Saturday, April 30, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Mimi

Can't give much info for this one. Rather sick at the moment. But Mimi's a sore loser.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Sora

Sora....she breaks the rules. Due to bad programming she can use certain cards without meeting the requirements. It can make you cry sometimes.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Sky City Extra Arena

Today we feature matches against Gatomon's evolutions. Herself, Nefertimon and Tylomon.
Tylomon being the scariest among all 3. We still have a lot more to go for post game. They really drag it out. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Kari

This wasn't hard. what was hard is when Kari (or any other Digidestined) randomly goes "hey could you play with this PoS deck I made? I want you to lose for once."

Friday, April 22, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Pyramid City Extra Arena

Pyramid City Extra Arena is featuring Patamon and his Armors. Well 2 of them. Baronmon is rather intimidating at first. Pegasusmon is next to death for anyone using a Black Deck.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Digmon Digital Card Battle: Vs Tk

So a match against T.K. 
His deck is pretty much about keeping things well-balanced. Featuring MagnaAngemon. Not hard at all. Unless you're doing this immediately after you beat the game.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

3DS Recording Test #2 & 3 - The Awkward Setup

So with my old $150 Camcorder. I can record handheld games. However the setup is insanely awkward. (See Below)

By positioning my 3DS on a table. My Camera sits on the tripod positioned right in front of the 3DS. But also near my TV.  My camera came with a cable to link to a TV so I run it through the capture card. This is to save money on having to buy Mini-DVD's (R and RWs).  Also saves me time and stress of ripping the video straight off a DVD and not worry too much about time.

However considering where the tripod is. I can't move it anywhere else and comfortably play my 3DS. I have to sit in a way that my hands, arms, etc. don't knock the camera over. Also keep the 3DS screen upright so as to get a good picture. The other problem is that I'm sitting rather low. Not as low as the alternate setup but I am low enough to feel uncomfortable. 

Doesn't help that my 3DS is the first model and I don't own a CirclePad Pro. (really what's the use in such a thing when it's not compatible with all games that should use it. Looking at you Smash and Monster Hunter).  This also isn't a solid solution to 3DS recording.

I've actually used this method before on some of my old DS games (Sonic Darkbrotherhood, Sola to Robo, etc). The problem from then still exist now. Playing games that either have the action on the bottom screen or require me use a stylus/touch screen make recording and playing difficult. 

Unfortunately this is the cheapest solution I can come up with seeing as this is all I got. 

I bought that camera almost a decade ago. My original intention at the time was to record a local smash bros tournament, but I left the camera at home (wouldn't have done me good anyway as Gamestop banned the use of cameras at there store for some reason). Also to record certain events. But those events I did record seem to be a waste of time, money, and effort. 

Might as well make use of this camera someway. I didn't spend 150 bucks for nothing. Seeing as I'll likely never be able to afford a 3DS capture card, or anything of the sort. I'll just use what I still have that isn't a piece of crap. 

Doubt people will be interested in it though. Seeing as this isn't pure 3DS Capture Card quality.  But its something. 

I Can't Believe He Did That: Digimon Digital Card Battle

Just a random funny moment during gameplay and attempted commentary.

The video explains it all. 

Digimon Digital Card Battle - Junk City Extra Arena

It's kinda hidden from knowledge cause if you return here you don't find an option for an extra arena like the others. But talking to Thundermon changes the arena.  Now the Junk Arena is even harder. This pretty much shows yellow cards true power.

Note: Probably the worse thing about this is trying to fight a Yellow deck with a Yellow Deck can get hard as a lot of decks feature cards that do multiplier damage to yellow type cards.


His deck features stronger discard option cards and lots of ways to abuse Crash. 


Don't let him reach Ultimate level and you should be fine.


Oh dear god. Scary Yellow deck. First off if you use a dark or yellow deck probably rethink your life choices. 2nd he digivolves pretty fast and hits even harder. His deck is pretty up there in terms of being a hard to beat one.

Funny ending to it all lol.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Jungle City - Beet Arena

Another Extra Arena to add. Featuring bugs.
The most dangerous opponent is the first one. Kuwagamon. To be able to straight up burst damage like that is not something to be taken lightly. The others are rather slow and easily stopped.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Igloo City Extra Arena

So to try and finish games I haven't finished coming back to this. There's a lot to do. More extra arenas and more digi-destined to beat in a card game.

Igloo City Extra Arena features Armadillomon's Digivolutions (except for my favorite one Submarimon). Considering its Igloo City him being here is just awkward. All 3 matches pretty much feature a deck that attacks your deck. Only major difference is how much power they sport.


Straight up attacks to your deck. No real power behind it though.


Another deck that attacks yours but has a much better defense.


The recoveries make this the most annoying of the bunch. At the same time you Deck's being attacked. If Digmon comes out things just got harder.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Final Fantasy Record Keeper - A Demon's Charms Ultimate

Another BS Ultimate in this game. This time a super unfair version of Chadornork. 

Now instead of Chadornork switching between Goddess and Demon after getting hit 5 times. It wait's 5 turns before it switches. Meanwhile the Goddess is busy screwing you over. 

You have to hit the goddess with a holy move to make it switch to demon form. Then you have to hit the demon form with one Magic Holy attack to make physical attacks actually work. That's the easy part. 

The hard part is in how insanely fast this boss is. Between selecting a move to use to waiting for it to come out this dude gets 2 attacks. And I shouldn't have to mention that it hits like a truck.  Every 5 turns it'll switch to Goddess which if you didn't count the attacks then you probably just screwed yourself.

This is only half the battle. The 2nd half is luck dependent. Chadornork no longer switches between Goddess and Demon. Now he just stays a demon and is pissed off at you. He'll start spamming spells that if you don't own a "Good" AoE heal you're likely screwed. Add this with Poltergeist which one of the achievement tasks is to not let him use it 3 times. Good Luck...

So what I did is make a setup to where it's actually possible for me to win somehow. 

  • Leon's purpose is to hit the goddess with Banishing Strike since it's holy and sometimes Magic Break. His main purpose is to get out "Hand of the Emperor" so the party can have a 30% Attack and Defense Buff. 
  • Gilgamesh's Purpose is Tauntilate (Draw Fire + Retaliate). Hopefully Chadornork uses physical attacks especially during demon form to capitalize on this. This also buys some time to cast some buffs and heal. 
  • Hope's Purpose is Holy and Fire Magic. Really just casting Diaga once and then sticking to fire spells. Pretty much the only character who's magic stat is actually notable (407 for this fight) compared to the others. He also has his SSB.
  • Cloud's purpose is to Utilize his BSB. Considering the Boss's HP. I need everything I got. 
  • Mog's purpose is healing, buffs, and debuffs. His debuff's happen with Heroic Harmony. Even if the boss resist debuffs it helps regardless.
  • RW is Sentinel Grimoire. Try and lower the damage even further. Doesn't last that long though so some luck is needed at the midpoint and tail end of the fight.

So for the first half of the fight. It goes like this.

  1. Ready the buffs with Mog and someone else (that isn't Leon or Hope). This means Mog uses Shell (and/or) Heroic Harmony (if no charge is ready then bust it out later in the fight). The other guy will use Sentinel Grimoire. (Hopefully this comes out before I force the demon out)
  2. Leon uses Banishing Strike forcing the goddess to switch to demon. 
  3. Hope uses Diaga now enabling the use of Physical attacks. 
  4. Cloud uses either LifeSiphon or Armor Break
  5. Gilgamesh setups Tauntilate (hopefully you're smart enough to use Retaliate first) 
  6. So now I carry on the fight normally getting Heroic Harmony and Hand of the Emperor out when possible. Cloud should be ready with his BSB that I happen to have after about 2-3 of his turns. 
During the fight count the turns Demon has used. Around the 3rd or 4th turn you should chill out for a bit. Cause likely if you're not readying an attack already at this point then you're probably gonna hit the Goddess resulting in a counterattack that screws your party.

Second Half

With the Goddess out the picture it's time to go all out and pray. Want to kill him before he uses Poltergeist 3 times. You also don't want to drag this fight out any longer. Thundaja kills...Poltergeist hurts like hell and adds Sap. You're likely not going to see any physical attacks anymore. So it's really pray that he doesn't straight up kill your party.

Rumors Of this Fight

  • Certain summons don't work despite the boss not being immune or resistant to those elements. Sounds like a bad bug. But I honestly have to go...why summons anyway? 
  • You could possibly just keep the Goddess out and run Tauntilate? 

Yeah I used a Mythril but its my game so who cares? Point is I beat it. So I'm done with this event. I know there's people that frown on this. Saying shit like, "You shouldn't be dying, You shouldn't continue, and you should just S/L."  

Again who cares. And I don't S/L (Save/Load) unless my recording screws up which it did at least 3 times during this fight. And the people that say this crap are people that literally no life this game. Seriously I see the post on this on the official forums and some other forums and when they show off what they have. Those people either sunk tons of cash into the game. Play this game WAY LONGER than the average person. Hack the game, or are just that lucky. 

Seriously I see the stuff they post. And seeing them with all LVL 5 abilities, maxed lvled characters, and 5-7 star rank equipment. That's already a "feeling myself post" but it's also saying that everyone should play this game like they do which is impossible.

Then the people that make post of "I'm FTP (Free-To-Play)" meaning they haven't spent a dollar in the game. Honestly they should just shut up. Cause Free-To-Play or not you still have things other people don't have and your strategies are ones that very few people can copy or even make something similar. 

I know this is fact cause I see those post and can't possibly copy it cause I don't have the equipment or abilities to support such a strategy. The game doesn't exactly drop everything I need to survive. This battle and a few before this was clear proof of that. 

Anyway I'm done with this fight. Moving on to the next which I haven't checked what that is yet.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2: HD Bad Ending

So you wait about 15 minutes...for Majora's Mask to happen.  Well this is the last video of this game for awhile. I know I have a few other things to cover. The last percentage story bits, Shinra's Creature Creator, Last Mission but those will take awhile to get to and I can't do it all in one sitting. So hope you enjoyed what's been posted. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Vegnagun

Well time to finish the game.

First off.  If you oversouled every fiend in the game. You can talk to Shinra examine his bestiary and get The End Garment Grid. Gives Break Damage Limit and Finale.  Finale is an attack that does maxed out damage unless you escaped from battle.

Now the Farplane Abyss.  This place consist of a rather vexing puzzle. Due to the security system you can't pass unless you break through it. You can choose to do it in 2 ways. Either brute force it or actually solve it.

The Brute Force method leads you to a boss fight wish one of the toughest bosses in game. Azi Dahaka. While it's Guardian Beast yes. It's no pushover unless you're maxed out. This guy is capable of inflicting Curse and Itchy Status. Which effectively stops you from taking any kind of action. Itchy prevents actions unless you change dresspheres and Curse prevents changing dresspheres.  So don't take it lightly.

The later method consist of you going around the area activating switches. Each switch will play piano notes that you kinda need to memorize. Playing them in the correct order after you discover what they are will open the path.

Either method you'll have to do it 3 times before you reach the end.  Now for the final battle(s).


Vegnagun consists of 4 battles. Rather easy unless you're fighting this at an extremely low level with no abilities. The tail doesn't do much but attack the party periodically. The Leg has cores that can't be attacked except with ranged attacks but you don't need to worry about them. The Torso is pretty much a pushover as well. The fight that matters is the Head. Shuyin will be in a dire rush to fire Vegnagun and you need to shut it down before he does so. If he fires it. Game Over...and in Majora's Mask Style. But you have PLENTY of time to stop him. I'd say you have a good 15 minutes to finish this. Taking it down you need to take out the other area's first. This will reveal Vegnagun's weakspot. During the fight Vegnagun will pelt you with annoying attacks that get stronger as its HP drops.  They also cause various status effects. Once it's dead time to finish things once and for all with Not Tidus.


Shuyin is literally a clone of Tidus. All of his attacks are Tidus's overdrives but with different names. (Too bad your Tidus can't learn 2 of them).  They do kinda hurt but it's nothing you can't handle. Silence the crybaby and end the game.


Depending on how well you did. Determines what ending is available. I honestly don't know how it's supposed to really work. Cause I got 100% on my other file and got the same ending despite doing everything right. If you press X the dead fayth will approach Yuna asking you if you want to see "him" again. Yeah "Him".  Whatever you answer gives you your ending. I'm not showing that cause Square Enix will ride me for doing so.

(Note: My 100% Ending had Yuna telling Tidus it's better if we see other people. But I've been told that's not what supposed to happen. I don't know what the deal is. I don't really care at this point.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Major Numerus

Well what's regarded as one of the toughest bosses of the game. This guy doesn't fool around. You could end up dead on the first round. This guy gets multiple turns as there's multiple enemies being fought.  It's best to try and focus on one head at a time but it's been suggested that you use Almighty Shinra and destroy this guy. Since his Cilone attack hits multiple times for a lot of damage. Still it's tough But its worth it. You can get Invincible and Iron Duke accessories for winning against this guy.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Farplane Cup

Farplane Cup is generally the last cup you can do in the fiend arena. It's arguable if this is hardest or not. This cup contains people from the past and a Super Boss. 2 Main purposes of this cup.  Get Tidus, Seymour, and Auron, and defeat Major Numerous.

However both are rather tough to pull off as you need luck on your side to a good extent. You have to actually fight Tidus, Seymour, or Auron to be able to actually recruit them. And even if you managed to beat them you need to win the tournament. Which at times is ruined either by Slimy Boss or Major Numerous (Outer Plane Envoy).  Auron can sometimes ruin your day as well since he has Access to Shooting Star. You remember that move? Where he turned fiends into Baseball practice? Yeah he can use that against you.

Slimy Boss can one hit your party members/monsters easily.

Trema: Well you fought him before. You know what that's like.

Major Numerous: Well this should get its own video. Good luck fighting this thing. You're already gonna go WTF is this thing at first sight of it.  This guy just loves to kill you off pretty quick if you're not prepared or you're just too slow. But if you want 10 - 30 Iron Duke accessories. It's worth the trouble of fighting it.

Trying out Demos: Wipeout HD (Demo)

You have no idea how long it took me to find this game let alone a demo of it. I had forgot this was possible to download. Every time I gave thought to search it. I always ended up finding the Wipeout based off that game show. I could never find this searching on PSN using my Console. Like this game was removed from PSN or something. But I run a search on my PC and pull it up. Weird huh.

As far as my history with this game goes. I played the first one. I played it on PSX and I owned the PC version. The PSX and PC disc look almost identical to each other. Very few differences. Between then and now. This game is hard. It's not your Mario Kart, It's not Sega All-Stars' Racing. It's not F-Zero. Those got blown away by this. This is on a completely different scale. The racers will not let you take first easily and it will take multiple tries to even get into the top 3 positions. Even more effort required to stay there. 

The weapons are dangerous to deal with. Even more so now since the 2nd game and further on added the shield gimmick. So now you can die. There's ways to keep yourself alive but it's a split second decision of what you need to do. I think Mine and Missiles are among the worst of weapons to deal with. Pretty much getting hit by almost any weapon drastically drops your speeds just long enough for whoever's behind you to pass and gain a reasonable lead against you. It's worse if you picked one of the "easy mode" ships. As they're designed for better handling but there top speed is ugh. 

I liked the look of this game then and I like it now. The feel of speed which not too many racing games give. The look of the game is beautiful. And the music is among the best racing music I've heard. What's even better is the whole snapshot function. You can replay the race and take photo's to show off and use as wallpaper. The setting you can play with are great too. It's not just a random ctrl + Prt Scr function. 

What's even better about this game? IT HAS A CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS FUNCTION! Something a lot of PS3 Games lacked. And something a lot of current gen console games just don't use at all. Love this. Anyway Definitely a game on my list to acquire. Actually it's been there. Just a real pain to actually find a working copy. Especially with that old somewhat lame game show having the same name and available on most consoles.....-_-

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Almighty Shinra Cup

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After you release Omega Weapon in the creature creator Shinra gets an idea for very Hojo of him. He absorbs power of Omega Weapon and becomes the lord of fiends. So times to put a stop to him. Shinra opens the Almighty Shinra Cup. It's the fiend portal again but no Game Over Rule thank god. Almighty Shinra is no pushover and you might as well have some method of stopping or surviving his attacks. Preferably the former.

He starts off with Cilone. A multi-hit attack. Then follows up with Ultima, then Haste, Cilone again. Meteor. And so on. Yeah best not to let him do all that. A great way to break this game and abuse its system. Give a monster the following.

  • Auto-Haste
  • Critical
  • Quick Attack
  • Vigor (Just in-case measure)

Hopefully your monster's speed is pretty high.  You can watch it or them pound away at Shinra as he never gets a turn. Hopefully. After you defeat him you can recruit him to the party.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Fiend Portal Tournament

Well I didn't forget about this. If you've been working on getting all the fiends in your bestiary. You likely came across the set few for Ultima Weapon. Upon releasing Ultima Weapon who has a rather sad tale. You open up the Fiend Portal. Well this is the only Arena to carry a danger with it. If you die here it's game over. You need to make it to the end and defeat Omega Weapon. Omega is easy. Some of the fiends leading up to this fight aren't. Like Tonberry King.....Anyway survival is paramount. You don't recover HP between fights either. Well once this is over you get the choice of taking Ultima of Omega Weapon into the party. Might as well take Omega so you can get the bestiary completed and finish the story.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Via Infinito Floor Infinity

Ah the end of the journey. The last 20 floors are hell to get through. You start encountering the bosses you faced previously but the worst to encounter is the Black Elemental and Sleep Sprout combo. Sleep Sprout pretty much fires off its powder inflicting all status effects and lowering your stats significantly. Black know it by now.

Anyway on to the main event(s). 

If you oversouled this guy you have a slightly easier time. If not try not to die. Every hit is pretty damaging enough to kill your party. Genesis pretty much ends you. If you're unlucky to see 

After the fight ends you'll see an old man go Hokuto No Ken on Paragon and challenge you. Trema is no pushover and one of the toughest bosses of the game. Each attack he does hits 3 times doing quite a bit of damage. Around 50% and 20% HP he'll cast Meteor which does damage based on your HP. You don't want to have a dead party member with you as that pretty much spells game over. You need all 3 party members alive (or auto-life) to be able to tank it. It's a war of attrition here. I can't tell you what the best damaging thing to do is as there's different methods to go about it. Once victory is achieved. You're done...sorta.

If you come back to floor Infinity you'll find Paragon just standing around willing to accept any challenge. Well that ends this bit. Time to get back to the main game.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Current Thoughts on KI3 Killer Instinct 2k13??

Well there's not much for me to say. I can't really play the game. I want to and can't.  Not cause of no money...well technically that is the reason. The system requirements are too high for my PC. I hit all the qualifications but one. The Graphics card.  I looked up to see how much it would be for the low end.  It's way out of my price range. One of the cards cost 300-500 bucks. While the other is more reasonable (priced at around 70) but next to impossible to find one brand new. I don't even want to look at the high end ones.

To be honest I should've known from that time I tried Sonic Generations on my PC and got pretty much the same result.  The game runs at 10-15 FPS instead of 30-60+.  I like that they gave me Sabrewulf for free. Although apparently this changes weekly or so (think one of those MOBA games and that's how it apparently works).

I did have the idea of recording CPU matches and calling 10-15fps theater LOL.  But I doubt that'll go well. From what I know about the game I can tell you what I already don't like and like.


Graphics: While I don't care for graphics I do take notice of it. The game looks good. I do want to say that there's way too much going on in the backgrounds for some stages. For me it can get distracting. I'm not asking for Training Stage. I would like to have less things going on in the background.
Sound: Sound and Music is a big thing for me. And this is one of those games where the game doesn't sound like crap. I am rather annoyed with the announcer saying "Stage Ultra" and "devastated", "knock off", etc. I know already. I don't need some dude announcing it. That's just adding too much to something that's already good.

Gameplay: Well the gameplay certainly took a step up.  The whole lockout thing. Makes general sense. I think it was in the older ones and the game didn't announce it. But at least entering a combo breaker is simpler now. The older games you had to enter specific buttons depending on the character you used. While it was technically more universal. The timing to enter the command was so strict that you would almost never pull it off.  I also have to say at least there's no simple Cinder combo where you mashed forward and Punch. God that was annoying.

Story Mode: I'm glad this game actually did Story Mode right. It's one of the few games that did.  Lately story mode in fighting games is just novel length explanations and very few (if any) fights. You also got forced to play as a character you didn't like. This one does it right by giving you a concise story bit and enough fights to satisfy you. You also unlock stuff. Thank you.
Rage Quit Prison???:  Well someone's doing something about Rage Quitters at least. Even if it only lasts a few matches/days. It's better than nothing.

Play Online for Free: Well you are locked to one character. But this is quite a fun thing. I would've settled for a demo of the game to determine if I want the full game or not. But giving you full access (except characters) is great.


Guest Characters: This is a pet peeve of mine. I hate guest characters in fighting games. There only purpose is to sell the game by showing possible buyers, "Hey this character is in the game you should get it."
It's really a dumb thing to do IMO. You never see those characters again should there be a sequel. And there story is absolutely irrelevant to the game's main plot. Not to mention that most of the time those guest character suck. (very few exceptions)  I just don't like em.

Ranked Matches being best of 3 matches:  I hate this.  It's not a tournament.  Why do this? I hear some people like this saying "I get to learn how to fight against that character and opponent." I disagree heavily. I don't want to play the same person twice in a ranked match.  I'm not learning anything by fighting a 2 out of 3. I like to take breaks inbetween my matches and figure out things. With this in place. All its doing is having me fight at my best...then fight me again while I'm tired.  This is rather a dumb thing to do. I can't stand it.

System Requirements Are Not Cheap:  Yeah they're cheap if you have a ton of disposable income. Costed me quite a bit just to get my PC to where it is now. I think I'm at 700 bucks now in terms of how much I've spent? And that's the span of 2+ years. Most I've done is upgrade my RAM to 16GBs.  (was 4 GBs).  Considering the system requirments I might as well get an XBox One seeing as how a graphics card cost about the same price depending on where I look.

Windows 10 Only: Not that big of a deal for me. I mean I think I'm one of the few people that have little to no problems with Windows 10. It has done some things I don't like. But they're minor gripes. Probably the biggest issue is as of right now. You can't mod the game like you would Street Fighter 4. Even though I have no experience modding characters I would like to try.

Those that wanna know my PC's specs:

Processor: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor, 3800 Mhz,
Graphics Card : AMD Radeon R5 200 Series
RAM: 16GBs

I suppose if overclock the Graphics Card. I might be able to play it?  But I don't wanna do that. Burning out my Graphics Card then I'll be forced to buy a new one. Not a risk worth taking. 

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Via Infinito Floor 80 Boss Chac

So Yunalesca got so pissed that her husband left her that she turned into one of the most annoying fiends to fight in the game. My how the mighty have fallen.

Jokes aside. Chac is not one to fool around with. There's many ways to deal with this but it's definitely a fight that requires more than the usual effort. Chac's cold stare not only does damage but always petrifies it's target. So regardless if you have protection against it or not. Someone's becoming a statue. To make it worse Chac can easily follow it up with a physical attack breaking that statue. Better off being on the receiving end of its other attacks. 

There's a few ways to go about this. If you're playing the HD/International version. You can forget about Catnip. Now Method 1 takes a bit of time but is worth it. Oversoul Chac. This is done by killing Basilisk type fiends till they oversoul. Once they're oversouled run away (I believe you need to kill 14 of them). Oversouling Chac makes things a lot easier. As it's not as aggressive and resorts to other rather mediocre attacks. Allowing you to have a lot more breathing room.

The 2nd Method involves having a high luck and speed stat. Make your girls all Thieves with auto-haste. Hopefully they have enough luck and speed to where you can attack one by one with each girl to land a critical each attack. Critical hits stops most fiends if not every fiend from taking action. With you're thieves attacking one by one. You should be able to build up a high chain to kill this thing in a few minutes. And Chac will never get a turn. 

If you want to brute force it. Well good luck. You're probably gonna get frustrated and quit if you don't have the stats to back it up.

Megaman X6 - Northpole Area X

Definitely mixed it up on how I usually run this. Usually the first thing I do is get Zero. Oh well. What's different about this game compared to the others. The Reploid/Mavericks have a backstory to actually be sad about. Each and everyone of these bosses (except 2 of them) got screwed over in the past and it's because of that these guys became evil. 

But let's talk about the stage. Well not much to talk about. It's classic ice physics. Oh wait the complaint I got on bad game design came up here LOL.  Yes it's bad game design that you have to climb up hill against ice (when all you have to do is dash jump), avoid ice blocks that do a lot damage, and avoid more ice blocks that can kill you.  Yes that's bad game design. *Sarcasm*  Not like you never dealt with this in previous Megaman games. You were able to make it through then what's the problem now? Maybe you're using the "bad game design" card as an excuse to make up for your mistakes. Who knows. 

Anyway there's far worse things. For one the game could've just decided never to give you the option to continue from the checkpoint you reached and force you to start from the beginning. Another thing the game could've done is not leave around tons of extra lives (every reploid you rescue is an extra life).  The game could just leave you with no option to make it through these traps. 

This stage isn't hard. The only thing that can make it slightly harder. Is the nightmare effects it can have. 
  • Ghost X/Zero: A ghost of X or Zero appears and charges at you. Defeated by using Guard Shell
  • Fireballs: Fireballs rain from the sky.  This is a really worthless one as they don't really hit you. 
Boss fight. Even in Xtreme Mode Wolfang is the easiest. Not much to say about him. Only when he starts getting desperate and charging at you is when things get annoying. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Final Fantasy Record Keeper - Nightmare Quest (Ultima Buster Nightmare)

The 1st of the 12 Nightmare Quest.  So cause we're obviously running out of quest and stories to talk about in the previous FF games. Seriously we are. At this point most of the FF games are pretty much on the last dungeon of the games. They decided that we need something else. Something to keep the money flowing in to keep the fans happy.  Let's invent Nightmare dungeons. As if we didn't have enough challenge already with the other BS Ultimate and + quests. We even have a story behind it.

Along with the rest of the world that got ruined and removed. We lost 12 ancient powerful abilities. These were locked away somewhere. And now we have the opportunity to get them back. I should bring out that we still don't have a major plot point. You'd think that at this point we'd have dungeons that feature Tyro and the Core classes to tell some kind of story. Nah we just got more challenge dungeons.  I swear this gets annoying with these FTP games. They have a story that could easily be expounded upon. Instead they decide to leave the story alone and milk other crap.

Ok to explain how these work. Once a month for a set period of time the nightmare dungeons open up. Now you can journey into these and try to unlock the hidden abilities. But of course they're sealed by some powerful enemy.  You first have to fight and defeat 4 different bosses from different eras then you can fight the Nightmare boss. 

The Nightmare boss has its own rules you have to follow. Much like an MMORPG game these days. Upon defeating said boss. You can unlock the said hidden ability. Problem is you still have to make these hidden abilities. Which at this point you can't possibly even make them yet. (what a waste).  Only certain characters will get a stat boost for these fights. Which helps. 

I'm not gonna bother explaining the 1st 4 bosses as they're pushovers and act exactly the same as they do in normal and event dungeons. Let's move on to the main portion of this quest.

Ultima Buster (Nightmare)

Rules for this fight

  • Characters that can use LVL 5 Black Magic get a stat boost for this fight. 
  • Physical attacks are useless. Ultima Buster has an insane defense stat and will use Death Counter (Casts Death) as a response to physical attacks. There are ways around this but its complicated and requires luck.
  • AoE attacks (Quake, Ruinga, etc) can also trigger Death Counter if used during Phase 2. 

Well I can already tell you to completely forget about using anything like Power Break, Magic Breakdown, etc. Cause now they're finally getting nullified. You don't need any real damage mitigation since most of this guy's attacks are a coin toss of whether they kill you or they don't kill you.  Really the focus should be on damage and speed. 

Phase 1: 

This is just a normal fight pretty much. Only move you need to worry about is Flare Star. Even then shouldn't be too much to worry about. After damaging it for about 35000 HP. It shifts into Phase 2.

Phase 2:

Now things get hairy. You're on a pseudo-time limit.  The Mana Sphere appears and now that's your target. Ultima Buster has a permanent Reflect status as long as Mana Sphere is on the field. But that's not all. While you're being attacked by spells. The Mana sphere will periodically charge Ultima Buster. After 3 charges you're dead. End of story. Once it has 3 charges Ultima Buster will use Ultima Nightmare on your party outright killing them. Unless you just happen to be packing Reraise your party's dead. If you destroy the Mana Sphere beforehand you'll still get hit with Ultima Nightmare but it won't be as damaging. 

Ultima Nightmare at full power. Welcome to Die!

You must direct all you spells towards the mana sphere. Forget about Quake and other AoE's unless you want to risk triggering Death Counter. Depending on the element the Mana Sphere is hit with. It will counter with beneficial party effects. 

  • Ice and Water = Heal the party.
  • Fire and Lightning = Heavily damage Ultima Buster little damage to Mana Sphere
  • Wind & Poison = Nothing
  • Earth = Nothing (it's nullified)
  • Dark, Holy, & Non-Elemental = Heavy damage to Mana Sphere little damage to Ultima Buster

How you go about this is your choice in the end but it should be obvious what to make use of. You also need to make a judgement call as to when to use what attack. When Mana Sphere is defeated. Ultima Buster attacks with Ultima Nightmare and you go straight into Phase 3. 

Phase 3: 

It's do or die time. From this point onward Ultima Buster will attack you with Nightmare versions of elemental spells. These will ignore a party member's resistance stat pretty much killing them in one shot most of the time. So you need hurry up and kill it with all you got. 

Possible strategies

  • Well if you happen to possess multi-hit elemental attacks. These come in handy for this fight. The Mana sphere will respond to each and every hit it takes. Thus you can heavily damage Ultima Buster.  
  • Reflect can get around Death Counter. But don't rely on it to reflect Ultima Buster's spells. 

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX) - Opening Fight

The opening fight. Well not much here. You can set to auto-battle let things play out. It's hard to actually lose this fight. I mean you have to make an effort to actually die here.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Via Infinito Floor 60 Boss - Concherer

Super Tank. That sums up what this thing is. 
Unless you can consistently crit this thing. You're in for some pain. Luckily it only attacks one at a time. But at the same time it hits hard enough to kill a party member.

Strategy? Not much of one. Kill it like you would anything else. It's not as hard as the next one coming. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Megaman X6 - The Game Too Many Ppl Hate

It's not my business to care why people really hate this game.  I mean they'll point out a bunch of things. Probably like bad translation, "bad game design" (LMAO),  Hard bosses (that aren't really hard).  Maybe its cause Zero doesn't have a saber. Or maybe its cause Kei Inafune wanted to end things at X4.  But it didn't happen.  I remember someone saying that knowing the history and reasons why the game is made helps with game development in the future. But I don't see how. I don't see how Inafune not wanting to make an X game after X4 but being told to do so affects any future game. I just don't' see that in the games. 

I'll tell you what I don't like about this game. It's the rescue Reploids thing. See throughout each level there's a ton of reploids scattered through the stages. You have to touch them to rescue them. However if these Nightmare Bugs get in contact with them first. The reploids turn evil and attack you. From that point you can either kill them or let them escape. The reploids hold abilities, health up and weapon energy ups. So you don't want to lose them.  In other words considering where a lot of them have to decide whether you want save them and possibly sacrifice your life. Or let them die. 

The other thing is certain stages being a little difficult to progress forcing you to be innovative. Although it's not impossible. It's not like Kaizo Mario where you're forced to use things you didn't even know was in the game. Also this game does help you out from time to time by modding the layout a bit for some stages.

My last big complaint is the lack of enemies. But its not as bad X4, X5, or X8.  Sure it's not a huge variety but at least the number is fair and not non-existent. 

Everything else I either don't care for or like.  Boss designs, music, Armor, abilities, etc.  

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX) - Ch.1 Magic City Gariland

Sorry I'll post the opening battle soon. Just working around the copyright.  

1st Actual battle that you can lose. 

This battle is just to learn the ropes. The chemist will drag out the battle. But that's ok. You can pick up the Crystals left behind by the enemy when they die. I'm going to utilize a glitch where I can get a ton of JP on certain jobs.  This makes things easier. 

I honestly don't care about those that complain about levels and whatnot as they don't amount to much in this game. Seriously. You could be LVL 99 and still die like a punk. Also being higher level ends these fights quicker.  You don't want to sit on the same fight for an hour do you? 

Well the PSX version is shorter than PSP obviously. There's not as many battles. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Final Fantasy X 2 HD - Bevelle Via Infinito Flr 20-40 Notable Floors

-A 4-way Stop. You move to each one and hit the switches. Which will open up the way to the next floor.
-A straight long path. Will be dangerous later
-A lot of climbing you have to defeat the Tonberry to open the way to the next floor.
-A rather dangerous one. Touching the fiend that charges will trigger an inescapable battle with an Elder Drake. You might not be ready for it. 
-You go down either side to make a bridge in the middle path. You can just move on ahead but you'll have to fight an Elder Drake.
-Tonberry slowly traverses these halls.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Diddy Kong Racing - Future Fun Land + Ending

Ah the finale.  To get here you must get a gold trophy in all 4 available trophy races.  Head to the lighthouse at the signpost honk your horn and liftoff.

There's no Challenge level here.

Spaceport Alpha - Honestly this is a test of your flying skills. You need to utilize that R button to make hard turns and get through some narrow passages. To avoid the room with all the lasers might want to pick up the Shield.  The AI truly shows that its a moving brick wall on a set path. 
Silver Coin Challenge: UGH! You're gonna lose a lot of time cause these are at the edges of the track forcing you off the optimal path.

Star City - Short stage. But easy to screw up. At the very beginning if you take the turn wrong. You'll fly off the bridge and there's no easy back up. So Restart.
Silver Coin Challenge: Time to utilize that Power Slide. The coins are on the insides of the sharp 90 degree turns. 

Darkmoon Caverns - Well not bad. But you need to work to catch up after the 2nd loop. I don't recommend power sliding or sliding during the long turns. Doesn't really work out.
Silver Coin Challenge: Not too much trouble just be ready to catch up at the loops.

Spacedust Alley - Easy flying stage. Even have a nice shortcut. 
Silver Coin Challenge: The hardest Silver coins are around the Electric rods. Its hard to angle yourself to grab these. 

Wizpig finale 

Just cause he has rocket doesn't mean he's intimidating. If anything it's rather easier than his first round. You have balloons you can utilize and Wizpig even hits an electric arc every lap.  You do need to maneuver yourself rather carefully cause hitting a wall can cost you a lot of time. The hardest section is the room right before the end. Lasers are firing everywhere. You can either use your shield or fly in the only safe spot of the room. I recommend the later of the 2 as this is the perfect place to use your boost. Missiles don't slow him down too much. You're better off with using boost.  

After that....The End?????

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Garment Grid Collecting 2

Covenant of Growth: Play the Cactuar Mini Game with Frailea and win. Difficult and frustrating to be sure.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire - Birthday Wish

Yeah this happens. On your Birthday if you happen to be playing Pokemon at the time. I believe other Nintendo games do this as well.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Garment Grid Collecting 1

Vanguard Garment Grid: Listening to the Garment Grid Tutorial.

Flash of Steel :get 2000000 Credits at the Calm Lands Minigames You don't need to win em just buy em.

White Signet Grid: Using coins with the Item/Rare Item ability in sphere break can be obtained randomly while facing Pet Core Sphere.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Thunder Plains Ruins Cave 2

Part 2
It should be noted that you can repeat this again. The rewards are well lackluster but it's there.