Wednesday, September 28, 2016

FFRK Odin Ultimate + (The 5 Dooms)


Didn't have time to snap a pic of my stats. My phone doesn't like to cooperate with my recorder.

Sigh...The biggest downside of this event aside from the fact that I can't try my luck with lucky draws. (no money/mythril).

Is that they don't give you that many motes to make full use of this new 6* ability on all your party members. Really only about 1-3 characters can hopefully be able to use it. And you can't get anymore motes after that. -_-

Odin Ultimate +

There are reasons I hate Ultimate, Ultimate +, etc. These quest are reliant on either BS luck or having the right equipment/abilities. Really both. It also falls on your RW to save your ass. -_-

This battle for example is relying on Odin U+ to cooperate with you and not kill your party in 3 turns. Also if you don't kill him by the time he counts to 10 he just kills you anyway. Only Jump skills and invincibility SBs can get around it. (Reraise doesn't count unless you don't care on losing 3 medals). The rest of the time like I said hope he cooperates and doesn't spam attack all party member moves 9 times. Retaliate - Draw Fire is only there to take some heat off....hopefully.

I really hate events like these. -_-

Monday, September 19, 2016

Upcoming Playthroughs - Don't Know When Exactly

Dungeon Punks (PC Version)
So this game. Played the PC version. It does have commentary but it was also hit by content ID claims. Anyway Beat-Em up.

Rocket Knight (Steam)

Finally got around to this. Well buying it really. Did a playthrough. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Super Smash Bros 4 3DS
 I said to myself I wouldn't record anymore 3DS playthroughs for awhile and look at this. I recorded a couple of Bowser Amiibo replays.

It's done....just gotta hope Adobe Premiere Elements 7 cooperates Should be enjoyable.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Gods of Rome - They're Not Even Roman!!!

So this is a one-off. I played the game one time. Recorded little footage of it. But decided. I'M NEVER PLAYING IT AGAIN!!!

So Gods of Rome is an Android/Facebook/iOS Free-to-Play game. It's a fighting game. And while I don't hate it for the reasons others do. (Graphics, and simplified combat).  I do hate it.

This gives me the same reminders I had with Marvel's Contest of Champions. I'm not hating like others cause of graphics or cause its a FtP Android/iOS title. 

I hate this game cause of the community and the gameplay. 


I could care less about how simplified the game is. The AI is insanely dumb that the only reason you'd lose is the same reason you would in SoulCalibur: Lost Swords. The AI happens to be stronger than you in stats. Which will happen quite often. 

So that's a minor thing. Most of my hate goes to the community and RNG. The community is pretty much ruthless. I don't mean there's some PVP or anything Cause the PVP is fight someone else's buffed up character. The AI is still dumber than a sack of bricks it's not a real PVP. I'm referring to the Guilds system. You can create a guild or join one. If you join one, you better have something great to offer otherwise expect to be kicked out or just rejected in less than 5 minutes. Basically the majority of the guild owners will kick you out if you're not playing this game as often as they'd like. Or you're not playing in a mode they want you to. Or they could be dicks and just have you around to help complete an event and then once the event is done. You get the boot. I'm not kidding.
The other gameplay aspect I hate is how you acquire more characters. Yeah it's as random as Puzzle and Dragons but at least in PAD you could actually make use of whatever you got. Here not so much. Basically when you get the Mcguffin to acquire a new character. It's randomized as to what you get. Like most games you're teased as to what's featured. That I'm okay with. Its when you actually do it that pisses me off. The game brings up this roulette wheel that you might think, "Hey if I stop this at the right moment I'll get that character I want." It's just there to tease you. The character you're gonna get was already decided long before the roulette wheel started. So if you wanted Zeus who happens to be on the wheel...don't hold your breath. 

I had the same issues with this game as I did with Marvel: Contest of Champions. Downloaded it for the same reason too. The characters. But I find out I'm not getting these characters and my chances of that happening are slim to none. If the game wasn't so "GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR MONEY" and the story was more entertaining then I'd play this. But nope. 

Now if you want to ask me about Marvel: Contest of Champions. Well that's the same thing. Copy and paste what I said here and there you go. 


The Graphics are pretty good. Its the reason why I downloaded this in the first place. I like the character designs.

However the game may be called "Gods of Rome" but when you look at the entire roster of characters. There's more non-roman gods in this game than there are roman gods. There's Heroes, Demons, Villians, and gods. I guess game names aren't important to pay attention to. You just pick one and ignore it. This game should be called "Almighty Warriors". Cause last I checked Anubis isn't Roman. I'm Zeus isn't Roman he's Greek. So uh....where's the Roman god representation? 

Seriously looks up the character roster and see how many "Gods" are actually gods. And how many of them are actually Roman. We don't care about game names here. 

So Why Am I Not Playing This Game?

To give you a hopefully simplified reason. I went through the same crap in gameplay when I downloaded Marvel: Contest of Champions. It's pretty much the same exact game but different characters and a slightly different story. 

The Guild aspect sucks. You basically have to devote as much time to this game as you would World of Warcraft for a guild to actually respect you. 

The title of the game is misleading. Yeah I'm sure on my history test I'll put that Horus is a Roman god. "Yeah that'll get me an A" *sarcasm*

The character RNG drawing is random and teases you far more than it should. I imagine there's some God of Money sitting on an altar with everyone's money with a message right before you enter saying "If you want the good stuff then give me all of your money and I'll CONSIDER it."  

Sidenote: You might point out that I'm playing games like Puzzle and Dragons, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, etc. However those games didn't rub in your face the need to give them cash. Not only that when you did it was actually worth it. Not like this game. I may sound biased but I really hate this game.