
    Also spend time to hunt down some monkeys. Remember that side quest. Yeah should probably get to it if you want. Don't forget to talk to that guy filming the Youth League's base in construction. I did. 

    Dona mentions a short cut you can use to get to the temple. Mashing or holding O or whatever you use for jump you'll find it. 

    Now later in the temple. Blue fire...well that can't be good...although a Blue Ifrit would be pretty awesome. So you need to purify the flames here. Each flame contains a battle. Usually with Deava's. Deavas can be tough to deal with at low levels. that leather harness like fused to Barthello's skin? Seriously.

    Anyway. Time for another Aeon. Ifrit. I mean Furry Bait. I mean..whatever. Well its obvious carry fire resistant stuff. That'll take care of some damage. If you don't have that consider Shell or Reflect. If you can out-damage the amount he'll absorb from magic being reflected then don't worry about it. I'm not sure if it's this version or the Monster Arena one but I believe Hellfire and Meteor Strike are non-elemental. So yeah be ready. The Aeon's don't really kill with there overdrives but it's still a pain. Ice spamming should do the trick.

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch.3 Mt. Gagazet Stop the Ronso Rage

    Ok time to make a choice. Either be responsible for the genocide of another race of Spira. Or Save them and make Kimarhi a good guy. If you chose the former. Well talk to Kimarhi anyway. You get the Trainer Dressphere. 

    Trainer is one of the dressphere's that's unique for each girl. Aside from the animal they have. They also have different movesets. Yuna has elemental skills. Paine has status debuffs. And Rikku has Support thieving skills. You also have to deal with the animal attacking. Which sometimes proves to be a chore than helpful. 

    Anyway if you chose to save the Guado and stop these Ronso. Time to climb the mountain. You're headed pretty much to Zanarkand so travel a long way. And defeat Garik. Garik is pretty much gonna buff himself and allies then attack. Pretty easy. 
    But if you want Mighty Guard confuse Garik he should use it eventually. You can wait some time for it and find different enemies or in HD Remaster/International just go to the arena and get it. 

    Tuesday, February 9, 2016

    Tales Of Zestiria - I'm Falling Alseep Here

    7:20 - Boss: Zavied 2 

    1:06:40 Boss: Dullahan

    So this was where I was really tired. I finally got here. After being lost for ages. And hey Zavied. Maybe I overtrained....whatever. Let's move on.  Oh this guy trying to commit suicide. And doesn't believe in Seraphim?  Well let's show him the power XD.  NOW DON'T TRY TO KILL YOURSELF AGAIN GOT IT!

    Well climbing the tower was rather simple. My issue was I was falling asleep. It's 4AM and I should stop but I wanted to get this done. So make it to the top. This dullahan is easy.  Well I got all the spiritual powers. Now to well...kill Dezel...Yeah I know spoiler but at this point I think everyone knows.  Well got a lot to upload. So I better get to work too. 

    Monday, February 8, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Moonflow Tobli's Bad Show

    Well making a stop at the Moonflow and we find that Tobli's show he put so much "effort" to making it happen is a total flop. 

    Guadosalem: Well Leblanc is depressed. But I'm not here for that. I'm here for spheres. Gimmie!

    Tales of Zestiria - Ok I'm Lost

    I pretty much had no idea where to go for a few hours. I finished the Earth ruins. So I'm busy wracking my brain as to how to get to the Wind Shrine. I thought for awhile. Ok I've been everywhere and can't possibly go to a certain spot for awhile cause it had that stupid Domain crap goin on. At least I thought that. So I went to where ever I remember an event happening. I stupidly climbed the mountain. That know the one with Edna's bro. Who happens to be a dragon. Yeah I went up there. I seriously didn't know that would trigger a fight. Game didn't even bother to stop me. 

    Edna: You're here to fight my brother! I'm not helping!

    I'm sorry sheesh. I didn't know. So lets keep exploring. It was only when I decided. Maybe Heldalf isn't at that one place that I finally figured out where to go. 

    Skylanders Superchargers - Dread Roller, Turbo Teeth, & Wreck-O-Saurus N...

    Nightmare Difficulty

    Skylander: Shark-Shooter Terrafin

    Supercharger:  Shark Tank

    Songs: Dragon's Lair (Sonic and the Black Knight)

    Marverick Appears (Megaman X8)

    Maverick Boss (Megaman Maverick Hunter X)

    Blaze Heatnix Stage (Megaman X6)


    Stormblade/Sky Slicer - Buzz Missions (If I can ever get a working Sky Slicer -_-)

    Pain in the butt stage. Those killer minions that like to attach themselves to your car. Pretty much death in Nightmare Mode.

    I'm more trying to farm for repairs and shield regens to stay alive. Thankfully Shark Tank is built like a tank and actually has escape methods.  Hot Streak has no armor and doesn't exactly survive or do enough damage.

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Moonflow Tobli's Bad Show

    Well making a stop at the Moonflow and we find that Tobli's show he put so much "effort" to making it happen is a total flop.

    Guadosalem: Well Leblanc is depressed. But I'm not here for that. I'm here for spheres. Gimmie!

    Saturday, February 6, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Sphere Break Tournament

    Some people call this frustrating. Some people call this BS. Some people call this easy. I say...well it's inbetween. 

    Sphere Break can be difficult if you're just challenging whoever without a care. You essentially need to find the weak opponents and beat them. Save after every match. The final's Shinra. And Shinra I would say he's a hard opponent but compared to what you can face later. Oh god. He is tough and you're gonna have to have a little bit of luck on your side to pull off a win. Which doesn't happen here.

    Thursday, February 4, 2016

    Tales Of Zestiria - Dead Kids And Ruins

    Despite my External HD being crap. I had to resort to using my 8 gig USB which doesn't give me a lot of time to record. Barely an hour before I'm forced to stop. Anyway

    Well this was easy...guess that's what happens after you train.

    Malevolent Crucible - Lilah
    UGH!!! You have no idea how I hate Lilah.  Freakin Pascal Syndrome. What I mean is. Just like Pascal in Tales of Graces, Here spells are pretty much centered on her position. She has very few spells that actually target the enemy. Not only that but casting time sucks horribly in this game. I know I know combo into a spell. But that's rather dumb IMO.  If I wanna use a spell then I shouldn't have to swat at the air and then cast a spell hoping I get it out cause its still slow. I think what's worse about Lilah is fact that her attacks have this Amane Nishiki (Blazblue) thing going on for certain moves. I have attacks to go above the enemy's head and I go WTF.  Also I'm starting to notice a trend with these crucibles. When it comes to the Seraphim its more like Tales of Zestiria - You can't even!  

    Forced solos are not my thing. Especially should you fail then its reload save. Could just kick the character out at 1 HP instead. 

    Poor kids. Getting tricked like that. They don't deserve such treatment.

    Well these ruins are quite long. But at least the boss was lenient on attacking. Thought it was gonna be another die in one hit cause you have no business being here boss fight.  

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD Ch3 Bevelle's Missing Praetor

    So upon visiting Bevelle. We find Baralai is still missing. Hmmmm....maybe still down at the bottom of this place?  No but we find the Kinderguardians snooping about. Well they do give us something for our trouble so it's not a total waste.

    Wednesday, February 3, 2016

    Freedom Planet - The Movie (Lilac, Carol, & Milla Scenes + Gameplay)

    Since for once in a rare occurrence I had a free week to myself. I decided to waste it doing this lol.  

    So I took all my gameplay clips and threw it all together in a movie like format. I know I made some mistakes well a lot of mistakes when editing. But I'll fix them all when Torque and Spade are officially released. So you can go ahead and point out all my mistakes. Just won't be fixed for awhile. Took a full day of recording, editing, and rendering. Even my PC crashed in the midst of rendering. -_- I'll do better next time. 

    I should've put the trailer for Freedom Planet 2 at the end. And I should play better I suppose. There's just some stages I'm not good at with various characters at all.

    -The Space Cooties line was removed from the current version.
    -The line about Carol and Milla liking each other was removed from the current version.
    -The Quality should hopefully update to 720p 60fps. It is an 8 gig video so it'll take awhile.

    Tales Of Zestiria - Maltran Trolling

    8:45 - Boss: Phantom
    37:25 - Boss: Behemoth
    50:06 - Boss: King Peacock

    So yeah Maltran be trollin the group. Alicia be makin a fool of herself. And Now I'm lost as to where to go next....But hey some closure on some events like those rotten kids. Those kids should be happy I didn't throw em in prison or kill em.

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch.3 Zanarkand

    So lets say shit hit the fan. FIENDS ARE POURING OUT OF THE TEMPLES! 
    So we got our work cut out for us....sorta. But first lets see what's up in Zanarkand. Which isn't much. Isaaru points out that Cid isn't around and that well Zanarkand wasn't important enough to have fiends coming out of the temple. Well if you didn't finish the monkey quest best to do so now. If you don't well then no big reward in Chapter 5.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2016

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Assault On Bevelle 2

    So this is the part I spend getting other accessories. These are optional as well but somewhat worth it. The accessories here can be great if used effectively. Anyway. Let's talk about Baralai. He's gone crazy. But one thing to note is that you need him to use a certain special move on each of your gun mages. He only uses it once per a certain amount of HP loss. So you gotta heal him and repeat. 

    Now for the painful part...well painful in my heart.  Bahamut. Nooooo....why?!  Same as every Bahamut ever. But still I don't wanna kill him. *cries*

    Tales of Zestiria - Metal Gear Sorey

    Well I honestly don't know how people have issues with this shrine of trials. Oh cause its a water temple? Water Temple in Zelda is easy. This temple is easy. It's not even frustrating. It's not that stupid fire shrine. 

    So basically using the water move you'll probably never use. You can hide yourself from the security eyes that send you back to the entrance. You can make it across 2 spaces before it wears off. Pretty simple. The only difficult part is figuring out the correct path to take.

    So this boss Asura. Well meh. But at least he actually knows that I have Appeal Guard on. Too bad I couldn't finish with a mystic arte. And Maltran prooves to be evil. So wait why didn't you guys stop her from leaving with the sword? She spent all that time talking. Could just attack her with magic you know. Sigh....

    Monday, February 1, 2016

    Tales of Zestiria - Werewolves and Bats

    So apparently a kid was picked on cause she could see seraphim...poor girl. After some more searching around we find an unexplored cave. Gotta kill a bat now...and this thing is annoying...

    Boss Fights

    2:28 - Boss Fight: Rougarou
    Pushover fight. Seriously. But why do the stats show to be extremely high for these bosses and yet they hit like school kids.

    3:58 - Boss Fight: Breed Wolf
    Another pushover only slightly tougher.

    30:33 - Boss Fight: Bat Baron
    This thing...Ugh...and actual attack you can't block or evade. Wow...Nice...

    Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Assault On Bevelle 1

    Alright time to hit Bevelle. They're hiding something and we gotta know. So we arrive and well easy walk through the front door. See its worth it giving them the sphere.  

    So on the way down. FIENDS ARE IN THE TEMPLE!  Wait wut? Well let's keep moving. Bahamut's gone??? Wut where? Down the giant hole that was made and we find a weird factory, security system, thing. Well here's our first major activity.

    Deactivate the Security System and get the Ribbon
    This can be a long one. First off we need to turn off all the annoying alarms. We do this by approaching those towers. There's 2 sub bosses you gotta fight. Familiar faces are they not? Once everything's activated. You can do some optional exploration to get some treasure or move on ahead. But I want that Ribbon.

    So to get the ribbon you need to arrange all the platforms you activated to go down in a counter-clockwise fashion.  Each tower controls a particular extra platform while the Red ones IIRC control how they move. Forwards, backwards, or mirror. Use this properly arrange your platforms till you reach the very bottom. Your reward is a great accessory. The ribbon. 

    How I did it will be shown in part 2. But once you figure it out it's not too hard. You may also want to keep messing with the towers to oversoul our 2 familiar friends since they can't be found anywhere else.