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Megaman X: Command Mission Chapter 4

 Chapter 4 Starts off not with complaints but this time with scouting a possible member to help out or little resistance group. Since we only have 5 members 3 actually useful, 1 barks orders, and the other types on the computure. We need someone to help with more stuff on our little base. Professor Gaudile. Which I have to say for probably the first time in a long while we have an anthro-reploid that isn't a maverick. Last I remember that happening was X6.

Anyway our issue is that the beloved Professor wants nothing to do with the Resistance or the Rebellion Army. Well the Rebellion Army obviously isn't going to sit on there butts and let a genius like Gaudile be neutral. Guess we better at least just head over to his place and ask. Couldn't hurt right? Well we are sneaking into a heavily guarded lab though.

Before You Head Out

If you feel like doing so. This is the perfect time to grind some levels and Zenny. More importantly Zenny. You now have access to the Sky Room and Deployment Center. So if you feel like it give those a good look. It's worth your time.

Deployment Center

So basically the deployment center you send out friendly enemies to go scouting for items and other things. After some time has passed they should report back with goodies. Most of the stuff is extra content like artwork and music. But then there's far more important key items.
When selecting units just keep in mind what you're going for when sending them out. They're categorized into the 3 types.

  • Search Types Detect items in each area.
  • Combat types defeat enemies for Zenny.
  • While Intel types search for disks. 

Each area you send units to are generally 1 type of specialty in these areas meaning it's best to send units of that category to that area.  In the grand scheme of things I find it doesn't really matter only it really determines success rate of each deployment.  You'll also notice each deployable unit has stats. I don't exactly give much attention to these I generally focus on leveling up each unit to 10.

So you start of with 3 units 1 of each category. If there's any areas worth exploring. It's these areas. You can find more units as you progress the game. Looking around various areas you'll find broken down enemies. Examine them and X will say that maybe Nana can fix it and we can make use of it. We're making Nana a slave aren't we but at least we're not as bad as Silver Horn....Anyway they'll get warped to Nana and ready for use. Some broken down units however require a bit more work needing a certain key item first. Just note where they are and come back for em later.
  • Lagrano Ruins - For the Lagrano Key
  • Tianna Camp - For the Tianna Key
  • Gimialla Mine - For the Gimailla Key
  • Melda Ore Plant - For the Melda Key
These areas have something important you can't access till you find a specific key item. You probably came across these areas in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3.  Anyway you can keep deploying units to any area till it's complete. I recommend maxing out a unit's level then leaving it alone. For the sake of completion rewards.

It doesn't take too long for a deployment. Just deploy the units then just idle next to Nana for a bit. You can probably play another game or so while this is going on. Then check back redeploy.

The Sky Room

Here is your Trophy Room. As you complete various objectives in the game you can spruce the place up. By objectives it's basically rewards for winning battles, progressing the story, making X amount of Zenny. Etc.  You can take the time to rewatch cutscenes, recap the story, view various files of areas on the game, listen to music, artwork, etc.  Probably the most notable is viewing the figures you bought and changing the color of X's scarf on his back. Just a nice place to chill.

The Lagrano Black Market

If you chose to do Deployment missions. Hopefully you acquired the Lagrano Key. Which if so hopefully you have tons of Zenny on hand. So travel to the shopping district of Central Tower and talk to the Teleport Shop (Don't worry it doesn't charge money).  And lets teleport to Lagrano Ruins.

If you remember back in Chapter 1 you came across a locked door you couldn't open without a key. Well that's where we're headed.  Down on the 4th Floor. Head to the locked door and bingo you're in. Walk the lonely staircase and pick up the Deerball Unit on the way up.  After ascending the staircase you'll find 3 Reploids standing around. 2 of them are shops.

VERY EXPENSIVE SHOPS Mind you. But have some of the best stuff you could ask for in the game.

Item Shop

Ultra Fire 600
Ultra Blizzard 600
Ultra Thunder 600
Boost Power 200
Boost Armor 200
Boost Shield 200
Boost Speed 200
Hacking 100
Backup 5000

Force Metal Shop

Assassin Mind 700
Eagle Eye 280
Light as a Feather 800
Neutralizer -10 900
Neutralizer -20 2700
Neutralizer -30 8100

Weapon Shop

Turbo Buster 100000
Soul Saber 10000
Interceptor 32000
Vengeful Needles 70000
Kitty Gloves 50000
Auto Bullets 75000
Get Zenny + 7000
Get EXP + 7000
Get FME + 7000
Energy Field 4000
Super Absorber 6000
Vitality Missiles 10000

Note the Weapons Shop. Buying from here pretty much will set you for everything you need throughout the entire game. Focus more on Turbo Buster, Interceptor, and Kitty Gloves. Turbo Buster will pretty much double in Power when X's WE reaches 100% during battle.  The Interceptor for Massimo is capable of delaying an enemies turn. The Kitty Gloves for Cinnamon will randomly lower an enemies stats and hits 5 times!

Anyway once you're done splurging or planning out your bank account. You unforntunately gotta go back to where you entered this level to warp back. Other areas you only need to find a save point.
Feeling Lucky????

Now....if you're feeling lucky..actually if you feel strong enough. I would say well equipped and at least have your levels in the 20s. You can fight an extremely tough Secret Boss. All it requires is that you have the Tianna Key. I'm not gonna cover in this post but much later. As that fight is on a whole different level than the rest of this game. But if you wanna fight it so bad. Here's my video of it from ages past.  Just take them out one at a time starting with the main boss and make every hit count.

Start the Actual Chapter

And we were doing so well with Chapter Titles.

Gaudile Laboratory

Enemies Old
Big Monkey
Preon Spark
Preon Pods
Wild Rescue Dog

Enemies New
Preon Gunner:
Looks more like a tank.

These guys have multi-hit attacks that hit one or the entire party. But what sucks is that they utilize Riot which inflicts Berserk to the party and also use Electromagnetic Field to inflict Bind status. But at this point they're not too much to worry about. It's really who they're partner'd with.

Preon Elites:

While you won't see too much of these guys. The problem arises when they issue commands. Any weak enemy and any berserked party member will obey said commands and attack the specified target. When it's along and low on LE they'll run away.

Annoying to hear them constantly jump up and down.

 No not the things from Rayman. But pretty much just as annoying. They don't do much but randomly will use SOS till there's a full team of 4 of them on the field. They're easy to take out however.


These annoying things have an incredibly high dodge rate and almost always go first. Usually they'll attack or use there special move "Parasite" to max out an enemy's Power, Armor, Shield, and Speed stats at the cost of there lives.

Radar Killer:
Kinda cool.

 Pretty much the Sub-Boss from Megaman X2 It's pretty much a damage soaker. Attacking with a focused Maser on 1 party member. Or all 3 party members.

Killer Mantis:

 A unique one and considering your current party members annoying to deal with. When it's hit with a Shot based attack, it'll go into a guard stance to block any more incoming shot based attacks. If you use another while it's guarding it'll counter attack with Death Scythe which hits all party members for a lot of damage. To add further to this annoyance it'll attempt to use Riot which can cause Berserk status.

Side note: There's plenty of other enemies you can encounter here in the game in a special spot. But I'll save that for later.

The Laboratory

So as you enter this place doesn't really look like much but it's pretty damn big. In fact you'll revisit this place a lot if you have intention of grinding or game completion. First room you enter. The Rebellion Army is already here with there Preons. EVENT BATTLE GO!  As you trounce those enemies Massimo thought he sensed someone nearby. But ignores it. Our heroine theif speaks pretty much like a thief. We'll get more on her later.

Progressing onwards. We have a gimmick for the area. A hill with sensors on it. If you step on these sensors you're immediately thrown into a battle. So the only way to avoid battle is to dash over it. At the end of the area next to a save point. More Preons....Now for an event. A somewhat lengthy set of events. Dr. Psyche likes to talk...A LOT! But also...Marino and Cinnamon chat to.  The Rebellion army knows about Professor Gaudile's experiment on Force Metal and wants it for themselves. Well the professor was smart enough to hide it. But Dr.Psyche isn't taking this lying down.

Moving on East Deck Residentail Division 102. There's a Broken Big Monkey you can use for deployment but more importantly this is one of the few areas you can get a ZennyDropper to show up and grind some cash.

After more traveling you make it pretty much right outside the room with Gaudile and Psyche. After more threats and arguing between the 2. Psyche rudely messes with the professor's computer sorting and deleting his porn. Searching for the reploid that happens to have Gaudile's Experiment. This is why you should password protect your PC. Marino finds out the jackpot that everyone's after is Cinnamon and kidnaps her. Hmmmm....But not before Dr.Psyche sees this all happening on camera. X finally busts in but the evil Doctor escapes to chase after Marino and Cinnamon.

After even more arguing we finally get what's going on from the Professor. Apparently he built a Force Metal Generator inside Cinnamon and if the Rebellion army gets there hands on it who knows what'll happen. We can't let the Rebellion Army get there mits on it can we? So we chase them down only to find out that for at least 5 minutes. Marino and Cinnamon were ONE ROOM OVER! Seriously?! Sigh....

Traveling more a long the way we get more Cutscenes. Marino gets her butt kicked by Preons. While Dr. Psyche laughs. Then we get to see Cinnamon's power.  Back to the main game we get to a huge area with tons of prizes and enemies. The Eternal Forest.

Eternal Forest

Okay like Professor Gaudile tells you there's a ton of stuff here and it's sorta like a maze. He urges you to take the shortest past which is left path.  How the Eternal Forest works is like this. Each fork in the road goes left and right. Going to the Left leads to weaker enemies and eventually an exit. Going to the Right leads to stronger enemies. None of these battles can be escaped from so be careful of your choice.  Depending on the path taken once you reach the exit you'll recieve rewards.

If you want a really good prize. Take the following path.

Right, Left, Left, Left.

At the end of this path you'll find the Weapon "Joker" for Spider. Arguably his best weapon in the game. You'll need it.  It grants random effects when attacking. Normally I would say that's a bad thing since you have no control over what happens. But in this case it helps as you can get really lucky with normal attacks.
Note: When you come back here later you can repeat the Eternal Forest. As many times as you like by simply taking the door on the right.

So next Room over after collecting your spoils..Is Marino. You find her unconcious but healed up. She insists on joining you to beat the crap out of Dr. Psyche. Massimo is love struck by this. So you know what that means. NEW PARTY MEMBER!

New Character: Marino

Marino is built like a thief. Speedy. Her weapons can be weird however. From multi-hit close range weapons to long range throwing weapons. It might be safer to compare her to a ninja than a thief. She's speedy and that's about it. But what makes people like her, well reason 1 is her Action Trigger.

Action Trigger: Emotional Reel

When started a slot machine will appear. Lining up symbols will determine what attack she uses. She adds another icon at LVL 20 and LVL 30. The more WE she has when used the slower the reels will spin. I'm still bad at slot machines though.
3 Lines or Any 3 symbols - Marino Stamp 130% power
3 Boots - Hyper Dive 200% Power
3 Treasure Chests - I'll Take That! - Damage and 100% success rate of stealing an item.
3 Hearts - Your Life, Please! 3-Hit Shot Attack that heals LE based on damage.
Scattered Flower - 250% Damage with high chance of infincting DoA (Instant Death)
3 Marinos - Mirage Dive 250% Damage to all enemies.
Obviously almost everyone uses Marino for "I'll Take That" Stealing everything they can since the Item Capture Subweapon isn't reliable.

Hyper Mode: Quicksilver (Last 5 Turns Default)

Stat Changes:
LE +50%
Power +20%
Speed +200%
75% damage from Water.

The 75% water damage sure is random...Anyway the speed bonus she gets practically makes her untouchable. There isn't really any enemy that can match Marino's speed while in Quicksilver allowing you to do whatever you want while this is active. This is Reason #2 while a lot of people favor Marino.
Marino could be your replacement for Zero if you feel like but she does fall into obscurity like Massimo once he joins and it's late game/post game.

Continue onwards and you'll find Dr. Psyche and Cinnamon. After some words get exchanged Dr.Psyche battles you.

Boss Fight Dr. Psyche

Actually rather easy as long as you can keep control of the battle. Squidhead here will summon 3 Needles to assist him. No problem for X, Spider, and Marino to take out. As long as Marino uses her Hawkeye Sub-Weapon she's always guaranteed a hit. Each time you take out the Needles Psyche will just produce more. If you can't take out the needles before they get a turn they'll start inflicting status effects and other debuffs to annoy you. While Dr.Psyche gets a cheap shot in.  Eventually you'll wittle down the Squid's LE to nothing and he'll just fall over dead????

Or at least you thought. He pulls an X Sigma floating head trick and floats to his new body.

Boss Fight Part 2: Mad Nautilus

Mad Nautilus is very tanky and is flying making combat characters kinda useless. The real problem here is that you can't inflict much damage cause he has such high defense. He'll also counter attack for pretty notable damage. He's basically preparing an attack the entire time. So you'll need to guard and keep your LE up for awhile.  Mad Cocktail is dangerous since it inflicts random status effects on your party if they aren't defending. You have to wait for his Attack Mad Ecstasy. Once it uses that heal up and go all out as it's weak point is now exposed. He should go down rather quick.

Once the battle is over. Professor Gaudile worries about his precious Cinnamon. The gang asks if Professor Gaudile will join. But he refuses. But then Cinnamon insists that she wants to help out with the fighting. Due to that Professor Gaudile reluctantly joins. Afterwards Cinnamon begs Marino to join up. Marino agrees and it's time to go home. But now we have 2 more things added to our list. a New Party member and a new function.

New Character: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is essentially your white mage of the party. But she can easily be forgotten that she exists. However she is more of a White Mage done right. She has rather Low LE and starts at LVL 1. But her defense stats are through the roof. Even more so she can easily equip most Force Metals in the game with little to no worry about Erosion.

What makes a lot of people use her is the Kitty Gloves bought from the Lagrano Ruins Black Market and the fact that she supports a lot of hits during Final Strike. Her exclusive subweapons even provide more WE gain for her allies. While the Kitty Gloves randomly lower and enemy's stats per hit. She can build her friends WE and heal with her Action Trigger.

Action Trigger: Angelic Aid

Cinnamon heals the party for a set percentage of HP. The Percentage is based on how many hearts you can generate. By spinning the stick on the controller you'll generate hearts. Each heart being 10% LE restored. The # of hearts she can generate depends on how many battles Cinnamon has been in since joining the party.

Her Hyper Mode Changes her into a White Mage Tank.

Hyper Mode: Iron Maiden (4 Turns by Default)

Stat Changes:
LE +50%
Power +25%
+25% WE Gain for all party members when Iron Maiden have two turns onwards from Hyper Mode activations (Cinnamon included):
+7 WE (to X Fire and Black Zero)
+8 WE (to Ultime Armor)
+9 WE (to Absolute Zero and Glint Armor)
+6 WE (to 6 characters without Hyper Mode and Iron Maiden, Quicksilver, Trickstar, and Stealth Mode).

While giving the other party members extra support via more WE. Cinnamon also gains the ability to randomly block incoming attacks. Making her a rather worthwhile tank to keep around.

Cinnamon overall is useful like Massimo if you are willing to put the time and effort in for her. She sticks around mainly as a White Mage with the ability to debuff. Whether you use her or not is up to you. But it is nice to have someone serve as a substitue Sub Tank for healing.

Force Metal Generator (FMG)

Now that I explained Cinnamon. Along with that. We have the Force Metal Generator at our Disposal. At the cost of a few items and Force Metal Energy you can now create your own force metal. Most of which can't even be bought at a shop. You need to have the required items unequipped, the right amount of Force Metal Energy, and Cinnamon's level must be high enough to make it.
You now gain force metal energy after battle along with Zenny and EXP. Final Strikes generate tons of Force Metal Energy.

You'll notice on the FMG list that a lot of the recipes are marked with ????. You must fulfill certain requirements before you can see said recipe. Some are easy to pull off others are hard.

Anyway that's it for Chapter 4. It's gonna take a bit for Chapter 5 to show up as I am grinding.

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Megaman X: Command Mission Chapter 3

We start Chapter 3 with Spider complaining about work. Chief R has a suggestion that isn't about getting to work. More that there's a certain someone he would like to recruit. Nana a support who isn't going to nag you like Alia or any other navigator in the Megaman Series.

OMG a Chapter Title That Sounds Like A Title

Before you talk to Chief R and start your mission. You can now leave to go do some shopping via the Lev Bus. Now you can shop for weapons, force metal, items, etc. You can also using the Figure Token machine and the Password Figure machine. They just unlock mini collectables you can look at later in the game. Once you're ready head back and talk to Chief R who will send you to Tiana Camp. A mining facility turned into a P.O.W. Camp.  Prepare for a long one.

So you walk a bit of ways and meet your 3rd Party Member. The Famous Steel Massimo. He kinda looks timid but don't worry he's useful. Just gotta polish him a bit. He starts at LEVEL 1 WHAT?!

New Character: Massimo 

Super Tank that got nerfed.
Combat Type
Well for a lot of people he's your temporary replacement for Zero. While he's not as broken as Zero is. He is fairly useful if you're willing to put in the work. When you obtain him he's at Level 1. But his stats are pretty high for a Level 1 character. Massimo's your tank character but he has some heavy limitations.

The Bad

First he can only have 2 Force Metal Slots so room for customization is heavily limited for him. 2nd this guy is slow. It may not look it for the time being but he is horrendously slow. Last but worst of all his flaws. He takes 150% damage from all elemental attacks by default. Which is why you see him equipped with a Water Guard Force Metal.

The Good

His good first off is his Default Force Metal, "Massimo Plus" Giving him all abilities +1 and a higher chance to counter all attacks by 25%. The 2nd is obviously his power. For most of the game if you're willing to use him. Massimo's attack power is the highest of all characters. Last his action trigger can be very damaging and inflict status effects.

Action Trigger: Berseark Charge

Behold his true power indeed. You have to mash the corresponding buttons to get the maximum benefit of each gauge. You can stack this with Power Charge
X button: Damage Multiplier (Max's out at 2x Damage)
Triange Button: Adds Status effects (Blind, Virus, Bind, & Berserk)
O Button: Ups critical hit rate (Max's out at 80%) Unlocked when Massimo inflicts 3000 damage in a single attack.
Square Button: Multistage Adds hits to the attack (Max out at 12 hits) Unlocks when Massimo does 10,000 damage in a single attack.

Hyper Mode: Glint Armor (Daemonion in JP)

It's gaudy but it's good.

Stat Changes:
LE +50%
Power +25%
Armor +25%
Shield +25%
WE Gain +50% (+12 units per turn)
100% counter attacks against individual enemy attacks (except Bold Beam, Kamikaze Drill and Mega/Giga/Tera Fire/Blizzard/Thunder).

Lasting only 4 turns but gets quite a bit of stat changes to make him a scary tank to go up against. With the right setup you can inflict significant damage on any given boss.  But that's pretty much all it does nothing special.

You Unlocked Final Strike

Now that you got acquanted with Massimo. You'll now have access to the Final Strike finisher. When an enemy's LE drops at least 75% you can execute a Final Strike. Once initiated you're granted 3 attacks. Your subweapons turn into ultimate missile and attack is dependent on the characters involved in the final strike.  The amount of time given for a final strike is dependent on how many enemies HP fell 75% that turn.
You can make use of this Final Strike to gain Force Metal Energy (Explained later) and Experience points. As well as WE.

Enemies Encountered

Old Encounters: Sinedropper, Zennydropper, Mettaur, Einhammer, Preon Spark, Preon Pod, Preon Chaser

New Enemies:


Remember the Blowfish from Megaman X and Megaman X5. Well they're here to make a return. But not trap you inside there bodies.  Instead there attacks drop your armor's stat.


So the Blowfish had baby pirhanna. These guys are weaker version of Blowfish but a bit more evasive and can instead lower a character's shield stat.

Dober Man

Who's a good boy?

One of my favorite enemies in the game. They just look so cool. They're rather basic however. You can use item capture to restore your Sub Tank Energy.

Big Monkey

These big guys from Megaman X7. They're more dangerous here. Able to boost there allies speed and even use Power Charge to make there combat attack that much more deadly.


Just scratch under his chin.

Another cool one. These guys will attack physically or use there rather lethal attack Mini Shark. Which has a long animation of generating smaller D-Sharks to explode on one ally. This attack can be weakened and even stopped with 3 successful combat type attacks.

Back to the story. This is a big place. Prepare for a lot of walking. I advise you take the time to catch Massimo up to X and Spider's level so he's not the weakest link in the team.  There's a ton of items scattered about as well. Take the time to activate the terminals you come across and open the prison cell doors. .

Now the first obstacle you come across is a bunch of security droids. You can see there line of sight as they patrol the hallways. Should you get caught you get sent back to the entrance of the room. Just move through it carefully.

Floor 4 you come across a few guards standing in your way. Take them out and explore the 2 open rooms.  You'll face another event battle. As you explore the cells one of the prisoners in each hallway will say that fell for there trap and attack. Trounce them and they'll give up easily. Eventually in one of the cells you'll find a prisoner gives you the keycard you need to proceed onward. Another will give you a Water Guard Force Metal.

Heading further down you get a cutscene and meet our chapter's antagonist. Silver Horn who's basically filling the role of evil prison warden. While Nana just looks like a lifeless slave. Once you're back in control you get to navigate a maze. It's pretty easy to navigate but if you want everything explore all the rooms first before taking the elevator to the next floor.

The next floor is the room with Nana in it you saw in a cutscene. It's incredibly dark in here. Fight a battle and then free Nana. Nana explains how she was helping you break in and that Silver Horn is an evil Prison Warden who treats everyone like slaves and enjoys torturing the P.O.W.s. I guess the Geneva Convention doesn't exist here. Massimo starts acting all weird again and asks about himself being imprisoned. Hmmm...what obvious secret could he be hiding? Who cares proceed onward.

Now you got another security room. This one is a color coded lock. Get the code wrong and fight a battle. Nana will show you the buttons you should step on in order. But if you want the extra goodies that tease you by sitting there. Take the time to figure out the other passcodes. Or just read here.

1st 3 Coded Lock: Opens the door with 5 Item Boxes

  1. Yellow
  2. Red
  3. Blue

2nd 3 Coded Lock: Tank Parts

  1. blue, 
  2. yellow
  3. red

3rd 3 Coded Lock: Figure Tokens and Zenny

  1. red 
  2. yellow 
  3. blue

4th 4 Coded Lock: Queen of Diamonds

  1. green
  2. blue
  3. red 
  4. yellow

After your mastery of unlocking. You'll come across a hallway with 2 guards blocking a door you can't get in. Well it must not be important right? If you talk to the guards they surprisingly don't attack you but tell you that the Rebellion Army actually did some good and locked up a "Dangerous Criminal" Well we can't do anything so let's move forward.

Before you reach the last door Nana stops you and tells you that it'll take some time to open the last door. She then tells you that Steel Massimo died some time ago when he was captured. Hmmmm....hey where's Massimo anyway? Go back and find a cutscene where Massimo is talking to the Tortured Massimo. After a somewhat heart wrenching scene. Leave and make your way to the final door. Time for a boss fight and probably one my favorite scenes in the game.

Chapter Boss: Silver Horn

I could easily mistake him for a bug but he's based off a triceratops.

Hopefully you kept the Water Guard on Massimo so he doesn't take tons of damage from Silver Horn's water attacks. His signature move Tidal Wave hits everyone with water damage. His normal attack actually has a chance to inflict freeze status. If you packed the Thunder Buster on to X that gives you some breathing room damage wise. He's rather tanky and once he reachees low HP. Silver Horn will use a move called Liquid Coating which will boost his attack and defense stats while giving him a high chance to block incoming attacks. What's worse is he'll now start busting out his strongest move. Pressure Abyss which does a lot of damage to 1 party member. If you're lucky you can pull a final strike on him get a massive experience point boost.

Once the fight is over. Massimo tells his story and X and Spider just ignore the truth asking that "Steel Massimo" joins there group. End of Chapter.

We will be coming back here for something else but not for a VERY LONG WHILE!

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Megaman X Command Mission Chapter 2

So X wakes up bedridden. One of the nurses...doctors...whatever says he was in bad shape when they found him. Honestly I never thought X would take damage jumping from a high place. It wasn't a bottomless pit. Anyway afterwards. Chapter 2 starts.

Still an issue with these chapter names. 

Welcome to Giga City. Or I should properly call it Central Tower. Get used to this place. As this is pretty much your mainline to shop at, warp to other locations, and find other certain goodies. You'll find right now this map is still linear. You're pretty much forced to keep moving forward as every other place to explore is blocked off for one reason or another. Guess I'll take the time explain the enemies you'll come across.

Old Enemies (I won't review these guys since I did in the previous post.)

  • Wild Patrol Dog
  • Preon Chaser
  • Preon Bitmaster & Bit

New Enemies: 

Preon Spark
I'm getting Gundam Vibes. And not the Gundams themselves but the Badguys MS.
Another of the Preon series. While not packing more of a punch than the previous fodder. They are a bit more aggressive.

Sinedropper & Zennydropper(RARE)

Well these are weak. However you shouldn't leave them be. Sinedroppers eventually will drop the bomb they're carrying inflicting status effects. Generally Virus Status which works like your typical RPG poison status.

The ZennyDroppers are extremely rare. For every turn they take they'll either double the amount of Zenny you can get after defeating them or run away. Each turn that goes by increases the chance of them escaping. They also pack a high evasion rate. So hitting them can be a problem. It's worth defeating them however just for the money.

Wild Rescue Dog
It's not cute if it's kicking dirt at me and shooting me.

An upgrade to the Patrol Dog. These have a chance of inflicting blind status to your party members. Not only that but also recover an allies' LE by 25%. They're still weak however.


The famous Mettaur. They pretty much act like normal mettuars of any Megaman Game. Blocking your attacks then annoying popping up to attack you. Only difference here is you can tell when they decide to go into a blocking animation. If they do you can use a Combat type character and break there guard.


Dangerous as they look. Always paired with an ally as well. At first they're generally normal. But if you kill there allies they get angry and use Break Shield to lower there defenses but greatly raise there attack power. Reminds me a lot of Breath of Fire III.

Main Story Again

So as you travel and make it outside. X finds that he's on the news. He's a dangerous reploid wanted by the Rebellion Army. X tries to update Colonel Redips on the situation but is unable to tell him everything. This will be a recurring theme throughout the game. Once again the path you can take is pretty much linear so you can't get lost. Eventually you'll reach a cutscene. Some idiot decided to report you then gets PWNED. Not by you but someone else. Spider shows up and does his "Nothing Personal" Routine then it's time to fight.

Sub Boss: Spider

So the battle starts and Spider does a move called Counter Card. With his obvious "Come At Me Bro" pose you shouldn't attack but instead defend for a turn. Depending on how lucky you are he'll attack with one of his many card based attacks. The worst being Straight Flush which hits multiple times and always a critical hit and Four Penalty which lowers your stats.

You can attack him when he doesn't have Counter Card up. But if you're tired of this just throw out a Hyper Mode and end him. The battle ends with no victor. And Spider runs off saying he'll be back.

Pressing onwards you eventually meet a Reploid who's in a hover chair. I kind wanna say he's handicapped considering what's about to happen. This is Aile (No not the Aile from Megaman ZX) who you will know for about 30 seconds before he gives you what you need to put a stop to the Rebellion Army's hostile takeover and rescue a guy by the name of Chief R. X tries to reason and we all know X can take down a few measly Preons but, Aile boots X out the room and decides heroic sacrifices are much better. You're left with no choice but to continue onward.

As you climb the tower you'll come across a reploid begging for X's help. Since it's on the way you don't really have much of an option but to help out. He'll tell you his friends are trapped by a bunch of Preons. So another event battle take them out and watch another cutscene. We now get to see the villain of this chapter. Meet Wild Jango. My favorite Maverick of this game. Honestly his design is just plain awesome for a BobCat.  Anyway Jango like any Saturday Morning Cartoon villain gets angry that his minions can't handle the hero. Spider shows up all cool like saying he'll go beat up X in exchange for a "Blank Check". LOL

Well now that you rescued some reploids you can do some more shopping if you wish. I would advise buying the Fire Buster if you wish. You don't really need it but it will give you an advantage in boss fight coming up. Make any changes you need to Force Metal or Equipment and move on. Well look who it is. Spider's back again for another fight but nope no battle this time. He takes X out with relative ease. Before Spider decides to finish the job he goes to pick up Aile's ID which is the only thing left of Mr. Heroic Sacrifice. X stops him giving a dramatic speech of how Spider sucks and that he's not worthy to touch it. Spider gets all emotional and decides to change his mind about killing X. Instead he tells Jango through the camera screw you and beats up the incoming Preons.

Now that you're back in control you come across another event battle with a Preon Spark. Blow it up and proceed through the door. Now meet Chief R. After introductions are out of the way. Jango interrupts holding a beaten up Spider and says he's gonna blow up the place. Now you're in a hurry to stop the bomb. Just dash your way to victory. Don't worry about any battles as time doesn't flow while in combat. Just keep dashing. Eventually you'll make it to the command room and shut off the bomb.

Now that bomb is shut off. Chief R contacts you saying Jango's getting away via the Heliport. Save and prepare properly as you're about to come to a boss fight. Once you're ready head up to the top of the tower and step outside to the Heliport. You now come face to face with Wild Jango, "YOU MEDDLING MAVERICK HUNTER!" X gets slapped in the face and Jango finds out how you managed to even make it this far. Aile's ID. He's then interrupted by Spider who hobbles to your aid. It's time for a boss fight and a new party member.

New Party Member: Spider

Good Card Eh!?

Shot Type Party Member
Weapon: Cards

Spider is arguably the best party member you'll have in the game. And guess what he follows the RPG trope of what happens to great party members on your team early. What makes him great is well pretty much everything he has. His weapons carry various effects depending on what you equipped. From attacking all enemies, multi-hits, EXP Bonus, Zenny Bonus, etc.

Action Trigger: Fortune Hand
Meh Hand...
What can allow you to kill most enemies you have no business fighting. Or screw you over. It's not as bad as Final Fantasy Slots. But it's still great. You play a game of Video Poker and depending on your hand will determine what happens. While it's RNG it's very similar to that of a Pokemon's Pokeballs catch rate. While I haven't exactly figured out the formula. Take into account WE, Hyper Mode, LE, Enemy Level, Your Level, Equipment, etc.

Of the many hands you can get Here's the list:

  • Fumble - Weak attack with low hit ratio. (100% Power)
  • Pair - 2-hit S-type attack. (100% Power)
  • Two Pair - 2-hit S-type attack, last hit has 50% chance to be a critical hit. (100% Power)
  • Tri Card - 3 cards hit, inflicts Fire, Water and Thunder Damage.
  • Four Penalty - No Damage, lowers all of the target's stats (Power, Armor, Shield and Speed) by 25%.
  • Death House - Strong attack. High chance of inflicting DOA. (125% Power)
  • Flush - 1-hit all enemies, chance to inflict Blind status on enemy. (100% Power)
  • Straight -5 hit attack, Power has small reduction, with low hit ratio.
  • NOTE: The game notes that the last hit is guaranteed to be a critical hit; however, this is not actually the case and is an oversight.
  • Straight Flush - 3 hit attack to all enemies, last hit sure to be critical hit.
  • RSF (Royal Straight Flush) - Powerful attack that deals 300% damage to all foes, inflicts DOA guaranteed, ignores shield and defense.
(DOA = Dead or Alive in other words instant death)

Hyper Mode: Trickstar

Check it out see through.

Stat Changes: 
Power +100%, 
Speed -25%.

If that wasn't good enough. Spider has one of the best Hyper Modes in the game. Yeah you look at the stats and think, "What are you smoking Brad_Ry?" It really is one of the best Hyper Modes in the game. Cause guess what, Spider can't take damage while in his Hyper Mode. 

Note: Don't bother giving Spider any stat up items due to what happens later in the game. You'll regret it. 

Anyway on with the boss fight.

Chapter Boss: Wild Jango

I love this Maverick and his design. 

If you haven't figured out by his first attack, the weapons, items laid about, or by a simple Analysis. Wild Jango is an electric type Boss. He can inflict virus or bind status. He pretty much focuses on 1 target at a time. If you packed Fire Type abilities you can take him out easily. So yeah X-Fire can make quick work of him. Try to steal from him with Spider's Item Capture Subweapon while doing damage. He's not too hard as long as you pay attention to your HP. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Megaman X Command Mission - Chapter 1

Yeah so I have a sore throat so doing commentary for Sly 3 is rather tough. I've pretty much been out of commission since the start of the new year. I'm trying my hardest to get something done. (Lets also add to it that Youtube is making another unlikable set of changes.)

Anyway let's redo Megaman X Command Mission. I can't say it's gonna be like the original playthrough uploaded to Youtube. But it's there. I generally want to run this playthrough showing generally the cutscenes, new enemy encounters, and boss fights.

So the story starts off with that opening movie showing all the characters you'll be meeting. This game is rather short. If you actually put your mind to it and had the time. You can finish this the same day you started.

Chapter 1: Infiltrate Giga City!

This isn't really a chapter title more like a mission objective.

Lagrano Ruins

Once you start the game your party is X, Zero, and Shadow...was. After complaining about the mission given X is separated from the group. Lucky you. Instead of hoping over debris you guys go your separate ways exploring. I should explain X in battle before I go any further.

Character: Megaman X

His Best Armor IMO. 

Obviously the main character of the game. (His name's on the cover.) X is a Shot type character. This means he has an easier time dealing with lightweight enemies particularly ones that fly. His accuracy is also much better than combat types. His stats are more or less all-rounded. Being the main character and all.

The weapons he can get will fit any battle that comes his way so long as you're properly prepared. From a variety of elemental weapons, high accuracy, or just sheer power. My preferred weapon of choice is the Turbo Buster. It's attack power doubles when X's WE is at 100%. Along with this the weight on the weapon isn't so bad so he isn't slowed down by carrying it.

His greatest assets is that he has 6 turns of Hyper Mode. More than any other character in the game. His other is his special Force Metal, X Heart. Automatically revives him with low HP but it's a free revive.

Action Trigger: Charge Shot

Consumes WE to attack all enemies. No complaints about this. Depending on how you want to play it. You can fire one off X's very first turn since you only need 50% to activate it. The Charge Shot also carries the effects of whatever buster you have equipped.

Hyper Mode - X Fire

Stat Changes: 

  • LE +50%, 
  • Power +50%, 
  • Speed +25%, 
  • WE Gain +25% (+6 units per turn), 
  • 50% damage from Combat/Shot attacks
His subweapon attacks change to Power Charge and Shell Buster. His main attack also changes to combat while his subweapon is shot. He also carries innate fire elemental attacks a major downside in certain cases. 

Action Trigger: Charged Collider

Charge energy based on remaining WE for a powerful attack against 1 enemy. Perfect for bosses. 

While the downside is fire attacks. The upside is Final Strikes with this are pretty powerful and gain a ton of hits. 

Hyper Mode 2 - Ultimate Armor (I'll save this for when I actually pick it up in the game.)

Back to the game

Your battles in the ruins are pretty simple. Take note that leveling up restores your LE (Your HP) back to maximum. Most of the battles will drop you an annoying tutorial prompt. The first one mentioning your sub-weapons mapped to the Circle and Square buttons. Right now they're just micro-missiles they don't do much damage but it's something. You'll usually see this when you're up against a single "Wild Patrol Dog".  The 2nd Tutorial usually pops up when you're up against Bat Bones. Tell you about your Action Trigger. Normally I wait till I hit 100% with the WE gauge but Bat Bones can be taken out with a 50% charge.


Wild Patrol Dog 

Awww isn't it cute?...KILL IT!

Nothing really notable about it. The worst it can is lower your Shield Stats making you more vulnerable to shot damage. These guys sometime run away at low HP but otherwise they'll die quickly.

Bat Bone

Bats...nuff said
The famous bats of Megaman. For now they're not too big a threat despite yourself being outnumbered. You can take them all out with a Charge Shot Action Trigger. What's great about these guys is that there's a rare chance they'll drop the item "Gain Hyper" used to restore your hyper mode charge. If you feel like  it take the time to farm these guys since you carry 9 of each item. 

I should note that if you kill one of the group the others will get mad and retaliate. So just use a charge shot and kill em all. 

Back To Walkthrough

I haven't talked about the map cause it's fairly linear as to where to go. Any items you see on the way break them with a dash. Eventually you'll come across a room with a computer terminal. Touch the terminal and Zero will contact you. He tells you that the Ruins security system is based on one side unlocking the other. So you just unlocked the side Zero and Shadow are on. Zero does the same for you and tells you to explore a room he just unlocked. In this room you'll find the pods of reploids that were modified empty. After a conversation Zero notes he found the same on his side. Leave the room and continue going upstairs in ruins. 

You'll find more of the same but when you try to activate the terminal it won't work for the time being. Instead checkout the other rooms examining the more old pods of reploids. You'll find you hit the jackpot...sorta...Zero and Shadow worry that something bad is gonna happen. Go back to the terminal and Zero will tell you that this one has to be activated at the same time. He'll tell you that he'll send 3 beeps and to activate on the 3rd beep.  Well uh...Zero can't count. Cause if you activate it on the 3rd beep he'll bitch at you for being too slow. Activate it after you hear the 2nd beep instead. Now the door further up has been unlocked but it seems you activated security. Now you face off against a sub-boss.

Sub-Boss: Preon Chaser

Remind of some other common robot design I just can't stop seeing.

It's not that big of a threat but you may get another tutorial. Talking about healing during battle. Open the menu and select sub tank to heal. But the Preon Chaser isn't really a big deal. It has a stun gun that may inflict bind status on you. It's that easy.

After the battle you'll notice it dropped the items X Heart and LE+100.  Now you get a tutorial about equipping Force Metal. 

Force Metal

There's not much to it. When you equip a force metal you only need to worry about the erosion and how much each character can take. If you go over the character's limit then you face some issues. Such as stats lowering or beginning battle with status effects. Kind of like Megaman Battle Network's Navi Customizer.

Anyway after you had your fun with the Force Metal. Continue upwards and you'll eventually reunite with Zero....but not Shadow???? Anyway your reuniting will have to wait as you have a boss fight. "Who the heck is this?"

Chapter Boss: Hippopressor

Reject from Megaman X series LOL

Hippopressor's attack pattern is simple. It'll start by loading a Shark Missile. You should take the time to destroy the missile first as when it fires it does roughly 500 points of damage (or Half your LE from what I'm told).  The giant Hippo himself isn't too big a threat. His head will break after about 12 Combat type attacks done to it. Which then reveals a more powerful plasma cannon. It's still not much of a threat. 

A tutorial prompt will pop up about using Hyper Mode. Using Hyper Mode will boost your stats and give you a better action trigger most of the time. My strategy for Hyper Mode is wait till I'm at 100% WE then Hyper Up use the Action Trigger. On the next turn Cooldown and repeat. 

You'll notice that when the boss fight ends you're noted on your stats and how you finished the battle. Depending on how well you did will determine the EXP bonus you get. Always go for the flashiest finish you got. 

Now that "THAT'S" over. I guess I should explain Zero and the 2 other enemies you can encounter now for the next 2 minutes or so you'll have Zero on the team.

Character: Zero

Can't find a picture of him from XCM. So X6 will have to do. Not like he's had a makeover anyway.

Combat Type
Weapons Swords/Sabers

The red reploid I have a love/hate relationship with. Where as Zero was more or less broken in 70% of the 2D Games he's been in. Here not so much. In fact he doesn't really get broken till End/Post game. Being a combat type out of all the character's he's actually balanced. While he will have issues with flying enemies it's not as bad as some of the other characters. Another asset is since he's a combat type. He has a chance of countering enemy attacks. 

His main asset is that he has multi-hitting weapons. Stack that on with his Special Sub Weapon "Heat Haze". Heat Haze gives Zero a shadow that mimics his moves for a turn essentially doubling the number of hits. (Pretty much Marvel Vs Capcom Zero's Sougenmu except it's not an instant win.) 

His downside will show late/post game when it's a choice between giving him weapons that allow him to stay alive or go all in with attack. Top offender being the Red Lotus Saber which drops his defenses to 0 in exchange for having an incredible attack power. 

Action Trigger: Command Arts

Allows Zero to execute a series of attacks depending on how many commands are successfully entered in the allotted time frame. More WE = more time to enter commands. And for whatever reason we gotta give this damage scaling like it's a fighting game so 

1=100% 2=90% 3=70% 4=60% 5=50% 6=40% 7=30% And continues at 30% for every following hit.

I suck at executing these. So don't expect to see much from me. You start off with 3 different commands you can enter. Each have there own effectiveness. A lot of ppl stick to the standard Zero Slash combos. You'll gain more commands as you keep using his action trigger.

  • Zero Slash
  • Zero Breakthrough
  • Zero Dragon Slash
  • Zero Wave Slash (Unlocked after 500 Successful Commands)
  • Zero Skull Crush (Unlocked after 999 Successful Commands)

Hyper Mode: Black Zero

I guess to give more homage to this armor. It's back in all it's glory. 
Stat Changes:
  • Power +100%,
  • Speed +50%, 
  • WE Gain +25% (+6 units per turn), 
  • 75% Damage from Fire
The damage cut from Fire attacks is honestly a random tidbit. Thing his at default his Hyper Mode only lasts 3 turns. But this still makes Zero a monster in battle and not one to be ignored. 

Hyper Mode 2: Absolute Zero (Again Explain Later once I actually get it).

2 new enemies before this chapter ends

Preon Chaser: 

You already dealt with him before.

Preon Bitmaster

Now I'm getting Virtua-On vibes with the whole VOX series VRs. 

These guys don't do much except summon annoying bits. It doesn't do much else except boost it's allies speed by 25% once there are 2 bits on the field. The bits will do the main attacking. But after the 4th turn or so if it's still alive Bitmaster will run away. 

Back to the game.

I would advise before progressing that you you de-equip Zero of his sub-weapons and any force metal he may have. As Zero is about to be the victim of an RPG cliche. 

Now that you're at the top. Watch the cutscene. Or watch as Domon Kassau and Master Asia have a long chat with each other. You find that our 2 heroes are caught in a trap. Yep I said 2. Shadow defected. Man that was quick. What is this MGS3? Anyway Zero tries to be cool but is sorely denied and sent flying into the abyss. X is left all alone with 5 evil dudes laughing at him. X makes a heroic speech and escapes by jumping into the abyss. One of them about to give chase but Epsilon stops her saying he'll be back.  

End of Chapter. 

The game prompts you to save and once you do you go into Chapter 2.