Monday, June 19, 2017

A Retraction Or An Update - Something Is Wrong With Atlus

After contacting customer service with Atlus. I got a response from them. I emailed all the appropriate addresses including the one where the strike came from in the first place. The response came from

And Not

Atlus took the blame and said they don't know why it happened in the first place. They were discussing what to do about it. I asked if I should submit a counter notification and he said yes. So in about a day the Copyright Strike was rescended. Now the video is back up.

On the other hand. I got to thinking. This is another one of those fake copyright takedown attempts. It doesn't make sense for the address to come from  I checked It's just a website that was made in 2016. It has information on what a copyright is and that's it.

This makes me think of a comment I received long ago about how people would make up a fake website and issue copyright takedowns using that site. Probably even designed a bot to search keywords and take down any video related to those keywords. Since not just myself but many other people at the same time got a strike for it. And it was manual too. Manual strikes take a long time to do.

So I looked up one of my older strikes. The Ragnarok Odyssey Ace one.  I found someone else had a strike on video from the same guy in his facebook. The screenshot he took had very similar words used. His was a Ragnarok online video. Then I noticed that we both used 3, silver, and a few other words in our video titles. Way too coincidental.

I bet the same thing happened with Persona 5. Or it could be a conspiracy against not popular Youtubers to try and get rid of them while making it look legit. We don't know. What I do know is. That the Persona 5 copyright strike was a mistake and I got it fixed...for me. If you had a similar issue you might want to try and contact Atlus customer service. But go through there site. Not the e-mail Youtube gives.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Atlus Can't Be Trusted - Copyright Strike

Of all the companies didn't expect these guys to come out with a copyright strike.

Yep they manually gave me one. OVER A POKEMON VIDEO!

You know like everyone else I decided to jump in on the memes of Persona 5. Making a 30 second video about it. Basically Excadrill doing a Z-Move on a Pokemon. I used the Persona 5 Cut-In, with everyone's favorite sound clip from P5's Protagonist. ("Ravage Them")  Threw in a bit of P5 music. And done.

This is pretty much what it looked like.

I guess Atlus wasn't having that. As they came in and put a copyright strike on the video. Not stating what part of the content is infringing. Just that it's manually detected. So someone from Atlus's Copyright Police came across the video and decided to report it.

This goes completely against what they stated as Copyright and what not to upload. Which BTW EVERYBODY AND THERE DOG HAS VIOLATED AT THIS POINT!

Remember that post on there own website? I'm sure you do if you're a Persona 5 fan. That was when Atlus came out and said hey you can post Persona 5 content but don't post "this" "this" and "this". You know that post. The one that everyone complained about.

Screenshots of there post.

They were basically trying to avoid true spoilers but rather failed to do so. For one the Japanese version of the game was out for ages at this point. And people just spoiled the game anyway didn't care for the warnings given.

I actually expressed how much I appreciated a company going out of there way to say, "Don't post our content." Since we need more companies to do that instead of just a random Content ID Claim/Copyright Strike appears. But this recent action tells me this was all just a farce. I honestly thought I could trust Atlus. They're generally cool with the use of there content. It's usually Sega, BANDAI-NAMCO, Square-Enix, etc. that you have issues on copyright with. Atlus is usually cool with it. I guess they hate memes...or they hate my single meme.

As you can see. The tools to make your own P5 Meme are all over the net. 

Want to make your own P5 Meme. Go here. 

It's all in the video description

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The X-Men Cometh - Marvel Future Fight Update

Marvel Future Fight spoiled us to death with teasers, then dropped this update. X-Men have been added to the game.  The paywall is steeper than ever now. And there's OP characters all over the place. And By OP I mean they're really OP not Sharon Rogers level more like Dr. Strange levels.

I like this part of the new GUI.

So first with this update the user interface has changed. It's changed to try and organize where to find each mode in the game. What I like about this is the checklist or really it's called the Status Board. It shows all the modes available to you and whether or not you completed said mode and how much progress you made. This is useful. But it moved everything else to other areas so it's not as easily accessible and confusing for the first few times. I have hard time checking the Lab since it's not right there when I start up the game.

New Uniforms

Gwenpool - Gwen Poole

Face Portrait and character model...difference is scary.

Not a huge change. Really just a uniform to have a uniform. Enhances her skill Adventurous. Changes the skill Bombs n' Blades. It's more of a rush move now. So Gwenpool can be aggressive a bit more.

Crystal - Royal Suit

Zero-Suit Crystal

So now Crystal has her own Zero Suit. Which is what I'm going to call these cause that's what they are. Just like Sharon Rogers. Crystal has her own Zero Suit.  I think this may be a typo on the effects here but it says, "Add more web shots to the skill "Cyclone".  The skill does change but I don't think it shoots webs. Just sayin. I don't know, I don't use this character.  Element Rage also got a change in it's skill. But I don't play this character I don't know lol. Sorry.

New Characters - X-Men

So let's add X-Men to the roster. And honestly they're almost as great as there Marvel vs Capcom counterparts....almost.


The Stats Scream Glass Cannon

Scott Summers is a glass cannon. And very well should be considering his skills. Laser Point Strike ignores targeting. Optic Barrage goes on pretty much forever. Is that supposed to be that way? I managed 174+ hits with this move in the preview. It just didn't stop. O_O  I'm guessing that it has no hitstun properties. Otherwise this move is BROKEN!  No defense though hence GLASS CANNON.  Guess this plays well for a lot of players that simply go all in with attack build setups.

Jean Grey - Phoenix

The Phoenix we wanted for Marvel vs Capcom 3. But the one we didn't get.

Well no Dark Phoenix but really this is the Phoenix we wanted for MvC3 and never got. Able to resurrect herself and unlike Groot have high attack power going for her. She can even recover HP. Her attacks cover a wide portion of the screen as well. So Phoenix is just as scary as she is EVERY time she shows up in the X-Men series. Unfortunately she's a native Tier-2 and very hard to unlock as well. Likely longer than Dr. Strange. I'll explain why later.


Cause you can't have X-Men without him.

It's kind of a rule. You can't have X-Men anything without Wolverine in it. Another native Tier-2 character and powers up just like Dr. Strange. So epic quest here we come.  He has his own HP recovery move that kicks in the moment he takes damage. Packing Super Armor and massive critical hit boosts for himself. Wolverine's leader skill is meh. But the rest of his skills probably make him the best combat type in the game now. Even has a skill that HITS EVERYTHING ON THE SCREEN!!!


Sorry she doesn't have Rice Krispies Treats Attack (Marvel 2 Reference)

Well she's not Marvel vs Capcom Storm but good enough. Honestly she's the character that brought me down to reality since her skills are meh compared to the others. While she can keep moves active and sports a manual control thing like Cyclops. She's open to punishment. Her stats leave to be desired as well but at least her leader skill increases everyone's speed. And she's a lightning user. So I can't complain there.

The Beast

Waited awhile for this guy. 

Despite being down on reality along with Storm. This was the character I was looking forward to. He's one of my favorite X-Men (Shame Gambit didn't get added).  His skills remind me a lot of Ulik's. The problem is like most X-Men they don't team up well with others that aren't X-Men. He gets a buff when his HP falls below 65%. He also has a Kid Kaiju/Warwolf-esque Tier-2 buff of increasing the team's damage.


The Speed Type I want

A speed type I've been looking for. Most of the speed types I see outside of Karnak basically do the thing they're somehow always able to do. DODGE. Well Rogue does that and can recover HP. Not to mention she can make herself immune to damage. Her leader skill also gives a chance of being immune to damage for the team. Definitely a character I'm adding. Since most speed types I have don't do much.


Doubt I'll be seeing much Magneto ROM shenanigans 

Honestly I have to look around and find something good about him. What I'm seeing here he feels like a disappointment. Especially to the curly-mustache meme. I guess after Marvel 3 (Marvel vs Capcom 3) he's just not the same anymore. His moves scream crowd control. And he's a human killer? But he's the master of magnetism, why not Machine?  Also his leader skill only applies to Mutants. X-MEN ONLY! NO INHUMANS, ALIENS, HUMANS, ETC. ALLOWED!  It's nice his normal attacks shoot from quite a distance.  And he's a glass cannon

Doesn't help that he has a STEEP Paywall

The Paywall

These prices sure are fair (sarcasm)

So how do you unlock these guys?  Well guess what. If you were thinking of doing a daily 20 biometrics or a 300 selector bio. You're not getting these guys that easily. To acquire these guys is just like with Dr. Strange. Except more locks to work around. It's another epic quest series. You have to complete specific objectives.  You get a free wolverine from this but like Dr. Strange he can only be leveled up through the completion of objectives. Then the other characters are locked in quest. Storm, Cyclops, Beast, and Rogue are locked here just like the Dr. Strange cast. Also you can't just get there bios easily by buying them. Instead of Biometrics you have to acquire "X-Genes" of that character.

To acquire Jean Grey. You must complete the story objectives but more importantly.  Rogue, Cyclops, Wolverine, Magneto, and Storm must all be 6 star mastery tier-2 before you can acquire Jean Grey. Whatever reason Beast doesn't count. Giving the furry guy the short end of the never ends.

You can shorten the research parts by paying crystals but still....ugh....

Now the paywall...Basically the paywall if you choose to buy this lies in MAGNETO. You can purchase a Tier-2 fully mastered Magneto for the low low cost of 6600 Crystals!!!!

6600 Crystals is the highest amount I've seen for anything in this game.

And there's no cheap way to get these crystals fast. You can pay 70 bucks and get 6000 crystals, 350 - X-Genes, etc.  You can pay $80 for 11,000 crystals if you take advantage of the sale. Either way you're paying a ton of money. Good luck with that.

How I Feel About It

Finally characters I like being added. Although there's no Sauron or Gambit. I'll take it. Also anything that isn't Sharon Rogers I'll gladly take. Will this change how the game is played? Doubtful if you care or even pay attention to that crap. This will probably only change the serious competitive scene of gameplay. And not by a whole lot. It's hard to knock, Odin, Thanos, etc off there high horse.  Also the steep paywall is annoying. I'll just play the game as normal.

All I can say is take advantage of the X-Men epic quest as much as you can. It probably won't be long before that mode gets updated and the amount of X-Genes you can get from the epic quest is heavily limited. Just like the Dr.Strange one was.