Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs BKMetalGarurumon

Well a digimon that was not in the anime. We're back on the game's storyline again! Yay! Sad you can't get a BKMetalGarurumon card. So you take him down. He says that there's another challenger waiting. But one other thing you need to do is beat him again in the cafe. The last 7s card he holds. Almost done with the entire game!

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX): Sweegy Woods Battle

Well its a simple battle. But not one to take lightly like any battle.

Goblins are weak to Ice so they'll fall pretty quick if you're packing Ice Spells.

The Red Panther is weak to Earth but you only really have 3 Earth attacks in the game. So...go figure.

Bomb's are weak to water and there's only 2 water attacks in the game.

Really it's about striking first. Either lure the enemy closer to you. Or move so fast that you can take care of these creeps.

Delita and Algus will make there own decisions and like the enemy AI they're opportunist. So picking the stupidest action as well as preying on the weak is there thing.

What you have to watch out for is weakend Bombs. They're not afraid to use Self-Destruct which at this point of the game. You're likely to die from it. You can actually use the water to your advantage since Red Panther's can't enter water.

*I had to rerecord this fight so it runs differently from the original recording. I tried to have the same stats or well setup when I originally got here. The original recording got corrupted and unrecoverable.*

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - #6 A Dancing Wish

Well the Pokemon being spirited away to Wish Park here seem to want to dance. Before we get into that we need to make sure we have enough for the Spirit Bomb to enter the place.

Once in Wish Park everyone's been hypnotized to dance. And that's what this attraction is about. Dancing...Not the best minigame either. You have to move at exact time if you intend to bet the best score.

Bleach Shattered Blade - Arcade Mode Komamura Hard Mode

Well my favorite character of the series. As far as I watched. Well
Komamura is slow. Hit's like a truck though. Breaking through his attacks takes some effort. At the same time speedy characters and zoners can beat him.

His Bankai....is mediocre at best. It makes Sajin even slower and anyone that happens to get in his face will have a bad time trying to get some distance to get there opponent away from them. Since Hokuto Tengen Muyo (did I even spell that right?) actually has a specific range where its effective. Think Amane's C attacks and you got it. I honestly recommend not use Sajin's Bankai his normal special attacks are fast enough and have range along with power to back it up.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - #5 The Snobby Princess

So making our way to Arbor area. we find a Snivy. Who's obviously a girl. She's also a bit rather...snobby....spoiled. But we need her help so....

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Apokarimon's Tournament

Ok now back all the way to Infinity Tower and you'll find Apokarimon (Apocalamon) here. He pretty much makes the same speech he did at the end of season 1. You know about how he's sad and that he's made up of all the deleted digimon that couldn't digivolve all that crap. This is actually the toughest challenge you had since A. Essentially it is A's (the final boss) deck. But without the hacks. He sports not only himself but the 7s cards as well. 

After you win you can randomly find him roaming the world if you challenge and beat him he'll drop his card. And there's no limit as to how many you can get from him. Just finding him is a pain even harder than finding Nanimon.

Bleach Shattered Blade - Arturo Plateado Story

Overpowered Boss Character is a go. Not really much of a weakness other than the fact that he looks stupid. He doesn't even use the sword he carries at all which rather breaks the lore of Bleach. 

He has good keep-away zoning tactics. Forcing you to circle around him if you want to safely avoid said attacks. Did I mention he's a boss character. And not the Street Fighter type boss character where if you pick em they have no HP or defense. I mean the SNK kind where they retain everything that makes them boss. 

So Arturo's story is...the story the that never happened. He goes to kill everyone. Shame they didn't put Aizen in his ending to be like. "Yeah...no." Also I don't think he can tell the difference between a Shinigami (Soul Reaper) or a normal person.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bleach: Shattered Blade - Yoruichi Shihoin Story

You can consider Yoruichi the speedy character. Her specials aren't very notable although they are effective when they hit. Her criticals are great since they combo very well.

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Imperialdramon

Imperialdramon claims to have the ultimate deck. Yeah....no...

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Omnimon's Tournament Part 2

Omnimon: Dual Color deck that actually works to a degree....but still...sucks.

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - #3 Energy For The Spirit Bomb

Well in order to re-enter Wish Park and put a stop to the PLACE OF EVIL!!!! We need friends to all think about one thing. We must gather ppl to give energy for the Spirit Bomb to open Wish Park. So many friends to get.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Omnimon's Tournament Part 1

And now Omnimon's tournament opens...so damn late in the game. This is where you'll get your 3rd partner's 2nd digi-egg. Now you fight EVERYONE again. But it ends with Omnimon. Here's the first half

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - #2 Oshawott's Investigation

Well Oshawott's investigation...well today is more about making even more friends. Investigating how to make more friends. They all want something sheesh.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - #1 Making Friends

Hard to give you a day one recap when I played this for about a week before finishing (the rest of the videos will be uploaded soon).

So today it's let's play with our friend Piplup. Or so we thought. There's not too many if any friends at all to play with. They're all going to this Wish Park place. I can already tell you that just one look at this place and I scream like Ron Stoppable, "PLACE OF EVIL!"

After our daring escape. Piplup is left behind.  Well this is bad. But Oshawott seems to want to join us. Well I had to cut the video here cause the game suddenly didn't want to work about the tutorial of switching characters.

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Diaboromon's Tournament Part 2

Well Diaboromon....focused on doing Crashes. Or really strong attacks. Still easy at this point if you've been getting the OP cards.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Diaboromon's Tournament Part 1

So now that all the digidestined are beaten again. Diaboromon shows up at Infinity Tower. He opens his own tournament threatening to destroy the world. Well I shouldn't have to note any of the opponents here except Infermon. Infermon is a high risk deck destroying deck. And is actually smart enough to carry a backup plan.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Magnadramon

She only showed up on in the damn movie. And did nothing. Makes no sense as to why be in the game.
MagnaDramon is more defensive compared to the other Gatomon fights. But at this point...the 7s cards just destroy her....

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bleach Shattered Blade - Ichigo Kurosaki Story

Ichigo maybe what you call the standard generic character. Except he's in the Hyde from UNIB or Ragna from Blazblue standard of generic characters. A tool for all situations and a great awakening.

Bankai/Awakening: Tensa Zangetsu 
Broken when utilized to its fullest extent. There's not many characters that can just stop a flash step easily. You can easily circle to your opponents back and strike them down. Your opponent should or will be scared to any kind of move especially with long startup. Shorter explanation - Do what Ichigo does in the anime but 100 times better than he can. XD.

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Seraphimon

First off we only see Seraphimon like once and that was a movie. And he did nothing. 2nd...Just like every other Angemon incarnation its focused on destroying evil (black cards)...so its stupid and fails. I should note that you have to defeat Seraphimon 5 or 6 times in a row at the cafe to pick up one of the 7s Cards.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Shakkoumon

Not much to say here. It's Pretty strong but cause its focus changed to changing your card's type kinda falls short.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Ken

Ken's face....FACE OF EVIL!!! FACE OF EVIL!!! Oh yeah his deck
It's essentially the same as it was when you fought the digimon emperor only it features wormon partner card.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Grandkuwagamon

This is just plain hilarious. You'll watch as Grandkuwagamon destroys himself. This is why I don't use Black cards very often.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Magnaangemon

More Evil Destroying deck that essentially fails if cause you were smart enough not to use a Black color deck.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Submarimon

Submarimon is as tough as Digmon was. Just now its sporting mainly water cards.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Shurimon

Shurimon's deck is an enhanced version of Ninjamon's deck. So speedy digivolve and attacks.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Skylanders SuperChargers + Racing Sky Action Racing Pack

Skylanders SuperChargers + Racing Sky Action Racing Pack

Alright so a slight recovery and lucky find on ebay managed to net me the Sky Action Racing Pack Trophy. I don't want the skylander. I'm not really interested in the character or vehicle. I also don't have that kind of money still to throw around. So I just got the trophy by itself which is how they should be sold.
So like the other 2 trophies this unlocks the ability to play as the villians in races. New tracks and mirrored tracks.

Well the tracks are rather refreshing compared to the sea one.  Actually something to look at and the new racers are pretty OP.

Racing Edition

So getting the Racing Edition out the way. We unlock 2 new tracks. Well kinda.

Cluck's Cukoo Nest

Well this appears in the normal version as well. So this version is kinda watered down. I did finally learn about how to deal with those spider webs. Basically just do a barrel roll as you're passing through.  Well the falling eggs is something to deal with but easily passable. It's very easy to gain the lead. The problem is unlike the main version, this one there's sections where if you don't take the alternate route you'll end up forced on the main road.

The Clock Rock

I like the description here and in the main version you see why this track is the way it is. Wolfgang messed with the great clock again (like he did in Trap Team).  And created this track. While I would expect a rather chaotic track with traps, obstacles, etc. It's pretty tame. The use of colors is pretty great making the track come to life even during transitions. However this version is watered down compared to the main version. There's not as many short cuts or obstacles to deal with. It's also somewhat deceptive at points making you think you can go a certain way but in reality its a wall.



The character exclusive to the Racing Edition (Wii/3DS/Mobile) is Painyatta. You remember that villian? Well he's here He's not too bad. I have to say that his vehicle looks silly. As well as his model. I guess having his graphics scaled down doesn't help him much. There's nothing to really note about him. Just looks.

Ok on to the Main Version of Superchargers

So you unlock the same 2 tracks as mentioned before. And have one villian different from the others.

Cluck's Cukoo Nest

Well things get heated up after the first lap. The turbo boost start moving as well as the eggs that you don't want to hit.

The Clock Rock

Well now there's obstacles and alternate paths.  It's up to you to decide which path is best. The main thing you want to keep note is the shortcut at the end. I actually couldn't figure why people were passing me till I saw the AI drive through that route.


It should be noted that Kaos is a Sky Vehicle. But I already reviewed him.

Lord Stratosfear

I like all these racers as opposed to the sea ones. They have attacks that hit behind them.  Stratosfear's frontal attack isn't that notable. His rear attack has wide range and covers a lot of space.

Chef PepperJack

Kick in the afterburners. His rear attack is a turbo boost and pretty much leaves a damaging trail of fire for a short time.


Cluck is the only guy without a rear attack.  His frontal attacks do a lot of damage. Just making them hit is the issue.


My man. The sexy werewolf in leather. I do wish he was a land vehicle but this'll do. His frontal attack spreads out as it travels. And his Rear attack does a lot of damage. There's quite a few places you can throw around and essentially troll the other racers.

Boss Races

I have to say that Jet-Vac wrecks everyone in these races.  The AI just can't do anything about his attacks once they hit.

Well that concludes the Sky Action Racing pack. Now just one more pack. The Land. Hope I can acquire the trophy. I'm not really interested in Trigger Happy. That's more my sister's character.

Sonic 4: Episode 2 - Well Uh What To Say?

So it was a long while back that a friend gifted me Sonic 4: Episode 2 on Steam.  I didn't think about playing it cause there's so many other games to get to. Also I didn't want to install it and just never play it. So during my time of figuring what to play I decided why not Sonic 4.  It also gives a test to the other capture software I have that I just never tried. So double review?

Play.tv / Raptr

So with the AMD capture card that came with my PC. They pre-installed software that's supposed to optimize your games in terms of quality and sound. It also came with capture/streaming software. I took one look at it years ago and told myself it's not worth it. After all pre-installed software that comes with your computer or OS is usually garbage vaporware. But considering the vaporware I have in terms of capture/streaming software this couldn't possibly be any worse.

So when I booted it up. It was kinda confusing looking at the GUI. I mean there were a lot of menus I didn't really understand on how to actually start recording. I only found the option to optimize my games. Which the game optimization is rather limited. It'll only optimize games that many people who also use the software play. So if you have a game that no one's played. It won't optimize it. It also rather puts in your face to download/purchase games they reccomend. Like League of Legends, Smite, Star Wars, you know the popular stuff.

Well to get the recording software to work. I have to register myself to Play.tv you might've noticed in my description videos a link to the site. Basically I gotta register it. Then I can link it to many other accounts like Twitch, youtube, google etc. But Play.tv rather takes a lot of work of recording. It's already optimize for the most part to play efficiently. And it updates regularly. Basically the recording starts the minute you load the game. And it'll let you know that it's recording. You can tell it to stop recording with hotkeys or just close the game.  Then afterwards you can create highlight clips and upload it to there own personal site. You can also upload it to youtube. It doesn't eat a lot of space while recording and it doesn't cause slowdown. So much better than PLAYCLAW 5!

Easy to setup so I'm satisfied with this program. Doesn't take me long to edit either. I used to have to go straight into Adobe Premiere to edit everything and have to sync the sound properly. Now I don't. Thank god.

Sonic 4 Ep 2

Well this game I'm still somewhat reluctant to play it after Episode 1.  The problems are more or less the same but its still dealable. My general problems are minor and rather easy to solve.

Controls Small Issues

The physics are more or less the same. You can still climb uphill with no momentum. I still have the problem of jumping and homing attacking enemies. And I'm definitely not used to doing tag actions all the time. I don't really think of using tag actions unless the game says to use them.


Well there's unfair things in all the levels. But the bosses are definitely not the same. Honestly its just what I expect from Sonic. That whole DIMPS ruins Sonic thing is just something most pissed off fans say to excuse why they're dying or taking hits in stages. Yet you can find videos of people destroying the game.

Sylvania Castle Zone

Well not much unfair here. Just my reaction times suck. I already know the fastest route by my reaction times suck to be able to make it properly.  I didn't like the boss. Well during the last phase I was wondering why I couldn't hit Eggman. I guess I have to wait a bit then attack. Also have to utilize my Tag Action which I'm not used to at all.

Oil Desert Zone

Oh god so many things want me dead. Act 3 being the top offender. The sand just crawls up really fast to kill me. The boss took me a bit to figure out the last phase. Not only did I have to be fast enough but to make sure I'm on the right side.

White Park Zone

I honestly expected myself to die on Act 1 since I tend to get greedy and just jump early.  Act 2 was by far my favorite. Act 3 was a WTF. I felt like I just experienced the death trap in Sonic 2, and the drum thing in Sonic 3. My first thought is to kill those walruses cause all they do is block my path and force me to go another way but this one was move quick or die. Metal Sonic was fun but I totally did not see that last attack coming. No I didn't really watch gameplay of this game. Just bits and pieces ages ago.

Sky Fortress Zone

So intimidating. And Scary!  Anyone that's played Sonic 2 knows that anything that attempts to remake this 2D stage will be a nightmare. It wasn't as bad as I thought but still scary. Took me awhile to figure out how to beat Metal Sonic. I'm more afraid of falling off the plane than anything else.

Death Egg mk II

Oh joy. Well first took me forever to figure out how to move past the trolling Eggman. I thought well I can just out run it or jump over. But no the game apparently wants me to use my Tag Actions. Like I said I'm just not used to using Tag Actions. I feel its unnecessary most of the time. The the Metal Sonic race.  Many times where i'm clearly ahead but Rubberband AI kicks in and he pulls ahead of me at the last second. Again apparently the solution is simple and just use my Tag Actions.

Then Egg Heart or whatever. This took a few tries to get down. The first many times I avoided using Tails cause I figured I would just fly into something to kill me. I mean you don't have to use a Tag Action until the last 2 hits. I really didn't want to use tag actions cause I felt it was unneeded. I even died cause I took too long. So Eggman gets pissed off and throws you into a black hole? I dunno.

So I beat the game problem is I didn't get all the Chaos Emeralds.  I don't have a problem with the special stages too much. I just don't like or care for doing them. I mean as far as I remember for Super Sonic in 2D games its just way too fast for me to handle and I end up killing myself in the later stages.  I might come back to this later like for 2 Player or something I dunno. I haven't decided.

I guess the game is better. I can't play episode Metal cause I don't have the first game and I don't have the DLC. I'm still pretty mad that Sega decided not to release Episode II on the Wii.  It's not like the graphics was any different from before. It at least decided not to reuse the same bosses again. And put a new spin on older levels. Music is great as always.  Wonder if there's a play as Tails mode.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Card Fusion

Just some card fusions now that thanks to Izzy's data I can get these 100% of the time.

AeroVeedramon = 013 + 083      SuperStarmon   = 038 + 145                 
Seraphimon    = 075 + 143      Omnimon II     = 006 + 039      
Vikemon       = 040 + 142      Omnimon I      = 002 + 037      
Puppetmon     = 115 + 147      Shakkoumon     = 082 + 151
MetalEtemon   = 116 + 150      Imperialdramon = 001 + 004
GranKuwagamon = 074 + 112      Magnadramon    = 075 + 077
Paildramon    = 012 + 117      MetalSeadramon = 042 + 043
VenomMyotismon= 110 + 111      Diaboromon     = 109 + 144
Valkyrimon    = 007 + 076      Rosemon        = 078 + 111

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Nanimon

Nanimon is found randomly throughout the cities. There is some formula for it but I can't remember. You need to beat him 10 times to get another of the 7s card.. Every time you defeat him he runs to a different city. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Piximon

So Piximon appears after all these events that happened. He has one of the 7's Cards. So worth your time to fight him at least once. He's pretty easy at this point so not really difficult to take down.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Omega Boost

Pulled this game out during my flu. I still own this game due to how much fun it is. I picked this game up around the time I was just starting to get into Gundam. I honestly said that this should be my Gundam. I mean Omega Boost has overpowered weapons, a killer look to it. Outside of Jehuty, Anubis, and Weltall II this is up there in my favorite mechs list.

Yeah if the opening doesn't catch you...I don't know what will.

I originally heard about the game from a demo disc. You know the old PSX Underground disc. Those had a lot of good demo games on there all of which are actually worth playing. They did right by having you demo stage 2. One of the best songs of the game.

I didn't even know this game had a story to it. But its a basic story and that's all you need in games. A lot of games these days try to make such a convoluted story plot that makes no sense and then you have to delve deeper into random lore and crappy game theories to get a sense of what's going on. Seriously I'm not a fan of Game Theory. It's a load of opinionated mess based off very small details that no one would pay attention to while playing the game. I can put up with TVTropes since it makes some sense but a lot of the things I hear on Game Theory makes me go...what???? It really just gets to the point that I don't care and rather have the developers fill in those gaps if necessary.

Anyway. Story is you're a pilot of the Omega Boost and your mission is go back in time and stop a rogue computer program called the Alpha Core from changing the timeline and essentially bringing war to all human kind. You're going back to 1946 to fix the Eniac computer. Been awhile since games use an actual history point to make a story.


Well basic story aside. What makes this game great. The soundtrack of course. The OST is one of the best made. This was before copyright BS and what not kicked in on video gaming too. Using actual bands (well all game songs have actual bands behind them) to record various soundtracks. If the opening FMV doesn't pull you in I don't know what will.

I did have an issue with the music being drowned out by the sound effects. Some songs are rather low in volume that you have to lower the sound effects to a minimum to hear the song. But if you download the OST or find it on youtube or whatever you can hear how great the songs are. Shamefully though the final boss theme song is copyrighted....It's not copyright by the band that originally made the song rather the company that owns the rights to it. WMG....of course I always see these guys everywhere.

There's no annoying noise to deal with. Everything sounds pretty much great other than that one issue.


Well the game is short. But I mean its a 3D Shoot-em up. Like Starfox, Einhander, Strike Suit Zero, etc. Why would you expect the game to be long? I swear I hear people complain that these games are too short and I just facepalm. What else can you do to make this game longer without it being overly repetitive gameplay?

Anyway, you can beat this game in about an hour. But that doesn't mean they'll make it easy for you. I don't know about everyone else but the difficulty starts ramping up around the 4th and 5th stage. And you gotta learn how deal with bosses and enemies effectively so that if and when you make it to the last level you're ready and won't die instantly.  I should explain this in a bit more detail.

Basically at the end of every stage you're given a rank. Based on how much time you took to finish the stage and how many enemies you killed. Yeah you can actually take too long and ruin your rank. Thank god there's no accuracy rating. Considering the tools you have available.  If your overall rank for the stage is a B or higher. You're mech (the Omega Boost) levels up. Giving you more lock-ons and other bonuses. If you're rank is below a B rating you don't level up and you won't recover much health. This can essentially destroy you in the long run. Making the later levels harder than they should be. Essentially your giving yourself a handicap that doesn't help you.

In total there's 9 stages plus 6 extra stages you unlock by beating the game. So there's enough to do. And this game was made back when games were about improving your skill level by just playing and trying to do a little better each time. You don't see this as much these days since now high scores no longer mean anything to 90% of the world.

I like to bring out that one thing I do like about the game is that if you die you basically restart on the stage you died at. Although you're thrown right at the beginning of the stage. It at least gives you a chance to try and do better than you did. Also if you die multiple times on the same stage. The game feels a bit sorry for you and refills your health back to maximum. This helps especially on the last few stages.


The controls are great. However there are times where the controls are not your friend. One of the problems is that you're always moving forward unless you hit the brakes. This gets to be a problem in some stages where you don't want to move in and you're trying to position yourself into a good spot to keep shooting and dodge. It's also an issue in the later stages when it comes avoiding certain attacks.

One attack is the final boss's giant laser of doom attack (as I call it). The final boss will teleport behind you and fire a huge laser at you. Which you can't see coming but you know its coming. The problem is you actually have to move out the way and not just in a single direction.  Cause if you're just moving in a single direction....you're dead. The same issue comes up on the tunnel levels. You want to move a certain way but due to limited space and how you try to avoid the attacks you're likely to take a few hits regardless. Unless you're just that good.

Another issue I have is when I reach Zone 4 and Zone 7.  I can dodge the attacks pretty easily until the game decides that it's best to dash into the ground or try to float in not too safe path. I want to stay above my target so I don't get hit but cause I'm locked on the game wants to put me directly in harms way. Now I could just turn off my lock on. But then I'm out of position. So I just have to deal and hope for the best.

My last issue comes with the final boss(es).  I'll explain it later but there's times where I don't want to use my lock on missiles. But due to the games controls I have basically have to keep mashing the fire button so I don't lock-on by mistake.

Other than that you can easily get used to the controls. And its very fun to do nonstop strafing runs through the entire game. Especially when you unlock the special suits.


Zone 1: Well there's nothing to explain here. Really if you're going for a high score you're better off using your vulcan. But you don't get as much damage as with you're missiles.

Zone 2: This is actually pretty fun. The boss here I essentially call your rival. He has pretty much the same abilities as you and he's not afraid to ram into you. What's cool is after you level up from finishing this stage you get the Viper Boost. The Viper Boost is pretty much you're I'm gonna kill all of you move. You can compare it to Gundam 00's Trans-AM but this is way more awesome. This how Trans-AM should be.

Zone 3: Descending to the planet. This would look seriously cool if it was remastered and you could see the graphic effects of entering the atmosphere. The sub boss makes me go wow. I never thought I would see so many missiles fired all at once. Not to mention that this guy is free falling while shooting at you. Then you got this stealth bomber. Wow if something like this existed today...the world would be screwed.

Zone 4: I kinda hate this zone. This is where the Lock-On system tries to work against me. It wants to follow the enemy but the enemy is underground. I hate the sub boss as well. If this spider touches you IT HURTS LIKE HELL! Not only that but its hard to get a clean shot in without taking damage.

Zone 5: I hate these kind of levels and there's 2 of them. But this is the worst of the 2...I think. You remember the last stage in Starfox 64 or really the 2nd to last one. Where you're chasing down a boss and there's all these obstacles in you're way. While the AI flawlessly flies through them and even has the nerve to show off. You actually have to put in effort to avoid running into a pillar. Well that's what this stage is like. Doesn't help that the bosses like to force you to switch your camera view by slowing down to get behind you and then speeding up to get behind you again.

Zone 6: Kind of a relief. The sub boss does try to pull a dick move at the end and teleport behind you to try and shoot you. But hopefully you'll know its coming. You'll probably be surprised by it the first time and never against after. I should also bring out that the sub boss also tries to burn you with its engine....wow....Meanwhile the boss itself...is rather simple. I mean it does go bat shit when its almost dead firing everywhere. But you can easily handle it if you take the right approach to it.

Zone 7: Once again like Zone 4 the Lock-On system wants to put me in harms way. I have to be really careful too. While everything here is easy to kill the damage you can take from these guys is insanely high. Then the boss its your rival again. And he has a lot of new moves. Even has you're Viper Boost....which...you better run when it activates.

Zone 8: This is kinda a rest period before the final boss. But at the same time it's a stage you can't afford to play around in. You're on a time limit. You have to kill the boss before time runs out or its game over. And the first boss heals. Its insanely annoying to deal with. While the 2nd one well it doesn't do anything but take all the punishment you dish out.

Last Zone: Now things get really annoying to difficult. You don't have much dodging space. And the boss has a gimmick going for it. The first form you can't shoot missiles at it. If you do the boss reflects your own missiles back at you. So you have to fire your vulcan. But you can't do that forever cause then the boss gets smart and throws out these little drones that shoot back at you whenever you fire your vulcan. Forcing you to destroy these things with your missiles. Essentially you can kill yourself in seconds if you just run in and fire like crazy like you did in the past 8 stages. (NO THIS IS NOT BAD GAME DESIGN! IT'S CALLED PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU'RE DOING INSTEAD OF ACTING LIKE AN IDIOT!!!)

Once that's done you got another form to fight. Which is this giant worm thing. You gotta destroy it piece by piece and try not to die. Then when you reach the head you can't use your missiles again cause the core still reflects them. I say this is the hardest part of the fight cause the attacks this guy throws out get very hard to dodge. Trying to come out of this in one piece is difficult.

Then the last form. Which isn't that bad but should be taken lightly. At least you get a cool song to fight it to. But that laugh is crazy.

Well that's it the game's over. Surprised no one notices a giant robot crashing in the middle of Philadelphia.  Guess it'll get reported as an alien siting. Or is it cause we fixed time and stopped a computer virus from waging war that this robot will no longer exist....wait...you know what screw it I'm not gonna think about time travel.

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Wiseman's Tower Extra 2nd Half

So I forgot to press the record button or something during the first half. But its basically Wiseman's Tower Again but with every digimon digivolved. So Essentially you're fighting all the Season 1 Digimon again. But it ends with Omnimon. Who finally gives you your 2nd partner's digi-egg. Geez I have to wait this long?!

Well Omnimon....his deck is a dual color. It's not bad but still hold the same issue as any other multi-color deck. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Dark Masters Tournament Part 2

Piedmon: Piedmon is a crap shoot.  Sometimes its good. Sometimes it sucks.  Anyway almost done with the game...well not really...still more to go.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Dark Masters Tournament Part 1

And finally a tournament. With the Dark Masters. You remember the Dark Masters from Season 1, Piedmon, MetalSeadramon, Gigadramon, Puppetmon.  Yeah them. So you fight 3 of them. For whatever reason Gigadramon isn't included in this. Instead LadyDevimon takes his spot. 

MetalSeadramon: Is rather easy. But has great defense. But he doesn't have a lot of counter cards. Seriously unless its Garurumon's deck it's not that hard to deal with.

Puppetmon: Yeah...sadly...Puppetmon's deck and play style is just as bad as he got whooped by MetalGarurumon in the Show. It destroy's itself trying to destroy you. 

LadyDevimon: A strong black deck. But really what creeps me out is how they kept her dialogue about being a dominatrix. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Izzy

Once you defeat Izzy all card fusions will be set no longer allowing you to get certain cards via fusion. Just the only thing important about this fight.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pokemon TCG Online - Better than trying to play the real thing but...

Well I downloaded this cause I figured why not. Let's see what this game has to offer. I mean the last time I played an online TCG or really an online collectible game, those experiences were not favorable.

Magic the Gathering Online didn't allow you to use cards you already owned physically in the game except the ones that came with it. Not to mention if you lost your CD Key or bought the game used the customer service would just be like well guess you're SoL (Which SoL meaning you use is up to you).

Yugioh Online had an unofficial one but it was a crap shoot. If you're too good at the game you got reported and banned. If you sucked then you sucked. And everyone seemed to judge you based on the character avatar you used.  Then there was the official Yugioh Online that had so much online purchasing you might as well just play the real game and spend all your money that way.  The ones on PS3/PS4/XBone/360 had bad netcode and just as many angry players as the unofficial one that would rage quit.

Bakugan online shut down its servers practically a year after its debut. Pretty much screwing everyone that bought Bakugan for online play.

Chaotic Online good luck finding anyone that played. Good luck actually knowing how to play there was no tutorial. Very few players. And it's servers shut down after the series was done.

Online TCGs just don't seem to work.  Well now were on Pokemon TCG which has been out for quite awhile. I decided to try it out. I mean I'm not that big a fan of Hearthstone. There's not a lot there that has me attached to the game. Pokemon at least has something I can be satisfied with.

Downloading Was a Chore

First off the download off the official site didn't work at all. I kept trying to download it only to find nothing worked. I thought it was one of those famous Ad Blocker BS crap. You know where the website refuses to do anything for you cause you happen to have Ad Blocker running and they tell you to turn it off or you're not viewing the website. So I turned off Ad Blocker. Nope still couldn't download it. Every time I clicked to try and download the game. It just refreshed the window.  So I had to run through google and find a place that wasn't an obvious virus filled site to download an old installer to play the game.

After installing I go to register. I thought I had to register since it didn't seem related to the pokemon site itself. So when I registered....nope. It didn't accept my username or password. I even copy/paste my username and password and it wouldn't accept it.  What the heck is going on here? Turns out that since I was already registered with Pokemon.com. I didn't have to register for this game. -_-


I wanna knock this out already. This is a huge turn off for me. There is a serious lack of music. I mean its there. But the volume is low. The sound effects pretty much drown it out. And the music is boring anyway. You're better off playing some of your own tunes in the background.


The only real graphics are on the cards themselves. I honestly want some of these cards as wallpaper or my Smart Phone Lock Screen. The rest of the graphics are childish...Even Neopets looks better. You character is the avatar you made on Pokemon.com. Your cards try to do some sort of fancy animation while attacking but considering all the other TCG I've played. They do it better. I know this is online. But there could be some effort in this. I guess it doesn't really matter since people that really play this game will not even pay attention to stuff like that.

Playing The Game

So you start out with an annoying tutorial.  It's rather annoying cause the stuff they teach you is obvious to most people familiar with Pokemon. They even forget to explain some of the rules or the game chooses to bring up the rule when the situation happens. Like I couldn't evolve my Pokemon on the same turn I happen to draw the card and put its pre-evolution out. I have to wait a turn. The game didn't bother to tell me that. I also couldn't play certain cards till a turn later.

Whenever I got hit with a status effect the game would conveniently tell me at that point what it does. This is pretty much exactly how the latest Tales of Games do you. Instead of telling you before a situation that involves a new mechanic happens. They wait till it actually happens to tell you about it. That's annoying in so many ways. However Pokemon TCG Online. They'll tell you about it every time it occurs. Thankfully you can shut it off.

I'm also disappointed I don't get to pick what kind of starter deck I would like to use. They just stuck me with this Pikachu one. It's not bad but I would like some choices. Or maybe its after I get out of all these battles?

So I'm breezing through what seems to be test AI battles. But about 45 minutes in. The game hangs. I played a card and instead of allowing that card to do what its supposed to. I'm stuck in limbo. I tried clicking everything I could. But nothing happened. I even tried to forfeit. Nothing happened. I was left with no choice but to close the game. I got rather fed up with it at this point. I mean I was against an AI opponent that had really good cards that would pretty much destroy me. Barely getting lucky. Then the game just decides to freeze.

If its one thing that does bother me about games is when the game becomes truly unplayable. I don't mean the game like some lame reasoning that I see other people make like, "Oh the game's too hard. I shouldn't have to grind." "Game overs are a failure of the game designer", "The AI is too cheap". "the AI knows my moves before I make them." No that's just BS reasoning cause you don't want to admit that you're currently sucking at the game and you need to improve.  What I'm talking about is things that render the game unplayable.

And what happened here is an example of that. I can only think of 2 other games that have done this to me.

Legend of Kay - Many glitches that cause you to lose important key items or access to areas where you can no longer advance the game.

Capcom Vs SNK 2: Card Fighters DS - A glitch that after you acquire a specific card the game locks up.

Now theses can be avoided. But at the same time. You can come across these in normal play unknowingly. You don't trigger these to happen through experimentation like the many glitches in Sonic 06 (seriously who the hell would think of clipping there self out of bounds on purpose just to get thrown into outer space?). I'm talking about glitches stop you from playing/progressing the game that you unknowingly came across. (I know old school Sierra games did this on purpose but those aren't glitches or bad design. That just how those games are.)

That's what ended up turning me off from this game.

I might come back and try this again.  But I doubt it. I have a feeling that once I start playing that online against actual players. Things will get rather messy.

Ranger X: Stage 3 - Jungle

MegaKabuterimon's attempt at a counter deck. It's decent. But nothing like Garurumon's.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Joe

Joe has freakin Imperialdramon....he has like 4 of them...and he still sucks....

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs Zudomon

Zudomon's Deck scares me. Yeah full of weapons. And those weapons have so many counter effects. 
Not one to be trifled with.

Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

Due to me being sick with the flu. I didn't really get the chance to do much. But I finally had the chance to pull out my old SEGA Genesis and play the only 2 (well 3) games I still have for it. One of them being Zero the Kamikaze squirrel.

This takes me back to the days when games were difficult to play. This is definitely difficult. You're not gonna get through the entire game easily your first run. The plot is pretty much a side story of the Aero the Acro-bat series. Zero gets a letter from his girlfriend saying that his home is being cutdown and used to make conterfiet money. Zero gets angry and rushes over to home but not before getting a warning from his master not to go.


Controls are something to get used to. Zero has a lot of tricks and the game wants to make sure you make use of all of them. You can get away with forgetting some of your moves but you're definitely gonna use all your moves through this game. And not just one time either.


The music is rather forgettable. It does fit the stages. But I wouldn't have these songs in my head for a long time if at all. The sound effects are nice...but I think they can get annoying after awhile. Particularly Zero and his sterotyped Bruce Lee sound effects can get on my nerves a bit.


Enemies are unique and can annoy you in one way or another. You really only see one recurring enemy throughout most of the game. But where you end up seeing that enemy is rather appropriate in placement.

Level design its up to the player if they like it or not. It's pretty common these days as to level types. A beach, volcano, forest etc.  Some people might complain of cheap deaths but that's how platformers are. At least 80% of the good ones anyway. If Sonic and Megaman can get away with it for decades why not this game? My most frustrating parts in this game was the volcano stage at a part where I had to jump from rope to rope as fast as possible or burn to death. And the 2nd part of the paper factory where I have to jump carefully through machines or instantly die. I would complain about the jet ski/motor boat stages but they're short enough that once I'm through them it's over and done with.

Level 1: Beach

So the game starts off with Zero flying on a plane only to be shot down and you're already rushing through a beach dealing with enemies. I would like to say that first stage is simple. But only if you're actually taking your time and not trying to rush straight through thinking you're invincible. Too many things here love to take cheap shots at you.

Level 2: Caves

The second stage the caves. Ramps up the cheap shots and starts giving you test to see if you can use Zero's moves properly. Thankfully its rather lenient right now. But you might get frustrated with the sub-bosses and bosses.  2 of the Sub-Bosses can only be damaged by certain moves and you learn that you can't rely on your shurikens to pull you out of a jam despite having so many. The boss is rather simple if you're patient. Doesn't stop the cheap shots from happening but patience is key.

Level 3 the Volcano


if you haven't got a game over yet. You will now. Thankfully all a game over does is put you back at the start of the level. (and there's a level select code if you really need one but the game's so short there's really no need for it).  You can't argue that there should be some sort of save system or bad game design cause of unexpected BS comes your way. First off there's tons of lives littered about not to mention unlimited continues. 2nd this kind of thing was common with adventure games still common today but developers don't do it much due to risk of fans complaining. 

Needless to say the Volcano stage will frustrate you a bit especially if you don't know how to use your moves. The first boss is rather simple. In fact he's an idiot when you see his pattern. The 2nd one will anger you when you get hit by one of his attacks and then he uses an attack that has next to no safe spot to stand in. Well with that done you can move on.

Level 4: Rapids

The River stage. This is frustrating beyond frustrating. Seriously easy to die. The deaths are funny here the first few times but then get annoying after the 15th time. If you haven't realized before that this game doesn't want you to just rush through the game. You should hopefully realize that now. Pretty much running into anything spells death for you. No bosses here. The level is hard enough.

Level 5: Forest

Well now Zero makes it home to his forest. Yeah its being cut down. But honestly this stage is a rather stress relief compared to the last few. It's kinda maze like however. You can easily reach earlier checkpoints you already passed without even trying. The boss here is rather simple if you take it slow. 

Level 6: Toxic

Now let the frustrating begin again. If you thought the river stage was bad. This is worst. The game decides to take away all the freebies and says you hit something you're dead. You either need some godlike reactions or good memory to know where everything is. Also doesn't help to have the game try to rush you by throwing enemies you can't attack in your way. You want to speed past them but you know the moment you do, you're gonna die by running into something. Luckily this stage is only one part. Still sucks that you have to start from the beginning if you die.

Level 7: Factory

Final Stage the paper factory. Introduce us to 2 new enemies and more ways to die. One of them being a hazmat kind of guy. Throwing bombs. The other some sort of officer that you don't want near you. They jump on your head. You gotta mash out or die because they'll beat your head into a bloody pulp.

That's only half the issue. The real issue is the obstacles. Especially in part 2. Part 2 can easily frustrate you with sections of instant death. And that the game practically forces you to keep moving. Once you get past that. Its boss re-fight time. Zero trashes them in a rather cool way and moves along.

Part 3 is really just 2 boss fights. One you fought before and is a total pushover compared to your first encounter. The other is who you think is the final boss of the game. Le Sheets. I find him rather annoying when he doesn't cooperate. Trying to keep him in one spot without him jumping around can be difficult at times. 

Part 4 The final boss. Guess who?  Yeah that clown you met in the intro.  Who happened to have your girlfriend captive. Well you got all the reason to kick his ass. He's definitely not a pushover like the others. Forcing you to attack according to what move he uses. He's either lobbing grenades or shooting fireballs at you. After awhile he goes into a rather invincible state. This is where it helps to own the manual to the game. The manual states that Zero's most powerful move is his nunchaku. Go figure, a squirrel being a kung fu/ninja knock-off character and his strongest move is something that was common in 90s kung fu movies. Well still not done. The boss is reeling but protecting himself from you. You're girlfriend gives you help and you finish him off. Then watch the ending and the credits.

Well I believe the credits loop at this point so. The game's over.  Not much else to say at this point. I enjoyed this game as a child. Yeah it didn't age well but what hasn't. It doesn't have what gamers of today are looking for in there games. But who cares. I enjoy it. It's borderline Ninja Gaiden for me. Or you could say this was my Ninja Gaiden since I never owned or played the NES versions. It was nice to whip out the old Genesis.  You might notice the sound is Mono. Cause the Wire used only had Yellow and White. There was no red. I was actually surprised to find such a cable was made. Breathing life back into my genesis. I didn't want to use an RF adaptor. Those things are rather complicated to deal with in this age considering how everything is setup now with TVs.

The Cable I bought costed me less than 10 bucks from ebay. There is one with Yellow, Red, and White cables. But those are for the Model 2 and Model 3. I have the Model 1 Genesis.

Ranger X - The other Genesis Game Own

Well if its one thing I know most of cartridge based games (that I own) are known for is the sheer difficulty and something else memorable about it.

This game definitely hits all aspects. Difficult, fun, memorable.

Ranger X

I ended up with this game cause I was borrowing it while I let the guy borrow my DKC3 and Lethal Enforcers 2. I never got DKC3 or Lethal Enforcers 2 back. -_- He moved away. The ass.

Anyway I was left with this game. I have no idea what the story is about. And at first appearance it looked rather intimidating and boring to an extent. The demo stage shown didn't really show much of what you could do and the opening didn't make much sense. At the time.

So my first time Playing (decades ago) it I died so many times. Cause I was just a glutton for punishment and not watching for incoming attacks either. The first boss killed me many times. The 2nd level was far too intimidating for the average player. Enemies that you can barely see or hit and pits of acid that both tear through your health bar without a 2nd thought.

Later on coming back to this. I played through and beat it. Found it rather fun with all the special weapon choices I had to pick from.


There's tons of things happening on screen. No slowdown whatsoever. If you're TV isn't crap you can see all the details. Designs definitely took pages from super robot anime to make this.  If you're one of those only try for like 5 - 10 minutes and you look for graphics and level design as a priority. You'll probably turn the game off cause the first stage is just a straight and narrow path through a desert destroying whatever is in your way. If you're willing to go further you'll find that everything went into the later stages.


Takes some getting used to. Unlike most games you don't turn around just by simply pressing the opposite direction. You push either A or C to shoot in that direction. B is your special weapon.


If you go into this with the mindset of jumping and shooting you're gonna die. You're gonna need to put some thought into destroying your targets. Sometimes its special weapon choices. Other times its making use of the environment. In the 2nd stage you find that there's enemies that are not only small to hit and if they touch you, your health bar drops really fast. But if you notice on the ceiling there's areas where you can shine some light in and destroy these small pest.
Another stage where you have to use the stage layout to your advantage and not get spotted by the search lights. Or deal with enemies that are completely annoying.

The bosses don't fool around. If you stand around or your just not reacting fast enough. You're dead. You have to be unafraid and react properly to kill these guys.

The special weapons you can get are pretty destructive. You get a flamethrower, a bomb that travels on the ground till it hits something, a boomerang like weapon, that laser option weapon from Gradius, A plasma cannon that eats most enemy shots. And my absolute favorite the positron cannon.  Yeah just try and survive this!


The most memorable thing about this game. The music. I looked up the music for this game and find that you don't even get to hear all the tracks of this game. Even more so some of the tracks have a beat that doesn't pick up until much later. But they get used in stages for like 20 seconds before getting cut.


Stage 1: A typical desert. With enemies. I should talk about the thing that follows you. This is your best friend in the entire game. It moves fast, Shoots along with you. If you combine with it, it has its own health bar and gets auto targeting.  The boss is definitely not one you just blindly shoot.

Stage 2: I get kinda annoyed here. There's floors filled with Acid and the only way to get through it undamaged is to stand on top of your car and carefully move forward. I do like how the small turrets have power lines and you can destroy them to make your life easier. I do hate these little guys though. Thankfully you can kill them by shinning a bit of light on them.  The boss here comes out of nowhere. At first its not that bad when its on its last legs....lol....you think well if you're gonna stand there I'll just kill you and then BAM! Runs into you without a second thought.

Stage 3: If you were thinking this game doesn't have too many enemies...well is this enough enemies? I almost don't want to drop into the forest to kill these guys but I have to. The targets I have destroy are down there. Thankfully they changed out my 1 wheeled super fast friend with a flying one that shoots lasers of death on just about everything. Too bad it doesn't shoot bosses.  -_-  Now here's a completely different boss. See I thought it was just gonna be another robot. It kinda still is but I never expected to see this. You have to have no fear when it comes to dodging.

Stage 4: Now this is a fun level. Instead of going to the right you're going up. Way up!.  This stage also houses my favorite special weapon of the game. I'll show it later. But getting it is not easy. To acquire this weapon you need to shoot out ever window until it appears. Don't worry its worth it. Now the boss. This is actually rather unique. You can't attack this boss with conventional means. It's weak spot is in such a small space that only 2 weapons can get through. And if you attack it this little pink will retaliate for hitting it. Now's the time so show off this new toy.  The Positron Cannon.  This weapon may eat up all my weapon energy but the damage and range it has makes up for it. I'm a fan of overpowered kill everything guns and this definitely qualifies.

Stage 5: Okay now to take things slow. If I touch these search lights I get attacked by enemies that are hard to hit. Quick going to my back side!!!  Well on to the boss...this looks like something out of a side-scrolling shump game. Oh well POSITRON CANNON!!!

Stage 6: This is definitely difficult to get through. Areas that have lines of fire or electricity I have to pass through. Then eventually some ship starts shooting me from the background. Really have to keep my cool here and push onwards...I'm out of continues at this point as well...
Final boss....I'm free falling and this guy is shooting me I can't do another about it.  Geez chill out. But that wasn't the final boss. This huge ugly thing is. Thankfully my special weapons refill way faster here. So 3 shots of the positron cannon and its dead.

That's it. The game's over.  I save the world I guess and I get a girlfriend. And I have a giant robot. How could this day get any better

Sunday, May 1, 2016