Wednesday, February 15, 2017

-_- Hiatus -_-

I need a break. I mean I really need a break. I've been stressing to get videos uploaded in time.  Virtually losing sleep over it. Then stressing over other events that have been occuring that I won't talk about.

Anyway I need time to get things uploaded and ready to go. So my uploads will be staggerred for awhile.  What sucks is it's gonna hurt my general source of income even if I'm already hurting to begin with. But I need this time frame to get videos uploaded and ready to go and not worry about getting things released on time.

There will be uploads here and there but not like usual.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Well This Happened - Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

So while searching for those mcguffins that I need to get other things. I decided to comb every square inch of the map. Ended up landing here and well... The game couldn't handle it. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Game Made for the Fans: Dragonball Xenoverse - Review

Well I'm a sucker for games that let you create a character in an already existing universe and you basically have to save the heroes butts cause they suck for one reason or another. Dragonball Xenoverse is a mixed bag of love and hate on every level.

Now I should mention that a lot the issues with Xenoverse 1 end up fixed with Xenoverse 2 although I haven't played the 2nd one since I don't have a console for it.

Spoilers Warning


The story is that 2 demons named Towa and Mira are traveling through time to screw it up by basically making Goku lose fights he's supposed to win. Future Trunks or well at this point another Trunk from a different universe witnesses this with the Supreme Kai of Time and decide to put a stop to it. By summoning you with the dragonballs.

You travel to various famous battles in the Dragonball Z timeline fixing them to more or less insure that things play out correctly. Although the game did screw up a bit with the Majin Buu saga. I guess they ran out of space. Or didn't care for certain characters.  The concept of time travel may be an overused plot but it works out.

As you progress through the game you find that some other guy is also doing the same thing to screw up time in order to become the new God of Time. It always seems like demons are just plain evil in the Dragonball universe. The focus shifts from Towa & Mira to a guy named Demigra. Honestly Demigra is pretty cool at least in that final form.

The game decides that since there's no more story to use. They instead move on to movie "Battle of the Gods" and feature Beerus. The favorite character among many Dragonball fans worldwide.

During the story I started to notice that there isn't too big of a focus on the story. The events are kinda repetitive. You talk to Trunks and view a scroll of time being screwed up. Then you get to work. I do find it funny on how alternate takes on battles workout. Obviously Hercule defeating everyone at the Cell games was pretty funny. But aside from these the story is incredibly short and you can easily finish it in less than a week.


Then comes the Parallel Quest (PQs). These have another alternate take on various missions. Such as protecting Frieza of all people from the likes of Goku. Or helping Majin Buu defeat Vegito. And other such crazy stuff. But these are short and I have a love/hate for these.


Character Creation

While I'll probably never be satisfied with Character Creation. I have to say that this falls to a choice of how easy do you want your game to be. You have a choice of being a Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Frieza Race, or Majin. Each having there own unique style. The problem lies not with how broken these races can be at times but how the combat system (explained later) tries to force you to play.

There was at one time where the Namekians were practically immortal. At least on the PC version. Since Namekians have the ability to heal themselves Apparently you could set your game's frame rate to 120 fps and you would heal so fast that the AI couldn't possibly kill you. This ended up fixed in a later patch.

What I do hate in character creation is how stats are tied clothes. I created a human character with probably the most balanced stats around. But the clothing ruins the balance to an annoying degree that makes me want to plug stat points in certain spots just keep my balance. It was honestly at times a choice of "Do I want to look cool and be weak" or "Look really stupid but have godlike stats?"

Not only this issue was a thing but seeing that the Male and Female option rather annoyed me. The races that Male and Female options available (Humans, Saiyans, and Majins) also had different bonuses along with them. Such as more HP, Stamina, etc. I honestly would rather have character creation be more like Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. You select your race, your specialties, and if just wanna be special select these things individually.

My minor issue is that there's not too many parts to design your character like other Dragonball series characters. You can't make Giran, Cell, Beerus, Oozaru(Great Ape), etc. You can have clothes but nothing that really changes your appearance. That's up to mods.


Combat is a mixed bag. Combos are simple. As it's a mix of 2 buttons alternating, along with special moves, and ultimate attacks. Stamina is what helps you fly around the field, block, and do that speedy teleport thing. Your Ki lets you use special moves and ultimate moves.

Problem #1 arrives when you start doing certain quests or story missions. At first they're kinda easy. No big deal. But then as you get further along you start to notice that the enemy AI has unlimited Ki and Stamina. Nevermind the 2 Health Bars. The unlimited Ki and Stamina will piss you off to no end. The harder the mission is the more the AI will start to realize that, "Hey I have cheat codes and the player doesn't!" And they'll use there advantages to piss you off.

While there unlimited Stamina can annoy you. All they do with this is fire off there evasive skills more often than they should. Pretty much slowing down your killing process. Unlimited Ki is the true bane of your existence. Particularly on Saiyan race characters. Or really any main character. They'll start utterly spamming there ultimate skills. You can stop there ultimate attacks with a well timed Fierce attack to the face. But most of the time you'll be running for your life trying to get out of the way of these attacks. It really sucks when you're thrown into missions where you're forced to run the quest solo. Then you're really in trouble.

Example: Quest where you must defeat 8 characters solo. Well in a one on one situation you're fine. Maybe even 2 on 1 you can pull it off. But 3 on 1 is far worst. Like where I have to defeat Goten, Gohan, and Goku. They're all at there powered up states. Each one of them spamming everything they have. I'm focused more on dodging than anything. 

Problem #2: Super Armor. If you don't know what Super Armor is. It's basically a fighting game mechanic where a character can take damage and not even be phased by it. They did take damage but there's still coming towards you. This starts as a minor problem to a major flaw in the game. To the point that you might start yelling at the game in utter rage. A well timed fierce attack at full charge can put a stop to this but you might need more than one. Or you could solve this with another solution.

It's these 2 problems alone that can force you into a gameplay mindset of spamming. You'll see a lot of players online and on Youtube pull this off. Generally it consists of using a Saiyan race character. Hit max ki. Go Super Saiyan and spam your ultimates all day. Super Saiyan allows you higher stats and grants you access to use all of you're moves infinitely regardless of amount of ki needed. It lasts as long as you have Ki. This get's incredibly boring you're reduced to this playstyle in order to win some quest. It's like the game is sentient and wants you play this way.

Another issue I have is that some moves just plain suck. I don't really like to say that. But that is the case here. I'm more of a guy that wants to make use of all kinds of moves. There's a reason there in the game right? It really bugs me when I see people say that, "Oh this move sucks. You shouldn't use it." I've saw it a lot in UMvC3 when a guy did a tutorial on Dante saying that he has all of these moves but only 4 of them should be used the rest should never even be thought about. To me if that's the case why are they in the game then?

Anyway there are actually moves that just plain suck. One of them I got from Shenron himself. It's great on paper but man I've seen that move fail multiple times. Like the opponent will just go right through it. Or I would just completely whiff the move cause unlike the others the hitbox on this one is incredibly small. I hate this a lot. Cause this leads to people saying a lot "Oh just spam this move and you'll win it's all you need." Just like with Kingdom Hearts. I want to use certain moves but they suddenly stop working. Not cause oh it's a boss. But more like it just doesn't work anymore.

Combat can be fun but when those 2 problems arrive I just want to quit the game.

Parallel Quests

Well if you played Monster Hunter, Or any other MMORPG you might know where I'm going with this. The Parallel Quests (PQs) are pretty much the side bit to the story. Heck practically becomes the main focus of your gameplay. You fulfill mission objectives and acquire moves, clothing parts, and other things. The problem is that RNG reigns supreme here. It's not like I was expecting to gain whatever move was listed in the quest right away. But RNG also affects whether or not certain added events trigger.  Yes that's right. You could fulfill the mission objectives to the T and you still won't get the Ultimate Finish you're looking for. Cause the game's RNG can decide to just give you the finger and say well no extra quest for you.

What's worse is the combat problems mentioned previously will rear it's ugly head here. It's even worse when your mission objective to protect a character. The enemy AI can randomly decide, "Okay I'm done getting my butt kicked by you. I'll just go kill the other guy now and ruin your quest." This has happened to me so many times I got utterly fed up with the quest and decided **** that I'm doing something else.

  • Mission: Defeat Gohan
  • Suddenly Added Objective: Cell must not die.

It doesn't help that you can't heal these allies. If they die that's it. What's worst is that your allies will basically flip a coin as to whether or not they'll choose to fight back or just stand there looking stupid. Then yelling at you when your getting your butt kicked. Cause apparently you can't fight. Yet you're obviously doing all the work.

Music/Voices/Sound Effects

The music is nonexistent and forgettable. You'll hear music but it's forgettable. Especially during PQs the music will only play when you're in combat. Then it's just dead silence. I would think that at this point you would have the Dragonball Z OST playing but I guess not.

Voices can be ugh at times. I don't cringe from how a voice sounds. But I cringe when the wrong lines are said or the delivery is just makes go "Huh???" That's in this game. The lines that are apparently supposed to be said don't match the text box whatsoever so certain characters.

Frieza text box says: "Hmph....tired already."
Frieza actually says: "WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH POWER?!"

A minor gripe I have is who up there at Namco-Bandai decided it was okay to make TFS DBZ Abridged Nappa voice a create a character voice? All it says is, "Vegeta." I know TeamFourStar is probably the main reason why Dragonball is so popular now with it's memes and gay jokes. (No I don't have a problem with the series). But why was this given a green light? I just have a feeling that somewhere in the future when there's an AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) they're gonna note this very thing and harp on it worse than I am right now.

Then...I have to bring this up. Cause it's pretty much the butt of most Xenoverse jokes. Trunks's epic "Guys..." line. It's so out of place. It doesn't even sound like Trunks. The script is fine. But the delivery was so horrible it's as if they recorded some random guy talking to his buddies when it's said. While the voice acting altogether isn't horrible. Cause I've seen far worse atrocities (Chaos Wars being one).  It's pretty notable as bad voice acting in videogames.

Sound effects are pretty good. Sounds mainly just like Dragonball Z. So I can't hate on that.


I'm not gonna get into the bugs and glitches this game has. It's completely different story and well I stuck with this game for as long as I did cause I'm a fan. I liked it for the fact that I'm not stuck playing as Goku or some other main character and I got to create my own guy to save the day. I wish more games like this was made. Naruto & Bleach technically have done it with there MMORPG. But I would really like to create my own character.

If you're a fan of Dragonball in some way. Then there's a good chance you'll like this game. If not. Or you never even heard of the anime series or videogames. Then you're gonna hate this game. Xenoverse 2 is far better as it fixed most of the problems that this game has.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Die for Valhalla - Preview Copy #1


Kickstarter: @monstercouch

So here's the deal behind this game. I was approached to play this game for there kickstarter awhile ago. They didn't want videos released until today when there campaign started. I planned to do more videos on it but man how my time was ate up by so much other stuff. I might do more later.

Anyway this game...There logo should put DIE in big red letters not the Valhalla part. It's obviously aiming for unforgiving difficulty. You die and experience harsh punishment for dying.

So the premise of the game is that demons are rebels are taking over the world and thus Odin the wise god who knows everything and how to handle things sends his Valkyrie to take care of the problem. Don't worry Odin knows best right?....Right???? Right????....

Okay I don't know about many other people but I know for myself in the previous games I've played that had Odin in it. Aside from Final Fantasy games. Odin is not only a bad ruler/god to the point that he's a dick. But he really sucks at his job. Like really sucks. Valkyrie Profile 2, Odin Sphere, Marvel's Thor, the list goes on.

So anyway you're a Valkyrie sent down from the heavens to take care of the problem...But well...Valkyries suck in this world. This ain't no Valkyrie Profile. As one of Odin's agents you have powers but well your powers suck and you can die....easily. So you have another power. You can possess fallen warriors and have them fight for you. In fact you need these guys to fight for you cause when I say your powers suck they really suck.

So the difficulty thing. Let's talk about this. This game wants you to suffer. It eases you in with the first 2 or 3 stages. Then they start to kill you. You don't have much to manage but in reality it's a lot to think about before moving on. The warrior you decide to possess gains levels as they defeat enemies but if they die it's back to lvl 1 they go. You'll come across a lot of graves of fallen warriors and you sit there and think to yourself.

  • Should I keep going? 
  • Should I put this warrior back to rest?
  • How much longer is this level?
  • What enemies lie ahead?
  • Can I make it?

Yeah the questions build on and on. And one mistake will cost you dearly. It's a bit like real life actually.

Well should you make a mistake and die. Your warrior dies so you have another chance. Time to quickly flee to the next grave and resurrect that guy to fight for you. And you better do it fast cause the enemy is now eyeing you.

How many glory points do you get for killing a Valkyrie? I don't know but should your Valkyrie die you get the NES/Atari/Classic Arcade game treatment. You get kicked back quite a distance with a completely new Valkyrie. Odin doesn't care for that one that died. He's got plenty more Valkyries to send in  your place. He must be sending the brand new Valkyrie cause these suck just as bad as the one you started with.

When I say you get kicked back quite a distance. Did you ever play games like "I Wanna Be the Guy", "Classic Megaman", "Ninja Gaiden", etc? Remember how those games punished you when you die by kicking you back such a far distance in the stage that you're frustrated not only from dying but how much you have to repeat a stage to reach the end or the next checkpoint?  Yeah I'm talking about that.  "Die for Valhalla" does this to you. Doesn't help that the enemies are incredibly annoying and difficult to deal with. You have these little guys that keep rushing into you. Some dudes casting magic spells. Archers. You're busy trying to survive for the most part. And the game doesn't let you move forward until everything on screen is dead. Yeah...

In fact this game is so difficult, the guys here at monstercouch actually made a challenge to those who got there demo to beat it. Those that could beat the demo get free download codes. They're that confident that you will not easily beat this game.

I couldn't do it. But if you like dying constantly from unfair odds and being punished heavily for dying as well as frustration. Then Die for Valhalla may be your type of game.

Check out there kickstarter and twitter.