Thursday, June 30, 2016

Youtube Update June/July 2016 The Laundry List of Things to Do For Youtube (Besides the Obvious)

So a talk with the manager on how to improve things in my channel and I have a laundry list of things to do for it.  As Usual I wish I had help for these things cause this is a lot of work. Not sure if anyone really notices.  One thing that's overlooked.  I had this channel since back in 2006. So this is long before partnerships were a thing. I didn't partner till like 2010-2011.  So there's a lot of work to do...sigh...

I managed to summarize it since it was a long PDF file to read and understand.

Edit Channel Banner

  • Add text of type of content, upload schedule, 
  • Fix title
So I just literally changed the banner. But now I need to change it again. I never really liked how most banners looked. Especially when some designer does it. When they do it I just feel its boring. Just a logo and links to social media.  Then the other half is just some random picture a person pulled off google. In other words no effort. 

Channel Trailer

I remember there being a video where someone talked about no channel trailers are needed. Now I'm thinking that very person is just selfish and wants everyone else to fail. Who knows. His videos and his commentary sure show it though.

Anyway I don't know what to do for a channel trailer at this point. I'm not exactly creative in that department.

Channel Description

  • Names of games?
  • Subscribe link, Social Media Links
The first one I don't really get but doesn't my description already contain the social media links? Last I checked it did. Names of Games? I rather play all types that aren't Rated M.  Kinda rough to name every single one.


  • Fix Card Teasers (This will take forever)
  • Use Popular tags in descriptions (be discreet)
  • Edit subscribe link
  • Custom Thumbnails (This will take forever)
  • Info Cards on All Videos (This will take forever)
  • Annotations at the end


  • Engage in comments
Easier said than done. The thing about my comments is that 80% of them are either spam, hey sub4sub, or a random question about where they can download the game at for free. The other 20% is random stuff I have no idea how to respond to. Honestly I feel like I chase comments away. It's rare that I'll find a comment that actually has something to do with the video. Oh well...what can ya do...

I'm also thinking that the reason why certain people are so popular is due to LiveStreams. And you guys know my thoughts on LiveStreaming at this point. I don't feel like explaining that. 

Ugh....this will take forever. If anyone has seen the amount of videos I have then you know how long this will take.  I'm not big on tags in my descriptions. That got me in trouble before. Thanks to a technicality its actually against YT policy.  Damn technicalities. 

I don't really like having annotations at the end either. First off the audience that watches don't really stick to the end of the video. They're usually gone in the first 3 minutes according to analytics. At the same time thinking about how I approach outros. I just don't care for em. Especially since the videos they put in the outros are well not my taste at all.

While it doesn't look like a lot. It really is. And I gotta start somewhere. Not to mention that I also have to budget the money. There's steam sales, PSN sales, probably Xbox Live sales, sales all around. And taking advantage of them is difficult. 

Games I'm Planning On

Mighty No.9

Yeah I heard all the reviews. Guess what. I don't care for em. A lot of these reviews (roughly 85% of them) I can easily rule out since its biased heavily on either: 

A: how that person was majorly disappointed cause they gave money to a Kickstarter and the game didn't come out how they wanted it. 
B: Graphics - Do I need to talk about where I value Graphics on my list?
C: It's compared to Megaman and since its not Megaman now its time to point out and over-exaggerate every flaw of the game like almost every other game.

Yeah I don't have time for that. After all those people are not me. My list of things I'm looking for in a game far differs from everyone else's.  I actually been wanting to play this game since the whole delay of its release. I'm not looking at this as some Megaman Clone. After all if I was then I'm satisfied with Azure Striker Gunvolt and many others. 

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator

Good luck trying to get this. Very few physical copies. And a price tag that makes me go -_-.

Skylanders SuperChargers: Land Action Racing Pack

Still hunting for the trophy by itself. I might just have to settle for the pack. I heard that skylanders are gonna be cheap for the weekend anyway.

The Remaining Ratchet and Clank Games

Difficult to get for cheap. A lot of cases its download full price or risk getting a game without a case.

The Sly Cooper Collection

Definitely something I've been looking at. I only played the game at my cousin's house once upon a time ago. 

Dragonball Xenoverse

No not cause Xenoverse 2 is around the corner. I'm gonna have to get a new console to play that one anyway. But I've been waiting for this one for awhile and just no luck.


Don't care for the argument that "Overwatch is better." Don't really care for that. Overwatch isn't that memorable to me. I'd get both if possible. But I wanna play Battleborn.

Other Products Planning on Getting

Newer Videocard:

 I've mentioned before I need to update my videocard. I have to if I intend to play certain games.

Wii U: 

Well for Pokken and a couple of other games.

3DS Capture Card: 

Be easier to record games with that. Just wish it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

DS Capture Card:

 Well since 3DS Capture Card is way too pricey and out of reach. This is more reasonable. and I have more DS games I haven't opened anyway.

PS3 Six-Axis Controller:

 I need one. For one certain games I own make use of the Six Axis. 2 the one I have is malfunctioning. 


Well out of the consoles. PS4 is only appealing due to the exclusives. 

3DS Amiibo Sensor:

 Cause I don't have a Wii U. Better to get one of these and make use of my Amiibo. 

So that's about it. Not much else to talk about. There's many playthroughs coming and I'm not sure on a schedule yet. I'll let you know when I get things together. I have a lot of work to do and time to get back to it. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Commentary Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir (PS3) - Gwendolyn Prologue

Kind of a trial run here. Like I said before with Odin Sphere. I'm gonna do a commentary, Non-Commentary, and a Boss-Only playlist. To hopefully keep everyone satisfied. 

I will say that with Gwendolyn's story. I wasn't exactly awake. And so many things happened in-between recordings that I just wanted to quit on it. For one there's this insane rendering time. I can't record anything else unless its really short while rendering. And the rendering times is hours. Almost half a day. 

Another thing that happened is that I recorded this at night. I can't exactly get loud, wild, or anything like that. There's other people in this house and they have to go to work in the morning. The other issue is that "The Walls Have Ears" I can't really talk about much if at all without my family listening in thinking I'm talking about them. Often times I just talk about a random subject to make sure they don't want to listen. It rarely works though. Generally they think I'm saying something about them and then hold it against me. Funny when I am talking about them they aren't listening. Problem is there's virtually no time frame where there I am in my house alone.

Since I recorded this at night into the late night, early morning, time frame. I got really tired. I don't naturally talk while playing games unless I'm comfortable. 

Last thing that happened towards the end of I'd say Chapter 6 and 7. I had many accidents while recording. My mic fell. And the worst one was that my PS3 Pad malfunctioned. I tried fixing it but it's just shot. I need to buy a new SixAxis. Which will have to wait till next month or the month after. I have corded controllers however they're actually pretty crappy in terms of quality. All of them easily have shorts in the wiring. I have a PS2-PS3 Controller converter but it only really works on certain games. I've tried it on this game and didn't have too much functionality when needed. 

So that's it. Hope you enjoy. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Odin Sphere: Leisfa....HOW DO YOU SAY THAT?! Day 1 Gwendolyn

Took me forever to finally get this off Gamefly. Not cause its rented out. Surprisingly this game wasn't that popular on Gamefly. Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator was totally rented out. And still DragonBall Xenoverse has shown no signs of ever being in stock. Even worse the first copy sent out is missing in the mail. I have a feeling I know what happened to it. Same as my previous packages and mail. Delivered to the wrong address. I likely won't see it again.

So now I picked it up. 

Well first the installation was long but what isn't long when it comes to installing games on consoles. So starting the game. Well its honestly hard to find anything wrong with the game? I mean you just have to have a hatred for something specifically in the game. I guess you could hate English Voice Acting but if you hate that then you likely been hating English Voice Acting for quite some time. Point is it's difficult to point out something wrong in this game.

This is a legit HD Remaster. Most games that say HD basically just upscaled everything and didn't do much else. There's actual effort put into this game.

If I was to really point out something wrong with the game (This probably only applies to PS3 and Vita versions).  The game doesn't run 60fps. I can't difference between 60 and 30 fps. But when I recording the file details stated it was 29.97fps. Either its some code built into the capture card or game or just just a PS4 only thing.

I only bring this up cause recently checking on my Capture Cards Manufacturer (AverMedia). I find in big bright letters. It's illegal to use a splitter to bypass locks on games or whatever to record HD Content and the like.
This warning shows up on every product page of Avermedia.

Now this is something I don't care about in terms of graphics. I mean only certain people seem to care about what's 60fps, and how many pixels. What I care about? Is how the game actually looks. Not how smoothly it runs. Not how thanks to my TV I can view this clear quality.  I mean stuff like Artwork. Giving me a view that I can remember when I think about the game. That's what I feel is important in Graphics.  I mean look at Undertale which purposely selected to use the 8/16 bit sprite animation. You see all this fanart of the game that may look differently but that's how I imagine things. Another Example. Azure Striker Gunvolt. It's heavily underrated simply cause it doesn't run 60fps (eyeroll).  Yet the game is insanely memorable. I always think of the special attack animation cut-ins when it comes to that game (along with the music).

Your game can run at 4000p (yeah that exist), 120fps, blah blah blah. But if you can't give me anything to remember the game by art design wise. Then I don't really care. 

I guess a minor complaint is that I don't get a choice of what character I can play as first. I think Saga Frontier spoiled me in this department. That game gave you a list a characters to choose from each with there own stories. They somewhat tie together. The same can be said of this game. But you basically go through one character at a time. 

Moving on to the actual game.  Tutorial Mode.  Controls incredibly simple. I mean I remember videos that make the game look insanely complicated. Like you're not gonna do all this cool stuff unless you're good at the game. But about 10 minutes in and I'm already doing crazy stuff. 

I'm not gonna spoil everything in the story you can watch that on your own. Or just play the game.


Gameplay Summary

So Gwendolyn's story starts. 

So uh....I think that "phantom that makes all these taunts" is Gwendolyn's shadow lol. (Persona 4 Reference).  It might as well be. All the things it was saying were pretty harsh. So in this game Odin's somewhat of a dick. Almost like Valkyrie Profile 2's Odin.  The bigger dick is Briggan. Who looks like Dr. Eggman on Steroids and he skipped leg day. Think Dr.Eggman and 4th Gear Luffy fused together.

Ok the bosses don't around even if they are midbosses. They can do a serious FU rage mode.  I have a feeling someone might complain how they can't do combos on bosses. Cause you can't exactly combo them like the normal enemies. You have to stun them in some way. But even the normal enemies know how to fight. They can easily block attacks forcing you to get around there defenses.

So chapter 2. This chick Velvet I'm after. I'm at first thinking oh this is easy. Then...she starts throwing out attacks like crazy. HEY STOP USING ITEMS! ONLY I CAN USE ITEMS!  After defeating her. We have a bit of a Jerry Springer type of an affair going on. Odin slept with another woman and has another daughter.

Odin: Gwendolyn shut up!
Gwen: But daddy!

So a long conversation happens. Then Briggan shows how big of dick he is. And yet this guy isn't King? He essentially blackmail's Odin saying he'll tell everyone about his affair unless you let him do what he wants. Man if Odin was his God version. Briggan would die where he stands.

So the next chapter. Climbing the mountains. This sub boss....OMG it did one attack totally different and didn't see coming and died instantly.  So later meet up with Briggan who's showing how much of a dick he is. I mean this guy goes as far as suggesting rape towards Gwendolyn and Velvet.  I remember this guy when I watched MasterLL fight him back on the PS2 version almost a decade ago. I'm not letting this guy do anything. He has this attack where he grabs you and forces his choice of alcoholic beverage down your throat essentially stunning you for days.  I find it rather funny I can knock his hammers that he's throwing like a Hammer Bro back at him and anything else.

Well this chapter didn't end well. Apparently there's some law where if a valkyrie sucks in combat or is deemed unworthy. Odin puts you under a sleep spell and when you wake up you're automatically married to some man. So I guess its kind like that Las Vegas cliche where you get drunk and apparently a lot of things happened over night that you don't remember but you wake up next to someone in a hotel room. But man that has to suck. Seriously.

Okay so next chapter...Gwendolyn has this key (which is a wedding ring) that pretty much activates the Doomsday device. And she goes...Imma give it to daddy.


Well this isn't stupid or anything. At least there's a lot of resistance to deal with. OMG THIS AIRSHIP STOP SHOOTING ME!!!  So the boss is...daddy? Oh no its Briggan again and he's possessed daddy's body. And he's still bringing up rape undertones.

So we gave the ring to daddy...and now Gwen's husband is missing...Hmmm....Well lets check things out. A volcano this time. And this dude reminds me of that one fire guy in Samurai showdown. And he's apparently one of those womanizer types. Somebody just play one of those "I'm too sexy" songs for this guy. Seriously. Even his servants are in practically nothing. It's like I just walking into a "Tales of..." stream (I'm not saying that this is common in Tales of streams. But I do see often that a lot people will make the females wear the beach/bathing suit costumes).

And we found Gwen's husband. Getting beat by a baby dragon? Ok seriously? A baby...well okay then. You're not just some baby dragon. THIS THING IS SHOOTING NUKES outs its mouth. After a gruelling fight. Mr fire guy tries to stop Gwen and gets rejected for a marriage offer.

So back home and I swear fan girls will squel at Oswald laying in bed injured.  Oh the wedding ring Gwen gave to daddy. Stolen by the fairies. Yeah....ok....Oswald's not happy. In fact you just threw him further into depression. And uh...reaper....dude...turn around....oh crap.

Ok so in the forest. Man I am digging this scenery. And wow the trial stages are tough. I was stubborn for this. Ok so the boss is another playable character....THAT IS NOT A CROSSBOW! THAT IS A FREAKIN SHOTGUN/ROCKET LAUNCHER! Not having many items I had to improvise a victory. This girl just loves playing keep away. STOP RUNNING! So got the ring back. And apparently our Gwen's in love. Is it cause of the spell or is it legit love?

Yeah back home and Oswald's in the underworld. -_-

Well know where we're headed. So the game gives another gimmick to make note of. If its too dark use a specific item to light the place up. Problem is the light is only in a finite area. It's so small. So really have to be careful. These reapers look freakin sweet. Seriously Castlevania you might wanna take notes from this art direction. I seriously had some close calls. Then the boss. The zombies too these are real zombies. Not those lame RE4, Last of Us, etc crap. Seriously a zombie rising out of the ground and then rushing in your face to try and strike you. Dude.

Odette....she's the clingy want everything type. And she wants Oswald. She's also rather pissed Odin's been stealing crystals from her. So fighting her. Not too bad. I mean I didn't leave her much room to attack or rather I tried to constantly stay at her backside.

So story's over...well Odin tells his daughter to hand over the ring. And Gwendolyn is like nope. She knows the value of the wedding ring. Although since its a plot device...we'll be seeing this again.  Odin is like godamnit cause he loves his daughter. And then a love scene to end her story. Next up is the Pooka...who's name I STILL CAN"T REMEMBER!

Another I should bring up...I really want that food. And I'm rather scared of the travelling restaurant Pooka...Seriously he pops whip out a kitchen and dinning set. And holds in hands a Chef's Knife and a Frying Pan. Freakin scary.

Alright that was Day 1. I'll do the next character probably next week. Got something to do this weekend. It's gonna take forever to upload all this. I did do a commentary version. Also gonna upload a non commentary version. So everyone's happy. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Pokemon Leaf Green (Unedited) Notes

I'll make and edited version later. Well it's gonna be a throwback to something I used to do.  

When I take a look at the version exclusive pokemon. I'm rather sad. I still can't get a Scyther >_<. I could cheat to get one. But we'll see....

I also forgot the locations of certain Pokemon have changes. No starting with the Nido's for me. 

So these 3 parts. Are from the start of the game to the end of Viridian Forest. Stopping at Pewter City's Pokemon Center.

Started with Bulbasaur

Which means Blue(Gary) got Charmander.  


  • Spearow
  • Pidgey
  • Rattata
  • Mankey
  • Caterpie
  • Weedle

Current Team

  1. Riger (Bulbasaur) - LV 10 *
  2. Hanuman (Mankey) - LV 10
  3. Cherie (Rattata ) - LV 10
  4. Pidgey - LV 11
  5. Weedle - LV 5
  6. Fearbeak (Spearow) - LV 12  *

* = Staying Unless a good reason.

Notable Fights

First Fight with Blue (Gary)
Forced me to use a potion cause of a crit. 

Optional Fight with Blue (Gary)
Nothing notable I trained my guys up to LVL 10 and wasted him. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

I Guess It Is Perfectly Okay to claim old VideoGame Music (happened again yep)

So this time a partnership company that works with SoundCloud is the culprit this time. But they can't take all the blame. There's blame to share as well.

So the company Repost Network is now working to ensure that SoundCloud users get there money. This time the claim in question is... *drum roll*

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

The song titled "When the Night Falls", which is the hub world music for the game is now being claimed.

How? Well remember when I made a post on a simaller incident awhile back about how a rap group used music from Samurai Showdown in one of there songs?  Yeah the same thing is happening here This time a the person is akihabara! of SoundCloud.  (

He/She made a song that contains a nice big chunk if not the entire song of "When the Night Falls".

Here's akihabara!'s song

And Here's NiGHTs Journey of Dreams - When the Night Falls

Gee only 1 of 2 things can explain why they sound the same.

  1. akihabara! used to work for Sega and composed music for some of there games. Then the contract was up and now this person is working on his/her own. Probably got the rights back somehow. This can happen. But chances of this happening extremely rare. Like Monster Hunter rare item drop rate rare. 
  2. This person likes to remix songs for fun and left this on their Soundcloud. Monetized it and may or may not have forgot that they made this song.
The 3rd option is that they made this song from scratch and just happens to sound like another song. Yeah....

Anyway the release dates of This game and the song in question.

Nights Journey of Dreams: November 13, 2007
akihabara!'s nights: June 10th, 2015

Hmmm...Something's telling me that stuff like this is going to keep happening. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Stuff to Do Part 1

Aside from getting things uploaded. There's a lot to do to revamp the Channel. It's gonna be a busy June, July.

I won't be around next Weekend. I have something to attend and will be out all day those 3 days. So I'm making a schedule to get working for videos releases.

One thing I will say for sure. Those guys at the youtube google+ page that make such insane suggestions. I have to say they're a bunch of idiots. No real offense to them. But the suggestions they give are beyond idiotic. Never going back there if I can help it.

Schedule Videos

Yeah I used to just leave my videos unlisted when ready and release them in the morning first thing when I wake up. But that doesn't seem to work at least as a suggestion from a professional. Also I don't think people know that I leave videos unlisted. I figured people would know. If they wanted to do a binge watch. But that doesn't seem to be the case.
So I'm going to schedule them as best as I can.  Right now I'm thinking Morning, Noon, and Evening.


I found my own solution to this issue. Cause I think commentary is unneeded. I'm just gonna make 2 versions of certain videos. A commentary version and a non-commentary version. I really don't have much to say about games. I just like to play. Also I don't live on my own so I can't just say whatever and not expect a backlash. The walls have ears lets just say that. And when they hear things they like to bring it up at awkward moments thinking I'm talking about them when I'm not.

Make the effort to finish games.

I still have unfinished games and like I said before It's really cause I have too many or I get bored with them. But I am working to finish them.

Not "Boss Rage" But "Boss _______"

Yeah I'm working making this kind of video. But to avoid angry Maximillian fans that have no common sense and won't accept equality. I have to call it something else.  I made a link in Twitter about some possible names.
This is coming. Just taking some time.


I still hate what livestreaming has become. But I will work something out to try and do it. It's a lot of work to put in though. I don't really want to use Twitch. Cause Twitch has turned into a wild party and honestly I don't think anyone is reaching there viewers when you get so many at once. Especially when it turns into a Subscriber only chat. Yeah lets give gifts to people that subscribed to you leaving the other guys who are either too poor or too smart not to throw away money out. I really get tired of seeing twitch chats full of silly icons. I literally close the chat whenever I decide to watch a stream there now.

No M Rated Games

This isn't changing. I'm not budging on this. I've seen way too many gruesome things and I don't need to be reminded of it or be influenced by it. You can argue, justify, whatever about this all you want. I'm not budging. Literally seeing people die or get mortally injured up close in real life has that kind of effect on me.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - New Area, New Friends

More pokemon to befriend in this new area. Arcane area. A lot more friends. So lets make some friends. Aren't we forgetting something? Nah....

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - How to Save a Friend 2

So one thing needed is to enlist the help of the 3 storm...disaster...what trio are they? But one's at the hidden area where there's no bridge. Gotta wait on that. While we wait why not get Tornadus and Thunderus help.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Update June 2016: Games

Yeah this might actually workout better to put the game stuff here.

Stuff on Youtube Right Now

Ratchet and Clank (PS3)

Well This was enjoyable. I do remember that I started this way back in the PS2 days. In fact this was a game that came with my 2nd PS2. However at the time I wanted to play Final Fantasy X-2 so I traded this in. I know a bunch of people want to shoot me for that.


Whatever I still like both games. Just Ratchet and Clank didn't appeal to me at the time. I mean I overplayed Ninja Gaiden Xbox and other action platformer games. I lived in an area where RPG games are pretty much the dominant of games to play. (Unlike now where its sports and FPS games). So yeah of course I'm gonna play an RPG game.

Well now that I've played it. I can say I enjoyed it. I mean I enjoyed "A Crack In Time".  There's not really much to say about it. It's the same game. So what's different?

Ratchet and Clank - Full Frontal Assault

Kinda falls in the same thing as the previous one. What I didn't expect was that the demo kept a save data of the game. So I had to dig around my videos for the opening cutscene cause it would be weird to post stage one and no story after months of picking up the game. I enjoyed the game. The thing that bothered me was how insanely tough the enemies got at the end. Not just oh they're killing me. But more they would take forever to kill. The game has some seriously tanky enemies. The final boss doesn't help either. I managed to kill him at the VERY LAST SECOND! I swear if I failed I was gonna rage quit the game. Cause that was unfair that my weapons did so little damage.

I'm not sure if I'll do a playthrough with the other characters (Clank and Qwark). I'm considering it. If people want to see it.

Sonic 4: Episode II

Well not exactly jumping for joy to return to Sonic 4. I mean the game didn't make a good first impression that time long ago. Repeated bosses. Not too many stages. The game was rather lackluster. Well Episode II brought a good amount of changes. However It still pissed me off. I didn't like the whole Tag Action thing. Generally in the regard that there's a lot of sections including boss sections where I'm forced to use it. It's obvious there's no Sonic or Tails alone option. You're stuck playing this way. I guess I should be happy cause its different. But at the same time...I really don't like this forced Tag actions. I haven't done the Multiplayer cause there's not too many people to play this with. Not sure if I want to considering all the nightmares I've heard about it.

Final Fantasy Explorers

Yeah I'm still playing this. I enjoy this game. Some may say it's an easy mode Monster Hunter. But I welcome it. Seriously Monster Hunter is hard for all the wrong reasons. Not only that but there's not much variety and the players of the game get way too serious demanding that everyone play the same. To make it worse Monster Hunter seems to be staying on a Handheld when it was so much better on a console.

Anyway I really hope there's another Final Fantasy Explorers or something like it in the future. This game is very enjoyable single or multiplayer. I think it only got mediocre ratings cause people weren't paid off. But that's just me. A lot of people keep going on and on about how its not Monster Hunter but a clone. But seriously what game isn't a Monster Hunter clone? I mean I consider World of Warcraft, Diablo, Phantasy Star Online, and many other MMO's the same thing.

Bleach Shattered Blade

I only came back to this cause I felt like it. I played this in the past long ago when I first got my Wii. I genereally came back to this cause I was watching a lot of Bleach clips on Youtube. I felt like playing it again. And this was around the time I felt Bleach was still good and not some unneccessarily drawn out anime. Just a shame Arcade Mode is kinda boring. Maybe there could've been like a proper "Not Boss Rage" done. (I can't use Boss Rage cause we all know Maximillian's fans will get pissed and spam silly comments saying I took his thing. At least he didn't copyright "Boss Rage" Or did he?).

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond

So got to play this game. Like I said before in an earlier blog post about this game. I don't know why this got such low reviews. It's a good game. Oh because you're not catching Pokemon means its a crappy game? So what does that make Mystery Dungeon and the other Pokemon games? Seriously people want the same crap in games for all the wrong reasons.

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX)

So to continue this endeavor of playing all the FF's for youtube. Let's go a game that I like. I'm certainly glad the glitch is there to help with JP. So now I don't have to grind as much. I still need to get off my butt and fix the War of Lions playlist. But I think it's got all the views and stuff it's gonna get. Anyway This is fun I keep expecting the special events and battles that happen in the PSP version. But I have to remember those won't happen.

The Stanley Parable

Ah a game I wanted to play for awhile. I originally was going to do like some sort of special commentary with this game. But I discovered I can't cause the microphone problems Windows 10 is giving me. So maybe after I fix the quality I'll just do a normal recording. Not sure about the 4+ hour baby ending though. That just makes no sense. I mean in terms of doing the same event for hours. But I guess that's the devolopers joke about gamers.

Persona 4: Arena Ultimax

Well like I said in the review blog post. I rented this game to wait for Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator to release. Too bad Gamefly didn't send it. It's a mixed bag of a game and to make it worse. This game is already a ghost town. So much DLC. Frustrating game modes. And not too many characters to get attached to. I mean I like Persona 3 and 4. But the games aren't exactly my flavor. It also does the thing I hate with Fighting Game Story Modes. Well at least I beat Score Attack Elizabeth which was my general plan from the beginning.

Blazblue: ChronoPhantasma Extend

Well this is still off and on. I want to finish the Abyss mode. But things are starting to get rather unfair now in that mode. I thought about playing online. But it just seems like a total rage fest going on there. Not sure if I want to subject myself to that community.

Not Gonna be Played Right Now

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator

Well Gamefly didn't send it. That's the simple answer as to why. So I'll probably end up playing it 6 months from now. When no one else is playing it. I mean I don't have the money to buy it. Oh well I can watch.

Mighty No.9

I just don't have the money to purchase this. I kept planning on buying it. But didn't foresee money being this way. Maybe next month? Who knows. I really don't care what others think about the game. I mean at this point people are just hunting for reasons to get mad at games and try to convince others not to buy it. Yes it did get delayed a lot. Inafune did do some unfavorable things with Kickstarter. But at least he delivers something. Unlike the other 70% that fail and people never see there money. It's probably for the best anyway that I don't buy this now. I'll probably need that video card to play it.


Well remember when I tried to play it. I had videocard issues. Well that's why I'm not playing it right now. I really want to play this game too. I mean the game did a good job appealing to me. I don't know or care for the other people's views on the game. Point is I want to play it. Just need a better video card to do so.


I already mentioned both these games in the earlier post and what I think about them. I do kinda want to play Overwatch. But I feel Battleborn would get my vote between the 2. Battleborn just did a better job appealing to me. I think Overwatch would do better as a movie. I mean the plot pretty much says movie.

Killer Instinct (2013)

And like the previous 2. I can't play this due to video card issues. It really sucks but I can live without these games. I mean by the time I play it everyone will probably be playing "Kill Each other 70,000" (made up the title not sure if it really exists) or something.


Ok I've been trying to play this game for awhile. I mean a long while. I just can't win. It feels like a literal Pay-To-Win type of game. I thought I could at least do the offline. But even the AI is ruthless. To make it worse the videos I see of this game add further to the discouragement. I can deal with losing. That's a given. But I'm seeing videos of people forfeiting matches and it's called rage quitting.

Last I checked Forfeiting and Rage Quitting aren't the same thing. But it is to these guys. So simply because I surrendered it's considered rage quitting. That's stupid. Why would continue to subject myself to an unwinnable fight? Why would I continue to waste your time when you could be beating someone else's ass? It doesn't make sense.

The other insult to injury is that this game pulls its own rules after so many years of success. Now there's a rule where you can't use the old cards unless you make the game "Wild" That's stupid. So basically you just banned pretty much all your old cards and sounds like you banned even the cards you get just by playing the game offline.  Maybe if I didn't feel like this game was a total pay to win type of game I'd play it a lot more. But since I'm not giving Blizzard a dime for this game (and losing even with the game's pre-built decks). It really feels like pay to win.

Coming Soon and/or Considering

  • Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
  • Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando
  • Digimon World 4
  • Jump Jet Rex
  • Tyrian 2000
  • Strike Suit Zero
  • Portal 2
  • Capcom Fighting Evolution
  • Mischief Makers
  • Risk of Rain
  • Incoming Forces
  • Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir


Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction - And this game shows off why its so great.

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One - Ok this can be a fun multiplayer. If I can get someone to join in on the fun.

Bravely Second - So I tried this demo out and it's about the same feelings I had for Bravely Default. I like the game and I wish it wasn't on a goddamn Handheld. I don't really have people to get Street Passes with So that can be a problem. I'll play it after I play through Default.

Other Gaming News That I Care For:

Crash coming to Skylanders????

Oh boy. Lets give Activision haters more reason to hate Skylanders. We just finished dealing with the Spyro fans. And the DK/Bowser fans. So its rumored that Crash Bandicoot is to come to the next Skylanders game. Particulary the PS4 version. Well I don't mind. I am a fan of Crash Bandicoot but not a die-hard fan. I think the fans are too easily insulted cause they want the same game they had in the past remade again to have the same exact things it had back when they first came out. Yet they don't want to admit or care that to the business people that actually make these games. They don't care.

Yeah its an angering thought. But they don't care for us older gamers. We don't have disposable income or not as much as we did 10 or so years ago. We're busy paying bills, buying big important purchases like houses, cars. And we're signing our lives away to make these big purchases. We may have money to throw away but not much of it. Not as much as we did when we were younger. So better to appeal to the kids who don't know anything about the games we played than us who more or less want the same games.

I know people will disagree with me. And in that aspect I don't care. But just look around you and see how much things have changed. Whether favorable or unfavorable you have to deal with it.

Anyway whether or not this is true isn't going to determine what version I buy. I just want to play the game. I do hope they fix the issues with online that SuperChargers had. I still can't get online going with that game on PS3.

Farewell Sonic Runners...I barely Played You Anyway

Yeah this game is getting taken down. I barely played it. But honestly I was just getting somewhere when this announcement came to be. I didn't like how I never got the character I wanted to play as. You had to be extremely lucky to get it. Or pay tons of money. I mean Werehog Sonic, Omega, Vector, Shadow, etc. You couldn't just get them easily. You had to be lucky for them to drop. They were mixed in with the assist characters you could get. So yeah you can see how that turns out.

This was regarded as one of those better Sonic games since the fans hate Sonic Boom and are 50/50 with Lost World. I honestly wonder why this game is getting the boot and not one of the other Sonic Runner games? Eh oh well.

Where's my DLC Galaxy Trail?

So announce Freedom Planet 2. Release only half your DLC that you promised (keeping most of it in Beta). Yeah....uh...Where's the rest of it? I'm glad there's a 2nd game but  you guys rather stopped and the last thing you cared for was one of your characters was going to some different game as a guest star. Could you guy like I dunno release the rest of your DLC?

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Example of Late to the Party Being Bad

I was generally reluctant to rent this game.
  1. I already watched the ENTIRE story mode like 100+ times
  2. I'm not fond of playing Persona. Just watching it.
  3. This is one of the many games where I see constant complaints about how someone plays.

I rented it so I could wait on Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator (which I didn't get cause it was quickly rented out). So I figured to go ahead and waste time. Besides I could challenge myself to fight one of the toughest fighting game bosses ever that Maximillian won't fight. 

So Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax, thankfully the name was shortened. Cause the full name of the game is called Persona 4 Arena: Ultra Suplex Hold.  Not only does that sound weird. But no one on the game does this Ultra Suplex Hold (unless you download Margaret). 

Story Is Decent...

So the game's story takes place immediately after the first Persona 4: Arena. The P3 characters have been captured. Inaba experiences a Pseudo-Dark Hour.  The other remaining P3 characters show up. The culprits reveal themselves. Everyone fights for there lives to save the world. I guess if you want to relate to characters this game is for you since everyone has some sort of conflict to deal with. My favorite story has to be Adachi's. His character hasn't changed since Persona 4 and he doesn't let anyone push him around.  You mainly have a P3 and P4 side of the story. It doesn't really change much. You see things from there perspective. However depending on the side story you selected you basically make the other heroes suck. Also the Persona 4 side has the true ending. So what was the point of all of these different stories again when there's only 1 true ending?

My problem with this is that once again. Story mode has taken the trend of having long ass dialogue with not too many fights. While there's far more fights than Blazblue ChronoPhantasma's story mode. It's still a ton of dialogue. Each story is roughly about 7 hours long. I'm glad there's a skip text and auto-read option. 

The story mode end boss is rather lackluster as well. I mean I've seen some story mode only bosses. This guy is rather pathetic. I guess that's why there's no mode to fight him with all the characters. He is that bad. 

It's not that I don't like story modes in fighting games. I just hate it when Fighting game story modes don't let you play the character you want to play. And I hate it even more when they talk FOREVER! Was I playing an RPG or playing a fighting game? I don't know when it comes to these kind of fighting game story modes. What happened to the old formula?:
  1. 1 minute of witty banter
  2. Beat the crap out of each other
  3. Witty win quote
  4. Move to next stage

Controls Simple...maybe too simple

Well first I like to point out that I had difficulty adjusting. It's a 4 button game. You have light and heavy attacks. 2 for your character and 2 for your Persona which acts simallar to a Jojo's Bizzare Adventure STAND. You're Persona has its own attacks that you can chain in tandem with your own if you know how to do it. Your Persona also has its own life gauge which varies depending on the character you play. Part of me wants it to act more like Arcana Heart but that's in a league of its own. 

Back to the problem of adjusting. See when I read the command list the button layout is different from Blazblue. So my mind was thinking of Blazblue's ABCD layout I had setup instead of Persona's. I tried to change it adjust however it didn't work. Instead I would try to hit as shown on Persona's command list. So instead of B I was getting C. Yeah this took awhile.

As for the controls being Simple. Well up until this series of games. Arc System Works. heck majority of fighters had extra commands on normal attacks. Or really they had a 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D. (Forward + whatever). This game...doesn't have that. You have your standing, jumping, and crouching attacks for each button. 

This game a lot of people will say is mash friendly as well. I would agree except they're talking about something different. See if you tap buttons generally A and B you'll get extra follow up attacks. What a lot of people are referring to in terms of mash friendly is the Auto-Combo system. The Auto-Combo's which seems to be starting a trend in most ArcSys games allows you to do a legit combo by pressing 1 button. The cost is the amount of overall damage you do compared to doing the same combo manually. This doesn't bother me. Although I am a bit 50/50 on this. 

There's not a huge variety of moves you can do. This is good and bad. Good cause there's less moves a person or some random Pro that likes to write down frame data and all that for each move and then make a guide telling you what moves to use. It's bad cause of the same reason. In fact instead there's more of a chance you'll just see them say you shouldn't play *insert character here*. So its a total 50/50 for me. 

The other thing about the controls is that it doesn't make characters any easier or harder to use. There's still a lot of crap to memorize. I still can't play Mitsuru cause she's a charge character. The timing on when to combo moves is difficult at times too. 


Okay lets start off with the number of characters. There's 19 Characters. 3 DLC Characters, and then you have 15 Shadow Versions of certain characters. So that makes 37 characters. A lot of variety right?  Well there was...But this is a case of the game being old and everyone figuring things out. Of these 37 characters. You're really only going to see maybe 7 or 9 of these. Which in some people's eyes that's actually good compared to other games. But still there's a lot of characters you're just not going to play or see. 

Shadow Characters

So the characters you could say its the old version of characters except there's shadow versions of some of the newer cast. Basically they can't use Burst. instead they get Shadow Frenzy which lets them use One More Cancels, EX, and Super moves at much less cost for limited amount of time. They also use the old auto combo for most characters. It's interesting but the chances you'll see a Shadow character that isn't for trolling purposes are low. (and all cause they can't burst)

The DLC Characters being Adachi, Marie, and Margaret. I didn't bother downloading them. While they all look fun I'd probably only play Adachi.

The rest of the characters. I'll tell you that I could only really use Elizabeth, Ken, and Teddie. The rest were just too hard for me to use.  

Gimmicky Play

I guess I should get used to this in fighting games now. You didn't really see this in older fighters but you're starting to see this a lot more today. Let's just say every character has there gimmick if you want to call it that. You could say it's there Persona but its more the character themselves. I would say the most gimmicky characters have to be Marie, Yukiko, Teddie, and Akihiko. They're all rather dependent on certain things. 

I guess my major complaint has to be how I can't certain moves unless its via auto-combo. Why can't I do those manually? 

Online Play (What Online?)

Yeah before I returned it to gamefly. I went to check the online scene. Since apparently I should be able to find at least 30 people in 1 lobby. Well that was wrong. I checked the lobby and found only 9 people playing (not counting myself). I checked ranked and found only 1 person. -_-

So needless to say I didn't bother with Online.

Score Attack

A rather extensive score attack but this also unfair. Score Attack should be against normal characters. Since you're trying to achieve a high score like you would do in arcade mode. But nope. That only applies to the first 2 difficulties. The other 3 difficulties contain boss version of characters meaning that they'll kill you instantly the first few times then you'll win. So on Safety difficulty (which is the easiest) it didn't take me that long. But on Risky (the highest difficulty) It took me 5 hours!

At least it lets you continue if you lose. But still this is Score Attack mode. Not "We Hate You, You Suck, Go to Hell and Stop Playing Our Game" mode. 

Golden Arena Mode

But if you still have a masochist in you that needs to be satiated. They made Golden Arena mode. This mode kinda acts like an RPG. You increase your stats over time you keep fighting. You gain abilities. And you keep fighting. The problem I have with this mode is the number of floors each course has. That's the number of fights you will be fighting. You don't get to skip any floors. Talk about endurance round. 

The only thankful thing about this mode is that if you die you can continue a few floors earlier from where you died. And you keep all the stuff you earned up to that point. But still that's too many fights. And you can't use your Instant Kill.

Sound and Music: It's a mixed bag in every way

I wanna talk about the music. Not only do the characters have there own themes. But they also took the liberty to throw in select songs from the Persona games as well. THAT'S A LOT OF SONGS! Too many songs. A lot of them don't even fit a fighting game. There's even DLC tracks. This wouldn't be a problem. Except one Online is dead. 2 The songs often times are chosen at random. So often times instead of hearing the character's theme I hear something different. There's just too many songs. And I can't set it to only play specific songs. Only if its in a VS match can I actually set the song to play. You know if this is to be a thing you could do like Smash Bros. and have a setting to play certain songs.  

I don't have any problem with the sound effects. They're all different and unique nothing annoying. 

While I don't necessarily have a huge problem with this a friend of mine did. And that's the voice acting. Not like the typical voice acting hate. I mean his complaint was that they talk Too much. I kinda agree with him on this. But it falls more on the announcer/commentator. They'll pop up on the corner of the screen talking about how good you're doing or how bad you're doing. They won't shut up. It's a good thing you can turn them off. They talk almost as much as a random commentary video on YouTube or a tournament match. And they're really no help. They point out the obvious. It's pretty annoying. 

DLC Yeah its getting its own section

So I took a look at the DLC. This game got too much DLC. So you got 3 DLC characters which honestly 1 of them should be unlockable. Then you got Music DLC. I already explained that one. Then there's glasses DLC...a cosmetic thing that you won't really notice unless you're playing at 720p or higher. Then you have announcer DLC. Then you have Online Avatar and Icon DLC.  And for those that didn't play the first Persona 4 Arena. You can buy DLC for the story mode to that as well. 

How much DLC do you need for a fighting game?!

Oh and this DLC bit got updated. First it was just the Glasses and the characters. Then they threw in a music pack. But then Persona Q came out and DLC involving that game (I guess to celebrate it) showed up. Honestly if you're gonna do DLC like this especially Persona Q DLC you should've just made Shin and Rei as playable characters for this game. Seriously this is too much DLC. If you happen to buy it all it runs you about an extra 100 bucks. Go figure.


Alright lets end this. I've been typing too long. So this game would probably be a lot more fun for me. If I got it around the initial release date. I don't hate this game. But I don't really like this game. I'm thankful that this game has things for you to do that isn't just the bare bones of a fighting game. But this game's lifespan was clearly dependent on the online play. Which at this point is a true ghost town. It doesn't help that there's no characters I can really get attached to in this game. I like some of there personalities. But that's it. The playstyles and rather deceptive simplistic gameplay turn me off. I feel like I can't get attached to playing characters I like due to being way too hard to use. I'm also bothered that you can't have Minato, Shinji, or some of the other characters as playable fighters.

If you can get the game for cheap then do so. But you'll have to find your own way through the DLC. My major turn off is the music. A lot of songs is nice but this is way too many and over half of them don't fit to me. A Persona fan will probably respond with it the game having the classic *insert song here* in the game. But seriously a lot of these songs don't fit a fighting game. 

It was worth a rental for me. And that's where it stays. 

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - The Tournament That I'm Not Completing

Yeah so this is the tournament. I'm not finishing it. It's dumb. At least to me. While I could just brute force the whole thing. There's no reward for this. Just satisfaction. This isn't befriending any Pokemon at all.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - Making Friends of the Leaders

Well things we can do.
-Participate in a tournament
-Check on Wish Park
-Explore the parks some more
-make more friends.

Lets do all of the above....except 1.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Update - June 9th, 2016: Well Time to Rework Things

Well a lot of things happened in just this week alone. But aside from that it's a lot to talk about. So let's get the ball rolling. I'll make a seperate post talking about the games played itself.

Partnership Issues -> Looking up?

So I recently made plans to switch Youtube Partners. The main reason was I felt like I was being left in the dark to my own devices. I wasn't making much and things were working to a point of failure. So during the switch I told Collab I was switching. They told me that I couldn't switch cause I was still under contract for 9 months. -_- Go Figure. Then I got a call from the manager. 

First thing was apparently the old Manager quit a while ago so I wasn't getting any updates at all. -_- 2nd we started talking business. Unexpected things happened that I can only say was an act of god. So the cut changed from 70/30 to 85/15 in my favor. That's a plus. And they're gonna get one of there guys to help me get back on track with my channel. Yeah that's an act of god there. I can't really say anything else caused that to happen. I was generally expecting Collab to be jerks and use the contract as there leash on me. Didn't see that bit at all.  

I'm still looking at the other company that approached me with a different offer. But at the same time I'm dealing with what I have. I'd like to fulfill my contract instead of trying to weasel my way out of it. There are ways out of it but that can be dishonest besides Collab hasn't truly done me wrong especially since on Day 1 compared to the other companies Collab isn't asking for unreasonable crap. I remember one group that approached me saying that I must have commentary on all my videos and delete the ones that don't have commentary (rather stupid requirement especially since they approached me and I do to no commentary at all). Another one was asking me to add there logo to all my videos. (meaning re-upload every last one with there annoying logo covering the screen). Yeah so Collab was best for me. Even if they're not focused on gaming as much.

Anyway the other guys I was looking was called Screenwave Media. Which apparently is with famous guys like Cinnemassacre (aka AVGN, BoardJames, etc.) TeamFourStar (DBZ Abridged guys), etc. So this already has a good showing. It's not who they're already partnered with that appealed to me or the pay cut. But that it looks like they focus on channels to help them grow.

So that's why I thought of changing in the first place. But with this better offer or really change in contract along with some help. Maybe things can start looking up.


Well its been quiet around here. I'm not really happy with the family. I mean my uncle is making some rather bad decisions on his health. His diabetes, drinking, and smoking are taking a toll on his body to where he now has to be on dialysis. And if you don't know what dialysis is like. It's draining in all aspects to the point that you're dead tired and emotionally feeling like you want to die. He goes on saying before he takes another shot that his doctor says it's okay.  


I don't know what doctor would even say it's okay for you to drink when you have all these health problems that caused this in the first place. 

I'm actually somewhat happy I'm rather distant from the other family members. They want to stir up trouble that isn't about them. Then want to mediate everything as if they're the heroes. I don't wanna get dragged up in it. Honestly It's never a good time being around them. They know how to make you feel uncomfortable very easily.

My Own Health

Well this is a mixed bag. Some cases I'm alright. But I've been unreasonably tired. I want to just call it being old but still. Having to sleep so much and then not feel like doing anything or just can't get the will power to start or finish something is troubling. 

My Youtube Channel/Twitch Channel

I've been thinking of revamping the channel. Generally starting with the banner. The Banner is old. I mean really old. I rather draw up a new one. It's not that it's a lot of work (even though it is). It's that I have no idea what to use. I wish I had the money to just pay someone for this task. But I don't have the money and I feel like it won't say me. Like I won't be satisfied with it. Heck I actually had a ton of ideas. Just never put them into work.  

I thought of streaming again. Just haven't established a time. To make it worse live streaming has changed so much I know I can't fill in what people want to see. Most I know is that I have certain things I can utilize even though they won't be satisfactory to the heavy standard people. You know the ones that want HD only, commentary, and other loads of crap.

Microphone Not Working

This is a rather big problem. Even if I wanted to do commentary (I don't). I can't. The issue isn't my microphone. I mean rather difficult for a microphone to break if it's rarely used. It's Windows 10. I looked into this issue I'm not the only one with it. Tons of people have it. And there doesn't seem to be a good fix for it that actually works. 

The problem is HD VDeck. Which is pretty much the sound card driver. Everyone knows Windows 10 likes to update EVERYTHING! So apparently the problem lies in the update. I tried rolling back and I tried system restore. My system restore doesn't go back that far. I don't want to do a destructive system restore either. (where you basically factory reset your PC). Windows 10 is actually good to me aside from this problem. (inb4Win10isapossystemcomment).  Basically the driver doesn't recognize that I have a microphone plugged in. I still have sound. Just no mic. I'm waiting on a fix for this problem. 

The things needed for this PC.

Well the eternal updating PC thing is still ongoing. I have to update the videocard. I'm sticking with AMD cards not only cause they're cheap but I'm given software to record and stream easily with. (Screw OBS and those other streaming programs). Like I said before OBS doesn't like to help people or just me with whatever problems I have. And I have major issues with OBS.  The others either cost or have horrible customer service. I do want to update the video card. I mean there's a lot of games out there I can't play cause the video card's an issue. I really hate how some random dude responded to me saying, "You don't need a new videocard. It's just the company trying to make you buy a new one." This is stupid for main reason that he turns around and says I do need a new videocard. He was really just hating a specific game. Not anything else.  Other than that I need a new videocard and I hope I choose the right one once I save up.

I want a good recording software for Windows XP. Yeah I know Windows XP is unsupported. But I can still play games on that laptop with no issues.  I've been having issues on this PC since it was still in Windows 7 with old games. At least old games not on Steam. Honestly that's stupid. Starcraft wants to screw with the colors. Tyrian 2000 doesn't like my controller or know the difference from a mouse, keyboard, and controller, Virtua Fighter 2 just doesn't wanna work. Sonic 3D Blast says no, and other games straight up crash. Yeah it's clear the newer OS don't care for old games. And I don't like using some system emulator just to play a single game. 

I understand why old games have trouble on newer systems. But the newer systems should have some sort of fix or a way to compensate for it. Not kill it to where it never exist again.

E3, Nintendo whatever its called, etc.

Well I don't really watch these anymore. I mean If I actually went to these events I'd be more interested. But I feel its a waste of time to watch on TV/internet. I mean I'm not playing the game. I'm watching or really waiting for hours for an announcement or trailer to try and appeal to me. I rather be in person for such an event. Not sit in my room watching a screen. Yeah. I rather just wait for the trailers and screenshots of what's being shown. Makes more sense to me. Then you can see what you want to see instead of waiting a work day for something to happen. Besides that it's hard for me to get excited unless its a definite actually will happen thing. I've seen too many games get the boot at the last minute. 

Games and Stuff in the next post:

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - Power Of Science

Well time for the POWER OF SCIENCE! Except the Power of Science sucks we need to fetch a few things first. Then we can settle things in Wish park.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX): Fort Zeakden Battle

Well the last fight of Chapter 1. Can be quite a doozy. Well the first thing that should be noted is that the enemy loves to pick on Delita. Cause his level is likely so much lower than everyone else. The enemy is a total opportunist in this fight. This is also a fight where you fight from 2 different sides. 

Algus is Knight sporting a Bow. Which is rather smart. The Knights are annoying cause they'll tank most things.
The Mages are even more annoying considering how far away they are. 
You can end this easily by just killing Algus. But if you want to take advantage of the battle and try and get Crystals from the enemy just leave Algus alone. Heck steal from him if you can. The chances are Delita will get knocked out which turns his focus back on you.

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - Factory Workers

Inside its rather a factory with some big and small Pokemon. To open the door to the Scientorium we gotta find the gears.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX): Fovoham Plains Battle

Well here's a fight you should likely try not to fool around with. I mean Weigraf is packin heat. Throwing out Holy Knight Abilities like its nothing. Has counter with a high chance of it activating. Dude does not play with those that just killed his sister. Can't exactly lure him into the line of fire either.

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - A Park Of Engineers

So the next area. The Tech Area. It's an industrial town...park. This is only way through the Scientorium and its blocked. Gotta prove ourselves against the Pokemon here. Alright then. We also gotta fix a bridge. And get past a Golurk.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX): Lenalia Plateau Battle

So Round 2 with Miluda. She hasn't changed just her allies. Miluda is packing counter. And the Mages are annoying. But if you kill Miluda the fight ends.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - #11 Fair And Square

Well let's help Tepig out with this tournament. We gotta fight Fair and Square. Tournament Style. At least until they start cheatin.

Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax - Score Attack Mode (Edited)

Unedited Version Here:

edited a 5 hour video down to well this long. So you don't see all the continues just highlights of the BS and the winning match.

Course A:

  • Boss Junpei: Starts off with 9 Runs. 
  • Boss Teddie: Items are more favorable to him. 
  • Boss Naoto: Moves that affect the Fate Trigger hit for more than 1 count.
  • Boss Yosuke: Infinite Sukujaka
  • Boss Labrys: Infinite Red Axe (in other words She turned into MvC)
  • Boss Shadow Labrys: Stronger attacks, Asterius can inflict status effects
  • Boss Aigis: 999 Bullets, Infinite Orgia Mode, Unreasonably overpowered Orgia mode specials.
  • Boss Mitsuru: EVERY HIT ADDS FREEZE Status (including throw breaks) 
  • Boss Sho: Attacks add Panic, Beserk, and poison status
  • Boss Elizabeth: High Powered Specials, Mediarahan fully heals and quickly, Ghastly Wail almost always kills, Her Instant Kill only requires one hit to activate instead of 3.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - #10 Explore With Tepig

Well now that we have Tepig lets look around for some things that only Tepig can get to.

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX): Thieves Fort Battle

Well Thieves Fort can be easy or hard. I suggest bringing only males if you can. The thieves do sometimes pack Steal Heart. 
The main point is beating up Miluda. The other enemies are generally gonna support her usually through healing. But if you beat up Miluda the fight's over.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - #9 Everyone's Not That Aggressive

Compared to how pokemon were beating the crap out of each other in Arbor area. This place is rather nice. Sure everyone wants to fight but they're not beating the crap outta each other.

So we meet a timid Tepig. who we had to fire out a cannon. Tepig wants to enter the tournament. In order for that to happen we have to prove ourselves first. By doing another mini-game.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX): Zeklaus Desert Battle

A battle from 2 different sides. You'll see more like this later on. Where you have position your units to fight from 2 or more sides. The white mages and Archer's make things annoying. Since they're not limited by the giant wall. Although you might get unlucky and find that the Monk has Wave Fist which is also ranged. You can use your strongest...or really tankiest unit to act as a temporary wall to prevent the others from walking out the abandoned building. Or you can utilize archers and mages to annoy the enemy harder. Just know that the enemy is smart and will take advantage of mage spells. But likely you have Summoner so you can abuse that cause summoner's have a far better AoE and they can't hurt allies. 

Algus and Delita...well they like to do what's opposite of your favor. Don't count on them to do anything except kill weakened enemies. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Digimon Digital Card Battle: Vs BlackWargreymon

Ok so return to Beginner City for your Final Challenge. BlackWargreymon stands there and well pretty much has his same story and lines from season 2. Talking about how he's searching for a meaning to his existence and that he's here to end your existence. So he opens a tournament. Breezing through its opponents to reach BlackWargreymon himself. Now BlackWargreymon isn't a pushover. despite lacking the 7s cards he can still put up a fight. Once its over. Watch the not-end credits. Back at Beginner City talking to him again he'll reward you with Veemon's Golden Digi-Egg. (assuming you started with Veemon if not well too bad for you). He respects your power and tells you not to misuse it. Well that's it for this game. Hope you enjoyed.

The only other thing to mention is that Betamon's deck has changed...but he doesn't know how to use it so its not even worth noting him as an opponent.

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX): Dorter Trade City Battle

Ah the first actual challenge of the game.
You got 2 Archers to deal with. Algus and Delita usually try to deal with the first sitting at the top. But they'll never make it without you taking a lot of damage first. 

2 Black mages that are slow but you don't want them active.
A knight who isn't really a threat unless your weaker units are in the way. 

If you have Ignore Height or a lot of movement that's your best bet to take out the perfectly positioned Archer. The rest can be lured into range. But try not to stay huddled together since there are mages around.

Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond - #7 More Friends Of Arbor Area

Before moving on to the next area lets finish making friends of this area. Which apparently we can't get them all cause they're blocked off.