Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dragonball Fusions - More Create a Character Stuff

So it seems like we're in the age of Create-A-Character. Which I don't mind at all, in fact I love games like this. Where you create a character in an already existing universe and you have to save that universe cause everyone else for one reason or another sucks. It's a tried and true method that works and I love it.


Dragonball Fusions is pretty much what I said. You create a character and have a Vegeta-like Rival named Pinich. You and Pinich gathed the Dragonballs to wish to have a tournament of the strongest. Well because of that the entire universe has been thrown outta-wack and time and space have created the world you wake up in. As you explore this new world you find out that there is a "TimeSpace Tournament" going down but there's a couple of requirements you need to do to enter. Well Pinich is entering but alone. You need a team of 5 and you have to make it to the finals.

Along the way you encounter the common Dragonball Story elements of the past with a few new twist. Honestly these twist are far better than what Dragonball Xenoverse could come up with. Such as fighting a nearly endless number of Perfect Cells, Broly wanting to beat the crap out of Kid Goku, and even the Ginyu Force having a different look in personality about them.

Funny Bits of the Story

Various sub-events and cutscenes are rather hilarious. Beerus showing his Tsundere side to help you out in saving your friend. Yamcha trying to make a come back after his traumatic experience with a Saibamen. A female version of the Ginyu Force. Even Towa and Mira show up to cause some trouble.

I especially enjoy the post game mission where Beerus forces my group to try and kill Champa only to end with the 2 brothers fighting amongst themselves as usual.


So the battle system is pretty simple. You select your target and attack. There's not too much complexity to it. While there's things to factor in like special moves. There is a bit of Rock, Paper, Scissors in the formula. However you start to notice that it doesn't affect much once you hit late game/post game. At the end of the day it boils down to whether or not you can land a hit and how strong your characters are.

The fun part is fusion. After all it's in the game's title. I find myself investing many hours doing this bit alone. While a lot of characters you can fuse with right away. Some of the more famous or better looking ones have a couple of requirements to fulfill. Thus you'll be spending a lot of time trying to get those done. The only downside is that some of these fusions look stupid or scary beyond all reason. Certain fusions had me gagging while others I was fanboying it up.

There's a whole lot to do and the hours you spend on this game alone is like that of a Good Pokemon Game. While the story is short there's tons of sidequest you can do and even more characters to recruit into your ever growing party.

There's No Game Over

Yeah there isn't really a game over to the game. If you lose a battle or fail a quest. You just get the option to retry and the game pretends like nothing happened.

Way Too Easy

Similar to that of Pokemon. You might find yourself WAY OVERPOWERED cause you got sidetracked doing other things. I found myself at LVL 90 by the time I reached the final boss. I would say levels don't matter but this did make it a bit harder to recruit certain characters as I ended up killing them in one shot. Difficulty isn't really an issue for this game unless you just want a hard game.


Well the music is certainly Dragonball. Giving you the feeling that you're watching an episode of the series. I actually like the battle soundtracks especially the final boss theme when it starts to pick up in tempo and add more instruments as you get closer to victory. I haven't found any annoying sounds in the game.

The game uses Japanese voices. I don't really mind at this point I'm more used to the Japanese voices than the dub now. It's all a bunch of voice clips anyway many of which I don't totally understand but I don't really care. If you gave me a choice I would live to have English voices. Just a preference though.


Well it's a 3DS game so if you're expecting Amazing graphics. Uh....go elsewhere. Considering there's a lot of character unique sprites in this game I'm surprised there's no lag. The models and backgrounds aren't exactly amazing just appreciate that there's so many different ones.

While the options to dress your character are limited in comparison to Xenoverse. You still can make your character look great. And your look isn't bound to fusing either. I try to stick to the lore of combining clothes but there's so many outfits that just look much better than whatever you fuse with.


Hard to find actual problems with this game. I already mentioned it's too easy to level up. Whether or not that's an issue is up to the person.

Multiplayer if you actually play it is an issue. Online isn't all that. Any ki-blast struggles, zenkai attacks, or Ultra Fusions tend to lag the game and force the connections to disconnect.

Many of the problems I found stem from wanting more. I personally wished I had more Dragonball Characters instead of just Z and Super. But that's just me being a fan of Dragonball more than Z or Super.

I don't mean to ignore this problem as I'm not bothered with it. Versions outside Japan have had there sword attacks edited. There swords instead of being real swords are now wooden swords instead. It's a complaint by many either cause real guns are kept in the game or that Japan keeps there's. Another typical censorship issue.


This is once again a game I wish was on home console instead of a portable one. Not cause of graphics or stuff. Just cause I want to see it on a bigger screen. I still overall enjoy this game. It's a definite keeper even at full price.