Saturday, October 27, 2018

My Dog's Dying...

I can't deal with this. I've been deal with it for almost 2 weeks now. Sasha suddenly collapse on her feet. It didn't seem like much cause she did that often. But this time she didn't get up. Instead she just laid there...then pooped on herself.

So after getting her cleaned up we called the vet to see if she could get seen right away. But the vet was booked. The vet took a quick look at her and nothing seemed wrong. She gave us alternatives but they were all too far away. By the time we would get there, it would be closed. Emergency Vets were out of the question due to money. So we made an appointment to get her seen later in the week.

Tuesday we tried to bring her in for her appointment but we were refused cause mom who was at work has to be the one to bring her in. Not her children. We brought our pets in for appointments many times and never had an issue or this policy to suddenly be enforced and just now they decided to enforce it. Either way they were not going to see Sasha. We told her the problem and the clerk that does the check tells us we should've done this at the first sign of trouble. I was ready to lose it cause of her. I had so many words for them at the time but managed to hold my tongue.

After complaining to someone else over the phone we made another appointment for later in the week. Bringing her in on Friday. The vet tells us that they don't know what's wrong with Sasha. Yet if you look at her. Her leg is swollen and she can't walk. But instead they look at something else and think she may have cancer. Still nothing about her leg however. They wanted to do more test but we couldn't afford it. They left us some medicine to hopefully help her.

Throughout the week I've been stressed. I had to help Sasha walk so she can go to the bathroom. But she either fights me or just refuses to move. And it happens when no one else is around to help either. My sister's boyfriend leaves the house when Sasha can't hold it in. My sister is either sleep or at work when it happens. It's frustrating to help her walk and clean up after her. Even more frustrating is when I give Sasha her medicine my sister yells at me saying she's not supposed to get it. Yet the instructions say otherwise. She doesn't bother to give her the medicine cause she has to go to work.

It's saturday morning now and my family is pretty much set on putting her to sleep. I kept trying to hold on to hope that she'll get better but my mom and my sister are both set on doing it. I've looked up signs that my dog is dying and pretty much have been hitting each of the bullet points word for word. I wish I didn't read it cause I ended up crying.

I wish I did more for her. Take her for more walks. Find some toy she's willing to play with. I feel like it was more my dog than anyone else in the family. Sasha only got attached to my sister cause she spoiled her and insisted that she sleep in her room all the time. I don't know what to do. I have a hard time look at her in the state she's in. I've cried myself to sleep a few times already. I've tried comforting her a few times. I just want it to be over.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Windjammers but with Axes - Log Jammers

So Mega Cat Studios is at it again and made another Retro-Renaissance game.  Log Jammers.  It's not really out yet. Or it is??? Anyway there's a Kickstarter for it.

After sending me a REVIEW COPY. I played it for a bit and here's what I got to say for it. (I have to say I got it as a Review Copy or For Free or else I could get in trouble or they could get in trouble. Sucks but rules are rules.). I should also note I'm playing the Steam Version.

Log Jammers is basically Windjammers but with Axes. If you remember Windjammers, it's an old arcade game that recently got remastered/ported for modern consoles. The goal of that game is to score points by tossing the frisbee into the goal. Depending on where it lands gives you different points. First to 3 games wins. Like Tennis...sorta...

Pretty much how I remember Windjammers Minus the Zombies and Axes

Well take Windjammers formula and replace Frisbees with axes. And the athletes with some rather unique characters.  

A Lumber Jack, A Zombie Bear, a pro heavy lifter?

So the first thing I note is the characters. Yeah these are some unique characters each with there own backstory.  A Zombie Bear out for revenge. A Lumberjack who survived a zombie apocalypse. A Surfer bum, a strongman looking to sell his patented exercise equipment line, A zombie who got screwed over by the mayor of his own town. etc.

Mega Cat Studios is kinda weird with there characters. But they at least they're not generic. I look at there stats though...and there's no typical set of characters in that department.  You have Speed, Swole, and Tech stats. I honestly don't think these matter. At least when I play the game the stats only feel like a placebo. 

So the game is simple. I mean it's Windjammers. But with Axes. Half the time I don't know what I'm doing. The other half I'm too busy being happy I won. 

I will admit I have trouble seeing the Axe fly across the stage. I generally pray that I'm catching it and throw it. Most of the time my losses are due to the fact that I collected a power-up.  The AI see's I'm distracted and scores.

Scary...It's not Halloween Yet

The music is pretty nice. Nothing really stands out but it is nice. It makes me wonder how would it sound on an NES. But I don't have one so. I can't really describe it. Most of the time I can't even focus on the music cause I'm playing the game. That's a good thing cause then I don't have to cringe at bad music.

Probably the 2 or 3 things that make me angry is that I have no idea what the power-ups do aside from the obvious special attack. And the AI seems to cheat. Or maybe they're not cheating but have more knowledge about the game than I do. There's times where I'll see the AI run across the median into my side of the field and score. Is this allowed??? 
He crossed in my area?! IS THIS ALLOWED?!!!

The other bit that kinda makes me angry but I'm okay with it is when I play tournament if I lose any match it's game over. No continues. I would like to think that Retro Games allowed some form of continue but then I'd just be lying to myself. The old games would sometimes do this. Basically it's how you got replay value. By getting better at the game. There's no continue from where you left off. You start back at the beginning. 

I'm mad now...

Anyway there's not much else to say about this game. I overall like it. I wonder how the online will be when it comes out. It seems to have some sort of twitch integration as well. Wonder what that's about?

I also have to give it props for a game having zombies in it and not making me cringe hard. I hate Zombies. At least the annoying ones like Resident Evil ones. Or any that are just tenacious and have unreasonably huge numbers like in Final Fantasy. I at least want to play this again just to win at the tournament. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Demo is Uh Broken??? - Stay Safe Demo

Video Won't Be Available Till 9AM 9/25/2018

So uh was kinda looking forward to this game. I wanted something to fill my Wipeout/F-Zero needs without playing said games (Those games are full of Copyrights).  Anyway I downloaded the demo and well. Found it's not exactly a good demo. 

To explain this game it's basically a purposely made rage-inducing game to where you have to use your skills which are gained through trial and error of repeating the same level over and over again until you get it right. The most recent example I can think of this is "Getting Over It With Bennet Foddey".  Well those games aren't so bad I generally find it for comedy purposes. Where the viewers are filled with hopes that the person playing it will beat it. But at the same time they want the player to fail just for the reaction. I'm not too big on these games. I mean there's games that do that already unintentionally. 

So whenever you die and you die about as easily as a Sierra game. You get a Bruce Lee quote that's supposed to encourage you to try again. You're also presented with the option to Retry or Rage Quit. I like how they call it Rage Quit as if they're expecting me to be pissed off cause I can't get through a level. In terms of this game and many others like it. You're trying way too hard and failing to piss me off. You want to piss me off I can provide you with perfect examples of things in games that piss me off.

Everything was going well with the demo. Until I made it to stage 3. Judging from stage 3's design I'm supposed to fly off this ramp and make it to the other side. But instead of flying off the ramp. I fall and go boom. Okay??? I tried many times while Bruce Lee quotes eventually start repeating themselves. It's at this point I just say screw it and as the game calls it "Rage Quits". I question if there was a button I'm supposed to hit or some sort of method. But at the same time I remember that this is a demo and just stop thinking about it.

I'd honestly be more excited for the game if this game...well worked. I don't think. My interest for the game pretty much died there. I could play that other actual Wipeout clone that works.

Maybe the developer will see this video and fix there demo. But it's been out for awhile and the full game is out on steam. I hope the full game doesn't have these issues. Anyway like I said my interest for this game is pretty much gone. Moving on to another game.

Sidenote: Things in games that legitimately make me rage quit.

  • Guilty Gear on PSX
  • Anthem Mode on Azure Striker Gunvolt (Steam version)
  • Luna in Yugioh Tag Force 6
  • SvC Chaos SNK Vs Capcom's Survival Mode
  • A lot of Mobile Games
You wanna make a legitimate Rage Inducing game. Try looking at those first.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

RIP Emuparadise - Where to go for ROMs and ISOs now?

According to Nintendo Enthusiast. (Link above) Emuparadise. One of the biggest (and IMO best places to get your ROMs and ISOs) is making plans on shutting down.

This could likely be due to the fact that other sites like LoveROMs and LoveRetro's owner was slapped with a 100 million dollar lawsuit from Nintendo. Emuparadise took notice and while they comply with takedown request and other things. According to them. Nothing is guaranteed. Meaning they feel they might be next.

So in turn they're taking off all of there ROMs and ISOs.  Meaning no more retro games from them soon. While they have have stated to find other ways to get emulation to you. We're on our own in terms of finding ROMs and ISOs.

This is somewhat a problem. As I remember Emuparadise was one of the few if not the only place to get your Roms from without crappy ads, viruses, or having to jump through hoops to get what you want. Definitely a major blow to people who love using roms to play there retro games.

While you can still view Emuparadise and see a list of games for each system. As of right now the download links are gone.

Sad to see a place go down but at least it went down on it's own terms.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Ratchet & Clank Reboot - Hmmmm....

Well since I have some access to a PS4 (Some being I can only play in the living room as the family uses it) I figure I buy this game for myself in the time that maybe one day I'll buy a PS4 for myself. Why not play one of the Ratchet & Clank games I've yet to play? The Reboot.

Having saw the movie some time ago I felt like I knew how this game was going to go down. It's not as bad as some people make it out to be. But the game does feel like a tribute to the previous Ratchet & Clank games.

Just FYI there will be spoilers.


Generally throw everything you've learned from the previous games out the window in terms of story. Since it's based on the movie. While it does have the same plot as the first game. Chairman Drek intends to destroy planets and take the best parts of each to create his own planet for him and his people. The rest is based on the movie.

I would like to say if you've seen the movie then you played the game. But that's not the case. This is definitely a reboot and uses the movie as a base to tell the story. It doesn't exactly use all the story elements of the movie just the important stuff. You end up missing out on certain parts of the movie. Like Clank pretty much being forgotten by Ratchet as he's filled with stardom that he's now a Galatic Ranger.

I would say the game's story is between someone that loved the movie a lot and someone that just wanted to make a True HD Remaster version of the first game. It's almost a movie game which I actually would prefer this to be "Ratchet & Clank: The Movie, The Game" rather than Ratchet and Clank Reboot.  The issue I have with the story of this reboot (You probably read this and/or heard this 1000 times), this game rather eliminates many of the other Ratchet & Clank games in the series. There's still the bit that has to be explained about the Future Series.

The other things (Which are minor) I miss is that they removed my favorite line from Chairman Drek from the original game. And that you don't get to end the game on the planet you started on, Veldin. It is in danger sure. But having that final boss fight against Drek was great.  Also you don't even get to fight Drek in the game. He gets screwed over by Dr.Nefarious.  I think it would've been nice to include Drek as a boss fight somewhere down the line.

This line, If not for this scene I probably wouldn't be interested in this series.

Aside from that the story works out. It plays to the movie very well. Even with Captain Quark narrating it. It actually adds charm to the game with him telling the story in the background.


Well the gameplay remains intact. In fact I remember I made a complaint of going from the newer games to the older ones. Well I can't really make that complaint anymore. It's more or less like you're playing the first game but with the polished controls of the later titles.

If I was to bring up issues. It would be that this game was spending maybe too much time paying homage to the older games. Either with changing the weapons you acquire in comparison to the first game. Or with adding certain things from other games that I honestly feel should not be there. Such as the Jetpack and hunting for certain collectables. I remember the Jetpack from "Into the Nexus" and the hunting bits from the older games I didn't really like. It was a good Money (Bolts) maker as well as leveling up my weapons but those sections were just long and boring to deal with.

A minor issue is dealing with the main objectives of the game. No it's not hard or anything like that. It's when you decide to make a side trip. The game likes to nag you to go complete objectives. But you see a stack of crates, or you see a Gold Bolt, etc. The game will quickly remind you to get back to main objective constantly.

The game does make the hoverboard sections A LOT easier. It's far less punishing than the original game. I also felt like I had much better control of the board. Including space ship battle sections was great as well. I wish it wasn't a 1 time only thing. But they're fun while they last.

One of the things the game also has a tendency of doing is keeping most of the enemies you killed dead. Aside from just revisiting areas. If you die the enemies you killed on the way seem to stay dead. They don't reset. I have a bit of a love hate for this. I love it cause that's less for me to deal with and I can pick up where I left off with full health. I hate it cause that means it's harder to level up my weapons.

Small But Needed Changes

There's obviously no more infinite bolts glitch. You can't glitch your way to the races and mess with the infinite spawning boxes.

And even if you did somehow get infinite bolts to buy stuff with. You can't buy the RYNO. Instead you have to collect the RYNO cards to unlock it. Which pretty much mean you're playing through the entire game to get said cards.

Crates stay busted as well. Aside from weapons. And this has been a thing for awhile. But no more busting up crates to farm for bolts. Honestly you get more than enough to buy each weapon as they appear in the game so it's no big deal.

Overall the gameplay is solid. No real complaints that could end up being a dealbreaker for me.


While my videos won't show it due to PS3's handling of graphics with it's recording function. The game looks great. Sometimes too great. I learn that I can't stare at the TV for too long without taking a break or my eyes start to hurt. Everyone looks well defined even the infamous Pool Sharks.

It is a bit of a sad note to mention that the Pool Sharks don't really eat you anymore. Instead they chomp and you do a drowning animation. At certain camera angles it looks like they're eating you. But in reality that animation is gone.

I also like the fact that the armor Ratchet wears doesn't always cover his head. He only wears the helmet if necessary (meaning where it makes sense). I was honestly bothered by that in various games cause you couldn't see Ratchet's face unless you used cheats. So this bit here actually pleases me.


Everyone's voice is still here running strong. Hearing characters comment about what weapon you're using brings a smile to my face.

The music fits the mood. When there's enemies about (Or really when you reach an area full of enemies you must defeat) the music ramps up. There can be sometimes a bit too much talking but I still love all the conversations.


I wish this was more Ratchet & Clank The Movie, The Game. But this game does a great job. Taking various elements from the previous games and basically bringing them back here into this game. It can be seen as a problem as Ratchet isn't doing anything new. But at the same time it works. If other mascots can do it then so can Ratchet and Clank.

Sidenote: Considering that we're lowkey in this age of Create a Character games. Maybe they should make a Create a Character thing for Ratchet and Clank.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Took me at least 8 tries to write this out without scrapping it.

I'm not exactly sure how to say this. But this is more of an update video than any kind of ultimatum or big decision like that. But I am considering it heavily. It's also the first time in a very long time I express myself.

Recent string of events have made me consider other options than Youtube. A lot of things have went down that made me look at my life as a whole. In the grand scheme of things I'm pretty much unhappy and struggling to get through each day.

I can't pinpoint one thing specifically that made me consider this. More like a bunch of things and being able to handle it all has become an exhausting chore that never seems to get done.

-My mom went back to the hospital again. I say again cause this chain of events happened earlier this year where she really wasn't feeling well. Took her to the emergency room. The doctors couldn't find out what was wrong. Today as of the day I'm recording this. The same situation is repeating itself. Right now my mom is at the emergency room waiting to be seen. I don't have an update cause my sister is with her. And she obviously can't contact me cause she has no signal up there.

This is just one of the factors. Is taking care of mom worries me leaving me not in the right mindset to do much of anything.

-Another is Youtube itself. The algorhythms change so much that I'm pretty much barely scraping by in terms of how much I get. The only videos I have that get constant views are my old Sonic videos and I have no idea how long that will last since I've had various companies and people try to claim them as there own. The rest of my videos average around less than 30 views.

I can't ask the community why this happens cause anytime I do they see how many subscribers I have and think I cheated. But those subs are all legit. They're likely just having lives of there own. Or don't really care for what I upload. Or like most people say. Youtube is hiding my videos from there cause I'm going through what's called Subscriber Burn. Which as they explain it. Basically because I uploaded something many people don't care to see or they haven't viewed my videos for awhile. I'm taken out of there lineup in place of other people's videos. If I complain about this on generally any site somehow associated with Youtube then it usually takes the response of My videos are no longer attractive and no one's clicking on them. Short of that My videos suck and I need to play more popular games.

I'll get more into this in another post.

There's just too many things I've heard about how Youtube screws people over it's hard know which ones are true and which are false. That's how I see it.

-The lack of support or really I should say negative support, offers a big factor to this. So my family and a good number of friends in real life basically have been telling me to quit. Give up Youtube, you're not making any money, get a real job, Only kids play video games. So many things like that were said to me. It honestly hurts when a child says that to you. My cousins kid literally came up to me and said I should grow up and stop playing videogames.  Someone else's kid at church pokes fun at me cause I'm not making a 6 figure salary like his family.

I generally ignore these statements but I still hear them. And even if you can manage to ignore something that doesn't stop things from being said.

-Depression is generally a big part of all of this. FYI I've been off my medication for a good 2 years now. Mainly cause I can't afford it. But I question if it helped at all anyway. I feel like it did more harm to me than good. At the time the doctor I've seen to get those meds didn't care about my well-being just write the prescription and get out. The short 15 minute sessions once every 3 months showed that. I never bothered to change doctors cause it was already a hassle. None of the ones at that hospital at least in the mental health department seemed to care. 

Once I changed Insurance. I noticed how tough things got in terms of prices. Not fun.

-There are other factors but I'm afraid to talk about them since something might happen to ruin everything.

That's really it. I can't really think of much else that's a factor. It mainly falls on me to change things. I thought about what I could do to change it. Reopen Patreon, Merchandise Selling, etc. I don't know right now. And I'm rather scared to do so. I just know something's gotta change and hopefully before something else forces me to make a change. I mean I enjoy doing Youtube videos. I don't like how things get in the way or how something changes.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

TEKKEN™7 - Back to Square One

So I found out Bandai-Namco released a small update for Tekken 7 giving away free costumes and stuff....So why not play it again. Well due to PS4 being used by family, my save got corrupted. I tried redownloading and nothing worked. So having 60% of all the unlockables is now gone. Sigh. 

Oh well guess this teaches me to go buy my own PS4 instead of using one I have access to. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Megaman X: Command Mission - Chapter 5

Megaman X Command Mission Chapter 5

So we start off the chapter with good news???? Zero's been found (Wooo...hooo sarcasm). So let's head out there and recruit him to the team.

Optional Stuff

Well remember we just recruited Cinnamon and Marino to the group. They need some equipment. The Kitty Gloves for Cinnamon is of major importance. Marino get her whatever you feel like. Also we need to build there levels. Cinnamon's at LVL 1 so she's not gonna be useful till you level her up.  Remember a certain secret boss is available but only do that if you feel prepared. But for other leveling and item gathering purposes. Lets go back to the Gaudile Laboratory or really the Eternal Forest.

Eternal Forest

This is a great place to level and gather some rare stuff. A lot of depends on luck. But each path you haven't visited grants you some good items to make use of. The enemies of course get stronger depending on the path you take if you're feeling ballsy try to Abuse Spider for the tougher ones. Remember he does have an instant kill move in his Action Trigger. Marino does as well.  Besides that you need them to do some thievery for the rare stuff.  If things get too hairy you may wanna back out and take a slightly weaker route.

I note this place cause I managed to pick up some good weapons on these paths before besides Spider's which you should already have.  These weapons set you straight for pretty much the rest of the main game.

Ulfat Factory

Before you head in try to buy (Or Make with the Force Metal Generator) some fire resistant gear. And buy some Ice type weaponry.

When you're ready talk to Nana who'll tell you where you're going next. It's a factory for making Combat Reploids. Well this can't be nice. Entering we start

Chapter 5

Well The Title Could Be Worse

Enemies (New)


Preon Spark
Preon Gunner (lv.16)
Preon Nurse (New)

Well these are very beneficial if you're a stat grinding freak. If you're not these are still very beneficial. Usually they'll try to heal there allies. But if they're the last ones on the field they'll use there next turn to heal your for free.  The other good thing. There's a rare chance they'll drop the item "Build LE" which permanently boosts a character's LE.

Preon Shielder (New)

These guys got sick of X shooting its brethern. So now they have something to stop that. On there first turn they'll put a shield that can counter S-Type attacks. If they're not attacked or hit with an S-Type attack after this they'll hit with Force Shield.  Easily countered by a C-Type attack.

Preon Soldier (New)

Well not too different from the last chapter but these guys do block S-Type attacks. And have a sword.

Mega Mantor (New)

A fire turtle. It actually has a barrier to reduce the damage from S-Type attacks. But hitting it for 1000 points of damage will break that. Or just smack it with C-Type attacks. It also has an attack called Flame Ray which does Fire damage to the party. Easily preventable with Water/Ice attack.

Gulpfast (New)

Fire version of the blowfish from earlier.

Super Tripuffer (New)

Fire version of the pirahnna from earlier. These guys will try to power up there other fire allies by hitting them with fire which is both good and bad. Good cause EXP boost. Bad cause they're stronger.

Fire Glob (New)

EXP GRINDER HERE WE GO! So while looking like our all time favorite Yellow Devil enemy. These guys are great for grinding EXP if you want to risk it. Each time it's hit with a fire attack the amount of EXP gained increases. Problem is so does it stats as well. You could end up powering it up to where it gives you tons of EXP but end up making it more powerful than the final boss. Whoops. It'll run away after it's been hit by fire attacks in 7 turns however so make sure you time things wisely.

Preon Tank (New)

Annoying little guy. He'll basically cover a party member in oil making that character weker to fire. Not fun to deal with here.

Preon Elite
Boss: Mach Jentra

Preon Hybrid (only in the end of Chapter 5)

Not much notable. They start with Berserk status. So. Yeah.

Mettaur Commander (only in Main Computer "Duboar" after Chapter 5)

But one thing to note if they're damage by a C-Type attack and not defeated then the EXP given goes up by 50%

Mettaurcure (only in Main Computer "Duboar" after Chapter 5)

Healing Mettuar....NOPE! But one thing to note if they're damage by a C-Type attack and not defeated then the EXP given goes up by 50%

Immediately as we enter the place the alarms are set off. We can't be that bad at sneaking in can we? No Marino says the timing's too perfect and that someone else is causing a ruckus. Zero maybe??? Anyway because of that we have problems the security is up and you gotta deal with it.

Entering the first room Marino yells for everyone to Freeze like it's one of those games I played during Phys. Ed as a child. The room goes red for a few seconds then returns to normal. So that's the gimmick. The security here basically checks for motion whenever the screen goes red. If you're moving. You're in for a fight. But nothing too hard just more Preons. Ironically if you happen to be standing the spot where the Security droid is supposed to land you'll set off the alarms as well. Getting through this is quite a chore.

About towards the end if your trek you're stopped by a cutscene. "Hey X!" Oh no it's a fanboy. X quickly readies to fire but our fanboy reveals himself. It's Axl the guy a lot of fans don't like. (Assuming you never played Megaman X7 and I don't blame you. Did you notice Axl has a different voice actor?). Axl reveals himself and explains that he's doing research on himself. It's pretty much a hint at the plot point of Megaman X8. Anyway he joins the part and now you have who I generally rate one of the best characters of this game. It's also the last new party member. YAY!

New Character: Axl

Shot Type

Stat Changes: Power +100%, Speed -25%.

Hyper Mode Duration: 2 Turns (default)

You could say Axl is mix between Spider and X. He shoots stuff and has the same Hyper Mode as Spider. So Axl benefits with the Hyper Bait strategy. Simply go Hyper Mode use Bait and hit with his Action Trigger. With the reduction in speed thanks to his hyper mode you can avoid a lot of pain from various bosses. His action trigger covers a lot of ground allowing him to transform into the bosses you've defeated previously.

Action Trigger: DNA Change

I honestly say it's the most useful of all of them But then again every action trigger is useful. Axl jumps into the air and then you enter a code depending on the code you entered which is shown on the screen. Axl will transform into that character and use his/her signature move. The more WE he has the longer the time limit you have to enter the code. If you enter one that leads to a ????????????? or just can't get it in time. Axl will just shoot the enemy.

Personally I make use of Wild Jango and Silver Horn a lot. Jango is capable dealing 100 - 200% Thunder damage and it's a Combat type attack.  Silver Horn's is an attack all move for Water type damage.

Hyper Mode: Stealth Mode

It's Spider's Hyper mode with a different name. Has the same exact effects too so you can abuse it just like Spider's. Not much else to say on this.

2nd Half of this Factory

Once you're done messing with Axl's gear. Time to move onward. As you get deeper into the factor you now face a different gimmick. A conveyor belt. You can only walk on the ones moving forward. There are switches laid about to reverse the Conveyor's movement and at the end of some them lie enemies in wait wanting to destroy you. But they're Preons. -_- You can't really avoid all of them so just fight you're way through.

After your conveyor adventure. We find a trail of dead bodies. Axl says they're all destroyed...uh....they look more like they been knocked out but okay. The important detail to note is that they all have saber wounds. Hmmm....who could it be? Oh come it's obvious. We then shift to a cutscene of Zero making an unneccessary dramatic entrance as he comes face to face with the boss of this chapter. No need to worry. Zero's got this right?

Examine the dead bodies and 2 of them will give you items. 1 an Ice Missile sub weapon the other Fire Guard Force Metal. Step through the door and shift to cutscene. Zero's breathing hard and on one knee. Guess he didn't know Mach Jentra the Chapter boss can fly and makes him hard to hit. After the classic evil bad guy banter Jentra moves to finish off Zero only to be stopped by X. See Zero this is how you do a dramatic entrance. Jentra runs away, then X and Zero try to have a happy reunion but....Axl interupts saying something that's actually smart but...gets interupted, I guess we can't let Axl be cool for once.

Back out the way you came go after Jentra who's in the room that just got unlocked. Now you come face to face with the boss and it's time to throw down.

Chapter Boss: Mach Jentra + 2 Random Preons
It is all for the ideal!

The 2 Random Preons aren't exactly trouble unless you have one that can heal the boss or one that can lower your fire resistance. Every time you take them out Jentra will take a turn and summon 2 more in there place. So attack efficiently.

Unlike the previous bosses you'll notice Mach Jentra is flying. This makes it harder for combat type Reploids to hit him. You can knock him out of the air with a few well placed shots attacking his weakness. Ice.  Once he's out of the air he's free for your combat reploids to hit him with no problems. His fire attack is pretty heavy in terms of damage especially if you have no resistance or worse you're weak to it so be careful.

Pretty much have a character knock him out of the air then have combat character wail on him with everything they got. Cause as soon as his turn pops up, he'll go back to floating in the air.

Once he's dead you should be done right?  Instead the bird decides to have one last laugh saying that Dubour is out of control the moment he dies. So he blows up and the machine starts producing Preons at an alarming rate throwing you into another boss Fight.

Chapter Boss Fight 2: Preons x20

Yeah you're fighting a massive out of Preons but it's Preons. It's honestly not even worthy of being called a boss fight. But over a decade ago I didn't upload that part and got scolded for it. Seriously these guys aren't noteworthy. If anything as you defeat each wave of 4, you'll notice that some if not all of them are under Berserk status. That's beneficial since they make just attack each other for a round. But seriously these guys are easy to take out.

Once the fight ends X and Zero go "Uh Oh" cause the machine isn't stopping. Well Axl makes an attempt to stop the machine by transforming into Jentra himself. Makes you wonder why doesn't machine require a voice identification match. Oh well the machine's stop and now everyone's happy. X can't wait to introduce Zero to all his new friends.

And then Zero goes....

"New friends????"

Chapter over.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sonic Forces: Stages 1 - 5

Wish PS4 would let me record the cutscenes. -_-

Definitely not as bad as some make it out to be. It's at this point I think the majority of Sonic fans just want something catered exactly to there wants and if it doesn't meet the standards specified then it's garbage. I can see some of the complaints made, but to me a lot of these issues sit more on the minor side. 

Even when stages were supposedly frustrating it wasn't something that made me go, "This game sucks." 

I can only wish it wasn't so short lived just when I was really getting into the game everything's over. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Very Calming Game - Just A Jumping Square

Note: Recieved this game from Alfa-Omega the devoloper of this game for free. He's been working out the bugs. I can't believe he went to such lengths to make his game work.

So at first the game wasn't working at all. Well it was but I was unable to see anything. Whenever I started the game I got a black screen. If I pressed a few buttons I got a black screen with Triangles on it. Alfa-Omega went out of his way to fix the bug for me. Says it's something to do with the his game not liking ATI cards. After about a week of trial and error. He got it fixed.  I guess that's one thing I can like about Indie games. If there's a problem with the game. The developer will try to fix it. Usually if it's a much bigger game. The developer won't even know there's a bug in the game or you'll just play Hot Potato with the comapany's customer service. So yeah much better I'm dealing with that. If I was I probably would've been told that I'm SOL.

Anyway this game. There really isn't much to talk about. You're a square...actually a Square with an equilateral triangle inside it. You move around and jump to get other triangles then after 4 of those you get a square and move on to the next level. Simple right? Well there isn't much to this game like I said.

The levels slowly get harder introducing spikes and enemies that can kill you. You generally figure out how each level works through trial and error. There's no lives, just keep trying. But if you're an achievement whore you can try to finish each stage without dying more than 5 times.

A tip for this game if anyone plays it. You jump higher and farther than you think. Anyone platforming should be able to understand this game easily and beat it in one sitting. You can also do a midair jump if you haven't jumped yet but instead walked off the platform.

If I was to pick out something wrong with the game. It's the title screen. For me the title screen looks like some sort of fancy phone app or screen recording app. If you look at the title screen would you think this was a game? Even the level selection (after you complete a few levels) looks odd.

The just one track with a few sound effects. But for some odd reason...this music is very calming. Even the sounds are calming. If I die it's not much of a bad sound. I wonder is this game trying to hypnotize me or something. I mean the music sounds like a binanural beat. I'm not gonna end up someone's slave after playing this game am I? Maybe this game is someone's relaxation exercise experiment. I do remember when I played this I was rather pissed off about a lot of things but after playing this I felt somewhat better. Hmmm.... What's funny levels I would normally start feeling frustration for I didn't. I just retried or quit.

This game feels like it would've done great as a mobile game. It's simplistic controls and somewhat easy to medium difficutly levels fit. I didn't play all the way through just roughly 30 minutes of it.

Anyway there's not much else to talk about for this game. Actually there isn't much else to mention for this game. That's it. Anything else I come up with is pretty much gonna be Accursed Farms level of jokes. This is "Just a Jumping Square".

Saturday, April 7, 2018

BUCK: Saturday Morning Cartoon Apocalypse #1

Yay I finally can play this game. First off according to the poll I placed on YouTube almost 2 months ago. This came in 2nd. 

I honestly never bothered to buy it at first cause it was still in development. It's still in early release stages. Honestly how long does a game stick in early release stage? Way longer than I thought cause there's still games on my wishlist in that category. I'm not fond of games that seem to never be finished but these days you can't be picky.

So a few changes made from the demo I played years ago. The enemies changed. I didn't start out with pistols and a metal pipe. Just a shotgun. There seems to be some sort of item creation and customization mode. Also the story is obviously going somewhere. I wonder how far does the game go. Can I reach the ending?

I'm generally worried about the game still being in development as I see the guy is working on it. But it seems to be big changes going on. Doesn't seem to be story changes just level changes. So I would likely end up with a different experience if I play this again later or worse while I'm in the middle of this playthrough.

A change that I'm rather 50/50 is that when you die you restart at the checkpoint but it seems the enemies are rather randomized. Wouldn't be a problem also means different enemy drops. 

Hit detection is rather off. If the enemy is right in front of you. Good. But if they're too close. You'll sometimes miss completely. That's rather bad.

Story wise. I love the narration. The game also gives reference to the fact that they're more like animals than people. Most games or shows will make anthromorphic characters but they'll just act normal. BUCK actually makes reference to the fact that they're dogs and have dog like abilities. Next Weekend I'll continue this playthrough. 

Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap #13 - The Extra Bits finale

The last wonder boy video for awhile. Unless I complete mouseman's trial or play as Wondergirl.  I enjoyed the game. Despite the low views this bit got. Which to me is important that I enjoy the game. I rather play games I enjoy than play games I don't enjoy. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

FFRK - Ragtime Mouse Kills You

I committed a treasonous act. I said I hated Final Fantasy. Thus I was punished.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

TEKKEN™7 - Treasure Battle Gigas

I generally want to put practice in as Gigas. Baek is gone, Michelle is gone, Lei is gone. Not too many I want to play. Best to grind out in Treasure Battle a bit. 

But Gigas sucks...
I'm told a lot of characters suck. But I don't play in tournaments so what does it matter? Even so I wouldn't change characters anyway. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

TEKKEN™7 - Ultimate Tekken Bowl (Noctis Lucis Caelum)

Where most of the game's charm goes for Noctis. I guess among the Royal Arms or whatever there's Bowling Ball....I'll believe it. Since Smartphones are a natural thing in FF15. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

TEKKEN™7 Arcade (Noctis)

So wish I knew what was good and what was bad for Noctis. Known to others as Sasuke wannabe, hated. ETC. I can't really find anything that's reliable starter. I would say he has a ton of bad habit moves that will get him killed.  

I still have a hate for guest characters cause I already know that the next game won't contain these guys. I guess I should be happy cause they're selling the game. But I feel like guest characters shouldn't be the selling point of a game. Oh well. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Dragon Ball FighterZ - My 1st Ranked OMG SHENRON Long Way to Go

Oh boy...I hate the pressures of playing online. If this was 10 years ago. I wouldn't care. But now I'm all nervous and everything. UGH....

So match is against Hit, Frieza, Goku(SS). This guy (Or girl) I would say was straight mashing everything. There was no lows. Just mashing. 
  • Hit was straight doing that rekka. 
  • Frieza he kept mashing lights for the sake of that grab that I guess is full screen
  • Goku was mash. I'm sitting here expecting Kamehamehas and LVL3's nothing. 
I was only half-decently punishing everything. Nothing made sense in the 3 fights. Most I could tell was this person's gameplan was MASH everything and never block. Well it works but still. STOP IT!
The 2nd fight ended with having horrible frame delay (Lag) 18 Frame Delay WTH?! MAKE IT STOP!
Last fight. WHAT?! Shenron...and nothing happened. Okay then. Guess you gotta hit a button to confirm your wish. 

This was all just plain weird. I was gonna fight more matches but then went...nvm my nerves were real bad at that point and felt like I was gonna pass out or something. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Megaman X: Command Mission Chapter 4

 Chapter 4 Starts off not with complaints but this time with scouting a possible member to help out or little resistance group. Since we only have 5 members 3 actually useful, 1 barks orders, and the other types on the computure. We need someone to help with more stuff on our little base. Professor Gaudile. Which I have to say for probably the first time in a long while we have an anthro-reploid that isn't a maverick. Last I remember that happening was X6.

Anyway our issue is that the beloved Professor wants nothing to do with the Resistance or the Rebellion Army. Well the Rebellion Army obviously isn't going to sit on there butts and let a genius like Gaudile be neutral. Guess we better at least just head over to his place and ask. Couldn't hurt right? Well we are sneaking into a heavily guarded lab though.

Before You Head Out

If you feel like doing so. This is the perfect time to grind some levels and Zenny. More importantly Zenny. You now have access to the Sky Room and Deployment Center. So if you feel like it give those a good look. It's worth your time.

Deployment Center

So basically the deployment center you send out friendly enemies to go scouting for items and other things. After some time has passed they should report back with goodies. Most of the stuff is extra content like artwork and music. But then there's far more important key items.
When selecting units just keep in mind what you're going for when sending them out. They're categorized into the 3 types.

  • Search Types Detect items in each area.
  • Combat types defeat enemies for Zenny.
  • While Intel types search for disks. 

Each area you send units to are generally 1 type of specialty in these areas meaning it's best to send units of that category to that area.  In the grand scheme of things I find it doesn't really matter only it really determines success rate of each deployment.  You'll also notice each deployable unit has stats. I don't exactly give much attention to these I generally focus on leveling up each unit to 10.

So you start of with 3 units 1 of each category. If there's any areas worth exploring. It's these areas. You can find more units as you progress the game. Looking around various areas you'll find broken down enemies. Examine them and X will say that maybe Nana can fix it and we can make use of it. We're making Nana a slave aren't we but at least we're not as bad as Silver Horn....Anyway they'll get warped to Nana and ready for use. Some broken down units however require a bit more work needing a certain key item first. Just note where they are and come back for em later.
  • Lagrano Ruins - For the Lagrano Key
  • Tianna Camp - For the Tianna Key
  • Gimialla Mine - For the Gimailla Key
  • Melda Ore Plant - For the Melda Key
These areas have something important you can't access till you find a specific key item. You probably came across these areas in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3.  Anyway you can keep deploying units to any area till it's complete. I recommend maxing out a unit's level then leaving it alone. For the sake of completion rewards.

It doesn't take too long for a deployment. Just deploy the units then just idle next to Nana for a bit. You can probably play another game or so while this is going on. Then check back redeploy.

The Sky Room

Here is your Trophy Room. As you complete various objectives in the game you can spruce the place up. By objectives it's basically rewards for winning battles, progressing the story, making X amount of Zenny. Etc.  You can take the time to rewatch cutscenes, recap the story, view various files of areas on the game, listen to music, artwork, etc.  Probably the most notable is viewing the figures you bought and changing the color of X's scarf on his back. Just a nice place to chill.

The Lagrano Black Market

If you chose to do Deployment missions. Hopefully you acquired the Lagrano Key. Which if so hopefully you have tons of Zenny on hand. So travel to the shopping district of Central Tower and talk to the Teleport Shop (Don't worry it doesn't charge money).  And lets teleport to Lagrano Ruins.

If you remember back in Chapter 1 you came across a locked door you couldn't open without a key. Well that's where we're headed.  Down on the 4th Floor. Head to the locked door and bingo you're in. Walk the lonely staircase and pick up the Deerball Unit on the way up.  After ascending the staircase you'll find 3 Reploids standing around. 2 of them are shops.

VERY EXPENSIVE SHOPS Mind you. But have some of the best stuff you could ask for in the game.

Item Shop

Ultra Fire 600
Ultra Blizzard 600
Ultra Thunder 600
Boost Power 200
Boost Armor 200
Boost Shield 200
Boost Speed 200
Hacking 100
Backup 5000

Force Metal Shop

Assassin Mind 700
Eagle Eye 280
Light as a Feather 800
Neutralizer -10 900
Neutralizer -20 2700
Neutralizer -30 8100

Weapon Shop

Turbo Buster 100000
Soul Saber 10000
Interceptor 32000
Vengeful Needles 70000
Kitty Gloves 50000
Auto Bullets 75000
Get Zenny + 7000
Get EXP + 7000
Get FME + 7000
Energy Field 4000
Super Absorber 6000
Vitality Missiles 10000

Note the Weapons Shop. Buying from here pretty much will set you for everything you need throughout the entire game. Focus more on Turbo Buster, Interceptor, and Kitty Gloves. Turbo Buster will pretty much double in Power when X's WE reaches 100% during battle.  The Interceptor for Massimo is capable of delaying an enemies turn. The Kitty Gloves for Cinnamon will randomly lower an enemies stats and hits 5 times!

Anyway once you're done splurging or planning out your bank account. You unforntunately gotta go back to where you entered this level to warp back. Other areas you only need to find a save point.
Feeling Lucky????

Now....if you're feeling lucky..actually if you feel strong enough. I would say well equipped and at least have your levels in the 20s. You can fight an extremely tough Secret Boss. All it requires is that you have the Tianna Key. I'm not gonna cover in this post but much later. As that fight is on a whole different level than the rest of this game. But if you wanna fight it so bad. Here's my video of it from ages past.  Just take them out one at a time starting with the main boss and make every hit count.

Start the Actual Chapter

And we were doing so well with Chapter Titles.

Gaudile Laboratory

Enemies Old
Big Monkey
Preon Spark
Preon Pods
Wild Rescue Dog

Enemies New
Preon Gunner:
Looks more like a tank.

These guys have multi-hit attacks that hit one or the entire party. But what sucks is that they utilize Riot which inflicts Berserk to the party and also use Electromagnetic Field to inflict Bind status. But at this point they're not too much to worry about. It's really who they're partner'd with.

Preon Elites:

While you won't see too much of these guys. The problem arises when they issue commands. Any weak enemy and any berserked party member will obey said commands and attack the specified target. When it's along and low on LE they'll run away.

Annoying to hear them constantly jump up and down.

 No not the things from Rayman. But pretty much just as annoying. They don't do much but randomly will use SOS till there's a full team of 4 of them on the field. They're easy to take out however.


These annoying things have an incredibly high dodge rate and almost always go first. Usually they'll attack or use there special move "Parasite" to max out an enemy's Power, Armor, Shield, and Speed stats at the cost of there lives.

Radar Killer:
Kinda cool.

 Pretty much the Sub-Boss from Megaman X2 It's pretty much a damage soaker. Attacking with a focused Maser on 1 party member. Or all 3 party members.

Killer Mantis:

 A unique one and considering your current party members annoying to deal with. When it's hit with a Shot based attack, it'll go into a guard stance to block any more incoming shot based attacks. If you use another while it's guarding it'll counter attack with Death Scythe which hits all party members for a lot of damage. To add further to this annoyance it'll attempt to use Riot which can cause Berserk status.

Side note: There's plenty of other enemies you can encounter here in the game in a special spot. But I'll save that for later.

The Laboratory

So as you enter this place doesn't really look like much but it's pretty damn big. In fact you'll revisit this place a lot if you have intention of grinding or game completion. First room you enter. The Rebellion Army is already here with there Preons. EVENT BATTLE GO!  As you trounce those enemies Massimo thought he sensed someone nearby. But ignores it. Our heroine theif speaks pretty much like a thief. We'll get more on her later.

Progressing onwards. We have a gimmick for the area. A hill with sensors on it. If you step on these sensors you're immediately thrown into a battle. So the only way to avoid battle is to dash over it. At the end of the area next to a save point. More Preons....Now for an event. A somewhat lengthy set of events. Dr. Psyche likes to talk...A LOT! But also...Marino and Cinnamon chat to.  The Rebellion army knows about Professor Gaudile's experiment on Force Metal and wants it for themselves. Well the professor was smart enough to hide it. But Dr.Psyche isn't taking this lying down.

Moving on East Deck Residentail Division 102. There's a Broken Big Monkey you can use for deployment but more importantly this is one of the few areas you can get a ZennyDropper to show up and grind some cash.

After more traveling you make it pretty much right outside the room with Gaudile and Psyche. After more threats and arguing between the 2. Psyche rudely messes with the professor's computer sorting and deleting his porn. Searching for the reploid that happens to have Gaudile's Experiment. This is why you should password protect your PC. Marino finds out the jackpot that everyone's after is Cinnamon and kidnaps her. Hmmmm....But not before Dr.Psyche sees this all happening on camera. X finally busts in but the evil Doctor escapes to chase after Marino and Cinnamon.

After even more arguing we finally get what's going on from the Professor. Apparently he built a Force Metal Generator inside Cinnamon and if the Rebellion army gets there hands on it who knows what'll happen. We can't let the Rebellion Army get there mits on it can we? So we chase them down only to find out that for at least 5 minutes. Marino and Cinnamon were ONE ROOM OVER! Seriously?! Sigh....

Traveling more a long the way we get more Cutscenes. Marino gets her butt kicked by Preons. While Dr. Psyche laughs. Then we get to see Cinnamon's power.  Back to the main game we get to a huge area with tons of prizes and enemies. The Eternal Forest.

Eternal Forest

Okay like Professor Gaudile tells you there's a ton of stuff here and it's sorta like a maze. He urges you to take the shortest past which is left path.  How the Eternal Forest works is like this. Each fork in the road goes left and right. Going to the Left leads to weaker enemies and eventually an exit. Going to the Right leads to stronger enemies. None of these battles can be escaped from so be careful of your choice.  Depending on the path taken once you reach the exit you'll recieve rewards.

If you want a really good prize. Take the following path.

Right, Left, Left, Left.

At the end of this path you'll find the Weapon "Joker" for Spider. Arguably his best weapon in the game. You'll need it.  It grants random effects when attacking. Normally I would say that's a bad thing since you have no control over what happens. But in this case it helps as you can get really lucky with normal attacks.
Note: When you come back here later you can repeat the Eternal Forest. As many times as you like by simply taking the door on the right.

So next Room over after collecting your spoils..Is Marino. You find her unconcious but healed up. She insists on joining you to beat the crap out of Dr. Psyche. Massimo is love struck by this. So you know what that means. NEW PARTY MEMBER!

New Character: Marino

Marino is built like a thief. Speedy. Her weapons can be weird however. From multi-hit close range weapons to long range throwing weapons. It might be safer to compare her to a ninja than a thief. She's speedy and that's about it. But what makes people like her, well reason 1 is her Action Trigger.

Action Trigger: Emotional Reel

When started a slot machine will appear. Lining up symbols will determine what attack she uses. She adds another icon at LVL 20 and LVL 30. The more WE she has when used the slower the reels will spin. I'm still bad at slot machines though.
3 Lines or Any 3 symbols - Marino Stamp 130% power
3 Boots - Hyper Dive 200% Power
3 Treasure Chests - I'll Take That! - Damage and 100% success rate of stealing an item.
3 Hearts - Your Life, Please! 3-Hit Shot Attack that heals LE based on damage.
Scattered Flower - 250% Damage with high chance of infincting DoA (Instant Death)
3 Marinos - Mirage Dive 250% Damage to all enemies.
Obviously almost everyone uses Marino for "I'll Take That" Stealing everything they can since the Item Capture Subweapon isn't reliable.

Hyper Mode: Quicksilver (Last 5 Turns Default)

Stat Changes:
LE +50%
Power +20%
Speed +200%
75% damage from Water.

The 75% water damage sure is random...Anyway the speed bonus she gets practically makes her untouchable. There isn't really any enemy that can match Marino's speed while in Quicksilver allowing you to do whatever you want while this is active. This is Reason #2 while a lot of people favor Marino.
Marino could be your replacement for Zero if you feel like but she does fall into obscurity like Massimo once he joins and it's late game/post game.

Continue onwards and you'll find Dr. Psyche and Cinnamon. After some words get exchanged Dr.Psyche battles you.

Boss Fight Dr. Psyche

Actually rather easy as long as you can keep control of the battle. Squidhead here will summon 3 Needles to assist him. No problem for X, Spider, and Marino to take out. As long as Marino uses her Hawkeye Sub-Weapon she's always guaranteed a hit. Each time you take out the Needles Psyche will just produce more. If you can't take out the needles before they get a turn they'll start inflicting status effects and other debuffs to annoy you. While Dr.Psyche gets a cheap shot in.  Eventually you'll wittle down the Squid's LE to nothing and he'll just fall over dead????

Or at least you thought. He pulls an X Sigma floating head trick and floats to his new body.

Boss Fight Part 2: Mad Nautilus

Mad Nautilus is very tanky and is flying making combat characters kinda useless. The real problem here is that you can't inflict much damage cause he has such high defense. He'll also counter attack for pretty notable damage. He's basically preparing an attack the entire time. So you'll need to guard and keep your LE up for awhile.  Mad Cocktail is dangerous since it inflicts random status effects on your party if they aren't defending. You have to wait for his Attack Mad Ecstasy. Once it uses that heal up and go all out as it's weak point is now exposed. He should go down rather quick.

Once the battle is over. Professor Gaudile worries about his precious Cinnamon. The gang asks if Professor Gaudile will join. But he refuses. But then Cinnamon insists that she wants to help out with the fighting. Due to that Professor Gaudile reluctantly joins. Afterwards Cinnamon begs Marino to join up. Marino agrees and it's time to go home. But now we have 2 more things added to our list. a New Party member and a new function.

New Character: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is essentially your white mage of the party. But she can easily be forgotten that she exists. However she is more of a White Mage done right. She has rather Low LE and starts at LVL 1. But her defense stats are through the roof. Even more so she can easily equip most Force Metals in the game with little to no worry about Erosion.

What makes a lot of people use her is the Kitty Gloves bought from the Lagrano Ruins Black Market and the fact that she supports a lot of hits during Final Strike. Her exclusive subweapons even provide more WE gain for her allies. While the Kitty Gloves randomly lower and enemy's stats per hit. She can build her friends WE and heal with her Action Trigger.

Action Trigger: Angelic Aid

Cinnamon heals the party for a set percentage of HP. The Percentage is based on how many hearts you can generate. By spinning the stick on the controller you'll generate hearts. Each heart being 10% LE restored. The # of hearts she can generate depends on how many battles Cinnamon has been in since joining the party.

Her Hyper Mode Changes her into a White Mage Tank.

Hyper Mode: Iron Maiden (4 Turns by Default)

Stat Changes:
LE +50%
Power +25%
+25% WE Gain for all party members when Iron Maiden have two turns onwards from Hyper Mode activations (Cinnamon included):
+7 WE (to X Fire and Black Zero)
+8 WE (to Ultime Armor)
+9 WE (to Absolute Zero and Glint Armor)
+6 WE (to 6 characters without Hyper Mode and Iron Maiden, Quicksilver, Trickstar, and Stealth Mode).

While giving the other party members extra support via more WE. Cinnamon also gains the ability to randomly block incoming attacks. Making her a rather worthwhile tank to keep around.

Cinnamon overall is useful like Massimo if you are willing to put the time and effort in for her. She sticks around mainly as a White Mage with the ability to debuff. Whether you use her or not is up to you. But it is nice to have someone serve as a substitue Sub Tank for healing.

Force Metal Generator (FMG)

Now that I explained Cinnamon. Along with that. We have the Force Metal Generator at our Disposal. At the cost of a few items and Force Metal Energy you can now create your own force metal. Most of which can't even be bought at a shop. You need to have the required items unequipped, the right amount of Force Metal Energy, and Cinnamon's level must be high enough to make it.
You now gain force metal energy after battle along with Zenny and EXP. Final Strikes generate tons of Force Metal Energy.

You'll notice on the FMG list that a lot of the recipes are marked with ????. You must fulfill certain requirements before you can see said recipe. Some are easy to pull off others are hard.

Anyway that's it for Chapter 4. It's gonna take a bit for Chapter 5 to show up as I am grinding.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Megaman X: Command Mission Chapter 3

We start Chapter 3 with Spider complaining about work. Chief R has a suggestion that isn't about getting to work. More that there's a certain someone he would like to recruit. Nana a support who isn't going to nag you like Alia or any other navigator in the Megaman Series.

OMG a Chapter Title That Sounds Like A Title

Before you talk to Chief R and start your mission. You can now leave to go do some shopping via the Lev Bus. Now you can shop for weapons, force metal, items, etc. You can also using the Figure Token machine and the Password Figure machine. They just unlock mini collectables you can look at later in the game. Once you're ready head back and talk to Chief R who will send you to Tiana Camp. A mining facility turned into a P.O.W. Camp.  Prepare for a long one.

So you walk a bit of ways and meet your 3rd Party Member. The Famous Steel Massimo. He kinda looks timid but don't worry he's useful. Just gotta polish him a bit. He starts at LEVEL 1 WHAT?!

New Character: Massimo 

Super Tank that got nerfed.
Combat Type
Well for a lot of people he's your temporary replacement for Zero. While he's not as broken as Zero is. He is fairly useful if you're willing to put in the work. When you obtain him he's at Level 1. But his stats are pretty high for a Level 1 character. Massimo's your tank character but he has some heavy limitations.

The Bad

First he can only have 2 Force Metal Slots so room for customization is heavily limited for him. 2nd this guy is slow. It may not look it for the time being but he is horrendously slow. Last but worst of all his flaws. He takes 150% damage from all elemental attacks by default. Which is why you see him equipped with a Water Guard Force Metal.

The Good

His good first off is his Default Force Metal, "Massimo Plus" Giving him all abilities +1 and a higher chance to counter all attacks by 25%. The 2nd is obviously his power. For most of the game if you're willing to use him. Massimo's attack power is the highest of all characters. Last his action trigger can be very damaging and inflict status effects.

Action Trigger: Berseark Charge

Behold his true power indeed. You have to mash the corresponding buttons to get the maximum benefit of each gauge. You can stack this with Power Charge
X button: Damage Multiplier (Max's out at 2x Damage)
Triange Button: Adds Status effects (Blind, Virus, Bind, & Berserk)
O Button: Ups critical hit rate (Max's out at 80%) Unlocked when Massimo inflicts 3000 damage in a single attack.
Square Button: Multistage Adds hits to the attack (Max out at 12 hits) Unlocks when Massimo does 10,000 damage in a single attack.

Hyper Mode: Glint Armor (Daemonion in JP)

It's gaudy but it's good.

Stat Changes:
LE +50%
Power +25%
Armor +25%
Shield +25%
WE Gain +50% (+12 units per turn)
100% counter attacks against individual enemy attacks (except Bold Beam, Kamikaze Drill and Mega/Giga/Tera Fire/Blizzard/Thunder).

Lasting only 4 turns but gets quite a bit of stat changes to make him a scary tank to go up against. With the right setup you can inflict significant damage on any given boss.  But that's pretty much all it does nothing special.

You Unlocked Final Strike

Now that you got acquanted with Massimo. You'll now have access to the Final Strike finisher. When an enemy's LE drops at least 75% you can execute a Final Strike. Once initiated you're granted 3 attacks. Your subweapons turn into ultimate missile and attack is dependent on the characters involved in the final strike.  The amount of time given for a final strike is dependent on how many enemies HP fell 75% that turn.
You can make use of this Final Strike to gain Force Metal Energy (Explained later) and Experience points. As well as WE.

Enemies Encountered

Old Encounters: Sinedropper, Zennydropper, Mettaur, Einhammer, Preon Spark, Preon Pod, Preon Chaser

New Enemies:


Remember the Blowfish from Megaman X and Megaman X5. Well they're here to make a return. But not trap you inside there bodies.  Instead there attacks drop your armor's stat.


So the Blowfish had baby pirhanna. These guys are weaker version of Blowfish but a bit more evasive and can instead lower a character's shield stat.

Dober Man

Who's a good boy?

One of my favorite enemies in the game. They just look so cool. They're rather basic however. You can use item capture to restore your Sub Tank Energy.

Big Monkey

These big guys from Megaman X7. They're more dangerous here. Able to boost there allies speed and even use Power Charge to make there combat attack that much more deadly.


Just scratch under his chin.

Another cool one. These guys will attack physically or use there rather lethal attack Mini Shark. Which has a long animation of generating smaller D-Sharks to explode on one ally. This attack can be weakened and even stopped with 3 successful combat type attacks.

Back to the story. This is a big place. Prepare for a lot of walking. I advise you take the time to catch Massimo up to X and Spider's level so he's not the weakest link in the team.  There's a ton of items scattered about as well. Take the time to activate the terminals you come across and open the prison cell doors. .

Now the first obstacle you come across is a bunch of security droids. You can see there line of sight as they patrol the hallways. Should you get caught you get sent back to the entrance of the room. Just move through it carefully.

Floor 4 you come across a few guards standing in your way. Take them out and explore the 2 open rooms.  You'll face another event battle. As you explore the cells one of the prisoners in each hallway will say that fell for there trap and attack. Trounce them and they'll give up easily. Eventually in one of the cells you'll find a prisoner gives you the keycard you need to proceed onward. Another will give you a Water Guard Force Metal.

Heading further down you get a cutscene and meet our chapter's antagonist. Silver Horn who's basically filling the role of evil prison warden. While Nana just looks like a lifeless slave. Once you're back in control you get to navigate a maze. It's pretty easy to navigate but if you want everything explore all the rooms first before taking the elevator to the next floor.

The next floor is the room with Nana in it you saw in a cutscene. It's incredibly dark in here. Fight a battle and then free Nana. Nana explains how she was helping you break in and that Silver Horn is an evil Prison Warden who treats everyone like slaves and enjoys torturing the P.O.W.s. I guess the Geneva Convention doesn't exist here. Massimo starts acting all weird again and asks about himself being imprisoned. Hmmm...what obvious secret could he be hiding? Who cares proceed onward.

Now you got another security room. This one is a color coded lock. Get the code wrong and fight a battle. Nana will show you the buttons you should step on in order. But if you want the extra goodies that tease you by sitting there. Take the time to figure out the other passcodes. Or just read here.

1st 3 Coded Lock: Opens the door with 5 Item Boxes

  1. Yellow
  2. Red
  3. Blue

2nd 3 Coded Lock: Tank Parts

  1. blue, 
  2. yellow
  3. red

3rd 3 Coded Lock: Figure Tokens and Zenny

  1. red 
  2. yellow 
  3. blue

4th 4 Coded Lock: Queen of Diamonds

  1. green
  2. blue
  3. red 
  4. yellow

After your mastery of unlocking. You'll come across a hallway with 2 guards blocking a door you can't get in. Well it must not be important right? If you talk to the guards they surprisingly don't attack you but tell you that the Rebellion Army actually did some good and locked up a "Dangerous Criminal" Well we can't do anything so let's move forward.

Before you reach the last door Nana stops you and tells you that it'll take some time to open the last door. She then tells you that Steel Massimo died some time ago when he was captured. Hmmmm....hey where's Massimo anyway? Go back and find a cutscene where Massimo is talking to the Tortured Massimo. After a somewhat heart wrenching scene. Leave and make your way to the final door. Time for a boss fight and probably one my favorite scenes in the game.

Chapter Boss: Silver Horn

I could easily mistake him for a bug but he's based off a triceratops.

Hopefully you kept the Water Guard on Massimo so he doesn't take tons of damage from Silver Horn's water attacks. His signature move Tidal Wave hits everyone with water damage. His normal attack actually has a chance to inflict freeze status. If you packed the Thunder Buster on to X that gives you some breathing room damage wise. He's rather tanky and once he reachees low HP. Silver Horn will use a move called Liquid Coating which will boost his attack and defense stats while giving him a high chance to block incoming attacks. What's worse is he'll now start busting out his strongest move. Pressure Abyss which does a lot of damage to 1 party member. If you're lucky you can pull a final strike on him get a massive experience point boost.

Once the fight is over. Massimo tells his story and X and Spider just ignore the truth asking that "Steel Massimo" joins there group. End of Chapter.

We will be coming back here for something else but not for a VERY LONG WHILE!