Tuesday, April 25, 2017

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - Fun While Depressed

Playlist to be completed soon

I ended up finally plugging this game into my Xbox 360. After forcing myself out of bed, whipping away tears, and trying to not think about killing myself. Did me well I suppose since I'm writing this.

It's sorta a step down from Lego Marvel Avengers but it works. I can't imagine the copyrights and content ID claims I'll have to deal with in this game. The LEGO games are mired in it.


So this is a way to get a crash course on most of the prominent Marvel Heroes and Villians. The main avengers, Spiderman, Hulk, Fantastic 4, etc. But really this gives a focus on the Silver Surfer. If you don't remember his story. He's basically the guy who brings disaster to whatever world he passes by cause Galactus soon comes by and devours said world.

Dr. Doom attacks the Silver Surfer and takes part of his board for his evil plan. But for whatever reason Loki, Dr. Octopus, Magneto, and even Abomination have joined forces. So we need everyone in on this including Shawarma to deliver food to find out what's going on and stop it.

The story has tons of Lego and Marvel comedy while giving us tons basic info on each of the main heroes.


I actually love the sound here. While you don't have the authentic movie voices of the marvel characters. You do have notable voices. You do have some issues during parts of the game where a character speaks but because they're not on screen they'll sound distant. It's best to turn on Subtitles to rectify this. Even though the subtitles can be rather annoying in size.

The music that picks up during the boss fights is notable to me. Since it actually felt like a good moment for the stage to pick up in pace. It does sound sorta generic but in a good way.


Well it's Legos. I mean you can't really expect much outside of Lego. I did find it annoying how the help text would constantly pop up for certain things when I'm trying to do something else. But it's Legos and I appreciate how the entire world loads pretty quickly and no long loading times for such a big world. I was stopped at the border of the world a few times. One side there's some construction workers that tell me I can't go any further cause they're working and it'll take a long time. Likely that's a DLC area or something else. Then if I fly too far to the edge of a map using one of the flight vehicles...well it blows up cause of the invisible wall.


Gameplay is your typical Lego game. You beat up legomen, collect bricks, break stuff, activate switches, if you're stuck then you gotta build stuff with the obvious bricks laying around. The same replay value that exists is around as well. Come back with different characters to collect the things you're missing.  There's side quest as well as a character creator. Although I find the character creator rather lacking.

What I didn't like is the camera at times I couldn't adjust it to where I could see that I'm walking off a bottomless pit. There's no game overs though so it's simple to deal with. I did find the game rather hand-holding since the basic information about characters and whatever object in path would pop-up on screen constantly. I'm not dumb game.

Another thing I found annoying is how certain characters can't use vehicles. I unlocked Rocket Raccoon but turns out he can't use vehicles of any kind and can't even activate switches. -_- So much for a tactical super genius raccoon.

There's a ton of extra gameplay you can do especially after you finish the game. As usual of course. Tons of characters to unlock. Vehicles. Just loads of extras to keep you busy in the game. The games about 15 levels long with around 20 side missions. Not counting the sidequest like races, save the town, etc.


Good for keeping you busy. If you like Legos. The levels aren't long. Take about 20 - 30 minutes each if not shorter. And you got your classic Lego Comedy along with Nick Fury's love for Shawarma. What's not to like.