Friday, March 31, 2017

Youtube Update April 2017 - Older and Tired

So April 2nd I turn 30. Honestly I can say nothing about it. Just makes me sad. I mean a lot of things in my life if not everything pretty much went opposite of what I wanted. My own fears and views of the world stop me from taking risks. But really there's no one to push me to do things. Just everyone being nice and going all like, "You're doing great. Keep it up." When I'm not.

Well Youtube is just as it is. They keep making changes and you can do nothing but complain and accept them. So youtube removed the option of Fan Funding. Which is essentially google's version of having a Paypal and asking for donations there. What's being removed in the future is Annotations and in it's place is end title cards. Removing annotations is essentially going to cripple a lot of websites that make money through allowing them to make annotations on your videos. They're adding more stuff that I can't really make use of.


I've been trying to get back into livestreaming. Trying. The mentality behind it though is just ugh.  I stress out every time I try to setup. I read a guide or newsletter talking about streaming and it said to just fake my feelings. But that's something I just can't do. I only thought of livestreaming again to get more publicity. I'd do it on Youtube but it doesn't feel like I'd get anywhere streaming on Youtube and it's setup is just ugh.

I've already explained what I don't like about Streaming. The time it takes. How much I get done versus how much I get done when not streaming, The shoutouts, the chat. Just so much anxiety at this point.


While I get comments they're more or less the same. Even more so I'm finding it harder to view comments. Like I get comments but no notifications that someone made a comment. Or I'll get notifications but it's like from ghost often times. My phone beeps off way late when I get comments. It's just hard to respond to comments now.

I haven't improved or did worse in views or subs. I honestly think subscribers don't matter at this point cause what's the point of having subscribers when your subscribers don't respond. In fact I can say that the majority of mine only subscribed for one video. And it's usually a video from ancient times.

I'm very likely repeating myself here. But New/Indie games don't grab viewers. It may cause a sudden increase in viewers but then they'll disappear after a few days and that's me being generous with that number. Game Grumps and pretty much play whatever they want and never have to worry about viewers.  I hate those that always say that I should play New games or Indie games to grab viewers. I understand your trying to help. But you're honestly being presumptuous and you don't even know it.

Where's your proof that this is fact? What are you basing this on? Why does that work? I can't trust it.

Another thing I hate is how Youtube makes my old playlist nonexistent. But if I create a new playlist of the same name then search it they both turn up. The old and the new one. Youtube I've been on youtube for a very long time and I feel like you're trying to kick me out. Why not kick out those other guys? You know the ones that make you look bad, that deliberately go against the policies you set and yet still yield high amounts of views.  Sigh...whatever that's how the world is and I just live in it.


I still struggle to stay consistent with playthroughs. A big issue now is mobile games. I like some of the mobile games others I don't. I tried to stick to schedule in playing these but daylight savings ruins it. Mobile Games don't bother with changing along with Daylight Savings for one reason or another. Forcing me schedule later. Then there's the whole bit of editing videos I hate Adobe Premiere. It always likes to give one issue or another. I want find something else that's reliable and doesn't give some BS reason to crash or refuse to read files, etc.

Marvel Future Fight

Well this game I'm at a point where I need to grind heavily before I do anything significant. I don't like recording something like a daily quest. It'll be just me doing the same thing over and over again. Nothing significant. I rather wait till I get something to happen. Like I got a character maxed out. Or I beat a world boss.

DBZ Dokkan

I don't really enjoy this game. This is one of those games I rather just look at the nice artwork of the cards and see the animations of super attacks. I rather not play this game. Even if people like it. It's just not fun for me. I'm not up for putting forth my full effort into this game.

Hexyz Force

This is a game I do enjoy despite how long it takes me. I'm trying to do the playthrough like how I saw another youtuber I watch. He records all the cutscenes and boss fights together as a clip. I figured I'd do that for people. I don't know how people respond to that though. There's 2 different stories and a final story. So this game is very interesting to me and I wish I played it a long time ago. I just couldn't get my hands on a copy.

Skylanders: Imaginators

There's still things to do. I just need to go out actually buy them Too bad it's rather expensive and I can't afford it.

Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb

This game reminds me of Ross's quote (From Ross's Game Dungeon) about Old PC Game endings. Where they're very mediocre. And this game pretty much supports his comment. The end of the game is rushed. The ending gives tons of plot holes. But there's an online comic series to continue the story.

You can go here to view it:

Pokemon: Moon

I should've finished this game months ago. But finally got it from Gamefly and Well. Now I have a hard time just sticking to the game. I hate trying to record it. Since one, people complain about the quality cause I don't have a 3DS capture card. Two, the amount of effort I do to at least record the game in the first place. And 3 I feel like I have no time to play it. I try to play it. Get a good run going then the battery is dying and I have to stop. Or something comes up forcing me to stop. Or I'm just at one of those points where I'm bored and don't feel like playing. Or my depression kicks in and I just don't do jack squat but lay in bed all day. Yeah this playthrough is troublesome.

Stuff I Want To Play


I don't care that people say Overwatch is better and Battleborn is crap. Cause everyone I've heard say that has the reasoning of the company's previous game was garbage. Whatever that previous game was. First off I look at Overwatch and I was excited. I was hoping that Overwatch was going to be a movie cause the super long trailer was pretty much a movie. And all the lore and story they put into the game makes it pretty scream that it's a movie. Then I look at the gameplay and it's all the same. Online Multiplayer, Kill each other, get to the payload, kill each other, capture and defend bases, kill each other. No single player. Yet the trailers dump all those story into the game but it doesn't matter at the end of the day.

Yet I see Battleborn, and they have Single and Multiplayer modes. A story campaign. Your classic set of multiplayer modes of killing each other. And interesting characters. So why does it suck again? Oh right Gearbox Software? Wait what's bad about Gearbox Software? I don't know...and I don't care cause very likely I will never play the other games made by them and I'm more focused on this game. Not the company. I'd go more into but that tangent would be another 6 paragraphs of text you won't read.

Freedom Planet 2

I definitely want to play this when they finish it. I almost went out my way to buy the first one on console. Almost. Good thing I'm poor. But yes I can't wait for this to be finished.

 BUCK Game

I played the demo sometime last year. And it's now been released. I was impressed with this game. I was expecting zombies, but got this instead. I'm ecstatic because of that. I didn't feel bored, I felt like wanting to do more. I haven't felt that way about a game since Dust: An Elysian Tale.

Stories: The Path of Destinies

If I could ever get a new video card I would totally play this. I keep looking at this game and reminding myself that I got to get a new video card to play this. I hope that happens one day in my life before I die. Cause this game is apparently great.

That's about everything I can think of to talk about. Hope you guys enjoy yourselves. I'm going to sleep later everyone.

Power Rangers - Legacy Wars: Tarnished My Legacy

I'm pretty sure every one of you out there has had a game that you looked forward to playing when it came out then you play it and your like....ugh. Well that's how I feel with this game. Power Rangers - Legacy Wars is a fighting game for mobile devices. You pick rangers from your favorite series from Mighty Morphin up to the 2017 Movie. Obviously this game was to celebrate/promote the new 2017 movie. But honestly it doesn't do a good job. Lack of gameplay options, not much explanation given, a badly organized character roster, and mechanics make this game really meh at best.

So the concept of this game is that Rita Repulsa (The 2017 Movie One) decides to corrupt the legacy of the Power Rangers. Now it's up to you to recruit characters get rid of this corruption. That's it. From that point onward you get thrown into a tutorial that tells you how to fight. But it doesn't tell you everything. After you finish the tutorial the only thing left is PvP.

What's Good?

I guess I should note what's good first. So I admire the character models. They're pretty well done. Although you could say it's simple to make models like that since the character roster is mostly rangers. But you got the evil bad guys like Goldar or Xandred. I just wish that like in Marvel Future Fight you could take a closer look at the models.

Actual PvP. On a Mobile game that's kinda rare. Usually when it's PvP it's really you vs another players team. But this is actual PvP. So I have to give props for this.

That's it really...

Behold all the characters you can play as right now. It'll be awhile before they add more.

What's Bad

Everything else is bad. Music is forgettable. The combat while I didn't expect much from this is bad. Basically it's 2.5D fighting game on a mobile device and aside from Street Fighter IV and a few others on mobile. This doesn't do a good job. You swipe left and right to dash or backdash. But you select from a somewhat random assortment of cards to attack or block. And you utilize this to hopefully beat down your opponent.

That's all the tutorial tells you. What you're not told is that blocking attacks you can only block for a small period of time. And there's attacks that break guards. Not only that but there's combos. Combos that only work when certain cards are used in a correct order. The only way you figure this out is through playing the game.

There's also only 2 modes of play in the game. Training and PvP. While that's not bad considering your new standard for fighting games is Training Mode and Online Matches. WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING?! I HATE BOTH THESE MODES IN FIGHTING GAMES!!!

You only get these 2 modes to play. Nothing else. No added story to the game. Which you don't really need. But honestly when your opening intro is Rita Repulsa is doing something evil and the world needs you to stop it. I need a bit more story to go along with it. Not only that. But WHY IS THERE NO SINGLE PLAYER?!

So your PvP is ranked by tiers. As you rank up you get access to more characters...I should explain this though cause at first I thought this would be like Marvel Future Fight where I can easily acquire what I need to recruit whatever character. But it's not. Basically the tiers show you what you can randomly earn from it. Which is nice but there's no specific you'll get this character from this stage. Cause when you win or lose a match you get a treasure box that contains random stuff. And just like Marvel Future Fight you need a specific amount of whatever character to unlock that character and level him/her/it up.

These are Leader Characters. Notice the Fancy Boxes?
These are Assist characters. There boxes aren't fancy.

And this is great. The character roster although small. Which likely won't stay small for too long cause it's a mobile game. It's unorganized. I looked through the character roster and found 2 of the same character. Why? Well that's another concept of the game. You have a main fighter and 2 assist characters in your team. Why do I bring this up? Well not all the characters are playable. They're just assists. And to make it worse you can't really tell these apart from one another. The Leader characters have a slightly fancier box then the assist characters. But when I look at the roster they're all jumbled up together. I can't separate them either.

And here's a small gripe I have and experience with the game. I can't change my name. I am now and forever know as Ranger01245641 or whatever. I tried entering my name but it wouldn't let me change it. I thought at first it's because maybe someone already has my name. So let me try something else. Nope. I just can't change it.


This game is a huge disappointment for me. First off this game wanted me to pre-register. Cause it wasn't out at the time. So that makes me think that there's gonna be something big coming cause I pre-registered. I got nothing. 2nd Seeing screenshots from other people that played the closed beta of the game made me think oh this game will be awesome. It's not in the slightest. I was happy at first but then as I played it my smile went to a big frown. At least when the game updates I can view the other character models cause I'm not playing it.

I can understand keeping the gameplay simple for the kids that will flock to this game. But it's lack of an actual single player mode hurts it heavily. TRAINING MODE IS NOT A REAL SINGLE PLAYER MODE!!! This game makes Marvel Contest of Champions look godlike and that game is a massive paywall game.  Forget this.

Note: I also don't appreciate this game constantly showing MMPR Green Ranger all day for 10 dollars.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mid-March 2017 Update - Reason For My Hiatus

A lot's been going on. Dealing with it all is really stressful. Falling behind on  uploads became really stressful then it was even more painful to go out and say I'm going on a hiatus. Which isn't really a hiatus cause I'm still active. The thing about it all is that I know that if I go inactive then my only source of income is gone. Despite how little it is. Multiple unexpected expenses like renewing my license, taxes, plumbing, etc. cut into my life.

Sure some people understand that things have to be taken care of. But the reality is that the bigger number of people is just going to be like, "Well I'll just go someplace else." I already don't have a lot of viewers. Whatever supposed help from my partnership company doesn't help. Maybe I should've switched anyway. They don't focus on Youtubers. They focus more on Vine and other media formats. I believe I average 30 viewers a video.

That whole crap about playing new games or indie games. I hate it. It doesn't make sense and I feel like I'm the guy that pretty much is the exception to that statistic.

Aside from that family issues are always around. Only one good thing happened and that's my mom's X-Boyfriend finally getting kicked out the house. So now I can sleep and not listen to bad music, drunken bouts, or second hand smoke. Guess I got the house to myself for a few hours a day now.

I kept thinking on and off of dipping into my savings to take care of expenses and other things. But I don't want to do it for obvious reason. Like I would probably just spend it all and then end up with nothing in the long run.

I'm generally hanging there in terms of depression.  I don't see a doctor about it anymore so I'm on my own. But I feel better not seeing the doctor since it felt like every time I went I always felt worse about myself. So now I'm on my own about it all.


Well obvious more or less what's being uploaded. But here

Pokemon Moon

Slowly working on it. But man I hate sitting in awkward positions to record this game only to have people complain at me about the quality. Yet it's all I got. 

Bloody Roar Extreme

Somewhat of a redo to the old Bloody Roar: Extreme playthroughs. Now hopefully no pixelated mess. 

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

I finally got off my butt and released the videos. The commentary version is longer than the non commentary one. Cause I split the videos in the commentary.

Megaman X

Cause I've been depressed. So something to relieve me I suppose.

Hexyz Force

Yeah I just randomly decided. Playthrough this game. And so I am. I wish I wasn't like that. But whatever. I needed to play something.